With more free time Kadee won't know what to do
> I was 14 and never been fucked by anyone but family, I wanted to see what else was out there. It was first night that none of
> The family had called so I decided to go to the football game. I could walk to the stadium, and as I turned to go down the hill I
> Could see the lights just coming on in the darkness, for the big game. I heard something move and all of a sudden he was on me. I slapped him, he grabbed my arms and said Katie baby I am going to fuck you. I said show me what you've
> Got now he  slapped me and held me to the ground. He ripped my panties off with one quick motion, I  didn't even know I had a free hand
> He wasted no time and stuck his cock in me, he was a big boy, it felt good. He fucked me hard and I said to him you know Joe
> I am enjoying this to, you are good. Got any friends with a big cock.
> We fucked again and again after that, he was taking up more of my time than I really had. The family fucked often and now that
> I was one of the older girls I was expected to do more than just two or three, uncles, cousins. My mom asked where I had been
> So I told her I kind of have a boy friend, I can't believe you girl who the hell do you think had to take your place the last couple of
> Weeks, I did little girl your own mother. Fucking your brothers, your cousins, all of them sometimes 8  sometimes more..

So Mom you want me to give you a break go ahead I'll do six days you can do five but I want Monday all to myself. Your cousin
Is waiting for you he came early. Hey Dan what's up, my cock and I think the word is you are fucking some kid, is that true. And
What if it is, bend over, take off your pants first, have you forgotten how? As soon as she dropped her pants Dan was in her, his
Cock was huge and she had forgotten that he was a pro at making her cum and cum. He slammed into, usually it was a soft
Entry, but I could tell Dan was pissed I was doing someone outside the family. He couldn't help himself though after I came the
First time he turned me and kissed me so sweetly now I was riding his cock,this was a balancing act, his cock was much longer
Than my vagina was it actually went in and started back, it caused the most unusual bend in my dildo that was the same size as Dan.
So it made me cum upon entry he pushed every bell and whistle I ever played with. So grandpa is next do you want a threesome,
Sure. Send grandpa in, hey mom but when I walked into the kitchen grandpa had mom on the counter fucking her hard, I asked,
Sure little girl you want some, I want all of it mom needs to lay down. The afternoon was filled with my grandpa and my cousin Dan.
Grandpa was old and often he just wanted a blow job, it never took long and I was grateful. He liked to watch Dan and I and
Sometimes we let him, like today, we asked him if he wanted to play with us, you can finger her while I fuck her ass, she loves
It don't you baby? Oh god grandpa what do you say? Well okay but whatbif I want more, let's get started, grandpa was excited.

Dan kissed me deeply I was dripping wet before he finished, but grandpa had his fingers in my pussy now and he was good at it.
Ohhhhh grandpa don't stop ummmmmm I love it and started arching and pushing against his hand and he pushed back. About the Dan
Mounted me from behind, he had turned me and put pillows under my hips now they both had better access. Dan was slow it kind of hurt when he first entered but after the first inch omg omg I loved it. This felt so wonderful with grandpas fingers in my pussy and Dan
Up my ass I was in heaven. Dan picked up the pace and yelled for me to be still but I couldn't, wouldn't, it felt ohhhhhhhh my first
Orgasm was perfect. From the moment Dan enters my ass I start an orgasm that never quits, then grandpa gives me such a thrill
With his fingers I squeal like a pig in heat. I say boys let me rest. Grandpa says well kids it was fun but I need to go. Kiss me grandpa
And his tongue fucks my mouth thoroughly, when he stops he says you little devil you give as good as you get I am hard again.
Grandpa so you want to trade positions with Dan, yes I do right now. Grandpa had never fucked in anyone's ass. He entered and
Just about came, he said omg omg this is tighter than your sweet pussy, a few more strokes and he was ready to cum, I said not
Yet hold off it will be even better, he held off a minute or so wanting to unload every second of that time. When he blew he was
I disbelief that anything could be better than pussy. He wanted to stick around to see if he could do it again. Dan picked me up
Off the bed and told me to put my legs around him, he impaled me on his 12" cock, it took him an inch at a time, he was not
Only long but his 6" girth was hard as a rock and he didn't want to tear me. He backed me up to the wall and as my juices started
To flow he slammed me my back hitting the wall with each thrust.

Dan and grandpa had another round just like before, then grandpa one very happy man was leaving. He turned and said Dan boy
When are we doing this again? Dan said later tonight or tomorrow what do you want, grandpa said both and thank you both for an afternoon I will never forget. See you around 7 ? Yes grandpa
Dan and I laughed and loved for hours, it was almost 7 so we took a shower and fucked each other so completely. We dried off
And just laid down and grandpa popped in. He said I brought someone if that's okay? Dan said now wait grandpa we are not
Some service here it's strictly family. Well he said you know Ed he is pretty lonely and I told him about what happened today and
He just wanted to watch. It actually turned me on again and I told Dan it was alright. I whispered to Dan I bet he wants to fuck,
So what will we do? Dan said let's see how big he is first. Dan called Ed in from the hall nd said drop your pants Ed. Come over here
By us and let's see how big you are hard. Well Ed said I don't get it up to often these days so that's why I just wanted to watch.
Okay but while grandpa and I re fucking Katie she will yank on your cock, get a little closer and she will suck it to. Dan mounted me first
One inch at a time, I said grandpa come and finger my pussy, Ed here is firming up a little. Ed do you want to touch my pussy?
Good you can rub my clitty, rub it hard Ed. Dan was all in my ass and it felt wonderful as the boys played with my pussy. I was
Moaning pretty load but I heard a moan or two come from Ed I put his half erect cock in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue first
And when I deep throated him he was fully erect. I said Ed do you want to fuck me now, he said yes in your pussy from behind.
Is that okay with you katie? Well sure and Dan got down, Ed put his cock in pussy while I ate grandpa and Dan took a break.
Ed didn't last but two minutes and grandpa was ready to go. Ed left a happy man, but Dan said something to them both on there
Way out. I said Dan what was that about? He said he told Ed that this had been a special request from grandpa but it was his
Last request we don't fuck everyone . Dan and I fell asleep until 4 in the morning, he wanted a piece of me all by himself, I felt
So thoroughly satisfied, Dan was the best lover anyone could have, he listened what you wanted, and he could change the pace, or
The position you only had to ask. He kissed so sweetly you felt warm and loved. I thought Dan was getting a little upset when
I was with anyone else. In fact more and more we had threesomes because even if it was his uncle fucking me he wanted to be

My dads brothers, they all had kids ofbther own but at least once a week one of the 6 would want a piece of Katie, Dan wanted
That to stop and told grandpa, that's got to stop katies life is more than fucking all of you, it's time you let her live it. Grandpa said
Okay I will tell them they get one last fuck and that's it. Dan said grandpa bring them all, all of them tomorow at 5 and we will
Do them two at a time and be done with it. Dan told me about the deal and I was so grateful. They were there at 5 sharp and Dan
Let uncle bill and paul In and said you have half an hour which one wants her pussy first. Bill was ready and he mountedvme from
Behind Dan told paul I wouldvsuck him or he could finger me, Paul said both. And they started changing positions half way into
There time. Yes I cum with them but it's only because they are built like horses there cocks are huge and I can't help myself.
None of them are quite as big as dan. I would love to see them lined up with hards on and a girl bent over in fro t of them and watch
There faces as they fuck. Shit maybe they could even fuck their own wives. The next and then the last of them were done. I was
So happy to know that was the end of it. Except for Dan and my brothers of course.

My brothers mark, Sammy and Phil were wanting there turn seeing all the activity. Dan had rules for themm to, he had talked to my
Dad and told him mark was old enough, 22 to get laid by someone else and Sammy was 19 and he needed to find someone to
Somthis would be their last time. Phil was only 16 and Dan thought two more years unless he found a girl friend would work.
So Dan, my hero had cut my sex time down to grandpa, Phil and himself. I asked Dan how he thought of all these things? He said
Katie I love you and you are such a good person I want you to have a life. I know you had a boy friend and it made me mad. But
I reall y want you to have another one, I can't marry you, although that would be my wish. I wanted you to be able to go out like the others
Do and have fun instead of fucking the family all the time. Now I will only be here once a week I can comenthe same day as the
Others so you can have the rest of the week to yourself. I s that okay? Katie thought about it and said no Dan I want you everyday
Just like it has been, no Dan said, I will give ylou every other day, for a month then we have to cut back from there honey.
I love you more than is possible it's not possible to be together forever.

Tune in for katies next chapter

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