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Hi people I am rachell .( write to me back if u liked my story experience – ) My age is 27 . Its been 2 months since my husband and me have moved to san Francisco. My husband Jacob works for a good company, He was promoted as the head of HR and had to be transferred to the new company in San Francisco. Both of us were excited about the new life we would be heading to.
Now coming to me , I never wanted to be all alone at home since it would be boring, so I decided to ask Jacob and he too was fine with me working and so I decided to apply for jobs and yes I passed my interview and got a good funn job , and made few friends , for my luck I met Lisa who actually stays close to my place. My work place was just 3 miles away from home, so it was quite easy for me. Whereas Jacob had to travel for quite a long distance and was tired most of the time.
3 weeks had passed by and was Saturday morning and we actually did not introduced ourselves to the neighbors, By then Lisa had called up to my cell inviting us to a restaurant so that we could get to know each other better.
Well it was 6:30 in the evening and we left to the restaurant, there we met Lisa and Charles ( Lisa’s husband ) the restaurant was quite good it had a big screen TV where the soccer was on and was between Manchester united and real Madrid it was soccer season and we could hear a lot of cheering , a lot of noise, everyone was having a funn time, And as usual men are men and they also went cheering on the soccer game, I could notice that Jacob and Charles were having a good time together.
Lisa and me were sitting on the dining and was chatting good while one of the waiters approached us asking for the order, the waiter was quite a cutie and we just ordered beer and french-fries. It was then Lisa said that she would want to get fucked by him. I was like ha ha ha yaa yaaa that would be great, but she said that she wasn’t joking , I asked if she was serious !! she said yes she was and she had done it before, I was shocked and asked her why, she said look rachell I only follow a simple rule I don’t hurt any one’s feelings, which actually meant that she doesn’t want to hurt Charles feelings but she also needed to enjoy in order to live with Charles happily. She told me that Charles is so tired by the time he comes and we don’t get to make love, so i make love with others without even Charles noticing it and I have always taken care of the smallest mistakes that would make him cautious.
Hearing that I felt she was right in her own way and decided to give her thumbs up. And then she asked about my sex life too for which I told her the same that Jacob travels a lot and by the time he comes he’s exhausted and we don’t get time to make love , while saying this Lisa could make out I was a bit upset. She told me to try what she has been doing in a couple of years and told me that I would be happy again and there would not be any problems with my husband.
Then I told her I would take time to think about it.
Now let me describe lisa, she is pale ( very fair ) with a height of 5.62 and well maintained figure of 38DDD-30-36. I know people what u are thinking , yes her boobs were massive and ya she was looking gorgeous she had shoulder length red hair and it was really matching her body color. well now lets talk about me ( Rachell ) I am fair the normal fair color with a height of 5.6 and my measurements were 36DD-28-35 well maintained and ya my boobs were not as huge as Lisa’s but they were big boobs and ya my hair color is blonde and they were shoulder length both of us were wearing shirt and jeans, which was an advantage for Lisa u would know why latter ?
So ya we knew that we were one of the hot sexy kinda females in the restaurant but unfortunately our husbands never noticed us in that way. So here’s the scene we 2 were sitting having beer and having some dirty talk about Lisa’s awesome life style while she notices 3 guys who were sitting on the other side staring at us and having funn. She tells me that she wants to use the rest room for which I said okay and told her to carry on but then she told me to join her I told her that I was ok here but she insisted and I was like okay fine , then we both went to the restroom and she started opening her shirt buttons I was surprised what is she trying to do ??? she saw the surprise on my face and told me she was not a lesbian and had no intensions, I was relived for a couple of seconds until when she told me that she was going to give a demo on what she was doing I was like what ??? she just told to open my shirt and pull my boobs little more on top and bring them together ,open 2 buttons which would reveal the cleavage well , I told her noooooo this is not a good time for it we have our husbands there for which she told they would not notice anything , hearing this I thought to myself it’s not a big deal after all cleavage !!!
Then we went back to the place where we were sitting with our buttons opened and cleavage seen clearly we were definitely looking hottt, but this time we were sitting together turning towards them they were staring at our bra and boobs which was partially opened , then Lisa told me where they were sitting , I did not see them so she told me to drop my purse and look at them. So I did the same my purse dropped and I bent over and my boobs just stuck to my shirt like wanting to just come out of it , that was quite a show and they saw me doing and I saw them too and just gave a smile . By then our husbands came to spoil the show and sat besides us talking. We used to stare at those boys giving them a little hint here and there when our hubby hugged us and our boobs used to get squeezed , then spilling a little beer on our tits and Lisa wiping it for me with the tissue and so on, it was a great night we had funn and decided to leave.
It was Monday and had to get back to the usual office routine and there again Lisa started with how was the demo and all I said yaaa It was good, she was like what???? And gave me the odd look and said shut up u really enjoyed it and gave a bitchy smile and yaa what else it was true and I too gave the bitchy smile and said yes I enjoyed it, and then she told me to do stuffs like that when we are without our husbands and I agreed to it, life was going on smooth having funn with Lisa and few friends in the office or in the mall or especially in the bar a lot bitchy funn !! well it was about 2 weeks after the incident in the bar with those 3 boys, After work I stopped by a local grocery store where I did some shopping for dinner which I would be making later that evening, while I was picking up some stuffs a cute little dogi came next to me and was jumping on me , I used to love dogs but Jacob never wanted one so I could not have a pet, I was playing with the dog by then the owner of the pet came and it was none other than .one of the boy in the bar who was staring at Lisa and me. Both of us recognized each other but it was an awkward kinda moment , but I just broke the ice and was just normally talking to him as if nothing happened I introduced myself and he too introduced himself and his dog , he is Alex and he was 17 years old , bit chubby but cute had a good height for his age with a little spiky hair and his dog was Rambo.
He told me that he lives on the next block and where he studies and what he does, just like that we were talking for about 5 min and I told him its Christmas season lot of work at home need to unpack stuffs arrange them at their place, need to lift up many things for which he replied that he had no better work now and would help me in doing it and he invited himself home and told he will be there in an hour. I was surprised and did not know what to say and was hoping if Lisa would have been here for help. And I too just nodded an said ya sure why not, and both of us went from the shop .
I was totally confused so I went back home really fast and dumped all the shopping items on the table and called Lisa , when I spoke her and told her about the boy at the local store she was amazed, which did amaze me and told me that I had to get laid with him it was the best opportunity since Jacob would be late and I would get sufficient time to be satisfied. I was shocked as in what is she saying and what am I going to do, thinking about this i forgot to change in my home clothes since Alex would be here soon. Then I changed into my shorts and t shirt which was normally my house dress and was waiting for him.
The time arrived and there was Alex. But yet guys things did not seem the way it actually was. There arrived Alex and his colleague john came home and my thoughts were wandering OMG now what’s going to happen. Alex introduced me to john and said that he had evening classes for 3 hrs and john said Hi! And went for his classes, I was relieved for which Alex noticed that something was bothering and I just said nooo nothing.
We entered the house and he complimented me saying it’s a beautiful house and really messy and had to place all the stuffs hearing that we both had a laugh. Then I moved front telling him that lets start the work since we had shifted, the house was dusty so i decided to clean the floors with the vacuum cleaner, but Alex was like hey rachell wat about cleaning the fans, lights, walls and then go ahead with the floor. I thought it was a wise idea, I went to get a stool to stand on since we did not have a ladder, Alex told that he would do the fans and I would do the walls and lights, so it was his turn first he stood on the stool and I had to hold him ,he started cleaning the fans and he used to keep looking down many times , why would not he , It gave him a clear top view of my boobs, I was wearing a v-neck t shirt and ya it was quite obvious that he started having a hard on , I could clearly notice it ,so I thought to myself why don’t I have some funn with this young boy and as if he would take the initiative to fuck me, so I thought let me play with him and so I left the stool and went aside telling him ill get some water, he said no no plz don’t go hold the stool or else I would fall down ( I knew he’d say that ) I just wanted to move my fingers on him , so instead of holding the stool now I held on to his legs just below his butt and squeezed my boobs towards him and told him in a funny way that he wouldn’t fall down , and then again he was staring at my boobs that touched his legs and he was like ohhhhh myyyyy I could notice that he was getting excited and his dick was getting more visible, I asked him everything okay? He was like yes everything is fine .
Now it was my turn to to stand on the stool and Alex had to hold me, ok so now I stood, and I told alex to hold the stool, he started playing with me telling that he wouldn’t and started shaking the stool he was playing my game itself with me and then when I pleaded he said ok and instead of holding the stool he did the same I did, bloody hell he held on to me . . just bellow my ass , u can say ya my butt cheeks and he squeezed himself to me, now I understood that he’s also playing around with me but thought he’s still a kid and wouldn’t do too much, but actually I was liking it and I was wearing shorts which were way above my knees and he was playing with my bare legs and even I was getting excited and started having Goosebumps.
Now we had finished cleaning fans lights and all and was time for cleaning the floor, just before that I told Alex we need to place few items on the shelves, so there again I thought let me play with this cutee boy and told him to give me the empty boxes and I would place them inside the shelves , then I stood on the stool and he was holding me in his left hand and with his right hand he used to take the empty boxes and give me , I thought I am giving him good pleasure in holding my legs, my ass at times but this time he noticed my stomach, since I was wearing a t shirt and I had to pull myself upwards to place the boxes in the shelves my t shirt was moving up and since he was down there he could clearly see my navel, now instead of holding my legs he started holding my tummy, and that felt like electricity running through me, I was too excited couldn’t control myself, I moaned twice AHHHHH I don’t noe if he realized that I was enjoying it, latter he helped me come down, and we did the floor work too, we were exhausted and sweating.
By then Jacob had called to tell that he would not be home for dinner and she could go ahead without him, hearing this she thought of returning the favor what Alex had done by helping her, so she told him to stay back for dinner. when she told this to Alex he replied saying he usually has his dinner with john and he would be alone, for which I said john is also invited for the dinner , and he was like great, then I told him why don’t u take a shower and get cleaned up before dinner he was like sure will u be joining me he asked ( joking way ) I said ya I will have a shower too but in a separate bathroom
So it was while I was having shower I had become slightly horny so I started playing with my pussy and was moaning ahhhhhh ohhhhh, and thought Jacob would be back late and john would also reach after an hour o so, I thought we can have some time to chat and then can tease him and have some more fun with him.
So after my shower I wore a tight white half sleeves top without a bra and shorts, before having my shower I had kept a pair of clothes for Alex so that he could wear it and be in the hall, then I entered the hall, I told him I would be making chicken and salad for dinner for which he was fine with it, when he saw me he was totally amazed to see me in the white top and his eyes were totally hitting on my boobs ,the top was literally hugging my boobs ,it was like he was trying to scan through my top, but he could notice that my nipples were hard and was perking out and even I noticed he had a hard on after all the teasing we had.
Alex was hiding his hard on with a book, I told him it looks like an interesting book and asked him if I could see, while he was giving, the book slipped from me and I told him that I would take it, I bent and my boobs were like partially hanging out. I noticed him seeing me and he too noticed and took away his eyes from me.
I liked the way he was seeing me and having a hard on, s I decided to tease him for the last time and so this happened, I called Alex to the kitchen and by then I filled 2 glasses of water , I had a small see through wall for the kitchen and the hall, so when I called him he said yes am coming and I was there right next to the door so that when he enters both of us hit each other and the water falls on my t shirt, well the plan was great and did happen the same . the water fell on me and my white tight top was now completely transperant , and he said am so sorry rachell I said its fine and found a chance to remove my top in front of him, this got a change on his face, the change was like he had found diamonds, and then I try to act like OMG I shouldn’t have taken of my top in front of u, I could see the animal on his face he was just staring at my tits like wanting to rip it apart.
I wore my t shirt again and walked away from him, but this time alex was very strong and stopped me from behind and literally pushed me against the kitchen wall and put both his hands on my boobs and started squeezing them hard, I was moaning ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhmyyyyygooood and I knew even god couldn’t stop him from fucking me he was that horny, I just couldn't help myself he was squeezing my boobs that hard and was pinching my nipples ahhhhhh I couldn’t stop moaning , I was getting all this after a long time and I was really enjoying it, then he un buttoned my shorts and slid his fingers inside my pussy it was heaven, ohhh my god I couldn’t control and I just put both my hands behind his head moving backward to him , and now he was rubbing my pussy, I told him to rub it faster and faster ahhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwww w I screamed and I had an orgasm, owowoowwwww it was great it was my first orgasm after many months,
I then turned towards him and said are u ready for me?, he told me that he was wanting to fuck me from the bar time, and then he planted his lips on me and kissed me and this time he entered his finger in my pussy and finger fucking me hard , I couldn’t control moaning I broke the kiss and moaned louder YeahAhhh ahhhh ahhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh I told him what if my husband comes and see u banging me ?? he told we shouldn’t waste time and tore apart my tight white top into 2 and again pushed me towards the wall and forced his face on my big boobs and shaking his face at my tits and I was like ohhh yeaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhh and then sucked one boob while he was squeezing the other one, biting..caressing..rolling his tongue over my luscious boobs yeaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhh and then he brought both the boobs together and sucked them hard and I also shook and wigged them on Alex’s face moaning Mmmmmm Ohhhh yeah baby suck on those tits hmmmmm and then moved down to my navel and kissed me suddenly brought shiver in my body, he put me down and un zipped his shorts and lifted me to his cock and shoved it in my mouth and started stroking it in my mouth Mmm................uuuu,.............ah.aah..ah..ah.................... he was really fucking my mouth very fast and his cock was so thick that I couldn’t take it all, he was deep throating me Mmmmmmm AAAaahhhhhhhhh, after a while Alex slowed down which gave me a chance to roll my tongue on his cock
he was really feeling happy to have his cock sucked by such a beautiful and horny lady. i was gulping his cock whole in my mouth and was very good, it was the best blowjob I had given, he kept on moaning ohhhh rachelll aaahhhhh myyy bitchhhh yooouuuu areee theee bestttt wwooowwww. Since he was slow now i was taking it whole in my mouth and then use to take it out slowly rolling my lips over his whole dick.
Now he grabbed me and took his cock out from my mouth and told be to hold my big boobs together and started pumping his cock in between my boobs AAAAAhhhhhhh he was moaning and I told him fuck those bitchy tits u bastard fuck them, hearing this he got even more high and fucked those tits real hard and now I started to moan yeaaaahhh AAAhhhh OOHHHH yeaaaa baaabbbbbyyyyyy give it to meeee now give it to meeeeeee and then he was like rachelllll am cummmmminggg AAAAhhhhhh OOHHHHHhhhhhh myyyyyyy
He now lifted me and placed me on the dining table and was squeezing my thighs hard causing a red mark AAAhhhhhh I was moaning and then he bent down to my pussy and spat at them telling daddy’s going to enter u ha ha ha , planted his lips on my pussy and started licking my cunt with one hand squeezing my big boobs , I was just loving it, my eyes were just closing and he kept on making me more and more wet AAAHHHHHH I was moaning ,by then we heard a door bell TRRRRRRINNNGGGGG TRRRRRIIINNGGGGGG and both of us were shocked we thought that my husband was back, I did not know what to do, I just ran from the kitchen telling Alex to put on his clothes and I went to my bed room to wear a robe and then I saw alex there completely dressed and was on the couch and then heard again TTRRRRRIIINNNGGGGGGGGG, I went up to the door pretending as if nothing happened and opened the door, I was surprised to see it was not my husband but JOHN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was surprised JOHN OHHHHH MYYY GOD it was u ???? he was like yea who else were u expecting and why are u so shocked ? I did not want to say anything by then alex was like FUCK U john, u couldn’t give me a call telling that u were coming? we thought it was Jacob, rachells husband !!!! and we stopped fucking !!!!
Hearing this both john and me (rachell) was shocked , I was like hey what the hell how can u tell him what we were doing ?? and john was like whattt??? And turned towards me and said u are married ??? and I was like OMG I am TRAPPED NOW !!!!! john was like I too wan2 fuck u rachell its been from that day in the bar I wanted to get my hands on u , now I was like bar??? OMG john was one among the 3 boys other than Alex who was staring at Lisa and me , and was like hey come on guys now stop it don’t do this, and Alex was like come on rachell it was all u who started it, telling this Alex again pushed me against the door wall and removed my robe , I was helpless and john also joined him holding my ass squeezing them, and planted his lips on me and Alex continued what he was doing , he lifted one of my leg and placed it on the sofa and was finger fucking me and kissing my neck, I know it was hottttttt really hottttt but I had to somehow get out of this mess !!!!!! and Alex was finger fucking me so hard that I had another orgasm, and now both of them planted their lips on both my boobs and started sucking on them I was again closing my eyes and was AAAAAAAAAAA OHHHHHHH GODDD YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHHH then john broke the kiss on the boobs and planted his lips on me smooching me for a while.
Then Alex turned me into doggie style and placed 1 leg of mine on the couch while he got a insert of his cock in my pussy, since it was thick I screamed ooohhhhh ahhhhhh that is big Alex, ohhhhh myyy and Alex started fucking me from behind while john removed his pants, I told him no john don’t do that, but he held onto my hair and inserted his cock in my mouth. I was getting fucked from back and front I was totally helpless, I did not know what to do !!! I knew I had to get them jerked off fast and just concentrated on that and then john started fucking me faster and was moaning ooohhhhh myyy goooddd ahhhhh , john told Alex we are doing a 3some together and Alex gave john a hi5 and I was the victim getting fucked in between them , but I was really enjoying it like crazy, I couldn’t moan my mouth was full and then john told that he’s Cumming and then I tried to remove his cock from my mouth but he cummed b4 that I had no other go to swallow it and then john removed his cock, By then Alex was also tired and at the same time of john he too cummed inside my pussy
Now I was really exhausted and couldn’t do much and was lying on the couch just like that after 2 min john came to me I told now what?? he did not say anything just turned me and place me side ways and he went behind me and inserted his penis in my pussy and started ramming it I couldn’t take more and I was AAAHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO MMMMM FUCKKKKK YEAAAAAAAAA AND he kept on ramming me by then Alex was also fine and then he too came over and then I was like noooo OMG and john who was fucking me in my pussy pulled me up and made me to sit on his cock and Alex inserted his cock in my asshole and I couldn’t believe I was going to have a double penetration, I said nooo guys what are u doing , I was totally sandwiched between john and Alex with their cock’s inside me and started fucking me both ways , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY NNNNOOOOOOOOO I WAS MOANING BADLY AND THEY CONTINUED fucking from both sides it was THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAD till now and wanted to enjoy it and both of them were fucking me and john sucking on my tits too and I was out of control all of us were moaning yeeeeeaaaaaaaa awwwwwww ohhhhhwwwwww and then both were like I am cumming , I am cumming and they both cummed, john in my pussy and alex in my ass .
All 3 of us were exhausted and was just resting on the couch, for a while until I get a call from my hubby telling that he would be back in half an hour, hearing this I told him ok dear , and got up and told alex and john to leave now, they were so sweet they told rachell it was awesome having fun with u and will c me soon, I was like ohh yeaa we will 

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-24 18:45:46
I think the anonymous reader was right. Karma has a way of catching up to you. I think the only point he/she was trying to make is that if you profess to love someone why do you do that to him? How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Would you be able to live with it if you got an std and gave it to your husband who provides for you and loves you?

In essence you are responsible for destroying your marriage and you are only caring about yourself. I too kind of think it might be poetic if he finds out and kicks you to the curb.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-24 07:14:32
Anonymous reader, your post is horrible. Rachell sounds lovely. Really lovely.

What are you doing reading a story titled Rachell's Cheating Begins if you feel this way? Sounds like you are way more messed up than anyone else!

Rachell's body and relationship are her own. Judging s never appropriate. Ignore this guy Rachell and have fun!

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-24 06:35:12
How the hell can you do that to your husband? What has he done to you? You are a selfish woman that only cares about personal gratification. What if you got pregnant by one of those home wrecking fucking pricks? How would you feel if your husband was writing a different story about all the tail he was getting on the side from some not fat hooker. The fact that he is making a good living and taking care of you and you treat him like that is bullshit. I hope he finds out, leaves you, and you get preggers with one of these no good punks kids if you intend on keeping this up.

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