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My life as a ghost.
Chapter 1: How I Died

(Author's note: I am going to say ahead of time that I am very sorry for the amount of errors that you may find in this story. My grammar skills are not the best but I am going to try my best to help minimize the errors. As well this is just chapter 1 of this series, so this is just an introduction basically to the story.)

One day I was working at my cubical office space doing a bunch of paper work that needed to be done by the end of the week. The people I work with are smart people as you would imagine, however there are people that I have my eye on like the hot girl named Marissa that works 3 cubes away from me. She always came to work with a very nice black skirt, which a white shirt and a black coat, and long brunette hair that reached all the way somewhere between her shoulders and waist. She didn't look bad for a 28 year old at all, still young and gorgeous. She also had a good sized pair of breasts. Sure they may not the biggest breasts in the building, but none the less they made her look sexy. she had a cute ass too, you could see her panties when you were looking up the stairs at her ass. Me and her tend to bump into each other a lot since we work so close to each other. The guys that worked between me and her also had her eyes on her and a few other guys as well, which created quite a competition. However despite all the guys going after her, she has never has sex. So it wasn't a secret that she was still a virgin, the question is who will be the first to take it?

I decided to get up from my office to go to the nice lounge. The lounge had 3 sofas 2 large flat screen TV's and the walls looking out into the general office area was made of glass. It has a really nice kitchen which has a fridge, a coffee machine, and so on... Basically everything you would need was there. When I walked in and I saw Marissa sitting at one of the coaches watching the news. I looked at her and offered her a cup of coffee, she said yes so of course me being a gentlemen went over to pour myself and her a cup of coffee. When I was done I walked over to her and sat beside her and handed her one of the cups of coffee. I was getting comfortable when a guy named Jack (who worked right next to me) came over and started talking to her. Jack was a guy who was considerably strong man but he was not always all to bright when it came to thinking about things. He was also a bit bigger than me say about 6"2. Even if he isn't the smartest tool in the shed he was still a pain in the ass because he had slept with a few women before, so he knows how it works. Me personally, have never have had sex in my life. The only thing that kept me from coming out of the chase was the fact that me and Marissa used to be friends back in elementary school.

Jack came over and sat on the other side of Marissa, and we started talking to each other. I don't know how she does, but in the middle of our conversation between me and Jack she just left. Yet to me it seemed like it vanished. She left her cup on the coffee table, so I just finished the conversation and went and put the coffee mugs into the drawer. I looked in the mirror for a brief moment to see myself and to make sure I still looked good. However in the mirror I saw what looked like a white mist in the background. I could barely make out what sort of looked like a torso, but it didn't last long enough for me to be able to make any assumptions or anything of the sort. So I just naturally thought nothing of it of course. So I just exit the staff room and went back to my office to work. I knew Marissa was also busy either working on her projects, or rejecting guys who constantly tried to flirt with her. I didn't mind much at all actually because she was literally one of those girls that had heard all the lines and all the moves and dances. I once asked her what kind of guy she likes, but all she said was "oh nothing particularly special" which of course I knew was a lie. At the end of the day when it was getting late and it was getting quite dark out and I was tired.

I offered Marissa a ride home, but she took her own car to work so she was in need of no ride. As well if she ever did forget her car, she could just take the bus which was not all too far away. So I just left here with a good bye, of course no hugs or kisses were ever made, just very formal eye to eye contact. so I went down the hallway to the elevator. On the way there I could see photo's of Marissa up till half way, just mainly photo shopped to make her look either nude, masturbating, and so on. It wasn't unusual for guys to have a picture of some girl that they like in their office. So I reach the elevator and wait for it come up. Surprisingly I see Marissa walking down the hallway casually as always to use the elevator as well, there were 4 or 5 other guys as well using the elevator, so I need the elevator was going to be crowded. It wasn't typically the type of place a cluster phobic would want to be, and it was worse when someone let out gas, or starts some kind of fight. The elevator finally comes up and we all go in. Already it was getting kind of crowded, but enough room to breathe. I was squished against Marissa and as we went down floors and more people came in, I became so close to her that I could literally feel her breasts against me. It felt hot, though Marissa didn't seem to mind too much. It's when guys try to actually touch her that she starts to get uncomfortable. At best a guy may get a bloody nose just for trying. It got uncomfortable to for me because as I said, she is a hot female. So in the middle of the elevator I feel my crotch start to harden, and hope no one notices. Thankfully I've gotten good at the game and was able to hide my dick inside my pants during the long elevator ride.

We finally reached the main floor, and majority of the guys get of off, leaving me and Marissa and a few other people on as we go down further to the underground parking lot. I am thankful that nothing happened that day in the elevator because I know from experience that if you get caught with a penis that has gone hard, then you better start praying. I walk down the dark parking lot and finally found my vehicle. It was a basic Honda civic that could get me from home, to work and everywhere in between, which was all I really needed. The vehicle it's self was in good shape, so I just drove away. I lived near the edge of the city so it was a bit of a drive I had to make, but nothing too difficult. However tonight was one of those nights that I just felt more particularly tired than most nights. I drove out of the parking lot, and back home. However tonight was probably not the best night to drive because I felt myself doze off into slight sleepiness and along the way almost crashed twice. However once I got off the main road and onto a semi-truck route I began to slowly sleep. I would often travel this route because it made my journey home more quicker. However it went past a bridge which was often cluttered, and unfortunately there were sine semi-trucks that were blocking the way, and at the last moment I just fell asleep.

That is when my life changed forever. In fractions of a seconds that my life did not see, my car hit the back of a semi-truck trailer which was angled towards the river. My car smashed into the wheel and slid of the side directing my car straight into the river. Before my car went hurdling into the river my head smashed unto the steering wheel knocking me out as if it matters, because by then I was already asleep. The car went crashing through the guard rail and into the river, and unfortunately I was wearing my seatbelt and the car got crushed at the front so my feet were trapped. Within moments I woke up only to see myself drowning in the car. However I felt weird because I know I am supposed to be drowning, yet my lunges felt no pressure. and slowly I felt lighter, and I started to sink through the floor. Now unfortunately ghosts or "spirits" cannot swim because they have to physical shape, so the water was just like air to me. I continued watching the car in shock as it continued further and further down the river and I kept slipping further away. This happened until I hit the river floor, but still I felt myself sinking slowly further past the river floor. This alarmed me and I immediately stood up and walked towards the side, but dang it was a bit hard because the floor felt like quick sand. I finally reached the edge and pulled myself out. I looked down both sides of the river and started trekking towards the bridge. Along the way I tried to make sense of what just happened.

Unfortunately I could not recall any events because I was asleep. However suddenly I heard a strange noise behind some nearby bushes and caused me to become frightened. My thoughts quickly turn to who or what could this thing be? Then as if on que to answer all my questions came a translucent figure that I could easily make out as a human body. I asked him with a slightly frightened voice who he was. He firstly apologised for the death I've recently had, and introduced himself as Jeremy. I introduced myself to him as well and asked him where I am. He quite admirably explained that I was in fact dead and that nothing I did could change those facts. He then explained that I was a ghost or "spirit" (either term works) so I was neither dead or alive, and this is a dimension between both and created for people who have died, and are now making the great journey to heaven or hell. So basically this is like a waiting room where people have to reach a light that decides that weather a person goes to heaven or hell. Of course I was confused by all this so he just said to follow him. I noticed that I didn't run out of energy at all while walking and felt even lighter on the ground than I did in the water. We finally reached the bridge that I died at, and I could see 2 men trying to figure out what happened to the semi-truck and bridge. Being back at the bridge brought back memories, and flash backs of what had happened. Trying to take in all the new information was like me standing in front of a semi-truck going full speed and getting hit, except without death at the end of it. I broke down crying, and took me hours to recover my full emotional self. I turned around and found Jeremy leaning on a tree, and I just decided to join him. When I got over to him he told me he remembers when he got killed and how emotional it was for him as well. This being said we walked on back into the city to try and find some clues.
-End of Chapter 1: How I Died-

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very nice. part 2 please

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this sex story site.. and you wrote this piece about what?


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I like this, will be nice to read part 2

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Well it was great writing but damn depressing

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Well it was great writing but damn depressing

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