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That night brought on the best sleep I have ever had. Completely relaxed, totally drained and my beautiful sister in my arms. While the sun was still low in the early morning sky I felt Jamie begin to stir. Turning to face me she gave me a quick peck on the lips as she was hopping out of bed and running to the bathroom. I just stretched out in my now empty bed going over the events of the past 24 hours. A few minutes later Jamie popped her head in my room to tell me she would be home from practice around 2. I nodded back to her and drifted back off for a little bit needing a little more sleep after the day I had yesterday.

A few hours later I woke up and after the morning ritual decided to go lay out by the pool. I had a body to show off, I might as well get used to being in it and get a tan at the same time. After some time laying out and taking a few laps in the pool I headed inside to see about something to eat. Only a few minutes told me everything I needed to know, the grocery store was a much needed destination. Leaving Jamie a note on the fridge I grabbed my car keys and headed out to do some food shopping.

A murderous two hours later I was finally pulling into the driveway again. While bringing in the groceries Jamie heard me and came downstairs to start putting things away, once everything was put up we decided on burgers for dinner. While I got the grill cranked up and warming Jamie was inside getting the burgers prepped up for me. Side by side just like normal we prepared our dinner, it was almost like we were normal siblings still. I savored the feeling hoping that it would always be like this. In all reality we could never be together, I knew she knew this just as well as I did. The potatoes and asparagus cut up and seasoned I went out to throw them on the grill. It was still early enough that there was still good sun in the backyard so I threw off my shirt and laid back until it was time to throw the burgers on.

A few minutes later I heard the door open and close, then a plate being put down on the grill area. I opened my eyes to watch Jamie walk over to me. Her hair up in a ponytail, a small black bikini top and a short pleated skirt on, I was going to have to remember to ask her where she learned to dress like this. Not that I’m complaining. She walked right over to my lounger and stepped over me before sitting down on my lap giving me the briefest of glimpses showing me she wasn’t wearing any panties. As soon as she made contact with my crotch she began to wiggle around. Her movements and knowing she had nothing on under that skirt got me started. I reached out my hands and grabbing her hips I pulled her pussy down onto my growing erection giving her a little taste of her own doing.

“So how kinky are you prepared to get big brother?” she asked as innocently as she could given the situation. Looking up at her my response was automatic. “I was the one who wanted to fuck his little sister, remember?” As I said remember I pulled her down and pushed up harder than we had been causing her to loose her train of thought for a minute. “Mmmm. Good I’ve got some pretty wild fantasies of my own, and I want to do ALL of them.” Wondering what she could possibly be fantasizing about I told her that her wish was my command. The answer I got wasn’t what I was looking for but it would do. She wanted me to finish making dinner. I spoil her, I know, its my own fault. And with that I stood up taking her with me one hand under her ass holding her up while the other got ready to grill. With the burgers now on the grill and my sister still attached to my body giving me little kisses all over my shoulders and neck, I took this little respite and made full use of it. Shifting a little bit under the guise of getting more comfortable my hand supporting her was now in perfect position to play with her little pussy. I picked up the spatula and started playing with the burgers as the fingers on my other hand slipped between her lips lightly tracing her pussy. This elicited a moan from the little beauty cradled on me.

As my fingers played around, teasing my little beauty I could feel her holding onto me tighter and tighter. Smiling to myself and still playing with the food on the grill I started to slowly slip my ring finger inside of her, slowly at first just wiggling around. As my finger entered her deeper I started up a short rhythm matching movements between my ring finger and now my pinky as I began to lightly caress her clit. Her juices were now running down my fingers, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me supporting her own weight. With this new freedom given me I had a little more maneuverability and decided to see just how far my sister really wanted to go. I wet all my fingers with her juices re inserting my ring finger, quickly joined by my middle finger as I continue playing with her pussy feeling her get wetter and tighter. Jamie is now panting and squeezing onto me, my fingers are slowed down with how tight she is becoming. Feeling her orgasm grow near my remaining finger begins to circle around her asshole. I continue just circling and ribbing over it until she relaxes a little giving me the perfect opportunity. My finger slips right into her tight ass leaving my sister squeezed and impaled upon my hand. With the intrusion into her ass her movements stop and I pick up with mine not taking us out of the rhythm we were just in. In a matter of seconds she resumes her bucking against my hand with renewed vigor, her breaths coming in short gasps now as her pussy and ass tighten and release on my fingers. Feeling her back near the edge I put the spatula down and with my free arm hold her tight to me as I assault her nether region with my other hand bringing her to orgasm immediately. Being outside in stead of screaming she bites down on my shoulder, with how hard she is biting she must be drawing blood. As her orgasm fades away I take her in my arms and lower her back onto the lounger that started this all leaving her to gather her senses as I got the food off the grill and ready to eat.

As I was plating our dinner I looked over to see my sister just laying there staring at me, I motioned her over to the table signaling dinner was ready. We both with stomachs growling attacked our food not leaving any time to talk. As we finished our meal and started to clean up I asked her if she was ok hoping I hadn’t gone to far too fast.

“I’m great, you just keep doing things to me before I have to ask you to do them. Its looking like we have some of the same desires” she answered. My mind now at ease I figured now was as good as any to see what my boundaries were if I even had any. I told Jamie to go pick out a movie for us to watch while I did the dishes. I walked into the tv room and sat down on the couch just as she was closing the dvd player. She came over and snuggled up next to me tucking her feet under her and resting her head on my chest. Not knowing how to ease into the conversation I blurted, “So what are the boundaries for this? I can pretty much do anything and I don’t know about you but the weirder it is the more I want to try it.” Settling into my chest and herself she took a moment to think about it, then abruptly got up and walked to her room. When she returned she had a small notepad and a pen with her. Sitting now on the opposite side of the couch from me I watched as she would furiously scribble something down then turn the page and go back into thought. This went on for quite a few pages, when finished she closed the notepad and handed it to me. Not really understanding what was going on I just gave her a questioning look.

She slid back over and giving me a kiss said, “Just don’t hurt me. That’s your limit. I wrote down all the things I want to happen and they better mister! But do things for you to, if I don’t like it ill tell you to stop.” With now hearing her explanation all I could think about was the notepad, but as I went to open it she put her hand on mine and asked me not to look at it until she was taking her shower. And then to surprise her with something when she was done. With that settled we snuggled up with each other, both of us enjoying this new found intimacy we shared.

With the credits now rolling on the movie we both began to stir, Jamie heading of for a shower and myself going to my room to read some of her fantasies. As I sat in my room, music playing in the background, I flipped through what she wrote down. Each turn of the page causing my jaw to drop lower and my eyes to bug out more. Lil sis was a straight perv. Some of her ideas I hadn’t even thought of, and I had some seriously weird stuff on my mind. I reread the suggestions four times and each time through one of them kept poking out at me. My mind settled I sat back and waited for my sister to get done with her shower.

Needing to kill some time I swiveled my chair around and starting messing around with my Xbox. I kept a half an ear out finally hearing the shower stop and her hairdryer kick on. Knowing she was almost done with her shower I saved my game and shut everything down. As I turned around she walked in the room, “Have you decided?” she asked. Nodding my head as I stood up I walked over to her and leaned down to kiss my little beauty as I pulled her towel loose and let it fall to the floor. Our lips locked I pushed her over to the bed and down onto it. Her ass on the edge I knelt down about to have my first direct taste of her pussy. I started off giving kisses and licks all around her, her scent becoming stronger and stronger, I started licking up and down her outer lips listening to her moan and watching her start to shift around wanting to feel what was about to come. Not being able to wait any longer I slid my tongue down the outside of her pussy and brought it back up separating her lips. Just before I reached her clit I pulled my tongue back down wanting to taste more of her sweet nectar. Finding her honey hole I drove my tongue inside of her, making it longer as I did, as I pulled her hips into my face. My now 5 inch tongue was flipping around licking every part of her love tunnel, her body now thrashing wildly against my face when I grew my second tongue. Just an off-shoot of the original I pulled my face back just enough to allow it to snake up and start assaulting her clit. Her body now going crazy I had to really clamp down on her to keep her from getting away. Her screams and twisting had my cock at full attention just waiting for his turn as I grew my third tongue. Continuing my frenzied licking of her clit and pussy my third tongue snaked down and began licking her asshole, lightly at first just lubing up the area. As I felt her body begin to tense readying herself for her orgasm I pushed on her hole not quite sending my tongue inside her. All these sensations at one time were too much for her sending her over the edge bucking and thrashing around. Unable to hold onto her I backed away standing up.

As her orgasm was fading I grew her fantasy, a second cock. I made both mirror images of one another at 7 inches long and a bit over an inch wide. Moving right up between her legs not giving her a chance to recover I lifted up her legs placing them on my chest as I leaned into her pushing into her pussy with my bottom dick. She was so wet I slid right in all the way on the first stroke feeling her pussy still trembling from her orgasm. After a few strokes I pulled out of her pussy and shifting a little lower I pushed into her ass. She tensed up at first but I kept pushing, as soon as I broke into her ring, my head popping inside her body relaxed. With a few short strokes I had my cock half buried in her ass. It felt wonderful. Pulling out almost all the way I lined up my other cock with her pussy and pushed forward penetrating both of her holes. Slowly I invaded her body until I was all the way inside her. Relishing this feeling I ground into her as I reached down placing my arms right above her shoulders locking her into place underneath me.
With one final push into her I pulled back so I was barely inside of her and pulled down on her shoulders as I pushed back in. Each stroke becoming harder and faster than the one before, my lust for her overtaking me I began driving into her animalistic. My grunts matching her moans and screams, her hands were on my chest dragging her nails down breaking skin, my arms pulling her into me harder and harder feeling double the pleasure.

That’s when I started to feel it, the slight contractions telling me she was getting close to her second orgasm. I hoped I could hold out, but I was shown I couldn’t, as she squeezed down on me tighter I sank fully into her and unleashed rope after rope of cum from both my cocks. As I emptied myself into her she came off the bed her back arched at an almost impossible angle every muscle rigid, her mouth open in a silent scream. Her muscles kept tightening up squeezing me to the point it was almost painful when with a loud exhale she crumpled back to the bed, passed out. I pulled out of my sister, leant down to give her a kiss and turned and left for the shower.

Completely drained the shower was a welcome relief. Just standing under the hot water started to rejuvenate me. As I started to wash myself I replayed the events that had just taken place. Lost in my thoughts I started to stroke my top cock, the world so forgotten I didn’t even notice the shower curtain opening and closing or the body now occupying the shower with me until I felt a second smaller pair of hands on my lower cock stroking it in time with my movements. Looking down I saw Jamie on her knees, tired but still with a sparkle of lust in her eyes. She pushed my hands away now stroking me, a cock in each hand as she scooted forward.

With a smile up at me I watched as her lips slowly parted around the head of my top cock, taking me in inch after inch until her nose was buried against my stomach. With a swallow she pulled back and forced her face back to my stomach. My eyes rolled back into my head feeling her throat close around me. I looked back down to see her with her arms at her sides squeezing her tits together as she was holding my lower cock in between them. Her movements syncing up she was now fucking my cock with her face while I was titty fucking her. Even thought I had just cum, and cum hard, she hungrily attacked me wanting more cum from me. I was not going to disappoint. After only another minute I felt my orgasm building up, my cocks getting harder under her touch. Finally I felt my cum rolling up from my balls to my shaft and on its way out of my body I pulled away from her taking a cock in each hand and jerked my cum all over her. Spurt after spurt shooting out of my cock covering her face and tits, I kept squeezing until I had nothing left. Looking at Jamie I saw her the sexiest yet, completely covered in my cum smiling up at me as she was licking it off her face. Helping her up we both began to wash, finishing up our shower with no more than a few playful grabs and squeezes.

Exiting the bathroom we headed our separate ways. Me to my video games and her to her phone. After awhile she popped back into my room and settled down on my bed letting me know that one of her friends was coming over the next day and most likely going to stay the night. Turning to her I asked if she thought I should be in my regular body. Laughing she told me she thought it would be a perfect trial run. I returned my attention to my game, Jamie occupied with watching me play and her phone. After awhile of Fus Roh Dah I started to get tired so shutting off the game I crawled into bed snuggling up to my sister. The exertions of the day pulling me directly into slumber.

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Really good.
Keep up the good work.
It reads like what a normal person would do if they had these powers. Small experiments to start and then working up to crazy things.
4 Stars!

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I didn't like this one. Please make him turn into a different hot girl and give other guys handjobs

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this sounds like chapter two of a series WHERE THE HELL IS THE BEGINING?

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