Bondage, Non-consentual

This may or may not be a work of FICTION. Nothing is real or maybe it is. I’ll let you decide. This is my first attempt so constructive criticism welcomed. Names are fictional.

Hi everyone. My name is John B. or “JB” as everyone called me. Let me describe myself. My wife had passed the year prior to when this story starts so I am single. I could never find anyone that could replace her so I quit trying. I am very well off due to a huge natural gas well on my 400 acre farm, 52 years old, salt & pepper hair, 6’2” and slightly overweight @ 270# due to my beer belly. What can I say, I like beer.

I am quite strong because working a “Hobby” farm keeps you that way. I raise 20 head of beef cattle, a couple of hogs, a dozen chickens and 6 beautiful horses. I don’t have to do any work but farming is in my blood. Something I enjoy. Nothing better than fresh veggies and meat on the table.

This all started 2 years ago. I am a member of the local Country club and they were holding a fund raising event for charity. I volunteered to work one of the tables if I they found me a partner to help. Joan offered to help me at my table. I have known her husband Mick all my life. We grew up about a mile apart and in farming country that is just down the block.

Growing up with him doesn’t mean I like him. Mick has a drinking problem and does not treat Joan very well. He always puts her down telling her that she is stupid or that she is ugly so she is lucky he puts up with her. I don’t think he beats her but verbal abuse is just as bad.

Whenever I ran into Joan away from Mick, she always smiled at me and we had a friendly but always short conversation. She has this cute smile with little dimples that just do something to me.

Joan is about 5’5” and can’t weigh more than 110 pounds soaking wet. She has dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. 32 “B” cup breast and the cutest little ass you ever drooled over.

Getting back to the fundraiser, our table was located outside the clubhouse towards the rear of the pool area. We were very busy for the first couple of hours but as everyone had walked around once the crowd dwindled. Mick was plastered as usual and Joan was upset with him. I told her to take him home that I would be alright myself for the last hour. She thanked me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek then turned and talked Mick into going home.

About 20 minutes later Joan reappeared. She came over to me and I could tell that she had been crying. “Are you okay?” I asked. “I am now” she said. “He bitched at me the whole way home saying I was a worthless slut for helping you.”

“That Asshole. If he had any idea what he has”. Joan looked at me and asked what I meant by that. I told her that I thought she was very cute and that if she had not been married that I would be asking her out. This caused a blush to her cheeks. “Really?” she asked. “You bet little lady”.

She said that she needed a drink so she asked if I needed anything. “A beer would be good.” “I’m on it!” and off she went.

She returned in 10 minutes with a beer for me and she had a large Margarita. She was already more relaxed as we continued our conversation. I found out that she had downed several shots of Tequila before ordering the Margarita.

Near the end of the evening she was feeling a little tipsy and started loosening up. She started kidding me about not having any female company for a while and that I must have quite a load built up. “Naaa, that’s why my right hand is so strong” We laughed.

I saw a look from her that I had never seen before. She kinda scrunched her eyebrows up and asked how long it had been. “Its been over a year and a half now. Lizzy had gotten sick and sex was the last thing on our minds.” She genuinely looked sad for me.

I asked her if Mick was still pleasing her. She said that he is a “Wham, Bam, thank you Mam” kind of guy. As long as he is satisfied that is all that matters. She doesn’t remember the last time she had an orgasm with him. Being a little tipsy, she was divulging more and more. I asked her if she had any fantasies. She said that once, she had asked Mick to tie her up and have his way with her. He started calling her a pervert. “What kind of a mother are you?” “You need help you sick bitch!” She said that she never asked him again.

I asked her how she wanted tied up?

“I saw online a girl with a spreader bar holding her ankles about 3 feet apart and her hands tied to the outside of her ankles.” “Really?” I asked. “Is that what you want?”

“Oh my God! I don’t believe that I just told you that. I’m sorry. I must be drunk.”

“For what? You are just human and want to discover for yourself”

“Yeah, but that is something I should have NEVER told you.”

“Why not? It’s not like I’m gonna throw you down and pull one of those spreader bars out of my back pocket now is it?”

“Well no I guess not.”

“Not unless you WANT me to” This got a rise out of her. She perked up and got a little antsy. “Would you if you had the chance?

“Damn Straight I would. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“I know one guy.” She said.

“Fuck him. If he won’t, I will”

“REALLY? You would want to tie me up?”

“Listen Joan, I would have to say almost every guy would want to tie you up and have their way with you.”

“Maybe I’ll take you up on that someday.” She whispered.

Looking down at my crotch I said “Damn! Mr happy is tenting up. Looks like a quickie before bed tonight.”

“Need some help?” she teased, with that cute smile of hers.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

After thinking for a minute she said “No, I must be just dreaming out loud.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked the manager of the fund raiser asked. This startled us and we quickly made up a lame story bringing us back to reality.

“I better be going home. I’ve had too much to drink.” Said Joan

“Okay. Thanks for helping me.” As I winked at her. She blushed again as she turned and walked to the parking lot.

“That was interesting” I thought. “Boy would I like to fuck her.” As I watched her tight little ass sway into the night.

I carried everything in and handed in the money I raised then called it a night myself.

That night I had a hard (pun intended) time getting to sleep. I jacked two loads thinking of that little hottie tied up and whimpering as I ate her out then flipped her over and fucked her hard.

The next day out in the field cutting hay I couldn’t get the thought of her out of my mind. “I wonder?” as a plan started building in my head.

Joan’s 19 year old daughter was still in college so Joan was home alone while Mick worked. He was on a pipeline so he worked 14 days on 7 days off.

That night I went shopping online. Spreader bar, padded hand & leg cuffs, blindfold, ball gag, nipple clamps and some vibrators & butt plugs of different sizes.

One week later everything had arrived. I went to the store for some duct tape, a gym bag and other other small items.

College was due to end in 3 days and Mick had just left for his 14 days on.

“Now’s the time” I thought.

Placing everything in the bag I hopped in the truck and headed over to Joan’s.

Her closest neighbor was 200 yards down the road so I wasn’t worried about them.

Grabbing the bag, I took out the hand & leg cuffs and ripped off a 6” piece of duct tape.

DING DONG! I heard some movement and the door opened. “Oh hi JB. Is there something I can help you with?

“DAMN RIGHT there is” and I pushed the door in. She was startled and said “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“SHUT UP! I’m in charge here.” I grabbed her tiny frame and spun her around. She started to scream but I quickly placed the tape over her mouth. She was little but talk about a little wildcat. She was just a kicking and punching but to no avail.

I easily trapped her legs & arms and pulled her arms behind her back throwing on the cuffs. Pushing her to the couch, she fell face first and I was on her immediately putting a cuff on one ankle then running the chain over the hand cuff chain and back to her free leg. This immobilized her enough to allow me to go to the door and get my bag then close and lock the door.

In the mean time she was screaming behind the tape and trying to stand up.

“You ain’t going anywhere bitch” I growled. “I need some lovin and your just the one I want.”

Tears were streaming down her cheek as I dropped her to the floor. She was trying to scream and talk at the same time. I told to go ahead as no one would hear. This brought on another stream of tears.

She was lying on her side. Her tank top askew allowing her left bra cup to fall out. She had cotton shorts cut from sweat pants and they were all twisted on her waist.

“Now I’m gonna have some fun Joan. After you teased me at the club I need some relief and I’m gonna show you how much cum I’ve got built up.”

“NOOOFFFF! PFEEVE WEVE ME GO!” she screamed into the tape.

“Naw. I got some ideas for you today.” I reached in the bag and got out my scissors. SNIP. Off came one strap from her tank top. SNIP! Off came the other. A couple more snips and I pulled the remainder of her shirt away.

I rolled her to her stomach and cut the gusset of her shorts with a quick snip. They ripped away very easily after that leaving her in a white thong and her lacy white bra.

SMACK! I swatted her ass. AHHHHH!!! She screamed. “Time for the rest babe. Should I cut your thong off or just rip it off? Hmmmm?”


RIP off came the thong.


“I like the bra bitch. Nice and pretty!” SNIP, SNIP, SNIP off it fell!

Now totally naked, she tried to cover herself.

Her firm titties shaking and a bald little pussy ready for lovin. “Just the way I like em Baby!”

“SCHTOPPPP!!!!” she pleaded.

“Not till I’m done little lady.”

I went and got the spreader bar and attached it to one ankle. Unlocking her leg cuffs unleashed a new round of struggling. SMACK! Another hard slap to her ass. “STOP IT and you won’t get hurt.”

I secured her other leg in the spreader and left her on her belly waiting for my next move. Her ass cheek was beet red and quivering as she cried.

Unlocking her wrist, I easily brought them to the outside of her ankles and secured them to the spreader bar. This made her come slightly to her knees with her face on the floor.

“Time for some pictures” I said. She turned looking at me with her red tear streaked face. “Now don’t you look a sight?” I said. She quickly turned her head so as not to show her face.

I took several pictures then flipped her on her back. She instantly tried to turn back over but I put my foot on her stomach and held her in place. After several more pictures I put the camera down and told her “Time for some fun!”

I got down and climbed between her body and the spreader bar kissing her nipples. They were as hard as a rock. About ½” in diameter and about the same length. Kissing first the right then the left. She continued fighting but was tiring fast due to my weight on her. After several minutes of kissing and sucking her nipples I heard a moan come from her.

“Starting to like it Bitch?” She just glared at me realizing that her body was betraying her.

I slid down and started licking her belly button bringing muffled laughter from her. “Ticklish are we? This is really gonna be fun.”

I reached up and started to tickle her ribs. Holy Shit!!!! She started bouncing around screaming again. I had never seen anyone as ticklish as she was. Snot was running out her nose and she was gasping for breath.

I quickly tired of that and moved to her perfectly smooth pussy. Fluids were leaking out and the outer lips were red and puffy. “My little darling is turned on aren’t we?” She tried to shift away.

‘No you don’t. I’m not finished yet.” Gently blowing on her lips I felt a shudder in her body. Closer and closer I got, breathing my hot breath on her most private parts until her womanly aroma overtook me.

One long, slow lick from my tongue the full length of her pussy had her jumping off the floor under me.

“Mmmmm Good! Damn you taste as good as you look baby.”

SLURP, SLURP! “AGGGGGG” was all I heard from her as she raised her ass off the floor to meet my mouth.

I stopped, flipped her to her stomach and started taking off the spreader bar. Once off she reached up and tore off the tape. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU MOTHER FUCKER?”

She started kicking and punching at me for all her worth. Boy did she look a sight.


Smiling at her I gathered my “tools” and as I was walking out the door I turned and told her, “Don’t wish for something you might not want to happen.”


“Go ahead but that would mean I won’t be able finish doing what you want me to.”

Happy at what transpired, I headed back to the farm and waited for her phone call…….

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Jeff,As always, I am amezad by your talent! Every photo is so wonderful that we will have to do our wedding album in volumes! You and George, along with Dorothy and Lily helped make our wedding weekend even more fabulous than we had imagined.The love and adoration is mutual and we wish you many years of continued success with your business. I'm so glad I helped encourage you to leave the cube farm. Keep on soaring!Pugs and kisses, Nancy, Mike, Romeo and Elvis

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