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Billy’s College Bitch Boy
By Jimmy Seay
Text Copyright © 2012 Jimmy Seay
All rights reserved
Billy needed a new bitch boy. He didn’t just want a new bitch boy, in his mind he absolutely needed one. The 18 year old was away at college now, his dick crazy step brother wasn’t around to service his needs. He was used to climaxing two or three times a day at the least. College wasn’t going to interfere with that important fact.
He was a handsome dark haired young man. He had an almost smoldering sex appeal. Most girls found him extremely attractive, however, the feeling wasn’t mutual for Billy. Since the age of 13, he had realized that it was other boys that made his meat bone up.
Billy wasn’t attracted to just any boy, just certain ones. He liked them around his own size and build. He liked them sexy and handsome to the point of being almost pretty. He also liked the straight boy type. He didn’t care for flaming sissy boys.
He had already discovered a couple of campus men’s rooms tucked out of the way equipped with glory holes and decorated with graffiti and crude art work. That wasn’t Billy’s style, he didn’t like sticking his dick thru a hole in a stall wall and he’d never liked the bad odors of public restrooms. No, he needed something better than a bathroom stall. He preferred direct contact with no wall in the way.
Yes, Billy needed a new bitch boy. He didn’t foresee a problem finding one. He had only been at college for a few days but had already found the perfect candidate. His dorm mate, Tucker, was a pretty boy. Not only did Tucker have a pretty face, the guy had a slim and extremely defined body. Yeah, his new room mate would be perfect. Since they lived and slept in the same room, Tucker would always be around when Billy needed to get off.
Billy figured Tucker for a straight boy. He wasn’t going to let that interfere with anything, his step brother had been straight at first. It hadn’t taken long to convert him into a cock hungry boy bitch.
Billy really didn’t see any need to play games, he’d just come out and tell Tucker. He grinned when he thought about Tucker’s reaction to learning that he was about to become a boy bitch. He knew Tucker would try to play it off, then perhaps try and stud up.
Billy knew he’d have his way. Tucker was a great looking dude but a little bit on the weak side. He’d make a good boy bitch once he was broken in. The dude had a pretty face and a slim body that didn’t quit. Billy could picture those long hairy legs wrapped around him as he dicked that tight ass. He grinned, secure with the knowledge that tonight he’d be inside of his room mate’s straight virgin ass.
He waited patiently for Tucker to return to the room. When Tucker finally got back from classes, Billy was at the computer surfing the web. “Come here dude.” Billy didn’t ask, he ordered.
Tucker stared at the picture Billy had up on the computer screen. “Whoa! Dude! That is sick!” He shuddered and blushed.
The image on the screen was of a young man sucking another young man’s dick. Remarkably the coupled pair resembled Billy and Tucker.
“He looks like you dude,” Billy said, “He’s got pretty dick sucking lips just like yours. He looks enough like you to be a brother or maybe cousin. I hear cock sucking runs in families.”
Tucker was either nervous or embarrassed, he turned away and pretended to be busy putting his books away. He was speechless and embarrassed.
“No, dude, don’t make me get out of this chair. Don’t ever turn away from me. Sit down, we’re gonna talk. You don’t want me to get up. Sit the fuck down.” Billy barked. His eyes flashed anger.
Tucker didn’t know what else to do, so he sat. He wasn’t experienced with confrontations. He had never had to stand up for himself. He didn’t like anger or violence. He wasn’t about to argue.
“Okay, you have a pretty mouth and from what I’ve been able to determined a very nice ass. I have a dick that needs to be serviced. You don’t need to think or try to stall. All you need to do is get down on the floor and get that pretty mouth between my legs dude.” Billy said.
Tucker didn’t know much about homosexuals, it was hard to him to even believe another dude would say things like this. He tried to manage a laugh, “Get real man, I’m all about the ladies. If I want to touch another dick, I’ve got one of my very own.”
Billy nodded, “Oh that’s cool. You can be with the ladies, but you’re gonna be my bitch boy. And as far as dicks are concerned, the only cock you need to worry about is mine. You’re going to be by personal cock servicer. My bitch boy.”
“No way man!” Tucker laughed nervously. “Are you drinking dude? You’re fucking off you rocker!”
Billy held up the plastic cup that contained what was left of his mixed drink. “Yeah, I’m drinking.” He placed his hand on Tucker’s head and pushed his room mate down towards the floor. “And you’re about to learn how to drink a nice fresh load of cum!”
As Tucker found his head being pushed down, he offered no resistance. He had always been athletic but had never defended himself, he’d been involved in swimming and basketball, not the rough activities. He found himself between Billy’s spread legs, kneeling on the floor.
Billy still had on a tee shirt and boxers, but Tucker was so close, he could smell his room mate’s maleness. He could see the faint outline of what was Billy’s manhood thru the thin boxer shorts.
“I don’t want to do this,” Tucker said. “Don’t make me do this.”
Billy lifted his butt an inch off the desk chair. “Pull my boxers off dude. Pull them off so you can see what I have for you. It ain’t huge or nothing. Dude, it’s only like 6 inches hard. This can be over real fast. All you have to do is suck on it about 5 or 10 minutes. If you do a decent job, I’ll cum pretty quick. I’m horny as fuck.”
A very nervous Tucker found himself pulling down Billy’s boxers. He removed them and looked up in shame. Billy was so masculine that somehow Tucker had expected something huge and outrageous. He saw a soft dick, a set of nuts, and thick dark pubes. The scent of man was stronger now. It wasn’t a unclean scent, it was musky and manly.
“See? It ain’t that big, it ain’t gross or nothing. It’s almost like shaking hands, just put those pretty lips of yours on it and make me feel good. You can do it.” Billy’s hand was once again in Tucker’s hair, but this time, he wasn’t shoving, he was running his fingers thru his room mate’s hair. “Just open those pretty lips and get my little dick all nice and hard. You can do it. It’s not a big deal. It’s just me and you, Tucker. Me, you, and my cock.”
Billy knew that a willing dick sucker did a much better job, “Oh yeah, that feels good!” he moaned as Tucker’s lips shyly brushed against his cock. His fingers strummed thru Tucker’s hair, he moaned. “You’re making me hard, oh, yeah, that’s good.”
Tucker made his decision, he didn’t see much of a choice. He touched his tongue to the cock head. He experienced his first taste of dick. He ran his tongue over the dick knob then let it trail over the cock shaft. His tongue moved, the dick begin to firm.
He told himself that he had no choice, he told himself that he was being forced. But his tongue seemed almost a little too eager as it explored Billy’s rapidly hardening fuck tool. As his tongue roamed, the cock reached full hardness and size. Tucker’s lips moved over the dick knob. He lowered his face, he took in several inches of the stiff teen pole. He wrapped his hand around the base as he moved his head up and down the hardness.
Tucker had expected the dick to feel nasty, he expected to choke and gag. He expected a foul taste. Instead he felt the softest skin he had ever touched. Billy’s cock was rock hard but the skin was like warm silk.
Billy’s fingers were roaming in Tucker’s hair. He watched the handsome face gliding up and down on his throbbing rod. He didn’t need to give instructions, Tucker was doing a very good job.
“Oh yeah! Suck my dick!” Billy’s voice was low and full of male need. “Oh yeah, damn dude! Yeah! That feels so good. Oh fuck yeah.”
The words seem to encourage Tucker. He was now taking all 6 inches. He tightened his lips around the cock, he sucked as he bobbed his head up and down. His tongue joined in the action, it flickered around the rock hard prick.
Billy’s fingers ran over Tucker’s hair, face, and neck. Tucker could taste the drops of pre-cum. It was bitter and nutty, but almost good. The very last thing Tucker would have thought he would do, he was now doing. It wasn’t nasty and sickening. It was just sex. He used his lips and tongue as he sucked the velvet covered steel hard tube.
The moans and praise weren’t faked, Billy had found a natural. Maybe the high cheekbones that Tucker had helped, but the dude wasn’t having a problem sucking cock. In fact, Billy was getting one of the best blow jobs he had yet known!
Without even being told, Tucker’s fingers played gently with Billy’s scrotum, he touched and rolled the balls around as he sucked. His cheeks caved in, his lips stayed tight, his tongue wiggled and probed. He was sucking his dorm mate’s cock. He wasn’t thinking about anything but the hard shaft inside of his mouth.
Billy was getting that feeling, he wouldn’t last much longer. His balls were full, they were heavy, and they would erupt soon. “Yeah, suck my dick. That feels so hot. Yeah, suck my cock, you pretty bastard.”
Tucker didn’t need any encouragement. His head moved up and down the hard dick. He breathed with ease, he didn’t choke, and he didn’t gag. His lips were clamped around the fuck shaft. He handled that erect teenage wonder with fluid ease. He tasted the precum, he swallowed it right down. The dick just seemed to feel right inside his mouth.
“Dude, swallow!” Billy cried out. Tucker began to swallow. The first cum spurt erupted from the teen tool. The second wad followed closely. Tucker swallowed as the dick pulsed, he drank down the fresh warm sticky goo.
Tucker swallowed as the throbbing cock blasted, it seemed like a massive huge amount but there was really just about two tablespoons of sweet nutty teen ball cream.
Tucker moved his mouth off of the dick. He had served his purpose, he had drained his dorm mate’s cock. As he started to stand up, he realized he was boned up. He moved away from Billy but stayed on the floor to keep his boxer tent from being seen. It was shameful enough that he had sucked a dick, but to get hard from sucking cock was way more than simple shame.
“That was fucking grade ‘a’ head, that was good,” Billy complimented. “Dude, you should be gay. No one has ever sucked my dick quite that good. Yeah, that was one damn fine blow job.”
Tucker sat quietly on the floor, he was trying to will his cock to go down so he that could move away. He still stared at Billy’s fuck rod. It had softened only slightly and it glistened from the spit that coated it.
Too late, Billy noticed. “You threw wood dude. You don’t have to hide it. Pull that thing out and beat off. You can look at me why you beat your meat dude, I don’t care. I want you to look at me and think about what we just did. You gave me pleasure, dude. Now pleasure yourself. You deserve it, pretty boy.”
The blush covered Tucker’s face, neck, and chest. He wanted to climb under the bed. Somehow being erect from sucking cock said it all. Now, Billy knew for sure that he had enjoyed servicing that stiff piece of meat.
Billy showed some sensitivity. “What we just did was hot. A lot of guys would bone up. It doesn’t mean anything. Come on, pull them damn shorts off and take care of your need dude. You satisfied me, now satisfy yourself. You sucked my dick so good that I knew you liked it. No sense in trying to deny anything. We both know you loved having a hard cock in your mouth.”
Tucker didn’t know what processed him, he rose up and pulled down his boxers. His face was red, his dick was hard. He had just sucked dick for the first time. Somehow he knew it wouldn’t be the last time. Or at least he hoped it wouldn’t be. His hard dick sprang free as he lowered his shorts.
“Fuck dude, you are hung like a horse!” Billy grinned. “Jack that big dick, lets me see you stroke that thing! Whoop that big hard rod!”
Tucker began jerking his 8 ½ inches of hard meat. He had to cum, he needed to blow a load. Sucking that dick had left him so honry, there was something about having another dude’s cum in his belly that had made him so hard. He stroked his big fuck tool about 5 minutes and his balls fired!
His cum flew out in a long strand, it blasted several feet, as it fell to the floor, another rope of teen spunk erupted from his big boner. His balls pumped again and again. He shot heavily, his nuts fired 8 times.
Billy grinned, “Dude! You shot like three fucking feet! Just watching you sperm got me horny all over again. Fuck man, I’m all hard again. I gotta fuck now. I’m so hard, pretty boy. I gotta tap that ass of your now. I need me some of the virgin pretty boy butt. I need to take that last cherry, pretty dude.”
“I can’t do that, I can’t let you do that.” Tucker’s voice was raised. “No way.”
The grin on Billy’s face was bigger, “Shut up and get on that bed, face down and legs spread. I’m gonna give you what you need. I’m gonna be inside you. I’m gonna give you what you been needing.”
“It’ll hurt! I can’t do this Billy! I just can’t!” Tucker replied. “I don’t wanna get fucked!”
Billy didn’t have any problem guiding Tucker down to the bed. “Okay spread those legs now, so I can climb between them. Don’t be scared. I’m gonna be easy on you. Spread those hairy legs, you know you need to know. You know you got to find out.”
Tucker’s legs spread, he lay on the bed almost unable to breath. He didn’t understand why he was doing this. He was about to be fucked. He lay spread legged wondering what it would feel like. That dick, the hard dick he had just sucked off was going to go inside his ass, it was going to fuck him!
Billy knelt beside the bed. “Okay dude, this may be a little cold, its cream rinse. I’m gonna put some around your asshole, then inside ya. Just relax, don’t tense up. I’m gonna get you ready. You just lay there.”
The lotion was cool, but not cold. It felt so strange, a finger rubbing against his asshole. His breath was short fast gasps.
“Yeah, your ass is awesome dude, pretty, smooth, and a pink little fuck hole. Now just stay relaxed. I’m gonna put a finger inside you now. One finger, a lot of cream rinse.” Billy spoke low in a reassuring voice.
Tucker gave a sharp grunt as the finger breeched his ass ring, it didn’t hurt, but surprised him as he felt his ass band forced opened. He sighed as the finger sank inside and wiggled.
As soon as Billy heard the sigh, “Now dude, this is really gonna feel strange.” Billy brushed his finger against the prostate button. “You’re dick may start getting hard again. Don’t fight it, let the big fucker get stiff.”
Tucker grunted as the stud’s finger pressed into his butt knob. His dick was underneath him, growing stiffer against his flat stomach. He could feel dampness and he knew it was leaking. He spread his legs a little wider in hopes of intensifying the feeling. He felt strange. He also felt embarrassed as he couldn’t stop his moans.
“Okay dude, here comes finger number two and more cream rinse. You’re relaxing, you’re gonna be ready soon. I wanna make you all hot and ready. Yeah, I’m gonna fuck your sweet looking ass. Gonna make it good for you.” Billy pressed finger number two in.
Tucker groaned, a slight pain but now he felt so full. “Yeah, yeah!” he groaned. Billy’s two fingers flexed and fingered, they brushed against the butt knob. They stretched the little ring, getting it ready for the real thing.
“Is that big dick of yours hard boy? You ready for my little cock? You ready to be my bitch boy?” Billy’s tone was lust.
“Hard, I’m hard,” Tucker gasp out. “Oh, man.” Tucker tensed as the fingers were removed from him. He felt so empty.
“Relax,” Billy crooned as he climb over Tucker back. “Relax.” He placed his cock tip against the greasy hole, “Take a deep breath, hold it, and push out with your asshole.”
“Oh!” Tucker groaned, “It hurts, it hurts!” The head had fully penetrated him. His ass ring twitched trying to close, trying to push out the intruding piece of hard teenage cock.
Billy had popped enough cherries in his short sexual life. He stopped entry, letting the virgin hole get used to something inside it. He bent down, nibbled at the nape of Tucker’s neck. “Relax, just get used to it. It’ll stop hurting in a few minutes. It’s cause your cherry.” He nibbled and kissed, slowly sinking more of his hard shaft inside the tight smooth fuck tunnel.
Tucker’s legs were off the sides of the bed, somehow spreading them seemed to reduce the pain. He groaned, the dick hurt so bad, he wondered if it was splitting his asshole.
“Dude, I’m all the way in. My curlies are touching your sweet butt. I got all my little dick in your hot ass. This is gonna hurt for a few minutes, but it’ll start feeling good. I’m gonna fuck you now, gonna fuck away your cherry.” Billy groaned, the warm chute was almost too tight. He slowly withdrew his dick, sighing as it brushed against the smooth walls of the bitch boy’s ass. They groaned together as Billy re-entered.
The fuck pace was slow, there was no need to hurry, Billy had recently nutted and didn’t need to get off quickly. He took his time, nibbling at Tucker’s neck as his hips drove his cock in slow motion. He grinded in a circular pattern, letting his cock open the tightness, and now enjoying the grip of the fuck tunnel.
Tucker grunted and groaned, pools of pre-cum had leaked from him as his prostate was massaged by the teen tool striking it. He blushed furiously as he realized that he was not only enjoying the fuck, he wanted it harder and faster.
Billy fucked slowly, Tucker had learned ass ring control and was gripping his hole tight, then opening it. It felt so good, and the athletic teen ass was a cushion of firm softness. He was building up, getting close.
He gasped out as his balls fired! He counted the bursts as his dick spewed! He groaned, he had sent seven wads inside the fuck tunnel. He felt drained and happy.
“Don’t stop!” Tucker cried out. “It stopped hurting, I uh, I like it now! Its okay, you can fuck me.”
Billy nibbled hard at the bitch boy’s neck. “You want it rough now? You ready to take a real fucking?”
“Yeah, I can take it,” Tucker moaned.
Billy grinned, and slammed hard into the soft ass. What the fuck, he figured, he could manage another load. He gripped Tucker’s hips and pulled him up into the doggy position.
“Play with that big cock of yours while I slam fuck your ass! Jerk that dick!” Billy began humping, some strokes were short, some where deep. He struck the ass walls, he struck the butt knob! Their bodies slapped together as the aggressive fuck flew into motion.
Tucker grunted as his ass was slammed, he jerked his cock using the juices that flowed from it for jerk lube. His balls bounced as Billy pounded his ass.
“Gonna cum!” Tucker yelled. His balls drew up, as they pumped, so did his ass ring, it squeezed shut, then fluttered open as his nuts pulsed out the fuck load.
As Tucker’s orgasm ended, Billy started slamming even harder, “Take it bitch boy, take it!” His well drained testes had managed a third load, again Billy counted as his cum volcanoed from his tired teen nuts! He had just thought he was drained, his balls managed five more wads of cum.
He let his body collapse, his weight forced the bitch boy flat onto the bed. Billy went to work, he sucked at Tucker’s neck, leaving his mark. The purple mark of passion formed.
“You’re my bitch now dude. You’re my bitch boy.” Billy grunted.
Tucker sighed, “Yeah dude. Oh yeah.”
The End
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7 pages

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