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Newly single mother shows butch lesbian she knows what she is doing
It was the weekend of my wife's birthday. I should really say ex-wife since she left me 2 weeks. arlier. Given her reason, I knew there would be no chance of reconciliation. After 12 years of being exclusively with women, she now claimed she was living with a terrible secret: she was a closeted heterosexual.  I knew it was likely too soon to put myself out on dating websites, but during my 5 year relationship, my sex life was virtually non-existent.

The weekened before, I had gotten drunk with an old friend which led us to a hotel since neither of us had a place of our own.  We had multiple sessions but passion and intensity were lacking. I now had more self-confidence in my woman pleasing abilities so I figured hey, why not check out the personals site. I craved being intimate with another woman, so I grabbed my camera and poured my heart out. Let the browsing begin.

Instantly I realized the prospects were slim. I hid my profile and put the notion of meeting someone special on the backburner. The next day I continued to move my things out of the house my ex and I shared.  During one of my many smoke breaks I decided to pull out my cell phone and look at the dating site once again.   This time there was a profile for a beautiful woman close to my age.  Her voluptuous figure instantly attracted me and her eyes and smile reeled me in.  Her profile read like a deion for my dream woman.  I reactivated my profile and went back to moving.  I spent the next hour or so plotting how to best write a clever email to her to get her interested.

During my next smoke break, I pulled out my phone,  convinced I was ready to work my magic. Before I was even in the app I saw I had a notification.  I opened it up and to my surprise,  my dream girl sent me a message. After a few messages back and forth we exchanged phone numbers so that we could text. I learned her name was Marie and her husband had left her and her 2 kids a few months ago.  We hit it off and agreed to meet a few days later for milkshakes. I was nervous at our first meeting. We both hadn't dated in many years and I knew I was to be the first woman she had been with. This intrigued me and turned me on. We talked for hours. I felt bad about how her husband neglected her and I wanted to show her what she is worth. We agreed on going on a legitimate date and I knew just the place.

We were tucked away in the corner at the restaurant. We held hands, looked into each other's eyes, and poured out our souls. We definitely had a connection.  She caught me staring at her breasts at one point and it brought a smile to her face. That, and the fact I could feel her rubbing her thighs together, reassured me she was on her way to being ready to be physical with me. I imagined how wet this housewife's pussy must be. I tried to push the thoughts out of my head and finish our date. I knew she had been used for sex in the past and I wanted to take it slow so she wouldn't think that's all I cared about.

I pulled up to Marie's house and walked her to the door. She made the first move and pulled me close. Her tongue explored my mouth which instantly sent waves to my pussy. Sadly the amount of times I made out with my ex-wife can be counted on one hand. I forgot what this feeling was like. I snapped out of my daze and she invited me inside. My pussy was screaming, "Yes, yes Ty, go in and do it," but I knew better. I hopped in my car and took off down the street.

I didn't make it far. I could literally feel that my panties were soaked.  This was a first for me. I'm a big, bad, butch and I do this to women. They aren't supposed to have that effect on me. If I was this wet I thought about how wet Marie must be. I turned my car around and pulled back up to Marie's house. I knocked on the door. No answer. I tried three more times. Nothing.  I turned the knob and the door opened. I'm not usually this forward, but I decided it was time for a change and why not now?

The house was quiet except for a sloshing sound. I followed it and it led me to the living room. I saw Marie's high heels on the floor. My eyes searched for her. There she was on the couch, spread eagle finger fucking her shaved mound. I knew she was thinking about me. My pussy was begging for attention. I walked over closer to her so I could get a better look. I absolutely dislike cumming to my own hand. I usually have to use some my kind of clit toy or it just wont work.  I knew I had to make an exception this time. If I didn't cum at the sight of Marie pleasuring herself, I'd explode.  I pulled down my pants and stuck a finger into my wet sex hole. I wiped some of the juice onto my erect clit and started rubbing as I watched Marie's pussy leak juice onto the couch. She let out a loud moan then stuck a wet finger into her pussy and brought it up to her lips. As she lovingly licked the fluids off her fingers, my finger rubbed harder and harder until I came so hard that Marie heard me.

Marie opened her eyes and gestured for me to come closer. We managed to pull off a few articles of clothing, but I couldn't take it anymore. I got down on my knees and brought my head close to her pussy. It was still dripping from when she came.  I took a deep breath in and inhaled her womanly scent. This set off something animalistic inside me and I wanted to devour her pussy.

I stuck my tongue immediately into her sex hole and lapped her hot creamy cum. Marie began to squirm and buck on my tongue. I worked my way up to her rock hard clit. I traced it with my tongue before giving it a
flick. This caused her to orgasm and push my head deeper into her moist pussy. I knew she was ready for my fingers. I stuck 2 in at first, but from her wetness I could tell she could take more. I formed a claw shape with my hand and managed to shove it in all the way to my wrist. Marie let out a groan but her eyes rolled back so I knew she liked it. I pounded my hand in and out of her until she let out the biggest moan I had ever heard and the hot cream started pouring out again. I was just getting ready to go in and clean the mess I made with my tongue, when she pulled me by the hair up to her mouth.  

Marie licked her juices off my lips. She moved her hand down to my clit and rubbed it to orgasm while looking at it and licking her lips. My ex-wife licked my pussy even less than we made out.  Marie's head went down and my hips went up to meet her lips. She stuck her tongue in and it drove me crazy. I came so hard I had to pull her off me. I could feel that the sheet was soaked under me. This had never happened to me before. She fell into my arms and made me kiss my own juices. All I could say was, "Damn, straight girls know how to fuck!"


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