A new series i have been working on, i hope everyone likes it!
A new series i have been working on and just finished!
I hope everyone enjoys it!

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The Jenkings family was just like your everyday normal family, or was it?
My name is Rob and this is my story of how my family took a strange turn in life, how i started having daily sex with my sisters and my mother!
Well i am 14 years old and about 5 ft 7" tall, i weigh about 150 lbs and have brown hair and blue eyes, i have 3 sisters ellie, becky and sara.

Ellie is 13 years old with long blonde hair, blue eyes and about 5ft tall, shes slim and lightly tanned, she has small A-cup breasts which compliment her small frame perfectly for her age.

Becky is 16 years old with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and is 5 ft 3" tall, she is a beautifull young woman with 36B breasts who is also lightly tanned, she has an amazingly toned body due to her school gymnastics training.

Sara is 18 years old with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes, she is 5ft 7" tall with beautiful long legs and large 36D breasts, she is very tanned and has a very beautiful slim body, she works part time at the local ice cream store.

My mother Sophie is 36 years old with a great looking body considering shes had 3 kids, she has 38DD breasts and long brown hair, shes 5ft 6" tall with a slightly tanned body, my mother has a lovely body with curves in all the right places, i mean wow her hips are super sexy and her legs are out of this world.

Well thats my family!

Things took a very dim and gloomy turn in life about 4 years ago when my dad died in a car accident, things were very bad for a while and we all missed him so much, my little sister ellie would often come into my room at night crying, i would let her sleep with me and cuddle her to sleep.
Although my dad died we are quite a wealthy family due to his success in life and his life insurance package which made sure we would live comfortably for the foreseeable future, we moved house 2 years ago since it was just too hard to stay where we were with what happened to my dad.

Our new house was a large 4 bedroom place with our swimming pool in the back, 2 large bathrooms and a 2 door garage, things have finally gotten back on track in our lifes and we began to do normal family things again.
I got on well with my sisters for the most part but occasionally we would be down each others throats as you might expect for a boy among 4 women!

Living with 4 women was quite hard at times but it had advantages too for a boy my age with my hormones rampaging, yes it aint exactly normal to be looking at your sisters and mother as sexual objects but i figured it was just a stage i would get through, but since i got my computer for my 14th birthday present i had the internet to investigate for my sexual needs.
Today was just like any other day really, it was summer so we were all off school for our summer holidays, i woke up at 8am with a raging hardon as normal, so i took my time to wank myself off before i got out of bed and headed for the shower and of course the door was locked...
I knocked on the door a few times "who is it?" becky said, "its me becky i need a shower, how long you gonna be?" "i only just got in here, use the other bathroom" she said, so i lazily walked to the other bathroom and knocked on the door "i'll be out in a minute" i heard my mother shout, so i waited for a minute untill the door swung open and my mother walked out, "good morning sweety, i'll be going to visit aunt katie soon so do as sara says while i'm gone ok" she said.
"good morning mum, ok well say hello for me" i said before she walked off down the stairs, i went in the bathroom and locked the door and got myself showered, after i finished in the bathroom i went to my room to get a fresh change of clothes before heading downstairs for breakfast.

As i walked into the kitchen i saw my 3 sisters eating breakfast, "hey rob, good morning" ellie said with a mouth full of cereal, "morning sis" i said as i walked to the fridge to see if they left any milk for me, lucky enough there was a fresh carton of milk unopened so i made myself some cereal too and joined my sisters at the table, "were all going tanning by the pool rob, so let me know if your planning on going out or something" sara said, "ok."
I finished eating my breakfast as my sisters all went to get there bikini's and head to the pool outside, great i thought to myself thinking about that new porno website i found yesterday, i quickly finished eating and ran upstairs to my room, i switched my pc on and took my shorts and boxers off before heading to my window to check my sisters were all busy tanning, i must admit i lingered at the window for a few minutes admiring the view of my sisters by the pool.

I could feel my knob getting hard as i watched my beautiful sisters tanning and i couldnt resist giving my rapidly hardening cock a good squeaze and tug, i continued watching for a minute more while stroking my hard cock untill i decided to get back to my pc.
I quickly got the porno website up and clicked on a video with beautiful blonde girl getting fucked by a guy from behind, i had my hand wrapped around my cock in a flash as i watched this amazingly sexy vid, i wanked myself off slowly to make myself last longer so i could watch more porn vids.

As the first porno finished i clicked on a lesbian porno with 2 asian girls, i wrapped my hand around my cock again and continued wanking while watching this very hot porno, my breathing was getting faster and i wanked myself harder and faster, i was so into what i was doing i didnt realise my bedroom door had opened and my little sister ellie was behind me untill she spoke.
"What are you doing rob? what are they doing?" she said, i nearly jumped out my skin as i heard her soft curious voice, "whoa shit, i'm just err i erm just erm....." i squawked, i quickly clicked off the website and span round on my chair to see ellie looking at me curiously, then i realised i was naked from the waist down, "rob!!, i can see your thingy!" she squealed, her eyes were glued to my rock hard cock while i tried to explain, "well you see ellie, i was feeling funny down there and tried making myself feel better."

Her eyes were still glued to my hard prick, "were you wanking? i heard about it at school but i havnt seen one before" she said as she eyed my throbbing cock, "well yeah i was but you shouldnt say that word ellie, mum will be mad if she heard you saying it" i said, i couldnt help but feel more aroused than normal as my innocent little sister eyed my hard cock up and down, pre cum oozing from my piss slit as she stared, "whats that stuff?" she asked, "well its pre cum, it comes out when i feel good" i told her.
My eyes were now glancing at her gorgeous young body as pre cum continued flowing down my shaft, "can i touch it bro? she asked, i took a second to gather my thoughts before i answered her but before i could say a word she reached out and grabbed my shaft, "URRGGH, oh my god sis, i guess you can but be gentle ok!" i said, "mmmm its so hard but feels soft at the same time" she said as she gently rubbed my throbbing cock, she moved her little hand awkwardly up and down my shaft slowly and my pre cum oozed out my slit over her hard.
"WOW, its so hot and sticky" she said, i took her hand away and got up out my chair and moved to my bed, "come here and sit down" i told her, she came over and sat next to me and wrapped her tiny hand around my oozing cock again, "can i see yours too?" i asked, she reached behind and undid her bikini top before standing and pulling her bikini bottoms off.

My mouth was wide open gob smacked at the site of perfect little body, i couldnt believe just how amazing her tiny little tits were and her little pussy with just a little patch of hair above her young pussy, "WOW ellie, you.. your beautiful" i said, "hehehehe" she giggled as she sat back down next to me, she once again gently wrapped her little hand around my stiff dick, i reached out and placed the palm of my hand over her little tit, her perky nipple sticking into my hand felt awesome, "MMMMM, that feels great" she sighed.
She continued wanking my shaft slowly as i played with her nipple making her sigh in pleasure, "use your mouth ellie" i told her, "ewwww, thats nasty rob" she squealed, "i'll do it to you if you do it to me!" i said, "hmmm ok then i guess, she bent down slowly and stuck her tongue out to taste my cock, her tongue awkwardly licked the tip of my dick and my pre cum, "hmm its not bad actually, a little salty but not bad at all" she said before opening her mouth and sliding the head of my rock hard cock past her lips.
The warmth of her unskilled mouth sent chills through my body, "oooohh, thats good sis, keep going" i cooed, i placed my hand on the back of her head lightly applying pressure trying to get her to take more of me, her tiny mouth could only take about half of my 7" dick but that was more than enough to send me over the edge, "i'm...i'm gonna.....cummmm" i sighed as the first spurt of my salty load splashed the back of her throat, she jerked back in surprise as the second string of cum hit her across the cheek followed by a 3rd and 4th spurt that hit her neck and chest.

I was panting hard as i finished cumming, "WOW sis, that was awesome, thanks so much" i said as i smiled at her, "my turn" she said with a huge grin on her innocent little face, "lay back ellie" i commanded, she fell back on my bed i got down on my knees and took a second to take in the amazing sight of her young virgin pussy, as i moved closer the scent of pussy was intoxicating, i opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to taste the first pussy ever in my life, i slipped my tongue over her virgin cunt taking my time to get a really good taste, "mmmm, you taste so sweet" i said.
I moved my hands up and parted her precious little pussy as i flicked my tongue forward and moved it up and down her little slit making her whine in pleasure, "OH god rob, what are you doing to me, i have never felt like this before" she squealed out as i continued flicking my tongue up and down her growing wet pussy, i then found the hood hiding her tiny clit, as i parted her hood back and revealed her perfect clit i clamped my mouth down and sucked on her clit hard, which made her squeal quite loud and she flooded my mouth with a river of sweet juices, i drank the sweet nectar and tongue tackled her pussy for more.

Ellie had started pushing back against my probing tongue which helped me to pierce her virgin cunt for the first time, my god she was so tight as my tongue pushed inside her pussy canal and began exploring the inner walls of her perfect pink pussy, "OHH MY GOD....i...i'm CUMMING!!!" she squealed as she released a stream of delightfull juices into my mouth, my face was covered in her juices but i didnt stop probing her little pussy for a second, i was hungry and i continued munching her tiny cunt for a few minutes more, she once again screamed out as her body trembled from her new orgasm.
She ground her pussy back against my face hard, mashing herself against me untill once again her pussy juices filled my mouth, i drank as much of the sweet nectar as i could get before pulling away and looking up at my sweet little sister shaking on the bed before me, she lay there panting away as i licked my lips for the last few drops of pussy juices, "i..i never knew i could feel so good" she said, "you were amazing ellie, i could do that to you all day" i said.

I sat up on the bed and helped ellie back up and hugged her tightly before kissing her passionately letting my tongue invade her mouth, she eagrly accepted me into her mouth and we shared the most amazing kiss, suddenly becky shouted up stairs "HEY ELLIE, WHERE ARE YOU?", "EEEEE, oh no i better go quick" she squealed, she grabbed her bikini and ran out my room in a flash!
So there i was sitting on my bed face covered in pussy juice trying to wrap my head around what just happened, i just had oral sex with my little sister!!

I got myself together and got dressed before heading downstairs to watch some tv.

Later in the day my sisters piled in from outside and went off to change into something more suitable for around the house, i couldnt help but look at ellie in a new light as i watched her strole up the stairs, watching her tight sweet ass moving side to side as she disapeared up the stairs.
They returned a few minutes later and joined me on the couch to watch some tv, ellie was beside me and i let my mind wander for a bit thinking of how i could get to taste her again, but then the front door went and my mum walked in carrying a pizza, "hey guys, hows the day been? she said while smiling, "been a great day mum, and everyones behaved" sara told her.

We all grabbed some pizza and fell back on the couch watching tv and talking about the day, every now and then i caught glimpses from ellie smiling at me, man was my mind thinking of some dirty things right now, infact the naughty thoughts were giving me a boner so i decided to call it a day and head to my room before i go bed, " i'm off guys, see you in the morning" i said, i got a series of goodnights from everyone and i ran up to my room as quickly as i could hoping to get rid of this seriously hard erection i had grown!
I quickly stripped down and slipped inside my bed, my hand wrapped around my stiff cock within seconds and within minutes i cumming all over myself while thinking of ellie, i reached out my bed and flicked my lamp off and turned over to sleep and dream sweet thoughts.

In the middle of night i was awoken by ellie sliding into my bed as she often did complaining of nightmares or just being sad, however tonight she had no complaints as she slid next to me, "are you awake rob? she whispered in my ear, "Yeah, whats up ellie? another nightmare?" i asked, i rolled over to face her and placed my hand on her side to comfort her, the second my hand touched her i noticed she was naked as i felt no material from her pj's, "hehehe, that tickles" she giggled and i felt her hand sliding down my body to grab my hardening cock.
Ellie then pressed her mouth against mine and i felt her tongue pushing inside my mouth which i greeted with my own tongue, we shared a long passionate kiss as i felt her grip of my cock tightening, she was stroking my cock up and down as i moaned into mouth, i slid my hand down her naked young body untill i felt the warmth of her virgin cunt, i traced my fingers around her tiny pussy sliding them up and down her wet little slit, we finally broke our kiss as gasped for air, "mmmmm oh yeah that feels great rob!" she moaned, i pulled my hand back to my mouth and licked my middle finger getting it nice and wet before placing it back at her pussy.

I slowly pressed my finger against the entrance of her wet warm pussy before sliding it inside slowly, she gasped out as my intruding finger pushed inside her wet little hole, "your so tight" i whispered, she picked up the pace as she wanked my cock faster making let moans slip from my mouth, "URGH, god damn ellie, you make me so hard" i said, she smiled and she continued wanking me harder.
My finger was getting rather deep in her tight little pussy as she squealed out in pain, i must have hit her hymen so i pulled back a little but kept myself inside her, "sorry ellie" i whispered, "thats ok rob" she answered, she pulled her hand away from my cock before sliding down my body forcing my finger free of her wet cunt, i then felt her tiny warm mouth bobbing up and down on my now throbbing cock, i couldnt help but let small grunts leave my mouth as her wet mouth slid up and down my shaft.

Pre cum was pouring from my hard cock and i knew i wouldnt last much longer, "i'm gonna cum soon ellie" i whispered to her, that information seemed to excite her as she started sucking my cock harder and within second i was shooting my load in my sweet sisters mouth, i blasted 4 long loads into her mouth which she tried to swallow but her tiny mouth just couldnt handle it as my cum dripped out the corners of her mouth, she licked up what escaped her mouth and swallowed it back which really surprised me, i had only introduced her to this sort of thing today and shes allready a cum drinking slut!
She reappeared from under the bed sheets smiling widely with bits of cum hanging from her chin, i helped to wipe it off her before cupped her tits and began playing with her hard little nipples, "oooh" she whimpered as i piched her hardening nipples, "sit on my face ellie" i whispered to her, "ok" she agreed, she pulled herself up and sat on my chest while pushing her sweet pussy towards my eager mouth, she placed her hands behind her on my stomach holding herself up as my tongue lashed out at her dripping wet cunt, i took my time sliding my tongue up and down her young crack before clamping down and sucking hard on her wet pussy.
Ellie was grinding against my mouth as i continued sucking on her, her first orgasm was coursing through her body and i felt her shaking as she released pussy juices into my mouth, my god she tastes like heaven i thought to myself as i drank her sweet nectar, i pushed my tongue out as far as i could and pushed inside her little cunt, her tight little pussy muscles were pushing my tongue out as another stream of juice trickled down my throat, ellie was biting her lower lip trying to stop her moans and groans from waking everyone up.

She was so overtaken by lust she was humping my face with a fierce amount of force which made her slip and my tongue landed on her unused rosebud, i never thought about licking ass before but as my tongue was there right now flicking up and down it didnt taste bad at all, infact it was quite pleasant and the reaction from my tongue licking ellies arsehole was insane, she threw her head back and ground down hard forcing my tongue deep inside her tiny tight puckered hole, "holy shit rob, what are you doing!! it feels amazing!" she squealed.
I pushed my tongue deeper in her ass loving the taste of my young sisters unused hole, this sent her over the edge, her body began shaking violenty as her pussy poured an immense amount of pussy juices over my face, she fell back on me riding the last moments of pleasure that i had given to her.

I helped her back up off me and rolled her over on her side and we cuddled each other back to sleep.

In the morning i woke up to find my bed was now empty so i stumbled out of my bed yawning, i put some clothes on and went to the bathroom for a quick shower, without thinking i walked straight into the bathroom without knocking and found becky there completely naked, "what the fuck rob!, get out you nasty little perv before i kill you" she shouted, "sorry sis, i didnt know you were here" i squealed before turning and heading out the door, i ran to the other bathroom which luckily was empty so i got undressed and jumped in the shower.
After i finished showering i went to becky's room to appologise again to her, i knocked on her door a few times, "yeah come in" she shouted, i walked in and she was dressed in a skimpy bikini which looked way too small for her as her tits were bulging out the sides, "what do you want perv?" she joked, "i just wanted to say sorry for walking in on you, i wasnt thinking as i just woke up!" i said, "dont worry about it, mistakes happen" she said while smiling.

Before i could leave her room she stopped me and asked me to rub some sun tan lotion on her back which i agreed to do, afterall she is fucking hot as hell and i owed it to her for getting a peak, "ok give me the bottle and lay down" i told her, she passed me the bottle of lotion and flopped on her bed, i squirted a generous amount on her back and began rubbing it in slowly and gently, i climbed up on the bed over her legs to get a better angle which she didnt say anything about so i guessed that it was fine.
I pushed my palms into her back fairly hard as i massaged the lotion into her skin, "mmmm oh rob your really good at this" she moaned, i grabbed the bottle poured large amount into the small of her back, i massaged the oil all over her back taking my time to do it right, i let my hands slip a littles down her sides touching the sides of tits a little, becky let out a sigh as i continued rubbing down her sides occasionally rubbing the sides of tits, "ok rob thats enough, thanks for that" she said and i climbed off her and walked out the room to wash my hands and head down for breakfast.

After breakfast mom and sara announced they were heading to the mall for a few hours and would be back in 3 or 4 hours, before leaving out mom asked becky to make sure me and ellie didnt go out today and they left.
I decided to join becky and ellie by the pool today for a bit of tanning, i lay down my towel on one of the sunbeds and lay down on my front, becky and ellie both took sunbeds around the other side of the pool, after 30 minutes of tanning my back i turned over to start on my front, i noticed becky and ellie chatting and giggling away like a couple of little girls and thought nothing of it, after another 20 or 30 minutes i decided i had enough tanning so went back inside to shower off from the heat.

Once inside i walked up the stairs and starting running a shower while i undressed, i checked the temperature of the water before climbing in to cool off, suddenly the bathroom door opened and ellie walked in and stripped off infront of me smiling the entire time, "mind if i join you rob?" she asked cutely, "how could i ever refuse you ellie" i ansered, she climbed in the shower with me and we rubbed each other down slowly and lustfully/
I bent her over and got my knees to lick her sweet young cunt from behind, she was drenched from the shower and my tongue easily slipped inside her tight pussy, after a few minutes i had her cumming all over my face and i suggested we take it to my bedroom which she agreed happily!

As we walked to my room i wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close, "i love you ellie" i told her, "i love you too rob" she replied, i opened my bedroom door and walked inside and what i saw took me totally by surprise as i looked over my bed and saw becky completely naked laying her her back while rubbing her shaven pussy and moaning loudly, ellie shut the door behind us and becky sat up and smiled.
What the hell is going on i wondered, "come over here you two" she ordered, ellie took my hand and led me to becky on the bed, i was totally speechless at what was going on, becky reached out and her hand around my cock and pulled me close before dropping to her knees and sliding warm mouth over my cock, "oh jesus christ" i cried out, ellie giggled at my comment and joined becky on the floor, becky took my entire 6" hardon in her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth, she sucked my cock like a true slut untill she pulled free and ellie's mouth took her place sucking me off, i could feel myself losing control and fast as these 2 sluts sucked my cock.
What happened next really sent me wild as i felt becky licking my balls while ellie sucked my cock, it was just too much and i pulled my cock out of her mouth and began pumping huge loads all over ellies face, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 massive loads squirted all over her face and becky wasted no time licking my hot sticky spunk off of ellies cute face.

Once becky had ellie all cleaned up she looked at me, "your turn to eat our hot cunts" she ordered and i obeyed as i dropped to my knees and spread ellies pussy lips apart with my figers and flicked my tongue over her clit, "URRGGH ye rob, eat my fucking cunt" she shouted at me, i couldnt believe the words coming out of her mouth as i hungrily ate her dripping wet pussy, becky lay next to ellie and began sucking her nipples as i continued with the task at hand.
A few moments later ellie was filling my mouth with her hot sweet nectar, i then took my tongue and began licking her tight little anus with pride, "OH MY GOD, hes licking my asshole!" she screamed as another wave of pussy juice poured out of her, "hehehehe good boy rob" becky giggled, i lifted a finger and sucked it into my mouth soaking it with saliva before pushing against the entrance of her tight little butt, i clamped my mouth back on her clit as i slowly pushed my finger into her pucked hole.

It was mere seconds before ellie was once again trembling beneath me and coating my face with more pussy juices which eagerly lapped up and i drove my finger deeper into her anal passage, "I'm i.... i'm CUMMMMMMING" she screamed and a spray of juices squirted out from her pussy all over my face, my cock was once again standing to attention as i pulled away from ellie leaving her to shaking body to recover from my assault, "MY turn" becky announced.
I slid over to where becky was lying and pushed my face into her beautiful shaven pussy, "mmmmm yeah" she squealed as i flicked my togue accross her swallon clit, i pushed 2 fingers deep in her pussy as i continued licking her clit, "holy fuck rob, where did you learn to do that" she screamed, i didnt reply but began licking her clit faster and i began thrusting my fingers deep in her soaking pussy, she began to shake and tremble and i knew i was about to make her cum, "I'm FUCKING CUMMING!" she screamed.
She quite literaly coated my face in a layer of pussy juice as she squirted all over me, i felt her cunt muscles squeezing my fingers as she rode the waves of ecstacy i had caused her, when she finally stopped cumming she pushed me away and sat up on the bed, "have you ever had sex rob? becky asked, "no i havnt" i replied, becky smiled and pulled me up to the bed and pushed me on my back before standing and climbing on top of me, "ready" she asked, i nodded and with that i felt her warm wet pussy sinking on my rock hard cock, "holy fuck" i shouted, she began sliding up and down my cock faster and faster, i began pumping my hips in motion with her.

Ellie was lying back watching becky ride me while rubbing her wet cunt furiously, becky was crying out as she rode my cock making herself cum once again, i felt her pussy juices sliding down my shaft and soaking my balls, i reached up and grabbed her tits as she continued bouncing herself up and down on my cock, "i'm gonna cum soon becky" i shouted, "cum inside me rob" she squealed as another orgasm thrashed its way through her body, as her pussy muscles clenched around my cock i couldnt hold it any longer, "I'M CUMMING!" i shouted as i felt surges race through my shaft and the first string of jizz blasted into her tight wet pussy canal, after 4 big loads of cum filling her pussy my cock slipped out of her drenched pussy and she collapsed on my chest panting out of breath.
"I had no idea it could feel so good" i panted, becky climbed off me and slid down my body to suck the cum and pussy juice from my now limp dick, "holy shit you guys, that looks awesome!, can you fuck me next?" ellie begged, "sorry ellie i'm totally spent" i told her, becky lifted her head up, "maybe tommorow ellie" she said, "ok well we better get cleaned up and dressed before mum and sara come home" ellie said.

"Good idea" i agreed and we all went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, afterwards we got dressed and headed downstairs to lounge infront on the tv.

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I would love to win this contest for my yousegnt daughter who is now 17 she is one of the most amazing people I know. She gets 4.0's, is in Big Brother Big Sisters, works at the zoo, and helps to take care of me and the house since I have had MS for over 20 years. She has won so many awards I have lost count and has been the student of the year for her whole class for the last two years. I really pray to win this for her. She is so amazing for her age

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Yo u got it wrong, u said that the mom looked great even after 3 kids, that's just the girls, what about Rob? That would be 4! And great story, here's mine: I have great neighbors, I pretty much grew up with them, there's Gemma, 8, Jeff, 11, Ky, 13, and Mandy, 15. I have a secret. I have been fucking Ky for a year. Did I mention I'm 13? Yep. Jeff has been staring at my tits for quite a while, and I've cum while fantasying that both Ky and Jeff are doing me in both holes. Ky is the cutest black haired boy you'll ever meet, and personally I'm in love with him. Gemma is an adorable 8-year-old, she's so young, I've always wanted to taste her sweet, hairless virgin pussy. And Mandy's tits are beautiful. I love coming over to their house in the summer in case I find her tanning in a skimpy bikini. Wish me luck, I want to bring all them together in their large barn while me and Ky are fucking and see if Gemma, Jeff and Mandy join in

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