Something that you would never imagine, at least I didn't.
Work Road Trip:

A few of us from work had to take a trip for our welfare organization in search of going away presents. A certain area on the coast has great inlaid wood with ceramics close by. We decided to make a day of it and eat lunch at one of the local Tratorias (family restaurants). We had a nine passenger van and I was driving. Basically along to drive and translate as both the roads and the language can be difficult. We found what we needed quickly with two of the girls hanging on each arm as if we were local. Katie and Lauren were hanging on my arms and seemed to be having the most fun trying to act Italian continually kissing me and each other on the cheeks asking me to speak sweetly to them in Italian. Probably the two youngest around 19 and both were beautiful in their own way. Their bodies were athletic and not at all skinny. Lauren had a bigger chest than Katie and Katie had a plumper nicer booty that hypnotized me as she walked.

Christina and Sasha were very quite and distant not really getting into the fun. Both attractive in different ways with Christina have a huge set of jugs and a nice body to support them dressing conservatively everywhere but at her cleavage that bounced with every move. Sasha has a long lean body and looked to be hiding a good set herself, but did not display them. Ashley was the crazy one she was a light skinned mix with her ass hanging out of the bottom of her tight dress, big boobs on display, and tattoos on her legs and shoulders. Ciara was a beautiful young black woman who was big into fitness. Amelia was more of the attitude type acting like she was in charge. Nice looking big booty and normal chest. She seemed to only be interested in black guys and kind of talked like she was from the ghetto.

We found what we needed quickly and headed to lunch. It was along lunch and the owners kept bringing out the house wine. Everyone started loosening up. I haven’t drank in years (for a reason) and just soaked it in. It was warm so they all started stripping down as far as they could without getting vulgar. Basically down to their wife beater t-shirts and so on. I was happily surprised to see that most did not have on bras, but Sasha was a huge surprise and I do mean huge. Maybe it was the skinny frame that made anything on her look big, but she was like one of those cartoon characters with the stick body and the two globes up top. The waiter turned on the Air Conditioner right above our heads, so pretty much everyone’s nipples hardened as their sweaty shirts became cold. My mind was spinning with all of the cleavage and side boob I had to look at.

Katie and Lauren were stuck to my side I would have my arms around them and then on their knees and often thighs. They would often lean across me to whisper to each other placing their hands in my lap. As I was coping feels left and right I remained somewhat excited with a semi erection, which was starting to become obvious in my cargo pants. Katie leaned over once to whisper to Lauren and I looked down to see that her as and g-string were showing as she did. My erection started to grow as I could smell her hair in my face. Lauren leaned over to hear what she had to say I couldn’t see what was going on but I felt a squeeze on my erection. I kind of jumped a bit and my hand dropped onto the part of Katie’s ass that was showing. She turned and smiled and then I could see that it was actually Lauren who was feeling my erection. I left my hand there as Katie did not protest and Lauren left hers as I did not either. Neither knowing what was going on with the other.

They were all getting drunker as we sat. Ashley came over and said “you two are hogging the only guy with us. Let me get into this too” sitting smack dab in my lap actually on Lauren’s hand. Ashley hopped up putting her ass in the air “Lauren I don’t know why your hand is under my ass but you better move it”. Every looked to see that she had her hand in my lap and started laughing. She turned red in embarrassment and I put my arm around her to comfort her. Meanwhile Ashley’s ass was still up in the air as she still had not sat back down and had her head buried in her crossed arms laughing. Ciara and Amelia commented on the fact that her bare ass was in my face.

Amelia said “I bet you won’t kiss that sweaty booty!”

Ashley continued laughing and started to wiggle her ass back and forth.

Ciara said “I don’t think he is man enough to handle all of that”

Ashley looked back over her shoulder pushing her ass up seductively still laughing. I could see her anus peeking out from behind the string and her camel toe was in full view. Just then I leaned forward tonguing her anus and rose my hand up pressing my thumb up against her meaty slit. Lauren and Katie gasped leaning forward to see if I was actually doing it putting a hand on each of my thighs. She moaned loudly and pushed back towards me, so I moved my thumb up to move remove the string from the way and then back down to her slit. Instant wetness came as she pushed back against my face and I rubbed her pussy with my thumb. All I could hear from the rest was silence, but I did not look up as I did not want it to end. Someone said something so I leaned back wet kissing each cheek and then her crotch. As I sat back everyone busted out laughing except Ashley who I pulled back down into my lap leaving my hand under her ass and fingers on her slit. She turned and kissed me passionately on the cheek saying “Oh my god that felt so good, keep going.” Reaching down to feel my erection as I continued to massage her underneath.

Lauren and Katie seemed to be miffed by all of the attention she was getting and stood up stating that we should all leave getting grumblings from around the table. I noticed that Sasha and Christina had moved closer to each other and were pecking back and forth. Ashley said “Just a minute I am almost done with your man.” Everyone got up to leave with Lauren and Katie taking my arms pulling me towards the door. Katie actually reached down to hold may hand and noticing that it was wet she pulled her hand away.

Katie: “Why is your hand so wet?”

I smiled and brought it to my mouth sucking my fingers like I just ate Cheetos.

Katie: “Let me see one of those” as she pulled it to her face smelling it and then sucking on my index finger. Then she pulled me down and whispered in my ear “mmm, you have a big wet spot on your leg as well so you must have been doing something right” I thought I would blow right there. She noticed, as I think everyone did, the massive bulge in my pants from my 9” erection.

I am not huge, but I am proportionate being 6’4” 250lbs. There is nothing really small about me. Big hands mean big…if you know what I mean. I am no porn star and more of a grower than a show’er only 5 to 6” in flaccid state. Either way I am not self conscious enough to go out to find the next enlargement scam or overly proud enough to walk around in nude in public. Not afraid to, but not driven to either.

We are standing out in front of the diner and they all start talking as we are doing the cheek kiss thing with the owners after spending 250 euro and leaving a good tip. The girls don’t want to go back and it is only one thirty in the afternoon. The owner asks what the problem is and I explain. He then says that we could use the beach connected to the diner as it was not the heat of toursist season there would be plenty of room. Amelia and Ciara love the idea, but then Ciara says “We don’t have our suits or towels and without lotion you guys will burn.”

Sasha and Christina surprise me with “We’re in Italy, we can go topless and in our panties without anyone blinking an eye” almost in perfect unison.

Amelia: “We can buy a couple of towels and some lotion at there little stand.”

Ashley: “We should get a couple more bottles of wine as well.”

They all looked at me as the one driving “Ok, but don’t make fun of my hot pink thong.” Which brought them all to break down laughing, knowing that a guy like me would not be wearing a thong much less a hot pink one. Walking back in to the diner Lauren noticed that Katie was holding my hand and decided to do the same looking up with her puppy dog eyes when I turned.

We made it to the beach and I pulled my pants off first wearing pouch boxers which made my now semi hard penis from walking in the warm sand protrude out in the pocket that cupped under my balls. I don’t think that there was an eye that wasn’t pointed right at it. I sat down quickly trying to hide it as much as possible. Amelia came up in her thong and bra sitting between my legs “Could you help me with my bra, I think the clasp is stuck” pushing back enough so that her nice big booty was pushing up against my semi hard erection. Then she turned around putting a hand on each of my knees letting her bra fall off exposing a couple of nice breasts. “There is only one reason why I like the black guys, but it looks as though you may be an exception.” Reaching forward to squeeze the bulge in my boxers. This brought me pretty much back to full arousal.

Chris and Sasha came up to me asking if I would put some lotion on for them. I agreed and they each sat on a knee. Sasha's ass was way to skinny for me but she had a meaty toe and big tits with dime shaped aureoles and rock hard nipples. Chris' boobs were impressively huge and had no real sag to them. She had a flat but not unattractive ass. It was her exotic look with an olive colored skin, long pointy nose and crystal blue eyes. A shadow of short pubes showing out of the top of her thong was making me crazy for some reason. She had caught me looking earlier and seemed to feel a bit self conscious about it. She turned and said "I would have shaved it down if I knew we were doing this. I am sorry if it is a turn off."
Just talking about it turned me on even more. "What made you think that? I thought it was hot. Not like I can hide my feelings in these shorts."
Their eyes locked in on my erection "Oh, I guess not" once again almost in unison.
I came back with "It's not like Ashley was cleanly shaven, I think I still have an ass hair stuck in my teeth." This made them laugh causing their huge jugs to bounce. What a sight. No one man should have this much pleasure.

I said it would be better if I could put the lotion on one at a time, but they told me just to use a hand for each. so I complied and awkwardly started rubbing them down. They let out little moans as I went. Then they raised up for me to get their asses, who's complaining. I made sure to get where they did not normally get sun. I was surprised to find that Sasha had no tan lines. "Where are your tan lines? I guess this is normal for you."
"Keep looking, but you will have to look really hard"
I took the challenge and kept looking as I had her bend over and continued rubbing lotion on her ass. Chris did the same. I put my hand on the inside of the top of her g-string and pulled it to the side I rubbed all the way down to her asshole and down to her taint. she gasped a bit as I pulled her panties to the side now pinching her pussy between my fingers. As her lips flowered I touched them making her body shudder. "There it is, I better make sure it doesn't burn." pushing a finger deep into her meaty pussy and then running through to the front to rub her clit.
They both gasped with Sasha saying "Oh my god!" and then I heard Chris say "Holy fuck!" just then realizing that my right hand had been imitating my left and I was knuckle deep in her as well. I thought I would explode right there with that vision. I had never been with more than one girl at a time so this whole thing was like a sensory overload. I kept going until they both let there juices go all over my hands. They tuned and gave me hugs which placed their boobs into my face. I sucked on one of each and reached up once again between their legs. They pulled away and started rubbing lotion on each others fronts paying special attention to their breasts and pubic areas.

Lauren and Katie came over and plopped down beside me. They seemed like they were pissed. Katie punched me in the arm and slurred "I thought you were our man?" I gave them both a passionate kiss and walked over to Ciara and Ashley who seemed to have passed out. I checked that they were ok and rolled them over onto there stomachs. I decided it would be better to put lotion on them so I keeled over Ciara and rubbed lotion down her back and on her arms. Her body was was muscular like a body builder and her ass was chiseled beauty. I took my time rubbing lotion on that making certain to not miss a spot. I then moved over to Ashley and started on her. She was not quite as out of it and responded to my touches. I pulled her panties to the side and leaned down to get a good taste as I only had a sample before. Damn it was good, but I did not want to push the whole non consensual any further hoping I would get a chance another day.

I went back to the big padded beach chair and asked if Lauren and Katie wanted me to oil them up too. They gave me the cold shoulder, so I started to turn to walk away and they jumped up to push me back towards the chair. I was standing and started with Lauren. I pushed up against her and started rubbing the oil in kissing her shoulders as my hands went down the sides then back to her ass. She was like putty in my hands. I came back up to her shoulders and did the same motion down her front cupping her firm hand fulls when I got there playing with her small nipples. She was pushing her ass back against my erection and moaning loudly. She reached back and pulled it out of the front of my boxers letting it poke against her bare ass as I played with her beautiful breasts. She reached back playing with my balls as I moved my hands down her stomach and on to her pussy. I brought one hand back up to her breast while kissing her neck and pushed the other into her panties. She started to chant something unintelligible as I rubbed her clit. I ran my finger into her surprisingly tight even though wet pussy. Katie came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me dropping them down to grip my cock rubbing it against Lauren's ass. We were the last one's on the beach, thank I worked my hands to the sides of Lauren's panties pulling them down as I kissed her back. Katie bent down with me kissing my shoulders and neck. I ran my hand up between Lauren's legs teasing her inner thigh close to her pussy as I started licking every inch of her ass. I could tell her knees were getting weak as she pushed her ass towards me and bent forward. As I reached my hand up to her pussy I found her hand already there teasing her clit darting a finger in once in a while. This was a crazy sight for me, so rather than to impose I started licking her beautiful ass crack tonguing her asshole, which coupled with her actions made her body shudder in delightful orgasm. I pulled her hand away and started sucking her tasty pussy while rubbing her asshole with my finger. She started screaming for me not to stop as she had another orgasm or maybe just and extension of the fist.

Katie was biting my ear and sticking her tongue in it. Which I would not have welcomed back in school, but it felt really good. I looked over my shoulder to see that she had already pulled off her panties and was masturbating in her excitement. I stood back up and she moved to my side. I leaned down kissing her passionately with my hand on her ass and I was still having to hold Lauren up from the weight of her orgasms. I tried to maneuver my erection into her pussy rubbing it against her slit and pushing the head in, she winced and pulled away saying that she was too sensitive and dropping to her knees pulling my boxers off and feverishly sucking my cock. Katie reached around and held the base as Lauren sucked. I leaned down and kissed her again swapping tongues. "Oh my god, this is so hot. I can taste her pussy on your mouth. I want her to taste mine" She pulled my cock out of Lauren's mouth and wrapped her arms around my shoulders straddling me with her legs. I pulled her up by her ass and started sucking her puffy torpedo like nipples. I felt Lauren's hand around my shaft teasing Katie's pussy with the tip. Katie started pushing down while Lauren guided it in. Katie lowered herself down on it slowly as she was very wet, but very tight as well. I could feel Lauren sucking my balls as she did. I started playing with her ass as she pulled herself up and down as I started to feel her pussy contract I shoved the tip of a finger in and she started biting my should as she had a hard orgasm. I was ready to explode so I pulled her up just in time for Lauren to catch my load in her mouth. She started sucking me feverishly again and Katie climbed off quickly kissing Lauren and taking over sucking me dry.

We sat naked on the big beach chair looking out at the ocean kissing each other and rubbing each others bodies. Katie pulled my flaccid cock into her mouth and started to bring it back to life. I looked over to see Amelia coming from the beach shower. Her bigger body looked fantastic with her dark hair and beaming blue eyes. Then I saw her dark landing strip through her wet white thong and my erection was back at full attention. She came over and took my cock into her mouth and made it as hard as she could, I pulled her up and had her sit on my face eating her musky pussy. She turned around and straddled my face as she sucked my cock. I reached down and started squeezing her breasts and licked up her taint to her asshole. She started sucking harder and then pulled down to push my cock in her pussy. She was not as tight as Katie, but knew just how to move to make us both feel good. Katie and Lauren took turns kissing me as I played with both of their pussies. I looked down to see Amelia's nice big ass popping up and down on my belly. I took my hands placing one on her hip and shoved a finger in her ass with the other. As I did she started to orgasm and her pussy was squeezing my cock that brought me to the brink. I told her I was about to come and she screamed for me to come inside her. As she was on top I had no choice and exploded deep into her. Just then I looked over to see Sasha, Christina, Ciara and Ashley sitting up watching in shock. We all started laughing for reasons unknown. A day that is burnt into my memory for life.

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