How to make your wife a sex slut
Part 2

A couple weeks passed with my wife and I having the normal weekly sex romps. They weren’t bad, in contrast, they were exciting and fun. Then one night as I was cumming inside her sweet warm pussy, she mumbled in my ear how she wanted to have “his” cum inside her. I looked into her eyes and saw the lust there. Lust for another man. So I decided she was worth making her lustful wishes come true.

I called out mutual friend, Eli, the next day and told him what she had asked for and he was more than eager to comply. He wanted a little more control this time and I agreed to give him creative control. He called a couple days later, gave me and address and said to bring her over about 8 but not to tell her what was in store for her.

That weekend I told my wife we were going to dinner and possibly a movie. She wore a nice little sundress, no bra and a pair of white lace thong panties. Once in the car, while driving, I couldn’t resist but to reach up under that little dress and play with her sweet pussy thru her panties. By the time we arrived at our destination she was quite wet.

I pulled into the driveway and my wife asked what we were doing. I replied to her that I had to make a quick stop here and pick something up from a friend. We got out of the car, walked to the doorway and I rang the bell. A few brief moments later the door opened and there stood Eli, dressed in slacks and no shirt.

Before she could even look up, he reached out, grabbed her by the wrist and jerked her into the house. She let out a scream as he spun her around and quickly zip tied her wrists together behind her back and covered her head with a cloth bag. He spun her back around, tossed her over his shoulder and headed down the hallway. He moved into an open door and tossed her onto a king size bed that was about waist high. I followed him into the room as he carried her and he pointed me to a chair sitting across from the bed.

My wife tried to squirm away and he grabbed her by the legs, flipped her over and smacked her ass hard. She tried to get away again and he repeated the punishment. After two or three times more he climbed on the bed tossing her on stomach. He cut the zip ties, reached her arms above her head and secured them to a set of handcuffs that were attached to the headboard by a single chain. Then he moved down her body, smacked her ass hard twice before climbing off the bed.

Quickly he grabbed one of her legs and pulled her down toward the foot of the bed until her arms were stretched tight above her head. He then secured her ankle to a rope tied to one of the bedposts and did the same to the other leg leaving her in a spread eagle, stretched out. He reached up under her dress and pushed it above her white ass. He then took out his knife and cut her thing off of her tossing it to me. My wife was screaming into the case, trying to squirm away from her binds. Eli took a pillow, folded it and roughly put it under her forcing her ass up in the air exposing her pussy. Already glistening from her wetness, small spots of juice leaking out of it could be seen.

He moved down and plunged his face, burying it into her snatch. I could hear him sucking her juices out of her pussy as she moaned from his tongue lashing. After several minutes of this, her ass arching up trying to ride his face, he knelt on the bed and ran his finger thru her slit getting it lubed with her own juices. Then he ran it further up her crack and shoved it roughly into her asshole, finger fucking her for several minutes as he periodically slapped each cheek with the free hand.

Several minutes later he moved up to her head. He took off his trousers and briefs and then lifted her head taking off the case covering it. As she adjusted to the light change he turned her head towards him and quickly fed her his hard cock. At first gagging on it, she took his length in and adjusting started to suck on it vigorously. Not wanting to waist any he stopped her and moved off the bed and back down between her legs. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down farther stretching her more and lifting her ass into the air. Her pussy gaped from the juices flowing and he plunged the large mushroom head into her shoving his full 7 inch length in as far as it would go.

“Oh God,” my wife screamed as she took his whole entire cock into her pussy. He started to roughly slam in and out of her fucking her like there was never going to be sex for either of them again. She moved her hips back into him screaming with each thrust he gave her and meeting it with just as much vigor.

“Fuck me hard you bastard,” she cried. He slapped her ass as hard as he could then reached over and pulled her by her pony tail giving him the ability to shove more into her hitting her cervix as he fucked her each second.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming…” she screamed. He grabbed hold of both her hips and hollered out as he slammed into her one final time and froze. My wife moaned lustfully as he filled her with his load, it hitting her cervix hard and hot. He slowly pumped 3, 4, 5 more times before pulling it slowly out. Cum immediately started gushing out of her pussy and onto the sheet below. She collapsed down her pussy pulsating, breathing as if it had a life of its own.

Eli laid down on top of her, his cock pushing at the entrance to her pussy again. He leaned in to her sweat covered ear. “Next time”, he said. “I’m going to fuck that little cherry asshole of yours.” With that he slammed into her one final time with his full hardness, forcing the load of cum in her to gush out of her swollen hole and onto the bed sheets. She screamed out with the lunge and then gasped as he pulled it out and left the room.

I untied her, stood her up, lowered her dress and led her to the car in her state of euphoria. We made it him in silence as she dozed against the window her hand on mine. When we got into the house I undressed her and laid her on the bed. Her pussy was still wet and cum still dripping out of it as she pulled me onto and into her. For the next hour we made love. Then we took a shower and went to sleep. I woke the next morning to my beautiful Russian bride giving me one of the best blow jobs ever.

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She has become a big cock slut now.... How sad for you I feel sorry for you
She will eventually cheat on you for not giving her enough cock.

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