Jenny and me.

The knock on the door was one I knew he had been waiting for and was he was eager for us to get there. I had called my dad and told him that I needed some coke. He asked me how much money did I have and I told him only 50 dollars. He chuckled and said that won’t get you what you want and you know that. There was a moment of silence and it was broken when he said you know what you will have to do don’t you. I hesitated for a minute and then quickly said yes I know. He said well hurry up cause I am horny as hell.

As he opened the door he was just in his shorts and you could tell he had been tugging on his cock for the fact it was semi hard. Jenny wasn’t sure what to expect and I really didn’t go into the details of what would take place once we got here. All she knew was we were going to score some coke from my dad and she was already jonesing for it as much as I was.

As we entered the house I was nervous and yet aroused at the same time. This was a first for me bringing Jenny here and I knew my dad was a twisted individual who had no regard for anyone but himself and what he wanted. With that in mind he would use anything and everything to get what he wanted. We walk in and go into the kitchen where the coke was laid out on the table. My dad sat down at the glass table and begin to chop up some lines. He could tell that we were anxious to get started. He casually kept playing with the lines and taking his time.

He told us to sit down and relax that it wouldn’t take long for him to have them ready. He laid out a very small line for each of us and we quickly snorted them up. It was just a teaser line and not enough to do anything for Jenny and I for we had just finished up an 8 ball and he knew that. I quickly asked for another one. He looked up at me and said they aren’t free you know. He looked at Jenny and said does she know what will be required of her. The look on her face was all the answer he needed. He looked at her and said Jenny I know that if I pull my cock out and put some coke on the end of it you will suck it off . She quickly looked at me with a unsure and nervous look. My dad quickly stood up and pulled his shorts off. Walked around the table towards Jenny. She didn’t move. My dad got right up to her with his thick cock just hanging there. She never looked up at him and he told her that the price for the coke was that she was going to let him fuck her. She didn’t say a word. He placed a small amount of coke on his cock as he held it in his hand. He told her, here you go honey take daddy’s cock and get you some of that coke on there. She hesitated only for a second yet began to raise her hand up to take my dads cock in her hand. He stopped her and said no I will hold it you just take it in your mouth and suck the coke off of it. He knew she wanted the coke real bad and said go ahead honey its ok. She slowly opened her mouth and took my dads cock and began to slowly suck on it just enough to get the coke off of it. He said that’s right baby I know you like that shit don’t you. She just mumbled as she nodded her head and continued to suck on his cock. He pulled away and said see that wasn’t that bad. He placed another little bit on it and said here you go baby get you some more I know you like it. You do want some more don’t you. She looked up at him this time and said yes. Please give me some more. My dad said do you mind having to suck my cock to get some more. She quickly said no, please just give me some more, please. My dad said well looky here we have a little coke whore here. As she began to suck his cock again he asked her is that good. She just nodded as she continued to suck his swollen dick.

Within just a few seconds the coke was gone and yet she continued to suck my dads swollen cock as she reached around and grabbed him by his ass and pulled her into him. My dad said damn son she loves your daddys cock. He said to her. You like making my cock swell up don’t you. She didn’t say or do anything but continue to make love to it as she was taking it in as deep as she could. She pulled back and said please let me have some more daddy. Please. This time my dad put a much larger amount on his cock and said there you go baby get some of daddy cock again. She quickly got to sucking his cock again and was really getting into it.

He turned to me and said do you want some? I quickly said yes and Jenny was looking at me and said that is good coke .My dad approached me and placed just a small amount on his cock and said what do you think you get a free pass just because I am going to fuck her. At that moment Jenny realized that this was getting twisted. She quickly said just give him a small line and I will suck your cock for you. I said Jen I know this is going to freak you out but I like doing this with my dad. She was in shock and yet the coke had her feeling erotic as well and seeing my dad standing there with his huge cock hanging down in a semi hard state was making her horny. Jenny was a very sensual person and was really into sex and in fact has had lesbian sex in the past. She said baby that’s your dad though. I said I know but you were over there sucking my dads cock just a few minutes ago. She said I know but that’s your dad and he isn’t mine it just a little weird for me is all. I then asked if she would rather us leave. She very quickly said no.

My dad said Jenny I have been fucking my son since he was just a boy has he ever told you that. She said no he hasn’t. My dad said does that turn you off. She said she wasn’t sure that this was a lot to take in so quickly. My dad said although it may be a little weird for you and I understand that, but you know as well as I do that when you get high on this shit it makes you so horny that you will fuck just about anything that breathes. My dad said get down on your knee son and take this cock in your mouth and get you some of that good shit. I quickly leaned in to take his cock in my mouth and began sucking the coke off of it. It was quickly gone and I continued sucking on my dads cock and was really enjoying the feel of it as it continued to grow and get harder as I sucked on it. I continued to suck on it and my dad said that’s my boy suck that cock. I began to really work on it and you could tell that he was really enjoying it. I think Jenny was enjoying watching me suck it and the realization of what was taking place was making her extremely horny.

I continued working over my dads cock and he began to fuck my mouth to the point it was making me gag. You could hear the gurgling sound his cock was making as he fucked my mouth. I suddenly heard Jenny whisper to me let me have some of that and I opened my eyes. We looked at each other for just a moment and not a word was said. I slightly moved off to the side so Jenny could get to it. My dad said look at her she loves this shit, its making her horny. My dad quickly began to fuck Jenny’s throat and she was doing her best to take as much of it in her mouth as she could but by dads cock was just to long and thick for to be able to do it. Jenny was soon working my dads cock over and really enjoying it. My dad pulled away and you could tell that Jenny wanted to continue to suck on it. My dad said slow down baby we have all night don’t worry you will get plenty of cock tonight.

My dad walked back over to the glass table and started laying out some really thick and long lines for us. As he was doing so he told us to take our clothes off. The awkwardness was already gone and we quickly got naked. My cock was hard and full and my dad said damn son that cock of yours looks almost like mine. Jenny reached out and grabbed it and gave it a couple of tugs and said that cock is amazing and I love the way it makes me feel. My dad said well don’t worry Jenny like I told you, you are going to get plenty of cock tonight. Jenny was starting to get kind of bold and said do you really like sucking your dads cock. I said I sure do and I really like the taste of his cum. Jenny said does he really fuck you with it. My dad said I sure do and in fact I think he like me fucking him with it more that he likes sucking it. Jenny said is that true. I looked her straight in the eyes and said I absolutely love it. Jenny said can I watch him fuck you with it tonight? That is so fucking hot just thinking about it. Jenny began to rub her pussy. My dad said Jenny you have such a hot fucking body I can’t wait to fuck you babe. Jenny said yea. Well I am getting wet just thinking about you putting that big thick cock of your inside of me.

My dad began chopping the lines very quickly for the desire to fuck us was starting to catch up to him and you could tell. Suddenly Jenny got down on her knees and crawled under the glass table and leaned in to start sucking my dads cock. He quickly snorted a line and then leaned back and was enjoying the ecstasy that was playing out in his mind. I snorted a big thick line as well and the rush went straight to my head. My dad said come here son give some of that cock. My dad began sucking my cock and would take a little coke and rub it along his gums. Jenny was starting to watch from under the table and you could tell that she was also looking at that big line of coke that was waiting for her. She made no hesitation on getting up to get the coke. She snorted it with authority and quickly started running her finger around for some loose stuff and rubbed it on her gums as well. She came over to me and wanted to watch real close as my dad made love to my cock.

Jenny started to rub her pussy and getting her finger wet. She ran her finger all the way up in her and pulled it out and then put it in her mouth. She moaned a mmmm. She did it again and this time put it up to my mouth. I didn’t hesitate to taste her and then you heard my dad moan as thought he wanted some but didn’t want to stop sucking my cock to ask. She quickly asked my dad if he wanted to taste her. My dad released my cock from his mouth and reached out to her as he was sitting in the chair and started to pull her to him. She had to raise one leg and put it on the table so he could get to her pussy. My dad wasted no time in getting to that red haired pussy and quickly had Jenny moaning. Jenny was starting to really get into it and began grinding her pussy up against my dads mouth telling him to suck on her clit. Jenny began saying that’s right you suck that pussy like I tell you to as she held the back of my dads head so she could control how much pressure she could apply with her cunt.

I was getting so hot just watching what was happening in front of me. I went to the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of Crown and poured a glass of it and began to sip it. My mouth was a little dry from the coke and it tasted so good. Jenny said I want some and took a rather large shot of it while my dad was eating her pussy. She then said kiss my baby while I am grindomh my pussy on your dads mouth. We began to kiss and suck each others tongue like crazy. I was so horny just listening to Jenny as she made my dad moan and as she moaned herself. She would only pull away from my mouth long enough to say oh right there baby, that’s it right there. Yea eat that pussy. Then she would franticly begin to suck on my mouth and my tongue like a crazy sex induced maniac.

She broke from us and told me to get over there and get on your dads cock. I want to watch him fuck you baby. That’s right I want to watch you take that big ass dick up your ass while I snort another line. My dad got up out of the chair and gathered up the coke and said lets go to the living room where we can really get some good fucking going on and spread out so we can fuck with some leverage and get it in deep.

We made our way into the living room and he set the coke on the coffee table and we all did another big thick line. We were coked up pretty fucking good by now and we were in a sex induced cocaine fucking frenzy. My dad told me to get on the couch and to spread my legs and then he told Jenny to get down there and rim that ass and get it ready for this thick cock. Jenny eagerly got down and started rimming my ass like she was told. In just a few seconds my dad took some coke and reached in and placed it on my asshole and told Jenny to get at and get that tongue in there just a bit. Jenny was loving it and the coke on my asshole made it even better for her. My dad went into the kitchen and poured another glass of Crown and also brought the bottle with him. He took a large shot as we looked at each other. He grabbed some lube and began to lube up his cock and was stroking it in his hand as he watched Jenny rim my ass with such eagerness. He could see the pleasure in my face. He then asked me if I wanted some of his cock. I just nodded. He said that’s not good enough I want to hear you ask for some of this hard thick cock from you dad. I said yes dad I want some of your cock. Jenny raised up from rimming my ass and said yall are making me so fucking hot talking that way to each other. She looked at my dad and said please fuck him I cant wait to see you bury that huge fuck stick up inside of him.

My dad came to me and got down on his knees and began to place the head of his cock at my asshole. He slowly began to work it in and it went in rather easy since he has fucked me on many occasions. I did wince just a bit as he began to force it in deep. He slowly began to fuck me. Jenny was loving it. Watching my dad fuck my ass was turning her on. She pulled the coffee table away from the couch and laid down so she could watch as my dad plundered his massive cock in and out of my ass. My dad told Jenny to lay on her back and get close to the couch and she did. My dad would pull his cock out of my ass and then dip down enough for Jenny to suck my ass juice off of it. She began to moan and my dad told me you have a genuine fuck slut son. He then started to fuck me again and this time is was much more pleasurable and I began to fuck back trying to grab his cock with my ass as much as I could. Jenny started to plead for my dads cock again and I began objecting saying no don’t, fuck me dad, fuck me good and deep. I think Jenny realized that the tightness of my ass was to much for my dad to leave again and she came around and straddled my face and began to grind her pussy on my face as she was facing away from my dad. She would then stop and pucker her ass out so my dad could reach her asshole as he still had his knees on the floor and was at the edge of the couch fucking me.

Jenny began kissing me while my dad was fucking me and eating out her ass. She moaned as she was kissing me and I could tell she was absolutely loving this 3 way with her boyfriend and his dad. She pulled her mouth from mine and began to talk dirty to us. She told me to take my dads cock and fuck it good. She then told my dad to plow your sons ass with that beautiful cock of yours. Fuck him good daddy she started saying as she reached back behind her to pull my dads face deeper into her wriggling ass as she fucked his face. Saying that’s right eat the fucking ass daddy, yea fuck yea, thats right, right there oh that feels good daddy.

I couldn’t take it anymore hearing her talk like that and knowing that it was my dad that was sending such sensual sensation up my ass with each and every stroke of his thick cock while my girlfriend encouraged him to fuck me deeper and harder was making me ready to cum. I let out that I’m fixing to cum. Oh yea fuck me dad fuck just like that don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking me, please don’t stop. Jenny said yea baby take that cock deep in your ass. I told her get down here and suck my cock. She knew I was about to erupt and quickly got down on my cock just in time as I exploded with one volley of cum and then another and yet another. Jenny was able to handle most of it but some was outside of her mouth and she was trying to get it with her tongue. The whole time my dad was fucking me with such intensity that I knew he couldn’t hold it much longer. He told Jenny to kiss him. She reached up and began to kiss my dad and he was eagerly sucking on her mouth and getting all of my cum off her face as well . He grabbed my legs and lifter them up to where he could really leverage himself deep into me and fuck with such fury.

As he plowed my ass to the depth of all his cock could muster Jenny started whispering to him telling him to fuck me good and deep. Telling him to get that thick cock of yours all the way in your boys ass daddy. That’s it fuck it good. I want to see you fuck him like I want you to fuck me. That was all my dad could take and I could feel his cock begin to swell inside of me and then I felt the warmth of the first rope of cum he let loose and then yet another. It felt so fucking good and I was so coked out it was just crazy. I was fucking back with my ass as best I could. His loads of cum was making it easier for his cock to work back and forth in my ass and he was still cumming. He started telling me to milk daddy’s cock . Yea that’s right. Milk that cock with your ass son. My dad was looking at Jenny and she was looking at him and she told him that was so fucking hot. Give me that cock I want to taste it. My dad stood up as he pulled his cock from my ass. Jenny was off to the side of me and she was eagerly waiting for my dads cock to reach her. She feverishly began to suck the remaining cum from my dads cock and suck my ass juices from it. I reached around and began to finger fuck her. You could tell she approved as she bucked her hips backwards for me to get in even deeper.

At this point Jenny was the only one that hadn’t had an orgasm yet and she made it clear that she was ready to get fucked by my dad. He said give me a minute to recover and lets do a line and another shot. Jenny quickly agreed and she wanted to chop the lines this time. My dad said have at it. Jenny chopped us up some lines that were long and thick in fact so big she couldn’t finish hers in one try she had to hit it twice. She leaned her head back as she finished the second line and squeezed her nose the snorted again for any remaining coke that was in her nose. You could tell she was coked out of her mind within minutes. My dad and I quickly did our lines and we were anxiously waiting for the rush that we knew would soon follow doing a line that big.

I wanted to have a smoke and take a shot while the buzz was so good. Jenny was still so fucking horny she wasted no time going over to my dad and placing a little bit of coke on his cock and began to suck on it. My dad said damn Jenny that feels so good baby. As I watched her suck my dads cock my cock soon began to come to life again and I began to stroke it with my hand. My dad told me to come over and let her suck both of us. My dad stood up as I approached and we stood beside one another and let Jenny take our cocks and rub them together as she switched from sucking one to the other one. I asked Jenny did she like sucking mine and my dads cock at the same time. She looked up at me and said this is the hottest and craziest shit she has ever done and I absolutely love sucking on you and your dads big thick cocks at the same time. I then asked her if she was ready for my dad to fuck her. She was so fucking worked up that she quickly laid down on the floor and spread her legs and began to rub her pussy.

She looked up at us and told us that her pussy was itching for a good fucking. I told her that we were going to fuck her at the same time and that my dad really want to fuck you in the ass. She smiled as she spead her legs and raised them up in the air. She said well, don’t tell me how yo want to fuck me, get down here and show me. I laid down on my back and told Jenny to get up on top of me. I couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of the red haired pussy on my cock. I slowly began to rub the head of my cock on her swollen vagina and she began to beg me to put it in. She was so fucking wet that I had no problem sinking my swollen cock all the way in her. You could see the pleasure that it brought her by the look on her face. She wasted no time and began to gring her pussy down on my cock. She looked over her back and motioned for my dad to get in her ass as she pulled her ass cheeks apart. My dad started to enter her ass and she was eager for him to sink it in as fas as it would go. She started moaning and telling us to fuck her. She was worked up so a state of horniness that was incredible. We began to fuck her with power and was doing our best to sink our cock into her as deep as we could. The frenzied rate that we were fucking her at only brought her more pleasure. She was starting to scream at us telling us to fuck her.

Dammit fuck me daddy fuck that tight ass she would hollar. My dad began to hate fuck her and she was loving it. I was trying my best to rip that pussy of hers wide open. She was fucking us back as though this may be the last fucking she would ever get.

My dad pulled his cock out of her ass and wiped it off there was just to much lube on it. When he placed it back in she said it was to dry. He told her to shut her mouth and take that cock in deep. She began to wince from the pain of hig giant cock as it ravaged her ass. She told him that it was hurting her. He reached up and began to choke her and told her to take that thick cock like she had been begging for and to shut the fuck up. With that my dad began to pummel her ass as hard as he could. He was so coked up and horny for her ass that he didn’t care if he was hurting her. She began to tear up just a bit as my dad violently fucked her ass. I continued to fuck her swollen pussy as fast as I could plunge my cock in and out of her. She started telling us to stop. Stop its hurting me. Stop you mother fucker you are hurting me. I told her to shut the fuck up and fuck me.

Then I noticed a different look on her face as my dad removed his hands from her neck. She was really starting to enjoy the extreme double penetration fucking that she was getting. She looked at me and told my to choke her, I did as she asked. You could see her eyes begin to roll back in her head. She was loving every bit of the fucking she was getting and was grinding up against the both of us. I asked her if she wanted us to stop. She didn’t say anything but shook her head no. I asked her again and she said no don’t stop. I love it fuck me baby. Then she looked back at my dad and said fuck me daddy fuck that ass. Her body started to quiver and she was in a state of pure ecstasy as we bothed fucked her as hard as we could. She started telling us she was going to cum. Then again told us not to stop. We both stopped fucking her and pulled out of her. She became crazy begging us to put our cocks back in her and fuck her. We quickly put out cocks back in and she started to fuck us like a rabid dog. She began cumming and had a very extreme orgasm. Her body convulsed as her orgasm rushed through her and she started squirting from her pussy.
I continued to fuck her hard and deep just as my dad continued to plow her ass. The coke was having an effect on us and it was delaying us from cumming for a while. We were just enjoying the feel of her hot body on ours as we continued to violently fuck her. Soon she was having another orgasm and this one was enough to drive both of us over the edge and we both began to dump our cum in her with hard thrust and sinking our cocks in as far as they would go. My dad had her ass stretched wide open. She was fucking us and gring her pussy down on my cock as much as she was lifting her ass to my dad so he could plunge her ass. Her body withered with pleasure as we fucked her good and deep. Soon her body went limp after her last orgasm as she had been fucked to exhaustion. My dad pulled his thick massive cock out of her ass and she roller off to the side of me. I stood up and told her to get on her knees and suck her juices off of our cocks. As she sucked our cocks my dad and I stood beside one another and just looked at each other for a second. Then he reached in and began to kiss me while Jenny continued to suck our cocks as they went limp. Jenny fell back on to her back and just laid there looking at us kiss as our cocks twitched just a bit as they touched each other.

Jenny said that is so fucking hot. Chop me another line will you daddy.
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