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I meet a special person as well as finding out secerts
Moments in Time from my Life: Chapter 3 “The Campgrounds”

I finished crying over the fact that John was probably only being nice to me because of my aunt. I went into my bedroom where I got dressed. I then joined my aunt out in the kitchen.

“So how was your tour?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“You should know as it was only because of the deal you made with John,” I replied half-heartedly.

“What deal is that?” Aunt Lisa asked. “I have no idea what you are talking about Betsy,” Aunt Lisa added.

“You told him something when you went down to his trailer,” I replied almost in tears. “What did you pay him to take me on that tour?” I asked as my tears left go from my eyes.

“BETSY, I did no such thing,” Aunt Lisa replied.

Aunt Lisa explained she only went down to remind John he had promised to give me a tour. She explained John was rather a loner and preferred to be working on his bike than being with people. She also explained that the boy does not even eat right sometimes and that was why your uncle went to see if he would like to join us for dinner.

“Sorry Aunt Lisa, I don’t know what I was thinking,” I said to her sobbing.

“You go dry your eyes before they see you like that,” Aunt Lisa replied smiling at me.

I went back into the bathroom and dried my eyes with a towel. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub. I felt a little bad over what I had been thinking about that kiss Aunt Lisa had given him. After hearing her story, I realized she was just looking after him much as she was I. I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“You going to be in there all day girl, “I have to go,” Uncle Mike said with a little laugh.

I dried my eyes once more and I walked from the bathroom as he walked in closing the door behind him. I went to my bedroom and checked myself in the mirror. As I looked at myself in the mirror it came to me just what these feeling were I was having.

I noticed that I rather had a glow about myself and even with just having a good cry, my eyes shined and sparkled. I started to realize it was all because of this boy named John. I walked back toward the kitchen and I saw John sitting with Uncle Mike in the living room. John smiled at me as I walked by him and out into the kitchen. I helped Aunt Lisa get our dinner ready.

When it was ready, we called Uncle Mike and John into the kitchen. John came over to me and he pulled my chair out from the table. I stood there for a second before I realized he had pulled it out for me to sit down. John pushed my chair up to the table before he walked around the square table and sat down opposite of me.

Uncle Mike and John talked about bikes while we ate. I picked at my food as I stared at John. Aunt Lisa even kicked at my leg a few times when I was not listening to her as she talked to me. As we finished eating John looked to Aunt Lisa then to Uncle Mike.

“I hope it is OK with you that I asked Betsy to go to dinner with me tomorrow night,” John said to Uncle Mike.

“Better check with the boss lady,” Uncle Mike replied looking to Aunt Lisa.

“Sure you two go out and enjoy yourselves,” Aunt Lisa said as she started to clear the table.

I helped her with the dishes while Uncle Mike and John went outside. I asked Aunt Lisa just what I should wear tomorrow night. She smiled at me as she told me one of those sexy tank tops and blue jeans would work nicely. I also told her I had never been on a date before.

“You will be just fine and you are in good hands,” Aunt Lisa said as she gave me a big hug.

Uncle Mike came walking back inside and I asked, “What happened to John?”

“He had to go into town but he told me to tell you he would see you at about 5:00 tomorrow for your dinner date,” Uncle Mike said with a smile.

That night in bed, all I could think about was John. My nipples harden under the sheet on my bed as I did. I rubbed my fingers across my nipples as I thought about him. While one hand played with my nipples the other went to my pussy.

I moved my hand lightly through the hair around my pussy. I dipped a finger between my pussy lips feeling the wetness of it. I slipped one then two fingers up inside of my pussy. I ran them in and out, as I played with my nipples.

“AHHhh JOHN,” I moaned out softly as an orgasm came over me.

I closed my eyes shortly after that. I went to my dream world where I would normally meet Janet. However, this night I met John. He made passionate love to me in my dream. He used his tongue over ever inch of my body. I awoke Saturday morning with my pussy dripping wet and wetness soaking the sheets.

I did not see or hear from John all day. Aunt Lisa told me not to worry because John always went home on Friday nights if his parents are not coming for the weekend. Aunt Lisa and I lay out in the sun again and as we did, I asked her about John’s parents.

“They are good people other than they have more money than they know what to do with it and they rather ignore John sometimes,” Aunt Lisa said.

She explained that his parents had wanted John to go to one of those Ivy League colleges. However, John did not want to go and he had been at odds with his parents over it. She explained they wanted him to go to law school and become a lawyer however John wanted to become a bike mechanic. She told me John had been trying to tell them what he wanted but they would not listen to him.

The afternoon was soon here and I went inside to clean up for my date with John. I showered and I got dressed in a red tank top that had a built in bra. I slipped a pair of red matching panties on before slipping into a pair of tight jeans. I even had to lie on the bed to get them fastened.

I checked myself out in the mirror in my bedroom. I turned sideways to see that my ass was showing nicely in my tight jeans. I checked my tank top out to make sure my tits looked their fullest in it. I also bent down to make sure you could see most of my boobs when I did. I walked into the living room with my tits bouncing around the scoop in my tank top.

“Damn girl them things got some bounce to them,” Uncle Mike yelled out from the sofa.

I blushed as I asked, “It does not show too much does it?”

“You look lovely and you can never show enough,” Aunt Lisa replied sitting next to Uncle Mike.

I sat down waiting for John. It was only 4:30 and I was surprised I was even ready. I sat there talking to Aunt Lisa as I waited. I started to get nervous at about 4:50. I was ready to cry by 5:30 when John still had not shown.

Aunt Lisa told me not to worry John would keep his date. At 6:00 o’clock, I was ready to go get undressed and cry myself to sleep. I suddenly heard the rumble of a powerful car engine outside their trailer.

“John is here,” Uncle Mike said as he got up and went outside.

Aunt Lisa and I went to the window to see Uncle Mike and John checking out John‘s car. It was a 1971 Chevy Nova, light blue in color with fancy chrome rims and big wide tires on the back. The boys had the hood up toying with the engine. I swear my pussy was even vibrating as they raced the engine. Uncle Mike and John finally came walking into the trailer.

“Sorry, Betsy I had a little car trouble on the way,” John said as he walked over to me. John smiled as he added, “These are for you,” handing me a bouquet of flowers.

I stood there just looking at him, as I had never gotten flowers before. I also had never seen anyone as handsome as John. He stood about 6 ft tall with his long blonde hair flowing from his head onto his shoulders. He had on a white polo shirt that showed off his golden tan. The shirt encased his muscular chest and arms as well. My eyes went down to the front of the jeans he had on and I swear I could see the outline of his cock.

“I will take your flowers Betsy,” Aunt Lisa said as she took them from John.

“You look lovely Betsy,” John said scanning me with his eyes.

I watched his eyes go up my body to my tits and then he was looking me in my eyes as I replied, “You look pretty hot yourself.”

Uncle Mike came over and he gave me a hug as he said, “You two go have fun and we won’t wait up for you.”

John walked me outside and to the passenger door of his car. He opened it letting me in; I believed that was also a first. He got in and he started the car. The car shook as the engine turned over, my pussy tingled at the vibration as I sat in the bucket seat. John put it in first and we were off. When we hit the paved road, John gunned the car squealing the tires as we took off.

I told John how I loved his car and that I had always loved the Chevy Nova as they made for good race cars. I asked him if it had a 350 in it. John seemed surprised that I knew what he was talking about as he told me what the entire engine had in it.

“My dad is sort of a car guy himself,” I said smiling at him.

“Yeah, Bill has helped me a few times on this one,” John replied. “He never told me he had a lovely daughter like you,” John added flashing me a smile.

Panic came to my face as I turned from John. I did not know that John knew my dad. I began to wonder just what else John knew about me. The panic left my face when I realized he had called me lovely. My pussy started to tingle even more.

We soon arrived at some restaurant out by the lake. The place had a nice little bar that you walked through to get to the dining area. As we walked through the bar men and women were coming up to John. Men were shaking his hands and the women hugging him and kissing him on his cheek. I started to feel out of place, as the women were all beautiful not ugly like me.

“And just who is this with you?” An older man asked as he shook John’s hand.

“This is Betsy my lovely date for the evening,” John replied smiling at me.

“Betsy, glad to meet you I am Ben the owner of this dump,” Ben said to me as he took my hand and kissed it.

“Hey pops she is my date,” John said giving a little laugh.

“Your table awaits you,” Ben replied slapping John on his back.

Ben walked us to a table with candles on it. Ben pulled my chair out for me to sit in as John took his. Ben told us he would be right back. I looked around to see that John and I were rather out in front of everyone else sitting in the dining room. Our table was a lot fancier than the others were and our table sat facing with a view of the lake. I was looking out at the lake thinking just how lovely and romantic our table was.

“A bottle of our finest wine,” Ben said as he poured a little bit into a glass handing it to John.

John swirled the wine around smelled it then took a sip before he replied, “An excellent choice.”

Ben poured a glass for me as well as one for John. Ben handed me a menu and as he did, he suggested I order the prime rib. I looked to John wondering why he did not have a menu.

“John never has to order he always get the prime rib medium rare,” Ben said smiling at me.

“Well I guess that is what I will have also,” I replied handing him the menu.
As Ben walked away I looked to John as I said, “Seems everyone knows you here.”

“Yep my favorite place to eat and they put up with me,” John replied with a little laugh.

“John, you know I am not old enough to drink,” I said as I picked up the glass of wine.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” John replied giving me a wink.

John and I sat talking over our dinner. It was the best tasting prime rib I had ever had. We also had finished off that bottle of wine. There was just enough left for two glasses as we finished our meal. I happened to glance out the window as I realized the sun was setting over the lake.

“The sunset is so lovely from here,” I said to John.

John looked out toward it then back to me as he replied, “No as lovely as the one who sits before me,” as he took a hold of my hand.

John scooted his chair next to mine and he pulled me toward him. His lips pressed against mine as he kissed me lightly then deeply on my lips. My head started to spin as he did. I knew not whether it was his kiss or the wine. John broke our kiss as he ran his hand through my hair staring into my face.

His look was unlike any look a boy or man had ever given me. His eyes twinkled as he stared into mine. I was not used to having eyes looking into mine as they were normally on my tits. John just stared as he played with my hair not saying a word.

“Is something wrong?” I asked figuring that maybe he wanted me to remove my glasses.

“I haven’t figured it out yet but there is just something about you,” John replied. “It is as if I am just drawn toward you,” he added as his lips touched mine once more.

His kiss was more passionate than the last one. I opened my mouth willingly to take his tongue into my mouth. My pussy twitched as our tongue touched and I placed my hand onto his thigh. John broke our kiss as he sat up right in his chair.

“I better stop or I won’t be able to stand up,” John said smiling at me.

I left my hand move across his thigh. I had not even got to his crotch when my hand felt something big and hard. I pulled my hand back when I had felt just how big and hard it was.

“Maybe we should go elsewhere,” I replied as I kissed him lightly on his cheek.

John took my hand into his as he smiled at me. John motioned for Ben to come over to us. Ben walked over and John told him we were done and he wanted the check.

“You know your money is no good in here,” Ben said. He turned to me once again taking my hand into his as he kissed it then asked, “I hope I get to see a lot more of you young lady.”

John stood up and he walked Ben back to the bar. I sat there as I watched them whispering into each other’s ear. I could not tell what they were saying nor did I care as my head was still spinning a little. John came back over and he pulled my chair back. I stood up and I fell face forward right into his chest.

“I might have had a little bit too much wine,” I said laughingly.

John helped me walk through the dining room and through the bar. He had me pressed tightly against his side with his arm around me. My tits were squeezed together giving everyone a good shot of the tops of my breasts. There were hoots and hollers as we walked through the bar.

John got me to the car and placed me inside before he got in himself. We drove for maybe twenty minutes until he pulled his car down this long winding lane. The road ended at the water of the lake.

John turned the car off and turned some music onto the radio. I sat there looking out over the lake. It was rather romantic as the moon was reflecting in the gentle waves of the lake. John turned my face from looking at the lake to his. He wrapped his arms around me pulling my face to his. We kissed deeply and passionately. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as I felt his hand cupping one of my breasts through my tank top.

My nipples harden as his fingers rubbed on one then the other. I left my hand slip down to the front of his jeans. My hand encountered a big hard lump in his pants. I rubbed my hand up and down the length of it through his jeans. John’s hand slipped inside my tank top.

He gently lifted a tit from under my tank top. John broke our kiss as he leaned down to kiss on my nipple. John ran his tongue around my nipple making it grow even harder. He then licked at it before taking it into his mouth. John gently suckled at my tit as I rubbed harder at the boner in his jeans.

His cock seemed to grow more as I squeezed at it while I rubbed it. My pussy was twitching madly as John used his tongue on my nipple. He took a nipple lightly between his teeth using them to pull and lightly bite at my nipples.

“AHhhhh John,” I moaned out softly as I felt my pussy getting wet with my juices.

I lifted his head from my tit. I used my tongue to lick at his lips before I kissed at them. I pulled his face into mine as our tongues danced within our mouths. John broke our kiss as his hands went to the bottom of my tank top. He pulled it from my jeans then gently lifted it over my head. My big tits bounced lightly as they were exposed.

John cupped both breasts in his hands as he said, “Your girls are simply lovely,” before he suckled on one of the girls.

John’s gave me as much pleasure playing with my breasts as Janet ever had. I felt my pussy wetting my panties then my jeans as he used his mouth on my tits. John suckled at my breasts as I felt his hand go between my legs.

I parted my legs giving him access between my legs. John rubbed the palm of his hand into my pussy through my jeans. My pussy then my clit started to throb as he rubbed at my jeans. John went from my tit to my face kissing me once again. His cock was throbbing as I squeezed and rubbed at it while I kissed him back. John broke our kiss as he looked into my eyes. His hand brushed at my hair.

“Betsy, may I take your pants down?” John asked.

My hands went to the snap at my jeans and as I unsnapped them I replied, “Yes you may.”

I had to rise up from the bucket seat for him to pull my jeans down. John placed me sideways in the front bucket seat with me leaning against the door. I was naked except for my wet red panties. John moved back in his seat as he checked me out from head to toe then looked to my face.

“You are even lovelier in the moonlight,” John said as his hands went between my thighs.

John ran his hands up and down my thighs causing a tickling feeling as he did. The feeling only made my pussy twitch and throb even more as I slipped down bringing my legs up. John used his hands to spread my thighs apart exposing my panty-covered pussy. I noticed my hair was sticking from the sides of my panties.

“MMmmm a hairy pussy just like …,” “Like I like,” John said.

I felt his fingers running against my crotch. I pumped my hips toward his fingers. John used both hands to pull my red panties down slipping them gently and slowly from my legs. John brought my panties to his nose where he took a deep breath then licked at my panties before tossing them onto the dash of his car.

John leaned down and he ran his tongue up the inside of my thigh. He teased me with his tongue never really touching my pussy with it. John licked at one thigh then the other. I could not stand it no more as I grabbed his head and pulled it into my pussy.

John kissed then licked his way through the hair covering my pussy. I was pumping my pussy upward as I pulled his head toward it. John’s tongue parted my pussy lips or they just opened for his tongue. He plunged his tongue deep within my pussy. It felt as if he was licking the walls of my pussy with his tongue.

“AHhhhhh JOHN,” I moaned as I ran my hands through his long blonde hair.

John lapped then poked at my pussy with his tongue. I could feel my orgasm building up deep within my pussy. John pulled his tongue from my pussy as he moved it to my clit. He assaulted my growing clit with his tongue is the best way to describe what his tongue was doing to my clit. His tongue flicked wildly at my clit until he had it swollen.

“You are going to make me lose it,” I moaned as I squirmed in the bucket seat.

John enclosed his mouth on my swollen clit. He sucked at it gently then harder. I could not hold back any longer. I pulled his head against my pussy as my orgasm rushed over me.

“AHHHHHHHHhhhhhh,” I screamed as my pussy convulsed.

My pussy felt as if it opened as a torrent of my juices flowed from my hole. John removed his mouth from my clit. He started to lap wildly at my pussy as my juices squirted from it. I was having one powerful orgasm after another as John licked at my pussy with his tongue. I had never come this many times in a row with Janet.

I finally pulled his head from between my legs, as I said, “No more, you have drained me dry,” between my deep breaths.

John’s face was wet with my juices as he rose from between my legs. I sat up wrapping my arms around him pulling his face to mine. I licked at my juices on his face before I kissed him deeply. My body felt warm and flushed as we kissed passionately. I broke our kiss as I just stared into his face.

“I have never had an orgasm like that before,” I said smiling at him.

“That was just the first of many more to come,” John replied as he sat back in his bucket seat.

I moved toward him as my hand went to his pants. I squeezed at the big lump sticking up in his jeans. I ran my hand down his crotch cupping at his balls as I placed my head in his lap.

I looked up at him as I asked, “John, may I take your pants down?”

John smiled at me, as he replied, “No you may not.”

I moved my head from his lap, as he added, “At least not here.” “There is not much room with these bucket seats but the motor home back at the camp ground has plenty of room,” John said smiling at me.

I grabbed my tank top and my panties from the dash of his car as I replied. “Let’s go.”

I slipped my tank top back on over my tits. I picked my jeans up from the back seat. I was just getting ready to slip my panties on when John grabbed my panties from me.

“Those belong to me now,” John said as he hung my red panties from his rear view mirror.

I just smiled at him as I pulled my jeans onto my body. John gave me a quick kiss and we were soon on our way back to the campgrounds. When John entered the campgrounds, he gave his car a quick punch to the gas pedal and then turned the key off as he pushed the clutch inward.

“No point in waking the whole campgrounds,” John said as he coasted the car past my Aunt’s trailer.

We coasted down the hill and around the bend in his car. John pulled his car up beside this huge looking motor home. It was a fancy one like the one bands use when they are on countywide tours.
John jumped out and he ran over to open my car door. John helped me from the car and he took me into his arms. We kissed deeply and passionately by his car. John’s hands were on my ass pulling me against his hard cock. I moved my hand between us rubbing at it. I broke our kiss pushing him away.

“Take me inside, please,” I begged him as I grabbed at his cock through his jeans.

John unlocked the door and he left me inside the motor home. I walked into a fully loaded kitchen with hand-glazed hardwood cabinets and an artful full tile back-splash accented by stone, glass and marble. John entered and he threw a switch bringing soft lighting to the inside of the motor home. I stood there looking around at all the luxurious items from ranging from Villa furniture to a complete entertainment system with a big TV.

John grabbed my hand as he said, “Let me show you the bedroom.”

John walked me to the back of the motor home and he opened the sliding door and turned the lights on inside. The bedroom was huge with a king size radius corner bed. The walls had some type of exotic wood paneling. John left go of my hand, he turned another switch, and music filled the air as he dimmed the lights giving the bedroom a romantic atmosphere.

The bedroom in this motor home was as if it belonged in some mansion that you would see on the TV. I looked around the room taking in all of its beauty. The beauty of the bedroom overwhelmed me so much that I did not even see John slip from his clothes and hop into that king size bed.

I smiled at him as I saw the bed sheet sticking up as he lies there in bed. I walk toward him slowly as I lift my tank top over my head. With my big tits hanging and bouncing, I kicked off my shoes as I neared the bed. I peel my jeans as I near the bed. I crawl up onto this huge bed on my hands and knees. I place my body on top of his with the sheet between us.

I straddle his body as my lips meet his. He wraps me in his arms as we kiss passionately. I could feel his hard cock between my legs rubbing the sheet against my wet pussy. I broke our kiss as I roll from him. I am at his side as I grab the top of the sheet covering his body.

I slowly pulled the sheet down exposing his well-chiseled chest. I bend over kissing and licking at the nipples on his chest. I trail my tongue down the front of his body. I worked it down his six-pack abdomen as I pulled the sheet with me. I rise from his body pulling the sheet away from the rest of him as I smile at him.

I turn back to see his manhood standing tall and throbbing at me. His cock was rock hard with a set of big balls hanging from it. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. There was plenty of cock left exposed as I lowered my face to his cock.

I slowly licked at the head of his dick. I ran my tongue around his dickhead and under the mushroom head as well. I started to pump my hand on his cock as my tongue returned to the top of his cock. I tongued at his pee hole as I pulled at his cock.

I pulled my face from his cock as I pumped it with my hand. His cock was big with blood-filled veins running up its length. I would have to say it was maybe nine inches. I would find out later it was eight inches when it was fully hard.

His cock was big but not terrifying looking as Turtles. Besides I wanted this cock like no other I ever had my hands around. I wrapped my mouth around the head of his cock. I slowly worked my way down his cock taking it into my mouth. I took about half of it before I started my way back up his cock.

I was soon bobbing my head up and down his cock. I pumped at it with my hand as I sucked at it. I did not even try to take it all into my mouth, as I was happy with just half of it in there. I moved my other hand down to his balls. I played with them as I sucked on his cock. I must have been sucking on his cock for ten minutes or so when I felt it throb then twitch.

“BETSY, I am going to cum,” John yelled.

I enclosed my mouth around the head of his cock. I pumped and pulled at his cock as I sucked on just the head. I wanted to take his cum into my mouth. John’s cock swelled then twitched and throbbed in my hand as his cock spew cum into my mouth.

The first two blasts I handled but the third one I had to remove my mouth from his cock. I swallowed what cum I could, however the third and fourth blast shot up into the air landing on his abdomen. I pulled at his cock as my tongue went to his abdomen licking his cum I had not taken into my mouth.

I felt his cock growing soft in my hands as I trailed my tongue back up his body. I straddled his body placing my wet pussy on his abdomen. John wrapped his arms around me pulling my face down to his. He kissed me deeply then he slipped his tongue into my open mouth. I do love a man who shares his cum with me.

John broke our kiss as he rolled me from himself. He placed me in his arms pulling me against his side. My hand rubbed at his chest as he cuddled me while he kissed at my head.

“That was one of the best I ever had,” John said as he kissed my head.

My body felt flush and warm as I lie there in his arms. No one had ever cuddled with me afterwards as he was doing. I had to fight back my tears as John held me. I had only just met this man and he was unlike anyone I knew or ever dreamed of knowing. To be honest I fell in love with him as he held me telling me how wonderful it was to hold me.

“I could use something to drink,” “How about you Betsy?” John asked.

“Water would be fine for me,” I replied as I rose up from his side to kiss his lips.

John got out of the bed and he walked up the hallway of the motor home. I rolled over onto my side looking toward the nightstand by the bed. There was a photo in a lovely frame. I looked closer at it before I grabbed it from the nightstand.

I realized that the photo was Aunt Lisa and John standing together holding hands. My aunt was sort of looking up to John in the photo. Her face had a lovely smile and her eyes had the look of want in them as she stared at John. I returned it to the nightstand as I pulled the sheets up over my body.

Why was my aunt looking at him in the manner she was? To me her look was one of someone being in love. Just what is my aunt to John I thought as I sat in his bed. John returned with two glasses of water. I had my head down as he handed me one of the glasses. I did not look up to him as I took the glass.

“Is something wrong Betsy?” John asked as he climbed into bed.

I looked to him then to the photo on the nightstand as I asked, “Just what is my aunt to you, John?”

John looked to the photo and he grabbed the frame bringing it up to him. He stared into the photo for a few seconds. It looked like to me he was trying to think of something to say. John turned to me handing me the frame.

“Your Aunt Lisa is like a mom to me,” John replied.

John explained that he first met Lisa and Mike when he was fourteen. They had come down to welcome his parents to the campgrounds. John’s mom and dad had plans for the evening, John did not want to go with them, and he made a fuss over it. Lisa told my parents that if I wanted to stay she would keep an eye on him.

John went on to explain after that day Lisa had always rather watched out for him. I spent most of my summers here at the campgrounds for the last four years. My parents rarely if ever came and spent anytime here at the campgrounds or with me.

“They spent their summers traveling around overseas,” John said. “I never joined them mainly because they never asked me too,” he added, as his voice broke up a little bit.

John told me that Lisa would always check up on him during the summer to make sure he was all right. She made sure I ate something ever now and then as at fifteen I could not drive nor cook. Your Uncle Mike showed me how to work on bikes and then your dad taught me about cars when I met him John explained as he took my hand.

“I guess you could say your Aunt Lisa is the mother I never had,” John said giving me a smile.

I had no reason not to believe his explanation and felt bad that I even had thought there was another reason. I wrapped my arms around him giving him comfort, as he looked a little upset about what he had just told me.

I thought about how being from a rich family was not always that great. It may have also explained why the other rich people at my school seemed as rude as they were not shown love at home so how they could show it to anyone else. I actually felt sorry for John as I held him in my arms.

Our embraced turned into a deep long passionate kiss. John laid me slowly down in the bed as he kissed me. His lips went from mine as he slowly kissed his way down my body. John stopped to suckle on my breasts as he worked his way down to my pussy. He parted my legs as his tongue licked gently at my pussy lips.

John took one of my pussy lips into his mouth gently tugging on it with his mouth. He did the same with the other before he used his fingers to lay my lips apart at my pussy. John smiled up to me as he told me how my pussy looked like a butterfly with my lips to its side. John used his tongue running it up between my pussy lips licking at my pussy.

“Ahhhhh,” I moaned softly as his tongue buried it self into my pussy.

John’s tongue explored my inner pussy bringing wonderful pleasure to me as I squirmed in the bed. I had two quick wet orgasms as his tongue roamed through my pussy. John’s tongue went from my wet pussy to my clit as he flicked at it. My hands went to his head lifting it from between my legs.

“Take me John,” “I need to feel you inside of me,” I moaned softly as my hand rubbed at the side of his face.

John climbed on top of me positioning him between my legs. John reached between us as he took his cock into his hand. He rubbed it gently against my wet pussy coating it with my juices. He placed it at my entrance.

“AHhhhh John,” I moaned softly as he pushed his cock inside of me.

His cock slowly entered my pussy as the walls of my wet pussy stretched letting his cock inside of me. John’s lips went to mine and he kissed me as he slipped more of his cock up into my pussy. John’s entry into my pussy was gentle and done with love and care not like the rough plowing my cousin had done to me. John laid his body gentle down on mine as he worked the last bit of his cock up into my pussy.

I broke his loving kiss as I whispered into his ear, “Fuck me, John.”

John started to move his cock in and out of my pussy. The walls of my puss contracted gripping at his cock as he did. John fucked me slowly letting the inside of my pussy get used to his cock sliding in and out. I wrapped my arms tightly around him as my legs wrapped around his back. I started to thrust my hips upward on his down strokes.

John moved his mouth to one of my tits. He suckled at it as he worked his cock faster and deeper into my pussy. His cock was giving me great pleasure as he fucked me. No dildo had ever felt like this up inside my pussy. I felt my pussy tightening around his cock as my juices started to flow. My juices coated his cock as John scooped my legs from his back and placed them onto his shoulders,

“AHhhhhh Fuck me,” I cried out as his cock slipped deeper into my pussy.

John built up a strong and steady pace as he fucked me. The wetness flowed from me running down my thighs as he did. The room filled with wet slurps as his cock plunged in and out of my hole. My hands reached out grabbing John’s face pulling it down to mine. I kissed him deeply as my orgasm raced throughout my body.

John fucked me harder and deeper however, it was not a rough fuck. Instead, it was a loving gentle type. My pussy convulsed around his cock as the pressure built up deep in my pussy. I broke our kiss as my flood gates opened and my pussy started to squirt my juices over his cock.

“AHHHHHHH JOHN,” I screamed from under him.

John gave a few more thrusts of his cock then buried it deep as he cried out, “AHHHHH Betsy.”

John’s cock throbbed deep inside my pussy as his cum blasted into it. His cock fired shot after shot coating the back wall of my pussy with cum from his cock. His lips went to mine and we kissed deeply as I felt each of his shots filling my pussy.

A feeling raced through my body as his cock slipped from my pussy. Cum ran from my pussy flowing onto my thighs. John rose up from me looking down into my face. I looked back into his loving blue green eyes. I never had a feeling come over me like the one that was racing through my body not with Janet, Linda, Kevin or even Turtle. Tears filled my eyes and flowed down my face as I began to cry.

John jumped from my body as he asked, “Did I hurt you?”

I pulled his face back down to mine as I explained, “Not at all in fact you just gave me the most wonderful feeling I ever had,” as I kissed him deeply.

John lie beside me once more wrapping his arms around me. He cuddled me as I ran my hand over his chest. I closed my eyes thinking this is what Aunt Lisa meant about sex being enjoyable especially with a skilled loving man. I fell into a deep sleep as John cuddled me.

“Wake up Betsy, wake up,” John said as he shook me. “Your aunt and uncle are going to kill me,” he added as he jumped from the bed.

I sat up with sleep stilling tugging at my body. The room was blurry as I searched for my glasses. John must have removed them from me when I fell asleep. I slipped them on to see daylight shining in down the hallway of the motor home. I jumped from the bed slipping my clothes on as I asked him what time it was.

“It is after seven in the morning,” John replied. “I was not supposed to keep you out all night that was not part of the deal,” John added as he walked from the bedroom. John stopped at the doorway and looked back to me.

I looked at him as I yelled, “Just what deal was that?”

“Nothing I just…”John replied,

“Just what deal would that be, John?” I asked angrily looking at him.

John just stood there thinking until I walked by him pushing him out of the way, as I said, “Never mind John,” as I ran out of the motor home.

“Betsy, stop,” John yelled as he chased after me.

I was halfway up to my aunt’s trailer even before John got out of the motor home. All those years of running home from school had finally done some good. He was yelling for me to stop that he wanted to explain however, I just kept running to the trailer. I ran inside crying to find Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike sitting at their kitchen table.

“What is it Betsy?” Aunt Lisa asked.

I just gave her an evil look as I ran for my bedroom. I closed the door behind me as I dove into my bed. I buried my face into my pillow as I cried my eyes out, as I never had before. Aunt Lisa knocked at my door as I cried into my pillow.

“Betsy, can I come in?” She asked through my door.

“Just leave me alone, you bitch,” I sobbed out before crying into my pillow some more.

I cried until I could cry no more tears. I was not for sure how long it had been as I sat up in my bed. I listened and I heard no one inside the trailer. I opened my door and looked up the hallway not seeing anyone at the kitchen table. I walked out into the kitchen to see Uncle Mike sitting in the living room reading a magazine. I turned and I started to run back to my bedroom.

“Betsy, stop,” Uncle Mike yelled. “Come over here and let’s talk,” he added patting his hand at the sofa cushion.

I walked slowly to him and sat down beside him. Uncle Mike reached out and he took my hand into his. His used his other hand to lift my head and turn it toward his.

“I told your Aunt her little plan would blow up in her face,” Uncle Mike said to me. “She should have just told you the truth,” he added.

“Where is Aunt Lisa?” I asked.

“She went down to talk to John,” Uncle Mike replied.

“You mean she went down to pay him for his services,” I yelled.

“Betsy, don’t blame John for this as he wanted nothing to do with your aunt‘s plan,” Uncle Mike replied.

“No boy like John would ever want an ugly duckling like me,” I replied letting out a sob.

“Don’t put yourself down like that Betsy,” “Everything has beauty, just not everyone sees it,” Uncle Mike said to me. “John sees your beauty as he told your aunt he would have taken you out without any strings attached,” he added.

“You’re just saying that,” I replied.

“No, John has that gleam in his eyes when he looks at you,” “The same gleam I have for your aunt,” Uncle Mike said.

“The same gleam Aunt Lisa has in her eyes when she looks at John,” I replied.

“Don‘t worry yourself over that as I don‘t,” Uncle Mike said to me hugging me. “John even told me he was a little taken by you, as he never felt like he does toward a girl like he does you,” he added smiling at me.

“Just what did Aunt Lisa offer John?” I asked.

“That I can not tell you only John or your aunt can,” Uncle Mike replied. “Your chance to find out is walking up the hill right now,” Uncle Mike said looking out the window toward John’s camper.

I looked to see Aunt Lisa and John walking up the hill. I started to get up from the sofa and head back to my bedroom. Uncle Mike grabbed my arm as I started to walk away. He pulled me back down next to him on the sofa.

“It is time you learned the truth,” Uncle Mike said.

I sat there not knowing if I wanted to know the truth. All I did know was that it seemed my whole life had been one big mess after another. I sat there wishing I had run away when I had moved in with my dad. Aunt Lisa and John came walking into the trailer. John would not even look at me.

Uncle Mike stood up as he said, “This has gone on long enough Lisa tell her the truth.”

Aunt Lisa looked to Uncle Mike and then to John before she looked at me as she replied, “It is time to come clean with you.”

John moved toward me then turned to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike as he said, “Could you two leave us alone,” “I will explain everything to her.”

Uncle Mike grabbed my aunt’s arm as he said, “Come on lets go for a little walk,” as he dragged her outside.

John waited until they went outside then he came over to me. John sat down next to me and he took a hold of my hand. I did not turn or lift my head from looking at the floor. I felt his hand on my face gently lifting it and turning it to his.

“Betsy, I liked you from the moment I seen you.” “I did not know you were so lovely until I did see you,” John said taking my hand into his. “Your aunt offered me…” he added but stopped.

“She offered you what, John,” I asked not knowing for sure what it was she had offered him.

“I could lie to you but I won’t,” John replied. John looked me in my face as he added, “She offered me sex in return for taking you out.”

“SHE was going to fuck you for taking me out,” I screamed at him.

“Well not exactly,” John replied. “She was not going to fuck me anymore unless I went out with you,” John added.

I sat there not knowing what to say back to him. I was not sure I was taking his words right but I believed them to be that my aunt has been fucking him. Which would explain the gleam in her eyes and her kissing him?

“Just how long as this been going on?” I asked pulling my hand from his.

“Since I was fifteen,” John replied.

“FIFTEEN, that’s for the last three years,” I cried out at him. “Does Uncle Mike know what you have been doing with his wife?” I asked shaking my head.

“Yes and he is OK with it as it is their lifestyle,” John replied.

Their lifestyle I thought until it suddenly hit me. Uncle Mike and Aunt Lisa were swingers just like my dad. I sat there wondering who had gotten whom into it. I looked to John not knowing what to say to him.

“Betsy, I wanted to take you out with no deals with your aunt after I saw you,” John said. “I thought you were going to be fat and ugly not as lovely as you are,” he added taking my hand again.

“I am not fat but I am UGLY.” “My glasses make me even uglier,” I replied turning from him.

“You are not ugly and your glasses give you character.” “Besides one does not really know how pretty a girl is until you've met her, all the beauty lays in the personality,” John said smiling at me. “To me you’re the loveliest girl I know,” he added.

“BUT JOHN, your having sex with my aunt,” I replied harshly.

“It’s only sex,” John said. “I am not in love with her, I mean I love her but not in the true sense of love,” he added.

“But you are still…” I replied until John pushed my chin up closing my mouth.

“Let me explain,” John said.

John went on to explain just what swinging was all about. Swinging is a non-monogamous behavior, in which singles or partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity. He explained people might choose a swinging lifestyle for a variety of reasons. His reason was because he enjoyed it and sometimes he did not make friends easily.

“Just how did you become involved with my aunt?” I asked.

“First off Betsy I will tell but I also will tell you that I know of your past.” “Your past is not unlike the lifestyle I live today,” John said.

John pulled me next to him on the sofa wrapping his one arm around me as he held my hand. I thought about how he was right in what I had been doing was much like the swinging lifestyle at least I thought it was. John went on with his story as I listened.

I was alone in the motor home one summer when I was fifteen. I was back in the bedroom looking at some of my dad’s dirty magazines. I did not hear your aunt come into the motor home. I was to busy making my cock hard. It was just starting to get hard when I heard.

“JOHN, you’re going to go blind,” Lisa said with a little laugh.

I was horrified when I looked up to see her standing there. Your aunt had caught me jacking my cock off, as I lie naked on the bed. I grabbed a pillow and covered my cock that was going soft. I hung my head in shame unable to look at her for she had caught me with my dick in my hand.

“Lisa, I…” was all I said to her not lifting my head to look at her.

Lisa came over to me and she sat down on the bed as she said, “It’s OK John we all do it.” “It is perfectly normally as well as healthy to play with it.”

I looked at her as I asked, “Do you play with yourself?”

Lisa smiled at me as she replied, “All the time John.” “It is relaxing and it is good for relieving stress.” Lisa then asked me, “John, have you ever been with a girl?”

I shook my head no, as I replied, “Only in magazines.”

Your aunt stood up as her hands went to the bottom of her shirt as she said, “Well we will just have to fix that.”

I sat there on the bed watching her remove her clothes. First her shirt then she reached behind herself unhooking her bra. Her big tits shook and bounced as she freed them from her bra. Lisa kicks off her flip-flops as she unsnapped her shorts she had worn. She pulled them down and off with her backside to me. My cock twitched as I stared at her panty covered ass.

Lisa turned back toward me and she smiled at me. She then removed her panties and she stood before me in the nude. My eyes went from her big tits to the thick patch of black hair surrounding her pussy. Lisa came toward the bed and she placed one leg up on it as she parted the hair at her pussy.

Lisa stood there pointing to different parts of her pussy. She stood there telling me what they were. Lisa ran her fingers over her hanging pussy lips as I felt my cock growing harder under the pillow. Your aunt explained how a man has to be gentle with a girl in order to give them pleasure. She slipped a finger into her pussy as I leaned toward her getting a better view.

Lisa ran her finger in and out of her hairy pussy as she stood there. She added another finger and started to run them in and out of her pussy. Lisa moaned softly as I watched her fingers getting wet as she pushed them in and out of her pussy. She played with her pussy as I watched.

I could see that her pussy was sucking at her fingers as well as the juices starting to leak from her pussy. I moved even closer to her as she moaned again only this time louder. Her thighs shook and I saw her close her eyes as she moaned in pleasure. Lisa removed her foot from the bed as she pulled her fingers from her pussy and she held them out to me.

“Taste my juices from my fingers,” Lisa said bringing her fingers to my mouth.

I licked at her fingers as I would an ice cream cone. She stuck them into my mouth as I sucked on them cleaning her juices from them. Lisa wrapped her hands around my head. She pulled my face into the hairy patch covering her pussy. Her pussy smelled fresh and her hair was wet from her juices. Lisa rather moved my head against her pussy as she bumped her pussy into my face.

“You have me all horny and wet John,” Lisa cooed out sexily. “Your lessons are going to have to wait,” She added as she pushed my head then me back into the bed.

I was flat on my back with the pillow still covering my hard cock. Lisa grabbed for the pillow covering my cock. She tossed it to the floor.

“Damn, the girls are going like you,” Lisa cooed out as she climbed up onto the bed looking at my hard throbbing cock.

Lisa crawled up my body as she dragged her big tits on my legs and thighs. She took her tits and swung them at my hard throbbing cock. She worked her tits up wrapping them around my cock as she rocked back and forth. My cock twitched as pre-cum poured from my cock head.

“We can’t let that go to waste,” Lisa said as she pulled her tits from my cock.

Lisa reached out wrapping her hand around my cock. She pulled at it as she lowered her head. Lisa’s tongue licked at my cock head then she flicked at it the pre-cum with her tongue. She then took the head of my dick into her mouth.

My head went back down in the bed as her mouth wrapped around my cock. Lisa started to suck at the head of my cock while pumping her hand up and down on it. I never knew a blowjob could feel so great. Lisa sucked at my cock for a few minutes as I felt a tingling working from my balls. I wanted to tell her that I was going to shoot however; my eyes went closed as my cock throbbed in her mouth.

“AHHhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned loudly.

My cock jumped then throbbed as cum poured into your aunt’s mouth. I moaned even more when she just kept sucking at my cock. Your aunt sucked the last bit of cum into her mouth before she pulled it from my softening cock.

“We will work on that,” Lisa said as she crawled up beside me.

Lisa kissed at my face then on my lips. I had never kissed a girl before so I just did to her what she was doing to me. We were soon swapping tongues in our mouths. Lisa broke our kiss as she looked to my cock.

Lisa smiled at me as she said, “It looks like you are ready for round two.”

Your aunt climbed on top of me and she reached under her pussy grabbing my hard cock. She placed it at her pussy and sat right down on my cock. Lisa started to rock back and forth on my cock then she was bouncing up and down on it.

I used my tongue to lick at her nipples as her tits hung in my face. Your aunt told me to thrust my hip upward as she came down onto my cock. My hands just naturally wrapped around her butt as she fucked me. I was soon pulling and pushing her up and down on to my cock.

“AHHhhhh FUCK ME JOHN,” Lisa moaned out as she placed her head to side of mine.

I pumped my hips as fast and as hard as I could as she squirmed on my cock. She moaned constantly into my ear as we fucked. I started to pull her butt cheeks apart as her pussy started to squeeze at my cock.
I felt her pussy getting wetter on my cock. The wet slurps came next from my cock moving in and out of her filling the motor home. I felt the tingling again in my balls as her pussy juices started to flow out over my cock.

“AHHHhhhhh JOHN,” Lisa cried into my ear.

I pulled her ass down hard against my cock as I slammed upward with my cock. My balls twitched as I fired cum deep within her wet pussy. I rocked her butt back and forth with my hands milking cum from my cock. Your aunt was just moaning into my ear as I did. Lisa just lay on top of me breathing heavy as my cock went limp slipping from her pussy. When my cock slipped from her pussy it gave a little burp as her and my own cum ran from her hole.

I wrapped my arms around her as I whispered, “I love you,” into her ear.

Your aunt jumped from my body and sat at the edge of the bed. She sat there shaking her head from side to side. Her hand rubbed at her forehead as I heard her asking herself, “What have I done?”

I sat up in bed as I asked, “Did I do something wrong?”

Lisa turned to me as she replied, “It is I who have done something wrong.” “I should not have done any of this with you John.”

“If you are worried I got you pregnant, I will marry you,” I replied not knowing any better.

Lisa gave a little laugh as she replied, “John, did you forget about Mike, I am already married to him.”

Panic came over my face as I had forgotten about Mike. “He will beat me up,” I yelled out as I jumped from the bed.

I ran around the room in a panic then Lisa stood up and she stopped me. She pulled me down to sit with her on the bed. She explained that she was on the pill so she would not be pregnant. She also explained that Mike would not lay a hand on me.

“Mike and I have an open marriage,” Lisa said to me then she had to explain it to me.

“Then why were you upset?” I asked her as I looked into her eyes.

“Number one you are underage and the second thing is you told me you loved me,” Lisa replied. “John, I love you too but not in the true meaning of love,” she added.

Lisa sat with me on the bed explaining about love and sex. She explained how the two could be the same or they can be very different. Lisa used their open marriage as an example. She also explained the feelings I had were only because she was my first piece of pussy.

“I am advanced for my age at least they tell me,” I said to her. “I would never tell anyone want we did.” “My parents will never find out as they do not even know I exist sometimes,” I added with a slight tremble to my lips.

“You poor boy,” Lisa replied as she took me in her arms. “We will see where this takes us,” she added as her lips went to mine once more.

I sat there in shock and in heat over his story. I was in shock as I never would have thought of my aunt as a swinger but then again I could not believe my dad was one as well. I was in heat from listening to him tell me what they had done. I could feel the wetness of my pussy that had soaked through my panties onto my shorts.

“So does my dad know about all of this?” I asked John.

“Yes and he comes and spend a weekend with us all every now and then,” John replied. “He thought maybe you would feel a little better knowing about all of us as well,” John replied.

“My dad has sex with his sister?” I asked.

“We do not think of it like that but the answer to your question is yes.” “The lifestyle does not allow us to pass judgment onto to others,” John replied.

Now to be truthful I had seen my dad in his shower. I had fingered my pussy many of nights wishing he would come into my room and replace my fingers with his cock. My pussy had also been getting wet when my aunt kissed me or I saw her boobs.

“So I am supposed to go along with this and join in on all this?” I asked John as I sat up next to him.

“That is up to you to decide no one would ever force you too,” John replied stroking my hand.

As he stroked at my hand that feeling came over my body. I wanted to tell John that I was in love with him. However, I kept my feelings to myself for now. I looked into John’s eyes they did have that gleam in them as my uncle had told me. This was not the first time I had noticed it. I just never placed the gleam in his eyes as being for me. I was getting ready to tell him I was OK with all he had told me.

“If it is any comfort to you Betsy.” “I will be by your side the whole time and if you want to stop I will understand,” John said. John smiled at me as he added, “I have rather grown fond of you, in fact Betsy I am in love with you already and I hardly know you.”

“Then maybe you had better get to know me better,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around him kissing him deeply and with passion.

The door to the trailer opened as Uncle Mike and Aunt Lisa walked back inside. I heard the door close before I broke our kiss. I turned to see my uncle and aunt in each other’s arms as they looked to John and me.

“So everything has been explained and worked out I take it,” Uncle Mike said.

“Yes, but I have just one more question?” I replied as I looked to John.

“Ask me anything I will never lie to you ever again,” John replied as he wrapped me in his arms.

I looked from John to Uncle Mike then back to John as I asked, “Are you two Bisexual?”

The smile on both their faces told me they were so they did not have to answer. Uncle Mike and Aunt Lisa came over to us. We had a group hug then Aunt Lisa was hugging John as I hugged Uncle Mike. I placed my lips to his as I kissed him deeply. His response was to stick his tongue out as I opened my mouth placing mine into his. I turned toward my aunt and John to see they were kissing passionately as well.

I also noticed John’s hand were rubbing and pulling her body against his. I cannot lie, as I did feel a little jealous. However, I just sucked it back inside me as I broke the kiss with my uncle. I looked down to the hard cock poking out of the shorts he had worn.

“Did I do that Uncle Mike?” I asked as I rubbed my hand at his hard cock.

Uncle Mike shook his head as he replied, “It is going to be a long hot summer I can see that now.”

I dropped to my knees in front of my uncle. I unsnapped then unzipped his shorts. I pulled then down around his ankle leaving him just in his underwear. I squeezed at his cock through his underwear feeling just how fat it was. I grabbed at his fat cock I turned to John and my aunt.

“Aunt Lisa may I suck Uncle Mike’s cock?” I asked.

Aunt Lisa broke her kiss with John looking at me on my knees as she replied, “Yes you may my dear as long as I can have your man’s cock.”

“He is all your for now but I do want him back,” I replied as I pulled my uncle’s short down to his ankles.

His fat cock danced up and down in front of me. I reached out for it trying to wrap my hand around it. My hand would not wrap all the way around his thickness. His cock was average in length but was very fat. I thought of the beer can I had held in my hands a few days ago as I pumped at his cock.

I leaned up licking at the head of his cock with my tongue. I flicked it all around his head as I pumped at his cock. I had his cock dripping in pre-cum in no time at all. I could barely fit my mouth around his fat cock. However, some how I managed to take his cock head into my mouth.

“AHHhhh suck it girl,” Uncle Mike moaned out as his hands went to the back of my head.

I went to work on his fat cock. I seemed to be having trouble working anymore than just the head of his fat cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head as I sucked at his cock head while pumping my hand up and down the rest of it. I heard slurping coming from the other side of the room as I pulled my mouth from his fat cock.

I turned to see my aunt had removed John’ shorts and she was on her knees in front of him. She was devouring his cock deep into her mouth. My aunt worked her mouth on John’s cock until she had her lips pressing into the base of his cock. I thought there was no way I could ever take that much of his cock into my mouth.

Uncle Mike tapped me on my head as he said, “Sometimes it is better if you don’t watch the first couple of times.”

I pulled at his cock as I replied, “Fuck me Uncle Mike,” “John got me all horny with his story about him and Aunt Lisa.”

“Never been one to refuse a lady in need,” Uncle Mike replied as he stepped out of his shorts and underwear that were around his ankles.

Uncle Mike scooped me from the floor carrying me over to the kitchen table. He placed me on top of the table as he pulled my shorts and panties from me all at once. Uncle Mike buried his face between my legs as I fell back onto the table. I was soon pushing my pussy toward his face taking more of his tongue up into my pussy.

I had a couple quick orgasms before I pushed at my uncle’s head as I yelled, “Fuck me Uncle Mike.”

I braced my hand on the table at my side as Uncle Mike got between my legs on the table. He gentle rubbed his fat cock at my pussy. He then teased my clit with his fat cock beating it then rubbing it against it. I could feel my pussy juices flowing as he did. Uncle Mike placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy.

“AHhhhhh Uncle MIKE,” I moaned out as he pushed his fat cock up inside of me.

Uncle Mike took his time letting my pussy walls expand around his cock. He slowly worked his fat cock into my wet pussy. His filled my pussy and stretched at it. His fat cock hurt a little however, it soon pasted. Uncle Mike started to move his cock in and out of my pussy.

“AHhhh yes,” I moaned softly as he started to fuck my pussy at a steady pace.

Uncle’s Mike’s fat cock started to give my pussy pleasure as it slipped in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around him and I fucked him back with my pussy. The room suddenly filled with these loud wet slurps and then pussy farts. They were coming from the living room where John and my aunt were.

“FUCK ME,” “FUCK ME HARDER,” “Make those balls bang my clit,” Aunt Lisa screamed from the living room.

I knew John must have been taking her from behind. I think that was my aunt’s favorite way to do it doggie style. The wet slurps increased as did the smack of flesh against flesh. Her moans soon left my ears as I felt my pussy gripping at my uncle’s cock. My head rolled from side to side as a powerful orgasm came over me. My body shook and rolled on the kitchen table as my eyes went closed.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” I moaned loudly as a powerful orgasm rocked my body.

“Going to blow,” Uncle Mike yelled as he buried his fat cock deep within my pussy.

When I felt that first blast of cum hitting the back wall of my pussy, I lost control of everything. It felt as if my pussy was opening and closing around his cock as if it was trying to devour his fat cock. My pussy pushed against his cock until it forced it from its lair.

“AHHhhhh fucking shit,” I cried out as pleasure swept through my body starting at my toes working its way up my body.

My pussy flushed my juices from deep within as it squirted everywhere. A solid powerful squirt splashed against Uncle Mike’s cock then shot to his tight little abdomen. I shook on the table, as my orgasm seemed to last forever. My pussy gave two small final squirts before I started to return to this world.

“DAMN Girl, get the fucking mop,” Uncle Mike said letting out a little laugh.

“Sorry about that,” I replied with a little laugh of mine own.

That laugh left my mouth when I heard John scream, “AHHhhhhh LISA.”

“YEAH Fill my box,” Aunt Lisa yelled back.

Her pleasure moans filled my ears as I sat up on the kitchen table. I must have had a look on my face or maybe my lips were trembling. Uncle Mike wrapped me in his arms. He held me tightly in his arms as he rubbed at my back.

“It gets easier to understand and accept with time,” Uncle Mike whispered into my ear as he held me.

“I hope so,” I whispered back into his ear.

I wrapped my arms around him as I pressed my face tightly into his shoulder. I fought back the tears that were forming in my eyes. I wondered if I had made the right choice or not as hearing John and my aunt having sex brought back memories of what happened between Janet, Kevin and I.

Will I be able to fight the jealousy I was feeling? Did John really love me or was he just telling me that to get my aunt? Was John finally the man of my dreams or the beginning of my nightmares?

You will have to wait until my next chapters. To find out if the choice I made was the right one or not as well as the other answers to my questions.

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