At 10 years old and having had my first "real/intense" orgasm, stemming from my "boyfriend" eating my pussy, I felt I was much more advanced than other girls I knew at my age. Like I stated in my previous story I was now "in love", obviously due to what had happened.

I was in a totally different realm and state of mind then many young girls were at that point in their life. I remember me and my three closest friends noticing "cute" boys along with the very beginnings of boyfriend/girlfriend type talk at around 8 years old.

Of course at that age there typically wasn't heartbreak and "feelings" so our's, and boys interests, changed by the day and that is just the way it was.

Thinking back objectively I feel the experience I had in that treehouse, and some experiences thereafter, is what made me be drawn to older boys, men and even girls and woman. Some of those same experiences, coupled with feelings that just seem to have been naturally ingrained in me, to explore the "other side" as well while some left me jaded and steered me in certain ways.
I tried to work it out to spend time with my "boyfriend" in his treehouse but for several days in a row things wouldn't line up where we could be alone. He either had some of his friends hanging with him there or they would be off in the woods exploring. I was also inhibited by my neighborhood friends being around me.

The want and waiting coupled with an expanded curiosity was excrutiating. I had a mixed bag of emotions along with a burning "down there" that I couldn't totally satisfy myself. I would probe a finger deeper into my hole and explored a bit further than what he did. I needed to know what it was and why it hurt when I reached that certain point. I liked it when I went deeper and I got myself used to it because I knew there were even better feelings beyond that point. I wanted it done but couldn't do it myself rather, I needed to have it done to and for me.

It was about a week after our initial session that I was able to be alone with him in his treehouse. Thank goodness that it was a dark cloudy day which looked like it threatened rain but it didn't rain. This kept most of the neighborhood kids inside and/or to themselves. I played on our back porch which was a great vantage point for me to see the stretch of my boyfriends back yard that led to his treehouse.
When I finally saw him cross the yard on the way to his treehouse my heart pounded and I felt myself starting to get wet. I bounded off the porch and headed straight to the back of our yard and followed a wooded path behind the neighboring houses. This kept me out of sight all the way to his treehouse since I knew the potential ramifications of being caught alone with him.

When I climbed up the ladder and went through the door he was happier to see me rather than any time before when it seemed he perhaps just "tolerated" me.

He was standing up when I went in and I ran right up and hugged him hard. My head was at his chest level (I was a little taller than most 10 yr old girls), not like he was overly tall.

I held on while asking if he missed me, I told him how much I missed him and loved him and on and on. What did I know then about keeping certain feelings to myself and not playing all my cards at once. At the time I wasn't concerned about my vulnerability as my intent was to expand my sexual need, desires and fill my curiosity.
I was assertive regarding sex and initiating it (and I continued to be as life went on) yet there was another part of it within me I didn't understand yet. I would take the lead in sexual situations then want to be just taken advantage of.

It was that mix of thoughts and needs which I would find out about later and even use. All girls, then woman, learn this and use such in one direction or the other as need be on a case by case basis.

I finally leaned back and got on my tip toes in order to get him to kiss me which he did without hesitation. This kiss was different for me than the first time we did. I felt I was getting more out of it and he put more into it. When he pulled me tighter I felt his cock as it tented his shorts. When we stopped kissing he looked down at me and asked if I wanted to "play".

I was seeing stars at this point and all I did was nod my head yes.

Without ever doing anything like that before I think I knew what he wanted, and what I should do, just by instinct. It just seemed so natural yet as a little girl it still had that "yuck" factor just thinking about it the first time.
He sat down in one of the chairs as I stood in front of him. He looked up at me and pulled my arms and guided me down. He asked me if I had ever seen a boys thing. Not telling him I saw my dad's a couple years back or played with my cousin's that one time I shook my head no.

He promptly unzipped his shorts and worked to pry his cock out of the opening. Never seeing one up close I just stared at it and wondered how in the world is it possible to get that inside of me down there. I was guided by pure instinct because without any prior experience It was like I already knew what do in the basic sense but technique is learned over time.

I instantly leaned in and with my lips puckered I touched the tip like leaving a light kiss before pulling back. I licked my lips real quick. There wasn't much taste to judge because I barely took him in put this was my first so I obviously went slowly.

He told me to put it in my mouth and suck on it. I knew that was the goal and thinking back what he did to me the first time I went right in taking the tip of his cock in my open lips, I didn't draw suction rather I was just getting used to it and processing the feel of it.

When I felt his hand on the back of my head I became a little worried when he started pulling me onto him. When I took him in some more he eased his grip which allowed me to pull back. Just when I pulled back he applied more pressure to the back of my head to pull me in again, which I did. I got the idea of what to do after a few times of him doing that and when I started going on my own he placed his hand on his leg and I went at it.

The only words out of his mouth were "suck on it" as I continued to take him in and out. I thought I sucking at least I was doing the best I could at that time. I know I didn't get that much of him in because when I got to the flair of his head I couldn't take in anymore. The feel of it in my mouth was interesting to me because it was kind of soft but past that was so straight and stiff.

My young mouth was starting to get sore from being stretched and the suction I was trying to put into it so I had to stop.
I pulled off and rubbed my jaw and asked him if I did alright. He nodded his head and said it felt good then asked me if I wanted to do it some more. I told him my mouth hurt right now and I said maybe I would do again tomorrow. I knew the progression of events and what it was I wanted to do when I saw him and I snuck over here. Just the thought of it this whole time had me wet before I even came over here.

I think about it to this day and knew I must have sounded like a little whore but I couldn't contain myself, I asked him staright out if he wanted to "put his thing in me". I had started my own fire last year and went as far as I could go by myself but there was a region within me that hadn't been explored.

At 10 years old I didn't know exactly what a "cherry" was let alone that I had one but overhearing older girls talking and the talk amongst my little group we should expect to bleed when we "did it". There was also the thing about girls having a period which we heard about but that should be a few years off yet. I wasn't altogther sure what to expect except but if it was anything like I experienced before then that is what I wanted.

I laid on my back and pulled my panties off then he knelt in fron of me and dropped his shorts down. When he leaned over and covered me with his body I couldn't see anything down there only up, left and right.

I was a mix of worry and excitement and wetness, his hand was messing around down there then felt his cock touch my pussy. He wiggled it around against me which tingled and unlike my finger, or his tongue, it spread me open more than I ever felt before. It was feeling good then I felt pressure and remember hearing him grunt as the pressure down there increased.

I was kind of scared but didn't want him to stop even as the pain just started to come on. Even though it seems to run counter to certain defensive reflexes I picked my feet up off the floor and pulled my knee's to my chest.

He had his hand down there to hold his cock steady while he worked to push it into me and when I pulled my knee's to my chest he applied even more pressure and grunted loudly.

I blurted out an "OW" when I felt a sharp pain then I noticed he pulled his hand out from down there and held himself up on both forearms and wrapped his fingers around my shoulders. Just about the time I was going to ask him to stop the pressure eased off.

Up to that point I wan't sure if I wanted to go through with it but was experiencing different feelings now then I had ever felt. There was tremendous pressure, which I never felt before, that was mixed in with the tingling and that sharp pain. I still knew there was something beyond this point to get to that just had to feel good but it was hard to figure out how at this point. Curiosity can be powerful but at that time I didn't know if stopping because of the pain or my curiosity would win out.

All those thoughts couldn't have taken but a few short seconds to be processed when I was blinded by the sharpest pain I ever felt. I cryed out in pain but the pressure kept increasing, he held my shoulders tight as a long continual grunt escaped from his mouth.

Inside I was begging him to stop but the words never left my lips. I wanted the great feeling I had been waiting for and looking back now I was amazed at what we girls go through for that pleasure.

He eased off again even more than the first time then in a split second he thrust into me over and over in rapid succession. All I could do was cry out OW, OW, OW, OW as he worked his cock deeper and deepr into my once virgin pussy.

It hurt and felt good and I was much wetter than I was before but I hadn't felt myself cum. I was stretched open and was being invaded with what seemed like a jackhammer as he rapidly jabbed in and out of me.

I was finally feeling something deep inside my pussy I had never felt. Even though there was still pain around my hole the feeling past that and inside of me was feeling great.
I felt somewhat helpless now as he went at me. I wanted to willingly give it up and let him do what he wanted to do despite me wanting him to stop so It was quite a dilemma for my young mind and it would define me in a way going forward.

As he went on attacking my hole I felt him getting deeper and deeper until I was able to fully ignore the pain and go with the broader feeling. It wasn't minutes ago I was wishing he would stop or at least slow down but now I didn't want him to quit.

If he could have sped up that would have been great with me now that we got to this point. I felt my pussy was so full and the feeling I was getting up inside of me was only getting better and better. I felt my cum start to work its way down and out and when that was done I concentrated on letting the feeling build where I could do it again
He did suddenly pick up his pace and hammered me while he panted in an ever increasing manner and I thought to myself that this was what I needed so I could cum.

As suddenly as he had rammed his cock into me he pulled out while groaning, panting and moaning. I was a little dissapointed that he stopped then that was replaced with how wet, open and sore I felt down there.
He had pulled out and shot off splattering the floor and my legs with cum. He pushed himself to stand and with his shorts around his ankles he pulled them up and nervously looked out the treehouse door.
I was becoming more aware of my hole being sore and when I sat up and looked down for the first time I was a little scared at seeing blood. Not a lot really but between my jizz, blood and his cum spattered it was a mess.

Using my panties I wiped myself off because there was nothing else around to use. He practically lectured me on remaining silent about what we have done but I had no plans to blab to anyone. In short order he said it would be best if I went back home now and he went to his house.
He seemed to be in a hurry and thinking back now it was like he wanted to flee the scene of a crime or something. He wanted me to wait a few minutes after he left before I left. I sat there trying to process this most recent act and the events immediately after. This seemed more "brutal" than when he licked me and I finally released with the intensity I did. I did like it but it was hard to put it all together then being that it hurt and I was left with a sore feeling in my pussy.

I knew I wanted to do it again but I wanted to be licked as well and I wanted to cum with the same intensity.

After a couple minutes I left the treehouse and took that wooded path behind the house. I threw my blood stained panties into the woods before I got home then quietly went into the house and the bathroom to clean up. There was so much on my mind again that I went to my room to play and think. I was gaining more knowledge and experience, my curiosity was being filled but there were still missing pieces so my exploration continued.

It was late summer so we had a few more chances to get together before the school break was done. In between our get togethers I absorbed as much info as I could, I became more assertive and uninhibited sexually. I was open to about anything which would continue the feelings and wants I had inside.
On one occasion he asked me if he could put it in my butt and I let him try it. Being in the doggy style position was new because we had only done it a few times with him on top of me. It had never occured to me to do it this way but no other position, to me, conveyed total submission.

He was fucking me then pulled out and guided me to onto my knee's and into the position. Ths made me nervious because I was going to do something new and I had zero control which I could only describe as nervious excitement. He was in total control which seemed alright because he was older than me plus I felt helpless in a way, which at the time I confusingly liked.
So he got behind me and pressed his cock against my asshole, which didn't feel to bad as he applied more pressure. I felt him reposition his cock then he placed both hands on my hips tightened up and pushed.

All of a sudden he was in me and it felt like my asshole was on fire, I screamed and begged him to take it out This time I wasn't playing nor did I really want him to ignore me and just go on with his business, I truly wanted him to take it out.

When he pulled it out he tried to soothe me and told me he was sorry and said he just wanted to "shoot his stuff in me there". I simply told him it was ok if he did it in the other hole which he said he was worried about doing that. I had learned and was explained about periods which hadn't happened to me yet at age 10 so when he asked me about it I assured him I hadn't started.
He wanted me to get back into the same position and he said we could continue doing it that way. I hesitantly bent over and when he was in position and when I felt his cock against me I told him directly "make sure you get the right one".

He worked it into my pussy and began to fuck me. It was a little tough at first but as he had me adust my position a little and he slid inside with more ease. He started going at it with vigor and it felt he was much deeper inside of me than any other time so far.
I had to be on all fours to get the alignment we needed. I just closed my eyes and let him do me and this was one of the most memorable and best feeling sex we had to that time. I felt a constant flow of fluid draining through me as he started going faster and faster. He suddenly squeezed my hips hard and rammed into me with much greater speed than he ever did when he blurted out "I gotta do it".

He held still and groaned out loud then pumped in and out of me a few times and groaned again and again as he sprayed his cum inside of me. I felt incredibly wet and kind of full inside until he pulled out of me. I thought it was pretty awesome and if this is how it is ends then I couldn't wait to do it again and again.

Later that night when in bed alone and reflecting on our session earlier in his treehouse I was getting myself all bothered and had to diddle myself to get some sleep. I was still curious about taking it in my butt despite his attempt today. Once I fingered my twat and let my jizz run down my crack I explored my butthole a little.
It felt good as I rimmed it with my finger and even pushed the tip of my finger inside. I was wet and my finger slipped in easily so I went in deeper then ran it in and out a few times.
I actually liked this new feeling and from that point on there wasn't many times I ignored my asshole after I fingered my pussy. I was preparing that hole for the next attempt but as fast and good as our sessions started they ended.

When school started back he suddenly had a girlfriend, one his own age. This was my first heartbreak and what made it worse was his new girlfriend was an older sister of a girl that I knew. The girl I knew wasn't in my small circle of friends and I didn't have to much to do with her until we were much older.

I never forgot him nor would I because he was my first at doing almost everything. I was sad, mad and disolusioned and of course I felt stupid since I pretty much came on to him and started things going. It was a learning experience and it caused me to change my methods and attitude despite the fact that I was and still am the passive agressive type.
I was a little soured on boys after that which redirected my thoughts and feelings I had since I found my pussy again when I was 9 years old. I always liked the way my pussy felt to my fingers and wanted to feel one other than mine. I also hadn't had an orgasm like I did the first time he had licked me and I wanted that too.

I knew what I wanted to do going forward and I did, but that is another story to be continued.......

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