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A Monday In Apirl . - please leave opinions -
Chap 1: Dafuq Happened Last Night??

My Alarm Clock Rang Loud . " RINGGG RINGGG !" I Reached over to my alarm clock at slammed it off . My Names Lexi . Cute isn't it? Im a Asian. Usally turn em' mother fuckers on . Usally Asians be down and dirty you know? Okay so Im 17 almost 18 . I'm a SENIOR in high school. I'm only 5"1 with 38DD cup boobs. I Usally play dirty out of school . I work at strip clubs. I'm only a cleaner not a stripper . Im a virgin although I did a few blowjobs a couple times an oral sex before but not like get a diick inside of me .
I went to my bathroom . I played with my jet black hair with honey blond dips at my ends . my hair is up to my waist . I slipped off my silk teddy . Then my thong . I stared at myself in the mirror . I played with my boobs for a couple of seconds. I jumped into my bath tub and turned on the water to warm . I Put bubbles in the tub and played with them. I shampoo'd and conditioned. I dried my self with a thin towel. I took the same towel and wrapped it around my head and walked out naked to my bedroom . It didn't matter my parents were on vacation and the bathroom connects to my room.
I went to my bra dresser and picked out a black lacy bra with a matching thong.
Since my school Didnt have uniform I could wear anything , no dress codes and no rules what so ever I could of came naked to school . I picked out a loose white V-neck , the back was lacy . I picked out booty shorts and see through tights to wear under my shorts . I changed.
I blow dried my hair and curled the ends of my blond ends of my hair . I slipped on my black socks and put on my blue toms. I then put on my blue university jacket. I put my back back on and put my phone, car keys , house keys and wallet in my pocket . I felt lazy to drive in my sports car so I decided to go on the bus. I waited at my bus stop . two Minutes later the bus came. I stepped on the bus . I decided to go to the back . But someone grabbed my hand .
" Hey sit with Me Lexi" A guy said. He Looked about 6"3 blond hair with blue eyes ,his legs Didnt even fit .I Looked next to him and pointed , somebody was already there . It was a two seater . " It's okay " he said . He gently pushed me on his lap and wrapper his arms around my waist .
" The Fuck? We don't even know each other " I Said Awkwardly . The dude Nexted to me chuckled . He was probably the pervert's friend.
" My name's Alsx how bout' you babe? " said the pervert's friend.
" My name's Lexi " I said giving a peck on his cheek. Alex laughed and came close to my ear.
" Derrick thinks that you two had sex together" Alex said. I Laughed .
" Really? So the perverts name is Derrick? " I Mumbled As Alex moved his head back .
The bus arrived at the school . I noticed was on the other side of the school from me . I didn't noticed school has passed so quick ( like a teenager would say • sarcastic • )
Finally Biology class came . I sat next to my best friend Britney . She's Asian like me , she's 5"5 [ tall motherfucker much! making me look short ] Shes something in the B cup area , it's not like I'm bisexual or lesbian .I stare at my best friend's boobs ! No I'm just playing I go shopping with her she always buy sexy things to show to her boyfriend . But it's embarrassing right? She has small boobs , she's a little flat I guess .
" Britney , what happened last night tho' like I'm goin' crazy this perv's friend said I had sex with his friend the fuck tho'? " I asked
" Lexi Gurl bye bye " she said jokingly in a ghetto ass black voice. " LOL ! But last night you went down and dirty like how you be up in Da' club" she said laughing
" Britney shut up stop being ghetto , your so ratchet and who the fuck says ' L.O.L' except when texting?" I said starting to get mad.
" Ye' you had sex , with D-DD... Who was it? But Yeah you did no big deal your no longer a virgin . I Had sex last night too no big deal?"
" You mean Derrick? But The fuck tho' I was fucking drunk why Didnt you stop me?"
Britney went silent.
I Thought to myself, " Oh yea , my bestfriends a big ass fucking slut . Yeah big deal that I lost my virginaty to a stranger and when I was drunk .. Yeaahhhh no big deal and I'm not being sarcastic what so EVER"
The School bell rung . I looked at the door and saw Britney's boyfriend came in , his name was Eli. 6"2 , Asian , a cute one. Matter of fact Britney doesn't even know he was my ex . I still had feelings for him , I was jealous in matter of fact.
" Hey Lexi " Eli said awkwardly . " Hey Babe " Eli said giving Britney a peck on her cheek and then French kissing Britney knowing I was watching.
" Go rent a motel ! " I Said watching them still kissing . " Ugh" I said.
I walked out of biology class.
I was thirsty for my bestfriends boyfriend . I was jealous.

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This is horrible.. wasted my 5 minutes. Grow up.

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