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My wife, Lisa, and I went to a couples club one night. We rented a room in a motel nearby so we wouldn't have to drive after we got drunk, as we knew we would. We have been to clubs such as this before, though not this one. We aren't swingers but have often enjoyed "adult" type fun, flashing and allowing guys to fondle her from time to time.

Lisa dressed in a very short, black dress. It was a halter style dress that tied behind her neck and was very low cut, showing off her gorgeous 38D tits. The hem of the dress was probably a good 6" above her knees...meaning that it came down barely enough to cover her ass and pussy. Underneath she wore a tiny black, sheer g-string that did little to cover her shaved crotch and the string in the back was so small she looked naked.

We arrived at the club around 10:00, there were several couples there but it was not full by any means. We got a table near the dance floor, which was raised with a rail around the floor. The club was larger than the others we had gone to and there was another difference as well. The majority of the couples in this club were black. There were 1 or 2 mixed couples and a few other white couples, but the majority were black.

We had been there around an hour when the place began to fill up. Our waitress was doing a great job keeping our drinks coming. Lisa was drinking Crown & 7, I was drinking beer. We both were doing shooters periodically so by the time the club was nearly full we were pretty buzzed.

We got up and danced a couple of songs. The dance floor was crowded so everyone was bunched together. A young black couple was dancing practically on top of us and Lisa began rubbing her ass against the male. As she did, he began to turn toward her and now they were dancing together and his wife and I were dancing. Soon, a slow song came on and we wrapped our arms around each other. During the dance we moved to where we weren't side by side with Lisa and her husband anymore.

As we danced I let my hands wander over her body, which she didn't mind, and I soon found out she wasn't wearing ANY panties under her dress. We danced 2 songs like this, kissing occassionally, and then the music sped up again. After another song we all left the dance floor and went to sit down. The couple asked us to join them but Lisa declined saying, "maybe later".

I left to go to the restroom and when I came back I didn't see Lisa anywhere. I assumed she was in the ladies room so I just waited at the table. After several minutes and middle aged white lady came and sat down with me. She asked if I wanted to dance but I told her I'd better wait for my wife. She then told me that Lisa was sitting with her husband at their table, and she pointed to the back of the club. We got up and walked back that way. Lisa was sitting in her husband's lap. He was a black man of around 55 or so. He wasn't fat but had a little weight on him.

As I walked up I noticed he was kissing the back of Lisa's neck. She had her head leaned to one side giving him access. As he kissed her his hands were busy as well. His right hand was inside the top of her dress playing with her left breast. His left hand was between her thighs. Her legs were only slightly separated but his hand was all the way up at her crotch, though I couldn't tell exacty what he was doing.

When Lisa saw me she told me they had asked her to join them. She said I had taken too long and someone had "snatched her up" and then she laughed. His wife and I sat down and we all talked for a few minutes. Lisa was still in his lap, his wife's hand was rubbing my leg and he seemed to be enjoying feeling everything Lisa had to offer! We stayed for several minutes then Lisa left to go to the ladies room.

While she was gone, the couple invited us over to their home. They only lived a few blocks away and wanted to take the party there. It was around 12:30 now and the crowd was still going strong. I thanked them for the offer but declined. I told them I had plans to take Lisa to the adult bookstore up the road when we left. I then walked back over to our table and ordered 2 more shots and 2 more drinks.

Lisa joined me and after drinking the drinks we danced again. The normal rubbing and feeling of nearly everyone in the vicinity of where you were dancing took place. Then we decided to have 1 more drink and leave. I asked our waitress to have their doorman call us a cab while we enjoyed our drink. Just before we got ready to leave, the waitress came over and pointed to a table and said, "the man over there said I should give this to you". I looked over and it was the couple we had been dancing with. Then, the waitress leaned down and stuck something in my shirt pocket.

Lisa went to the restroom again before we left so I pulled out the "gift" and found it was Lisa's panties! The man at the table smiled and waved at me and then stuck 2 fingers in his mouth. The waitress told me our cab was there and when Lisa came out we left.

I asked our cab driver to run us by our room. It wasn't a hotel, but an Inn with the rooms on the outside. When we got there I asked him to wait for a minute while Lisa and I went inside. We went in and smoked a joint and did a shot of tequila, then went back to the cab. I asked our driver to take us to the adult bookstore that was up the freeway from the club.

As he drove, Lisa was sitting in the middle, and I was behind the passenger seat. I began to make out with Lisa as we drove and I noticed the cabbie adjust his mirror so he could see us better. As I kissed Lisa I pulled her leg toward me. When I did, she spread her legs apart and I reached under and started playing with her pussy. I had pulled her dress up so her pussy was plainly visible to the driver.

The bookstore was only about 3 miles away but it took us about 25 minutes to get there. We finally arrived and I asked the driver how much we owed and he said, "$10.00 should cover it.". I paid him and told him we'd have them call the company when we were ready to leave and then we went inside.

The bookstore was typical in that it had novelties and adult movies for sale. We looked around a bit, Lisa drew attention from 3 or 4 guys in there as soon as we walked in, and since they were following her I walked over to the counter and bought some tokens for the private video room. When I walked back there were 2 guys on each side of her all trying to talk to her. When I walked up the moved away.

I grabbed Lisa by the hand and took her toward the video booths. We went through the curtain and I noticed a room with a large screen tv showing an adult movie so we went inside. We were there for about a minute when 2 guys came in and sat right behind us. A few minutes later, the lady working the counter their came back and told me couples weren't allowed, or maybe she said women weren't allowed in the theater room, so we walked out and over toward the video booths.

The booths were lined up in a row with a curtain to close for privacy. We went inside one about the middle of the 1st row and I put a token in the slot and a movie came on screen. There was a bench seat at the back wall wide enough for 2 - 3 people to sit down so we sat down and watched the video. Barely a minute into the flick we began to play around, I was playing with her tits and she was rubbing my crotch.

We could hear people walking around going into other booths and a little bit of talk and Lisa pulled away for a minute. This was her first time ever in a video booth at an X rated bookstore, though we'd been in the main area of them in the past. She noticed a hole in the wall on 1 side of us and asked me what it was for. I told her to wait there and I'd show her. I walked around to the other side to enter the both on the side of us but there was someone inside. I walked back around and went into the booth and told her to look through the hole. She did and watched for a minute and told me there was a guy in there playing with himself! I laughed and she looked again and then turned back to me. I was standing and she turned me and sat me down then stood in front of me and placed my hands on her hips. I immediately slid them up under her dress and began rubbing her ass and she bent over and kissed me.

I had her skirt up over her ass and was also playing with her pussy while we kissed. I could feel her getting very wet. I looked over toward the "glory hole" and saw someone peeking through the hole. I stood up while still holding onto Lisa's ass and slowly eased her closer to the hole. I had both hands on her ass and we were right up against the wall when I felt someone's hand reaching through the hole. The hand went straight for Lisa's now very wet pussy. One of my hands was down near her pussy and the other on her ass. The man in the next room was slipping his fingers in and out of her wet pussy and I had her ass in both hands and was pushing her harder toward the wall.

Lisa stopped kissing me and leaned her head back against the wall. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing very hard. Within a minute or 2 I could tell she was coming by the high pitched whimpering sound she starts to make. I stepped back and undid my pants and pulled out my cock and she leaned over and began sucking me. I could tell she was struggling to focus on my blowjob because every few seconds she would bite down a bit. After a minute she stopped altogether and pushed me backwards and leaned way over and moaned, "Oh God! Damn Damn DAMN!". Then she stopped and stood there bent over like that.

I sat down and and looked over. The man from the next booth was still rubbing her pussy. He had 2 fingers inside her and 1 on her clit. Lisa finally stood up and sat down beside me with her head back against the wall. The movie had long since stopped so I put another token in the slot and it started up again. As we sat there I noticed movement in the room where the glory hole was and a minute later a very thick cock popped through the hole.

Lisa was unaware as she still had her head back and eyes closed. I stood and picked up her hand and moved it over to the cock placed it on him. She immediately opened her hand and wrapped it around the large meat and began to stroke it. He was already very hard and I wondered how long he'd last. Lisa was facing him now and still stroking him slowly. I watched for a minute and then whispered I was going to pee. I walked out the curtain and left it open slightly and went to the men's room.

When I came back the curtain was completely closed. I eased it opened and saw Lisa standing up facing the wall. She still had a hand on the large dick but someone else was inside the room with her. A fairly large black man was standing behind her, her top was untied and he had both hands on her tits. She was grinding her hips against him as she gave a slow hand job to the man in the next booth. I sat down beside her, then reached over and took her arm and turned her toward me.

Then I reached under her skirt and lifted it above her waist. The black man behind her held it above her waist in back and I leaned forward and began to lick her pussy. She came in a matter of seconds and then nearly collapsed on me. I stood up and turned her around to face our new friend. She was exhausted and put her arms around his neck for support and he wrapped his arms around her waist, both hands on her ass.

I sat back down and pulled her into my lap. The man then undid his jeans and pulled our a rather long and fairly thick cock, actually quite a bit larger than mine. As he grabbed Lisa by the face and pulled her to his cock the curtain pulled open and someone walked in. I looked over and it was the taxi driver from earlier. His pants were already open and he quickly pulled out his cock. Apparently he was the one in the booth beside us. As Lisa worked hard to give our black friend a blowjob she used her other hand to jerk our cab driver off.

The size of the black cock was just too big for her to go for long and finally she sat up and said, "I'm sorry...but I can't fuck you all right here! I need to go to sleep.". Everyone zipped up and the guys helped Lisa put her top back up, though there was plenty of fondling by both of them during the process. As we left Lisa told the cabbie, "We're not paying for the ride home!" and laughed. We all went to the cab and Lisa sat between the black man and me and the cab driver watched as he drove. I sat and watched while the black guy kissed and fondled and fingered Lisa all the way to our room. I also watched to see what route the driver took, he went a good 10 miles out of the way as he was enjoying the show.

When we arrived at the room, we all got out. I told them I was going to go in and grab a beer and ran over to the room. I went in and got 3 beers and looked out the window. The room was dark so I could see the 3 of them very well. They had Lisa sandwiched between them. Her dress was once again hiked up above her waist and both of them were working on her...front and rear. I watched for a minute then took the beers outside. Everyone separated when I came out and we stood there drinking our beer.

Lisa said she was going in to pee. I stayed outside with the two new friends. They both asked if they could come in, but I explained that "no, we aren't really swingers. I know it's hard to understand that but we just like to play around. This is the first time Lisa has EVER let anything go this far, especially with people we didn't know.


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Loved reading this. Get your wife in the right mood and frame of mind, and they're good for this sort of thing. It's happened with my own wife a couple of times.

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Im like the last guy that commented.
I enjoy watching my girl suck cock.
I want to take her to a glory hole place!!!!! Showed her a hole video,
And my slut now can't wait!!

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