Loss of innocence
> Where I saw him the first time, I don't remember, but I could never forget the way he looked at me. I felt fucked even though
> I had never been fucked I was only 13 . He doesn't remember where it was either, but he said he felt like that's all he wanted
> Was to fuck me, even though he to was a virgin.
> Sometime later I was going home to spend the night with my friend, Becky and there he was on her school bus. I was beside
> Myself, Becky why didn't you tell me he rode your bus? Who she asked I said the guy with the massive shoulders, oh that's
> Charlie. Do you mean that's the guy you fell for? I said how many other guys are 6' tall and have huge shoulders? Where does
> He live? Becky said she had no idea she got off before he did. I am going to stay on the bus until he gets off, Becky came to.
> It was just around the corner, so when he got off so did we. When he got to his house he turned around and walked up to me
> And asked if I wanted to come in with him? I told Becky I would walk to her house in a little while.
> We walked into the kitchen and he laid my books on the table with my jacket. He took me into the recreation room and before
> I could say a word or sit down he began kissing me. I had really never kissed a boy before, but, lover boy, as I began calling
> Him was in such control I was lost in his arms. He parted my lips with his tongue his suction drew my tongue to his and I
> Responded. My crotch went wet as we fucked each others mouths. Without missing a beat he had one hand going under
> My blouse and the other lifting my skirt. I would have objected had it been anyone else but I wanted this guy as much as he
> Wanted me. He managed to feel one breast while he pushed my wet panties to one side and rubbed my clit and my pussy
> Until he found what he wanted. He put a finger inside of my pussy and I moaned then another finger after he had made me
> So wet I was slightly embarrassed. He started finger fucking me he might have made me cum, if not for his fathers untimely
> Entrance. Charlie was ordered to his home office, while his father excused them both.
> Charlie walked me to Becky's house but along the way we managed a couple more kisses. He told me many years later that
> He came during those kisses just as I had. And probably would even today.
> Charlie was almost 16 his birthday was in two weeks. He already had his car a 52 ford coupe, it was green.
> He started driving it to school and I would ride home with him. The minute I slid into his car next to him, he would kiss me and
> Insert two fingers in my pussy. It was what he would do for the next year and a half. He drove around like that, making me come.
> It wasn't but a few days that he took me to his mothers bed. He undressed me with one hand while he had a finger in my pussy, he watched  me intently, if he was looking for my objection he only got what he called my fuck me now look. Then he undressed himself,
> when he dropped his shorts I gasped, I had never seen a cock before and his was huge and Fully erect. I
knew he wanted to put it in
> my pussy but I didn't know how it could possibly fit. He pulled the covers back On the bed and laid me down
he got over the top of me without putting his massive weight on me. He had parted my legs And was using those magic fingers In pussy. I now was so
> hot I couldn't think, he was telling me something about some Pain but that it would be worth it. He tried and tried to penetrate
> me finally I could feel him flex the muscles in his ass as he Gave one big push and he gained a few inches. I felt really wet
> now but it was more than wet I was bleeding. He kept pushing And when he thrust I thrust back. He moaned so loud I thought
> he had hurt his cock but then I felt his hot semen shooting Into me. Now he was embarrassed for coming so soon. I wanted more I
> didn't want it to stop but we had sheets to change And his Mom would be home soon. Charlie sent me to the bathroom to clean
> up and fix my hair as he began changing the Sheets.
> When I came out of the bathroom his Mom was there, she was so kind, she came to me and asked if I was okay. I assured her I was
> And she said Charlie would be taking me home, he was waiting outside. I told him how kind his mother had been and he was
> Visibly upset, saying she is less than happy with me. He cared a great deal about his Mom and that made me love him more.
> We had a date a few nights later and yes as I got into his car he kissed me and slid his fingers in my pussy. He said he had a
> Better place for us to fuck. I said aren't we going to the drive in, he said afterwards. So we went to a heavily treed area some
> Friend of his had said it was his families property. Lover boy wasted no time he put the passenger seat back pulled my panties down
> And dropped his own pants to his knees he put his hands under my but and lifted it to his cock. He penetrated pussy slowly until
> He wanted it all he thrust all 8" in to me hard. I squealed then begged him not to stop. He and I both thrust hard and he got
> Deeper. I had more orgasms than I could count, he kept telling me to come again then he would kiss me and come I would.
> We fucked for two hours he came at least three times and would stay inside of me until he was ready again. Kissing and fondling
> My breasts all the time. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear, how he loved me, how pretty I was, how he loved my long
> Thin legs how wanted me to wrap my legs around him. Omg when I did his cock got even deeper. It was wonderful, I was
> Learning to fuck and love it just as much as he did. To this day we both wonder why I didn't get pregnant. We often were in
> Such a hurry to bury his cock that he didnt use anything. We fucked hard and at every opportunity for the next year and a half.
> The most memorable time was the day we skipped school. He picked me up as soon as my bus let me out at school. He
> Drove to his house, once inside he picked me up and carried me to his room. I pulled my clothes off as he did, I said honey
> Not in bed please he picked me up and pushed my back to the wall I put my legs around him as he penetrated pussy.
> Once we had both come he had me turn around he bent me over and penetrated pussy from behind. Now this was heaven
> When he pushed the first thrust he went deep and I came so hard, he said you like yes. I said I love now don't stop ever.
> Once he had come again he went to clean up and he brought me back a wash cloth and towel. He also had a kitchen chair.
> I said what he said come sit on my lap and we can watch when my cock enters your pussy. I was excited and watch we did
> By now lover boy could last for over an hour and bounce right back. I could go forever. I remember looking at his cock make
> Pussy cave in and then pull out with him, it turns me hot to this day. I also remember the exact look on his face as we fucked
> His eyes were half open he looked so relaxedone minute and the next so intense, that's when he thrust hard and deep. Oh
> Is there any feeling like a really good fuck? NO
> So there are lots of times I could recall for you but what I wanted to tell you, is that I am now 66 years old, I have been married
> To another man all that time. I still yearn for my lover boy, I have never had better sex.
> So I began a search on the Internet, I was able to see that h e had been searching for me on the classmates site and several
> Others. I was able to locate his ex wife, and she let me leave my name and number. I was just an old classmate.
> He called at the best time possible, mid afternoon on the 12 th of November , 2012 i was so nervous, but the minute I heard his
> Voice I ran for my dildo, I knew I would come immediately, and I did. We didn't talk long but he had good sense enough to ask
> For my email and he gave me his. That night I typed a huge letter to him and some of the memories that I was flooded with.
> This call wasn't all about sex, I loved this man and didn't give myself to anyone else except my husband. I really wanted to
> Know that he was happy and what his life had been like. My husband knew he had called I told him. For weeks after that he
> Checked my phone. But he knows nothing about computers.
> I will tell you the story of our Internet affair in my next chapter.
>Chapter 2

The first email I sent to lover boy, Charlie, was long and full of our sexcapades, those that I remembered best. I soon got a
Return email with many of our adventures some I remembered most I remembered like it was yesterday. If there is
Such a thing as a perfect sexual partner lover boy was mine and I was his. I come as I write this remembering clearly
How he felt in my pussy how he made me feel like the only woman on earth, wrapped up in his big arms.

We didn't stay together because his parents took new jobs in a different area and after a few months I never heard from him
Again. He did show up the day before I was married but my father wouldn't let him see me and warned him not to cause any
Trouble. The man I married I actually had a huge crush on before Charlie. He is a beautiful man, kind, thoughtful and steady
He afforded me a career I would have never had otherwise and three beautiful boys. Having now been married fifty years
We did do something right.

So why am I engaging with an old flame? I have never understood how you can love someone and then just stop.
Especially when you have known them Intimately I can still see his huge cock sliding in and out of me, I feel it now.
It's something I cannot forget. I want it now and if given the opportunity I would go to him I want to fuck him again.
It doesnt make me love my husband less. I have in the last two months found the many down sides to lover boy.

Lover boy has a hot temper that he didn't have before. Lover boy wants his way always. He has been married two times
But it is hard to tell how many marriages he wrecked havoc with. He brags about sleeping with over 300 women.
Alot of them while he was married. And not that there is anything wrong with this but for me it isn't what I would do,
Lover boy enjoys group sex switching men with men and women and so on. Lover boy enjoys degrading women
And that I cannot abide by.

So now you know why the Internet stopped actually he called me a bitch and not to write to him again. I did of
Course and he never answered. So it ended as it ended before.

Be greatful for what you have and no I would no longer meet with him. I still love to fuck but respect is at the
Top of my list for a partner.

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