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Diary of how I became a gay sex slave - Ch 1
First post, hope you like it

Diary of how I became a gay sex slave - Ch 1

My name is Greg Richards. I am 32 year old white male, with an Italian/English background. I am told I am good looking, but never really believed it. I am 5'11”, weigh 165 pounds, slim athletic build. Married when I was 29, no kids. Also, I have always been bi-curious, but never acted out on it.

Recently been chatting on AOL, and found a former co-worker, Darren online. Darren is a very good looking black man, that I know is into men, as he had introduced me to one of his partners when we were working together. He left the company we worked at and took a job down in North Carolina two years ago.

I mention to Darren that I have always been curious about men, and we talk about what I am curious about on and off for weeks. I am starting to get very curious and aroused whenever we chat. Many times I find myself masturbating during and after our chats. Through our talks, I discover that I have always wanted to bottom, to be fucked. I have always been interested in bondage, big cocks and big toys. I learn that he has always thought I was very attractive, and if I ever get up the nerve, he would love to break me in.

This really turns me on. We chat online almost every night for weeks. I tell Darren my deepest darkest sexual secrets. How I love black men, and would love to be tied up and gangbanged by a group of black men. How I would do anything to please them, that I can't think of anything I would not do for a group of hung black men.

He seems very interested in all my fantasies. The more we chat, the more I want to find a way to get down to visit him. He suggests I buy a couple dildos. The next day, I am in local adult store, checking out all the toys. Some I consider small, others are enormous. I settle on three. Smallest one is 9” by 1 1/2”, the second is 12” x 2” and the biggest is 15” x 2 1/2”. All three come in white or black, of course I choose black.

When we talk next, Darren is very impressed with my choices. He gives me some tips on preparing myself for taking the toys, cleaning myself up, lubing up. Suggests I stay with the small one for a while, before working up to the larger ones.

Over the next several weeks, I learn to take the small one, fairly easily, and find I can even take the medium sized one after I loosen myself up. I love the feeling of the dildos in me. It isn't long before I am working the larger one into my asshole. When I get the larger one into me, Darren requests to watch over web cam. He likes what he sees.

He is online now, and we begin chatting. It isn't long before we are making plans for my first visit. The upcoming July4th weekend. I plan on arriving on Friday the 1st, and staying until the 5th. I can stay with him, and let things happen.

The next three weeks fly by. I tell my wife I need to head down to Raleigh for Darren's bachelor party. I tell her he is getting married. She had met him from when we worked together, and knows we are friends. She does not know he is gay, or why I am really heading down. Not that she cares, as we had started to grow apart over the last year.

July 1st comes quickly. I am very eager to get down to Raleigh and meet up with Darren again. The flight is uneventful. I come off the plane, with just my carry-on, and see Darren waiting for me in the terminal. He is wearing a suit, he must have come from work. He sees me and smiles.

I give him a big hug, and we walk out of the terminal towards the parking garage. We talk a little about the flight on the way to his house.

Outside his house, he parks the car, and we walk inside.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” Darren asks.

“Yes, a little nervous, as I want to please you, but ready for it.”

“I mean, you said anything goes, so I want to be sure you really want to do this.”

“I came down here to be used by you, however you see fit, whatever and however you want me.” I tell him.

“Good. Now, remove your clothes.” He tells me.

At first, a little nervous to be stripping in the middle of his living room. I take off my sneakers and socks. Remove my T-shirt. Unbuckle my belt and take my jeans off. Then remove my boxers.

“Put the clothes into your carry-on, then give it to me.” He orders.

I open the carry-on, and stuff all the clothes inside. I then hand him the bag. Feeling a little insecure standing in the middle of his living room naked. I've been naked in front of other men, usually in the gym if getting into the shower, but not like this.

“Wait here.” He tells me, and then he takes the carry-on upstairs. He returns a minute later.

“You will not be needing clothes during your stay here.” He then shows me a collar. It says SLAVE. “You will only be wearing this collar for your stay. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” I reply, as he puts the collar around my neck.

“Follow me” He leads me through the house, and down into a basement playroom. It is fairly dark, but I can see a lot of tables and benches around the room, and all sorts of adult toys on the walls. He brings me into the middle of the room, and has me kneel on mat. He gets a set of cuffs from the wall, and secures my hands behind my back. “Don't move, stare straight at that far wall.” I obey, looking ahead.

He turns on some loud RAP music, and disappears behind me back where the stairs heading up are located. I believe he has gone upstairs, leaving me tied and naked. I keep looking forward, not knowing what he has planned. It seems like 10-15 minutes later, he appears in front of me. I did not hear him come down the stairs with the music blaring. He turns the music down. He is wearing leather pants, and nothing else. I can see the bulge in his pants.

He stands in front of me, and unzips his pants. His semi-erect cock bursts out. Even soft his cock is so much bigger then mine. He puts it against my lips. I open, and take his cock into my mouth. I lick and suck on his cock. This is the first cock ever in my mouth. I love the feeling of his cock. I can feel it growing in my mouth and I am getting very aroused. After a few minutes, his cock is fully erect, and very large. It is almost too thick for me to get into my mouth. I don't know how big, but I am 6”, and he is much longer and thicker. Not quite as long as my biggest toy, but easily as thick. He stands me up, and brings me over to a padded table. Bends me over the table and secures my legs to either side, the are slightly spread. The table is not long, and my head hangs over the other end. A strap goes around my waist, keeping me down on the table.

“You said I could do anything I wish to you this weekend.”

“Yes sir.”

“I will let you have a safety word. The word is ORANGE. If you say that word, everything stops. But, also realize, if you use that word, I put you on the next plane home. Do you understand”

“yes, I do.” I tell him.

“What is the safety word?” He asks.

“the word is ORANGE.” I reply.

“Good, you know the word. Also, I do not plan on using any protection. If you have a problem with that, use the word and everything stops.”

“I am yours, Sir.” I reply.

He walks around behind me, and I feel him spreading lube on my ass. He pushes a finger into my ass, then a second and third. Working them around, loosening up my ass for his cock. Next I feel the head of his cock against my asshole. He is pressing it against my virgin hole. I try to relax as I feel the head go in, and then out. Then he pushes the head in again, and down a little farther. Easing the cock in deeper with each stroke. Eventually, I can feel his body against my ass, he has the entire length of his cock buried in my ass. He begins to fuck harder, pulling the cock almost all the way out, then plunging it deep into my ass. I am moaning, it feels so good. Finally his cock spasms, and I feel cum shooting into my ass. He leaves his cock in my ass for a minute. Then pulls it out and brings it over to me.

“Clean it off” he tells me. I open my mouth and he fucks my mouth with the cock that just shot its load in my ass. I can taste his cum and my shit on his cock. While I eagerly lick his cock clean, I feel my ass ache. I already miss having something filling my ass.

“Did you enjoy that boy? Did you enjoy taking my black cock and seed?” He asks.

“Yes Sir. I loved it. I didn't know what I was missing.”

“Would you like to get fucked again?” He asks.

“Yes sir, I would love to get fucked again and again. It felt great.” I reply.

“Do you want to be my little slut for black cock, and get fucked over and over?”

“Yes, please. I am your black cock slut and want to get fucked again and again. Fill my ass with cum. I'll do anything.”

“Hold that thought.” He tells me, and he walks over to the side of the room. I see him turn on a large screen TV on the far wall, and play with some switches. Next I see myself on that screen. Darren walks back over.

“Lets say that again, for the camera. Would you like to get fucked again?” He asks me again.

“Yes sir. I loved the feeling of your cock in me. I would love to get fucked again and again.” I reply eagerly. This is turning me on.

“Do you want to be my little slut for black cock, and get fucked over and over?” He asks a second time.

“Yes, please. I am your black cock slut and want to get fucked again and again. Fill my ass with cum. I'll do anything.”

With that, I hear a noise behind me. I think there are other people down here.

“Don't be alarmed, that is just our audience. Guys, come up here.”

Audience? We were being watched? Five naked black men come up from behind me and stand by Darren. They are all hard, and all their cocks are larger then mine, as I am just average at 6”.

“These are my friends.” He tells me. “Robb, Marcus, Ty, Darian, and Steph. Guys, this is my latest slut. He loves black cock. Guys, what do you think of this slut?” He asks them.

“Looks like a good fuck, may need some more breaking in.”
“Would love to tap that ass.”
“I wonder if he could take my cock”

“Slut, what do you have to say?” Darren asks.

“Thank you sir. I am a black cock slut, here for your pleasure.”

With that, one of the guys steps forward and put his cock in my mouth. He fucks my mouth a few times, then pulls out and walks behind me. His cock is a little smaller then Darren's, but still easily over 9”. He does not go easy, but my ass is already loosened up. He rams his entire shaft into my ass. As he does so, one of the other men puts his cock into my mouth and fucks my face. The two of them fuck me from both ends for a while. The cock in my mouth, long and thin is going down into my throat, as the man behind me is shoving his deep into my ass at the same time. The one fucking my ass spasms and cums deep inside me ass. They both pull out and switch positions, with the one from my mouth moving over to fuck my ass, while the one that just finished in my ass, shoves his cock in my mouth for me to clean. He pulls out of my mouth, and one of the others puts his cock into my mouth, to finish getting him hard while he waits his turn on my ass. The third man cums into my ass, and switches places with the fourth, and has me clean off his cock. The fourth, good sized cock compared to the first three, also rams the length of his cock into my ass. I finish cleaning the third and the last one put his cock to my lips. He is the biggest of the group. Longer and thicker then Master Darren. I lick and suck his cock, while the fourth is fucking me hard and fast. Cum is leaking out my ass, as the fourth one cums deep inside. He pulls out and moves to my mouth for me to lick the cum and shit off his cock, while the fifth one moves behind me. I have been loosened up by Darren, and the other four, but he is still very thick, easily as thick as a soda can. He puts the head of his cock against my ass, grabs my hips and rams his entire length into my bowels. He starts pumping hard and fast. He lasts much longer then all the others, and eventually cums deep inside me.

They remove me from the table, and bring me over to a sling/swing. They place me on the sling on my back, head leaned back, arms and legs secured, with legs spread wide. Darren is down by my legs, and I feel the head of his cock against my ass. He uses the sling to ram me deep onto his cock with one thrust. Each thrust sends his huge cock deep into my ass. With a groan, he sends his second load of cum into my ass. He is quickly replaced by the second guy to fuck me earlier. In turn, they each fuck me in the sling, with the largest going last once again.

My ass is sore, and very loose. Cum is dripping out. I am tired, but I want to show Darren I can take it all.

Once again, I am untied, and moved to another bench. This bench is angled. I am on my back, with my ass up over my head, and my head down low near the floor. My knees are pulled back and spread.

Master Darren comes over, and sits his ass over my mouth. I can tell he wants me to lick is asshole and balls. I oblige, using my tongue to clean his ass, licking inside his asshole, and cleaning him out. I can see him getting hard again. He gets up and heads over to raised ass, and plunges his cock deep into my ass. Each of them uses me the same way, first having me rim their asses, then fucking my ass until they each cum a third time.

I can tell why they have me in this position, so the cum does not leak out of my ass. Darren inserts a tube into my ass, then puts the other end in my mouth. “Drink up, enjoy your ass smoothie” he tells me. This is the nastiest thing I have ever thought of, but I eagerly suck down their cum from my asshole through the straw.

I've now taken 18 loads in my ass, and the guys are done for the night. They pick me up from the bench, and lead me over to a shower stall. I am kneeling in the stall, with my hands tied behind my back.

“Open your mouth” one of them tells me.

He then begins to piss into my open mouth. Each of them stands before me in the shower, and pisses on me and into my open mouth.

When they are done, I am untied, and left on the floor of the shower. The guys all head upstairs. I crawl over to a mattress laying on the floor and pass out.

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