Kidnapping a little girl was the last thing on my mind when I decided to break into the house. I had driven slowly along several streets looking for a likely house and had picked this one. It was set back from the road and had a yard full of trees and shrubs to give cover during an approach. A window on the front was lit up and I could see the parents and two young kids sitting watching the T.V. They seemed to be enjoying what they were watching so I guessed they wouldn’t be likely to wander around the house for a while.

The house was ranch style, and quite spread out, so I could probably get in and out of the bedrooms without anyone noticing; especially with the sound of the movie they were watching. I drove further along the street and parked my pickup in front of another yard where there were already a couple of other cars. I reckoned any police drive by would be less likely to notice it there.

I made sure my cab light would be off before I opened the passenger side door and slid out. This was quite an old neighborhood and all the yards had a good amount of trees and big bushes. I stayed behind them as I crossed a couple of yards to get back to the house I’d chosen. . Even though I’d a job with the County Parks and Rec. I didn’t make enough money for a decent life so, for the past six months, I’d been doing some quiet thieving.

When I got back to the house I’d chosen, I circled carefully around to the rear and crept up close. I struck lucky with the second window. It was open; with only the fly-screen between me and getting in. I punched holes in it to reach the catches so I could push the screen up far enough to be able to climb into the room.

I got in without any trouble or noise and shone my flashlight around. All I saw was dolls and girl’s clothes. Obviously it wasn’t a room where I’d find cash or jewelry and I headed for the door. When I was nearly there the door suddenly opened and the light switched on. I found myself facing a young girl who was a startled as I was. Her mouth dropped open and her blue eyes were wide. Fortunately my adrenalin was running and I recovered before she did. As she was opening her mouth to scream I hit her hard on the side of her head with my flashlight. Stunned, she started to crumple and I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the room before she hit the floor. I dropped her limp body onto the bed.

I took my hands off her and stood up. This wasn’t something I’d counted on. I didn’t know how long it would be before she came round. I had to have some way to keep her from giving the alarm before I was able to get safely away. I looked round the bedroom. Her school clothes for the next day were already laid out on a chair. I grabbed a pair of tights and ripped them across the crotch. Rolling her face down, I pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrists tightly with one leg of the tights. I used the other one to tie her ankles. Then I rolled her back, face up, and stuffed her panties into her mouth. So that the gag wouldn’t slip, I used the belt from her bathrobe to tie it securely. She rolled limply back onto her stomach with her face cheek down, as I knotted the belt behind her head.

Now I was able to relax, even if she regained consciousness, she wouldn’t be able to do anything to alert her parents. For the first time I could take a moment to look at her as she lay there. The girl was, maybe, eight years old. She was barefoot and wearing a pair of faded jeans that hugged the lines of her legs and bottom. Otherwise she just had a tight, light pink, short-sleeved tee-shirt that outlined her from waist to shoulders, leaving her arms bare. She had long, honey-gold hair that was wound up in a coil at the back of her head. Even with the gag in her mouth I could see that she had beautiful, flawless skin and full, naturally red lips.

As I looked at her lying there I became aware of two things. The first was that she was totally at my mercy. The second was, that the longer I looked at her, the more my prick got excited. There was no arguing she was a beautiful little girl. Her tight little bottom seemed to beckon me. I know you’re not supposed to sexually appreciate young girls; but I’m not the only one who does. I’ve done enough surfing on the internet to know that. The two thoughts merged together. What was there stopping me from fucking the cute little bitch? Nothing that I could think of (apart from being caught and I thought I’m careful enough to avoid that.) I bent down and ran my hand along her thigh and over the mound of her ass. She felt firm and good. I touched the soft skin of her bare arm and ran my fingers across her hair. I pushed my fingers between her thighs to rub her groin. Yes, I wanted to fuck this little cunt. I’d looked with lust and longing at attractive young girls before but I’d never gone any further. Now was my chance; but it was too dangerous to do it here. I had to take her to some secure, and secluded, place where I wouldn’t be disturbed.

Having made the decision I turned off the light, grabbed the girl and leaned her body across the windowsill. I climbed out and lifted her out after me. She wasn’t heavy and I could easily carry her, still unconscious, in my arms. I threaded my way between the bushes across the yards, being sure to keep to the shadows. When I got to my truck I put her on the ground out of sight while I checked that no one was around.

I opened the passenger door and tipped the seat forward. Picking the girl up I slid her in the cab behind the seats, facing backwards, and put the seat back up. She was practically invisible to anyone outside the cab. I got in, switched the ignition on and drove a little way before I switched the headlights on. Reaching back between the seats, I could feel the jean clad mounds of her bottom.

Suddenly I realized that my problems had only started. What was I going to do with her now? My parents gave me plenty of liberty now I’d left school and had a job. However I had a suspicion that they wouldn’t appreciate me turning up with a kidnapped girl, however cute she was! They wouldn’t worry about me not being home as I often spent a night or two at friends – especially if we’d been drinking. Still, to make sure they didn’t start phoning around, I pulled out my phone and called home. They weren’t there so I just left a message that I was spending the night at a friend’s and not to worry.

Now I had to decide where I would spend the night. I turned various options over in my mind and then had a flash. A couple of years earlier I had worked, during the summer, for the Parks Department in a recreation area that was now closed due to budget problems. It was wooded and secluded. In addition there were huts on the property where I could enjoy this little cunt without worrying about people hearing or seeing anything.

I drove out there and found the turnoff without any difficulty. Half a mile up the track was a big wire gate, padlocked shut. I stopped the truck and looked at the chain and padlock. Grabbing some cutters that I had in my tool kit, I managed to break the chain and open the gate. I drove through, closed the gate, and arranged the chain so that only if someone got really close would they see that it was cut.

I drove on, my headlights showing the bushes that were already starting to invade the dirt track. As we hit the bumps in the road I heard muffled moans from behind the seat and knew that my unwilling passenger was awake. I found the sound of the girl’s moans arousing and my prick started to push against my jeans. My mouth went dry as I thought of what lay ahead; of all the things I could do to her.

Finally, around a bend in the track, I arrived at the beach by the lake. The hut was still there. The windows were boarded up but I knew I’d have no trouble with the padlock on the door. I could work the hasp free of the wood and it wouldn’t look as if anyone had gone inside.

I switched off the engine and killed the lights. The moon was almost full and it was bright enough for me to see the beach, the lake and the cabin clearly. In the sudden silence the girl began trying to yell. With the panties gagging her all she did was to excite me even further. I got out and went round to the passenger side. After opening the door I folded the seat forward, grabbed her by her feet and pulled her out.

She was quite a feisty little thing, struggling against me and trying to kick me with her feet. I dropped her on the ground and she kept twisting and turning in a useless attempt to get free.

I told her to stop struggling and I’d untie her. After a bit she lay still and I knelt down and untied her ankles. I loved the feel of her bare skin as I removed the cloth that tied her.
I couldn’t wait to fuck this bitch. I rolled her over onto her back, undid her jeans and began to pull them down. As she realized what I was doing the girl began to panic, twisting from side to side and kicking her legs.

Her resistance made me mad. I punched her hard in the stomach. Standing up I kicked her in the kidneys and again in the ribs. The gag muffled her scream of pain.

“Stop struggling you stupid little bitch.” I snarled. “I’m going to fuck you. If you fight I’ll hurt you more.” I don’t know if it was from being hit or what I said, but she stopped struggling and lay quietly as I pulled her jeans and her panties down her legs and threw them aside. I stripped off my boots and clothes and dragged the girl to her feet. I pulled her over to my truck; holding her upright with one hand, I opened the tailgate, lifted her into the back of the truck, and laid her on her back with her legs dangling over the end.

I took a moment or two to look at her lying there. Her skin shone white in the moonlight. Her belly button a dark hole in her flat stomach. The labia that covered her sex were pale mounds. I tugged her shirt up and over her head so I could see her two little dark titties against the skin of her chest. I loved it. I’d never felt like this before; so totally in control. The breeze against my naked body had blown any remaining inhibitions away. I ran my hands over her naked body enjoying the feel of her smooth skin and firm flesh. My desire was almost unbearable.

I grabbed her knees and pulled her legs apart. I bent over and licked her cunt slit. I tasted, and smelled, little girl for the first time. I could feel myself getting drunk on it. I pushed my tongue deeper and she began to squirm, rubbing the soft skin of her thighs against my cheeks.

It was too much. I stood up and pulled her forward a bit so I could grab both her butt cheeks and hold her steady while I lined my prick up with her tight little virgin hole. When I was ready I leaned against her, pushing the bulb of my long, stiff rod between her lips and into the mouth of her cunt.

God it was tight! She began to scream. I don’t know if it was pain or fear. I kept pushing and slowly worked my way inside. She started moving more violently, arching her back in a hopeless attempt to get away. All it did was excite me more. I leaned forward, pushing more violently, and I felt her hymen rip as I slid deeper into her. I began to move my hips, pulling back and then ramming deeper with each thrust.

As my rape of her progressed I could hear her muffled cries and screams becoming more desperate until a final thrust got me as far into her vagina as possible. I stayed there while she moved up and down and side to side, trying to make her violation less painful. All it did was to bring me to the most wonderful, complete climax that I’d ever had. I heard myself yell with pleasure as I unloaded into the bitch, my bitch, to do with as I wanted, as often as I wanted.

I collapsed on top of her, biting her nipples and the soft skin of her throat as I savored the aftermath of the penetration and enjoyed the feel of my prick slowly sliding back out of her, now well lubricated, hole.

I lay there feeling her little body shake as she sobbed in pain and fright. I pushed myself up on my elbows, my prick still cradled inside her love canal. I could feel her cunt lips against my pubic hair as my groin pressed against hers. Even in the moonlight I could see the tears trickling down her cheeks. “It’s not over yet” I said to her “you’d better get used to being my fuck toy.” I reached behind her head and untied the belt that held her gag in place. I pulled the gag out and she drew in loud gasps of air.

Finally she managed to speak. In a weak voice, quivering as she sobbed, she begged me to stop. She told me that I’d hurt her bad. I felt no remorse. All I felt was a fantastic sense of power, of freedom, of fulfillment. How the little bitch felt was only of interest to me in the way it increased my powerfulness.

“What’s your name, bitch?” I asked. She didn’t answer so I slapped her face and she gave a sharp cry of pain. “Tabby” she stuttered “My name’s Tabby…Tabitha.”

“Well Tabby you’re my pet pussy now. If you want to stay alive and not get punished for being a disobedient pet you need to learn to do what I want. Do you understand?”

Once again she said nothing but she saw me raise my hand to slap her and managed to stammer out a “yes” before the blow fell.

“Good. Now I’m going to fuck you again. You can fight as much as you want but you’re not going to stop me. You’re my fuck toy; get used to it.”

I turned her over so that she was face down on the bed of the truck. This time I wanted to do her from behind. Give her the feeling of what it was to get mounted like a bitch. There didn’t seem to be much fight in her. She rolled over limply and just lay there as I moved her into the most convenient position for me to screw her. As I felt my prick recharge I played with her cute ass cheeks stroking and slapping them. She yelped when I stuck my thumb into her asshole. I felt the sphincter muscles contract at my invasion.

I leaned over and murmured in her ear; “I could be shoving my prick up here instead of my thumb. That would really hurt. But I’m going to be nice to you I’m just going to fuck you in the hole I already used. Say “Thank You”’. She didn’t say anything so I slapped her hard on the butt. I asked her if she wanted me to do that again and she whispered that she didn’t. I told her again to say “thank you” and this time she managed to say it.

After that little bit of play I was ready to rape her again. Rather brutally I pulled apart the lips that protected her little hole and forced my rod hard penis into her. This time it wasn’t as difficult to push my way in. I’d already stretched her and she was well greased with her blood and my semen. I loved the feel as my prick re-entered that tight tube. I stroked her ass as I rocked my hips back and forwards building to a slow satisfying climax that had me moaning with pleasure. My little blonde was moaning too, but not with pleasure.

I felt so good and relaxed; at peace with the world. I hopped up onto the back of the truck and pulled Tabby upright. I turned her around so she was sitting beside me with her legs dangling. I had to put my arm around her, to stop her from falling, as she was swaying from side to side. I liked the feel of her naked skin against mine. I put my hand under her chin and tilted her face towards me. I bent and kissed her on the lips, she didn’t respond but she didn’t fight me either. I reached for her hair where it was tied up behind her head and undid it so that the soft, golden strands fell around her shoulders. I continued to kiss her, moving my mouth all over her face; tasting the salt tears on her cheeks and the fluttering touch of her eyelashes before moving back to nibble her lips.

“If you behave yourself. I won’t need to punish you.” I said. Then I asked, “Are you going to be a good girl and do as you’re told?” She nodded her head and murmured that she would. Then she murmured that she was tired.

I told her that if she was good, and did what I wanted, she’d soon be able to go to bed. Jumping off the truck I lifted her down. She was so light. She couldn’t stand and dropped to her knees. It was fine as that was where I wanted her. I loved the sight of her kneeling, naked; her hands tied behind her back and her blonde hair flowing around her shoulders.

I told her to bend down and kiss my feet. Without hesitation she did it. Following my orders she then kissed my knees and my penis. With a little difficulty, she took my penis in her mouth when I told her. She sucked and licked it until I was satisfied it was clean.

Leaving her kneeling there, shivering with cold, I got a large screwdriver out of my toolbox and quickly got the lock off the shed door and went inside. Using my flashlight I looked around. There were piles of stuff that had been used when the beach was open for swimming. There were lots of cords and ropes and plastic chairs stacked up. I saw a pile of chair covers that I could use as a mattress but there was nothing I could use as a blanket and the night was beginning to get chill for me as well as my pet. I remembered that I had one of those space blankets in my truck’s emergency kit. I went out to get it and found that Tammy had fallen over and was lying on her side. I looked at her, enjoying the sight of her naked body, especially the gentle swell of her hips and the shape of her legs. She still had her wrists tied behind her. I went over to her and found that she was fast asleep.

I left her there while I got the blanket and arranged our bed. Then I picked her up and carried her into the shed. She didn’t wake up even when I put her down on the bed and untied her wrists. I turned her face up and stretched out her arms and legs. At the sight of her defenseless body, spread-eagled, I found myself getting excited again. I knew I wouldn’t get to sleep until I’d fucked her one more time.

I left the door open and the moonlight was sufficient for me to see enough to guide my penis between her labia and into the tight opening to her vagina. This time I didn’t have the urgency that had driven me on my previous two rapes of her. This time I was relaxed and could feel more intensely every moment of my penetration of this helpless little blonde. I pulled her wrists together above her head and held them there with one hand. With my arms stiff, I pushed myself, resting on my hands, so I could look down at her as I drove my prick deeper and deeper. I could feel how the bulb of my penis pushed its way through the tight passage. I could feel how my foreskin stretched out each time I pushed further and bunched up when I drew back. I could feel the liquids, already in her, grease my skin as I worked my way deeper into her vagina.

After a few pushes Tabby woke up. I saw her eyes go wide with confusion, as she tried to remember where she was and what had happened to her. Then I heard a whimper that might be fear, or pain, or both. For a moment she stiffened, and then all the resistance drained out of her, and she lay there submissively as I continued with my deliciously low path to my third climax of the evening.

When, finally, I’d finished I didn’t think she’d try to escape but I still tied her hands behind her back again. I wanted her to know, even when she slept, that she was still my captive. After that I got up, closed the door, lay down beside her, and spread the blanket over the two of us. I put my arm over her and pulled her to me so I could feel her soft skin against me as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning it was the sounds of the birds that woke me. Tabby was still asleep and didn’t even wake up when I got up to look at my watch. As it was Friday I needed to get to work before too long. I opened the door and watched the sunlight reflecting on the lake. It was going to be a beautiful day and I had to decide what to do about Tabby before I left.

There was no way I was going to end my enjoyment of her. My experiences of the night before were too good not to repeat and, once I got off work this afternoon, I would be able to have a whole weekend with her. I decided what to do and shook her awake.

Once again her eyes were filled with confusion. Then, as she remembered what I’d done to her, they were filled with tears. To my surprise she didn’t beg to be let go but said that she needed to go to the bathroom. I untied her wrists and led her outside and told her to go over to the bushes. After she’d pissed and shat I showed her some big leaves to use to wipe her butt.

In the bright sunlight she looked grimy and I took her down to the lake and told her to wash herself. I dove in, too, and the water was chilly but refreshing. After a few minutes I took her back to the cabin and found an old towel that she could dry herself with. She obeyed me without any hesitation. When I told her to, she lay down on her back with her legs open while I used the towel to dry myself.

She knew what was coming next. I wasn’t going to leave without taking her another time. After I’d finished fucking her I rolled over onto my back and told her to suck me clean like before. Obediently she got up onto her knees and bent over to suck my prick. I smiled to myself as I saw she put her hands behind her back as if they were tied. Her mouth went over my half-erect penis and she ran her tongue around the bulb, licking under my foreskin as she cleaned me. Her blonde hair touched my body, tangling in my pubic hair and gently tickling my balls. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the incredible sensation.

When she was finished I, reluctantly, got up and dressed while she looked at me. I told her I was going to tie her up and leave her shut in the cabin until the evening. Looking down at the ground she said she was hungry and, hesitantly, asked if I had food. I’d been thinking of other things up to then and realized that I was hungry too. I went out to the truck and found a couple of fruit bars in the glove compartment and a bottle of water. I brought them back and gave them to Tabby. I would pick up something on the way to work. She thanked me and ate the bars quickly, before gulping down some of the water.

I tied her hands in front of her and gagged her with the panties and belt that I’d used before. Then I tied her feet and looked around for a place to stash her. I found an unlocked closet and shoved her in. At the panicked look in her eyes I told her I’d come back for her. I threw the blanket in, shut the closet, went out of the cabin, and refastened the door. Even if someone came, by they wouldn’t see any damage.

I drove out, fastened the gate behind me and got back to the paved road without seeing anyone.

That day, the time at work seemed to drag painfully slowly. Fortunately I was sent to check the playground equipment at all three of the city parks. It wouldn’t do for some child to be hurt accidentally. Being on my own, gave me a chance to think and plan. As I swung past our house I stopped and grabbed my sleeping bag and shoved some clothes and wash stuff in a backpack. I left a note for my parents, saying I was off camping with friends all weekend. Next I went to a supermarket and bought a lot of food, that didn’t need cooking, and a case of water. I wanted to have enough for the two of us over the weekend.

I worked quickly and got back to the depot early. My supervisor, Max, is a decent guy and told me I could finish for the day and he’d clock me out at five. I thanked him and nearly ran to my truck.

I was driving on my way back to Tabby, imagining what I’d do with her that evening, when I saw the little brunette. She was sitting all alone on the wall outside an elementary school. It was quite late and everyone else had left. Her backpack was on the ground at her feet. She looked up hopefully when she heard my car but turned away with a look of disappointment. Obviously I wasn’t the person who she was hoping to see.

She must have been nine or ten years old and was very pretty. Her light brown hair fell loose to her shoulders. Her loose pink summer dress left her slim arms and legs bare. The dress was short and, as she shifted how she sat, I got a wonderful glimpse of her smooth, rounded thigh. A wave of lust submerged me. She was even more desirable than Tabby. “Why not?” I thought to myself; “I’ve done it once, I can do it again.”

I drove past her, to check that there was no one else in sight, and then stopped the car. I got out and walked back towards her pretending to be talking on my cell phone. As I got close enough to the girl, for her to be able to hear, I said “Well o.k. Mom. I’ll pick him up from his tutor in about an hour. No, no it’s fine. I must have misunderstood.” I looked at my watch and continued “I’m finished for this afternoon so I’ll probably go have a coffee and read a book while I’m waiting. I’ll pick him up and we’ll come straight home.”

I closed my phone, looked at the little girl, and smiled. Rather timidly, she smiled back at me. She had a sweet smile and a beautiful heart-shaped face with big brown eyes. Her skin was flawless. “If I was to guess, I’d say that while I came for my brother, and didn’t need to, someone should have come for you and didn’t. Am I right?” I smiled, encouragingly, at her again.

She nodded and I could see tears well up in her eyes “My Daddy was supposed to have picked me up half an hour ago as I’m staying with him for the weekend. I think he’s forgotten me.”

I looked at her and hoped that the lust that was growing in me was masked by the look of friendly concern that I was trying to keep on my face. “Look”, I said, “I don’t have anything to do until my brother finishes his tutoring. Why don’t I call your Dad or your Mom to see what to do? Would you like me to do that?” She looked at me and nodded her head gratefully.

She told me her name was Abby and gave me her mother’s name and phone number. I dialed the number and pressed the cancel button; holding my phone so she couldn’t see. I pretended to get her mother on the phone and had a one-sided conversation introducing myself, saying why I was there and explaining Abby’s situation. I spent some time appearing to listen and nodding my head. It appeared that her Mom couldn’t come and she accepted my offer to drive her daughter home. As I spoke I was looking at Abby and could see that she believed it all.

I said goodbye and closed my phone. I asked Abby if she’d heard all that and that I was going to give her a ride home. She got up and climbed into the passenger seat of the truck. I slung her backpack behind the seat where little blonde Miss Tabitha had been, just the night before. Cute, I thought to myself, a Tabby and an Abby.

I tried not to appear to be in a hurry but managed to get away before anybody came out of the school. A few cars went by but didn’t seem to take particular notice of us. Abby fastened her seat belt as I drove away. I glanced across at her, enjoying the sight of her bare thighs, before she pulled her dress down and sat primly with her hands in her lap. But soon she wiggled in her seat and a tantalizing length of thigh was exposed again.

I tried to be friendly and get Abby talking about herself, anything to distract her from where we were going. But, after a few minutes, she started to look worried and said we weren’t going the right way to her house. I told her not to worry as I knew another way and we’d be there just as quickly.

It didn’t take long before she realized that I wasn’t going anywhere near her part of town. She tried to be brave and told me to turn around and take her home. She said that her mother would be very angry with me if I didn’t do it right away. I laughed and, reaching across, slid my hand up her thigh, under her skirt. She gave a shriek and told me to stop; that I wasn’t to touch her there.

There was a hard edge to my voice when I told her that I’d do what I wanted and, if she ever wanted to see her mom again, she’d better behave herself. She had to do exactly what I told her to do and must never tell me what I could or couldn’t do. Fear replaced anger and Abby began to cry. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the tears rolling down her smooth cheeks and dropping onto her dress to make dark, damp spots.

As we were getting out of the built up area I speeded up and, making sure no vehicles were around, turned onto the track that led to the park. When we got there I told the girl to sit still and jumped out to open the gate. I expected that she might try to escape and through the windscreen I saw her struggling to undo her seat belt. I walked to her side of the cab and opened the door. She looked at me, her eyes wide with fear. I grabbed her and pulled her out so roughly that she cried out in pain.

“You stupid little bitch,” I yelled, “I’d warned you not to do that. You fucking stupid little cunt, you’re never going to get away from me. Now I’m going to make you suffer.”

Holding her two wrists with one hand I slapped her viciously back and forth across both cheeks, leaving deep red marks. I spun her around and twisted one arm up behind her back, forcing her face down onto the passenger seat. Reaching behind the seat I found some cord that I’d stashed there, and tied her wrists behind her back. To increase the pain I took a second length of cord and tied her elbows together before shoving her back into the truck and slamming the door. She didn’t try anything else while I opened the gate, drove the truck through and shut it behind us.

A wave of pleasurable excitement swept over me. I’d done it! I’d gotten another beautiful little girl to use as I wanted, as much as I wanted. Filled with anticipation I drove to the beach and stopped the truck.

I turned to Abby, she was crying so hard her nose was running. I grabbed a Kleenex from the dashboard and wiped her clean. With one hand I held her chin, turning her face towards me. I slid my other hand between her thighs, forcing it up until it rubbed her pussy though the material of her panties. I could feel the ridge of her labia and the little knob of her clitoris. I kissed her on the lips as I held her face. She was trembling as my hands explored her.

Her dress bunched up, as I moved my hand, revealing the length of her thighs. I looked down at them, running my eyes along her legs. She was so good to look at. I took my hand away from her groin and ran it down her legs from thigh to ankle reveling in the touch of her soft skin. She trembled at my touch.

Finally I sat back up. “Listen bitch” I said, staring into her eyes “You belong to me. I am your entire world. Obey me and things will go easier. Fight me and I’ll enjoy hurting you. You are my fuck toy and things will be hard for you until you realize that.”

Abby’s tears redoubled and she sobbed that she wanted to go home. I opened her door and shoved her out of the cab so that she fell onto the dirt; where she lay sobbing.

I got out of the cab and stretched. I felt real good. I had two little girls to fuck, and the whole weekend ahead of me. I was going to enjoy myself. I pulled Abby up by her hair and dragged her across to the picnic table where I laid her face down. I pulled her dress up to her waist and admired her round, ripe rear end. She was three or four inches taller than Tabby and her body was more developed.

I caressed the mounds of her arse, running my hands back and forth; sliding them into the crack between the cheeks and rubbing down towards her cunt. Abby started gasping and saying “No” over and over again. My fingers went under the cloth of her panties and started to rub her hairless pussy. Now her protests were mixed with moans and I touched a spot of dampness below her clit. I felt my mouth go dry and my prick start to swell. It was time to move on.

I turned her over so she could watch me as I prepared her to be raped. My fingers found the crotch of her panties and tugged them down her legs. She started kicking out at me so I smacked her really hard, several times, and told her to hold still or I’d hurt her worse. She stopped, for the moment, and I pulled off her sneakers and panties. I thought she looked sexy with her white ankle socks so I left them on. Standing up, I waved her panties in front of her face and then sniffed them, filling my nose with her special smell. The innocent child blushed when she saw me do that.

I’d been kind to Tabby and not buggered her but this girl’s rear was too good to refuse. Now that I’d cleared the way I turned her back, face down on the picnic table. I cut two lengths of cord and used them to tie her ankles to the legs of the picnic table. This meant that her butt was projecting back and perfectly aligned for my assault. It looked so tempting. Abby gasped as I kissed her ass cheeks and then bit them, leaving the red marks of my teeth on her white flesh.

I suddenly remembered that Tabby was still in the cabin and I decided to get her out so she could see my new captive suffer. I found my little blonde sitting in the closet, exactly as I had left her. She looked at me with her frightened blue eyes when I opened the closet and pulled her out. She blinked in the sunlight when I dragged her outside.

I took her gag out she started crying and said she was sorry but she’d gone to the bathroom in the closet. I told her to kneel and kiss my feet, she dropped onto her knees right away, and kissed my work boots. I told her I wouldn’t punish her and she thanked me. I left her there, kneeling in submission, as I turned away.

It was time to get naked and down to business. I stripped off my clothes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my skin. I looked at my little brunette as she lay on the table, her arms tied behind her back, her dress up to her waist and her legs stretched and spread.

I wasn’t in a huge rush to bugger her. I could enjoy some time in foreplay. I went up to caress her butt and, as soon as I touched her, she started to twist and plead with me to stop. I kept going, getting harder and more intimate. I touched the puckered skin of her rectum and pushed my thumb between her sphincter muscles. She gave a little shriek and begged harder for me to stop, twisting her body more violently.

Maybe it wouldn’t be too easy to penetrate her when she could move like that. Even though her ankles were tied she could shift her hips and her torso. I decided to do something about it. Going back to the truck I found the roll of cord that I’d put in and cut two lengths. I untied Abby’s arms and then pulled her dress up over her head. Instinctively Abby raised her arms so I could free it without ripping the material. I dropped the dress and grabbed one of her wrists. I tied one end of a piece of cord around it and then, stretching her arm out above her head, tied the other end of the cord to the leg of the table at the opposite end to where her ankles were tied. I repeated this with her other wrist.

Stepping back I admired my handiwork. Now Abby was stretched naked on the table. She was tied so tightly she would be unable to struggle no matter how much she wanted to or how much pain she felt. Her bottom still stuck up in the air, adorable and inviting. Naked, apart from the white ankle socks, she was incredibly sexy.
But that little rectum would be hard to penetrate, especially when it was dry. It would hurt her and she’d be sure to scream. It wasn’t likely that she’d be heard but I decided not to take the risk. Crumpling up her panties I forced them into her mouth until I heard her gagging. Bending over her I told her exactly what I was going to do to her and how much it would hurt. She started to scream, the sounds muffled by her gag. She tried to twist in a futile effort to get free and I saw that I’d tied her well.

I decided to leave her for a moment; turning to Tabby I asked if she was hungry and she nodded. I hauled my backpack out of the truck and showed her the food that I’d brought. I could see that she looked at it eagerly.

“You do what I tell you too and you eat. You disobey and you starve.” I told her. She nodded again to show she understood. I untied her ankles and, stiffly, she stood up when I ordered her to walk over to the picnic table.

When she got there I had her kneel down between Abby’s legs facing that virgin anus. Next I told her to lick that hole and the skin around it. Without hesitation that little blonde head moved in and she began tonguing Tabby’s rectum. The brunette gave a gasp at the first touch of the tongue and then fell silent when she found it didn’t hurt.

After a while I told Tabby to turn around and to start sucking and licking my prick to get it ready. Although it hadn’t been long since she’d done it last I’d forgotten how good it felt. My prick swelled and stiffened and I told her to stop.

Eager now to ejaculate I pushed Tabby aside roughly so she fell onto the dirt and lay there without moving. I lined my prick up with Abby’s anus and, pulling the sphincter muscles a little apart with my thumbs, pressed the bulb of my penis against the tight little opening.

Abby stiffened as she felt me touch and then moaned as I began to force my way into her. I held her by the waist and pulled her towards me as I rammed my shaft into her. The moan became a scream as I breached her first defenses and moved into the dry passage. I could feel her tightening every muscle as she tried to force me out, but I was way too strong for her. Grunting, I pushed deeper and felt both pleasure and pain from the friction as my swelling penis penetrated further. Tabby felt only pain, I could tell as she screamed and screamed. Between the screams, I could hear muffled, desperate pleas for mercy behind the gag.

I kept at it for about five minutes, trying to delay my climax so that I could enjoy the girl’s pain and humiliation. Finally I came and, as my prick shrunk back in size and started to slip out, her screams and protests were replaced by moans and whimpers.

When my penis finally slipped out it was followed by a drip of semen and blood. I must have ripped her a bit inside as I buggered her. I pulled Tabby back onto her knees by her blonde hair and ordered her to clean my prick. Obediently she held my prick with her tied hands and licked and sucked until I was satisfied. Now I told her to sit at the table and eat. I got my pack of food and started to spread out some of the stuff on top of Abby’s quivering body. I gave Tammy a pack of cookies and some jerky. She found it difficult to tear the wrappers with her wrists still tied together so I opened them for her. She looked up at me with her innocent blue eyes and thanked me in a soft voice.

I sat down beside Tammy and opened a packet of chips and a bottle of water. Abby wasn’t screaming but was whimpering like a beaten dog. I turned to my little blonde and slipped my hand between her legs to rub her clit. “I could have done that to you my pet but I was kind to you wasn’t I?”

Her mouth full of cookies, she nodded and then, to my surprise leaned her head against me like a kitten wanting to be petted. I stroked her blonde hair from the top of her head down to her bare shoulders and then rubbed her back. She seemed to be happy with my touch. I got the feeling that she had accepted that she was now my pet and I would look after her.

I finished my chips and cleared the rest of the food off Abby’s back. I untied her arms and legs and dragged her off the table. She was unable to stand up so I held her under the arms and pulled her down onto the sand of the beach and laid her, face up, on the ground. I kicked her legs apart and she made no effort to close them. My brutal buggering seemed to have defeated her.

At my order, Tabby came over and licked Abby’s ten-year-old cunt, sliding her tongue between the labia. The brunette gave a low moan that showed her body was responding to the stimulation of that little tongue. After I’d watched long enough and felt myself ready I told my pussy pet to lie beside my new girl.

I got down and licked that new virgin hole sending my tongue further into her than Tabby’s tongue had gone. The moans got louder and Abby started moving her head from side to side as her body responded. I moved up and lay on top of her, rolling to the side while I guided my penis into her virgin cunt. She was easier to enter than Tabby had been. Maybe it was because she was older, maybe because I was getting used to raping a girl.

Once inside, I rolled on top of her and my hips began their rhythmic thrust that soon had the tip of my prick pressing against her hymen. My victim’s moans got louder as the pressure got stronger. She gave a sharp cry when her cherry popped and my shaft slid further into her. I heard her moans begin to get into the same pattern as my thrusts and thought that, although it was a rape, her body was responding sexually to my assault.

Without breaking my rhythm I reached over to my little blonde and slipped my fingers along her thigh until I reached her groin. Pushing aside her labia I sent my fingers into the cunt that I’d violated the night before. I felt Tabby push down on my fingers as her body responded. It was obvious I totally owned this child, body and soul; that she liked being finger fucked. Her climax came at the same time as I poured my semen into my new capture’s vagina.

The evening hardly seemed real. Before long I’d fucked Abby’s mouth as well and watched her choking as she tried to swallow my load. She wasn’t fighting me any more and I did everything I could think of to her. I tied her arms above her head to a branch and whipped her with my belt, just because I liked the sound of the leather on her butt. All she did was cry and beg me to stop, promising to be good and do whatever I wanted. Over and over again she repeated that she was my fuck toy.

It was long after dark that I got tired enough to want to go to bed. I’d put my sleeping bag on the floor of the shed and lay down with the two of them beside me. I fell asleep fondling their naked bodies.

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