I continued to see Amy during her senior year in high school, my junior year. We were both on the forensics team, which was how we met in the first place. This meant that we spent about as much time together in school as we did out of school. Our forensics team actually had a class that could be taken for credit as many times as we wanted. It was always the lest class of the day, so arranged by the school so that when we were practicing, we didn’t have to cut ourselves short for passing period or other classes.

During the fall and winter, our school had competitions where our team would compete. These competitions were always organized by other high schools, not always in our city. We would be stuck driving around the state and even to adjacent states in order find meets. Amy and I kept it quiet that we were together for the most part when we were at school. There were people in my close group of friends who knew, as in hers, but none of our friends on the forensics team knew. We kept it that way for the whole year.

We got away with a lot during the school year. We both had study hall during the same period, but in different parts of the school. So we would get hall passes from our forensics teacher before school, pre-signed and ready to go, so we could go to the library. Whenever we “went to the library,” we went everywhere but.

The first time we did anything really sexual at school, it was in a stairwell in the back of the English department wing during the first month of school. During passing period, this stairwell would be packed with kids trying to get to classes. But when classes are in session, they were always empty. To get from the first to the second floor, you had to go up four flights of six stairs each. That meant that there was a landing in between the floors which you couldn’t see until you started going up or down the stairs. There were also heavy doors at the top and bottom of the stairs that made a hell of a noise whenever they were opened.

We met there on a Friday. We had a competition that started the next day in a small town a couple of hours away, so I actually did want to spend study hall with Amy going over my routine for competition, but she had other plans. I met her in the upstairs hallway five minutes after class started, and then walked with her to the stair well. She was wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt which showed off her body. Her breasts stuck, inviting wandering eyes to focus on them. Her shorts showed off her sweet ass, and her long slender legs. We started going down stairs, and she stopped me to kiss me passionately on the landing between floors.

I started getting hard. She pressed her body up against mine, rubbing her thigh up against my groin. She purred in my ear and whispered “how do you like this landing?”

“I think you know what I’d like more,” I whispered back.

“Like what?” she inquired. She loved it when I talked dirty to her. In turn, I loved it when she talked back.

“Like you sucking my cock,” I said a little louder than I meant, the word “cock” echoing around us in the empty stairwell.

“mmm” was all she said, reaching down to my groin and grabbed my bulge. She dropped to her knees, unzipping my pants on her way down. My cock flipped out of my pants almost instantly, already standing at full attention. She smiled at it, and without once looking up, began blowing me in the stairwell.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Not in this building where about ninety percent of everyone I knew was within a hundred yard radius of where I was getting my cock sucked. The thought of being caught by a friend was driving me crazy. E thought of being caught by one of her friends made me even crazier. Amy was bi, and was always reaching out to other girls to see if they shared her curiosity in other women. My mind flashed with fantasies of one of her friends finding us, and joining us.

Amy was expertly blowing me. Her lips glided up and down my shaft, her tongue pressing up against the bottom of by dick. Occasionally she took my dick from her mouth so she could lick up and down the shaft, kissing it, lightly biting it. She flicked her tongue across the tip, driving me crazy. The sensation had reached a tipping point by the time she put the head of my dick back in her mouth, I was already very close. She deep throated me, bringing her lips all the way to the base of my cock, her tongue wrapping around it.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum,” I said, the word “cum” echoing around the stairwell as I shot my load into her open mouth. She pulled back so that her lips were wrapped around the head of my cock only, and she sucked hard as I came. When I finished, she licked up and down my shaft, cleaning any dribbles of cum that escaped her mouth.

“Ok baby, my turn,” she whispered, standing back up. I reached down to her crotch and started rubbing her pussy with one hand while I reached behind her and grabbed her ass with my other.
I was about to work my hand down her shorts when a loud noise at the top of the stairwell told us that the door had just opened. Without a word, we began walking down the stairs. Amy was clearly frustrated by the interruption, she had not gotten off yet. I threw an arm around her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Don’t worry, we still have the library.”

The school library was split into four areas. The entrance had the circulation desk where students had to sign in and drop off their hall passes. Students were not allowed to leave without their hall passes, and those passes had to be signed by the teacher who issued the hall pass and the librarian to certify that the students had actually done what they were supposed to. Beyond the entrance was a commons where there were old couches and tables for students to study at. Straight ahead there was the reference stack, where the library had all of its encyclopedias and dictionaries. To the left of the entrance and commons were the fiction and non-fiction stacks. About eight feet tall, it was easy to get lost in those rows of books. But as soon as we signed in, I took Amy towards the right side of the library where the computer labs were.

There were four computer labs. Two of them were actually classrooms where the computer sciences classes were taught. The other two were general purpose labs open to the regular student body. There were always a handful of kids in these labs. But in-between the class-room labs and the public labs, there were the library’s bathrooms. Unlike every other bathroom in the school where there were banks of urinals and toilets, these had doors with locks and only one toilet in each. They technically weren’t supposed to be used by students, but the librarians would let students use them as an alternative to signing them out and then back in again so they could go to the hallway.

Amy and I split up when we got inside the library so it didn’t look obvious that what we were there for. She went to the bathroom first, and I followed about five minutes later. Neither of us asked permission, but the librarians seemed to be busy dealing with another student. Too busy to bother with either me or Amy. When I got to the door, it was locked. I knocked four times, our pre-arranged sign for it being me. She opened the door, and I stepped inside.

The first thing I saw was her clothes laying in a pile in the corner. All of them. I spun around to see her standing completely naked in front of me. “We have to be quick,” she urged, “or we’ll get caught for sure.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I moved in to kiss her, but she had other ideas. She grabbed me by my hair, and fiercely said “No, you’ve had your turn. It’s mine now,” and pushed me to my knees.

I smiled. She had these occasional bouts where I had to be her slave or whatever. They came and went, usually only when she was really horny, or where I had been very selfish. She leaned against the cold tile wall and as soon as my knees hit the floor, she spread her feet so that her pussy opened up to me. She was shaved clean, as always, and today looked like she was even fresh shaved from her morning shower. Her pussy was wet, and as she pulled by head towards it, I could smell her, making me hard all over again.

I started by running my tongue up and down her pussy lips. She put both hands on the back of my head and started to grind her hips against my face. She was enjoying being in her position a little too much, so I decided to surprise her. I began licking around her clit, and while I did that, I took two fingers and slid them deep into her pussy.

She gasped and her knees buckled for a moment. I reached up with my other hand to one of her breasts and gave it a light squeeze. She placed one hand over the top of mine, urging me to squeeze harder, and kept her other hand on the back of my head. She pulled on my hair tightly as I brought her closer to orgasm. I moved my fingers in a “come to me” motion insider her. My mouth was moving feverishly, using a trick she taught me where I would use my tongue to spell out the alphabet on her clit.

“Oh my god…” she panted, her body convulsing lightly. My dick had gotten hard again, and I was ready to give her more than just two fingers. I took my hand from her pussy, and started using my tongue over her whole slit again. She was dripping wet and ready for it. With my free hand, I reached down to my belt and undid it. Then I undid my button and unzipped. I pulled my other hand down from her breast and pulled my pants down to my knees. My cock jumped loose from my boxers, ready for action.

Amy noticed what I was doing and approved. She still had a fistful of my hair, so she pulled me up and pushed me against the opposite wall roughly. She reached down to my dick and gave it a few quick jerks while she kissed me, licking her own pussy juices off my mouth. She never minded the taste of her own pussy on my mouth, something which I was never quite able to reciprocate when I came in her mouth. It is what it is.

When she was done kissing me, she turned around and let my dick rub up against her ass. For a brief moment, I thought she was going to let me fuck her ass, but she dispelled the notion when she grabbed my cock from between her legs and guided me into her pussy. “Let me know when you’re going to cum,” she moaned, “I want to swallow all of your cum again.”

I grabbed her hips and she bent over. I began thrusting my hips against hers, fucking her hard from behind. She put her hands over her breasts to keep them from moving too violently while I thrust myself in and out of her pussy. Every once in a while, I would slow my rhythm so that I could press my dick as far inside her as I could. When I did this, the tip of my penis would brush up so deep inside her that she would gasp lightly, and then start moving her hips again, urging me to continue fucking her. She came at least twice when I did this, once lightly calling out in ecstasy. I gave her a little spank and then would start thrusting my hips again.

I could feel a wave welling up inside my groin. I gave a few more thrusts and then whispered, “I’m going to cum, oh shit here I cum.”

She quickly slipped my dick out of her pussy and spun around, falling to her knees in one seamless motion. But it wasn’t fast enough. My first shot of cum hit her square in the face, landing on her cheek between her right eye and her nose, and quickly dribbling down towards her mouth. She was so shocked that she didn’t immediately move towards my dick to stop my next shot, which covered her right tit. Finally, she composed herself and brought her mouth to my dick to take in my last few shots of jism. While she swallowed me, she raised one hand to her breast and rubbed my cum into her skin like a lotion, and fingered herself furiously with the other, making herself cum again.

After I finished, she continued licking my cock for a couple of minutes, clearly enjoying the taste of cum and pussy which covered my cock. She used my cock to wipe the cum off her face, then licking it off my tip. Once I started to get flaccid, she stood up and went to the sink to wipe herself off with a paper towel and warm water.

I pulled my pants up and turned to her. “That was great,” I said in a hushed voice, more conscious of where I was now that my pants were back on.

“Yeah, lover,” she replied, “it was.” She gave me a sly smile as she slipped her thong back on.
“Do you want me to leave first, or do you want me to wait?” I wasn’t exactly the most romantic seventeen year old, I admit.

But she recognized the sense of what I was saying. “Yeah,” she said, “I need a few minutes anyway. What are you doing for lunch?”

“Whatever is in the cafeteria I guess? Whatssup?”

“I was thinking,” she whispered, a sly smile returning to her face, “I could use a shower. What do you say we pick something up and go to your house?”

I smiled and nodded.

To Be Continued…

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