Part 1 of how to turn your wife into a sex slut
So you ask….How do you turn a quiet, introverted, beautiful woman into the most sex starved, sex crazed, and animalistic slut? How do you take a perfect marriage and really mess it up, but….have a lot of fun along the way? Well…I can tell you. It is what happened to me. I took my quiet wife and turned her into a sex craved slut over a period of 5 years. As mentioned, it climaxed in the end of our marriage. Not because of the sex. Because of money. She discovered she could use her sex experience and net herself an older, richer man. I am not an angry person, she is where she wants to be and I had a lot of fun helping her get there. Here is the beginning……

My wife loves massages. Still does to this day. She loves sex too. Most of the time it was just her and I. Then, after a few years she started talking about sex with another man joining us. It stayed a fantasy. Then I wanted to do something special for her so I set up a special birthday present in a nice hotel.

I put a Craig list ad out and came up with a bunch of fakes and weirdoes. Then I got an email from a young man who said he didn’t know how to give an erotic massage but would definitely like to learn if I could lead him thru it. He sent me his picture and I knew he would work. I gave him my number and told him to call me after he received and email detailing how the erotic massage should go (I am a prof masseuse who does erotic massages for “special” friends – no charge).

Over the next week we talked several times and then I set up the hotel night. I gave him a time to be there and then let my wife know I was taking her out for a nice romantic evening. She was very excited.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in, then went promptly upstairs where she immediately jumped me and we made love. After a quick shower, took her out for a nice dinner on the walk. Then back to the hotel. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and told her I had a special treat for her but needed her to do exactly what I said in order for it to come all together. She nodded her head okay.

I went into the bathroom and started a hot bath. I poured a cup of baby oil into the water and then dimmed the lights and lit some candles. I led her from the bed to the bathroom, undressed her and had her step into the tub. I then showed her a wrapped gift on the sink and told her inside was something for her to wear. I asked that when she was done to come on out in about 15 minutes. I left a timer on the sink for her.

The room we were in had a bedroom and a separate living space. While she was in the tub I set up the room with low lights, pulled back the blankets to just sheets and then let our special guest into the living area. He had arrived at our door just as instructed. While I went back into the bedroom as the timer was nearing, he prepared by changing down into a tee and shorts.

My wife was stepping out of the bathroom and was wearing a brand new bra and panty set. She looked delicious. She saw the sheets pulled back, the baby oil and the candles. She was completely relaxed as I asked her to lie down on the bed on her stomach. I then climbed onto the bed and placed a blindfold over her eyes putting her completely in the dark. Next I placed a towel over her butt covering her panties. I then climbed off the bed and whispered to her I wanted to get more comfortable.

I opened the bedroom door quietly and motioned for Eli to come inside. He was dressed in a black tee and black shorts. I pointed to where the lotion was and silently asked if he knew what to do first. He nodded.

He picked up the warm oil and poured it all over his hands. Then he placed them on my wife’s feet and started to massage them, slowly moving to her ankles, then her calves to her thighs. He massaged both legs for about 10 minutes never going any higher than the towel. The moment his hands started on my wife’s legs she moaned approval.

“Oh honey,” she said. “That feels so good.”

Eli moved around the bed and stood by her head. He reached down and gently unsnapped her bra. He poured more oil onto his hands and placed them on her shoulders. Kneading them, working her neck, shoulders again and lower back. She gasped as he pressed down pushing his hands into her muscles.

He moved back around to her feet and as he prepped his hands with more oil I helped my wife roll over onto her back and placed the towel over her lower part. I then removed her bra and placed a towel over her chest as well. Eli stepped in as soon as I stepped away and started once again at her feet. Working her toes, soles, ankles to her calves to her thighs. Up to the towel and then slowly back down again for the next 10 minutes.

Eli moved around the bed to stand by her head and using more oil massaged her stomach, and then worked on her shoulders and neck. Her mouth parted as she cooed with the massage. Eli stepped away and I whispered for her to roll over onto her stomach as I took the towel off her chest and set it aside. I took the one covering her butt and set it aside as well.

Eli removed his shirt and then started once again on her legs. Working from her toes to her panty line he massaged her lower body for ten minutes. Running inside her thighs as she spread her legs slightly, brushing his hand gently against her panty covered pussy. He then climbed onto the bed and straddled her legs, resting on her thighs just below her butt. He leaned over and massaged from her panty line up giving her a ten minute back, neck and shoulder massage. Each time he leaned in to massage her neck, his crotch would grind against her buttocks. He climbed off the bed and I stepped in to ask her to roll over onto her back.

I could see at once the massage was getting to her. Her nipples, clearly seen in the dim light, were fully erect.

Eli stepped up to her legs and started again a ten minute massage of them from toes to panty line. She once again spread her legs slightly giving him access to her inner thighs, his fingers brushing against her swollen lips thru her panties. He then moved around to the other side of the bed and stood by her head. He started at her panty line and massaged her stomach, then her sides and neck. Finally he moved to her breasts and started tweaking her nipples with each pass over them. My wife arched her back as she moaned softly from his touch.

As Eli moved around to the other side I once again asked my lovely wife to roll over onto her stomach. “You are making me so wet,” she said as she rolled over.

Eli removed his shorts and thru his tight briefs I could see he had an impressive erection. He walked over to my wife and slowly removed her panties pulling them all the way off. As he reached up to pull them down pass her butt, he placed a soft kiss on her right cheek. He then set them aside. Moving back to her he spread her legs slightly and started another 10 minute massage. This time his hand brushed against her wet pussy as he massaged not only her legs but her buttocks too.

Closing her legs together he climbed onto the bed and straddled her resting on her thighs below her butt. He started to massage her upper back and neck making sure to grind against her. Even despite wearing shorts I knew my wife could feel his cock against her as she let out another moan. After a brief 10 minutes he climbed off the bed and I stepped up and asked my wife to roll over onto her back.

Eli stepped back in and started another 10 minute session on her lower body. This time he made sure to spend most of the time working on her now swollen and wet pussy as she spread her legs further apart giving him more access.

Eli walked slowly around the bed to the other side and placed his hands on her breasts. As he worked his way massaging down he reached for her wetness leaning over and taking one erect nipple in his mouth.

“Oh, god, honey”, my wife moaned. “I love when you suck on my nipples”.

Eli continued this for several minutes and then walked back to the other side, while he did so, I touched my wife’s legs and asked her to roll over onto her stomach again. Once there Eli stepped up to her legs. He removed his briefs and his huge erection sprung out. Slightly bigger than me, he was more than ready, precum glistening in the low light.

He stepped up and started to massage my wife’s lower body leaning all the way pass her buttocks, kissing each cheek. My wife’s foot was brushing slightly against his hard on as he massaged her. She spread her legs as his hand ran between her wet lips and up her golden ass.

He moved her legs together and climbed onto the bed straddling her resting on her thighs. His erection strategically placed right between her butt cheeks. As he massaged her upper body he grinded against her sliding his cock back and forth between her ass cheeks. My wife was soon arching her back trying to force him to adjust to entering her. His cock slid down between her legs and she gasped as the head of it rubbed against her clit and entrance.

Eli stepped off the bed and I asked her to roll over. He was soon back in place and massaging her lower body. He spread her legs wide and as he massaged up, reaching for her breasts, he would softly breather on her wet pussy giving it a slight kiss. This tease continued for 10 minutes. He then placed her legs together and straddled her resting on her thighs. His cock was sitting right on top of her wet pussy. He leaned over her massaging her upper body, playing with her breasts and rubbing his cock back and forth against her clit. My wife moaned out loud as she tried to arch her back to have him enter her.

“Please honey….stop teasing me,” she moaned. “I want you inside…”

Eli moved his body between her legs spreading them around him. The head of his cock was right at her entrance. He moved and started rubbing the head up and down her slit. She let out moans as his head hit her clit several times. Then he pushed her legs back to her chest and leaning over her grinded against her, rubbing his cock back and forth in her wetness.

He sat back on his haunches and his cock head once again at the entrance to her wet tunnel of love. He pussy lips were swollen and wide open, her legs wrapped spread wide. He moved forward slight, the head now touching her pussy. He eased forward more as it slid just between her lips. She moaned as she wrapped her legs behind hiss butt and with all her might pulled him to her.

The sudden change in momentum lunged him inside of her as he bent forward to catch his balance at the same time. My wife screamed out as he entered her completely, filling her up.

“Oh god, honey…..” she paused realizing for the first time that it was a strange mans cock inside of her. “Fuck me, hard…I’m cumming”.

My wife wrapped her legs around him as she pulled him down and he started to pump in and out of her. The juices from her pussy mixed with her cum, flowed out of her as he filled her with his thickness. Sweat poured off their bodies as for several minutes they went from slow fucking to mad, hungry hardcore fucking.

He pulled out of her and pulled her to the edge of the bed and rolled her over onto her hands and knees. He immediately entered her again and savagely fucked her pussy. I had never heard my wife moan and scream and cry like she did from his onslaught.

Soon I saw her whole body start to shake as she shouted out to everyone she was coming. At the same time, he pulled out of her and shot is thick load all over her back and butt. As she came down from her orgasm she collapsed forward onto the bed. He spread her legs, juices pouring out of her, and he slid his cum covered cock back inside her. She moaned as he slid it in and out several times kissing the back of her neck. He pulled out, gave her ass a warm kiss, and then left the room shutting the door.

I crawled onto the bed and laid down beside her exhausted body. She was sweat covered as were the sheets, had cum all over her back, butt and pussy but somehow she managed to sit up, take down my shorts and sit on my rock hard cock. She rode me for several minutes until I shot a load deep inside her at the same time she came yet again. This time she collapsed on top of me, my cock still inside her. Once it went flaccid it popped out and I let her slowly roll off me. It was not until the next morning she awoke.

She kissed me on the lips and told me thank you for such a wonderful surprise. We then made some of the best love we had made in a long time.

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2016-11-29 18:04:08
I did it with my wife in Goa.....initially she was shy...BT gradually become wet..
..then the massuer kissed her pussy juice.....ultimately she opened her leg and got fuked...the she thanked me for the fuk

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2015-04-09 16:39:18
My wife was married for 22 years and didn't know much about sex we'vedated for six years before marrying two years ago. Watching all my porn and reading my magazines she started asking a lot of questions why all my porn was black guys fucking white girl I told her it turned me on so and was a fantasy of mind .long true story short I'm proud to say my wife as opened up . And how when she brings me lunch at work in the warehouse Marlin my assistant gets his black cock sucked love it when my wife drinks all his fluids and yes it is true she is a BBC whore now. I'm so proud of her


2015-02-26 21:59:20
I loved your first paragraph as it could easily have been the start of my story. I will, however, go one up on you and tell you I have done that with two wives. Proper, educated, sexy women that I slowly turned into "hot wives" From just those two as examples, I contend that any woman can and will have extramarital sex without guilt IF she has a husband that has convinced her that he not only doesn't mind but encourages her to explore as much as she likes. As long as she is well provided for and truly loved, she can flirt, seduce, and fuck&suck anyone she wants. There does come a time, however, when she will have had her fill and she will slow way down with things especially, as with my first wife, she fears becoming addicted to BBC. My first wife's last lover was over 10" and very thick. He
brought out so much LUST in her in one afternoon that is scared the hell out of her. I have it on tape and still will occasionally pull it out and watch it.

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2014-08-01 16:20:56
I do not believe that this story is true.Well,...

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2013-01-21 21:44:24
It is a tightrope that a man walks with some types of women. It happened to me. Many, maybe most, have no sense of boundaries. They have little self control. It's fun for awhile, until it becomes your demise.

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