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I am 26 year old man,160 cms,51 kg, smooth,mostly bottom. Since adolence, I have been dreaming of having sex with older. I am a MBA graduate and work for a private bank as an junior management cadre in Hubli,Karnataka,India. Financially, I am better off. But I my first attempt was a bad experience (will post it later). Since then, I was cautious and discreet. I became a member of Silverdaddies to avoid local people and black mail threats. I was toying with a idea of Ltr. I used to chat on line from 10.30 to 11.30 pm online. I was stalked by one man, named Chawla (name changed) from Mumbai. On the 3 rd day, I said hi and had chat with him. But he was not after sex. Something more than that. We had a chat for nearly one month regularly. I avoided video chat with him. He knew my sexual orientation. He told me he is top. He said he wanted to meet me personally. I agreed for that. He gave me his cellphone no. I did not give mine. He came to Hubli,Karnataka,India and stayed in lodge. As agreed, he came and stood in front of the lodge around 7.00 pm wearing white shirt. From a distance, I saw him and phoned him and asked him to raise his right hand if he is Chawla. He did. Then I approached him. He was very happy to see me. He said he is married and have two grown up kids. And he wanted boys desparately for discreet long term relationship. We had coffee and he suggested going thru the city walking. We went for a walk. On and off, he touched my buttocks. He asked me to stay with him for one night. I agreed nervously. He was 52 fat 87 kg 178 cms. He took me to the lodge. The moment we entered the lodge, he locked the door ehind
him. He changed into lungie. He asked me to go and piss and come. I went to the bathroom and tried to piss. I couldn’t piss. Within minutes, he was standing there behind me with his hands wrapping around my waist. He started kissing me on my neck. He pushed my underwear and jeans down and pressed my bottocks. He turned me around and removed my shirt and jeans. I was shaking with fear. This is the first time I am having sex with a tall fat man having 8 inch cock. He assured me he wont hurt me. He knelt down infront of me and asked me to piss and I pissed a little .The moment I finished pissing, he started sucking it and turned me around kissed my ass cheeks After some time, he got up asked me to kneel down. I knelt down. He rubbed his cock against my face. He asked me open my mouth. I said “It will hurt”. He said “Don’t worry baby, I will be careful”. I opened my mouth and he forcefully slipped his erected cock in my mouth and started pushing slowly in and out. He said “that’s nice” “yeah that’s good”. After 5 min of deepthroating , he asked me to stand up and turned me around ,opened my ass cheeks and he rubbed his saliva into my hole. He said “I am going to fuck you for some time.You will feel pain for 2 minutes . Afterwards you will be okay”. I said “I don’t want bareback”.He said“Don’t worry, I am a married man”. He asked me to keep my feet apart and bend for ward little. I did as was told. I could feel his tip of the cock entering my hole. With a sudden push he was inside me. For 2 minutes he was very slow. Afterwards, he increased the speed. I started stroking my tool and ejaculated once. It was a terrible experience. While fucking he said “I love you”. He increased the speed. His grip around my waist tightened I could not move. I could not tolerate and begged him to stop. But he went ahead and pounded me for about 4 minutes and ejaculated on my buttocks. I have never been fucked in this way. First time in my life, he made me feel that I am a WOMAN and am born for men. I was desperate to please him sexually so that he would like me more. I also understood that if he was more rough and hard with me, it gave me more pleasure. Upto to the point of fucking , I thought I was bisexual . After that fucking, I thought I am his boywife. I was accepting his male authority and dominance over me without doubt. After all woman wants to be dominated. He asked me to wash his tool. I willingly did. I washed my buttocks and tools. Standing near the bed, he said “Don’t put on your clothes. I wanted to see u naked” . He sat on the edge of the bed and invited me to sit on his lap . I did . He kissed me and asked how his fucking was. I said “It was wonderful”. He confessed to me that he was in love with me. And he wanted me as his wife. I said I liked his tool very much,“That means you are ready to be my wife” he said. I said “mm”.He kissed me on the forehead . He also confessed to me he liked deepthroat,rough sex and verbal abuse during sex. He also wanted me to drink his semen so that I will be faithful towards him. I said, “My body is yours, you can use it or abuse it. You can do anything which gives pleasures”. “You want me to fuck you again?”, He said. I said “Yes”. “How many more times?”He inquired. I said “ three times”. He said “Naughty girl, Wait let us take dinner .After that, I will fuck you so hard, You will beg me again crying “let me go”. He said “During sex I want you to wear Night gown, bra and panty”. I said “I don’t have nightgown”. He said “Its in my suitcase.I will give you .You can wear that during sex. You will be more beautiful wearing nightgown ,I can have good erection”.
He ordered dinner for us. He took 90 ml whiskey. We went outside for walking. He asked me to take him to secluded road. I took him to secluded road. While walking , he said he was bored with conventional sex. He said he liked deepthroat very much. “Do you mind if I fuck you in the mouth” he asked. I didn’t give any reply. I hate deepthroat. With a 8 inch cock, I may get choked. Sensing my thoughts , he said , “Don’t worry, You will get used to it”,he said. “Every weekend ,he will visit me” he said. . I asked him whether he was taking any drugs .He asked me what made me say that . I said “You were inside me pounding for 12 minutes. No man was inside me that long”. He accepted taking Viagra. Suddenly, he touched my tool. It was in erection. “Oh My God ,you bitch you want my cock more. Wait till we reach lodge”. “Your bottocks are as smooth as girls”, he said. He took me near the gutter as if we are going to piss, he cupped my face, kissed me deeply. I freed myself from his grip telling him “lets do it” in the lodge. “Do you mind if I use vulgar words against you”, I liked him using filth words against me. I said “okay”. We reached the room aound 10.45 pm . After closing the door , He asked me to remove my clothes. He saw my erected penis. He became naked, He came and hugged me. He lifted my arm and kissed my armpit. He asked me to put out my tongue. I did . He immeadiately sucked my tongue .Sucked my nipple. He knelt down and sucked my cock. Turned me around and spread my legs. He kissed and sucked my ass cheeks. He started rimming. He stood up and said “I am going to fuck you in the will be okay”. I said “I don’t like deepthroat”. “Sit on the floor” he said. His voice changed into authority. Reluctantly, I sat down. He made me stretch my legs. He asked me to lean backward and place my palms on the floor by the side of my shoulder. I did .He came and stood in such a way that my head was in between his thighs. I was staring at his erected cock. It was full of urine smell. I know that in this position I can not move. I asked him not to do that. “Shut up you bitch, I know what I do”. He lowered his bottocks in level with my face and with his both hands, he wrapped around my head and pulled me forward. He inserted his cock into my mouth and started pounding. I felt like vomiting.When I opened my mouth for vomiting, he entered deep in my mouth. At one point of time, I could not tolerate anymore. I bit his tool. He hit me on my face saying “You bitch drink my cum”. He fucked my mouth for about 8 minutes .When he was about to come, his grip against my head tightened. He held my head against his groin and exploded into my mouth. I was choking in his cum. Relaxing the grip, he said “Drink it, Don’t spit it”. He made sure that every drop of cum went inside my stomach. As told, I licked him clean. I got up and and went to the bathroom for washing. I felt humiliated. I felt I was used like a prostitute. But I consoled myself that after waiting for 7 years, I got a perfect married man as a husband .If I go on looking for a perfect man, I may not get a perfect man till my old age. I don’t want to loose him for this rough deep throat and that all male will be like that rude,rough, demanding,agressive and authoritative. Otherwise they wont be called husbands. Through rough sex and domination ,husband can condition his wife and rule her. Its nature’s way. Its wife duty to get adjusted. I came out of bathroom and started wearing my dress. I didn’t talk to him. He came near me and said “I am sorry. I had to do what I did. Because, I like deep throat with boys, If you like to continue the relationship, get undressed and lie on the bed. If you don’t like the relationship, you can walk out of here. Choice is yours. I don’t want to compel you”. After a few seconds , I undressed myself , climbed over the bed and lay naked face down on the bed. I looked at him and smiled .He said “Lie on your back”. I said “I prefer back entry”. I prefer doggy style sex than missionary position. The top can fuck very deeper . He can play with a tool of bottom. I want to avoid eye contact with the top and bad breathing liquor smell. In this position to avoid ejaculation in to the anus , the bottom can pull his butt forward. The angle of fucking is straight and its less painful. But,the missionary is in every way advantageous to the top. He can have full control over the bottom,plenty of body contact and eye contact. Every top prefers this position as he thinks he fucks a girl. Its more painful. As we cant move from the grip of the top, we are at the mercy of top till he completes the session. There was a knock on the door. Grabbing my jeans and shirts, I ran into the bathroom. He quickly changed into lungie and opened the door. It was roomboy. He collected the dishes and amount and left. I came out of the bathroom. He said “It was roomboy”. I said “yeah”. “Why don’t you wear nightgown and lingerie?” He asked me. Opening his suitcase, he took out a nightgown(old) ,bra and panty(new). “Come wearing this”. I went to the bath room and changed into nightgown. It was very loose. “Its nice” he said. “I want my bitch to wear this whenever I fuck her” he said. I went and lay on the bed sideways. He came and did the the same facing me. His hands started rubbing my thighs. He said, “You don’t want to know about my personal details”. I said, “You have to tell me. I don’t want to be inquisitive”. I am Hindu Brahmin from North India. I am a Sr Project Manager with L & T construction. I said, “that’s nice”. He said he completed his MTech(Structural) from iit Delhi. He wanted to have a boy for long term relationship. And that he found me at last. He wanted me to leave the bank job and stay under his care. I refused saying that I wanted to stand on my feet. His wife knew he was bisexual. He finds more pleasure in gayboy sex. He said when he sees me in nightgown, he gets good erection. I touched his tool. It was rod like strong. He lifted my nightgown and kissed my bulge .I removed the gown. He removed my panty and kissed it for a minute. He kissed and sucked my nipple. When he was about to fuck me, I rolled over on my stomach pushing my buttocks in the air ,just like a small hump and closing my legs together. He mounted on me. With his legs on my sides, he squated down, opened my ass cheeks and thrusted his erect cock inside me. Bending forward, he started pounding for about 3 minutes. I got tremendous pleasure. From the way he kept quiet I could sense that he didn’t like this position. Suddenly, he got down and rolled me over on my back.“Bitch I like missionary I want to be intimate and have access to your mouth”. I thought he was going to make me cry in this position. Ejaculation will take long time if somebody takes alchocol with viagra. I closed my legs asking him not to do in this position. He forcefully opened my legs and knealt down in between my legs. He guided his cock into my hole. Within no time he was inside me. He lay on top of me with his left hand wrapped around my head pulling my face closer to his face. He made me wrap my legs around him. He started kissing me. He said “open up Bitch” and I slightly opened my mouth and his tonque locked with mine while thrusting his cock in and out of my body. He asked me to relax my bottocks so that it will not hurt. I was nervous. His male smell intoxicated me. I wanted to resist.But my intuition told me to allow him. His masculinity subdued my femininity. I became a slave to him obeying his commands automatically. Outwardly, I hate him being rough with me, inwardly I like him to be rough. I said, “Fuck me Fuck me”. He said, “Wait a minute, You bitch” he stopped and knelt down and placed my legs on his shoulder and placing his hands on the bed, he leaned forward on my legs and fucked me. He just started pounding me. I ejaculated at once. I said,“Stop, Stop.It hurts me”. He said “Shut up, You male prostitute”. He pounded me for 10 minutes. No sign of cumming. He took a pause for 25 secs and held my legs and started pushing forward till my legs reached my side of my face. My butt was almost in the air for him to enter easily.It was uncomfortable. He was deeeep inside me. I had a pain in the legs. I asked him to stop and he ignored me. I really started crying. After sometime, he stopped pounding and lay on me breathing heavily. Slowly, He unmounted me dragging me with him out of the bed. He dragged a chair and asked me to bend forward placing my hands on the chair . He entered me from behind and started pounding. I said, “Lets do it afterwards”. He hit me on my buttocks saying keep quite. He fucked me mercilessly for 8 minutes. He exploded his load into me. At last ,he let me go. I ran into the bathroom and washed my ass and mouth. I felt completely a woman. I have been with so many men. Nobody has a effect on me like this man does. I also realized that I am in love with him. Never thought that a man can give so much pleasure to another man.Though he said I was his first gayboy,the way he fucked me with different sex position clearly indicate that he must have sex with other boys. I came out of the bath room.. He said “You okay?” I said,“okay”. He said,“You never said you loved me”. I went upto him and said,“I loved every fucking of you,You made me feel I am a woman, I love you ”. He hugged me saying “Thanks for understanding my feelings”.

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