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Should this be a sequence...what do you think?
Naomi needed a sale, and a big commission. As the only single mother in the Divas Reality, it had been a tough month, a tough year. Well it had been tough since the meltdown in 2008.

She was still one of the best agents in the company but she had to work long hours and she worried about Celia her 14 year old daughter who had to fend for herself many nights as Naomi worked late on the next big deal.

Maggie, the manager at Divas had given her this listing and said it could be a “big break” for her. Maggie knew that Naomi has a great sales record with divorcees, and this sale was right down her alley.

The house turned out to be a mammoth two-story residence in a neighborhood of other large residences. It sat well back from the street on a huge lot filled with trees and shrubbery, the yard as well-manicured as a golfcourse.

Naomi drove up the long, winding driveway, then parked in front of the house. She got out of the car under a blazing summer sun and went to the front door.

When she got no answer knocking at the door or ringing the bell, she wandered around the side of the house towards the back, looking for someone to let her in. In the back yard, Naomi came across a large fence surrounding what she assumed to be a swimming pool. She went to the high wooden gate of the enclosure and pulled it open.

The pool was as huge as she expected, but what she hadn’t expected to find was the young teenager sunning herself in a tiny pink bikini on the redwood deck alongside it. The young teenager about Celia’s lay on her stomach, a petite, young teen with curly blonde hair and a deep tan on young smooth body.

The young teenager looked up at the sound of Naomi entering the enclosure.

“Hi,” the teen smiled, raising herself up on one elbow, “Can I help you?”

From where Naomi stood, she could see that the girl’s perfectly round tities, and her firm little nipples poking the thin fabric.

Looking away self-consciously, Naomi answered, “I’m Naomi Summers with Divas Realty. I wanted to see the inside of the house, but no one seems to be home.”

“I’m Alex Sutton,” the hot young teen by the pool said. “My mom won’t be home until later this afternoon, and it’s the maid’s day off. If you can wait a few minutes, I’ll be glad to show you the house. I always get at least an hour of sun every day, and the hour’s almost up.”

“Fine.” Naomi nodded with a smile. “I can wait.”

Naomi sat down in a nearby deck chair to wait for the teen to finish sunbathing. As hot as the sun was, it wasn’t long before Naomi was sweating and sticky. Deciding that no one but the young girl could see her anyway, Naomi undid the two top buttons of her dress and fanned herself with her hand.

“Would you mind doing me a favor?” Alex called over.

“Not at all,” Naomi answered. “What would you like?”

The curly-haired girl gestured towards the plastic bottle of suntan lotion. “Could you squeeze some of that lotion on my lower back and then rub it in for me?” Alex asked.

“Sure,” she agreed, standing.

Walking over to the teen, Naomi picked up the suntan lotion. She stooped down, then squirted a thick trail of white lotion in a line just above Alex’s her round little ass.

Putting the bottle down, she began rubbing the lotion into the soft tanned skin the girl’s back met her ass. Naomi, couldn’t help but look over the sleek and sexy body beneath her. My she thought she has a bubble but just like Celia.

“Ummm, that feels nice,” Alex murmured, her face nestled in the crook of her elbow.

Using both hands, Naomi slowly massaged the slippery lotion into the smooth curves of Alex’s back. After only a few minutes, she noticed that the sleek-skinned teenager was breathing somewhat quicker than before. Oddly, Naomi found that her own breathing was growing steadily quicker, also.

“You have such perfect skin,” Naomi said slowly, surprised at the huskiness in her voice. She took a deep breath, was even more surprised to discover that she was becoming aroused by her closeness this sexy young girl. “ I have a daughter about your age, it’s amazing how closely your body is to hers.”

“Yeah, cool!” Alex said then reached down and pulled the small bikini bottom from each ass cheek, “Could you put some on my butt ?” Alex said in a harsh whisper.

Trembling slightly, Naomi squirted lotion onto the firm cheeks of the dark-haired teen’s ass. She then spent a great deal of time rubbing the suntan lotion into her rubbery firm ass.

Sweat beaded on Alex’s forehead, her breathing growing still more uneven, and she started wiggling almost imperceptibly. She spread her legs behind her, swallowing loudly when Naomi began kneading the lotion into her bare inner thighs. Naomi moved slowly higher.

“You have… such a… a great tan,” was all Naomi could think to say, her fingertips just skirting the light pink bikini bottom. Now pulled tight the fabric neatly outlined young teenager’s plump cunt.

“You’re brown all over. You must sunbathe in the nude.”

With a little sigh escaping her slightly parted lips, Alex asked, “ Oh yeah, all the time,
Will you do my front?” The tremor in her voice was unmistakable. “Turn over.”

Rolling onto her back, the curly-haired teenager raised her knees a bit and spread her thighs. She closed her eyes and lay with her arms at her sides.

Alex turned over untying and removing her little top as she did.

“Oh, so beautiful,” Naomi gasped

Alex’s eyes were closed, but her chest was rising and falling to her heavy breathing. Naomi, hadn’t had sex in so long, and this hot young thing, the same age as her little girl had broken something open inside her. She could feel her cunt juices flow into her silky white thong and trickle down her legs.

Naomi squirted lotion from Alex’s throat, down between her ripe little tits. She let her hands follow the line scooping up the lotion as her fingers circled each firm little tit, letting her forefingers trace Alex’s puffy hard nipples.

Alex moaned and arched her back, “Oh fuck, yes,” she groaned.

The firm little tities felt so good in Naomi’s hands she squeezed and kneaded them then brought her fingers to the stiff little nipples and pinched them as her slippery fingers slipped off them with a little ‘pop’.

“Does your girl have nice boobs like mine,” sighed Alex looking up at Naomi, “Would you like to touch them like this…” her voice trailed off into a moan.

“Oh Alex, yours are so much like hers. I watch her get out of the shower and I just want to touch them like this, move them and turn her on.”

“Oh fuck it’s working, look..” Alex quickly removed her bottoms, spreading her legs for Naomi.

The slick pink lips of her juicy young pussy gaped wetly, the moisture within glistening across her flat belly, and finally tight to the edge of her shaved cunt.

“I’m sweating like crazy,” Naomi said with a nervous giggle, her hands lighting on the younger teen’s firm tits again. She said, her hands were all over the mounds of flesh, as she fonded them, then plucked at the nude girl’s dark nipples.

“My panties are soaked with my cunt juices,” she added.

The pretty teen girl licked at her lush lower lip with just the tip of her pink tongue. Trembling when Naomi’s hands slid down her middle toward her crotch, Alex said, “Then take your panties off and give them to me. There’s no one to see.”

“I will in a minute,” Naomi said shakily, her fingers gliding over the gentle curve of Alex’s pussy mound. She pulled on the girl’s slick cunt lips, then ran, quickly inside her slit then cupped her hand over the girl’s cunt grinding down her clit with the heel of her palm, “How’s that feel Alex?”

Alex tensed with a sudden gasp, her knees spreading wider and her slender back arching. “Keep doing that,” the hot teen urged, her bare tits rising and falling quickly with her ragged breathing. “Ohhhhh, fuck, I like that!”

Her fingers coated with the slippery lotion, Naomi was unable to stop herself from sliding a finger up hot young girl’s tight pussy. She twisted it deep, exploring the gluey wetness of Alex’s throbbing cunt, her hand all the while grinding down on the small throbbing clit.

Finger fucking this horny little girl’s slick cunt made Naomi as horny as she could ever remember being. Alex wriggled and squirmed at her touch, her firm thighs spread wide and her pink cunt gushing girl juice. The tiny nub of her clit quivered faintly, and so Naomi lifted her palm and touched at it lightly with a fingertip.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck!” Alex moaned quietly, her narrowr hips twisting.

Centering her attention on Alex’s pink clit, Naomi gently pinched and poked at it until Alex was drenched with sweat and shuddering uncontrollably. Naomi was turned on by what she was doing, and at the same time she couldn’t get Celia, out of her head. How long had she wanted to do this to her little girl, pleasure her sweet little cunt in just this way. Just the thought of touching Celia this way, made Naomi’s cunt clench and send another river of her juices down her leg.

As Naomi finger fucked the little girl’s trembling cunt, she slowly unbuttoned her dress with her other hand.

Before Naomi could even get her dress all the way unbuttoned, she felt Alex’s hand groping up under her skirt. Alex’s fingers trailed up her bare wet inner thigh and went straight for Naomi’s dripping cunt. Reaching the crotch of Naomi’s thong, the teen girl deftly slid a finger under her thong and up into Naomi’s pulsing cunt.

“Oh fuck you hot little bitch, I want you so fucking bad. Let me get undressed,” Naomi said excitedly, the feel of Alex’s finger thrusting into her cunt turning her insides to jelly.

“Then let’s get over there on the grass.”

Alex nodded eagerly, her expression showing her delight.

Naomi stripped off her dress, kicking off her shoes, and pulled down her thong, showing her dripping cunt to the young girl.

Naomi watched Alex’s hot little ass as she walked over to the grass. She threw her soaked thong in the teen girl’s face.

Alex giggled and pressed the dripping crotch to her nose and sniffed, “Oh mmm you smell so amazing,” after sucking the thin fabric into her mouth, “and taste amazing!”

“You are a dirty little girl aren’t you?” said Naomi smiling.

“You said I look like your daughter, what is her name,” said Alex smiling up Naomi.

“Yes, blonde hair, hot little body, and perfect little ass, yeah you look like Celia!” said Naomi smile.

“You call me Celia and I’ll call you mommy, okay?” said Alex with a wicked little smile.

“Oh you little bitch you know how to turn me on!” said Naomi as she joined Alex on the small patch of grass in the corner of the swimming pool enclosure. Seen by only the sun and the blue sky above.

“Oh mommy, make me cum, please,” pleaded Alex as she fell into Naomi’s arms.

Bare legs tangled together, Naomi covered Alex’s mouth with her own. She sucked at the horny teen’s soft lips, savoring the sweetness of her breath and the excitement of her body. Thigh to thigh and pussy to pussy, they squirmed all over the grass.

“Oh Celia baby, mommy wants you so bad!” Naomi gasped between feverish kisses, all over Alex’s face and neck. Naomi’s hands moved down over Alex’s back and squeezed her hard little ass. “ Oh Celia baby, mommy is so worked up, I’m shaking.”

Alex’s roving hands found Naomi’s shapely ass and squeezed it. She probed with her tongue into Naomi’s mouth, her breath coming faster than ever. It was obvious the young girl she knew exactly what she was doing.

Cupping the curly-haired teenager’s firm little tits in her hands, Naomi asked with almost childlike innocence, “Oh my daughter, my love we going to eat each other’s cunts?”

“Oh mommy, I’ve wanted this for so long, I want you to eat me and I want to lick your sweet cunt.”

“Oh yes baby girl I want you to drink mommy’s juices!” Naomi breathed hotly, her pussy brimming over with hot juices just at the thought of what they were going to do together.

Alex and Naomi sucked at each other’s swollen nipples fingered each other’s dripping cunts, and poked into each other’s tight assholes. They came to rest, finally, ready for anything, lying on their sides and head to toe.

“Your pussy smells really good mommy,” Alex said, panting for breath. “I’m going to lick it out like you’ve never had it licked out before! Spread your legs mommy so I suck at your hard clit!”

With both of them on their sides, the hot little teen nuzzled her pretty head in between Naomi’s damp thighs. At the same time, Naomi nudged Alex’s thighs apart and stared up into her puffy cunt lips. She parted the slick lips and thrust her tongue deep into Alex’s tender young cunt. Alex groaned into Naomi’s pussy which sent a thrill through her body.

“Ummmmm!” Naomi sighed with the first flickering dart of Alex’s tongue against her tingling clit. “Oh fuck yes, baby girl you know just what mommy needs!”

The small girl burrowed her face into Naomi’s dripping pussy, her mouth sucking at her wet throbbing clit. Alex worked her moist tongue up and down along the pink slit, pausing each time she reached the quivering stub of Naomi’s clit and giving it a playful little suck that made the older woman gasp and grind her cunt harder into the Alex’s pretty face.

“Lick it, Celia! Fuck yes mommy loves your tongue on my cunt!” Naomi urged her, thrusting her naked hips forward and pushing her dripping pussy into the young teen face. “Ohhhhh! You’re driving me wild with that tongue of yours! Suck my clit more! Suck it hard! Ohhhhhh! You’re making mommy feel so good!”

Naomi lapped at the small exposed clit, circling the little nub with her tongue. Alex groaned in approval, and Naomi pressed her tongue into the slick tight cunt. Naomi made loud smacking sounds as she sucked at the glistening pink flesh, burying her face in the girl’s hot pussy, then once more pushed her tongue deep into teen’s tight cunt.

“Oh mommy I love your tongue inside my pussy!” Alex sobbed with pleasure, her hands going around Naomi’s round ass. Alex dug her fingers into Naomi’s rubbery ass-cheeks, pulling the woman’s throbbing cunt tighter to her mouth.

“Ohhhhh mommy! Your cunt tastes so good! It tastes even better than it smells! Ohhhh!”

Naomi tightened her hot thighs around Alex’s head, locking the young girl’s sucking mouth to her throbbing cunt. Pumping her bare hips back and forth, she shivered every time the hot teen stabbed her tongue deep up her cunt.

Naomi licked and sucked at Alex’s young juicy pussy. The lush smell strong in her nostrils, Naomi probed with her tongue deep in the trembling teenager’s cunt. Alex’s slick juices poured out of her hairy cunt, drenching Naomi’s face with sticky wetness, but Naomi only burrowed her face tighter into the other teen’s sopping crotch.

Naomi moaned, “ Oh my little girl, my love, your tongue’s going so deep in my cunt! I can feel it licking at my insides! Ohhhh! Suck it, Celia! Suck my cunt and make mommy come with your mouth! Ohhhh! Keep flicking your tongue at mommy’s clit!”

Squirming, Naomi felt Alex’s finger slide up into her puckered asshole. Sucking Naomi’s pussy even harder, the hot little slut jammed two of her fingers up Naomi’s ass at the same time, wriggling them around in her slippery rectum.

“ Oh my sexy daughter finger fuck the shit out of mommy’s asshole!” Naomi groaned.. “Ram your little fingers all the way up mommy’s ass! Ohhh baby girl, I love the way you’re eating my cunt! You are going to make mommy cum so good!”

Pulling Alex’s rubbery ass-cheeks apart, Naomi quickly shoved her index finger into the little girl’s twitching asshole. From where she lay with her head between the younger girl’s tanned thighs, Naomi could see the girl’s throbbing asshole grip at her finger. She pushed harder, her fingertip going all the way up Alex’s ass.

“Oh fuck mommy, I’m so close. You are going to make me cum all over your beautiful face!” Alex rasped hoarsely, her mouth filled with Naomi’s pulsating pussy. “My cunt’s tingling like hell! Oh mommy don’t stop!”

And then Alex’s thighs jerked taut around Naomi’s head, her cries of joy splitting the air as her climax bashed into her. Her convulsing cunt squirting her little girl cum all over Naomi’s face. Alex’s whole body jerked and wiggled as her narrow hips began to grind her young cunt into the Naomi’s face as hard as she could.

“Oh fuck mommy, I’m coming my fucking little cunt off!” she gasped, her whole body going rigid. “Ohhhhh! Keep sucking my pussy mommy! Suck it while I’m coming! Ohhhhh!” Alex screamed as a torrent of creamy cum flew from her gaping cunt. Naomi opened her mouth and tried to take as much as she could into her mouth.

The cheeks of Alex’s tanned ass tightened together, her asshole slamming shut around Naomi’s jabbing finger. She hot little girl squirmed, her swollen pussy spurting her juices into Naomi’s mouth. At the same lime, her own mouth sucked frantically at Naomi’s swollen cunt lips, her lips sucked the older woman’s throbbing clit deep into her hot little mouth.

Naomi stiffened with a sharp cry and started coming. She dug her nails into Alex’s hot little ass, pulling the girl’s hips forward across the grass.

Naomi panted, “Uhhh oh baby girl shove your tongue all the way up mommy’s cunt! Deeper! Lick out my pussy! I love having my daughter’s mouth on my cunt! Ohhhhhh!”

Naomi pumped her bare ass with one jerky thrust after another, grinding her cunt into Alex’s soft little mouth. The young girls mouth and teeth pulled on the older woman’s cunt lips as she struggled to suck Naomi’s clit deep into her mouth, trapping the fleshy clit between her hard teeth and soft tongue.

Naomi was wild, with her fantasy of Celia’s mouth clamped on her cunt. Naomi squirmed and wriggled smashing her hot cunt into the young girl’s face. . Naomi straightened her slender legs, circling Alex’s head, crossing her knees and squeezing her strong thighs as tightly as she could to the young girl’s face.

“Oh, Celia, mommy loves how you eat my cunt. I’m going to drown your pretty face with mommy’s sweet cunt juice!”

Naomi, slapped a hand on the back of Alex’s head and pressed her hard into her cunt so her perfect little teeth began to nibble on her swollen clit. Naomi’s mouth opened on a silent scream and she came groaning and thrashing, her pussy spraying cum all over the pretty little girl’s body.

“Oh baby girl, don’t stop, never stop, mommy is cumming again!” Naomi screamed as another flood of mommy cum spewed from her convulsing cunt.

Alex lapped and sucked on Naomi’s throbbing cunt until her body stopped jerking and shaking then she crawled up into the older woman’s arms.

“Oh Alex, I’ve never had me pussy eaten that good,” Naomi said dreamily, sprawling out flat on her naked back. “Your mouth felt like a hot little vacuum sucking at my cunt.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Alex said, getting up on her knees.

Cupping her deeply tanned tits in her hands, the small girl squeezed herself gently. Her dark nipples were so swollen they seemed ready to burst, the tips of them distended to the size of her little fingers. She squeezed her bare tits again.

“Look how firm my tits are!” Alex said with a giggle. “They only get this firm when I’m really excited. And look how hard and stiff my nipples are — like little rocks!”

“Oh Alex thank you for role playing Celia for me, it was so fucking amazing. Look baby your pussy’s dripping down your leg,” Naomi added with a soft laugh. She reached over and smeared the slick juice on Alex’s tanned inner thigh with her fingers. “Damn, your little cunt gets even wetter than mine does!”

Alex and Naomi suddenly looked up at the sound of the wooden gate swinging open.

A young Latino girl in only a bikini stepped into the enclosure, then stopped abruptly when he saw the two girls. She had black curly hair and appeared to be about the same age as Alex.

“That’s Cristina,” Alex giggled to Naomi without alarm. “She’s twelve and the the daughter of our maid and my fuck buddy.”

The pretty teen motioned for the Cristina to come over to where she and Naomi were.

“This is Naomi,” Alex introduced the woman to her young. “Guess what we were just doing, Cristina?”

“What?” she asked, smiling as if he already knew.

“Eating each other.” Alex smiled back at him wickedly. “Want to join us?”

Naomi felt a surge of excitement shoot through her cunt, and she looked up to see the hot little body, nod with obvious eagerness. Naomi eyes took in the sweet little camel in Cristina’s bikini bottom the thought of what the hot little pussy might look like made her cunt tinge with anticipation.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Cristina asked Naomi.

Trembling, the pretty blonde realty agent said, “I wish you would.”

Each taking one of Cristina hands, Naomi and Alex pulled the girl down onto the grass with them. Getting Cristina on her back, they took off her bikini and tossed it aside.

“What a pretty pussy!” Naomi sucked in her breath, staring at the hot little preteen cunt.
Cristina spread her thin thighs and her little hairless cunt opened like a pink orchid. Naomi thought she could see the little cunt lips twitch, already wet with the young Latino’s juices.

“We’ll take turns eating your cunt, Cristina,” Alex said, getting in between her legs legs. On her knees, she bent over and took long slow lick along Cristina’s puffy little pussy. “We’re going to lick and suck your sweet little pussy until you cum Cristina, then we will suck the cum right out of your tight little pussy.”

While Naomi flicked her tongue back and forth over Cristina’s clit, then slipped her tongue into the girl’s tight little cunt. Alexl lowered her pretty face and took her Cristina’s hard nipple into in her mouth. Alex sucked at her stiff little nipples until Cristina was writhing on the grass.

Naomi loved the slick stiffness of Cristina’s sweet tasting clit and ran her pink tongue back and forth across it, then with out warning slipped a finger into the brown girls soaking cunt.

“Oh that feels so good!” Cristina shivered, closing her eyes and laying his head back onthe grass. “Lick my little cunt all over Naomi!”

Unable to contain herself any longer with the sight in front of her, Alex scooted over behind Naomi’s out-thrust ass. She wedged her face into the hollow between the woman’s thighs, beginning to suck on her wet pussy pussy lips.

Wiggling her hips sensuously, Naomi moaned with the moist tongue Alex was giving her cum filled cunt. She spread her knees wider on the grass, giving Alex more room to work in, then started tongue fuck Cristina’s hot little cunt.

Alex ran her tongue up and down, lapping at Naomi’s clit and dripping cunt lips, flicking her tongue all the way up to her puckered asshole. She sucked at the bulge of the Naomi’s womanly cunt, smacking at it with her lips until Naomi was shaking uncontrollably.

“It’s your turn taste Cristina’s hot little cunt,” Naomi breathed finally, pulling herself away from the sweet little pussy.

Alex crawled between Cristina’s legs and Naomi positioned herself behind her hot little lover. Alex parted Christina’s hot slick cunt lips with her fingers and darted her tongue as deep into the tight little cunt as she could. Christina, rocked her little hips upward grxinding her cunt on Alex’s pretty face, and whining in Spanish.

Then in English she said “Your mouth feels so fucking good on my cunny Alex!” The girl groaned, her thighs trembling. Cristina raised her hips slightly, pushed her cunt against the pretty blonde’s face. “Oh fuck Alex, you know how to make my cunt cum…fuck don’t ever stop baby!”

Alex began pulling furiously at her friend’s little clit with her sucking lips. Cristina knew that with both Alex and Naomi eating her, it wouldn’t take long before she was squirting cum from her hot cunt. While Alex was prepared to share Cristina little girl cum, and she wanted to be the first one who got the mouthful of the hot latino’s creamy cum. She pinched Cristina cunt lips hard as her tongue when deep as she could into her cunt. Alex flicked and twisted your tongue inside of Cristina’s pussy then flashed out and up over the girls tiny trembling clit.

From behind, Alex felt Naomi’s wet tongue slither into the damp crack of her tight little ass and go right for her tight asshole. Naomi poked her tongue tip into Alex’s throbbing asshole and began licking and sucking on it
“Stick your tongue as far as you can up my ass!” Alex urged Naomi while she sucked at Cristina’s throbbing clit.
With her moist tongue probing into Alex’s slick rectum, Naomi slid a hand up the inside of Alex’s firm young thigh and squeezed her pussy. Alex moaned softly, her pussy throbbing and tingling, and so Naomi jammed two fingers up her tight teen cunt-hole.

“Oh fuck Naomi finger fuck the piss out of my tight little pussy!” Alex breathed around the mouthful of cunt. “Work your fingers in and out of my pussy Naomi!”

Sucking and licking at Cristina’s cunt, Alex furiously worked her fingers back and forth over Christina’s little clit. With her other hand, she slipped a finger into her ass cheeks and pushed a finger into her preteen butt hole. Christina, was groaning and thrashing as if she was about to cum hard.

Alex flashed wet fingers mercilessly across Christina’s slick little clit. “Squirt your cunt juice down my throat Christine! Let me taste your cum, baby! I want it! I want your hot Latino cunt juice now!”

Alex could feel Christina shaking violently, her hips pumping up from the grass as she tried to grind her cunt on Alex’s fingers and mouth. Breathing hard and fast, Cristina writhed on the ground, arching her body and squealing in broken Spanish.

“Fuck, never stop Alex my little cunny is really close!” Cristina gasped, shuddering all over. “ I’m going to squirt my cunt juice in your pretty mouth! Stick your fingers in my cunt! Fuck me deep! Uhhh!”

Immediately Alex jabbed two fingers into the little girls gapping cunt, hitting her g-spot over and over.

“ I can feel your fingers setting me off you bitch! Just keep fucking me like that!” Cristina moaned.

Naomi had her wiggling fingers deep in Alex’s tight young cunt, her lips sucking and smacking her tasty asshole with a passion. Naomi kept spearing her tongue up into Alex’s tight rectum, sliding it in and out repeatedly.

And then Naomi’s mouth slid away from the crack of Alex’s firm ass.

“It’s my turn to suck that hot little bitch’s cunt!” Naomi announced. “Come on, Alex, that hot little pussy is amazing!”

Still fucking Cristina’s hot little cunt with with one hand, Alex raised her head just enough to say, “She’s going to come right now — let me just finish her off! I want to taste her cum!” And she immediately went back slamming Cristina’s cunt with one hand and lightly rubbing her finger tips over the Latino preteen’s clit with such speed her hand was a blur.

Laughing delightfully, Naomi scampered around to the side and pushed her face in next to Alexi’s. “We can share her girl cum,” Naomi said hotly, edging Alex aside. Her pretty face damp with sweat. “Oh fuck its so hot how you bring this little bitch off like that, and we’ll take turns back and forth after she start’s squrting! That way, we’ll both get a mouthful!”

Nodding with smile at the suggestion, Alex suddenly pulled her fingers out of Cristina’s cunt away and let Naomi replace them with her longer wider fingers. Cristina screamed from the pleasure. Alex’s hand flew back and forth over the young girls clit and she new by the way Cristina was screwing up her face, that her hot little cunt was ab out to blow. Naomi finger fucked the preteen girl hard and fast, and moaned at how tight her pussy was and how the cunt walls wer grabbing at her fingers.
“Jesus Christ!” the hot little Cristina moaned, her entire body straining. “This is the so fucking good! Uhhihh! Uhhhh! Keep fucking and rubbing my cunt! Both of you! Faster, Naomi, fuck my cunt faster!”

Alex and Naomi’s faces pressed together, While Naomi’s fingers in and out of the tightest little cunt she had ever felt, and Alex’s fingers worked their magic dancing over Cristina’s sensitive little cunt.

With a drawn-out moan escaping her lips, Cristina suddenly jerked her hips off the ground. Her hot little body stiffened and both Alex and Naomi felt the hot little cunt throb and twitch, under their touch.

Naomi got the first squirt of the girls hot cum. It hit her mouth then jetted down her throat wetly, and she quickly swallowed it and pulled her mouth away, the creamy excess of girl cream spilling from her lips.

Alex dipped her face down opened her mouth as a second blast of hot girl cum flew from Cristina’s cunt she took it into her mouth gulped down as much as she could. Naomi again covered Cristina’s convulsing cunt with her mouth.

“I’m coming again you fucking bitshes!” Cristina panted her tender little cunt twitching as his cum poured out of her. Little Cristina squirmed on the ground, her arms flailing and her legs jerking. “Swallow all of it you hot fucking bitches! Suck all my little girl cum out of my cunt! Uhhhh! I’m coming and my cunt is on fire!”

Squirts of creamy cum dripped from Naomi’s chin, she pulled Alex to her and they shared a kiss swapping Cristina’s cunt juice.

“Ohhhhhhh God!” the Cristina let out a last sigh, her small hot body suddenly going slack. “I’m finished! Ohhhhh!” She lay there twitching on the ground.

Licking at her lips, Alex smiled at Naomi and said, “I’ll show you the house now. I;m sure my mom will want to list with you, I’ll make sure of that. ”

Naomi smiled back at her beautiful young lover. “I’d forgotten all about it.”


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such a shame that you stopped writing for this site, none of your stories with episodes are finished. they are a good read and reasonably thought out...

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I don't Know how?


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Lovely! Sex mad and delicious as always

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i loved but you should make a part two where the mom walks in and joins them

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This wasn't one of your better ones, but it was ok...Kim

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