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Sorry its short, just trying to get what I can out... Writers block isn't fun at all...
Korra, Raiden and Tenzin sat around the small lounge table in the airtemple as they had a small meal before she began her training and Raiden went out to get more members for his Order, still unknown to both Korra an Tenzin.

"And in the final round the Buzzard Wasps won with a decisive knockout! What do you say we go to the Arena tonight, catch a few pro-bending matches!" Korra exclaimed excitedly to Raiden and Tenzin

"That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending" Tenzin replied sternly

"Come on Tenzin, I've dreamed about seeing a pro-bendi match since I was a Kid, and now I'm just ferry ride away from the arena! You can let Raiden take me there too if you want to make sure I'm protected" Korra said persuasively

"Korra, you're not here to watch that drivel, You're here to finish your Avatar training, so for the time being I want you to remain on the island, besides Korra, Raiden is going into the city anyway to catch up with old contacts he had here many years ago" Tenzin explained as Korra looked curiously to Raiden who sat in silence, with a distant stare into his tea cup.

"Is that why you're keeping the White Lotus Sentries around to watch my every move?" Korra asked in a tone of irritation as Tenzin nodded

"Yes. In order to learn Airbending I believe you require a calm, quiet environment free from any distractions" Tenzin explained

"Alright. You're the master" Korra replied in a tone of defeat

"I've also asked Raiden to help with your training Korra" Tenzin said a he also looked to Raiden curiously as he maintained his distant stare into his cup

"But I thought that Raiden couldn't teach anyone how to bend as he wasn't allowed?" Korra asked inquisitively as Tenzin explained

"Thats correct, he can't teach you how to bend but, he can serve as an example as to how to bend, as his style of bending is far more spiritual in nature than the avatars, as it is the very spirit of the original animal benders and other spirits that taught the first benders bending who give Raiden his bending, is that right Raiden" Tenzin said as he turned back to Raiden but got no response

"Raiden.... Raiden!" Tenzin exclaimed as Raiden jumped a little

"Yes, my bending is very spiritual in nature, you're right Tenzin, sorry, I was just thinking" Raiden said in an apologetic tone as they all got up and left to begin her training


Raiden stood at the top of the stairs facing the tool that taught the basic fundamental aspect of Airbending as Meelo wave to his father and Korra in excitement as Ikki jumped up and down in joy as the same excitement held her.

Jinora explained what the tool would teach Korra as Tenzin set it spinning using Airbending .

"Would you like to demonstrate Raiden?" Tenzin asked as Raiden nodded and stepped toward the tool.

Tenzin let a leaf follow he air towards the tool as it entered it and flowed with the resistance, changing direction as it met it.

Raiden dropped into a light footed stance and walked smoothly forward, just like the wind, he passed through the device perfectly, twisting and spinning as he met resistance. As he got out on the other side he turned and set it spinning as he walked to Korra before leaving,

"Remember don't rush into it, take your time, and flow with the panels, not against them, the goal isn't to get through to the other side but the ability to adapt and change your course to any resistance that approaches you" Raiden said as he smiled to her, kissed her lightly on the cheek and left for the city.


Raiden headed for the sewers to go to the small community underground in the sewers that Gommu lived with. As he approach the community they all turned and watched him approach, their ragged clothes, dirty faces and weary expressions bringing great sadness to him, as, despite all the work of the Avatar, the world was never truly in balance.

As Raiden approached he heard movement infront of him to his left and stopped dead in hi tracks.

Growling a bear of a man, at least 6ft 11in in height spun round the corner with a huge stone hammer and swung it at Raidens head. Ducking, Raiden flipped backwards away from the man as he brought it down into the ground getting it stuck.

But as Raiden readied himself to attack the man, Bolas wrapped around his legs and he fell over into the sewer floor as a ball of fire smacked into his side sending him Flying through the air into the wall.

Raiden was dragged into the centre o the community and hung upside down from a hook in the roof as his dozzyness faded and his vision returned to normal from its blur.

Before him, the entire community had gathered, but three people stuck out to him. He recognised the large man in front of him but, to the mans left amd right were two teen girls who looked about 16/17. One had long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, ahe had a dark tan and bright hazel eyes. The other girl was remarkably the same in body features except she had short black hair, dark brown eyes and pale skin.

"Who are you and what are you doing down here!" The blonde haired girl shouted at Raiden

"I came here to help and to seek aid, a large equalist convoy carryig weapons materials is going to pass through your little community and I came to recruit two people to aid me in destroying the convoy" Raiden replied as someone behind thr group began shouting

"Commander! Someone cut him down!" Gommu shouted as he pressed forth and turned to the two women

"Why did you tie him up girls he is a friend you cant just tie everyone up!" He shouted as the women replied

"But dad he could be a spy for the police!" The black haired sister replied

"No Minori, he is my old commander from the fleet, he isn't a spy!" Gommu replied as Minoris sister Ninori chiroed in

"He's far too young to have been your fleet commander Dad, I think you're going nuts!" She shouted as Gommu frowned at her and the hige man cut Raiden down.

"Than you Broc" Gommu said to the huge man as he helped Raiden up

"Come on Raiden I believe we have a lot to talk about!" Gommu said cheerily as he walked off and Raiden followed

"I didn't know you had children Gommu" Raiden said in a surprised tone as Gommu smiled

"Yes" Gommu began "They are twins, both seventeen, born not long after our fleet was sunken and I left the military, benders too strangely enough, Minori is a Fire bender, Ninori a water bender, mother died during birth though" Gommu finished sadly as they sat down at a chair outside his shanty home

"So, whats this about an equalist convoy comin our way?" Gommu asked inquisitively

"Yeah, it's supposed to be a pretty big shipment, mostly crafting materials for weapons, I already have someone on the inside of their organisation, but I'm gonna need some help if I'm gonna stop thai shipment coming in, and don't worry we'll hit it as far away from your settlement as possible" Raiden replied as he clasped his hands loosely together in front of himself

"Very well, but my daughters, Broc and my son will accompany you to assist you" Gommu said in a serious tone as he looked back at Raiden

"Gommu, if they become involved they will become targets for the Equalist's and it would be far too dangerous for them to come home again" Raiden replied

"That is a sacrifice we must take then, when will this shipment arrive then?" Gommu asked

"Two days" Raiden replied flatly

"Then you don't have a lot of time to prepare do you?"

"No, I don't"

"Well don't worry, with the help of my children and your friends I'm sure you will be fine Raiden" Gommu replied happily as he stood up and wen back outside to tell his daughters that they were to join Raiden in his mission


The location that Raiden had chosen for the ambush was a form of sewer crossing, where four different sewer channels crossed each other under a large circular grate above the centre.

It was nighttime and just outside Raiden could hear the cheers of the Pro-Bending arena nearby, guessing the grate must have been near the sea.

The plan was that Broc, being an earth-bender would hide in the centre of the crossing with Minori and Ninori above him in the hole for the grate as Raiden hid around the corner to the route as did Deks. They would wait for the convoy to cross the middle then, Broc would use his earth-bending to crash the carts at the front and back, whilst Deks used some makeshift sticky bombs and explosives to incapacitate the lead cycles of the convoy as Raiden moved in to eliminate the core of the group assisting Ninori as Minori moved to the back and used her fire-bending to cut off the Equalist escape.

They just hoped this would work.

As time passed they heard someone running down one of the tunnels, then as he turned and entered the crossroads they saw that it was Deks

"They're comin'!" Deks shouted as he hid opposite Raiden on the corner followed soon by a convoy of Equalists, three wagons, five cycles and twelve guards.

As it passed the centre Raiden yelled "Now!"
And it began.

In only fifteen minutes the convoy was completely disabled and disassembled all the equalists, captured. Inside they found the building materials and Raiden had Broc bring them to the Air Temple for something he planned on making whilst Ninori, Minori and Deks took the captured equalists to the Police Station and he himself, destroyed the convoy and returned to the air temple.

Upon returning Raiden found Korra and Tenzin arguing, but, tired after what he just accomplished and with a light cough and a headache he tried to go to bed but now Tenzin decided to lecture him

"And just where were you Raiden!"
"I was out"
"Out where"
"That's none of your concern Tenzin"
"Wha-Wha- None- None of My CONCERN!"
"Thats what I just said?"
"It is my concern I am-"
"I am Tenzin the almighty master of airbending snd city councillor yada yada yada just shut up for once and quit lecturing people old man!" Raiden roared back in anger as he coughed heavily and his head began to throb painfully

"I-Im sorry, I don't know what came over me Tenzin"
"Are you alright Raiden"
"Yeah Rai, you sound and look sick, you've never been sick before"
"I'm fine Korra, don't worry about it, I'll be alright, I just need some rest"

Raiden finished as Korra looked sadly at the ground and Raiden disappeared off to his bedroom.


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Aww... It was really good.


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Dear Readers

I feel I must apologise to you all as it has become my decision to quit writing the LOK Fan Fic purely on the basis that it has become near impossible for me to write do to sone form of Writers Block I seem to be experiencing. You can fill in any of the plot holes or even continue the story if you like, I may post the few scenes I managed to finish but I will most certainly post its conclusion effect of immediately which will allow for a greater understanding of my new Elder Scrolls Fan Fic. I am gravely sorry to all who wanted to see it completed.

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