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You Cried "Naruto must not be screwed over!" I heard and obeyed. Revelation 23:8 Oh Yeh!
Authour's Notes: You said "Lord! Don't screw'eth Naruto over'eth!" I heard and obeyed, for the people are the deciders. Revelation 23:15 Translation: You guys didn't like Naruto getting screwed over so I changed it. I hope you enjoy and get as much pleasure you can from this. Remember to tell me what to write, I enjoy writing for you as much as myself.

Obito sat alone in a solitary cave used for his base. He was thinking as he often did. However at the moment he was thinking of who he would act as when he joined the akatsuki so far he had the idea of acting completely out of character. He would be childish, funny and silly. One thing that escaped him was a name... perhaps one like Pain’s name...

No nothing like Pain’s, Pain’s name showed his true colours. “Perhaps something simple? Like Toby? Or Tobi?”

“Tobi... Tobi...” Madara replayed the name over and over in his head. It made him think of a child’s nickname when he heard it.

Night was closing in and Madara’s thoughts began to wander, as he lay down on to his makeshift bed.
“The great and powerful Tobi!” Thought Madara; he saw himself controlling the world and using the full powers of the mangekyou sharingan, to bring the world to its knees.
He felt the power of Izanagi, the power to turn back time; he used it when he was hit by a kunai in his daydream. Obito’s body lifted from the ground and his eyes suddenly opened with alarm, as he realised he had cast probably the most powerful jutsu of his time!
Obito’s body fully disappeared into a realm without time...

Naruto was running home at top speed. He had a smile on his face that brightened the whole village as much as the sun did.

Naruto would have kept running, but in front of him there was something wrong. Naruto felt something extremely powerful appearing in front of him. From what seemed to be a teleportation jutsu a man appeared. Dressed in the full akatsuki robe stood a tall man with hair as dark as a ravens and a strange orange mask on.

For a few seconds Naruto stared at the figure in front of him still taking in the fact that someone had appeared out of nowhere.

Slowly Naruto realised that he’d seen those robes before. The last person he’d talked to with those robes was Itachi Uchiha.

The man broke the silence. “Uh hi! I’m Tobi!” The man placed his hands on his hips and pushed out his chest. His entire body mixed with his voice and gave off the idea of a man who was childish, funny and silly.
To Naruto though they sounded like the devil inviting him for dinner.

He ran off and the man ran in the opposite direction. Something pink slipped out of Naruto’s back pocket as he ran through an alleyway.

As he ran out he knocked someone to their feet. Who called after him, “Watch it loser!” The rudeness of Naruto was too much! Thought Ino.

Ino grip tightened around the flower basket she had with her and continued to walk down the alleyway. She’d brought some of her families most beautiful flowers with her, in the hope of getting Sasuke’s attention.
“We all know he’ll pick the prettiest flower of them all though! Me!” Ino giggled at the thought.

She felt slightly uneasy on her feet at the mere thought of it all. Ino looked down at her feet just to check she was on the ground.

“God dammit...” Ino looked down at her feet; she was standing on some sort of a pink ball. She kicked it away and the ball spread open. On it in two large capital letters at the front was written S.H. They had lace around the sides and the entire object was shaped like...

Ino bit her lip, her face became flushed and her palms sweaty.
She knew what she thought it was. Could it be? She knelt down and inspected them closely... she picked them up and stared into the two giant letters. S.H. Ino had seen these before, she’d seen them at the hot springs many a time. They were Sakura’s, Ino had always taken her time whilst getting changed for the hot springs and she’d always kept a discreet eye on the other girls bodies.

When they’d all got in she would root around there clothes. It was a perversion she’d had for a while and she still enjoyed it everyone trip to the springs.

S.H. stood for Sakura Haruno.
Ino was still unsure of her own sexuality and hoped that Sakura wasn’t either.
“Where did these come from?” Ino’s head was full of questions, but this was her main one.
Footsteps and the chattering of men could be heard getting closer.

“Now wasn’t the time.” Ino decided. She quickly stuffed the panties into her flower basket and began to walk home. She had gotten horny merely from touching Sakura’s underwear. She went home with only one fixed thought in her mind. She was going to masturbate like crazy.

Outside Ino’s house... An hour after the mysterious Tobi appeared...

Naruto stood outside Ino’s house. It was tall and well built. The carvings on the sides were as beautiful as the flowers that the family sold daily. Naruto was standing outside the house wondering how to see Ino. Ino wasn’t a person you wanted to have disliking you and Naruto knew this from experience.

Also from experience he wasn’t allowed near Ino’s house whilst her parents were around. Naruto had at one point been scouting out the women’s side of the hot springs. Ino and her mother had just gotten in.

Had Naruto been smarter he would have realised that perhaps they were visiting the springs as a family. If he had cleaned his ears, he would of heard the man approaching behind him and if he had learnt to recognise voice he would of heard that it was Ino’s father ordering him away from the wall.

Still though Naruto knew what room Ino’s was. It was in front of him and could easily be reached by climbing up the wall.

Naruto made his way up to Ino’s window ledge. Naruto could hear some heavy breathing. Naruto, still nervous about being near Ino’s house, lifted himself onto the ledge and peered into the window.
Naruto saw his dreams come to realisation, Ino was playing with herself! She lay on her bed with her legs behind her head.

Her pink pussy was dripping wet and had fingers going in and out of it like pistons.
Ino was totally naked apart from her socks which she’d left on.

The speed of her fingers increased and Ino moaned. She seemed to have in her hand a pink tissue.
Her fingers moved in faster and faster, until they were just a flash. Each time they went in, a slight squish was heard and pussy juice spilled out of Ino.

With fingers going as fast as possible Ino grabbed the pink tissue and jammed it in her mouth.
A loud scream was muffled thanks to Sakura’s panties, but nothing could stop the eruption that was Ino’s pussy. Cum flew everywhere and most of it landed back on Ino. Ino knew what she was doing and had chosen the position solely because of this.

Ino’s face was near totally red and covered with her own cum.
“That’s my third one! And I’m still horny!” Ino managed the words in between gasps for breath. She took the panties and began to mop up any missed bits of cum.

She placed the panties over her mouth and wrung it out like a cloth, getting every drop of cum from them into her mouth.

Naruto had seen it all, he’d noticed who’s panties they were and decided to make the most of the situation.
He stood calmly resting his back against the window which he had opened.

“Hey Ino I have some actual tissues if you want.”

Ino froze, she was just about to replace her finger when he’d appeared. She felt another scream coming on, but this was from the terror of being caught.

Naruto saw her about to scream and shot forward. Mimicking his father he stopped her screaming in a flash by cupping her mouth with his hand.

“Calm down, I’m here to talk.” Naruto spoke soothingly and attempted to reassure her. She defensively pulled the quilt, onto herself.

“How much did you see?” Asked Ino

“I saw enough to know what you were doing; so are you a lesbian?”

“What?! Oh... you mean... no it’s nothing like that! I just! I’m...”

“No I’m straight!”

Naruto grinned expectantly, knowing he’d caught her.“Ok then so let me have a grab of those Tits.”

Ino blushed hard. “Ye... yeh go right ahead.”

Naruto needed no second invitation and grabbed hold of her, small and perky breasts.
“Ow! Not so hard!”

Naruto took no notice and instead began playing with her rock hard nipples.

“Okay see!?! I’m straight! Now stop.”

Naruto kept going. “Come on that was like 10 seconds!”
Ino let out a moan.
“Hey... Naru... Naruto stop... my breasts are very sensitive.” She moaned again and began quietly to rub her pussy below the sheets. She was about to cum again and in front of Naruto! She was already embarrassed enough!

Naruto could feel her getting more sensitive. He gave her nipples a pinch and Ino squealed. Naruto enjoyed this and gave squeezed Ino’s boobs as hard as he could.

Ino screamed as she came for the fourth time. The first two times Ino came was about her limit now for the fourth time the room began to spin, Ino’s bed sheets were soaked in the explosion and Naruto all the while was just enjoying the scene.

He was proud of himself for making a girl cum, and he savoured every moment.

Ino moaned and screamed at the same time. At the end of the long drawn out moan she laid her head back onto her pillow.

Naruto was inspecting Sakura’s panties. “I wonder what Sakura would have to say about this...”

“Ino what’s going on up there!?!” An all too familiar voice called from downstairs.

“You won’t tell her will you?”

Naruto grinned “We’ll see.”

Ino watched as the yellow haired devil disappeared across the rooftops.

Ino’s bedroom door opened cautiously. “Ino...”

“Get out dad!!!” Screeched Ino. “I’m getting changed!”

“So why’d you scream?”

“I saw a bug! It was nothing...”

A mix of emotions made Ino’s head spin. The experience had been crazy and she felt like she could never get to sleep again. However as she got into all the details she fell into a deep sleep. Her last conscious thought was “How good it felt when Naruto squeezed my tits... I hope it happens again...”

Ino awoke to find a note jammed into the side. It was short, sharp and read,
“Meet me at my place –N.”

Ino sighed, at least Naruto had made up his mind quickly, but what has he decided? Ino frowned realising the situation. “He’s stupid enough to actually blackmail me...” Ino’s frown turned to near comical self pity. “And I was stupid enough to give him the tools to do so...”

Later on that day... Naruto’s place...

The door was wide open, the set of flats was dilapidated, yet it only looked like a lick of paint could be needed.”That fool was inviting thieves... no wait he’s inviting me...”

As she walked in she noticed the smell of old clothes and ramen. Ino’s stomach growled, as she hadn’t yet eaten. She’d been far too worried about what Naruto had seen and had totally forgotten breakfast.

“Naruto? Hello?” Ino whispered. It was almost like a movie scene, were the bad guy closes the door behind the hero. However this wasn’t the case.

Naruto calmly and collected walked out from his own room. He was fully dressed and seemed ready for anything. Tucked neatly under his arm was a large scroll.

“Morning Ino, you sleep well? You must have after all of that exercise yesterday.” Naruto’s face drew into a grin that forebode mischief.

“Please Naru!” Naruto cut her off mid sentence, holding one finger up in a way of calling silence. He placed it to his lips and his grin seemed to intensify.

In a sharp movement Naruto threw the scroll onto the floor and its contents lay bare. It had almost a story written on the first page, there were so many letters it confused Ino as to where to begin. A small black pen was on top of the paper.“Naruto couldn’t have written all this on his own time...” flashed through Ino’s mind.
“Wha...” Naruto once again placed his finger upon his lips. He then pointed to the paper. Ino knelt down and began to read. Naruto knelt beside her.

As Ino began to read her heart dropped. As she had feared Naruto was blackmailing her, but even for Naruto this was advanced. Every minor detail was checked and confirmed. It however made no relation to the fact of blackmail.

The terms were basic; Ino would do whatever the man who had presented the contract wanted. She had zero free will unless the man said so and anything the man ordered would have to be carried out.
Ino made a note of how they hadn’t used any names, Naruto surely wouldn’t have realised this.
The final few lines of the contract scroll read “These terms are final; they will be valid for 5 years. The Person who signs acts of their own will and understands all the terms and conditions written here.”

Ino was well and truly stuck. If she signed she would be a slave for five years. If she didn’t sign Naruto would expose her, Ino’s reputation meant so much to her. But wouldn’t it all be destroyed if she signed?

She read the terms again, it showed that any orders could be open for others to see, but the fact that the slave was a slave would be kept quiet. Ino was relived at least a little by this.

Currently Ino realised she was going to lose out either way, working for Naruto though didn’t sound too bad. The slave thing was likely to be sexual, yet somehow Ino didn’t mind the idea...

The other way was that she would have been shunned, as a lesbian, a thief and a untrustworthy person.
Ino took in a deep breath and let out a deep sigh. She picked up the pen and signed her name at the bottom.

Naruto let out a wild whoop of joy.

“You agree right!?” Yelled Naruto, Ino nodded weakly.

Letting out another shout of happiness, he grabbed hold of his zipper and tugged down his pants, revealing a hard as steel eight inch cock!

Ino let out a gasp; she’d always dreamt of a boy fucking her but Naruto? Naruto would be her first time? Somehow it didn’t bother her. None of that mattered anyway, her only thoughts were of the giant dick, centimetres away from her face.

Naruto as ever wasted no time. He grabbed Ino from the back of the head and pushed her forward.
Ino reacted quickly and opened her mouth, taking in as much of Naruto’s cock as she could. She placed her hands around his hips in an attempt to get more stable.

Naruto knew what he was doing and pushed Ino as far down as she would go. For a few seconds Ino took in seven inches of Naruto still took by surprise.

Naruto loosened his grip a little, giving Ino some breathing space. He was also giving himself some breathing space. The feeling of a blowjob was mind blowing to a virgin, especially after all the dreams and imaginations. It might not have been Sakura, but it was definitely amazing.

Naruto pulled again and once more burst straight into Ino’s mouth. Naruto began thrusting in and out of Ino’s mouth, Naruto had been waiting for this and now that it was here, he made as much of it as he could.

He pushed against Ino’s cheek and rammed himself as far down her throat as he could get. It made Ino near choke but it felt like heaven to both of them.

Ino regaining herself a little took control of the situation. She began actually moving her own head instead of letting Naruto do it.

She let her tongue play on his dick, going up the length of Naruto’s cock; she then traced her way back along him and at the head she sucked extra hard.

Naruto moaned loudly. “Fuck Ino! You... you’re a champ! This, this is fucking great!”

Ino accepted the compliments but never lost her rhythm. She continued on a steady beat, take in all she could, lick the head and back again.

Ino took Naruto’s cock out of her mouth and gave it a cheeky lick. “You haven’t even tried this yet!”
Ino began sucking as hard as she could.

Her warm wet mouth was almost a vacuum of pleasure. Ino’s tongue soft and gentle was licking the body of Naruto’s cock. Ino knew what she was doing and after a few more hard sucks, Ino was ready.

Ino let out Naruto’s cock from her mouth; she stuck out her tongue full length and lovingly slid Naruto back inside her. All the way she ran her tongue down Naruto’s cock and was able to take in all eight inches of Naruto.

She gulped as much of him as she could, doing what she knew loved. She was a near expert in deep throat, as after lots of practice on her own toys, she finally had a boy to test herself with it.

She loved the taste of a real boy and made sure to savour everything that came with it.

Naruto was trying not to lose his mind as Ino showed off one of her many talents, but even this was tough!

“Ino! Oh god! Where’d you learn this!?” Naruto didn’t bother to wait for a reply and instead, he forcefully grabbed Ino and pumped her mouth like it was a race.

He was close to cumming and he needed more of the feeling. The warmth and wetness of Ino’s mouth was better than any porn magazine Naruto had ever read.

“Ino! I’m nearly there! Hold on!”

Ino didn’t say anything, but she knew he was telling the truth. Naruto had become more tense and his dick had gotten harder, if it was possible! She grabbed Naruto’s hips and hung on tight, as Naruto wasn’t the gentle type.

“Ino hear it comes!” Naruto screamed, he regained himself for a few seconds. “The perfect breakfast for the perfect slut!”

With this Naruto came straight into Ino’s mouth. A few seconds before this Naruto had believed that he had discovered heaven in deep throating; now he had found heaven.

Ino too had found her own personal heaven, it was full of men and they all wanted her. The taste of Naruto’s cock was nothing to his cum. It was manly in every way and tasted bitter yet sweet, it was something she wanted more of.

Naruto’s cum began to leak from the sides of her mouth. It took effort to keep it inside Ino’s mouth. It was no surprise to Naruto, he’d always had this much when masturbating.

Ino did her best to drink it all, but even for her it was too much. She drank like a camel, enough so any normal girl would have been good for a week; Ino however was no normal girl. She was since birth destined to be the perfect slut.

Ino coughed and spluttered, releasing what was still a good glass full from her mouth. She stopped her mad lust for Naruto and breathed heavily. She wiped away some cum from her mouth and looked up at Naruto.

“Are you a fire hydrant!?! What was that!?” Ino shouted but was unable to put hatred into her words.

“You act as though you didn’t like it!” Retorted Naruto.

Ino gave up being angry and showed off a beautiful smile. “Oh I wouldn’t say that...” giggled Ino.
She selected a finger and scooped some of the cum from her cheek and sucked on the finger greedily.

“But how much was that!? I nearly choked!”

“Why? Was that more than normal?” Naruto asked clearly puzzled.

“Way more! That must have been about a pint of it!”

Naruto suddenly felt sheepish “I’m sorry, I just didn’t know...”

Ino put her finger to his lips “I said I like it! And besides I’m yours now, you can do whatever you want to me and I won’t say anything against it...”

Naruto cheered up nearly immediately.

“Naruto? “ Ino spoke softly.


“When you have breakfast, do you have seconds?” Ino giggled and blew him a kiss. This was the start of something beautiful thought Naruto as sat down and Ino got to work on making “seconds.”

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