Dear uncle John
I was ten, my parents were playing cards with my Uncle John and his girl friend at the time. It was about one in the morning
When they had finished there game. My dad asked which bedroom I was in? But John said oh no leave her here, she will
Come to church with me in the morning and if you two can get out of bed you can get her then.

So as soon as my parents and johns girl friend left uncle John came to me. I woke up we were in his bedroom and he was
Holding me. I felt something strange in my peepee, I said John I have to use the bathroom. John told me he knew I felt
Something in my pussy and I want to tell you about what I am going to do to your pleasure spot. From now on we will
Call it your pleasure spot because what I am going to teach you will help you have pleasure no matter where you are no
Matter if you are rich or poor you can always have pleasure.

Uncle John was so nice he put his cock into my pleasure spot and it hurt and I had blood, but he explained that now I was
Officially a woman. After he taught me all about pleasure he took lots of time to put his cock in and out of me so I
Could have pleasure. It was a lot of work for him, I think, because he was sweating. He gave me pleasure in my spot
For a long time and in many different ways, he put his cock in while he stood and bounced me on it, I liked that.
He turned me over and snuck up on me and gave it to me from behind. Now from behind it didn't hurt at all so he took
More time giving me pleasure. He even took me in the kitchen and gave me his cock to eat, only I didn't really eat it.
He had things we could do in every room of the house. I wanted to know when we could play this game again? John
Told me to stop by his house after school on Monday unless you can come sooner.

The next day was Sunday and when I woke up uncle John was still in bed, I was real quiet and got under his covers and
Sucked on his cock. He awoke with a smile that's for sure. Then he said honey why dont you sit on it and go for a free
Ride it had been one of the games we had played, so i knew i had to take his cock and put it in my pleasure spot my self, but first john liked it rubbed from the top to the bottom real slow. Then i got my ride, he carried a load of cargo and it took him time to unload it, sometimes longer sometimes not. He explained if he was to fast and i hadnt got my pleasure i could ask for whatever i wanted. This
Morning was church so I had to ask for something quick so I wanted a finger fuck, he was so good at it and oh it gave me pleasure.
And we went to church as soon as we cleaned Up. Right after church my parents sure seemed happy, uncle John said he thought they had some secret place to. John Said I asked if you could come to Sunday dinner your cousin Chuck and his family are coming.

So mama sent me to johns early so I could help with dinner. Chuck was there with some things that needed to go over
Early. I asked him if he knew how to fuck. He said uncle john had taught him years ago, why did he teach you
Yes do you want me to pleasure you, he said we could practice, but Katie don't tell him you practiced with me
Chuck was only four years older than me so he was fourteen at the time and he already could do all of the things John Had taught me and more. Ohhhhh fuck me chuck fuck me that was so fun. Do you want to do it again katie hadnt done this one with john. Chuck held her legs straight in the air and fucked her from behind. He made a game of it. Katie how hard can i enter? Katie said knock the dam door down, oh god chuck said and he rammed her hard, katie said hummmmmm is that all youve got? And he rammed her again thus time katie came so hard the pleasure came out in a squeal, do it again and again please chuck please, it was the best I have had.
Chuck said we have time for one more what do you want, Katie said doggie, can you do that oh sure chuck said but we don't
Have time for the game, Katie said could you just ram me again and again. This time Katie lasted a little longer but chuck didn't
He unloaded as Katie got her pleasure. Katie asked him please chuck will you finger fuck me now, it won't take long. And they did
But chuck reminded her not to tell anyone so they could always play together.

After school on Monday, chuck asked where I was going in such a hurry, I said to Johns to practice my pleasure. Do you
Want to come? No remember it's a secret.  Oh thats right, but Chuck I really like my pleasure when you are giving it to
Me. But uncle John would be waiting. Katie I will walk you there and I know a place along the way where I can give you
More of my cock. So there was an old barn, such a plan chuck said, Katie I will put my cock in you now are you ready?
Oh yes yes chuck. And what pleasure we both had chuck was fun to fuck, he could start and stop whenever he wanted to.
John couldn't start and stop, he said it was because his cock got tired fast enough we shouldn't waste time.

So my third day of lessons began, I learned that kissing exactly the way he taught me, with our tongues, was like fucking
But with your mouth. If you started out kissing then put your fingers in me I would cum and cum. Uncle John said he had to
Get right to the fucking he had just been called to work at the hospital. So he rammed his cock in me and stroked and
Stroked with such force I was a little scared. I thought that I could have Chuck continue my lessons and he did, I saw him
Watching my lesson through the window.

I ran down to chucks house and asked his mom where he was, she said he and some friends went to play in the barn.
I thought I just bet they did. When I  got there the other boys were teasing him for not having a girl friend. So I walked
Up to chuck and gave him one of the kisses I was suppose to save for uncle John. The boys were stopped then but said
What else can she do. I turned to them and said I give him pleasure you have never known and I give it to him every
Fucking day and you are using up my time. Chuck told them all to get lost and they took off. We went up in the loft and
Chuck wanted me to eat him, I said I would if he would eat me, John didn't eat me like he said he would and I might
Like it. So while I ate chuck he finger fucked me, he said we were 69 and next time if I wanted it that's all I had to ask for.
It became one of my favorites, although I had to have chucks cock it was so huge I wanted it in me. If I didn't get him and uncle John everyday I felt like something was missing.

One day I went to uncle johns for my fuck and he had a friend there, John took me in the kitchen and asked if I might like
To fuck someone knew. I said does he play the same games? Uncle John said he has a new game to play with you Katie.
It's a game I don't play and it will hurt again for a little bit, if you like it I will let him play as long as you want. In fact if you
Like it I can play to. Now Katie was curious so she said can we play right now. Sure John said let's go to my room, I think
He is waiting for us. Hi I'm Katie, yes I know my name is Peter, your uncle said you might like a new game and this is one
That two men can play with you at the same time. Do you like doggie and Katie pulled off her clothes and got on all fours.
Her uncle got next to her and started kissing her she was soon lost in the kiss. Peter was a small man and his cock was only
6" and not but 3" around he began penetrating her ass slowly, then. He pulled and put some soothing cream on his cock.
When Katie came up for air she said John it feels different than pleasure but kind of I like it and John said okay Katie now
I am going to get in your pleasure spot so I need you to let me get under you while you are the doggie. Uncle rammed his
Cock In me because that's the way I liked it, then Peter started slowly stroking in my ass omg omg omg woweeeeeee is
All I could say, it was so much pleasure all at once I didn't want it to end. I asked Peter how long can you give this to me?
He said not long i am an old man who just wanted to feel it again. Oh Katie said can't you come back tomorrow? Peter said
I will be back as soon as I can, okay Katie?

Katie didn't have time to go to see chuck today and he had waited for her a long time. After school the next day he asked
What had happened, she told him about the whole thing, even though she told uncle John she would tell no one. Chuck
Was upset, are you sure you liked it, Katie said omg are you kidding it was super. Well he said can I try what Peter did
To you, but Katie said no uncle said he was to big, you know his cock was to big for me and you are even bigger so no.
When uncle John says it's okay then I will let you. Let's go to the barn, Katie said I can't today because I learned at
School today something I have to talk to uncle John about. Well chuck said you can talk to me, but Katie said no.

Oh uncle John I have some questions for you I hope you can tell me what to do. Some boys at school pushed me behind
The gym today and tried to get my panties off they said they wanted to fuck me. I didn't know what to say, now I am
Eleven and they said I was old enough to fuck anyone I wanted to. They said I could kiss them to. Please uncle John can I
Do this with them? John said Katie we can talk while I fuck you, what would you like today? Well Katie said I want you
To hold my legs up put each over a shoulder while you are on your knees and put your cock in just like before. John
Stopped and said did you think of this all on your own or did someone do this to you? Well yes katie said but I can't tell
You who Sid it to me because I promised just like when I promise you. So John rammed his cock in but Katie said please
Go slow, stroke in and out slow just like when we do it in the kitchen. Oh he stroked her alright, he liked this new way
As much as Katie seemed to. It was no time and they were both pleasured and Katie had to get home.

These lessons went on for another year and when Katie was twelve chuck and her aunt and uncle moved away. Katie was so
Sad, she asked uncle John if chuck would come back to visit? John said why Katie, well she said i liked playing in the barn
With him. What did you play Katie? You know we had hay fights and we made tunnels, stuff like that. So John was
Satisfied nothing else was going on, and he told her if she wanted they could have him come stay at his house on the
Weekends. Katie said can he play our games uncle please, I want chuck to have pleasure to. Well we will see. And for those
Boys at school you have to be much older than you are now to fuck anyone else, I will let you know when. It would be alright
To kiss them and if you wanted to you could suck them as long as they fingered you that would all be fine.

The first weekend chuck came was perfect, uncle John was gone most of Saturday so chuck and I fucked the whole day,
And omg he was so great and he kissed me like I had never been kissed. His cock was amazing I just came when he was
In me he didnt have to move. We fucked missionary, from behind, with my legs up, on top of the kitchen table. The best was when we went in the shower he slammed me up against the wall and picked me up by my thighs and when he penetrated me i lost my
Breath, he was fucking huge now I swear he grew in the few weeks he was gone.we kept up the pace and when he was holding me
Down in the living room riding me from behind with my ass in the air, uncle John came home, it wasn't until we had both cum
That we noticed him. I was quick to say uncle John you will be so proud of me I taught chuck how to fuck me. Isn't that
Perfect, now we can do it together. No Katie we can't so it together, chuck is to big for that and so am I. What positions did
Chuck teach you Katie? Well I think I taught him uncle John he didn't seem to know what he was suppose to do, except kiss
And John he is real good at kissing. I love to kiss him, so if you want to fuck me right now he can kiss me. No Katie you
Two go play in the hay if you want, you can even fuck since you already are, just have fun while I Lay down.

This was the last weekend we all fucked uncle John had a heart attack while he was laying down, and had to go to the nursing
Home. And although chuck came once in awhile he eventually had a wife. I was starved to fuck and I was telling Peter about
It at the nursing home, he said I can call some men for you, but John shook his head no. Katie do you need money, John
Signed to her, she said she needed clothes and had no money. Well he signed those boys who wanted to fuck you tell them
Yes one hundred each and you will do them all at the same time. If they want you alone it's two hundred for one kind of sex
I'd they want different positions it twenty five every time they change. And that's how I started earning my way in the world.
It was so easy and I really was pleasured. When I got married at sweet sixteen my husband was so proud of me for earning
The kind of money I did, I only gave him half, at a bakery.

The end
Watch for the adventures of katie

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