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I felt my cock twitch in my pants. "Well, I am sorry."

"You should be... you know that... well..., "she paused, "you were the one who got me all hot in the first place."

I asked, "Is that right?" My cock was not thumping, no longer twitching. In short moments, my hard on was visible in my pants.

"Does it make you horny that I was masturbating thinking about you brother?" She pulled the blanket off exposing her naked body. I could see her far better than when in she was fucking herself in the bedroom. Her pussy was clean and smooth and parted slightly open with small lips folded outward. Her hole was wet and small.

My whole world started to shift... was I in a dream or was my hot sister wanting me? "Yes. Very."

"Well, I still have not cum yet... could you help me?"


I took my pants and underwear and pulled them down, kicking them off to a corner. My cock stood pointing at my sister as if telling me its opinion on what needed to be done.

Nicole moaned a little as she started rubbing her clit, and I moved in for the kill.

I approached, stopping a foot in front of Nicole. I knelt down between her legs and looked at her smooth shaven pussy. It was so beautiful to behold. I took my cock into my right hand, leaned forward at the waist and began to lick and kiss on her lower stomach. I started rubbing my cock... it felt so good. This felt so wrong, but I could not stop myself. There was a willing and sexy young woman in front of me, and it was time to pleasure her as I had thought about so many times before. I traced my kisses down her arm, and as I did she stopped rubbing herself... I looked up and she looked back down at me with a mischievous grin.

I continued to kiss and lick down her hand until I met up with her sweet smelling pussy. I stopped only momentarily to savor her sweet scent then dived head first into her. Taking my hands and placing them under her butt so I can push her vagina into my mouth.

"," Nicole hummed as she arched her back up and allowed me to press even deeper into her with my tongue. I was pretty turned on so I started furiously masturbating with my right hand, and using my left to pull the small of her back into me. My left hand served as a plate that served me a most amazing meal... my sisters amazing pussy.

I came out of her slightly with my tongue and started to work on her clit, moving my left hand from the small of her back to her pussy hole, and sliding in a finger that made her moan.

"Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod," Nicole started repeating quickly as I started on her G-spot, using the side of my index finger to rub her heartily.

Suddenly, I felt a river starting to come... my sister was a squirter!! The thought only fueled my passion as I pressed even harder into her clit and really began to gyrate my finger inside of her. Then it hit with all the force of a waterfall, she became flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar, which I graciously consumed as if it was water from the fountain of youth.

My sister moaned loudly at this, and as soon as she was able to speak she said, "get that fucking cock in my mouth." She pushed me off of her and as I started to take her place on the couch, she limped haphazardly to a knee and took my cock into mouth, obviously her orgasm had made her hungry.

She went balls deep immediately, which drove me out of control. As she came back off of my cock, her hand took up location at the base of my cock, milking my cock into her mouth. I felt my balls tighten and suddenly I was the one who was moaning as my sister began taking my seed into her mouth! It was so sensitive I almost had to push her off or I felt as if I was going to die.

As my cock left her mouth, she sealed it shut as if to say "shh." Then my sister climbed up over me and leaned over to my mouth. Understanding her intentions, I opened my mouth and leaned my head slightly back. My sister then opened her mouth, letting my sperm fall straight into my own mouth before leaning forward and kissing my passionately. Her juices in my mouth and my juices in hers, our cum shared together as brother and sister.

Noticing my cock still hard, Nicole asked, "was your orgasm not good?"

"Baby sister, big brother needs more than one orgasm to calm down. Could you take it back in your mouth?"

My sister did just that, she leaned over and took my glistening cock into her mouth, this time deep-throating repeatedly in a hands-free blowjob. Or so I thought... her hand began to play with my ass cheeks as she slurped all over my cock. Realizing my orgasm was a ways off, I decided to take over manually.

I took her hand and placed it on my perineum, "Could you lick me here?" I asked. Immediately without missing a beat my sister went to licking beneath my balls. I took my cock and wet it with my mouth, and began furiously masturbating, trying to get off a second time. I thought about how close her tongue was to my asshole, and how eventually I would have her giving me a rim-job.

That was all it took, and for a second time I came, this time my sperm only trickling out of my cock and over Nicoles hair and forehead. I leaned forward and began to kiss her, passionately.

"I think our relationship has gone to a whole new level, " she said.

"Are you okay with it?" I asked.

She looked down, "well... I know it's wrong..."

"But what is wrong about it? Two grown people wanting to be safe and not contract STD's with new and strange people? I see nothing wrong with wanting to have fun with my sister. We just have to be careful not to get pregnant."

We kissed a little more then she spoke again, "Yeah, this is really fun. I love you big brother."

"I love you too, Nicole."

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