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An anthropomorphic tale in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans are no longer the only sentient species.
“Change of Life”
By: DinoMagick (

This story is based on a short anthropomorphic comic book by Sin Factory, Radio Comix, called “Ice Queens”. I won’t describe the comic, but if you are into ‘Furry’ style erotica, it’s a decent single issue comic. I had hoped that the Author(s), who are called “The Gang of 5”, would have written a few more like this or added a prequel and some sequels to this series, but alas this was the only published issue from 2005/2006. So, I decided to mix a lot of their comic and some of my own ideas into this story.

The Original is called “Change of Venue” but after some heavy hitting research on the ‘Furry’ genre, which previous to this story I knew very little about, as well as studying a little about species anatomy, I came up with what I hope is a promising endeavor that will delight the reader and keep some authenticity to the original storyline.

I freely admit that I have plagiarized a few character dialogs from the original comic, but the background and the chronology of the story came from my own warped mind.

If you like this story, please send me an email, I enjoy constructive criticism just as much as I enjoy raves. I’m learning this type of writing and am by no means an expert. All I try to do is entertain, if you don’t like it because of content or genre, don’t read it.

Prologue: What is the world coming to?

Four thousand years ago, things on Earth took a very dramatic and very drastic turn in the physical and meta-physical world we lived in. Humans were no longer the only sentient species on the planet. As the change took hold on our world, over time, other species became more and more sentient and in some cases were even more prolific than the human race.

It was like the laws of physics and nature decided to roll a pair of dice and change the way everything worked in the world. Beings that had once been pets to humans began learning the ability to write some words and in some cases very early in the change, they even learned how to speak those words. As the decades came and went, their ability to communicate became more advanced, moving from simple words to more articulate and vocal forms of communication.

Not surprisingly, Dolphins were the first creatures to elevate themselves from being mere sea creatures to being able to fully communicate with humans; using specially designed tablets and electronics they could fully verbalize and hold complete conversations with humans.

Then there was the canine world, which were the first species to be able to write simple words in dirt with their paws or specially designed pencils and pens held in their teeth so they could write on paper. Certain species of canines like Canis lupis (Wolves) and Canis lupis familiaris (domestic dogs, mostly large breeds) learned the ability to speak gruffly at first until centuries of evolution allowed them to develop better vocal cords. Though it was believed the smaller breeds could also speak at that time, their ability to change the pitch and tone of their evolved vocal cords didn’t happen until much later, so a larger breed of dog or wolf had to act as interpreter so the smaller dogs could communicate with humans like their larger cousins could.

Surprisingly, primates like chimpanzees and gorillas that humans had thought to be more closely related to man than any other species, only began to have one on one communication with humans using writing and hand signals, much later than the cetacean and canine species and weren’t able to fully use verbal communication until just over three hundred and fifty years ago.

There were other species that also had increased communicative skills, but not at the degree that the cetacean and canine species had. Felines, in comparison, developed the third fastest and were only a few hundred years ahead of the primates.

Not all animals attained that level of ability; many creatures still retained their non-sentient abilities and were classified as ‘common’ in comparison to the more evolved of their native species.

All these changes gave humans a very different outlook on the world and over zealousness due to cultural and environmental differences within the human race caused a large upheaval within all sentient life on the planet. Because some of the animal world now had sentience, everything was re-classified. Human beings were called “Humans” and sentient animals and beasts were now called “Meta-Humans”. The rest of the animal kingdom that did not gain any sentient abilities were simply labeled “Common or Mundane”. Because of these strange occurrences, war came to the world, yet again.

It was the largest war ever to have occurred on planet earth. Boundaries that had once stood for millennia, changed overnight. It wasn’t just one species versus another, many species fought side by side against their own, each one trying to dominate the other because of cultural differences, hate, love, territory, society, resources…the things that cause most wars, whereas other species learned to adapt and coexist peacefully, but by the time the wars ended and all the sentient species learned to tentatively get along, the damage to the earth had already been done.

Society crumbled and infrastructure decayed around the world. The races had no choice but to band together, just to survive. Humans still maintained many millennia worth of knowledge which gave them the upper hand, but they were no longer the dominant species on the planet and ended up reverting back to roaming nomadic tribes called “Clans”. On land, wolf clans seemed to be the most predominant than the humans because of their more predatory nature and the fact that they learned faster than most of the other races. Of course, the dolphins ruled the seas and oceans as well as rivers and some lakes.

Other species also adopted some of the human sociologies and called their groups “Clans” as well, but mixed race clans seemed to thrive better than single species clans. Even though things had settled down to some degree, nothing in the world would ever be the same again.

Chapter One

The wars had ended more than a hundred years before Kayla was born, a very human girl in a very in-human world. The few cities that still remained were places where all races congregated now to trade and find food.

Some of these cities established small governments that would provide ‘ration chits’ to feed any sentient race that would support its governance.

The human clan that Kayla and her family had started in was destroyed by some anti-human clans and her family had to flee in order to survive. Kayla mostly grew up around other races more than she had around Humans and eventually, her family settled near a mixed clan of wolves and other sentient creatures, like bears, rodents, bobcats, mountain lions as well as a pair of domesticated cats named Vera and Simon.

The clan was ruled by Sinja, who was the Alpha Female and possibly the meanest creature Kayla had ever met in her life. Her mate, Fenris was a submissive, large male wolf that showed a measure of compassion to the humans that now were a part of the clan.
Sinja hated humans and railed against Fenris’s decision to let Kayla’s family join the clan. They were the only humans in the region and for whatever reason, Fenris felt sorry for them. Being the only human members of the wolf clan was difficult at first, but Kayla and her family adapted well and quickly.

Things were starting to look good for the clan until a fight with a neighboring anti-human group called the Destinites, who believed it was the destiny for all creatures to ascend above humanity, killed her parents and left Kayla as the only human in the Clan.

After the battle with the Destinites, Sinja made a point of making Kayla’s life as miserable as possible since her parents were gone, always asserting her authority and dominance over the human girl. Eventually, Kayla grew up into a beautiful young woman and had grown accustomed to Sinja’s bullying.

Kayla was walking back to the den one day, after standing in line for several long frustrating hours to get her ‘rations chits’, when Sinja demanded that Kayla had over her chits. That day, something deep within Kayla finally snapped and she challenged the Clan’s Alpha Bitch to a fight.

Everyone knew that Sinja, being a wolf and being a few hundred pounds heavier than Kayla, was going to win the fight. But Kayla had learned quite a lot having grown up as the only human in the clan, that when a challenge was made, to never back down.

Sinja scoffed at the idea of a ‘bald monkey’ making a challenge like that, but she also respected that a challenge, regardless of who made it, must be honored.

“You will not win, ‘monkey’ bitch.” She would taunt Kayla. “You do not stand a chance.”

Kayla would ignore the female wolf most of the time, but finally got fed up enough to offer the Alpha Bitch a retort. “Maybe you will beat me, but at least I don’t have to worry about fleas.”

Sinja smiled a toothy grin toward Kayla. “You are a funny little hairless ape.” Was the female wolf’s response, and then she added. “I’ll enjoy having your ration chits since you won’t need them after I thrash your feeble frame all over the den.”

The ration chits were a sore subject with Kayla. She didn’t like them, but because the clan was led by Sinja, who kept them in the city, she had to abide by their decisions. Kayla thought the clan would be better off away from the city and living off the land, but for so long, the sentient races had been dependent on government handouts, and they had lost their knowledge of how to fend for themselves. Before Kayla’s family had found this clan, they lived from place to place, getting whatever they needed off the land or scavenged left overs of other clans. So Kayla knew how to get what she needed.

She also knew how to push Sinja’s buttons the right way. “I’m going to ride you like a pony.” Kayla said after some thought. “You’ll be my personal riding mount.”

That was a significant insult to the proud Alpha female. Sinja made a quick move and snapped her jaws mere inches from Kayla’s face. “For that, ‘ape bitch’, I’m going to make sure you bleed.”

Kayla was unafraid of Sinja now. Her challenge was a stepping stone to more respect within the Clan, and even if she didn’t win the fight, just standing up to Sinja was a big accomplishment.

The day came for the challengers to meet and everyone in the Clan was in attendance. Fenris stood with his front forelegs braced on a platform, his deep voice echoing in the cavernous den they called home.

“CLAN!” he cried out. “Today, your Alpha must defend against a challenge to her authority and the right to be the Leader of the Clan!”

Hushed murmurs from the gathered members of the Clan mumbled out from the masses. Everyone knew that the ‘bald-monkey’ Kayla and their wolf Alpha, Sinja were going to fight, and none of them thought that the human woman had a chance to beat the more formidable Wolf bitch.

“Sinja has accepted the challenge by Kayla. Do the combatants fight to the death or yield?” He questioned.

Everyone chanted “To the Death, To the Death!”

That startled Kayla, she had thought that Sinja and she would fight to submission, now the stakes had changed and their very lives were held in the balance of the outcome of the fight. Kayla knew that Sinja would kill her if she got the chance, and that made Kayla nervous. She had thought, by challenging Sinja, she would gain a measure of respect, but now her own life was on the line.

“To the Death it is then.” Fenris responded. “Combatants!! Enter the circle.” He called out loudly.

A large circle of stones was below the raised platform the Fenris stood upon. On one side, stood Sinja and on the other was Kayla. Both of them ready to fight, but who was going to die?

Sinja made the first move, leaping across the circle right in front of Kayla. Not prepared for such a swift attack, Kayla barely turned before being swatted to the side by one of Sinja’s large front paws. The wolf bitch’s nails dug into human woman’s side and left deep furrowed cuts the instant they were made.

Kayla hit the ground and rolled to her feet, the stinging burn of the cuts to her side filling her with foreboding dread. She had to strike back, even if she couldn’t win, she had to make sure that Alpha Bitch worked for every drop of blood.

“Hmm. You are fast.” Said Sinja. “But you are no match for me.” And she dove right at Kayla’s face, her jaws revealing sharp teeth, ready to slice into the human bitch.

Kayla dove underneath Sinja’s lunge and raised up quickly as the wolf bitch flew over her. Kayla’s shoulder rammed into the soft underbelly of the female wolf with incredible force. Sinja let out an audible ‘OOF’, and staggered a little when she landed hard on the ground.

Sinja braced her rear legs beneath her and jumped at Kayla again, but the human female had rolled onto her back, kicked out with both legs right as Sinja was coming down from a high leap and Kayla struck her with both feet, right under the wolf bitch’s jaw.

It sounded like a crack of thunder as Sinja’s jaw snapped shut hard with Kayla’s attack. The wolf bitch impacted with the ground, her snout digging a furrow in the dirt, but before she could recover from the human’s surprising assault, Sinja felt the weight of the human bitch drop onto her back and she opened her eyes just in time to see Kayla’s doubled-up fists slam into her head, and then again and again as the human female pummeled the wolf bitch into unconsciousness.

An astonished gasp came from the crowd as Sinja’s head hit the ground again and again until her tongue lolled out of her head. Kayla stopped hitting the wolf bitch once she was out cold, then carefully rolled off the unconscious Sinja and stood, panting heavily to the side.

Inside the make-shift arena, there was no sound other than Kayla’s heavy breathing, everyone in the Clan was standing with mouths agape in complete shock that a mere human female had bested the larger and more deadly wolf female.

Fenris tried to be impassive to the situation when he came down off the raised platform and stood next to Kayla. “Is she dead?” He asked without malice or remorse as he looked over Sinja’s unconscious body, but the gleam in his eyes as they fell on Kayla’s sexy body were definitely a dead giveaway as to whom he desired to have won the battle.

Kayla reached a shaky hand through Sinja’s thick fur to feel if the wolf bitch still had a pulse. “No. She is still alive.” She sighed thankfully.

“It was to the death, Kayla.” Fenris stated flatly. “You must finish her.”

“Fuck that.” Kayla responded as she whirled around to face Fenris. “The Clan is stronger with her alive. And I’m not killing her just because she was literally a bitch to me.” Kayla said it loudly enough so that everyone could hear her words. Despite the way Sinja treated her, Kayla really did respect the female wolf.

“You are the victor, it is your choice, but I warn you now, Sinja will not take losing well.” Fenris informed her.

“I don’t care, Fenris, because I’m the Alpha now.” Kayla replied. “Sinja lost, plain and simple and it was a fair fight. Does anyone dispute this?” She said loud and clear, turning an angry glare toward the rest of the gathered clan.

Not a soul spoke out and a few even stated that Kayla was the winner, fairly.

“Then you are all dismissed! The fight is over.” Kayla said using her newly won authority. No one said anything else and left the room quietly without so much as a glance backward.

“And now, Fenris, I think it is time the Clan started listening to their new Alpha Bitch.” Kayla said. “But first, I need food and a bed.”
“Grrrr… This way.” Growled Fenris.

He guided Kayla behind some heavy drapes at the back of the Den. A large mattress was the only thing there.

“Ugh. This is it? This is where you and Sinja slept?” Kayla complained.

“I like it just fine.” Replied Fenris defensively. “What’s wrong with it?”

“The Clan is not going to live like common dogs anymore, Fenris.” She responded then winced in pain at her torn side.

Fenris approached and sniffed her side. “You are wounded.” He said with genuine concern.

Kayla spun around and smacked Fenris on the nose. “Back off ‘Fido’, I’m not hurt enough that I can’t take you down too.”

Fenris backed off, placing a paw on his muzzle. “Oh yeah, I like a bitch with Spirit.” He said with a smirk. “Too bad you’re just a little bald ape, something could easily happen.”

Kayla grabbed him by the front scruff of his thick furry coat. “Who’re you calling ‘little’?” She spat. “And stop calling me a ‘Bald Ape’. I might be just a little human female to you but I have EVERY intention of carrying out ALL of my responsibilities as the Alpha Female around here, got that?”

“ALL of the responsibilities?” Questioned Fenris, the big wolf’s eyes bored into Kayla’s, “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes.” She replied without hesitation, knowing exactly what Fenris meant. “ALL of the duties and responsibilities as the Alpha Female, but first, you will clean these little scratches.” Kayla said, stripping off her torn jacket and shirt, revealing the gashes that Sinja had made in her side as well as Kayla’s now naked chest and extremely pert and luscious breasts to the big wolf.

Fenris let out a happy “Wurf!” in response when he saw Kayla’s naked body as she revealed it to him.

“Oh yeah!” Kayla responded excitedly the moment Fenris began licking on her wounds. “That’s it. Oooo. That is very nice!” she said after he had finished cleaning her. “Now let’s discuss what we’re going to do next, because there are ‘other’ areas that require washing too, Fenris.” She continued seductively, rolling slowly over on her back.

She moaned as Fenris immediately understood her meaning and gently licked first one breast and then the other. “You humans are so bare and fragile, Kayla. It is a wonder how your race has managed to survive in this world.”

Kayla gasped with heady need. “I think you will find us humans are full of surprises.” and gave Fenris a sultry gaze as she slowly spread her legs invitingly to the big wolf.

“So am I!” He replied with excitement when he caught her musky scent and gazed lustfully at her bare, exposed pussy. “You know, I’ve seen some of those dirty ‘skin monkey’ sex films humans like to watch, so I know a little about how this.” He responded with more than a little interest in his voice.

“Impress me then.” Said Kayla, now feeling more than a little confident in her role as the clan’s new Alpha Female. “Then we can talk about getting the clan out of here.”

Fenris looked Kayla over with intensity and gently brought his large wolf head down between her legs, forcing his tongue between her cunt lips and began to lick her hungrily. He started lavishly on her buttocks first, licking hard against her tender ass cheeks one at a time and then he slowly pressed deeply between Kayla’s legs so he could get at her deliciously tight pussy.

“OH! AHHH! My goodness!!!” cried Kayla loudly as she felt the big wolf’s tongue press into her tunnel, sliding intimately against the hard sensitive nub of her swollen clit. “Damn, Fenris… You really do know something!” Then she tensed suddenly, her breath becoming more rapid as her climax exploded with ecstasy into Fenris’s hungry mouth.

“Uummmm”, he said. “Damn, your cream is very…. VERY delicious.” Fenris added, sloppily licking his lips and gulping down Kayla’s tasty juices as she came again.

“How about you Fenris?” asked Kayla, breathlessly, coming down from the most awesome orgasm she’d ever experienced. “Is there anything your ‘Alpha Female’ can do for you?” she finished with a sultry gaze and then she leaned forward and ran her hands underneath Fenris’s belly down to his already aroused and throbbing cock. “Well, what do we have here?” She asked in a very sultry tone to him while grasping his very large cock in her small hands. “Oh wow… this could do A LOT of damage to a little gal like me, dontcha think?”

Fenris let out a gruff little chuckle. “Not that Sinja ever complained, but after seeing what you can do and even though you are a bald---human, Kayla.” He quickly corrected himself, “I am sure you’ll manage it just fine.”

“Hmmm….. I will do my best.” She said and began to lick his long hard shaft, cupping his heavy balls in her hand, gently squeezing them the make him expose more of his glorious erection.
He let out a short whine of surprise. “Oh… I have never felt anything like this before!”

Then she put just the tip of his cock into her mouth and slowly rolled her tongue over it. “MMmm… You taste good too, Fenris.” She said with lustful glee, wanting to grab the wolf’s throbbing cock and let him shove it in her mouth. But she knew her mouth was too small, and settled for simply licking him fully with every inch of her tongue.
“You are amazing, Kayla… this… feels… so… gooooood.” Fenris continued to stammer.

“I told you that us ‘skin monkeys’ are full of surprises.” She giggled, resting a moment and then resumed giving her new wolf-mate a lot more attention.

“How are we going to find a new place? Where are we going to go?” Fenris asked softly, enjoying the new sensations of having his hard cock licked by a human female.

“First, we get out of this socially engineered city, find a nice place in the mountains somewhere and make a real life for ourselves instead of simply existing in this dingy place, living like dogs!” Kayla responded with determination. “We can do it, Fenris. We can live free and proud like we’re supposed to.”

“You’re the Alpha, Kayla… I will follow you.” He said with confidence.

“Now….” She said with a lurid expression on her face. “I think I know what you’re ready for.” She said, then with a soft moan, she raised her ass up in the air and closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Fenris’s soft underbelly fur, glide over her back. He gripped her hips with his front legs and pressed the head of his cock to her tight wet slit. With a gentle nudge, he pushed the head of his large cock into Kayla’s cunt and groaned with delight at the silky wet, tight grip her pussy immediately grasped him with.

“Oh my, Kayla… You are tight… very tight…. Let me know if I hurt you, but oh…. Oh.... The feeling….” He said with heady bliss.

“D-don’t worry…. I will... Just go slow… it will be fine… oh goodness... Fenris… it feels so good… fuck me… fuck me…. Fuck me…” She said and pleaded with rapidly growing excitement.

Fenris did as his Alpha Female bade him and slowly pushed his long hard cock into Kayla’s tight, sexy body inch by excruciating inch until his balls pressed against her ass cheeks.

“S-so…. D-d-deep…” Kayla panted as he mounted her fully.

“I-I’ve never been fucked like this before.” Fenris said between panting breaths. “Goodness… I wonder…. If it is even possible…. You to give me some pups…. If not, I am going to really enjoy trying…. a lot.”

He pulled out and rammed his stiff length all the way into Kayla’s tight cunt, fucking her for all he was worth. She grunted and groaned with each of Fenris’s powerful thrusts, squealing from time to time as he penetrated her fully.
Kayla bucked her hips back into each of Fenris’s thrusts, forcing him to plow deeper than she’d ever felt before. The feeling of him sliding in and out drove her over the edge and she came several times in rapid succession. He kept drilling her hard, deeper and faster until his climax made him suddenly lunge as deep into her as he could and then he howled as he let his thick hot cum release inside his new Alpha Female. “Aaaarroooooooo!”

Kayla gasped as she felt the first gush of Fenris’s cum shoot into her, then she tensed and her pussy gripped his hard shaft tightly. “YES!” She cried out. “OH YES!!! YES!! Fill me with your seed, Fenris!!!”

Fenris grunted and drove his cock into Kayla’s pussy again and again, pumping more and more of his cum into her. Suddenly his eyes went wide and he growled. “I-I-I Am… going….to… explode…” he gasped in disbelief mixed with pure lust. His cock suddenly swelled and locked deep inside Kayla.

Kayla swooned as she felt the pressure of his knot lock Fenris to her. Then she felt the hot thick sperm flood right into her womb as he emptied every single drop of his seed into her.

“Oh goodness, Fen!!! Oh my!!” She came again, her pussy clenching and unclenching against his still pulsating shaft, milking it for every last potent drop. “I can’t believe Sinja never let you breed her like this.”

“Fuck that bitch.” Fenris gasped. “I have never felt this before… You are the best!!”

“SO. Do you really think you can make pups with me?” Kayla asked breathlessly.

Fenris grunted a profound “I sure hope so, YES!” Then he carefully laid down on top of Kayla’s panting body, his tongue licking the back of her neck gently. “We’ll have to ask Vera and Simon, who know about interspecies mating, if there is a way, they will know and then….” He ended with a needy whine.

“And then?” Asked Kayla.

“And then….if there is a way, I’ll gladly have my cubs with you.” Fenris said with a shakey emotion.

Chapter Two

Vera and Simon were two domesticated cats that had once been scientific study animals at a large research facility. In truth, Vera was once a human scientist that had somehow been transformed into a beautiful black cat with amber eyes. Simon, was a part of the study but had always been a large, orange tabby cat.

Together, they had travelled with their three kittens until ending up with the Clan of wolves. Kayla had spent time with them as a little girl, taking care of the kittens while Vera and Simon hunted and gathered food to feed their family.

The kittens were all grown up now, but kept out of sight because Sinja didn’t like the cats at all. Now that Kayla was in charge and Sinja was still recovering from her lost fight, Vera and Simon and their kids were more out in the open.

With Fenris standing behind her, Kayla went to talk with Vera and Simon about how Vera was able to have babies with Simon.

“Hey Vera?” Kayla called into the hole in a wall that the cats called home. “Anyone home?”

“Sure!” Answered a definitely feminine voice. “Anything for our new Alpha!”

Kayla smiled and entered. “Wait here Fenris.” She bade her new mate.

“Yes, ma’am” he said pouting, then sat down and laid his head over his crossed paws just outside the hole.

Kayla entered and was amazed at how well kept their home was in comparison to the rest of the den. Vera was sitting in a chair, knitting a small blanket. A couple of completed ones sat neatly folded on a tool next to her. Kayla smiled when she noticed that Vera’s taut belly was showing signs of a baby bump.

“Oh wow! You’re going to have a litter of kittens?” Kayla asked excitedly.

Vera smiled, “I see our new Alpha is quite observant.” She said jokingly. “More so than the last Alpha.”

Kayla found a small chair and sat down in front of Vera. “Where are Simon and the others?” She asked.

“They’re all out scavenging for more food. It’s hard to feed us all with just the ration chits, and with more little ones arriving, it is going to be tough.” Vera said with concern etched on her feline face.

“So, tell me, what brings our new Alpha to visit us? Sinja never did.” She asked thoughtfully.

“Well. As a matter of fact, it’s about this.” Kayla said and gestured toward Vera’s slightly swollen belly. “I’m the new Alpha, but…. Well, there is Fenris…. And he…” but before Kayla could finish, Vera interrupted.

“He wants you to have cubs with him, am I right?” Vera asked plainly.

“Yes.” Kayla said, a little embarrassed. “He does.”

“It’s about time too…. Fenris isn’t getting any younger, and that stupid bitch Sinja basically made him feel like she was doing him a favor by letting him fuck her.” Vera said loudly, just so her voice could be heard by Fenris who was waiting outside.

“Wurf!” Came his answer of agreement. Kayla just smiled and nodded. “Yeah. Well, you are the only human, well, once human that I know of that has had offspring from another species. That’s why I am here. To ask if it is even possible for me to….” And again, Kayla didn’t get to finish before Vera stopped her.
“It is possible and really, you only have to make sure you are fertile when the time comes. Fenris’s seed will adapt to your physiology over time and that is all there is to it.”

“That’s it?” Kayla asked in disbelief. “No scientific mumbo-jumbo or serum or something?”

“Nope. Just lots of sex and eventually, your bodies will adapt and then you’ll get pregnant, have his cubs and….” This time Vera was interrupted by Fenris who had stuck his big head into the hole.

“Ahem… LOTS of his cubs….” He said and gave Kayla a mirthful smile.

Kayla blushed and looked down at the floor, smiling. “So I don’t have to change into a wolf or he change into a human?”

Vera looked up from her knitting. “OH! No no no…. I only did that because it was easier for Simon to mate with me. It would have been harder for him to increase his mass to be able to mate with me as a human, but I could easily shed mass through molecular gene therapy than the other way around.”

“Ahh.. I see.” Kayla said in understanding.

“Plus, it’s easier to survive as a cat than a human these days.” Vera added honestly. “With so many anti-human groups, I’m surprised you survived as long as you did.”

“It wasn’t easy.” Kayla said sadly. “But things are going to change…. For all of us.”

Vera nodded and gave Kayla a serious look. “You have to be sure about leaving this city, Kayla. I won’t jeopardize my family and the newborns that are coming, only on a wild guess.”

Kayla nodded. “I promise. Once everything has settled down here with the change in leadership, I’ll make sure wherever we go will be safe and secure, with plenty of food and a good place to raise our families.”

That brought Vera’s attention up. “You sure you want Fenris to mate with you?” She asked.

“HE and I have already shared that experience.” Kayla answered softly. Fenris growled outside the hole. “What’s wrong with her and me mating?” He grumbled.

“She’s human, you’re a big fucking wolf, you big oaf.” Vera stated toward the hole to Fenris.

“So?” he asked sullenly. “We had sex already and it worked out just fine. She’s not hurt. She can take me, hell, a lot better than Sinja ever let me.”

Vera let out a sigh of exasperation and rolled her eyes. “Dumb ass, Sinja is about the same size as you, Kayla is much smaller. If you get her pregnant, the most she could have in one litter is two, MAYBE three cubs!”

Fenris didn’t answer, but Kayla looked up with worry. “How many cubs do wolves normally have?”

Vera shrugged and went back to her knitting absently thinking. “I don’t know, but Wolf cubs are not small, that much I do know.”

Kayla thought for a moment. “That is definitely something to consider then.” She said with a tone of disappointment. “For now, I’m not fertile, so I guess we just have to work around that Fenris.” She said to the hole.

“Can we start working on that now?” He asked with anticipation, obviously he was quite horny.

Vera gave a knowing smile to Kayla. Kayla just giggled. “Sure.” She said to her mate. “Meet you back at our den.” She listened for the sounds of Fenris leaving, thanked Vera for her time and exited out of the hole.

Kayla drew back the drapes and saw that Fenris was lying on his back, his paws in the air. “I think you get to do ‘cowgirl’ this time.” He said with his tongue lolling out, licking his lips with anticipation. Kayla laughed and strode over to the wolf, stripping out of her clothing as she went. Once she was naked, Fenris’s arousal stood straight out with glorious expectation.

“Ooooh…. Is that for me?” Kayla asked seductively.

“Absolutely.” He said with a smile. “Come here.”

Kayla walked over, climbed atop Fenris’s stomach and slid herself down, just as the head of his cock pressed against her entrance. She let her bare breasts rub into his soft underfur and moaned with delight as he pressed her further onto his thick shaft.

“Ride me like in those sexy skin monkey pictures.” Fenris practically begged.

“Like this?” Kayla said, pressing his length deeper into her as she raised her body up on it.

“Ahhhh Ooooooh.” He crooned. “Yeah.. yeah… Just like that…. Oh yeah!!!”

She rocked her body up and down slowly until her juices fully coated Fenris’s huge cock and she could slide up and down it easier.

“Damn, you are so tight, Kayla….. I love how it feels…. Don’t stop… “ He begged again and again.

Kayla road his shaft, up and down. Her breasts moved in motion with her body. Fenris lifted his head up to her chest and let his tongue lick her belly and up her chest to lavish her luscious tits.

“Hmmm… that feels good… Oh Fenris… yes… keep doing that… I love it!” She was begging now. He licked her again and again, lingering on her taut nipples and relishing her body wriggling and writhing on top of him.

With a moan of pure passion, Kayla’s body went rigid and began to shake, then she threw her head back and cried out loudly. “I’m coming!!!!” and Fenris felt her pussy tighten around his shaft and the sweet cream as Kayla came very hard.

Her body was still trembling in post-orgasmic bliss when Fenris quickly pulled her off his shaft, placed her face down on the bed, lifted her ass in the air and mounted her as was proper for a wolf.

Kayla felt the soft fur of his belly glide over her back, then groaned with delight as the head of his cock pushed deep into her throbbing sex crazed pussy. He hammered her like he meant it, fucking her hard, deep and fast. She came again and again as he continued to plow every inch of his thick hard cock all the way into her.

His cock suddenly swelled and locked inside of her, then the flood of his hot cum began to jet into her again and again. With a passion filled howl, Fenris lunged into Kayla’s cunt and kept pumping more and more of his sperm into her womb until he’d emptied every single drop from his balls.

“Oh my goodness….” Whimpered Kayla…. “That’s what you mean by being FULL of surprises, huh?”

Fenris let out a panting chuckle. “And many more to come.” He said and rolled them both over, still locked together.

After a few moments of bliss filled silence, Fenris licked Kayla’s back to get her attention. She was so sated by the fucking she’d just gotten that she lazily moaned with pleasure. “Hmm?”

“Are you sure you want to have my pups?” He asked.

“I am sure.” She answered. “When we are done moving the Clan to a better place, we’ll talk about it more, okay?”

“Fine. I would be happy for you to have my pups, just so as you know.” He said. It gave Kayla a warm feeling that he desired her and accepted the fact that she was going to be having his babies someday.

Chapter Three

The next morning, Fenris woke Kayla up and fucked her brains out a few more times. She couldn’t believe how much the big wolf wanted to fuck her, but unlike the former Alpha Female, Kayla fucked him back, wanting his cock inside her just as much as he wanted.

But, the job as Alpha Female needed to be done. She gathered the Clan after the morning meal and personally checked up on how Sinja was doing.

“What do you want, monkey-bitch?” Scowled the former Alpha Female.

Kayla sighed, expecting Sinja to be a sore loser, but she didn’t back down. “That’s ALPHA now, not ‘monkey-bitch’. Got it?” She said with authority.

Sinja just glared at Kayla, but nodded in the affirmative.

“You lost, that’s all there is too it, Sinja. Don’t dwell on the past, it’s done and over.” Kayla began. “You were weak because you can’t see the forrest for the trees and lack of food has made you that way.”

Sinja stared at Kayla and said nothing, but there was a thoughtful look on her face.

Kayla didn’t respond to the lack of comment from Sinja and continued. “You are a tough bitch, Sinja and frankly, you are the toughest in the entire Clan.”

“You beat me, bitch…. That makes you the toughest.” Sinja answered sullenly.

“No. You are much stronger than me, Sinja…. I know that. But you’re not too bright. All I did was outsmart you and beat you because I knew you hadn’t been eating well. Hell, Sinja… Your damn ribs are showing through your coat.”

Sinja huffed in annoyance but kept her mouth shut.

“If you had been healthy and smart about it, I would not have stood a chance against you. But all that is in the past. I am the Alpha now and you have to follow my orders.” She stated with her new found authority.

“At least until I am well again and challenge you for my rightful place.” Sinja snarled back.

Kayla smiled. “That’s the spirit. But first, you’ll follow my orders. Right?”

“Fine. Bitch. I’ll follow your orders…. For now.” The female wolf answered with a growl.

“Good. Now that we understand each other, you are on double rations until you are back on your feet.” Kayla said, her comment surprising Sinja.

“Double rats?” She questioned. “You want me back faster so I can retake my place as leader?”

“No. It won’t be that simple, Sinja. I want you to be strong so you can take the Raccoon Brothers out of the city and scout the northern mountains for a new Den.” She said with confidence.

“You’re as dumb as a monkey, bitch. We won’t last a day out in the wilds.” Sinja exclaimed.

Kayla chuckled. “I did.” She retorted challengingly.

Sinja’s eyes narrowed at Kayla. She didn’t like being challenged, but her body still hurt from this human-ape’s last challenge.

“I will show you how to survive out there, you will show the Raccoon brothers and then the rest of the clan. With your strength and my brains, we’re going to be the toughest Clan around, and never have to worry about being hungry again.”

Sinja was hungry, her stomach was growling since the moment she had woken up from her lost fight with Kayla. She was also hungry before the fight. In fact, she hadn’t known a single day when she hadn’t been hungry.

“If what you claim is true…..Alpha…. And you promise that we’ll never go hungry again…….. I will follow you to the end of the world. That is my promise…. But if you fail… I will eat your entrails, capeche?” Sinja stated plainly without malice or anger.

Kayla nodded. “Fair enough for me. Are we agreed then?”

Sinja lowered her muzzle in supplication to her Alpha. “So be it.”

“Good. Now, rest here and I’ll get Stanley and ….uh… what is that Ratboy’s name again?”

“Caleb”, answered Sinja.

“Thanks. Stanley and Caleb will be by with extra food.” Kayla finished. Stanley was a Hedgehog that had a great nose for hiding places. No one ever knew where he slept or what part of the den he was in. The little guy just appeared out of nowhere whenever he was called upon. Caleb was a Rat-man, essentially a different species entirely than normal rats. He came from a former rat clan called the Ratonga that had been decimated in the war with humans and their allies, the various Dog Clans.

“And what of the Raccoon brothers?” Sinja asked. “I don’t like those little fuckers, they steal everything and lie all the time.”
The Raccoon Brothers were Mike and Ike, two lonely raccoons that Fenris had felt sorry for, not to mention the fact they were starving when he and Sinja had caught them trying to steal their stuff.
“That’s why I want them with you Sinja. They are wiley and cunning and will make great scouts for you. If they get into trouble, you bail them out and kick ass.”

“Can I eat what I kill?” Sinja said with a toothy grin.

“Yes. Out there, in the wild, you can eat what you kill, but be sure to take care of Mike and Ike as well.” Kayla cautioned. “They are your responsibility.”

Sinja sighed in annoyance. “Damn. I was going to eat them first.”

Kayla couldn’t help but chuckle. “No. Don’t eat them, I am sure they will come in handy out there.”

“Fine.” Was all that Sinja said. Her stomach growled in protest and her head came up pleadingly to her Alpha. “Where is this food?”

Kayla stood up and nodded. “I’ll send them to get it now. Just rest, get well again and we’ll talk once you are back on your feet.”

“Fine.. Just fucking get out and get me some food……My Alpha.” Sinja snarled but did a respectful bow to Kayla.

Kayla left and called for Stanley and Caleb to bring Sinja some food. They were astounded at their new Alpha’s benevolence, but bade as she had tasked them.

Chapter Four

Sinja grumbled about the task of going outside the relative safety of the city to find a new den for the clan. Mike and Ike were the most difficult part, always disappearing on Sinja and not letting her know where they were.

Kayla had made them her responsibility, so Sinja felt she was entitled to respect. The only way she could keep those two raccoons in line was to literally tie a bell around their necks and keep within earshot of them.

It made being inconspicuous more difficult for the large wolf, but because of her size and very strong and sharp teeth, no one would really mess with her. There was a bear that approached her, thinking he could dominate Sinja through his ferocity, but little did he know that the female wolf had fought many bears as the former leader of the Wolf Clan.

Within a few short moments, the bear learned the hard way, not to mess with a female wolf. As its pulse diminished beneath Sinja’s vice-like jaws, clamped around it’s throat, realization of its folly shown in the bear’s faltering eyesight.

Because Kayla had put Sinja on double rations, the female wolf had regained her strength and weight leaving the bear with very little chance at defeating the big wolf female.

Mike and Ike were nowhere to be found during the short but violent battle between Sinja and the bear, but they showed up after to claim some of the rewards. Sinja, however, made sure to assert her dominance by making them wait until after she’d eaten her fill.

They had only travelled a mere thirty miles outside the city when they had come across the bear. From what little Sinja knew of the outlying areas, she and the Raccoon brothers would have to travel at least another sixty or more miles to even begin to look for a suitable place for the Clan’s new den.

Mike and Ike’s constant delays were getting on Sinja’s nerves, so she decided to suck up her pride and invoke Kayla’s name to solidify her position.

Once she had Mike and Ike’s attention, she growled loudly at them while they were eating. “you two fucking idiots are pushing the limit of what our ‘new’ Alpha has instructed me to perform.”

“Ya not our boss no more, bitch… Ya don’ tell us what ta do.” Said Mike, with Ike nodding in excited agreement next to him.

“Is that so?” Crooned Sinja, standing on all fours her muzzle down and her teeth bared in a grimace. “Kayla said you two fucking assholes are MY responsibility, so that means YOU better start fucking listening to me.”

“She did not… Kayla nice, she beat you up, now she is boss, not you.” Chittered Mike.

Sinja smiled her toothy grin at him. “You want to tell her that? Because if you fuck this up, by not listening to me, I will rip both of your fucking pathetic hearts out and serve them as an appetizer to Kayla.”

“She beat you again if you do that.” Ike snorted. Though the brothers could speak, they were horrible at the general inflections of language.

“If you don’t start listening to me, Kayla said I could kill you.” She lied, but knew that finding a new den was first and foremost on the new Alpha’s mind, and if the Raccoon Brothers botched it up, they would get Kayla’s wrath, not her. But for some strange reason, Sinja wanted it to be a success. She wanted the change to work now, whereas before, when she was always hungry, she only thought about the next meal.

“I swear, I will follow our ‘new’ Alpha’s orders and kill you, have no doubt about that.” Sinja gave both of them a menacing smile and low growl to accentuate her point.

Mike completely froze with his mouth half open, meanwhile Ike, on the other hand, looked back and forth between Sinja and his brother until he realized that the female wolf was totally serious about carrying out the task.

“O-okay.” Stammered Mike. “I listen to you, but Kayla new boss, not you.”

Sinja nodded. “Kayla is boss of the Clan, ass-wipe. But for now, I am the boss of you two, so listen up.”

Sinja laid out the plan, that they were not far enough away from the city and because of their recent encounter with the bear, which was caused when the two brothers had ‘inadvertently’, stole some of its food. Now they had to tread a lot more carefully because of the loud ruckus that was made with the fight.

They had a long way to go and Sinja wanted the brothers to scout quietly ahead and not engage in any frivolous encounters by themselves. If they found anything, they had to inform her first before doing anything else stupid.

Though she was tough, Sinja didn’t like fighting bears. One lucky swipe from a bear’s razor sharp claws could end everything. So she made sure that the Raccoon Brothers understood that without her, they wouldn’t last long out here.

Reluctantly, the two of them agreed to follow Sinja’s commands. With that issue taken care of, she let them finish their meal of bear meat and settled down to sleep. The next day they really needed to make up some distance.

In the morning, Mike and Ike were thankfully still asleep when Sinja woke up. She roused the two brothers viciously.

“Get up you retards, we’ve got a long way to go.” Then she headed out toward the north. They didn’t bother hiding the remains of the bear, leaving the discarded carcass out for whom or whatever found it later.

Happily, Sinja’s discussion must have made an impression with the two brothers, because they stayed close by for the rest of their trek northward, keeping in sight as they made their way from tree to tree. The two Raccoons stayed quiet and kept moving without making a sound. When they spotted a mountain lion, they waited near Sinja until the animal had passed.

After two more days, they came across a broad mountain stream, clean fresh water flowed rapidly down from the steppes of the mountains and large pines were prevalent throughout the area and along the banks of the rushing water.

Together, the three of them travelled up the stream and found a group of caves in the side of a cliff that a waterfall had made as it deposited its water down into the stream. Sinja sent the Raccoons into each of the caves to make sure they were unoccupied.

Other than a few normal bats, there were no other creatures resident in any of the caves.

“This is it.” Sinja said with a contented sigh. “This is our new home.”

“What about food? There is no food here.” Cried Ike. “Where we get food?”

Sinja looked around and saw potential where before she had not even thought. “Well. Kayla said we could live off the land, and I believe her. There are fish-a-plenty in the stream, fresh water and I am sure there are other animals in the area, deer or other, that we can catch for food as well.”

“Catch food?” Mike said complaining. “How we catch food?”

Sinja didn’t know either, really. She was a fighter, not a gatherer or hunter. The bear she killed was just the rewards of battle. But Kayla said she would teach them…. So that’s what she told Mike and Ike. “Kayla lived in the wilderness, she will know how to do these things and she will teach me, then I will teach you.” She said in simple terms so the stupid Raccoon Brothers could understand her.

They seemed to get the jist of it and nodded emphatically in agreement. “Kayla human, she smart, she teach us.”

Sinja just groaned in response. “You two secure this area by making traps, make sure nothing tries to claim our new home.”

“Where you going?” Asked Mike.

“Dumbass, I have to go back to the city and tell our ‘new’ Alpha and then come back with the rest of the Clan.” Sinja spat in annoyance. “You’ll be fine for a while, just don’t fuck this up and do something stupid while I am gone.”

“What we do why you gone?” Whined Ike.

“Stay here, don’t let anyone or anything else claim our Clan’s new home and stay the fuck out of trouble.” She snarled. “It’s that fucking simple you dimwitted cocksucker.”

“You mean. We never like you as Alpha.” Mike replied.

Sinja whirled on him, pinning him down with both her paws. “Listen fuckwad. I don’t give a shit about you or anyone else, got it? Kayla gave me a job and despite what happened, I’m gonna do it, and if you shit-heads fuck it up, I get to kill you.”

Mike pissed himself with Sinja’s snapping jaws just inches from his face. “Don’t eat me!!!” he cried.

Exasperated, Sinja got off the hapless Raccoon but gave him a snap of warning. “DON’T FUCK UP!!! And I won’t eat you.” She said vehemently, “Now get out of sight, stay here and don’t let anything in. Got it jack-wagon?”

The two brothers scrambled and did as Sinja had told him. Once they were out of sight, she sighed in grumbled as she made her way back down to the stream and toward the city again. “Why’d she make me take those two??? Probably because she didn’t want to deal with their fucking antics…..” She grumbled to herself.

Without Mike and Ike to worry about, Sinja made it back to the City and the rest of the Clan in less than two days. It was nightfall when she got back, but everyone was already asleep, except for Fenris and his new Alpha bitch.

As Sinja walked past their den, she could hear the big male wolf fucking the human bitch. “I fucked that up myself.” She thought to herself. “Damn, he sounds like he’s having a good time with her.”

Curiosity got the best of Sinja and she peeked behind the drapes to get a better look.

Kayla was on her hand and knees, moaning and writhing beneath Fenris who was madly pounding his cock into the human female.

“Arrooooo” he howled. “Can you feel my cum, mate?” He said gasping.

Kayla cried out. “Yes! Oh yes, Fen! Fill me. Fill me again!” And Sinja watched in complete astonishment as Fenris knotted Kayla and filled the human bitch with every drop of his sperm.

“Is it even possible for him to mate with her?” She thought to herself. “Can she give him the pups he always wanted from me?”

All night long, until Sinja finally collapsed in her own den, she heard Fenris and Kayla fucking each other’s brains out. She was aroused by then, but had no outlet, so she curled her body and licked herself until she Orgasmed. Though it felt good to get the release, she wasn’t as sated as she had been when Fenris had fucked her.

“I was a fool to treat him so badly….. This is my fault, I should have been a better Alpha…. Kayla is better at it than I am.” She said softly to herself. “All these years….and nothing, and within a few weeks, she has us moving to a new and better place. I am a fool.”

Depression led way to a fitful sleep, in the morning, things would change and the Clan would leave for a better way of life.

Chapter Five

Kayla had noticed that Sinja had peeked in on her and Fenris having sex, so she knew the female wolf was back from scouting out a new Den for the Clan. She was anxious to hear what Sinja had to say, but Fenris was fucking her so damn good, she adopted to wait until the morning before listening to the female wolf’s report. Besides, Sinja looked tired and probably needed to rest.

Fenris was definitely in a pleasuring mood. He just wanted to fuck Kayla again and again and again, which she happily let him. The luxurious feeling of his long hard cock, pistoning in and out of her tight pussy was only trumped by the feeling when he finished fucking her and began pumping enormous amounts of his cum deep into her.

Kayla never felt so blissfully satisfied before. After Fenris’s first time with her, he wanted more and more of her sexy body. Every time he finished coming and eventually pulled out of her, Kayla would continue to have mini-orgasms as his thick semen dripped out of her throbbing pussy and down the insides of her thighs.

Sometimes, when she sucked on the head of his cock, he would accidentally spray her chest with his seed, but quickly flipped her over so he could shoot the remainder deep into her womb. He was hell bent on getting the two of their bodies to adapt to each other so he could make her pregnant with his pups.

All she had originally wanted was to be accepted by the Wolf clan as a member, other than the ‘little bald monkey’. Now she was their leader and through some mystical bond, she felt the power of being the Alpha.

Fenris, being a wolf, didn’t seem to care, as long as he had something to fuck. Being fucked by a wolf wasn’t that bad, it was pretty amazing to Kayla that he even felt any arousal for someone of another species.

The fact that he wanted her to have his babies also didn’t bother Kayla. It seemed normal to her.

But before she could even consider having Fenris’s offspring, she needed to make sure the Clan was in a better place and that there was plenty of food and security to raise a family.

Though Fenris was completely enjoying fucking Kayla, it wasn’t the only thing he wanted to do. He also listened to Kayla’s plans for the Clan and gave her very valuable information about who she could count on to get things done.

There would be no laziness tolerated by Kayla. Everyone had to contribute and participate in making the Clan strong. Fenris gave her the information she needed to identify those members that would be difficult to get motivated. In particular, there was an old Grizzly named Karl that basically made all the smaller members get him food and do things he was supposed to do.

When Sinja was in charge, she never messed with the old bear, and as long as things got done, she didn’t care who did it. Kayla wasn’t like that. She wanted everyone, even old Karl, to participate. For now, she’d let it slide until they got to their new home, then, things would really change for the old bear.

Other than big old Karl, Fenris gave her a pretty decent and optimistic report on the Clan. As long as Sinja gave a good report on what she found as a new home for the Clan, Kayla had a good feeling that everything was going to go well for everyone.

Unfortunately, Fenris didn’t want to spend a lot of time on that, he had other more ‘pressing’ matters he was concerned with. It had only been a short fifteen minutes since the big wolf had fucked Kayla last and already his aroused cock was pressing against her gorgeous bare ass.

“Again, Fen?” Kayla said laughingly. “You’re insatiable!”

Fenris gave her a mock thrust against her butt. “You say that like you don’t like it.” He teased.

“OH, I like it just fine, but…. Damn… You’ve fucked me eight times already tonight.” She said astonishingly.

“Is that all?” He mocked a thoughtful expression. “I guess I need to fuck you a lot more then, don’t I.”

“Dear goodness, Fen…. Don’t you get enough?” She gasped as his throbbing cock began pressing into her tight pussy, still dripping with all the wolf’s cum he’d been injecting her with.

“I’ve never felt so…. Alive before, Kayla…. You feel so good, I just have to have more.” He said in all seriousness. “If you want to stop, I will.”

There was no question in Kayla’s response that she absolutely did not want him to stop. She bucked her hips into his cock and swooned as his thick cock found it’s home deep inside her tight cunt. She rocked back and forth a few times enticing Fenris to fuck her again.

He gripped her sexy hips with his front legs and drove into Kayla with a demanding thrust. “How much can you handle? I don’t want to hurt you.” He asked with curious intent.

“If I can’t take it anymore, I’ll let you know. Besides, I really don’t know how much I can take, but I definitely want to find out what my limit with you is.” She smiled over her shoulder to him.

“So, then just keep fucking you until you say stop?” He asked, giving her a good nudge.

“Looks like you’re going to be fucking me a lot tonight.” She answered demurely. And he did. The wet slapping sounds continued for many hours as Fenris kept ramming Kayla and pumping his cum into her each time he knotted her.

Finally, worn out and exhausted, Kayla flopped her naked body on top of Fenris after he had knotted her for the twelfth time and filled her womb with his sperm. “I’ve never fucked so much at one time before.” She gasped. “Damn, Fenris… that was awesome.”

But at some point, Fenris had already gone to sleep and all the Kayla got was his gentle forepaws wrapped around her, his knotted cock wedge tightly inside her still and a sleepy grunt from the big wolf. It would be a while before his cock receded and would finally slip out of her tight pussy, but by then, she would be fast asleep.

They slept longer than Kayla had planned, so by the time that she was able to wash up and go out and talk with Sinja, the rest of the Clan had gone to stand in the long lines with their ration coupons. Sinja was moping around the outer part of the den, where they usually gathered.

When she saw Kayla walking over, she sat on her haunches and waited for the ‘new’ Alpha to address her. Sinja wasn’t a patient wolf, but when dealing with ones Alpha, patience was required.

“Hello, Sinja. Have you eaten today? Where are Mike and Ike?” Kayla asked with genuine concern.

“Not yet, my Alpha. I have found a place for the Clan, and left those two to protect the place.” She answered formally.

Kayla felt suddenly excited. “Oh goodness! That is terrific news, Sinja! Where is it? Is it hard to get to?”

Sinja lolled her head around, stretching her back out. She was used to sleeping on a mattress, not the ground. “It is far, at least two days for someone like me, but with the entire clan, probably take four days to reach.” She said. “It is a very nice place, My Alpha. Several caves, overlooking a waterfall and an easy place to defend if need be.”

Kayla thought about all the potential in Sinja’s words. “We should gather the clan and make preparations to leave.” She stated with enthusiasm.

“Not so fast Kayla.” Sinja scowled. “I desire to make a request.”

Kayla looked thoughtfully when she nodded for Sinja to continue.

“You and Fenris….” Sinja paused. “Forgive my forwardness…. But Fenris…. And I…. well, I haven’t been a good leader….”

Kayla’s back went rigid defensively, thinking that the female wolf was going to already make her bid to regain leadership of the Clan. “I assume you know he has been mating me?”

“Obviously.” Sinja said with a snicker. “That much is apparent. But the question I have, is can you bear him children? Will they be human or wolf?”

Kayla hadn’t thought about that. “I don’t know, but I am definitely willing to find out?”

Sinja snickered softly. “Well, let me know how that turns out for you.”

Chapter Six

The next day, Sinja took a group of Clan Members out of the city and far to the north. There they met up with Mike and Ike who had done as Sinja commanded and remained at the new home of the Clan.

Kayla arrived with the rest of the Clan six days later and began setting up her new den with Fenris. The very first night was a celebration. They were free from the socially engineered constraints of the city’s government and could bask in the open without worry about another clan trying to steal their food and supplies.

Fenris couldn’t leave Kayla alone, but she had to refuse the big wolf’s amorous intentions. There was a lot left to do and Kayla wanted to focus on teaching the Clan how to survive in the wilderness.

Food was plentiful in the area, she just had to show everyone how to obtain it and keep their lands safe from intruders. She gave Sinja the responsibility for security and put Mike and Ike directly under her. She also made Sinja teach Fenris how to fight better, so that the two wolves could do more hunting.

Simon and Vera had the largest family in the Clan, so Kayla gave them the largest cave. The three oldest from their family had to join Sinja’s group of hunters.

Once groups and jobs were established, Kayla worked hard in showing everyone how to gather, hunt, fish and build structures that they would live in. It took a long time before things began to work, but everyone enjoyed not being hungry all the time and the fact they didn’t have to fight for food or stand in long lines to receive ration coupons from the government made them rest easier.

Sinja and her teams made up a perimeter around the Clan’s new home, and patrolled it vigorously. Nothing was going to approach the Clan without anyone not knowing.

Hunting was a bit more challenging to teach the clan than Kayla had thought. Though the Raccoon Brothers were quiet and stealthy, and Stanley the Hedgehog too, they were too small to bring down bigger game, like deer or bears. Sinja and Fenris were big enough, but had grown up in a city, not in the wild. They didn’t have a clue how to sniff out prey and hunt it down. Since Kayla didn’t have their sense of smell, she had to keep pushing the wolves to sniff tracks and learn what those scents meant and what they belonged to.

Finally, after nearly a month, Kayla plopped down onto the ground in her and Fenris’s den, exhausted and beat.

“It was a lot harder than I had hoped for.” She groaned as she laid her head back against Fenris. “But it will be better for us here than in that disgusting city.”

Fenris gave her cheek a soft lick. “We have food and plenty of it now, Kayla. That has been the most important accomplishment by far. The rest, we’ll get used to. I haven’t heard anyone complaining, and I noticed that even Sinja’s enjoying herself for the first time since I met her.”

Kayla winced from a sore joint and stretched her arms over her head, wrapping them around Fenris’s thick neck and pulling him over her shoulder. “See? Killing Sinja after she lost the challenge, would have been a bad idea.”

She heard a soft rumble in Fenris’s chest as he chuckled. “You humans are smart.”

Kayla leaned back and kissed his muzzle. “Some of us are. If we all had been smart, the world wouldn’t be in shambles like it is and we wouldn’t have to be doing all this now.”

“We’re better off this way, Kayla. It’s a difficult adjustment, but everyone is doing their part. Even Old Karl is starting to lose some weight. It was a good idea to let Sinja get him moving again.” He nudged her shirt up a little. “Now. I’ve been patient enough, it’s time for you to get naked.”

Kayla knew what he meant, and if she’d judge correctly, she should be fertile right now. Quietly, she nodded and removed her clothes, then settled her naked body against Fenris. His already aroused cock pressed up against her and she absently stroked it. “Fen….. I want to make you happy.”

“You definitely do that, Kayla.” He said and pressed his cock between her ass cheeks, poking it against her pussy from behind.

“Not just sex, silly.” She giggled. “I mean really happy. Love happy. Trust Happy.”

“Love?” He asked curiously. “I know I want to mate you and I know you humans have emotions that I don’t understand. But I really don’t know what love is.”

“Do you look for me when I am not around? Does your heart ever beat faster when you see me?”

Fenris thought for a moment. “Yes, I feel cold, in my chest. A large rock that weighs me down.”

“That’s Love, Fenris. Well, a part of it, anyways.” She said smiling and pushed herself back against his probing cock.

“I love you Fenris.” She said and then cooed softly as he shoved every inch of his glorious cock into her tight pussy. “Mate me and don’t stop until tomorrow.”

Fenris fucked Kayla all the time now. For an entire week, he kept her naked and completely filled with his seed. Every moment, beyond bathing, eating and sleeping, the two of them mated like it was the end of the world.

Everytime Fenris shoved his thick knot into Kayla, she would cry out and pray she’d become pregnant as he filled her womb up with his thick hot sperm.

Everyone in the Clan knew that Fenris was breeding Kayla, and hoped with all their hearts that she would have his pups.

The Clan now had a home to call their own. Their Alpha soon would become more than just their leader, she would become a mother. Peace, security and a home for all of them where they could build families and raise children. It was more than Kayla had promised them, and from the seeds of that gentle realization, a whole new world would grow.

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Oh....plz say there Is a seconded story to this one.. Plzzzz

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2013-01-29 01:51:15
Great story. Keep going.

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2013-01-23 18:06:50
Great story and I`m now interested in checking out the comic you mentioned but I am curious why the new races are called "Meta Humans" since they apparently retained their original animal shapes and body structures there is nothing humanoid about them? just confused on that point. rest of the story was great.

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