Young and horny exhibitionist ball players
I was coaching a local softball team of girls 15-18. I have been doing this for years and had never had an un-protective thought about the players until this year. Maybe they were just in that stage of development or maybe it was a change in me. I had some very pretty young players who seemed to not like dressing for the occasion, if at all. They seemed to notice my approval, which also seemed to put their teasing skills into overdrive.

I am 6’4” 250 pounds and have played sports all of my life. Some injuries and health issues brought me from a muscular 225 to where I am now.

Ashley was 17 and seemed to be very sexually active or a big dick tease at the least. She had just moved into town that year from California and became the ring leader. She was not just beautiful, but had sexiness beyond her years. Shoulder length blonde hair with pink streaks, big blue eyes, a lot of make up, and a body that would not quit. Short athletic body with just enough bounce in her booty to drive a man nuts with some nice size perky breasts, about a hand full or a little more. She seemed to start the whole dress code no matter how much I protested. Short shorts almost small enough to be booty shorts, half shirts just below her breasts, or wife beaters that were never the right size meaning things popping out or not covered. At least the days that she would wear the ones that were too big she would normally have a bra on and sometimes not apologizing because she forgot the proper equipment with a devilish grin on her face.

Shannon was a petite beautiful girl around 16. She was a Filipino American mix with a tight frame and well developing assets and big beautiful lips. She had an sexy exotic look about her and decided to follow Ashley’s lead on attire. Her skinny frame accentuated the massive gap between her legs, which seemed to be well filled.

Taylor was a beautiful 15 year old who lived next to me with long auburn curly hair with brown eyes, freckles, small chest that seemed that they were not developing any more, but an ass that drove me crazy. She always wore skin tight jeans or shorts and mini skirts to show off her ass. Always wearing visible thongs or g-strings so her booty was always bouncing freely as she ran or walked.

Kristy was shorter than the rest and was a cheer leader with an action packed body. Her breasts were double hand fulls and always perky, like her personality. Dark hair and almost cartoonic blue eyes. Her body matched her breast size with a strong trunk, muscular legs, and a nice booty.

The girls would show up on buses to the fields and then change for practice. Taylor and Ashley would often ride straight home with me instead of having to take the bus and then have their guardians pick them up. I came to find that they had rough pasts with family drug addictions, step parent issues, and who knows what. They seemed fine with talking about anything with me or around me, as did most of the girls.

After getting off the bus and changing they would all start their stretching. I normally would not stick around, but one day Ashley who led them in stretches as the team captain asked “could you stay and watch if we are doing it right? They told us in PE that if we didn’t we could hurt ourselves. Many of the girls seem to be having problems with their legs hurting.”

I agreed. I had noticed that some of the girls had extra small shorts on today. Soffe shorts, running shorts, or spandex. I think that Ashley’s were actually lingerie as they said “Victoria Secrets” across the waste band. I do not know much about all of that, but I did end up finding out that they were pretty much transparent when stretched and she had nothing else on underneath. None of the older girls had on sliding shorts as would be appropriate.

As they started to stretch I zoned in on Ashley during the toe touches, and could see her slit and a hint of lips also her anus was distinct. She caught me looking as she leaned down and look back through her legs winking with a mischievous smile on her face. The blow started flowing to my crotch and a noticeable erection started to form. Luckily I had on compression shorts underneath my ball pants, but it is hard to hide anything in those. They would drop to there knees and take a yoga pose with their asses in the air after each leg stretch. Taylor and Kristy continued to get their shorts wedged up there asses, which started out short already. Both were up to the point that I could see their panty covered pussies bulging out the sides as the shorts creeped up the front and they pushed their asses in the air. It was too much to take and I was at full glory. Luckily I had my clip board and used that to cover up. The girls started to perform their sitting stretches and I found that Shannon was not wearing any panties at all as the leg of her running shorts was wide open around her skinny legs. She had some hair but was obviously trimmed well with a meaty swollen camel toe. I could make out Ashley's pussy through her shorts that had drawn into her pussy. I could tell she was excited as it was swollen and opening up for me. A small wet spot started to grow as I looked up I was busted and once agian she smiled and winked, but her face was turning red as I slid the clip board to the side exposing my erection. Taylor and Kristy's panties were sticking out of both sides of their puffy crotches. Kristy blushed as she reached down to relieve the frontal wedgie.

They hopped up and ran their cycles. Then started warming up their arms. Ashley came over complaining that she pulled something in her leg. I did the normal thing of getting an ice pack. I sat on the bench in the dugout and she came over to me.

"What happened and where does it hurt?"
"It just hurts"
"I can't help unless you tell me where. Sit down and let me see."
She sat and handed me her right foot while opening her legs wide open. I picked up her "Does your ankle hurt?"
"I don't think so" as I pulled her cleat off. The fields are not the best so people would turn their ankles in cleats on the edge of the diamond whee it went from dirt to grass. I rubbed her foot and ankle and saw that she was not having any pain there. I placed her foot on my thigh as I was kneeling sitting back on my feet. I started checking her calf and was looking straight at her pussy. The wet spot had grown and I lost concentration as the erection I had finally lost in concern had returned in full glory.

I am not huge, but I am proportionate being 6’4” 250lbs. There is nothing really small about me. Big hands mean big…if you know what I mean. I am no porn star and more of a grower than a show’er only 5 to 6” in flaccid state. Either way I am not self conscious enough to go out to find the next enlargement scam or overly proud enough to walk around in nude in public. Not afraid to, but not driven to either.

the full nine was pushing against the confines of my compression shorts and could not be hidden in the snug ball pants. I looked up at Ashley as I checked her calf and shin I could see that she was eying my erection and could see that she was getting noticeably wetter. I acted indiffernt and kept checking her leg. As I started to move to her knee I could feel that she had moved her foot right next to my erection and was pushing to get closer. I asked if her knee hurt to bend and she pulled both up to her chest giving me an awesome view of her crotch. She moved forward as she put her feet down and did it again. The movement pulled her shorts or lingerie further up into her crotch exposing a bit of the sides as well as more of her ass cheeks. "Damn" whispered out of my mouth a little louder than it should have as I stared right at her crotch. She said "what" I said "My knee was on a rock". She placed both feet on my thighs and I continued my examination. I started checking her thigh asking if she had pulled her hamstring. She placed he leg up on my shoulder and maneuvered her other foot on top of my erection rubbing up and down to feel the whole thing. I gave her a look and she said "oh, I'm sorry" moving her toes from tip to balls as she pulled it off moving it back to my thigh. I told her to go back as I did not feel she was really hurt. She pouted and said that she thought that she had pulled her hamstring asking me to finish. I gave in and continued lifting her leg and putting my hands on both sides of her thigh pushing my thumbs together in to the back of her leg. She squealed showing it did actually hurt a bit, but I could also see that the crotch of her shorts were soaking wet and totally transparent. As close as I was I could smell her sexy aroma, which was driving me wild. I grabbed some Icy Hot and started massaging it into her thigh. I think she went into a daze as I did. I made it a point to get as close to her pussy without touching it as I could. She was rocking towards me trying wanting me to. I told her to stand up and turn around so I could get the back. She obliged putting her hands down on the bench raising her ass in the air about three inches from my nose. I stayed there breathing heavily into her crotch, but not taking the bait as I commenced to massaging the icy hot into her thigh. My hand slipped up under her shorts and onto her ass and she gasped. "Sorry, this stuff is slippery" "That's ok but now my butt is burning a bit" I could see that her pussy was now convulsing and had come into full bloom exposing her small lips. I massaged her thigh a bit more leaving my hand just under her crotch. She was fighting trying to get me to touch it. I could actually feel the heat and my fingers felt the wetness dripping down her leg. I finished got up. She thanked me and gave me a hug lifting herself up with her arms around my neck and my erection against her body. "oh, thank you" and she kissed me on the cheek. I stopped her from walking out on the field and told her that she might want to change her shorts.
She blushed "Does anybody have some extra shorts? I got icy hot in mine and it burns."
Shannon said she had an extra pair of running shorts in her bag. Ashley changed right behind the chain fenced dug out making sure that I was watching. I had the girls come in for a water break to speed her up, which it did and she gave me an angry look. I pored cold water on my head and down my chest hoping it would flow down to cool off my crotch. Taylor noticed my erection and her cheeks turned red. She turned and brushed her ass against it acting like she was having a hard time getting by me to get her water. I am sure she felt it twinge as it kind of startled her. I sat with my clip board on my crotch hoping it would go down. I saw Taylor and Kristy whispering and they came back in.
Kristy asked "What is the first drill coach? Picking up leaning down holding the clipboard showing her massive cleavage keeping me hard. She traced the lines as she was reading pressing the board down on my erection like a teeter totter. Taylor leaned down beside her grabbing the clipboard and brushing my cock as she pulled it away. They acted like they were reading it half giggling as they peered around it at my erection. I placed the cold bottle of water next to me between my legs letting it cool me down enough to finish practice.

I had them run base drills as I felt that would be harmless. As I told Ashley to get them lined up at home plate I noticed how small Shannon's shorts were on her. They were like boy shorts with half of her ass cheeks hanging out of the permanent wedgie. As he bent down to grab a ball to get it out of the baseline it was like a string in her pussy with the meat of her camel toe showing on both sides. I called her over and told her "Ashley, I do not want you to hurt your leg any further so sit this one out". She stood right in front of me as I started barking orders. I told her to go sit in the dugout before someone came around.

Shannon wiped out rounding first skinning her knees and one thigh. I showed the leg to everyone and explained that this was the reason I wanted them to wear their sliding shorts. I told everyone just to run some laps and then come back in to do their cool down stretches since we already had two girls get hurt. I sat her down and started cleaning her wounds to apply antiseptic ointment. She had one foot up on the bench as I was reaching up to clean and once again her naked pussy was in full view. I did not think it was intentional as she was truly in pain. I told her that she might want to cover up as my erection returned once again. She ran her hand up her leg as if she did not understand feeling her nakedness and blushing pulling her shorts over to cover it smiling a bit. she swapped legs so that I could get her other knee giving me the same view from the other side. I kept looking when I got a chance but figured that she was just thinking about the pain and I would not embarrass her any further. That's when Taylor came over and said "Shannon I can see your vagina, cover that up." and the few girls including Shannon started laughing. Ashley said "It's no big deal, I am sure that he has seen them before." winking at me. I then started cleaning her leg and she stood up pulling her shorts up to one side while I treated the sore going up her thigh halfway up her ass cheek. Her ass was nicer than it looked hidden in her clothes. I covered it with iodine and told her to keep her shorts off of it until it would dry as it would stain them. She smiled as she saw that my erection had returned in full, as I pulled the kit back to cover it the bottle of iodine spilled on my pants.

I cussed and told the girls to head to the nus as it was ready to leave. I went to my truck and pulled my ball pants off so not to get the iodine on my leather seats opening the back and throwing them in. As I thought the girls had left I headed back to get my ball bag to find Ashley, Taylor and Kristy still there and all three eying my now more visible erection in my white compression shorts. I was done being embarrassed and just grabbed my bag. They finally spoke up Ashley "Coach, we still need a ride" Taylor "Kristy is coming over too, is that ok?" As Taylor had to stay at our house since no one would be home all night at her house. I said "sure let's just get in and get going." placing a small hand towel I had in my bag over my crotch as I sat down in the truck. Ashley got in and sat in my lap "I want to drive" rubbing her crotch against my erection almost making me shoot my load. My erection was twitching from excitement that made her push down harder almost taking it in shorts and all. I reached down under her ass and lifted her up placing her on the seat next to me. She plopped down hard with my right hand still under her. I ran my finger through her slit as I pulled it out. "Oh lord" came out as I did. All there leaned over me yelling at the bus. One of them hand her hand on my erection and started squeezing it when she realized it. Precum started flowing with that causing a wet spot at the tip. Ashleys ass was up in my face with Shannon's little shorts, I couldn't help it any more as the smell was too strong and licked it while the others couldn't see. She stayed quite and pushed back on my face. Damn she tasted good and I could feel her start to shudder. Then one of the girls got out of the bus and said that Shannon need her shorts back. Ashley pulled them off in my lap pressing her naked ass and pussy onto my erection again I pushed her over as she took the small hand towel to somewhat cover herself up. Taylor then wiggled across me as the fence was against the other door and could not be opened rubbing her fine ass against my erection. She ran the sorts to the bus and returned. I could not get out with the bus still there so she pulled herself back up into my lap using my erection as a handle. "oops, sorry...My god that was like pulling myself up with a pole." Kristy started laughing "I know right, I accidentally felt that before too." Taylor told Ashley to move over and they started fighting over who would sit next to me while she was sitting against my erection. Taylor finally gave in and sat between Ashley and Kristy, but there wasn't enough room so Ashley lifted up a bit putting half a cheek on my leg.


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