As soon as I got to my home, I knew I was
in trouble. The front door was open and
Jayne was standing outside, leaning
against the railing. She was griping the
door knob tightly. Her face was bubbling
with anger.

"Don't look at me like that Brad. I am
gonna kill you and feed your body to the
vultures." Jayne shouted.

"Hey, I had to deal with something
unexpected. There was a girl."

This caught her off-guard. She knew I had
never been with a girl before, and usually,
I never did talk to her about such things.
Jayne was my first cousin and the only
family that I had. In addition to that, we
were a team, and in business together. I
saw a teasing smile on her face.

"Finally the nerd gets a girl. Wow, who's
the unlucky bitch?"

Jayne had a fowl mouth from as long as I
remember and I didn't mind that because
I knew that she loved me as much as I
loved her and also because she couldn't
help it. It was in her nature to be
aggressive. She was twenty years old,
taller than me and had a very flexible

"I am not a nerd Jayne and first we have to
discuss about Volatiz."

I took a soda from the refrigerator and we
sat on our working table. The wall in front
of the table was covered by a board. I took
a picture of Volatiz from the documents
and pinned it to the board.

"So what have you got about him. He sure
looks hot." Jayne muttered.

"Jayne, this time, it's different. Robin
told me that Volatiz was to be kidnapped,
not to be killed because he is one of the
master minds behind the Abrost. And trust
me, it won't be easy."

We were working for a federal secret
society. Volatiz was one of the
commanders of an organization which was
known as Abrost. The organization used
blackmailing, murder and threatening as
tools to gain access to politically influencial
people. In short, they were running the
country the way they thought was better
for them. Our department was secretly
working against them.

"Volatiz has three weaknesses that we can
exploit and two strong points. First of all, I
have noticed that the tips of his front teeth
were roughened, which points to the fact
that he has a habit of gritting his teeth a
lot. This suggests that he has a very high
temper." I said.

"He is a vicious he-beast. He will sure love
struggling with a she-beast." Jayne said
pointing towards herself.

"Secondly, I noticed that his lips were
black. Black lips can indicate two things.
Either he has a habit of lip biting, or he is
an avid smoker. And as he didn't bite his
lips in front of me, it must be smoking.
And thirdly, the way he was sniffing again
and again, he definitely is an addict,
probably heroin."

"What about his strong points?" Jayne

"He is built strongly. He walked with long
strides. He had good balance and control
over his center of gravity. Jayne, he is well
trained, and we wouldn't be able to get to
him if he is himself. In addition, he has
two guards with him all the time, even
when he is in a bar."

"So what's the plan then genius?" Jayne

"Give me three days and then we will be
ready. In the meantime, you should buy
some makeup as you will be needing it." I
chuckled and left to sleep, while Jayne
watched me with a surprised look on her

I woke up early in the morning. After
getting dressed, I put my cap on and went
in the kitchen. Jayne was already up.
She was in her jeans and T shirt. I took a
sandwich and was about to leave when
Jayne asked.

"Why would I be needing makeup? Would
you care to explain that?"

Jayne had never used make up. She
didn't bother herself with the stuff,
although, she didn't need it either. She
does have a pretty face when she isn't
angry. I knew that she was curious to
know why, but I thought i should let her
worry about it for a while. So, I hurried
towards the door without replying. Jayne
was with me in a flash, blocking the door
in front of me.

"I want an answer and I want it now
worm." Her face was stern.

Punching her in her stomach, I ran past
her laughing. From the back of my eye, I
saw her running after me.

"I will get you for this jerk." She spat.
We were on the road now. She was about
ten feet behind me. Although she was a
better fighter than I am, but she couldn't
out run me. I was short and had strong
slender legs which carried me like a bullet.
It was early morning and there weren't
many people around. We ran through the
empty streets and into the market place.
Jayne was continuously muttering curses
behind me.

When we were little, this used to be her
game. She would hit me and run away and
then I would chase her around the house.
But this was much more fun now. Finally, I
turned into a blind alley and I had to stop
on the other end. Jayne was on my back.

For a moment, we just circled each other
like beasts and then Jayne pounced on
me. First she punched me on my cheek
and then kicked me on my thigh. I fell on
the ground. Jayne jumped on me,
straddling me on the ground. Picking her
from her waist, I rolled over and pulled
her hair. It was just like we used to play
when we were children. Suddenly, as if
those memories came into our minds, we
started giggling.

"Play time is over." I suggested.

Before long, we were back in the market,
walking like civilized citizens.

"Where are we going?" Jayne asked.

"We have to meet Robin now. I had asked
her to bring me some material." I said.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, we
met Robin. Robin was also working on our
side. She had a super natural mind and a
very wild imagination. She was short, had
red hair and she liked talking a lot.
Before we even had the chance to say hi,
Robin blurted.

"Hey, you would never believe what I saw
in my dream last night. I was a she-wolf,
who remained in her human form during
the day, while at night, I turned into a
ferocious wolf. One day I was out hunting
in the woods, when I came across this wild
vampire. He had long ivory incisors,
beautiful dark brown hair and and a
muscular body. In addition, he wasn't
wearing anything except his shorts. In
short, he was crazy, just the way I like. So,
while he was sitting besides the water, I
attacked him and tried to force him to
mate with me. We both fell into the water,
punching, biting each other. But finally, I
over powered him, and we had dominant,
sweaty sex."

"Good for you Robin." I muttered, hoping
that this would shut her up.

"I have what you asked me to bring, but
trust me, it wasn't easy to get." She
handed me two small packets and
continued, "The white packet has extra-
nicotine cigarettes, while the red one has a
makeup kit for Jayne." She said giving a
teasing smile to Jayne.

We left Robin and went to the hotel where
Volatiz was living. Besides the hotel, there
was a cigarette shop. We went to the
shop. The shop keeper was a fat, jolly
man. We talked for a while and then I

"Hey, I am a friend of Volatiz and want to
give him a surprise. He has this thing for
extra-nicotine cigarettes and I thought I
would give it to him for his birthday. So
when he comes to buy cigarettes from you,
can you give him these and not tell him
who gave it to you?" I said passing on the
white pack to him.

The shopkeeper looked at me with an air
of indifference, but when I put some
money on the table, he agreed. Then I
took Jayne to lunch. While we were
eating, I briefed her about the plan.

"I have told Robin to talk with the drugs
dealer and tell him not to sell heroin to
Volatiz for three days. Without the drugs,
he would be senseless, frustrated and
confused. But when he will use the high
nicotine cigarettes, although his muscles
would start working well, but his mind
would still not be able to think clearly. This
means that he would be able to visit other
places where it would be easier to get to
him. If he doesn't get the cigarettes, then
because of his addiction, he wouldn't be
able to move. And as his hotel room is
heavily guarded, we would never be able
to reach him."

"But what has all this to do with my
makeup dumbass?" She challenged.
"He has a habit of visiting bars every night.
There, you will have to seduce him and
some-how get him to the ladies toilet. I
will handle the guards, you will take him.
Robin will be waiting for us at the back
door." I said.

"Naughty plan wormin." She continued,
"but i won't deny that it would be fun."

The next two days, we just followed Volatiz
and made sure that our plan was working
well. Hannah was acting weird. I often
found her in front of the mirror trying to
put some makeup on her face. She was
really an amateur at that. This certainly
was a very hard mission for us. On the
second day, at night, I prayed for our
success and went to sleep thinking that
tomorrow would truly be a big day for us.

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