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I began to stir in my sleep, suddenly my eyes flickered open and i gazed around the room for a sign of the creature that punished our bodies without mercy, it was nowhere to be seen.
Sam began stirring too as i climbed to my feet.
"Hey sam, how are feeling?"

"Urrgh well i feel great actually, is it gone?"

"Looks that way, that was one intense day eh!"

"Too right jess, what time is it?"

I reached for my mobile inside my bag and switched it on, holy crap i thought as i saw it was nearly 3pm.
"Sam quick we need to get dressed and get home NOW!"

"Huh whats up?"

"My big sis will be back from her trip at about 5:30!"

We got dressed and packed our bag quickly and hurried through the woods back to my house, once there we slipped in through the back door, the time was now 4:45 so we had a little time before my sis gets here.
"Sam i think you need to head home before your mum calls the police!"

"Your right, i'll see you at school on monday!"

Once she left i decided to go take a shower and clean myself before my sis came home, when i was undressed i checked myself over in the bathroom mirror and couldnt believe my eyes as i stared at my new boobs, not quite as big as yesterday sinse the swelling had obviously gone down, but they were still easily an E cup!
I climbed into the shower and stood still as the warm water cascaded down my body, i cleaned myself off and got out the shower, i ran to my room for a fresh change of clothes as i heard my sister opening the front door.
"Hello jess? are you here?"

Once i was changed i went downstairs to welcome my sister back.
"Hey alison! how was you trip?"

"Pretty good thanks, looks like i'm getting a promotion!"

"Thats awesome, congratulations!"

"Thanks! so how are doing? anything happen while i was gone?"

"Nah nothing at all, sam came over yesterday and stayed the night but nothing exciting happened while you were gone."

"Well i really need a shower and a nap so i'll catch you later jess!"

As my sis went for her shower i let out a slight sigh of relief that i had got away with everything, i decided on having some lunch and going to bed.
While asleep i was twisting and turning letting moans and groans escape my mouth as i dreamed about the expierence i had yesterday, beads of sweat were dripping down my face as i contiued moaning, then i suddenly awoke screaming out loud as i looked down and saw a massive tent in the covers and as i lay there sweating i could feel an ache in which i had never felt before.
My sister alison came running into my room when she heard my screams echoing through the house, as my bedroom door opened and alison ran inside to my aid she stopped in shock and as she gazed upon the tent my new appendage created.
"Holy shit jess, what the fuck is that!"

She came around the bed and in one swift motion ripped the bed covers from me and reaveled my massive appendage, she looked upon my tentacle cock and shrieked in horror.
"What the fuck!!!, jess tell me exactly what happened while i was gone right now!"

I had no choice but to tell her mine and sams story, i saw her eyes glazing over at the sight of my massive cock while i reaveled the story, to my amazement she reached out and touched it but jumped back when it twitched and released a small amount of pre cum from the tip, alison seemed somewhat lustfull as she watched the pre cum slip down my huge shaft.
Alison once again and wrapped her hand around my enormous cock, this time she didnt pull back but slightly moved her hand up and down my shaft which released more pre cum which dribbled down over her hand, to my amazement she leaned forward and tasted it!
"Mmmmm, thats pretty good"

I couldnt believe what my sister was doing, surely she should be scared out of her mind, not wanking my shaft as she was, suddenly i remembered how sam was when the tentacles first appeared and wrapped around her body, was the same thing happening with alison in some sort of way?
Alison started pumping my massive cock faster and with a newfound vigor which had me groaning out loud, jesus i have never felt such sensations before and its really starting to get to me, i closed my eyes enjoying the feeling as i suddenly felt a warm wet mouth slide over the head of my cock, i lay there shocked in a state of amazement as alison worked her mouth up and down my shaft, pre cum was now oozing from the slit on my cock filling my sisters mouth.
"Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmm."

I was over taken by lust at this point and began thrusting my hips upwards to meet my sisters mouth, my hands were tightly gripping the back of her head as i pushed further into her welcomng mouth, i could feel the back of her throat as my plunging cock got a warm bath of saliva.
She pulled back and returned to her feet and began stripping, i looked on as she slipped her clothes off, alison was a beautiful woman i must say, she had long hazel hair with bright blue eyes, a tanned slim body with amazing pert 34c breasts and slightly dark nipples.
Once free of her clothing she climbed over me and sank her drenched pussy on my cock, she groaned as my massive penis parted her labia and slipped through her pussy, her wet warm cunt felt amazing wrapped around my huge cock, i had never felt such pleasure before and once i was about 6 inches inside i felt her rise from my cock and slam herself back down with a massive amount of force, my huge cock slammed and battered her cervix as she screamed out loud, i felt her orgasm thrash her body and within seconds i felt her warm pussy juice sliding down my massive penis!
Our bodies were locked together as i began thrusting upwards and pounding her tight fuck hole with my all might, she came again bathing my shaft for a second time in pussy juice, as i continued slamming her pussy i moved my hand up her body to her bouncing tits and something surprising happened, my arm started transforming and stretching outwards, twisting and turning untill its form was that of a tentacle with a slight green tint!

This transformation of my arm worried me a little but at the same time it intrigued me, my new tentacle arm slithered around alisons bouncing tits squeezing them tightly as it continued its exploration of her body, now it was firmly squeezing my sisters tits as i felt her pussy releasing another waterfall of juices down my cock, i continued fucking her tight cunt as her screams filled the house!
Yet another orgasm thrashed her body, she was shaking violently as her inner juices rushed out of her tight pussy coating me in yet another layer of her sweet juices, i was now roaring out loud as my cock slammed againt her cervix, i could feel a tingling within me and my massive cock began twitching and suddenly i felt huge jolts of pleasure running through me.
"I'mmmm cum....cumming....FUCK yes!, AHHHHHHH"

My body shuddered and my thrusting cock started erupting inside her gaping fuck hole, thick viscous spurts of my creamy cum were firing inside her, i was howling as i filled alison with my huge load, one final time i felt my sisters pussy muscles tighten around my shaft as her orgasm exploded deep within, her pussy juices mixed with my think cum and she finally fell on top of me, my cock finally slipped out of her soaking pussy as i lay there totally breathless and speechless, my eyes closed and we both fell into a deep sleep.

The next day i awoke bright and early to sound of my alarm clock, my sister alison was still in a coma-like state as i got out of bed and prepared to get ready for school.
I showered and got dressed in my uniform before heading down to the kitchen for breakfast, afterwards i slipped my shoes on and rushed out the front door for school, i met sam in the school grounds.
"Hey sam, how are you today?"

"Hey jess, i'm pretty good thanks."

"Boy have i got a story for you later sam, i'll tell you all about it after school."

"Oh what is it?"

"I'll tell you later!"

The school bells began to ring and we hurried in to our classes, the rest of the day passed slowly as i thought about the wonders that await me and sam this week.
After school i met sam by the huge tree in the grounds, i took a quick look around to make sure we were alone before i began to tell my tale from last night.
"So sam, you ready to hear my story or what?"

"You bet jess, its been killing me all day to know whats going on!"

I started telling her my story in great detail, her eyes were wide with excitement as she listened to the filthy story i was sharing, near the end of the story i noticed her skirt was poking out a little and getting longer by the second, i then noticed the school slut Kimi looking over at us from the main path so i dragged sam around the corner of the main school building.
Her skirt was totally tented out now, my mouth was hanging open as i watched her massive erection poking out below her skirt, it was fucking huge, bigger than the penis i spouted last night by far, i was so dazed staring at her new appendage i didnt realise kimi had followed us around the building and was now looking on in amazement, she was frozen in place and not making a sound, sams eyes began glowing a slight green once again and kimi started walking over to us as if sam was controling her somehow.
Kimi reached out and wrapped her hand around sams huge cock as far as she could, which wasnt even half way around, kimi dropped to her knees and began stroking the massive cock before leaning forward to suck on the head.
"Mmmm oh yeah, fuck yeah kimi, suck my cock you dirty little whore."

Kimi didnt even flinch at the comment and only continued to suck sams massive cock, it was then that i noticed i too had started growing a massive cock!
I knew we couldnt stay here so we all went to the old abandoned gym, once there we slipped inside the side door to the building unseen, kimi followed us still dazed and in a state of some sort of mind control sam had her in.
We layed out a gymnastics mat and within seconds kimi was back on the floor sucking sams cock, i started to strip my clothes off and revealed my massive tentacle cock for sam and kimi to see, i walked over and placed my cock by kimi's face ready to recieve some attention too, as she sucked sams cock she started stroking my cock too, i leaned towards sam and began kissing her as i undid her top to reveal her big beautiful tits.
Kimi had now started sucking my cock while stroking sams, i was groaning into sams mouth as this skilled little slut went to town on my massive penis, kimi really was a good looking slut too i must say, she is 15 just like sam with long black hair and dark eyes, shes a asian girl so she had a natural tan and long slim legs, a toned flat stomach and little 32a boobs.

Sam now moved around kimi to strip her of her clothes as kimi pulled from my cock and looked up at me smiling, the mind control kimi was under seemed to be weakening and kimi began to speak for the first time.
"Wow, i am not sure whats going on but i fucking love it, you 2 have the best dicks i have ever seen."

"Hehehe, well there all yours to enjoy kimi!"

Suddenly sam pushed her massive cock against kimi's pussy which made her jerk forward and squeal out, sam kept trying to fit her huge penis inside the tiny little asian girl, my own cock was now twitching at the sight so i pushed it back inside her mouth once again which seemed to make her happy as she greedily sucked the head inside, Suddenly i heard sam growl out loud as her massive cock finally slipped inside the tiny girl, kimi was moaning around my cock as sam started thrusting deep within her, it didnt take long before kimi's first orgasm thrashed her body.
She was drooling over my cock as her eyes rolled back into her head, sams cock was now slamming against her cervix hard and without mercy, kimi's body was trembling and it was obvious to me a second orgasm was surfacing while her first was still boiling her blood, i pushed my cock deeper into the girls mouth holding her hair so she couldnt pull away, sam was pounding away harder and harder and i watched as i saw kimi's pussy swallow a huge amount of sams cock, sam was groaning out loud and kimi pulled away from my cock screaming in agony.
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, URRRGGGHH."

Sam had obviously pushed past her cervix and went through to the girls womb, sam didnt stop thrusting and soon her entire cock was inside kimi's body, once again kimi was trembling and shaking violently and i watched on as a waterfall of pussy juice ran from her pussy and poured onto the floor below.
I couldnt believe the sight i was seeing as kimi's body was in constant orgasm as sam pounded into her womb, sam was nearing an orgasm it seemed as her roars of pleasure filled the gym, her thrusting increased as she pushed her thumb into the girls ass which sent kimi over the edge again, i moved behind sam and cupped her huge tits as i pushed my cock against her ass and it easily popped inside, i began slowly pushing deeper inside before pulling out and pushing back in, i was fucking her with long slow strokes taking my time to enjoy her warm tight hole.
Sam screamed and i knew she was getting really close now, i pulled my cock free and fell to my knees and let my tongue wiggle around her gaping asshole.

I could actually see kimi's flat stomach start expanding as sam dumped copious amounts of hot viscous spunk deep within her womb, kimi was shaking and crying as her body was wrecked by the sensations that were flowing through her, sam's cock was still spurting cum as she pulled free and coated her ass in a layer of sticky cum, sam stumbled backwards and landed on her arse as i watched a stream of cum flowing from kimi's gaping hole.
Kimi fell flat on her front still trembling and shaking riding the last waves of intense pleasure she had just been exposed to, i moved down and began licking the thick warm cum dripping from her pussy, it tasted devine and i wanted more so i took my time cleaning her ass of all of sams cum untill i found myself tongue fucking her tiny ass hole, kimi was once again letting moans and grouns slip from her mouth as i hungrily ate her ass.

My cock was pulsing with excitement as this little slut pushed her ass back against my invading tongue, i began pinching her swallon clit between my fingers as i continued my tongue assault on her heavenly ass.
Her pussy was still drooling sams cum mixed with her own pussy juice which coated my face nicely, i pulled myself back up and began poking my huge cock into her ass hole, just slightly pushing not wanting to hurt her, sam had recovered and was ready for a little more fun it seemed although her massive cock had disappeared!
Sam was smiling broadly as she watched me poking my huge cock at the entrance of kimi's asshole as she began stroking her soaking pussy which was spilling juices down her inner thighs at a glorious rate, finally the head of my cock pushed inside this little sluts ass which made her squeal out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, i started slowly and began pushing inside more and more untill i was about a quarter inside then pulled back to push back in, after a few mintues of slowly fucking her ass i finally got past half way inside when i started feeling funny.

I began to feel wierd on so many levels as i felt myself changing and once again like last night with alison, suddenly i lost control of my body and my cock began transforming!
My massive cock started twisting and turning inside this little asian girl and soon enough my cock took the form of a tentacle which pounded kimi's ass with pleasure, kimi's screams filled the gym as my new tentacle cock slithered inside deeper and deeper and like a jackhammer pounded her more and more, soon i was inside her gut and still fucking her hard, my tentacle cock still changing shape and size as i massacered her tight asshole, before long my tentacle cock had expanded its size and length to an alarming amount as i continued fucking her tiny body hard, kimi's screams were turning into moans and groans and she covered my cock with pussy juice as her tiny body shaked and shivered to an extent that i never knew possible.
"UUUUUUURGHHH, AHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, my pussy is on fire!"

"Holy fuck, i cant stop CUMMMMMING!"

More screams of pleasure filled the room as i looked over at sam squirting pussy juice all over the floor as she watched me fucking kimi, beads of sweat were dripping down my naked flesh as i pounded even deeper inside kimi's ass, i was in a state of lust that i had never encountered before, my thrusting tentacle sending waves of pleasure through this little girls body was driving me crazy.
Kimi's body was spasming out of control and her ass muscles clenching around my huge cock was nearing too much for me to handle as i let out a massive roar of ecstacy and began pumping my hot cum deep within her bowels, by this time kimi had passed out as i continued filling her up with so much cum it was spilling out on the gym floor, her body looked amazing glazed with our viscous fluids and once my tentacle cock finished dumping my cum inside her guts i collapsed on top of her letting out sighs of relief.
Sam joined us on the gym mat as we drifted off to sleep for a few hours.

2 or 3 hours later we awoke still coated in spunk and pussy juice, we lay there staring into each others eyes for a while before we all got up and headed to the old gym's showers, once we cleaned up our mess we all got dressed and walked kimi back to her house before me and sam went back to my house.
When we got to my house i told sam to call her mum and let her know she is staying here tonight with me and alison, while she called her mum i prepared dinner for us.
Sam came back from the phone call and we sat down at the kitchen table to eat the sandwichs i made for us.
"Some day eh sam?"

"It sure was jess, wheres your sister?"

"Not sure, lets go find out."

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