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Her name was Taylor and she had the nicest ass I had ever seen.
Taylor 2

The first round really expanded our relationship.

She did everything she could to tease me as she spent the majority of her time at my house. Her mother was a drug addict and she had three younger sisters. Her Aunt and Uncle brought her to Italy to get away from the trailer park issues she had back home. Her values were a bit different than I was used to. She did not have a good father figure in her life and clung to me as a “trusted adult”. I think that she was less innocent than she portrayed and had been doing things with adults that were beyond her years. Partying and so forth and maybe some groping and such, but not sexually active from what I could tell.

I was in a publicly unhappy marriage where my wife and I would rarely be seen together and slept in separate rooms. We stayed together for convenience and for the kids. My time was spent with work, the kids activities, and my sports. I rarely went out by myself (without at least one kid) as I had quit drinking years ago due to problems caused by it.

My infatuation with her grew as her comfort level with me grew as well. She would be around my house just like she was family. I would be in t-shirts and pajama boxers. She would walk around in a towel after taking a shower and often sit around in robes. She often sat around in her panties or skimpy pajama shorts. This was the norm as many of my daughter’s close friends would do the same. I noticed that she seemed to make a point of bending over to give me a look reminding me of how sexy her ass was once in a while. She would sit right up against me with her head on my shoulder watching movies often asking me to stroke her back as I did my daughter’s when she was tense. Having my daughter there with us would cool my jets and keep me grounded as it kept my focus out of the sexuality realm. So everything was pretty much harmless for quite sometime.

She was staying at our place with another friend Mary, who was also very attractive, a year older, and sexually active. Mary had handfuls as breast go with a model type of body. She had a normal butt in comparison to Taylor’s bubble butt, but it was still very nice. Dirty blond wavy hair with blue eyes. Taylor had brown eyes and auburn curly hair, which I liked but she wanted straight and wavy like Mary’s. I often used them both in my masturbating fantasies.

We had come back from playing and watching sports at our local complex. My daughter stayed out with her mother so my son, Taylor, and Mary came back to the house with me. My son went to his room to play video games and those two took the first shower turns. I walked into the hall way and noticed the two g-strings on the top of the dirty clothes hamper. I could hear them in the bathroom doing their thing in the shower. The whole time picturing how they would look in that type of underwear, which got my blood flowing. It surprised me when I picked them up as I had never been the panty sniffer type, until now I guess. I held them up to my nose and sniffed in the intense musky aroma, which gave me an instant hard on. I heard the water stop and dropped the panties back into the basket heading back to my room. I guess in my rush I had not fully closed the door. I pulled my ball pants off and was standing there in my tattered and torn white compression shorts still with a hard on when she entered the room

“Can we get two of your smaller wife beaters? Our bags with clothes to change in are in your wife’s car.”

As I turned to see her standing there with just a towel held up to cover her front my dick twitched in excitement. She was looking right at it as the shorts had become transparent with age and my hard on was stretching the material providing a good view of my cock and balls up against the fabric.

“Oh sorry for barging in, but your door was somewhat open.” Her face turning red as she continued to be entranced by my display.

“No problem, I should have closed it better. At least you caught me when I was still half dressed. Come on in and let’s see what we can find.” As I opened my drawer turning to the side she continued to stare at my 9” hard on stressing against the fabric to be freed.

She walked in next to me and I pulled a couple out holding them up against her body. She looked me in the eye as I did with her cheeks totally red from excitement.

“These should work don’t you think?” She nodded and smiled fixing her gaze back on my boner. As I handed her the t-shirts she dropped them and fumbled to catch them with one hand while still trying to hold the towel in place with the other exposing both of her small breasts. She immediately leapt forward pressing her body against me to cover them up. With the back of her one hand pressing up against my hard on, which began involuntarily twitching. She moved her hands around brushing it a couple of more times while she straightened her towel becoming more flustered as she went. She then bent down to pick up the t-shirts and I could see that she was only covered in the front. Her heart shaped ass was pointed in the other direction, but it was an overwhelming view all the same looking down her smooth back to the dimples right above her waist and over that ass. I looked up and could see her beautiful asshole and pussy in the full length dressing mirror on the wall. All I could say was “my God” as my hard on must have grown bigger than it ever had and was convulsing with precum starting to ooze out. She was bent down with it right at face level just a couple of inches away. I saw her body shudder and thought that I noticed a difference in the mirror as well. She acted like she had lost balance falling forward with my dick against her face. It felt for a minute like she licked it, but I thought that was just my imagination. As if in slow motion she started to fall to the floor and grabbed my handle on the way down. She sat there on her butt and had totally lost the towel in her fall. I finally got full view of her beautiful pussy, which seemed to be glistening in excitement.

My member started to twitch as I somewhat coming with the feeling of her hand holding my hard on. She never let go acting as if she had no idea my penis was in her hand. The whole thing was too much for me. The musty smell of her g-string, the view in the mirror, her staring excitedly at my condition, her beautiful young naked body, Glistening pussy, and her hand holding my hard on for dear life. It started convulsing as I ejaculated in my shorts which was now leaking out into her hand. She gasped and squeezed, but did not let go. I saw her body tremble and her pussy lips start to swell and part. It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in life up until that time which made me continue to shoot ropes into her hand making her more excited as well.

I did what I could to keep it all together and act like what just happened did not. I reached down and picked her up with my hands under each arm. I put my hand on her hips and asked “Are you OK?” Acting as if I was a concerned adult once again. She looked up at me and nodded still holding my cum soaked crotch in her hand actually tugging it as she let go. I bent down to pick up her towel and she opened her legs in what seemed to be an action for me to get a good view. My hard on had started to subside as I had just shot the load of my life, but then quickly came back to life as I saw this about five inches from my nose. I could see her in the mirror as well and watched her take the hand that she previously had on my crotch up to her mouth and lick it. Just the thought that she wanted to do that filled me full of lust. It must have taken 30 seconds for me just to pick up the towel and for some reason she put her hand on my shoulder as if to keep me down there. I took in the whole view as I stood up and my hard on was once more in a rage. As I handed her the towel she devilishly smiled at the fact that I was hard once again. Just then Mary walked in with a towel around her body and using a towel to dry her hair.

“Taylor, what is taking you so long with those t-shirts?”

Taylor quickly covered her front up embarrassed as if she had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I guess it was on it…

Mary started laughing “what happened”

“My towel fell” Taylor said as she turned towards Mary, forgetting that only her front was covered. What a view I thought to myself as I focused on her ass.

Then Mary’s eyes focused on my erection in shock but kept staring at my cum covered hard on in my now pretty much see through shorts. “I guess he liked what he saw?.?”

I said “don’t forget your t-shirts” and Taylor bent at the waist to pick them up giving me a perfect view from behind. My hard on twitched and I saw Mary kind of startle like she was at a 3D movie. I watched Taylor’s ass switch as she walked towards the door passing Mary who stood there as if she was in a trance.

Taylor came back and winked at me pulling Mary by the arm to go with her. “Sorry if I bothered you.”

I said “no problem, it was not a bother at all”.

Mary “It looked like he was really bothered.” Starting to giggle.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower and could hear them as the two rooms shared balconies and both windows were open. I wanted to finish off my second hard on, but figured that the shower would take care of it and I figured that there could not be much more in there.

Mary: “What really happened? Why was his dick so hard?”

Taylor: “It really was wasn’t it? I have not seen many in real life, but that thing was huge?”

Mary: “I could see right threw those shorts, they looked so wet. How did they get wet?”

Taylor: “I think he came in my hand.”

Mary: “Eww, let me smell it. Umm I love that smell.”

Taylor: “How do you know that smell? Have you touched one before?”

Mary: “Yes I have. I have even tasted one before. I would like to taste that one, it looked so big and juicy. Wait…How did he come in your hand? That doesn’t just happen…”

Taylor: “I know it sounds crazy, but he was extra hard when I walked in. All I could do was think about grabbing it and playing with it. I even pictured myself sucking it. All I could do was stare at it, which seemed to make him even more excited. I went in and was standing next to him thinking that I should just grab it or ask him if he would let me. It got me more and more horny as I would see it twitch.”

Mary: “I saw that too and it made me horny as well. Go on, how did it happen?”

Taylor: “So he was going through the drawer and all I could do is look at his big hard on. It was making me wet just thinking about it.”

Mary: “Ho”

Taylor: “Whatever, you said you wanted to suck it too. Anyway, it just seemed to keep growing harder and thicker. I thought it was going to bust out of his shorts. It was such a turn on as he was standing there like that so close to me. He turned and held up one of the shirts to see if it would fit. Then when I went to grab them”

Mary: “You grabbed his hard dick by mistake?”

Taylor: “No, my towel kind of fell so I was holding it with one hand in the middle and my tits were out and he could see them.”

Mary: “Not like you really have enough to get excited about.”

Taylor: “Fuck you…I guess it was for him from what I could see. Anyway, I used that as an excuse to get close to him like I was using his body to cover them up. He is so tall that his dick ended up against the back of my hand and I did not want to move. I rubbed it a few times acting like I did not mean to while I was fixing my towel. I was only holding it in the front and I think he could see my ass in the mirror. His dick kept twitching against my hand too, which was making me crazy. I wanted to turn my hand around and just start stroking it.”

Mary: “This is making me wet just hearing it. Could you get to the point where he came in your hand?”

Taylor: “Not thinking I bent over to pick up the t-shirts and to get a closer look. When I did I guess he could see me bent over in the mirror and he said “oh God”. I started quivering as I saw a little wet spot start at the tip of his penis. I wanted to lick it and started to lean forward. I caught myself and tried to stop but lost balance in the confusion and fell face first into it. I actually put my lips on it and licked it which made it twitch against my tongue, which sent me into something crazy. I started to reach up to touch his balls and my knees buckled, which made me reach up and grab it like a handle.”

Mary: “You didn’t hurt him”

Taylor: “I don’t think so, I think I could have swung from that thing as hard as it was. I hadn’t really noticed that I was totally naked sprawled out holding his hard on for dear life. I guess the view of my wet pussy and my hand holding his hard cock was all he could take.”

Mary: “Haha, you said cock…He just let you keep holding it?”

Taylor: “I don’t think that there was much he could do as he was cumming so hard and I was actually squeezing it to get it all out. It felt so good that I started to cum too. I think he could tell and that kept him going as he just kept coming and coming. It was going all over my hand and I just did not want to let go. In fact, he reached down and I thought that he was going to touch my pussy and stuff so I kept holding on. Instead, he grabbed me under my arms and picked me up asking if I was ok. He had his hands on my hips and I so wanted him to pull me forward and kiss me passionately or just run his hands all over my body. I was so disappointed that he did not touch me and all I could do is look down at his dick in my hand.”

Mary: “You were still holding it? That means that he really liked it. Well that plus cumming in his pants. Now I wish that I had gone to get the shirts.”

Taylor: “He was still cumming and I was squeezing it. I didn’t let go until he bent down and I thought he was going to lick me, but he picked up the towel. While he wasn’t looking I smelled the cum on my hand and tasted it. It made me tremble again. He was down there so long that I put my hand on his shoulder thinking I would pull him towards it. He was so close that I am sure that he could see how wet I was and probably even smell it. He was hard again when he got up and I was about to just jump him when you came in.”

Mary: “Oh my lord, I guess I came in just at the right time. A couple of more minutes and I might have caught you sucking it or him balls deep in your pussy. Oh my god that is making me horny.”

Taylor: “I am still horny, I wish he would just come in here and fuck us both. Just showing him my pussy and ass makes me feel so good.”

Mary: “Really, I want to feel that big dick too. I want to see if I can get him hard again. I would love for him to see my pussy as well. Maybe he will actually fuck me…”

Taylor: “Mary, just stop. I call dibs… He likes my sexy ass.”

Mary: “You can’t call dibs. Wait, how do you know that?”

Taylor: “That’s another story, maybe I can tell you later.”

Mary: “I guess that will work as I am about to go crazy from this one. We should put these t-shirts on and go tease him to see if we can make him hard again. Maybe he will do more with us. I think he is in the shower, maybe we should try to peek in and see if he is jacking off or at least get a good view of his dick without the shorts.”
Taylor: “We might get caught and then he will never be comfortable around us again. Let’s just go down stairs in just our shirts and act like we are just watching TV. Better yet, let's go outside and sun tan naked then maybe he will come out and see us. Jasmine and his wife won’t be back for a few hours and Nick is in his room playing video games.”
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