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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

The tunnel deposited them in a large cavern next to a large three story stone building. Neither Sabina of Lily looked out into the cavern. They kept their eyes locked on Ethan who hung limply in Bernard's arms as they trudged along. They entered the building and found themselves in a comfortably decorate living room. There was a comfortable if worn looking couch a reclining chair and sturdy wooden coffee table in the center of the room. There were no windows but the flickering candle light illumination intricate and beautiful murals painted onto all of the walls. Sabina and Lily were both amazed by the artwork but their worry for Ethan distracted them from the decor. The woman cleared the coffee table of a few cups and had Bernard lay him out on his back on the flat surface.

"You may go," she told Bernard. He paused and looked at Sabina and Lily for a moment then bowed his head and walked back out the door they had entered. The woman knelt and pulled a knife from her boot which oddly seemed to compliment her diaphanous robes. She began cutting Ethan's shirt down the middle from the collar until it fell to the sides revealing his bandaged torso. The bandages covered from his waist to his armpits concealing almost as much of his body as the shirt had. The woman's eyebrows shot up to her hairline at the sight of them and she turned to face Sabina and Lily after replacing her knife in her boot.

"So he had other injuries as well. Other than his shoulder did the harpy bite him anywhere else," she asked them.

"No. It latched onto his back and its talons punctured his sides. The wounds didn't turn black of show any signs of infections last night," she answered and the woman nodded and turned back to Ethan. She cupped her hands over the bite in his shoulder and began to gather power in her palms while imploring Aphrodite to aid in her healing. The power flared in her hands and then began to sink into Ethan's skin in a slow trickle. He writhed as if burning alive as the black stain fought to remain anchored in his body. The woman was gritting her teeth and sweat began beading on her forehead but the light emanating from her palms remained steady as she worked. After ten minutes the darkness under Ethan's skin began to fade and with it the light from her palms dimmed. When the black mark was completely gone so was the light and Ethan lay on his back breathing deeply in sleep. The woman rested her elbows on either side of Ethan's head and dropped her face into her palms. After resting a moment she stood and walked to the side of the table before kneeling again. She once again slid her knife out and began to cut the bandages starting at his waist and with a quick upward slice split the wrappings with the razor sharp blade. When the bandages fell to the sides to reveal his torso the woman gasped and jerked back the knife clattering to the floor from her limp hand.

"What is it," Lily and Sabina asked in unison both leaping forward for a better look. They examined Ethan but the wounds looked if not good then at the very least no worse than they had been before. The bite still bled but the creeping blackness was entirely gone and they couldn't figure out what had startled the woman.

"Nothing, it's nothing," the woman said unconvincingly. She turned to face Lily and Sabina giving them a once over then holding out her hand to them.

"We haven't been properly introduced. I am Opal the High Priestess of Aphrodite and leader of the city," She said and Lily and Sabina shook her hand.

"I'm Lily, this is Sabina my daughter, and that is my son Ethan," she said in introductions.

"Will you tell me what brought you to my door step," she asked and with a nod Lily and Sabina told the tale.

"So Ethan suggested you come here because of a couple news reports of monstrous creatures found dead in this region," Opal asked and they nodded assent. Thoughts whirled through her head and she silently called to her goddess to come to her. Opal felt the tingle as time with in the room froze. Lily's mouth opened frozen in mid-word as Aphrodite appeared in answer to her priestess's summons. She stood looking at Opal with a serious expression on her face.

"Why have you summoned me," Aphrodite asked. In reply Opal merely pointed at Ethan's prone form, laid out on the coffee table. Aphrodite turned her head and looked and confusion filled her face until she saw the mark above his chest she had left on him as a child. In the blink of an eye she was kneeling beside him running her hands over his body. As her hands moved over the punctures in his side and the bite on his should the skin rippled like water and flowed together. She paused when her hand passed over his face and she gently pried his eyelid back and snarled in rage.

"They harpy injected Underworld Essence into his veins with the bite," Aphrodite said as more of a statement then a question but Opal still nodded her assent.

"This can't be undone. If he doesn't go blind in this eye he will see the world of the dead," Aphrodite practically hissed the words.

"On a positive note, I don't think it will be a strong view since his immortal blood was fighting against the infection," Opal said and Aphrodite nodded in agreement.

"Yes most likely only the strongest of the dead will even be visible to him without him making a conscious effort to see more," Aphrodite said and then her eyes fell on Lily and Sabina.

"These are with him," she asked and Opal nodded.

"This is Lily his mother and Sabina his sister," Opal said. Aphrodite walked around them examining them a then her eyes narrowed and she leaned into Sabina and took a deep breath through her nose and straightened with a laugh.

"This one is more than his sister she loves him, which he returns, as a woman and they have lain together," she said and Opal's eyes flicked between Ethan and Sabina as she thought.

"Does this mean that my daughter is not his soul mate," Opal asked disappointedly.

"There is more than one perfect mate for each person in this world despite what you humans proclaim. Plus most of my children are far too sexually active to be satisfied by one lover and they almost always fall in love with people willing to share them with others but remain loyal themselves. It is a side effect of my blood, sex with one of mine is addictive and our lovers will do just about anything to keep us happy. Only other gods are proof against this effect and even they are not completely immune," Aphrodite said examining Sabina's frozen form.

"I see," said Opal neutrally.

"Don't push them together, just let them meet and if they hit it off let things work themselves out. Tell your daughter's guard dog who Ethan is and not to interfere and not to tell anyone else who he is. It is best if no one knows he is mine until he is ready or he will become more of a target then he is," Aphrodite ordered. Opal nodded in assent but doubted that last assertion since Hades was already trying to kill him, and then she blinked and when her eyes opened Aphrodite was gone and Lily's sentence resumed.

"You, your son, and your daughter are welcome here as long as you desire," Opal said cutting off Lily's sentence.

"This city is Civitatem Amor, the City of Love, named in honor of our patron goddess Aphrodite. Many of the goddesses are worshiped here but she is the most prominent since the majority of our population are descendants of her priestesses. You may sleep here tonight and tomorrow I will have a living space made available to the three of you. I will probably be busy but I will some time to show you around the city," Opal said and they nodded in understanding. She called Bernard in and had him take Ethan upstairs to a bed which Sabina promptly slipped into and pressed tightly into his side before falling asleep. Lilly sat in a chair next to the bed for a long time staring at her children and wondering what the future would bring. Eventually she slipped into the bed on Ethan's other side with her back to him and Sabina and drifted into a fitful sleep. Sometime in the night and disturbed by her fitful twitching in her sleep Ethan rolled onto his side facing her back. He reached out in his sleep and pulled her body into the curve of his and held her tightly to him. Sabina wrapped her arms around them both and snuggled her face into the warm skin of his back. Lily stilled in her sleep, feeling the protection of his strong arms relaxing her.

Lily woke from the most restful and peaceful sleep she'd had since John's murder and yawned and tried to stretch but her arms were pinned to her sides. It was then that she noticed Ethan's hold on her and realized the comforting warmth at her back must be her son. She wriggled a little, to try and free herself, but the only thing she managed to do was to wedge her butt tightly against his abdomen. She realized her mistake a moment to later when she wiggled again and his morning wood pressed in between her legs. Her sleeping wear was a shirt and a thin pair of comfortable pants and she could feel his hardness pressing into his pussy lips. Her stomach fluttered and she bit her lip to stifle a moan when he pressed forward in his sleep pushing her pants into her slightly. Both of their pants were the only barrier keeping him from sliding into her and she abruptly had the irrational desire to remove the hindrance and feel him enter her. She shook her head slightly to clear the thought and opened she mouth to call him awake when he thrust against her harder. He actually slid into her about half an inch forcing the fabric of their clothes into her body. Her mouth opened but she clamped a hand over it to stifle the aroused moan, and shivers coursed over her body. Her hips involuntary ground backwards pressing her pants a fraction of an inch deeper and she could feel her wetness soaking into the cloth. Ethan wasn't thrusting so much as relaxing his lower body muscles and then tensing again, grinding his cock into her. She tried to tell him to stop but the attempt was feeble because she couldn't draw breath due to the excitement zinging through her veins. Ethan flexed faster in his sleep making little grunts as his hips worked vigorously grinding them against each other.

"Ethan," she moaned. The sound of the pleasure filled word coming from her own mouth jolted her from her aroused daze and she sat up with a jerk breaking his hold and causing him to startle partially awake. He looked around sleepily then rolled over and wrapped his arms around Sabina who snuggled in closer without waking. A pang of jealousy shot through Lily at the sight but she told herself to stop being foolish and got out of the bed. She moved to the bathroom and washed her face and stared into the mirror at her reflection. As she ran her eyes over the reflection she felt coolness against her thighs and looked down. She stared in amazement at how wet she had gotten the stain of her arousal nearly reached her knee on one side. She shook her self and berated herself for letting that happen as she hurried into the other room and grabbed a change of clothes from the bag Ethan had hurriedly packed for her. She thought about the last month while she dressed and shame filled her. She had all but abandoned them spending so much time at work that she went days at a time without seeing either of them. She stared into her own eyes in the mirror in the bathroom again and resolved to be stronger for them. Down the hall in Opal's private shrine to her goddess she and Aphrodite were having a conversation.

"My goddess may I speak truthfully," Opal asked Aphrodite.

"Yes, I will not punish you for any advice your offer," Aphrodite answered.

"I think you should tell them," Ethan's connection to you.

"No, it will put him in more danger," Aphrodite said. Opal held her breath then exhaled slowly before beginning.

"First off Hades knows who he is already, so that means most likely that all of the others do as well. Secondly, if you don't tell them now and he finds out later it will destroy any trust we manage to build with him. Lastly he probably isn't fond of the gods right now. If you just allow them to stay without telling him why he will not trust us, that is, if he has any brains at all," Opal said.

"You know full well how intelligent he is, he managed to find this place with a simple story in the newspaper," Aphrodite said sharply.

"No offense meant," Opal said.

"Fine, I will meet with him and tell him the truth," Aphrodite said sullenly and vanished.

Ethan, Sabina, and Lily sat fully dressed at the breakfast table an hour and a half later eating scramble eggs and bacon. Ethan was feeling an ache through his whole body from the ordeal and sagged slightly. Opal had hurriedly cooked up breakfast after her talk with the goddess and she was nervous. She was going to prepare the three to meet Aphrodite and then call the goddess. Ethan had not spoken since this morning when Sabina had explained the events of the night before. He wasn't surly or sullen but he was aware of everything around him all the time, especially Opal. He had taken a shower and after drying his hair had allowed the stands to fall freely about his face obscuring the blackened orb in his eye socket.

"Where is your daughter," Lily asked Opal finally unable to stand the oppressive silence any longer.

"School," Opal said and braced for her next sentence.

"What does that symbol on the back of your neck mean," Ethan asked Opal before she could speak.

"It is the sign of Aphrodite. Everyone in the city who worshipped her bares this mark on the back of their neck. Each goddess worshipped here had a different symbol and her followers wear her mark proudly," Opal explained.

"The goddess would like to meet and talk with the three of you," Opal said. The three at the table froze as her words seemed to echo around the room and both Sabina and Lily turned to look at Ethan. Ethan put down his fork and regarded Opal for a moment then he nodded in agreement and with a sigh she started to call for Aphrodite. However before she could open her mouth Aphrodite, who had been watching appeared beside her. Sabine and Lily gasped as the beautiful blonde appeared out of thin air but Ethan watched her warily. Aphrodite stared at Ethan a feeling she had never felt before welling in her. If she didn't know better she would say she was nervous standing there staring into her son's sea green eyes that matched her own perfectly. Lily and Sabina grew uncomfortable as the two stared at each other with expressionless faces until Sabina shifted in her chair drawing the goddess's gaze to her.

"Around twenty-two hundred years ago a prophecy was given by the Moirai, The Fates. This prophecy stated that a son born from a goddess and a mortal would rise up and, in his drive for vengeance against them, come to rule over the gods. Upon hearing the prophecy Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and all of the gods decided to kill every son born between the union of a human and a goddess. The goddesses objected and Hera knowing only Zeus had the power force the goddesses to give up their children against their will took action. She took Zeus by surprise and transported him into the depths of Tartarus where Chronus is imprisoned and begged his aid. She barely held Zeus contained as Chronus using her body as a link and pulled the two of them outside of time. They remain frozen there, at the edge of his prison still and probably always will. Hades took command when Zeus was trapped and ordered the goddesses to hand over their children and they refused and fled Olympus. War has raged silently between the gods and goddesses ever since. Until recently we were unable to influence the human world but now that we can again the war will spill over to the mortals," Aphrodite finished. They all sat in silence not knowing what to say.

"Why are you telling us this? What does that have to do with us," Sabina. Aphrodite opened her mouth to speak but Ethan cut her off before a sound came out.

"Don't," he ordered glaring at the goddess. He knew what she would say if she spoke, this made everything his and her fault. His father was dead and his sister and mother were in terrible danger because of him.

"What is it Ethan," Sabina asked softly. He stared at the table he couldn't bear to look at them he felt guilt crawl through him like a wave of fire ants.

"Ethan what's wrong? What did you do," Lily demanded of Aphrodite.

"I didn't do anything," she replied indignant.

"Didn't you," Ethan asked her and looked up into her eyes. She looked into those back into the perfect copy of her own eyes and went cold at the accusation, rage, and agony she saw boiling behind those eyes. She reached out with a thought and read his mind for only a moment before jerking back in horror at the building self-loathing she found there. He was angry at her and confused but he hated himself for his part in the events of the past months. He stood suddenly causing his chair to tip backwards and hurried from the room nearly running. He pounded upstairs he kept going up and up until he burst out onto the roof of the building. There was a garden of potted plants spread across the rooftop. The smell of greenery and flowers calmed him a little and walked toward the edge of the building. He looked out over the city and was amazed at its beauty. The cavern was huge, the ceiling soared three thousand feet over head. In the center of the cavern was a massive pillar of stone running all the way up to the ceiling of the cavern. Carved into the sides of the pillar were the massive statues of the goddesses. The statues followed the curve of the pillar around so Ethan couldn't see them all but there appeared to be dozens of feminine figures carved into the stone surface. Sun light somehow filled the cavern and lit the subterranean city brightly.

"Amazing isn't it," Opal said from the top of the stairs. Ethan said nothing and didn't turn to face the woman as she moved to stand next to him and stare out over the city.

"It took them nearly six hundred years to carve the likeness of every goddess worshiped into that pillar. Even using magic it was a monumental task and more than a few people fell to their death trying to accomplish it. Aphrodite is explaining to them what it took you only moments to understand," she said and Ethan clenched his jaw. He said nothing they deserved to know everything even if they'd hate him for it.

"She did the best for you that she could," Opal said softly.

"I shouldn't fucking exist," he snarled staring straight ahead toward a city the world didn't even know existed. His gaze flicked down and he looked over the edge of the building down the three stories to the stone path leading up to the house. Then the thought of diving off the side popped into his head but that wouldn't fix anything so he raised his eyes back to the city. Opal breath eased out quietly, it had caught in her chest when she saw that indecision on his face as he looked down toward his possible death. The door at the top of the stairs burst open and Sabina rushed onto the roof looking around wildly. When her eyes fell on him he flinched under her gaze and seeing it tears filled her eyes. Opal hurried past Sabina into the stairway pulling the door closed behind her.

"It's not your fault," Sabina said as soon as they were alone. Ethan said nothing and averted his eyes from her. She growled in her throat and stomped over to him and seized his chin and forced him to look at her.

"It's not! It isn't even her fault," Sabina said not having to specify which her that she meant. Ethan didn't say anything but her words didn't change the guilt he felt but he hugged her to him anyway. Lily stood at the door leading into the building watching Ethan cling to Sabina as guilt over something that he had no control over ate at him and wondered what the future would hold for them. An hour later they all came back down stairs to find Aphrodite gone and Opal waiting for them at the table.

"Since you're being hunted by the gods the only safe place for you is here. So I thought I would start settling you into life here," Opal said and Lily and Sabina nodded. Ethan said and did nothing except watch her as she spoke.

"Alright I've set you up with a house near the school. If you grab your things I'll show you the way there," she said and waited for them while they collected their belongings.

"Sabina you could be an excellent candidate to be a priestess of Aphrodite," Opal said as they walked from her house down a path towards the city.

"No," Ethan snarled before Sabina could say anything and she frowned at him.

"Why not," she asked irritated.

"If the cult is the same as in the past Aphrodite's priestess' comfort the people who worship at the temple," Ethan said his voice deadpan.

"So what is wrong with comforting people," she asked belligerently.

"Sabina she is the goddess of love how exactly do you think her priestesses comfort her worshippers," he asked looking at her pointedly as they walked. She walked on staring back confused for a few more steps then what he was implying sunk in and her face colored in embarrassment.

"You mean they...," she asked appalled. Ethan nodded and she turned her questioning gaze to Opal who inclined her head in agreement and Sabina's spine stiffened.

"Why the fuck would you think I would agree to do that," she asked incensed.

"Sabina language," Lily said aghast.

"She just asked me to be a prostitute and your worried about my freaking language," Sabina shot back at her mother in disbelief.

"I wasn't trying to pressure you. I was just saying you would make a good candidate," Opal said.

"You'll understand if I don't take that as a compliment," Sabina said frostily and moved around to Ethan's other side placing him between them. They walked on in silence for five minutes until they passed the first building of the city.

"This is the cities edge. Only my house is on this side on the other side are a few bigger estates but most are abandoned and some farmland. We grow all of our vegetables and raise our own livestock around the outside of the city. Passage out of the city isn't normally forbidden but since last night's incident it will be banned for a few weeks to let the watch on these mountains cool down," she said as she led them down a street lined in square building most of them two or three stories high and made of stone blocks stacked on top of each other. They passed a few people who stopped and stared as they passed and a few who waved a greeting to Opal but for the most part the city seemed to be asleep.

"Where is everyone," Ethan asked.

"Asleep mostly, most of the population doesn't get up until closer to ten in the morning so it looks empty right now. The students are all at school for the time being," she explained.

"I see," he replied and then lapsed back into silence.

"If you are going to be students I'll show you the school after we get you settled in your house. Lily we will have to come up with a job for you to do, everyone in the city pitches in for the good of everyone else," Opal said in explanation.

"I understand but I won't be spreading my legs for your worshipers either," Lily said and Ethan barked a laugh. Opal didn't reply but kept walking with them toward their new house. Opal led them to a two story building that had two bedrooms and a bathroom and was completely furnished with comfortable, if worn, furniture. Lily said nothing when Ethan and Sabina both dropped their bags in one of the rooms but she did speak after poking her head into the bathroom.

"There is only a toilet in there where are we supposed to bath," Lily asked Opal.

"There is a public bathing house at the corner of the street," she said and Lily stared at her in disbelief.

"It's fine, we'll just wear our bathing suits and try to keep our eyes to ourselves," Ethan comforted. Opal shook her head in amusement at that suggestion but let it go.

"Ready to go see the school," she asked once they had looked around the house for a little while. Sabina and Ethan exchanged a look then nodded and followed her out with Lily trailing slightly behind. The school which didn't really deserve the name was only two streets over from their new house. It was a large field close to a square mile in size with a cluster of stone square buildings in the center. They could see people running around on the field in the distance on the far side of the buildings but couldn't make out any details. As they approached the buildings in the center they got a closer look at the running figures.

"Are they naked," Sabina leaned in and whispered to him as they walked.

"It is a possibility. The ancient Greeks weren't big on modesty when it came to sports," he replied quietly. Opal led them to the smallest building in the cluster and opened the door to usher them in. Inside the building were tables with chairs and seated around them were a couple dozen adults talking and drinking from hard plastic cups.

"Brand," Opal called and a man sitting at a table speaking to a large breasted, black haired woman turned toward them. A grinned split his face at seeing Opal but it was dimmed slightly by confusion when he saw them standing with her. He said stood and said something to the woman before hurrying over to them. The noise of chatter around the room began to dim as more and more of the people took notice of them.

"How are you Opal? I haven't seen you in a while," he asked as he hugged her.

"I'm good I came to introduce you to your two newest students and show them around the school. This is Ethan and Sabina Andrews and that is their mother Lily," she said motioning to each in turn. He stepped forward toward Sabina with a grin like he had with Opal but she stepped sideways placing Ethan between them like a shield.

"It is just a greeting there is nothing sexual about it," Opal said to Sabina with a sigh.

"Do the guys greet each other like that," she shot back.

"Well no, they clasp forearms," Opal said.

"Well he can do that with me also," Sabina shot back and offered her arm to Brand. He laughed but clasped her forearm in his hand and she returned the gesture. The fingers of his hand easily circled her smaller arm while her much more delicate fingers didn't even reach halfway around his muscled arm. He made no move to Lily but nodded at her and grinned as she held her place in the background.

"Alright let's take them out to meet the other students in their age group then," he said rubbing his hands together and led them out of the building. Once out side he led them toward one of the smaller groups of moving figures on the field. As they approached they realized that their fellow students were not naked but just. Then guys were all wearing speedos like things made out of what appeared to be leather and the girls were wearing bikinis with sports bras made of the same material. They all were bronzed from the sunlight that impossibly lit this odd city. They all stopped what they were doing, which appeared to be stretching exercises, to turn and face Brand as they strode up.

"This is Erik," Brand said walking up to a medium height overly muscled teen. At odds with his burly body he had an open and friendly look and his face and intelligence sparkled in his eyes. He moved forward and clasped forearms with Ethan and when he moved for Sabina he clasped her arm as well with only a raised eyebrow.

"Erik this is Ethan, Sabina, and their mother. Ethan and Sabina will be joining us from now on," Brand said.

"Alright, change into your school uniforms and we'll get you started stretching," Erik said.

"What uniforms," Ethan asked half amused as he looked at their nearly naked attire.

"Not and ice cubes chance in hell," Sabina said and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Why? Are our clothes not good enough for you," a taller boy asked with a sneer. He wasn't as muscle bound as Erik but was still much more well-muscled then Ethan who looked him over in assessment.

"And you are," Ethan asked in a bored tone.

"Jack," Jack snapped back with irritation.

"Why would your clothing preference matter to us at all? You are nobody to us why would we give a crap what you are wearing? We simply won't wear it because we have more modesty then that," Ethan replied and turned his back to Jack and addressed that last statement to Brand.

"I don't mind the top so much but I would have to wear shorts or something I refuse to wear a bikini like that to run around in," Sabina agreed.

"You have to wear the uniform it is the rules," Brand said placating.

"Screw that," Ethan said and began to walk back in the direction of their house.

"You'll do what your told," Jack's voice came from behind him. He was already whirling when he heard Sabina cry out in pain and his world went red. Jack had just grabbed Sabina and his attention was on her struggles so he didn't see Ethan take the step back closing the distance between them. Nor did he see the blow coming, but he did start gasping for breath when the side of Ethan hand chopped into his throat. He stumbled back wheezing and clutching at his bruised throat. Ethan followed him as he stumbled away and kicked him in the face while he was bent over struggling for breath. Jack over balanced and fell backward on his ass with blood streaming from his nose while he tried to draw in more air. Brand's hand clamped down on Ethan's shoulder holding him from going after the fallen teen father but Ethan had already stopped. He stared at Brand's hand on his shoulder until the big man removed it and stepped back. Ethan squatted so he was on eye level with Jack and pushed his hair back out of his face. Several of the scantily clad teens gasped when they got a good look at his eye and stepped back away from him.

"Can you hear me," Ethan asked calmly holding Jack's gaze with his own. He waited for Jack's nod before he continued to speak.

"Good. If you touch my sister again I kill you. I won't find and challenge you to some stupid ass duel or talk to you about or give you anymore warnings. If you touch her again without her permission I will find you some night in the dark with a knife or maybe I just sneak into your house and gut you while you're asleep. Do you understand," Jack nodded.

"Do you believe me?" Nod.

"Good. Hopefully I won't need to be seeing you around," Ethan said and stood and walked away. Jack sat there on the ground struggling to breathe through his bruised throat and shivered as how close he had come to dying. None of the others made any move to help Jack up; they just stared after Ethan who was followed by Sabina and Lily. Opal spoke hurriedly to Brand who looked like he was about to explode his face was so red with anger. Then she ran after the retreating figures.

"Are you alright Jack," Brand asked as he helped him to his feet.

"Yeah," Jack said subdued.

"What's wrong," Brand asked putting a hand on Jack's shoulder.

"He would've killed me, he wanted to I could see it in his eyes," Jack said and looked up into Brand's eyes with fear on his face. Brand squeezed Jack's shoulder in comfort and didn't answer because he was pretty sure Jack was right.

"The worst of it was those eyes," Jack said and a few of the others nodded.

"He was attacked by a harpy and poisoned with Underworld Essence," Brand started but Jack shook his head.

"That wasn't it. I mean yeah the black eye is creepy but we have all seen people who've been poisoned by Underworld Essence before. It was the colored ring, the iris, it was swirling like a blue and green whirlpool and it felt like it was trying to drag me down and drowned me," Jack said and shivered. Ethan marched back toward their house; they had reached the edge of the field before Opal caught up with them.

"What was that," Opal demanded grabbing Ethan's arm and dragging him to a halt.

"That was a warning to someone too stupid to understand personal boundaries," Ethan said staring at her calmly. She either missed the implied threat or ignored it and continued her rant.

"Why can't you just follow the rules," she asked.

"Because your rules are fucking retarded," he said and jerked his arm out of her grip and started off again.

"Where are you going," she asked walking fast to keep up with his pace.

"To our house," he responded.

"Why," she huffed.

"That is where our stuff is," he replied as he rounded the corner onto the street where their house was. He paused when he saw a crowd of people gathered around the front of their house but with a shrug he pushed forward. When he reached the back of the crowd he said excuse me and tried to politely make his way into the crowd but they resisted and one man shoved him when he tried to get through. Ethan having had enough and already being in a bad temper hauled back and slugged the man in the jaw. The woman standing next to the man shrieked as he stumbled into her with a split lid and started spitting curses at both of them. The racket was enough to clear a space around them.

"I am losing what little patience I have left so get the fuck out of the goddamned way," he shout and crowd moved out from in front of him like a stream around a rock. When he finally got to the front of his house he saw what was drawing the crowd. Aphrodite was sitting on a bench next to the door and speaking to a small girl who was sitting on her lap. His gaze flicked to her and then the child then he walked passed and into the house. Sabina and Lily followed after but Opal paused outside next to Aphrodite. Ethan stood in the center of the room that he was going to share with Sabina thinking and trying to plan his next move.

"Ethan," Sabina said questioningly.

"Give me a minute to arrange my thoughts and then we'll go," he said and she settled down to wait.

"Go where," asked Aphrodite as she entered the building with Opal on here heels.

"Anywhere is better than here," Ethan said off-handedly.

"How would you know? You have only been here of a little over half a day and most of that time was spent unconscious," Aphrodite challenged sitting down onto the sofa.

"Well let's go down the list shall we? Number one would be that your High Priestess there seems to think I giving a flaming fuck about her opinion, I don't. Second she offered to make my sister a whore like it was a compliment," he said raising a finger for each complaint.

"Language," Lily said sternly from the bed where she sat with Sabina.

"I offered her a place as a Priestess of Aphrodite, not a whore," Opal interjected angrily. Ethan paused in his spiel and turned to look at her through the curtain of his bangs.

"Do the priestesses of Aphrodite screw the congregation," he asked in a quiet voice that somehow managed to be more menacing than his louder more patronizing voice.

"It is one of the priestesses' duties to give comfort to the faithful," Opal said.

"And 'giving comfort' means what exactly," Ethan asked.

"Sex," Opal said.

"From what I am hearing the difference between 'whore' and 'priestess' is one does it for money and another does it to retain followers for the god they worship," he said coolly. Opal opened her mouth to object but couldn't come up with the words to portray her feelings.

"You can debate that later, continue," Aphrodite said.

"Right, where was I? I would say something about the public bathing but that really doesn't bother me all that much. We go with dumb ass rules for the third reason. I have never worn a speedo in my life and I will die never having suffered that indignity. Going nude is better than that, and before you say it I won't be going nude either," he said.

"Pity," Sabina muttered behind him. He ignored her but saw amusement flash in both Opal's and Aphrodite's eyes so he knew everyone else heard.

"Fourth and most important no one puts their hands on my sister, ever," he said emphasizing the last word strongly.

"From what I saw you put that fool in his place for doing so," Aphrodite said.

"Yes but everyone in this city seems to have a lack of the understanding of personal space. How long until the next time? What will happen if I step into defend her and I lose? If my family isn't safe to walk around without being safe from assault how can we stay here," he demanded.

"And where would you go if you left," Aphrodite asked. With a flick of her wrist a crystal glass appeared in her hand and she took a sip of the golden liquid inside.

"The wilderness somewhere and buy a cabin deep in the woods. I know how to hunt and to grow things, besides if we were found we could retreat back into the wilderness and make it harder to find us. We'd have to drop our names and hope that they don't have my deion. Those first harpies weren't sure I was who they were after until they saw my reaction to them saying my name," he said.

"And if I refused to open the path for you to the outside," Opal demanded. Ethan narrowed his eyes at the woman but a viscous smile twisted his lips and he bared his teeth at her.

"I wonder what would happen if I called on Poseidon to open the path for me," he asked. Opal's face paled at the prospect and Aphrodite leaned forward staring at him intently, her look of speculation vanishing like fog in the afternoon sun.

"He would kill you," Aphrodite said simply.

"Probably," Ethan agreed.

"Then why," she demanded.

"It's better to take the chance on almost certain death and try to escape, than to sit here in a lunatic infested, free love, hippy commune where my family isn't safe," he explained.

"Even if you summoned him he wouldn't open the path," Opal said not understanding and Ethan grinned at her.

"No he wouldn't but you or someone else with the power would once he started killing your people and destroying the city. And even if Ethan was killed it would give me and Mom a chance to escape. That was your reasoning right," Sabina told Opal and directed the question at Ethan. He nodded but would not meet her eyes even though he stood straight and unrepentant for his plan.

"Well planned for a plot that you only thought of a few minutes ago," Aphrodite said and leaned back into the couch.

"And what would you do if I was to tell you that even if your mother and sister escaped I would hunt them down and kill them," Aphrodite said to him.

"Well then I guess you could, maybe, find them before the gods find you. But either way whatever plans for me that you have would be screw up until you could spawn again wouldn't they," he asked. Her face paled and she wondered what he could have figured out.

"Oh don't worry I haven't figured out what you want from me yet," he said correctly guessing her unease.

"But it is obvious you want something from me, and it isn't love and acceptance from you son. You want to use me for something, just another pawn on the chess board," he said. She felt the sting of his words deeply knowing that they were at least partially true but she didn't let the pain show on her face as she studied him. He stood defiant before her as few before him dared, he didn't see everything but he saw more than most she knew trying to manipulate him would be a mistake.

"What do you want to stay here," Aphrodite asked wincing inside at the question. She didn't want to lose another son, but more importantly the world would need him and that question revealed to him how important he was to her plans. He stared at her for several long moments considering her and his options before he spoke.

"A guard for Sabina that will always be with her but not be noticed," he said.

"Hey I don't need a guard," Sabina interjected but they ignored her.

"Done. What else?"

"You and any other goddess you can convince will teach me whatever I want to know," he said.

"Anything you want to know that we deem isn't dangerous to you or to others," she bargained.

"Fine," he nodded having expected that.

"We will not follow any rules without important direct reasons. For example no murdering your neighbors without cause is probably a rule here that we will follow. But no force on this planet will get me into that ridiculous school uniform," he said.

"Fine any other rules you deem 'stupid' we will discuss," she said and he agreed.

"I want a super-fast internet connection for my laptop no matter where I am in this city," he said.

"Done," she said and lifted an eyebrow at the trivial manner of that demand.

"Last but not least, at least once a week I want three extra-large extra cheese and mushroom pizzas with stuffed crusts and you two and Opal's daughter have to eat here with us," he said with a grin. Aphrodite mouth parted in surprise at the last request. She looked at his grin but saw his eyes studying them both even as he smiled at them.

"Done," she said.

"If that is everything we'll go for now but we'll be back this evening with the pizza," Aphrodite said. Ethan nodded and Sabina and Lily called out farewells as they exited the house.

"Those last two requests where just foolishness," Opal said and Aphrodite eyed her from the corner of her eye.

"You think so," she asked the high priestess.

"Of course what possible usefulness could those requests have? He was just being childish in demanding things," she stated as if it was truth.

"Really? An internet gives him a connection to the outside world, and with one that works anywhere in the city he can't be cut off from the stream of information completely. The pizza is probably a whimsical request but he used it to disguise his true purpose for that last request and make it look foolish. He knows that I at least if not both of us intend to use him in some way. By agreeing to that last stipulation we have put ourselves in a position to let something slip. Also if he feels we will betray him we have just put ourselves within reach of him if he can find a way to kill me," Aphrodite explained as they walked down the road side by side.

"You think he is that devious," Opal asked.

"I think that he found Civitatem Amor in a month, even if it was a lucky guess, when the gods themselves have been unable to locate it for millennia. He also managed to come up with a plan to escape this city if we tried to hold him against his will. Not only did he come up with a plan but a plan that even if it led to his death it would give his family a high chance of escape if he managed to trick them into going along with it. And he came up with this plan in only the time it took to walk from the school back to their house all while he was talking to you. I think it would be a big mistake to under estimate how devious he might be," Aphrodite said and vanished. Opal walked toward her own house wondering what they had gotten themselves into and who might be the pawns in the end. Several hours later a knock on the door drew Ethan to it and when he opened it he was rewarded with a beautiful raven haired girl wearing jeans and one of the leather sports bras he had seen earlier at the school. All of her exposed skin was tanned and flawless, her nose was small and cute, lips puckering only slightly and her eyes a brown so dark they were nearly black. They stood staring at each other their eyes roaming over the other until a voice behind the girl broke the fascination.

"Well are you going to let us in or not," Opal said irritated from behind the girl. Ethan's eyes flicked between the two as he stepped back to allow them to enter and he could see a resemblance. He imagined that once upon a time that this is what Opal probably looked like. She was still a striking woman but the lines on her face and her always stern expression made her appear older and less approachable. They entered and before he could shut the door a large blonde man slipped into the room. Ethan tensed as he looked at the blonde man, he could sense that this man was dangerous. He was not as muscle bound as Brand or Erik but he moved fluidly with a grace that they couldn't match. Ethan watched the blonde man warily as he surveyed the room then turned his eyes on Ethan. The man had piercing blue eyes that felt as if they could see through him to his soul. Aphrodite slipped in the half open door carrying three pizza box and several bottles of Pepsi, unnoticed.

"Ethan, Ethan what's wrong," Sabina called as the two men stared at one another.

"This one is dangerous," Ethan told Sabina absently not taking his eyes from the taller man.

"Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black," the man replied.

"There is nothing to worry about Ethan. He will not harm you of your family for any reason. Ever, you have my words as a goddess," Aphrodite said. Ethan nodded and turned away from the man, though he had to force his body to turn.

"Ethan, Sabina, this is my daughter Rosa," Opal said in introduction. Rosa offered Sabina her hand and smiled as they clasped forearms, when she turned to Ethan and did the same he knew she had heard about Sabina's reaction to the hugging earlier. He reached out and clasped her arms in his hand as soon as her smooth skin touched his palm warmth shot up his arm. He stared at her face and the shocked look on her face told him she felt it also. The warmth seemed to radiate from her hand into his whole body and he just stood there basking in the warmth she fed him as she did the same. A hand on his shoulder jerked him back and his hand slid out of Rosa's and the world seemed to come crashing back.

"Ethan what is the matter," Sabina asked.

"I don't know. What the hell was that," he asked panting as if he had run a marathon. Rosa was effected much the same and was leaning against the tall man who was shooting glares at Ethan.

"It's a side effect of what you are," Aphrodite said sitting the pizza boxes on the coffee table and taking a seat on the couch.

"What does that mean," Ethan asked and walked over and flipped the cover of the top pizza box. He pulled free a slice of the pizza and hummed in appreciation as the cheese practically dripped over the sides, and place it on a plate from a stack they had sitting on the table.

"It means that since you have passed your seventeenth birthday your abilities have begun to awake," Aphrodite answered and the blonde man jerked then stared intently at Ethan. Ethan felt uncomfortable under the man's gaze and after a few moments he stared back until the other man looked away. Ethan studied the man and a certain quality to structure of the man's body struck him as familiar. He nearly finished the slice of pizza when it struck him why he thought it looked familiar.

"What abilities," Sabina asked then took a bite of her slice. Rosa, Opal, and Lily were eating hungrily and even Aphrodite seemed to be enjoying the cheesy delight.

"Aren't you going to eat," Ethan asked the tall man before Aphrodite could answer.

"We weren't sure you would want him to since he wasn't invited. This is Inpietas, he is Rosa's body guard and constant companion," Opal said.

"Nanny," Rosa muttered around her pizza and Sabina smiled.

"Go ahead and eat there is plenty and even I'm not such a bastard that I would make someone stand there and watch while everyone else eats," Ethan said gesturing to the pizza. Impietas jerked at the word bastard and Aphrodite's eye twitched slightly but Ethan kept the same blank expression on his face as a sense of accomplishment surged through him. So this dangerous man was his sperm donor and he knew who Ethan was or at the least had just figured it out. While Inpietas grabbed a plate and some pizza Ethan returned them to the conversation he'd interrupted.

"What abilities," he asked Aphrodite. She studied him for a moment trying to discern whether he truly knew who Inpietas was or if that had just been an unfortunate choice of words. She couldn't decipher his thoughts from his expression so she reached out with her mind and found his surface thoughts all focused on the question of what abilities she might tell him of. She pushed harder, trying to slip deeper and he sat bolt upright in his seat and a massive wave of determination launched her from his mind. She looked up to meet his gaze and found him on his feet towering over her with rage painting his face. She felt a pulse of fear, a feeling she rarely felt, run through her as he glared down at her from behind a curtain of loose hair. His eyes seemed luminescent in his rage the white and black orbs alit by swirling teal rings burned into her.

"Don't you ever dare do that again," he said his calm voice at odds with the rage burning in his eyes. She swallowed and nodded in agreement and Ethan turned his back on her and returned to his seat.

"What happened," Sabina asked placing a calming hand on Ethan's arm when he sat.

"I tried to enter his mind and he felt me and threw me out," Aphrodite admitted. Rosa and Opal glared at him in disapproval and he glared back at them with annoyance.

"How would you like me poking around in your brain," he asked them.

"She is a goddess," Opal said and Rosa nodded in agreement.

"I wouldn't give a fuck if she was the Grand High Pooba of all existence. My brain is mine no one has the right to poke around in it without my permission and the sky will fall down and the sun explode before I give anyone
permission for that," he said. Even Lily didn't correct his use of language this time.

"Watch your mouth boy," Inpietas said instead.

"Don't open your mouth to order me around old man. I know what your name means, what did you do to earn such an illustrious title? I bet it was a great deal more than a little foul language," Ethan said and Inpietas's jaw bulged as he ground his teeth together.

"You don't have to be so rude," Rosa said softly. Ethan turned his gaze to her and thought a moment before he spoke.

"Don't I? What would happen if I didn't make my feeling clear on her trying to invade my head? She would do it again and again. You and your mother think I should let her do it because what she is well that is just idiocy, especially considering I am half whatever she is anyway. And lastly Inpietas had absolutely no authority in this house or over me. The fact that all of you are okay with such a violation, to me is beyond belief so do not sit there and tell me to be polite about this. That's like telling an attempted rape victim to be polite to their rapist," he said. Aphrodite's face went pale at the comparison while Opal went red with outrage and Inpietas's went blank. Rosa looked thoughtful and then nodded her understanding.

"What abilities," Ethan asked Aphrodite with a flat voice and pulled a second slice of pizza from the box.

"They differ from demigod to demigod but each god's children almost always have certain characteristics," she began and Ethan nodded.

"All of my line usually possesses beauty above average," she said.

"You definitely got that," Sabina said.

"Oh yeah," Rosa said and then blushed when he looked over at her.

"Also sex with one of my blood has an addictive quality," Aphrodite said next. Ethan kept staring at her and he saw her gaze flicker sideways but wasn't sure if it was toward Sabina or not but his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"We also tend to attract love interests who don't mind sharing us with others while remaining faithful to us. Which is fortunate, because we tend to be insanely jealous, and we have a very strong sex drive. One person couldn't keep up with one of us usually two or three couldn't keep up. You've probably already become aware of the increase in libido but it will get worse. You can restrain yourself, some of my other children never took more than one lover, but it will become increasingly painful the longer you go without complete satisfaction," she said. Sabina's eyes widened at this revelation and her eyes shot to his in worry while Rosa shot him a sympathetic look.

"What else," Ethan asked his voice betraying nothing of his worry to them all.

"Well other than quicker reflexes and a slight increase in bone and muscle density making you slightly stronger and more durable than other humans no other in born abilities. You do however have blessings from multiple goddesses, which have all agreed to train you if you continue to go to school. Those blessing have altered you in various ways but what they might have done to help you and to what degree we will find out later," she explained. After that they kept the talking to small talk and the training to come for a few hours. And with a sigh of relief Ethan closed the door behind them after they filed out. Lily and Sabina were cleaning up what little mess was left and soon they would be finished. He stood there studying them as they worked. The ache he had been feeling lately in his body he had attributed to the attacks on him or on it being a lingering side effect of the sickness, but now he wondered if it was from not satisfying his desires. His gaze flicked between them and his hunger welled up and Sabina looked over at him where he was leaning back against the door. Her eyes widened and her lips parted as she began to breathe faster seeing the look
on his face.

"Mom," Ethan called eyes locked with Sabina's and her look became nervous.

"Yes, Ethan," she asked still occupied with her cleaning and didn't look up at him.

"Do you know about Sabine and me," he asked and Sabina's breath caught in her throat. Lily froze and the trash she had been carrying felt from her numbed fingers. She looked over at him only to find him still staring at Sabina like a hungry lion staring at a gazelle.

"What about you two," she asked but her voice shook. He smiled slightly without even turning to look at her and her face flushed a deep crimson but he said nothing.

"I know you two have become 'closer' but I don't know how close," she said softly.

"I love her," Ethan said.

"She's your sister of course-," she began.

"No, I'm in love with her," he interrupted finally turning his head to look at Lily. She swallowed under his piercing gaze and forced herself to meet his eyes.

"I figured as much," she croaked, her throat dry.

"We don't want to hurt you but I need her and she wants me," he said and Lily nodded.

"I understand. You can't choose who you love but after what Aphrodite said here tonight I am afraid you might hurt her," Lily said.

"I will do whatever it takes to make her happy," he said grimly and Lily nodded.

"How long have you been in pain," Sabina asked from where she still stood. He looked at her and considered lying but knew she would see through him.

"An ache has spread through me and I think it was what Aphrodite was talking about," he said.

"How long," she pressed.

"Since this morning when I woke," he replied.

"How bad is it," she asked.

"It's not unbearable," he replied and she scowled at the evasion but didn't ask again.

"Come on," Sabina said and turn toward the bedroom where they had placed their things. Ethan shot Lily a weak smile and followed Sabina from the room and Lily watched them go in silence. Sabina pushed him into their room and then closed the door behind them. Ethan already had his shirt off and was working on the button of his pants but he facing away from her. She walked to him and slid her arms around his chest and reveled in the feel of his warm bare skin under her palms. He shuddered and goose bumps ran down his arms at the feel of her hands on him and he paused. Sabina's hands pulled away and he turned to face her in time to see her lift up her shirt and expose her taught belly and bra encased chest. He dropped his pants and boxers to the floor and stepped closer to her and out of them. She was having trouble shoving the tight jeans down her hips and he chuckled as she struggled until finally they slipped passed her hips and to the ground leaving her standing in her bra and panties. They were a matching set of pink silky cloth that seemed to make her pale milky skin more even more enticing and he couldn't help reaching out and running a hand down her belly to the top of her panties. He smiled when he felt her muscles dance under the skin, as she quivered with anticipation under his touch.

"No, I'll take them off," he told his when she reached behind her for the clasp of her bra. She let her hands fall to her sides and just stood passively under to exploring fingers. He stepped so close to her his chest was pressed against hers and his cock was pressed into the soft skin of her stomach. She closed her eyes and savored the feel of him skin to naked skin and only just barely felt the clasp of her bra unhook. Ethan pulled back and stared at her chest and let her bra fall to the floor and dropped to his knees then reached out and hooked a finger into the waistband on either hips and dragged her panties down to her ankles. She placed a steadying hand on top of his head and then lifted her feet one at a time for him to remove them completely. He tossed the silky scrap down with the bra and stood taking Sabina's hand and led her to the bed.

"I'm holding you to your promise," Ethan told her and confusion filled her face.

"Last time we did this you were in such a hurry you wouldn't let me eat you. You said next time and I am holding you to that now," he said and pushed her onto the bed on her back. She looked up at him her eyes wide and he used a hand to spread her thighs and settled his shoulders against the underside of her bent legs. She lifted her upper body to look down at him and opened her mouth to speak but Ethan stuck out his tongue and licked from the skin below her slit up the whole length to her clit, applying as much pressure as he could with his tongue forcing her lips to part for him. She flopped back onto the bed and cried out at the pleasure, he continued to assault her with his tongue and she was soon writhing beneath him. He drove his tongue into like he was trying to fuck her with it and she met the action his thrusts of her hips to try and drive him in deeper. Her reaction pleased him but she nearly threw him off of her and he was having difficulty keeping his mouth where he wanted it, so he wrapped his arms around her thighs and squeezed. This caused her hips to have to lift his upper body as well as her hips in order to buck and she couldn't accidently buck him off. He refocused on his tongue action and she screamed her release when he forced his tongue into her again. Her hands clenched in his hair and held his mouth in place as she came and kept licking her until she went limp. He pulled back his face covered in her wetness and crawled up her body to nestle his hips in the cradle of her thighs and kissed her. She could taste herself and though she didn't exactly like the taste she didn't find it unpleasant either so she kissed him back deeply.

"Could you just give me a second," she asked as he place the head of his cock at her entrance and he looked into her eyes.

"One," he said and then drove himself into her. Her mouth opened into an 'Oh' of surprise and them she screamed, her nails digging into his shoulders, as her orgasm exploded back into full force. She arched her back and Ethan began thrusting into her fast and hard. Her screams stopped as she struggled to breathe through clenched teeth at the waves of release washing through her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and bit into his neck while she clutched his shoulders and closed her eyes. Her body exploded in orgasm after orgasm as he hammered into her and the fleshy slap of his body hitting hers filled the small room. Finally she felt him swelling inside of her and the pleasurable friction grew stronger. She released her hold on him and moaned loudly as he thrust a few more times. With one last hard thrust and rammed into her and held her pelvis against his as while he exploded into her. The feeling of his warmth filling her after everything else was too much and she screamed. The scream was so loud and piercing that it startled Ethan but the scream cut off abruptly when she passed out from sensation overload. He sat back worriedly on his legs and studied her but her chest was rising and falling so he didn't panic. The ache in his body had lessened to barely noticeable, but he could still feel it there and he wouldn't have minded going another round with Sabina.

"Ethan, Sabina is everything okay," Lily's voice came after a pounding on the door.

"I'm not sure," Ethan replied and Lily burst into the room only to be brought up short be the sight in front of her. Ethan had a worried look on his face and was kneeling between Sabina's naked thighs. Lily tried not to look but she couldn't help herself and when her eye found her daughter's pussy she could see his cum leaking out of her. She thought she should be upset or disgusted at a brother and sister doing that but she found the whole situation arousing and her panties began to moisten.

"What's wrong," Lily asked Ethan her eyes locked on his face.

"I think she just passed out from the pleasure but I'm not sure," he explained. Lily moved closed and his still hard cock came into view and she nearly gasped at it but controlled herself and examined Sabina. She swiftly came to the same conclusion as Ethan.

"I think your right," she agreed and he sighed with relief.

"Is the ache gone now," Lily asked him seriously. His eyes shifted away from hers and his head lowered but he didn't answer. He didn't need to Lily knew simply from his reaction and she felt sorry for him. He was looking down at the bed as if ashamed and it gave Lily the perfect opportunity to study his naked body without him seeing her appraisal. Her eyes to in his leanly muscled for and dropped lower and caught once again on his erection. Without realizing what she was doing she reached out and grabbed it. Ethan jerked in surprise and his head shot up to stare at her in surprise. She stared at her own hand in surprise but she couldn't force herself to let him go and let this excuse to be
with him pass.

"Mommy will help you," she told him and he shuddered his cock twitched excitedly in her grip. She pushed him onto his back on the bed next to Sabina and dropped her panties to the ground easily from under the long skirt she was wearing. She climbed onto the bed and positioned herself over his hips. He stared at her in wide eyed surprise as his cock touched her lips and parted them slightly. She paused there and looked down into his eyes and doubt entered her mind.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this," she said to him. His eyes widened into a look of almost panic and his hand shot out and grabbed her hips. He pulled her down as he thrust up and their hips met with a resounding smack. Her mouth fell open in shock at his actions and the feeling of him stretching her inside. He felt hot and hard and she whimpered from the first sexual contact she'd had in over a month not counting the previous morning with him in his sleep. They furiously began thrusting against each other until he couldn't contain his excitement and erupted into her she continued to thrust at herself onto him until a minute later same came as well and fell limply onto his chest.

"The ache gone now," she asked him half hoping he would tell her no.

"Yeah," he said after taking a mental check of his body. She sighed and lifted herself off him and barely contained a moan as he slipped free of her body. She kissed him on the forehead and then clambered from the bed and left the room closing the door behind her. He relaxed back into the bed and tried to wrap his mind around the last twenty minutes.

"That was really hot," Sabina's voice next to his ear caused him to startle. He looked over at her with a guilty face for having forgotten that she was even there.

"It's okay, Aphrodite was right, I don't mind. I know you'll always be mine no matter who you have sex with," she told him and ran a hand down his cheek. He smiled at her and rolled onto his side so his face was pressed into her chest and she wrapped her arms around his head. They fell asleep like that, clinging to each other, and didn't wake until the next morning.


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