fantasizes become reality
Monday night raw was finally over, and I got to see my favorite diva trish stratus. Trish was always my fantasy fuck but little did I know that the fantasy was about to become a reality.

I'm a pretty good looking guy standing at 6'00, 175 pounds only 5 percent body fat. Once the show was over I left to my hotel. I got a room at the hotel the superstars were staying at hoping to run into trish. Sadly I did not, I open the door jumped on my bed and got a hold of my laptop. I opened my downloaded porno of trish stratus. even though it was really Rebecca wild she kinda looked like trish.

I got an immediate horn on
”I like a man with a big bazooka” she said
”I bet you do”
I grabbed my cock and started to gently stroke it. Watching that bra come of and seeing those really big tits drop was amazing. As the video went on I just stoked faster and faster. Imagining myself doing all the same things to Trish. Imagining myself suck her really big titties. Smacking that amazing ass of hers. Wanting to get my dick in that famous pussy. I finally started to cum all over the bed sheets. About ten minutes passed and I heard a familiar voice. I got up and opened the door, trish had just passed by my door.

This was the opportunity of a life time that I was not about to pass up on. I walked out the door and started to follow her. I think she had just left the arena, she was still in her wrestling attire. A silver suit that really brought out her ass and tits.I loved walking behind her watching her ass move from side to side. I was so lost in her ass I didn't notice that she had finally stopped at her door.

There was no one else out in the hallway so I decided to go for it. I walked up behind her and said ” wow your trish stratus”
” yea and you have been following me for a while” she said laughing
”oh sorry about that is just that your my favorite diva”
” really and why is that” she asked” wait let talk inside”
She opened her door and we walked inside
” so why am I your favorite diva” she asked
I said the first thing that came to mind ” because your so fucking hot”
she smiled and looked Down at my now fully erect dick.
” what so hot about me” she asked while walking towards me
” you have a pretty face, and a the body of a Greek goddess”
She smiled at me
”hmmmm you know i'm really horny but why should I fuck a fan”
” because I know you like a man with a big bazooka”
” you know that's not me right”
” yea but we can make our own porno right now”
” really how big is your bazooka” she asked
”10 inches, I think that's enough for Ms stratisfaction”
I could not resist anymore I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her in close. She started to make out with me. I started to run my hands up and down her back. She started to unbuckle my pants while I grabbed hands full of ass. I started to take off her one piece, I now had before my eyes trish stratus tits.
” no bra” I asked
” not today Looks like today was going to be your lucky day” I started to play with her tits as she stroked my cock. Just a write ago I was fantasizing about this and now I was doing it. I started to suck on her right nipple as I squeezed her left tit.
” looks like your dick is almost fully erect” she said as she kept on stroking it.
” why don't you get on your knees and suck it”
” spank me a little first” she said I sat Down on her bed and layed her down onto my knees. I kissed get ass and then started to message it. ”How hard do you wanted” I asked
”as hard as you want baby”
I grabbed her tit with my left hand and started to play with her nipple I then rose my right hand and smacked her ass. She let out a soft moan.
” you like that don't you”
”I fucking love it” she replied
”I didn't tell you to stop she said
I rose my hand Again and started to repedadly smack her ass with each time I hit she lead out a moan
”mmm let me take that Dick in my mouth”she hopped of me and started to stroke my cock
” let me show you how a diva does it” she started to take my cock in her mouth watching her head go up and Down on my cock was amazing I never thought that I would have trish stratus sucking my cock. She was amazing Starting slow, little by little picking up speed knowing how to use her tongue
” divas do, do it better”
” wait for the deep throat”
She started to only take in a few inches while also jerking me off. It felt amazing I could not wait any longer, I put my hand behind her head and started to fuck her mouth trusting my cock in and out her mouth getting all ten inches in there with out a problem feeling her wet mouth all over my Dick was great I could feel myself going down her throat. She then took control again and jerked me off for a while
” its time to ride that fucking cock of yours” she went to her bag and pulled out that famous cowgirl hat out and put it on. She got ride above my cock and slowly went Down on it. Her pussy felt amazing and was really wet.
She started to go up and down a little quicker
” did you ever thing you would have me riding your cock like tits”
” no but its freaking great”
She put her hand on her hat to hold it down and started to go faster but not as fast as I wanted I pulled her in close and wrapped my hands around her and started to pump her hard she was now moaning really loudly.
” yea just like that destroy my pussy”
I then put my hands on her ass as she continued to bounce on my cock. I then found what I was looking for. I then took my finger up her ass and she let out a loud moan.
” ever had anal ” I asked her
” yea”
Once she said that I spun her onto the bed. Face down on the pillow. She then raised her ass and moved it side to side
” i'm waiting ” she says
I took my dick and started to slowly penetrate her ass. With each inch that went in I could hear her moan even louder
” yea just like that now fuck me”
I started to pump my cock in and out of her ass it felt a little tight. With each stroke getting faster and faster. You could tell she loved anal, I saw her female juices flowing I reach over and started to play with her pussy as I filled her ass with all my.manhood
” were do you want me to cum” I asked get
” deep into my ass ”
I knew I was close so I started to go faster my balls hitting her ass was amazing she started to moan uncontrollable as she was overwhelmed with the pleasure anal and fingering of her clit. I could not hold on anymore I gave 5 more strokes and buried my Dick in her ass and released all the juices. We layed Down next to each other trying to catch our breath
” why don't you stay the night so me and Mickie James can have a one on two handicap match later”
I sealed the deal by smacking that ass that everyone wishes they could fuck

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I Hope You Write A Part 2 Soon!

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I know I've fantasizes about fucking trish

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