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Her name was Taylor and she had the nicest ass I had ever seen.
As I heard everything they said, I decided that I could play their game too. I just had to keep it from going too far. I put on some looser fitting pajama type boxers with the normal slit in the front and baggy legs to where I could hang out if I wanted. I also took a supplement that normally makes me horny and easily hard. About an hour later I heard them come in complaining of sun burn in places they were not used to.

Taylor: "Ouch, we should have worn something or at least put some sun screen on. I am so burnt from my ass to my tits."
Mary: "Me too, it turned me on at first but now it just hurts. I can't even put anything on either. We should have just used the first idea."
Taylor: "How were we to know that he would never come looking for us. I am going to go down stairs and try to watch TV or something to take my mind off of the pain."
Mary: "I am not staying here by myself. oohhh even the shirt burns against my burnt nipples. I am embarrassed to tell him what happened and get something for it."

I went down the stairs to see them both laying on the floor with their backs towards me. I could see far enough up the shirts to see that they were not wearing anything. I sat on the couch, which gave me a perfect view over the ottomans. I was starting to tingle already. I asked them where the remote was.

Mary asked “what Channel do you want me to put on” as she crawled on all fours towards the TV showing me her bare ass.

“I don’t know what is on, just keep going until I see something I like.” which made them both giggle. I noticed that Taylor opened her legs up a bit more. Then she got up as well.

Taylor: “Would you rather watch a movie? You have a lot.” bending down reaching for the movies.

My dick was at half mast looking at the beautiful view. Taylor got down on all fours as well and started looking. I could see hints of their pussy lips through their camel toes and their anuses which really started my blood flowing. I had to leave in order to gain control. I headed towards the kitchen asking if they wanted anything to drink. They both said yes, so I returned with a couple of sodas and water. They were back laying on the floor, and rolled over as I came in. Their nipples were peeking out a bit and I could see most of Mary’s breasts through the holes in the top of the wife beater. I noticed a strange redness on their breasts. As I stood over them I gave Mary a straight view up my shorts and she kind of giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

Mary: “Nothing, I just thought of something from before” as she winked at Taylor who immediately seemed to be upset.

"Why are you guys so red?"
They both started moaning and writhing around on the floor.
Mary: "We went out to tan and didn't put any lotion on. So we got burnt."
Taylor: "It hurts all over, I mean all over." They both kind of giggled in a painful way.
At this point I pushed the lusty games aside as I was legitimately concerned. I went to see what we had and found some lotion with Coco butter, which was all I could find.

I went back in with a couple of towels and told them that I would take care of them. I put the towels up on the ottomans and told them to come pull their shorts off and lay their fronts down on the towels. They asked me to help, so as they wrapped their towels around their wastes I pulled their t-shirts off slowly so not to hurt them. As Mary raised her hands for me to take her shirt off her towel fell. I never noticed how really nice her ass was before. It even looked good in a bright red. I started to get hard, so I reached down to put it up towards my waste band. Then I pulled her towel up to cover her ass.
Mary: "Do I have a sexy butt too?"
Taylor hit her hard on the arm: "Shut up Mary"
I said: "You bring a whole new meaning to Apple bottom" and they both laughed vigorously
So I put some lotion on my hands and started at Mary's bikini lines and shoulders. She pushed back against my crotch with her ass which brought it to life. I continued to rub the lotion in as she moaned.
Mary: "It feels so good. The lotion that is. If I lift up could you get my chest? It hurts so bad."
"Sure" trying to hold back my enthusiasm. My penis starting to grow harder and harder. As she sat up she leaned back making her towel slide again pressing her naked ass against my hard on. As I started rubbing lotion on her tits she seemed to get more and more comfortable against my hard on while wiggling her ass against it. Now it slipped out of the waste band and flopped out the hole and against her ass and she jumped a bit. My hands full of tits I just let it stay there. I was getting really excited as I rubbed lotion on her boobs and payed special attention to her erect nipples.
Mary: "Oh yes, that really helps. Ittt feeels ssoooo gooddd. I need some more lotion there."
I placed some lotion on my hands and started caressing her breasts again tweaking her nipples a little harder this time around. My hard on was now pushing against her back door so I got bolder and pushed it down between her legs acting like nothing was strange. The head slid across her slit, which was nicely lubricated and she cooed.
"Is that better?" she nodded her head. "Oops, I fell out" Taylor looked back with her eyes wide as she saw me grab my rod and put it away rubbing it against Mary's ass as I did.

Mary: "You are not finished yet."
"What do you mean" worried but excited about what her answer would be.
Mary: "The rest of me needs lotion as well and I can't do it. Why stop now, you have seen it all and...never mind just do it please."
So pored some lotion on her ass as she raised up on the ottoman and started to rub it in. She moaned the whole time.
"Your hands are so strong" as I massaged the lotion into her ass cheeks. "Get every spot" as she giggled a bit.
I could see her anus as I massaged both cheeks at the same time. Working my way down to her taint. I then went down to her thighs and started to put lotion on them creeping closer and closer to her beautiful wet pussy. finally running my finger in her slit for which she trembled with my touch.
"I should roll over sop that you can get the rest." as she rolled over with a leg on either side of me. I had to hold back from burying my face in it.
Mary: "What? It is not like you haven't seen one before. I lifted her leg up and moved to her side. The view was unbelievable, but at least something I could handle. "You should show me yours as you have seen mine" As she reached into the front of my boxers and pulled it out through the slit. "Oh my god that is huge, I can't even fit my fingers around it." Taylor sat up trying to get a look and then thought better of it.
I started rubbing lotion on her belly and onto her pubic area. She was holding my hard on the whole time. As I started to rub her inner thigh and then her slippery vagina making making sure not to miss a spot. As she started rubbing her hand up and down my shaft. I wiped my hand off on the towel and then placed my palm on her pubic mound and ran my fingers through her slit while she rubbed the tip of my penis with her thumb. I brought my finger up and licked her juices off.
Mary: "It is not fair that we are so naked and you keep those on." So I pulled my boxers off as I was way past the point of being appropriate.

I walked over behind Taylor and she pulled her towel off while staring at my erection. I placed a dollop of lotion on my hand and rubbed it on her wonderful booty. I then got on her knees behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. I moved to her side and kept massaging her back and she grabbed my erection with her hand and started pumping it like a piston. I reached back and started to massage her beautiful ass stopping with my finger on her anus, she twinged with excitement as I rubbed it in a circle and started pumping faster. She let go and I moved behind her so that I could do her tits as I did Mary's. As she leaned back the head of my erection was pointed right into her vagina. She reached one hand down underneath her and was playing with her clit. I looked over and Mary was going to town as well. The more Taylor played the wetter she became and the more my cock pushed in until I felt her Hymen. I would not take her virginity, at least not today. I reached around with some lotion and massaged her perky little breasts. She started to come as I tweaked her nipples. I rolled her over to spread lotion on her front and buried my head in her snatch. It tasted so good that I did not want to ever stop. I lifted her ass in my hands and stuck my tongue deep into her slit tasting her juices as she came violently. I rolled her back over and began licking every bit of her luscious ass, not wanting to miss a spot. She quivered in what seemed to be another orgasm as I tongued her anus. There was no part of this girl that I did not want to taste.

Mary came over and kneeled beside me taking my erection in her hand. With one hand I pushed a finger into Taylor from behind and was fingering Mary with the other. She kissed me deeply and I sucked her quarter sized nipples pulling as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. She said that she wanted to taste it and leaned down taking it her her mouth. Taylor had moved next to me and was playing with my balls as Mary continued her blowjob. Taylor began to kiss me and i had a hand full of her ass and a hand full of Mary's tit tweaking her nipple. Taylor then swapped with Mary and was now sucking it in and out stopping to lick it as she went. I laid down and Mary straddled my face while I was fingering Taylor from behind. Mary's ass was just above my nose, so I licked up her taint and tongued her ass which made her start to feverishly orgasm. I moved back down to catch all of her juices and she started to lick my erection in unison with Taylor. The could feel my balls swell as I began to ejaculate and started screaming as it shot in the air. I had move Taylor back up onto my face and they were taking turns cleaning up the cum from my rod and sucking it dry. Just as Taylor started another orgasm we heard the gate open and the car start up the drive way. We ran upstairs with me going into my room and they going back towards the shower. Just before they entered they turned around and ran back to me. Both kissing me passionately Mary whispering that she would never forget it while squeezing my cock once again and Taylor whispering "next time you take my virginity" leaning down to kiss the head of my penis one last time before rushing into the bathroom.

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2015-05-23 02:22:34
Nice story, but if you really want to write you should learn the difference between waste and waist and pored and poured.


2013-01-23 15:17:47
Awesome story, They sound like awesome girls.

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