My doctor was a very nice man, he had a highly trained office staff several of which I had seen in his place. Today's visit was
My first this month I tried to get in every week but with the holidays I couldn't make it for the last three weeks. I arrived a few
Minutes early and was pleased to be able to see him but one of the associates took me to the examining room, his name
Was Tim. He gave me the usual gown and when he went to leave I told him I would be quick there was no need to leave.
Tim watched as I pulled my dress over my head, I had no under garments on, Tim helped me up to the table with two
Fingers in my pussy. He then pulled his cock out and pulled me by my hips to the edge of the table. His cock was no less
Than twelve inches and so big around I can only guess five inches his head was prominent and now very large. He move
Slowly and rubbed and pushed he was getting me ready for the doc who liked me wet an open wide. It took a few minutes
For him to get fully in to my pussy, when he did he moaned and asked what I needed that day? I said he was doing it but
That I wanted more of him, could the doctor wait, so he reached behind him and turned off the green light and turned on the
Red one. Now I told him to turn me over and fuck me from behind, he did of course and I said now please slam your cock
Into me hard and deep, of course he did. I asked him how it felt he said he couldn't tell yet, it would take several more
Minutes of his time. As he fucked my pussy I came several times but not as good as I would have liked. Tim if you can't
Hit my g spot will you have Bill do it, Tim was not happy with this request but allowed that I am the patient after all. Bill
Was a small man but his cock was again twelve inches, the minimum they allowed in the office, and about five inches around.
As Bill entered my pussy he began rubbing my clit as well, he loved his job so he gave 100 percent. He gained full depth
Right away and found my g spot he stayed right on top of it for a whil then asked if I was ready to come hard, yes oh yes
Oh yes Bill now now Bill he made me beg please Bill now and he quickly pushed to maximum depth with a muscular
Thrust and held it there I came immediately so hard my body shook. I asked Bill please one more time and please Bill
I need you to come, he said sure but that would be under a full physical and I had just had one last month. I said it was
No problem I would pay the extra charge, as he knew I would. I knew I had at least fifteen minutes more with Bill and I
Asked for some lube, certainly, please use your fingers instead of the applicator. This request wouldn't take long since Bill
Knew exactly where my g spot was and with his middle finger he lubed and finger fucked me until my g spot exploded
Once again. I thanked Bill as he cleaned me up, but as he used the douche bag I asked him to push it deeper oh he did
And I did again. The doctor was then given the green light. As he entered the exam room he didn't look to happy and gave
Me a lecture on keeping him waiting. I told him I had needed Bill that Tim was unable to satisfy the first part of my exam.k
He apologized and would speak to Tim, I thanked him and he got ready for further examination. The doc was only nine inches
But he was clearly six or eight inches around and his head was huge and well ringed. He wanted me on my back today
Feet in the stirrups that he had as wide as possible then he tied my feet in. He came up to examine my breasts and kissed
Me his tongue fucking my mouth I gave as good as I got. He loved this part and took a full ten minutes just to kiss me
And finger fuck me. He moved to the end of the table then and inserted a cold metal probe, it looked like a shoe horn
Only larger of course he moved it to the right position then placed his cock on it. He was fully erect now and bigger than
Imaginable. As he moved the probe he put lube on his cock and in he went, I. Squealed with delight there was some
Pain but it was quickly replaced with a g spot orgasm that wouldn't end the entire exam. He thrust in my pussy for
A full thirty minutes and all the while i came and I moaned and I thrashed around pushing my lower half into him tI had given two of my friends his name and number, I told them what to expect but only one had gone, her name is Pat
And she loved to fuck as much as I did. She had good insurance, like mine, and she had just had her first visit. We were
Going out to lunch to discuss what she thought. We chose a Japanese restaurant with a private booth and men waiters,
We asked for American men with large cocks who were willing to do extra for a tip. When we arrived we were taken to our
Booth we were seated in the typical floor table and were given our bill, we paid in cash and were told our time began then
And that if we went over the I hour it would double the price, we had to show we had that much more to pay. I had been
Here one other time, it was Pats first, but she loved the doctor recommendation so figured this would be worth every penny.
I told her to look at it like a mini vacation where you get every thing you want.

The two men came in and got naked I chose my man and pat agreed to hers, the first course was soup, that was given
To the men through a slit in the wall. They served it and laid our napkins across our laps, will there be anything else he
Asked me, I said yes I want to be finger fucked from under the table, with that he opened a door in the floor that revealed
Steps under the table. Pat told her man she would have the same but she said as soon as I come I want you to suck
My clit and put your thumb in pussy and rub baby. I agreed and instructed my man to do the same. The soup was cold
But we did manage about half of it. The bell rang which meant fifteen minutes were gone and our next course was ready.
The main course was served but this time I asked for his cock in my pussy and I instructed him to ignore the bell, I knew
I wouldn't finish what was in front of me. Pat went along with this and merely nodded to her man. They started down the
Stairs but I asked that they wait I wanted my man to mount me from behind and told him to stay, pat did not, she let her man
Go down the stairs and as soon as he did the table moved to her right side. He wasted no time in penetrating Pats
Pussy to which she gasped, and held her breath as she came the first of many times. My man had mounted me and
Was pumping me hard and fast, I kept telling him deeper boy deeper harder honey harder. I came with a huge explosion.
I instructed him to use his tongue and clean me up. It felt like heaven all I  could do was hmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm
Then he mounted me again and I told him I wanted him to come inside of me. He said not without extra tip he wanted another
Fifty bucks, I told him no that if he could hold it back so be it. So with each thrust of his cock I thrust right back at him
He was the one moaning first, I told him it wasn't hard enough to grab my hips and pull me into him. He couldn't hold back
Much longer and when I reached around and pulled his balls he unloaded. It was paradise like bullets being shot from
A canon, hitting my g spot and every inch of my vagina. I came along with him and he knew to clean me up with his tongue.
Pat was doing a good amount of moaning but I had lost all thoughts of what she was doing, hell I didn't even know
She was in the same room. I asked for his name which he gave me, telling me it wa secret I said for an extra fifty I
Wanted his phone number as well. He gave that to me as he entered me again, I stopped him and asked him to lift
Me onto his cock, I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me until the last bell. I was wasted, Pat began to talk
But we were quickly asked to exit in the opposite direction we had come in.

On the way home Pat wanted to know how I found these places? I told her the doctor was an accident, the first few times
I went I just liked his thoroughness. Then my third visit he had my questionnaire with him and he asked how long I had
Been divorced, and had I been having regular sex? I told him the ex stopped by once in awhile but it wasn't steady. He
Then asked if my ex wa satisfactory? I told him we had always enjoyed fucking each other and that he had a huge cock
That I also enjoyed. With that he turned and pulled his cock out and said anything like this? I gasped at the size and
At him. He said have I made a mistake or would you like a piece of this on a regular basis? I said no mistake but I
Would like a full sample now, before I make a weekly appointment. He fucked me for a solid hour, hit my g spot the whole
Hour, I was a weekly patient. He wrote up a problem with meds and to check me weekly for three months. My ex told
Me about the Japanese restaurant, he had been there with a group of men from work, they called it a seminar. You
Can go there as a group or a man and woman, whatever combination you want.

Pat had been divorced for more than a year and her ex had already re married. He married a woman who had a teenage
Son, now 16 and driving. He and Pat got along really well, I asked her how well, she said what do you mean, he's a good
Kid. Well I said maybe you should find out how good he is. Pat have you never questioned why he likes staying with you
So often? Well no she said, I think you should find out. How will I do that? The next time he comes over, pat said oh he is at my home now. I said great because you look really good in that dress just one or two things. First go take off your under garments
Here is a bag for them and then I wil, fix your hair and paint your toe nails. Pat looked even better without her bra, she had
Large breasts but not too large and her nipples were perky little light skinned buds. I messed her hair up and sprayed it
Into place again, it took ten years off her age.  Then I painted her toe nails red and gave her a pair of long nylons that
Stopped at the thigh. She said how do these stay up, I showed her the elastic inside and she loved them. Now when
You get home I want you to bend down to pick something up off the floor within say ten feet of Don just long enough for him
To see that you don't have any panties on, then go over to him and bend in front of him so he can see your tits. Next I
Want you to sit down to talk to him, about any thing and lean forward and say hey I forgot to kiss you hello sorry I was late.
If he doesn't take the bait then, you will have to improvise the rest of the afternoon. But tonight I want you to leave your
Bedroom door open as you change into your nightie, a back nightiebthat you can see thru, oh my god I don't, stop I will
Get you one, now put that in your bag. As soon as you have redone your perfume, go to the kitchen, no under garments,
And say oh I thought you had gone to bed already I'm sorry and act really embarrassed, lower your head even give a sob.
He will come right to you. And don't hold back if he hugs you hug him back if he kisses you give him tongue and you will
Have a young stud that never gets tired like your ex did. Pat was already wet anticipating the evening, but she wouldn't have
To wait that long.

All she did was walk into the house, he met her at the door, and asked where have you been I was worried, you didn't
Answer your phone. And he kissed her on the lips and Pat did as she was instructed and slipped her tongue in his mouth.
He took that cue to a whole different level. He not only returned her kiss with purpose but he also grabbed her ass.
When they parted he said god you feel for me I mean really feel for me. Pat said well I'm not in love or anything but you
Do appeal to me in a way you probably shouldn't. with that he kissed her again and pulled up her skirt, when he found
That she was naked he walked her into the living room and laid her on the chaise, it took him a split second to get his
Cock out ad he mounted her. Honey slow down Pat told him this can be really good let's take it slow. Mike said let me get
This first one out of the way I can do it easily for hours after this.  Pat was pumped a few minutes, after he exploded he cleaned
Up and laid beside me and finger fucked me into heaven.  He rubbed with his thumb sometimes in my opening and sometimes my clit
But his thumb was always in motion as were his fingers. He was clearly ready now, his cock was standing straight up, for
16 you are certainly larger than most, he said well thank you. Let me give it to you and see how it feels, ohhhh ohhh omg
Omg please go slower I really want this to last awhile. he fucked me in every position I wanted and a few he wanted. We
Fucked in the kitchen, the living room and ended it outside on the chaise. I thoroughly enjoyed it as he did he wanted to
Sleep the night with me I told him that would be great and asked him if he minded being woken to fuck in the middle of the
Night? He said he would love it.  At about 3 am I awoke went to the bathroom and got back in bed, but I began by slowly and
Lightly stroking Mikes cock in a few short minutes he was hard but not yet awake. He was sleeping on his side so I
Cuddled up next to him and lowered myself onto his cock. He woke up then, and said oh hey Pat, why am omg what
Are you doing. Pat said don't you remember yesterday? He said it was all a dream wasn't it, no I said you fucked me
All afternoon and evening, I loved it so fuck me now Mike you have already started moving inside of me. Don't hold back
Baby give me every last inch of it.

Pat could hardly wait to tell her friend what had happened, and wanted to know how she knew, he wanted to fuck her. Pretty
Simple Pat how many 16 year olds hang with us? None so there had to be a reason why. Did you make any plans, no. Good
No plans with him and keep him only for emergencies. So what's next Pat asked? Listen I don't want to become responsible
For your sex life, understood? Yes, I get it I will make my own decisions from now on, I just need to meet some people. Well
Pat here's the deal you have to decide if you want to fuck or find some one person you will make love with. I decided three
Years ago I just want to fuck. .to that end I joined a group of singles all different ages to have group sex. They are very selective
Who they let in and the number of people is important to them. So I will if you want nominate you, maybe I should ask you
Have you ever been in a multiple partner situation? No, and I don't know if I could. Pat you were at a Japanese restaurant
With me and two men. Oh yes but we didn't trade partners, but the club does,'s totally up to you, fine can you
Tell me where you meet, how many, and soon? We meet at different private clubs, they are like rec rooms. There are
Usually twelve of us six men six women seldom more than that. But there are a lot more members I have belonged for
Three years and I seldom see the same people. They meet somewhere every night, I go two times a month. Each time you go
You have to give them a copy of your blood work that you had done the day before.  The men are great at fucking
And give you a ton of respect. You can choose or a man may come to you.

It's three months later and Pat and I are going to her first multi partner function together, she had gone one time before.
I am wearing a skin tight black dress, with no back and a deep v in front I don't wear any underwear to these and I had
Suggested to pat not to either it's just one more thing to keep track of. And the guys really like either nothing or some
Thing kinky, that I don't like. A limo picks us up and there are four others inside already. It starts at 9pm and we will be
Picked back up at one am.

So Pat and I are at the bar ordering drinks and a man approaches Pat and asks her if she would like to fuck? Pat says
Do you have a card? He says I don't know what you mean. She points out a table and tells him to go over and fill out
A couple of them and bring it back and she will decide. I asked what's the card? She said well when I went to one
Before I was really disappointed in several men, so the next day I called the office and talked to the owner. I suggested
A card that would descrIbe his attributes especially penis size? There's one there for the ladies to let's fill them out.

As soon as they were done the very handsome man that had asked Pat to fuck came back, handed her his card and
Asked to see hers. He then said after reading my card, shall we fuck. Pat said omg let's get started. He was no less than
11" and said he was good for at least an hour of fucking and could come back for more in about an hour.

His name is Brian, tall dark and handsome, but shy. As he undressed he talked about his career a CEO for Chevrolet .
When he was naked and his hard on was amazing, I said that's amazing. He asked if I was going to fuck in my
Clothes, I said I want you to take my dress off, please? He said I really wouldn't know what I was doing. Pat said
All you have to do is lift the skirt and pull it over my head. Just one thing I would like to have your cock in my pussy
As soon as my dress comes off, I don't think I can wait another second. He pulled it up slowly watching her face
Omg will you will you slip it to me now? Brian said don't you want your panties off, Pat said what panties so Brian
Looked  down  and moaned, he was dripping now and said give a hop Pat and put your beautiful legs around my waist.
He finished her dress then and started sucking her breasts as he struggled to get his cock in her pussy. Hold on I have
To help  Joey he's having some trouble you are so wonderfully tight. Have you never had kids, no I never wanted
Them. Omg he moaned you are amazing yourself. He said am I hurting you and Pat said oh yes in the best way
Possible, I've only gotten half way but your orgasm is helping. Pat had multiple orgasms as he entered, she told him
I want you to push him hard Brian give it to me every fucking inch now all at once. That's all the encouragement he
Needed. He slammed his cock into her pussy and much to his surprise sh took it all in but about two inches. And he
Told her that's enough I don't want to hurt you, Pat said put me down and fuck me like a bitch in heat and you willJjjkkkk
Get all of you in my pussy. So he put her down and she got on all fours but before he could get behind her she
Grabbed his shaft and sucked it clean. Now Brian now fuck me I want it hard honey hard and deep. Are you sure Pat
Omg am I sure yes. He entered with a built up wanting that he had since first seeing her. Pat let out a squeal and
Asked him now is your cock completely buried, omg he is he is and he is omg haaaaapppppyyyyy. Pat you are so
Fucking tight I think my cock will stay forever. Brian you are so fucking big you fill me up like you were built for my
Pussy. Brian pulled back almost out and slammed into her again and again, pat was begging him now to come
Oh please Brian come inside of me I need to feel your hot sperm hit the walls of my pussy, now Brian now. He said
Oh we have plenty of time for thatblet me slam you against the wall, oh yes yes Brian. Pat had never been so satisfied.m
She had never had anything that big in her pussy let alone such a nice man.  They fucked for two hours pat was a,
Happy lady and Brian well he new it was against the rules but he whispered in her ear and said, I am going to let
My car keys drop on the floor when I do, if you want to come home with me pick them up, don't let anyone see them
Just act like you are handing them back. She nodded, I have to go tell my friend I am going home, Brian said I will
Be outside waiting for you pretty lady. So Brian left and pat went over to gayle and said I called a cab, with a wink,
And I'll talk to you tomorrow, the man that was fucking gayle said come here honey can I have a feel, pat said sure
And he stuffed three fingers in her pussy, but he continued fucking gayle, omg pat said can I feel your balls while
You do that? He said sure why don't you stick around and I will do you both. Pat said I have to be home for my
Kids sorry, nice balls though. He was finger fucking her hard and fast the faster he moved his ass plunging into
Gayle the faster his fingers went. Pat came hard and moaned like it was really good she stayed maybe twenty
Minutes so no one made the connection with her and Brian.

At home with Brian was nothing short of a miracle. His home was beautiful, the view of the city awesome and I could see
All of it while we fucked each other in his hot tub. Pat knew Brian was older, but before she could ask he thrust his
Cock in her so hard over and over again until she actually screamed, this time he didn't ask if she was okay. He
Just kept at it, he was sucking her tits with so much moaning and slurping you would have thought he was getting milk.
Brian finally said I'm going to come pat are you ready omg yes omg yes yes now now please. When he blew his
Cum inside of her she hummmmmmm hummmmmmmed as for Brian he buried his face in her breasts and moaned
And moaned. They stayed that way for ten minutes or more. It was fucking wonderful Brian told pat and she said
Maybe you can stay with me when you take me home, at least come and see my house, every room if you are up
To it? Omg yes but first I want to see how you feel in my shower. Oh my Pat said let's not waste another minute.

At the function Gayle had 3 men that night, she was beginning to think they had to go in to be measured as part of the
Application. There wasn't a man there under 8" Gayle knew she was spoiled sexually, being able to afford the club, the
Dr. And the restaurant allowed hereto have great sex and be safe. She was wondering how Pat was doing, but knew
She would be bursting to tell her when she could. As for gayle she sat pondering last nights men and there abilities.
The first one was 10 " and not bad looking, just to short for her. But when she told him to take her from behind he
Mounted her with such a force she came instantly in a very big way no small g spot cum from him. One huge push and
Then he stayed real close giving her short hard strokes that set her off on another g spot burst. In five minutes she
Came more than she had in 2 hours at any other time. When she thanked him, he said no my dear the pleasure was
All mine, with a grin. The next guy wouldn't give her a minute but she took it anyway, staying in the ladies lounge.
When she came out he was waiting and a little pissed so gayletold him to find someone else, I don't need the hassle.
As soon as she returned to the bar another gentleman asked to pay fir her drink and would she join him, gayle asked
For his card then gladly accepted his 10" offering. They fucked the old fashion way, with the exception that she was on
Top of a table and he stood fucking her. Pretty uneventful but good, maybe better than good, he did fill her up. Man
Number three was a giant among men not just in stature but his cock was a full 12" and so dam big around nt her.
If she preferred he would have done it all by hand but gayle wanted to feel such huge manhood inside of her. He was slow
And thoughtful, true to his word. He told gayle that his wife couldn't handle his size any longer and had left him. She
Felt bad for him he was so kind and fuck like gayle had never had a more gentle but solid fuck in her life. She was sure
He didn't get it all the way in, but to be able to handle his girth was astounding. When he came his cum didn't stop and he
Yelled Geronimo at the top of his lungs, there was no way gayle could have held back her own orgasm this mans cock
Filled her completely. Every inch of her vagina was touched by his cock his head so large she felt it as if it was a
Unit in and of itself. I didn't want it to end, so I asked if he wanted to go another round, he was astounded and asked.
Now? Gayle said why yes if you are up for it. With that he dropped his pants and once again I gasped, and once again
He started to yell but I told him oh please don't I don't want the other women to know about you, you are the best here.
I told him we should try the doggie position that he could probably get the other two inches in. I got down on the rug
And once again the gentle giant penetrated my pussy one inch at a time. He slid much easier since I was lubed from
Our last fuck. He was in all 12" of the enormous cock he barely moved and I would climax over and over again. He
Said he wanted to try just missionary style I agreed but he couldn't get all the way in so I suggested he pick me up
And I'd put my legs around him omg. Omg it was more than I bargained for I came and didn't stop coming he said
Let's try the table againand I said well first just let me bend over in front of you and you pull my hips into your cock. Oh
Sure he said I never had it before. And can we try a few more. We fucked for two hours, I was satiated and he looked
Happy as I have ever seen a man.

I would like to ask you, do you go anywhere else besides the club, I would like you to come to my home and fuck. I would
Like to fix you dinner. So we could fuck before dinner and then half the night? What do you think, he asked when and she
Said how about next weekend, he said oh that long from now. And I said how about tomorrow and you could come for
Lunch and dinner and we can fuck all day and half the night? Oh he said noon sharp ill be there for sure, I gave him the
Address and phone number and he was like a little kid.

The next morning by the time I woke up I just had enough time to get a few groceries, prepare a couple things. And then
I went upstairs and put on the white robe that went with a nightie. The robe was completely see through but had a wide satin
Ribbon around the waist. I pit on a little perfume and heard the bell ring. It was John he was dressed so nice, he had a beautiful
Bouquet of white roses and a bottle of very expensive wine. I thanked him but told him there was no need. I said come to the
Kitchen with me while I put these flowers in a vase. Are you hungry? Not for food,  but if you don't mind I would like to have that
Same kiss we had last night. I turned to say just one minute but he had me in his arm his lips on mine and his finger feeling
My clit and then into my pussy. I said oh John you take my breath away I feel like a school girl again. Do you want to fuck me
Right now here in the kitchen. With that John had his pants off, and the rest of his clothes followed. He walked up to me
And asked if he could pick me up and put me on his cock. I said yes John yes right away please, then it was oh John oh John
Fuck me fuck me and John fucked me. It took a good half hour to get his entire cock inside of me, but we didn't have to
Worry about lubrication I came almost constantly. With a cock that big he really hit every bell and whistle I had. It was the
Most wonderful fucking I have ever had. After John had deposited his load twice in me, we took a break. He mentioned to me
That we shouldn't leave original art around like I had it. Okay John let's try the living room and he carried me there. I want
You to choose which way do you want me to ram it in. Well John let's try that doggie again you wer able to get it all the way
In, how does that sound. Great let me put you down, as he put me on the rug he began to rub inside my pussy lips form one
End to the honey hole once there he would insert his thumb and rub clitty with his. Fingers. It was so fucking good I was
Moaning already then John always asked are you ready? And as soonas yes slipped past my lips in he would begin and
Follow one inch at a time.

John seemed to be a new chapter in my life in a way I already had a background record thru the club. He was a lot more than he
Appeared to be, quite wealthy, self made man. He asked me to dinner and we went to very nice restaurants, where the people
Seemed to know him. We were seated at the best tables, we were just finishing our dinner and john asked if I liked going out
To eat. I told him it was fun maybe once a month possibly twice, but that I really preferred home food or take out. Oh he said I
Like you more each day, I am tired of going out for awhile. John why don't you move in with me? Oh my dear lady,i should be
So lucky. Gayle why do you ask? John I have fallen in love with you, you are ao kind, so gentle I suppose I would like to see
How we get along if we were together all the time? Have I asked and put you on the spot? Gayle I am so flattered if anyone
Does the moving in I would want you to move in with me. For now let's give it another month and in the mean time how
About you lay your head on the chaise and I'll ram you. How about after that we go to my bedroom, sure John said we have
Got lots of time.

It had been a long month, I hadn't seen his house yet, but if the kind of car he drove was any indication of what his house
Was like,  it would be a mansion. And truly it was just that, I said oh John how many bedrooms, ten omg omg it will take
Us years to fuck thru this house, isn't that awful? We both laughed and were still laughing until we went inside. John of
Course had servants, I said oh John do they live here to?  They have a modest home you can't see from here, so I can ask
That they not come to the house. I have a married couple that have been with me for twenty plus years, thet are like family.
John yes gayle can you send them home right now, I need to fuck you so bad. Of course honey and by the way I need
To fuck you to.

Johns cock was huge but when he hadn't had sex for more than 24 hours it seemed massive. I was so ready for him I couldn't
Wait any longer. He went down to have his servants go home and by the time he returned I was naked and laying in the
Chaise in his bedroom. John walked over to me and said gayle my little sex slave, I love you. I began to cry, John I love
You now hurry. You can't believe the speed he took those clothes off, and he was rock hard, he asked if I needed anything
I'm looking at what I need and as I turned on my stomach he began his gentle penetration one inch at a time. When he took
His first stroke I had already come, he said gayle, yes John will you move in with me? Why do you ask John? Because I
Love you and I want to fuck you every day for the rest of my life. Well honey, let's get started, I want to try something, yes
Dear, John will you sit at your desk but leave room for me to sit on your lap backwards. I want to be able to kiss you while
Your big cock is so deep inside my pussy that I come forever.

The beginning......

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