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Making Lanie mine
The rest of the week passed, with me having a perfect view of Lanie masturbating every night on the sofa bed. I decided to forgo disabling her vibrator, and simply enjoyed the nightly show, bringing myself off in the comfort of my own bed. I had set my sights on the next weekend, and when my package from Amazon arrived on Thursday, I knew I had it in the bag.

In that bag was pair of panties with a slim, remote control vibrating egg in the slightly padded crotch. I took it out, placed the crotch of the panties between my fingers, and ran the variable speed from low to high. I really wanted to put them on, but then I would have to wash them. That Saturday afternoon, before we went down to my gym, I took Lanie’s bra she had placed in her gym bag and cut the bottom loop of each bra clasp in half, then almost severed the other with a pair of wire cutters. She would never notice when she hurriedly slipped on her regular bra after our workout, and I could break the other loop at will.

We had a good workout, and worked up a pretty good sweat. Since we were going out for dinner afterwards, we planned to shower and change at the club, leaving our sweaty clothes in the locker to pick up tomorrow. After we got out of the shower, and had semi dried off, we headed back to my locker. I bent over to get something out of the bag, and accidentally on purpose yanked Lanie’s clean underwear out of the bag letting them fall to the floor by my feet. I was still a little wet, and the floor was a little wet, so by the time I realized that her panties were out of the bag and on the floor, I had stepped all over them, and ground them into the floor. They were pretty wet, and looked a little stained. I looked down at the panties, and looked up at Lanie and apologized. She was bummed, because her workout undies were at the bottom of the locker, sweaty and gross. I rifled through the bag and came up with an “extra” pair of clean undies (my Amazon purchase) that she could wear. With a big smile, she grabbed them and pulled them on. With similar glee, she slipped on her bra, and continued to get dressed. She looked nice, in a silky button blouse and short, sexy black skirt. Me, in about the same attire, but in slacks with a devilish grin on my face.

We hit a nice restaurant uptown, then hit a few small clubs before settling in at one that was really hopping, and with a great sound system. The subwoofers made the seats vibrate to a rhythm of their own. We were having fun, and decided to stay, so after we has 2 more drinks, I decided to put my plan into action. When the bass to a song really started throbbing, I turned on the remote vibrator at its lowest setting, figuring she wouldn’t notice a thing, and she didn’t. As the evening went on, we met some new friends and talked and joked with them for a while. When Lanie wanted to get up to pee, I turned off the vibrator, and snapped her bra as she was getting up, driving my thumb into the clasp, snapping the other piece in half. When I let go, he bra came apart. She looked at me, and said “I think you broke my bra you little fucker.” The rest of the table got a good laugh, and she came back to the table looking a little self conscious, obviously without a bra, and a pissed look on her face. I promised to replace her bra tomorrow, and that I was sorry (not), but just to forget about it as she was probably not the only one that was bra-less. I offered her mine, but she knew that mine would be way too small, and she was better off as is.

As the music pumped up again, I turned the vibrator to low, and bought her a drink. She got over being pissed and began to relax, and we were all back to cracking jokes and stuff around the table. Lanie’s shirt was perfect, as every once in a while I could see her whole tit, and it was sheer enough that you could see her erect nipples. It was about this time that I turned up the vibrator a bit. After a while, Lanie began to fidget in her seat, adjusting her legs, looking around and stuff. She starting fiddling with her waist band and the opening in her shirt, I didn’t want to stare, but she was like a bitch in heat. As we were joking around, I emphasized a point I was making by touching her thigh, first lightly, then heavier, first on the top, then on the inside of her thigh, every time hiking up the hem of her skirt. I noticed the other girl sitting beside her was doing the same thing. Lanie didn’t seem to mind, and as her skirt was riding up her thighs, I could have sworn she spread her legs a little wider apart. She was lit, and from sitting and fidgeting around, her shirt had become a little untucked, making it looser up top, and giving me and her other seat mate unobstructed views of her tits. I got a little bolder and turned up the vibrator a bit more, and this time she noticed. She looked around, leaned over to me, and said, “Is it just me, or is the bass turning this seat a vibrator.” I smiled and said, “It does kind of feel good!” In moments I could smell pussy, she must have been creaming her panties. Her other seatmate was eyeing her up pretty good, and I could swear she was getting interested. Rather than encourage the competition (it was my idea after all), I suggested we all hit the dance floor like a school of tuna and see what turns up.

No hesitation from the group, and we hopped out to the dance floor. As we were rocking out, I sought out Lanie, and turned it up another notch. As I took my hand out of my pocket, I grabbed her hand danced around a bit with her, then faked one of those dancing with the stars type couples dance. When we intertwined our legs I could have sworn she rubbed her crotch against my leg. Then she did it again, she was trying to hump my leg! As she turned around, I slapped her on the ass, and said let’s get a drink. As we went to the bar, I turned the vibrator down and we ordered two rum and cokes. I looked over at her, and her breasts were almost peeking out of her shirt. The bar tendered noticed as well, and gave us two doubles! We headed back to the table, and found our new friends were about ready to check out. Since there were 4 of them and two of us they decided to pick up the tab for us. That was cool, cause now we had new found money to party with. We sat down finished our drinks, and talked about hitting another club. As we walked out of the bar, we were still thinking about hitting another club, but decided to head home, as it was late, and we were already in the bag.

We walked cross-town for a block to get to on a busier street to catch a cab, and on the street, a man standing in front of a place called the Kit-Kat Klub opened the door to the establishment, and said “ladies night, ladies, free drinks!” I looked over at Lanie, she looked at me, and we accepted his invitation.

It was about as expected, a strip club packed with men, a few with their dates, and a few women. But after all, free drinks. We found a table, and one of the topless girls came over to take our drink order. She was back in a flash with what was the first of one too many rum and cokes. A truly evil idea popped into my head, and when one of the dancers came over to our table and asked if we wanted a dance, I immediately said, “I’m buying a dance for you Lanie.” She looked horrified, but the dancer began and was right in Lanie’s face. The set had a thumping bass, and I took advantage turning on the vibrator, apparently without Lanie noticing. The dance got more erotic, and when the dancer could see Lanie was bra-less, she got a little more personal with the dance. As I tuned up the vibrator, Lanie seemed to get a bit more excited. When Candy (the dancer) straddled Lanie leg and began grinding her crotch into her thigh, it pushed the hem of her skirt up a little higher on her leg, and placed Candy’s tits just inches from Lanie’s mouth. I slowly cranked the vibrating panties up to full tilt, causing Lanie to grab the arm rests on the chair tightly, and her breathing quickened. With Lanie’s breasts beginning to peek out of her shirt, Candy leaned over in front of her, reached out and stroked Lanie up her sides from her hips to her armpits, then placed her thumbs inside the opening of her shirt and caressed her way back down tracing her thumbs over Lanie’s nipples. She got close to Lanie’s ear and said, “I can see you’re enjoying this, this next dance is on me.”

With than she bent over and began a slow hip twisting dance with her ass only inches from Lanie’s face. Her legs were spread, leaving nothing to the imagination, and then she reached back and spread her ass cheeks even further apart, with her fingers almost in her asshole and cunt. I leaned over to see more, and I could tell that Candy was also excited as her cunt lips were protruding around the crotch of her g-string. When Candy stood up and turned around, she began talking dirty to Lanie, telling her what they could do together. To my amazement, I watched as Lanie rolled her eyes back into her head, grabbed the arms of the chair tightly, and convulsed into an orgasm with her face inches away from Candy’s panties. I turned down the vibrator, and a smiling Candy said, “Mission accomplished,” as she parted company with our table. I looked over at Lanie and said, “I saw that, did you just have an orgasm?” Lanie was flushed, and stammered, “I must be drunk, and I think we need to go, but I gotta pee first.” I agreed, and said, “Me too”, with that we headed to the bathroom. It wasn’t a pretty site in there, late night in a bar bathroom is never good, and rather than let my pants hit the floor between my legs, I often take them off completely and hang them on the door. I could see that Lanie had the same idea. I was very moist to say the least, and I knew that Lanie was probably soaked. I finished before Lanie, and then had another evil idea. I could see Lanie’s skirt and panties hanging over the door (must not have had a hook), and I reached up and snagged the soaked panties. I wrapped them in a paper towel and put them in my purse. I washed my hands then told Lanie, I’d meet her outside.

It seemed to take her forever to come out, but she finally did. She looked confused, and told me that she couldn’t find her panties in the bathroom and someone must have taken them. I said, “ew”, after you came in your panties, they must have been gross. “Maybe you have an admirer!” She told me I was gross, and that this evening had to remain our secret. I smiled and winked at her, saying, “sure, but paybacks are a bitch.”


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Awesome story, had to read it two times

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There has to be more!!

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