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Hallo again! Time has been extremely short lately, which seems to be an increasingly frustrating problem as I have been very keen to complete my story.

With some degree of persistence I have finally achieved my goal, and the final chapter is now ready for you. I would love you to read the preceding three chapters first, and you can find these by clicking on my name beside the story title, but if you are impatient and wanting to read on now, here is a summary of the events that brought my characters to this point.

Dean and Katie have been happily married for many years, but both feel they have slipped into something of a rut. They agree it is time for a change, and start devoting time to rekindling their passion for each other. Katie suggests Dean write a story of his deepest fantasies and post it (guess where!) and they can act it out and explore new pleasures. He does this and is contacted by Melanie, who is living alone after discovering her husband has been unfaithful with her best friend. She loves his story and asks him to write a story about her private and personal fantasies. After discussing with Katie Dean agrees, and this is where this chapter begins.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, and it brings some private pleasure to your lives. Comments as always are welcome!



It had been a week since Melanie’s world had crumbled around her, and once again her mind was overwhelmed with graphic images of that perfect September day when the Twin Towers had buckled before crashing to the ground, instantly destroying thousands of innocent lives intent on nothing more than providing for their families and moving up the corporate ladder. The world had changed forever on that fateful day, and while her personal loss was not on the same scale, her sense of despair was just as complete.

She looked pointedly at her husband Peter who stood before her, unable to meet her icy stare as he appeared to carefully examine the laces on his running shoes. “It doesn’t have to end like this Mel.” He said softly, almost pleading.

“Really?” She snapped, with such vehemence that tiny beads of saliva flew from her lips. “I come home early from my conference…..happy that I’ll surprise my husband and get to spend some quality time with him….and…WHO…GOT…THE…FUCKING…SURPRISE? I….I walk through the door….and find you….with your cock in my best friend’s…..CUNT!” Tears were welling in her eyes to the point her vision was blurring, but she took a deep breath, determined not to allow him see her cry.

Peter flinched at Mel’s graphic deion, but she hadn’t finished expressing her feelings yet. “So what are you saying? I should just….forgive and forget? Do you honestly think….even for a second….I can forgive this kind of…..betrayal?”

“No.” He said, almost in a whisper. “I know I’ve hurt you…very badly. And I’m so incredibly sorry….it….was such a dumb-fuck thing to do! I…just can’t bear the thought of losing you….and I’ll do anything to make it up to you, just…tell me what to do….please!” He managed to look up briefly, but the look on her face only confirmed his fears that this wasn’t going to end well.

She took another deep breath before locking her eyes on his. “I’ve thought about this…a lot!” She assured him. “It was bad enough that you went outside our marriage….you do remember our wedding vows don’t you, because I do! But the reason I can never forgive you is that you were unfaithful with my best friend, at least I thought Beth was, and you had to do it….IN OUR FUCKING BED!” Now it was Peter’s turn to look as though he was about to burst into tears. “And I know if I hadn’t come home when I did, you would fuck her again when you had the chance, and you’d both go on deceiving me, while you were laughing at my trusting stupidity and making your devious little plans behind my back. Do not insult my intelligence by telling me this happened by accident! No wonder Beth rang me and wanted to know all about my trip, and even said we’d have to catch up when I got back! Let me make this crystal clear for you. WE ARE DONE…OVER…FINISHED! I want you out of my house, out of my life, and gone forever! You can take all of your shit, and you can have the fucking bed as well because I haven’t slept in it since, and I never will again, and THAT’S IT!”

She derived a miniscule sense of satisfaction when she saw two tiny tears rolling slowly down his cheeks, and walked past him and flung the door open, her intentions blatantly obvious. His head dropped as he walked through, turning briefly with an imploring look on his face before he thought better of it, and trudged away. She slammed the door with every ounce of her strength and a picture crashed to the floor, the glass shattering on impact.

She stumbled to the couch and collapsed, unable to hold back for another second as tears streamed down her cheeks and her body heaved uncontrollably as she cried her heart out. She had no idea how long she lay there, sobbing, shattered, her life in tatters. The tears finally stopped, perhaps because she felt completely and totally drained and had nothing left, and she managed to stand and walk slowly over to the liquor cabinet. She threw some ice cubes in a glass before drowning them in scotch, and the raw alcohol burned down her throat and into her stomach before the soothing warmth overcame the shivers trembling through her lithe body.

Her mind replayed the events of the last week once again, as though she was watching a video on fast-forward. Images of her husband’s betrayal quickly leading into the ferocious fight that followed, as she attacked them in a flurry of screaming scratches, punches and kicks until Peter and Beth scooped up their clothing and ran naked into the corridor outside the apartment. She had remained locked inside for the next two days, the door chained and repeated calls to her cell rejected or ignored. On Monday she had found the strength to get dressed and go to work, her colleagues curious and delighted when a massive bunch of flowers arrived, until they saw her read the card, then tip the delivery boy twenty dollars and tell him to send them back.

This led to the inevitable questions which she somehow managed to sidestep, until the work day ended and she headed for the relative sanctuary of home. Peter came round later, spending twenty futile minutes knocking and pleading for her to talk to him, until he finally slipped a note under the door and left. She ripped it into shreds without reading it, and finally fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning she checked her emails for the first time in days, and was surprised to see several from Beth. She deleted them all, and then decided to send one of her own. “Hi Bitch.” She typed. “I have no idea what was in your emails, nor do I have the slightest shred of interest as I have deleted them, but I do have one message for you. If you ever try to contact me again or if I even see you on the street, once of us will be in hospital and the other will be in Police custody. I hope you enjoyed fucking my husband, because while I did love him, I always felt he was useless in bed. You are nothing more than an unpleasant memory, but I take comfort in knowing they all fade away in time.”

As bad as things were, it was the nagging, cancerous doubts that were the most difficult to deal with. “Oh God!” She had groaned aloud. “Dear God, what is wrong with me? Am I so unattractive, or so bad in bed…..that my husband would choose my best friend instead of wanting to make love to me? Oh fuck! WHY?????”

A tiny voice from deep in her subconscious attempted to reassure her, telling her it was not her fault and she shouldn’t blame herself for her husband’s infidelity, but the doubts persisted and defied any attempt to silence them. Somehow she managed to dress and go to work, but she found little solace there as she struggled to complete the simplest tasks. The days dragged on until Friday came round, and she took a small measure of comfort in knowing for the next two days she was free of the well-meaning attempts of her co-workers to cheer her up.

She closed the door to her apartment and threw her bag on the coffee table, looking around ruefully. “Well Mel, it’s just you and your close friends for the weekend. What would you like to do tonight?” A deafening silence followed, and she poured a glass of scotch, though this time she decided it was prudent to dilute it with Coke. She sat and sipped for a while, until she jumped to her feet so quickly she almost spilled her drink. “Fuck it!” She exclaimed to surrounding walls. “There’s no point sitting here getting drunk, I’m going out to see if I can find some fun!”

She turned the iPod player on and cranked up the volume until it reverberated through the apartment, before stripping off as she headed for the shower. The taps were wrenched on and she immersed herself under the steaming water, washing her body and hair before she turned the flow down and shaved her legs and underarms, and then decided to trim her pussy hair. She was almost done when she looked down and surveyed herself, and smiled as she stroked the razor carefully over her thin strip until every trace of pubic hair had been removed. “It’s time for some changes!” She thought to herself as she toweled dry and then picked up the hair dryer and a brush.

An hour in front of the make-up mirror followed, until she was satisfied she looked like a girl who was ready for action, before she started rummaging through the closet for something suitable to wear. Several dresses were selected and discarded, before she came across a white mini dress she hadn’t worn for years. It was so short it was barely decent, with a plunging neckline and back that made wearing a bra an impossible prospect. She slipped it on and surveyed herself in the mirror as she smoothed out a few wrinkles, remembering the look on Peter’s face the first time she had worn it. He hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off her all night, and had almost torn it from her body the second they arrived home. She couldn’t help but smile at the memory, and slipped a pair of matching white spike heels on her slim feet. A small clutch bag was quickly loaded with a few necessities and she was on the kerb outside her building hailing a cab.

Nervous butterflies were making their presence felt as the burly cab driver turned and smiled. “Where to pretty lady?” He asked as he flicked the meter. Mel considered this for a second as she had a destination in mind, in fact she and Peter had stumbled across this bar some time ago before realizing it was a biker bar where you didn’t go looking for trouble, it found you. On that night they had gotten out of there, fast, but Mel took a breath and told the driver where she wanted to go and watched his smile turn to a frown. “Umm…Maam, that’s no place for a pretty young thing like you, especially dressed the way you are. You sure you wouldn’t like me to take you somewhere else? I know some nice classy bars if you’re new in town.”

“No thanks.” She assured him, though still feeling a sense of uncertainty.

“Ok.” He shrugged as he pulled away from the kerb. “You’re the boss, but I hope you know what you’re doing!”

Soon the cab pulled up and she paid the fare, with the driver still shaking his head as he drove away. She hesitated at the door, before taking another deep breath and walking inside. This wasn’t a place where you felt the ambience and absorbed the sounds and scents; it was an immediate and overpowering assault on several of Mel’s senses. A pungent haze of cigarette smoke did a reasonable job of dimming the lighting from the bare bulbs, but did nothing to reduce the overpowering smell of stale beer and sweat. Loud, pumping rock music blared from a juke box, and the soles of her shoes crunched on peanut shells that littered the threadbare carpet, but she resisted the temptation to look down as she strode purposefully over to the bar and sat on a stool.

The barman was a massive figure of a man who must have weighed at least a hundred and fifty pounds, and his forearms were probably thicker than Mel’s legs and covered in tattoos. He glanced up at her and looked around quickly at the smattering of patrons who were gathered around a couple of pool tables. “I dunno what you think you’re doin’ here lady, but you’re in the wrong fuckin’ place. My advice would be for you to git out that door as fast as you can, before the boys see you and decide they want a piece!”

She did her best to give him a carefree smile, which was the last thing he expected. “Thanks for the advice, but I’d rather have a drink. Can I have a scotch and coke?”

He leaned against the bar and folded his massive arms across his chest. “I guess you didn’t see all the Harleys parked out front.” He sneered. “This is a biker bar so if you want whisky I can help you, as long as its bourbon, otherwise its beer.”

She came right back at him. “In that case I’ll have a Gentleman Jack…and Coke please.”

He shrugged his broad shoulders and reached up to the top shelf, slid a bottle down and poured her drink. “You dress like a working girl but sure don’t act like one, and no hooker I know orders from the top shelf. You sure you want to be here, ‘cause once these boys get started I ain’t gonna try and stop ‘em!”

She smiled across the bar at him. “Thanks for the warning, and I understand that if things get out of hand it’s not your problem, ok?”

He shook his head but gave her a knowing smile. “You got guts little lady, I’ll say that for you. We’ll see if you’re still smiling in an hour or so!”

She turned and surveyed the smoky bar, scanning the burly bikers concentrating on their next shot and the girlfriends who watched them playing while they talked and sipped from their drinks. It wasn’t long before a player moved around the table, lined up his shot, and looked up to see Mel sitting at the bar. An evil smile slid across his face as he stood up, his next play temporarily forgotten by the distraction. “Hey BJ!” He called out to solidly-built man talking to blonde in tight jeans and skimpy halter-top. “We got some fresh meat here!”

The man turned and looked at his friend who nodded in Mel’s direction, so he glanced across to the bar. When he saw Mel he grinned at his friend and casually walked over. He stood in front of her, his eyes moving slowly upward from her shoes, taking in her long, slim legs and pausing for a few seconds on her firm, braless breasts, before stopping at her face. There was no subtlety or attempt to conceal the intent of his gaze, and Mel was surprisingly turned-on as the man appraised her as though she was nothing more than a piece of meat. She felt a flush move across her face and down to her breasts, and her breathing deepened as she waited for his opening move.

“Well, look at you!” He leered. “I’m sure Carl here has already told you this ain’t no place for a pretty little lady like you.” He glanced over at Carl who nodded in agreement. “So why are you here? You meeting your faggot boyfriend or something, and decided you wanted to see how a group of bikers spent their Friday night?”

She gulped and looked up at him. “Not exactly. Actually, I kicked my faggot husband out when I caught him fucking my best friend, so I’m not waiting for anyone. I guess….I was at a loose end and thought I’d go looking…for some fun?”

A broad smile spread across his face and he looked across at the bartender. “Well I’ll be. This little piece of pussy wants to know how it feels to fuck a biker!” Carl just shook his head in amazement as BJ took Mel’s hand and dragged her to her feet. “We’re gonna use the private room Carl. Make sure we’re not interrupted!”

Carl nodded as Mel was led over to the waiting group who were now watching things play out with increasing interest. The blonde that BJ had been talking to earlier stood in front of Mel, her expression making it clear she wasn’t pleased to see her. “Who’s this slut BJ?” She asked in a defiant tone, which had Mel wondering why she hadn’t considered the possibility she’d be cutting in on another woman’s turf.

BJ merely scowled at the blonde before reaching inside her halter top and squeezing her nipple firmly until she winced in pain. The circle of bikers grinned at each other, enjoying the display of authority. “You’ve been around long enough to know who’s in charge here Tracey, and you’re stupid mouth is gonna pay for that later. This little bitch is looking for some biker cock, and we’d hate to disappoint her wouldn’t we fellas?” This question brought another round of smiles and a chorus of agreement. “Ok, members only are required in the private pool room for a club meeting. Probies can look after the girls out here. Tracey, seeing as you got such a big fuckin’ mouth you’re the designated beer-bitch, so you’d better keep the drinks coming, ‘cause I think we could get a little thirsty!”

With that BJ took Mel by the hand and led her through a door with another half a dozen bikers following close behind. The last man through closed the door and BJ smiled at Mel as he picked her up and lay her back on the pool table. “We’re gonna give you a night you ain’t never gonna forget honey!” He said enthusiastically as he roughly dragged her back until her legs were dangling over the edge of the table. The sliding movement had bunched her tiny dress up around her waist and exposed her pantiless, shaved pussy. He whistled and grinned at the other men. “Check this out fellas. This little slut has already shaved her cunt biker-bitch style. All she needs now is couple of tats!”

Laughter and a series of lewd cat-calls echoed throughout the room as BJ slid his boots off, before his jeans and shorts were thrown carelessly in the corner. Mel looked down her body and gasped at the size of his semi-erect cock, which must have measured eight inches long and continued to grow as he stroked it firmly with a huge, calloused hand. She wondered why she had put herself in such a position of risk, as there was no way she could back out now. She could give herself to these men to be used as a sexual plaything, or they would take what they wanted anyway, it was that simple. But despite her growing concerns she knew she was flushed bright red and felt the first trickle of warm juices oozing from her waiting pussy. She gazed expectantly up at BJ and he responded with a lecherous smile, his cock now firm and thick, and he moved forward and slid easily into her wet tunnel.

She closed her eyes and lay back on the pool table, giving herself completely to the sensations of the huge cock stretching her pussy as he entered her. As soon as she felt him nudging the entrance to her womb he pulled back, allowing her to close partially before he stretched her again. Soon he was fucking her steadily, a strong thrusting motion that almost pushed her back across the baize surface. “Man, this cunt is built for fucking!” BJ exclaimed enthusiastically. “Get to it fellas. This little bitch has three holes and two hands, so let’s give her what she came here for!”

Melanie felt hands all over her, and in seconds her breasts were shamelessly exposed as firm fingers roughly tweaked and stretched her nipples. She felt someone climb onto the table next to her before a slick cock head was pushing firmly against her pursed lips. Her mouth opened wide, as though someone else was controlling her actions, and a hard warm cock slid past her lips and started fucking her face firmly. Calloused hands grabbed each of her wrists and wrapped her hands around two more semi-erect shafts, encouraging her to jack them to an even harder state. For some reason she thought briefly of her husband, and actually smiled as she took the cock deeper into her throat. She wondered what he would say if he could see the hedonistic way she had willingly given herself to a group of complete strangers, before discarding the thought and giving herself back to the present.

Her first orgasm took her by surprise, both with the intensity and short time it took her to reach a breathtaking release. It normally took some time to reach her first climax, but her spray burst through her rippling pussy and coated BJ’s pounding shaft long before he was ready to join her. She came again, and again, each time her cunt clamping firmly around the rigid cock that provided such exquisite pleasure.

She could hear him grunting now, thrusting harder as he drew closer to the time he would pump his seed deep inside her, but the biker fucking her mouth got there first, roaring out loud as his thick cum sprayed deep in her throat. That cock started to soften as it slid free, and the owner grunted as he half-climbed, half-fell from the pool table. She took a deep breath and savored the taste of his cum before she looked up at BJ as he pounded her firmly. “Come on!” She squealed breathlessly. “Give it to me lover. I just know you’ve got a load of hot, sticky cum waiting in those heavy balls, so give to me, PLEASE!!! I NEED IT…RIGHT…FUCKING…NOW!!!”

Beads of perspiration were popping out all over BJs forehead as he leered down at her. “If you want a cuntful, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get bitch! Right….about….NOW!” His head snapped back and he groaned loudly as he thrust deeply and held her there, his cock pumping spray after spray of greasy fuck-juice deep in her clenching cunt.

She came again, unable and unwilling to hold back after the best fuck she had enjoyed in years. “Oh yes!” She screamed. “Fuck…yeah! That’s it BJ! Fill that cunt with hot cum!”

He was still pumping hard, his supply seemingly inexhaustible, until he had finally emptied his twitching balls deep inside her. He slid free and stumbled over to a nearby chair, collapsing into it just before his legs gave way. He smiled across at her and for the first time his face displayed the slightest trace of empathy. “For a skinny little chick you are one five star fuck!” He complimented. “I hope you’re up for more, ‘cause this is gonna be a long night!”

She smiled at the circle of men waiting for their turn. “If you boys can fuck like BJ, I’m not going anywhere!” She looked at BJ with a degree of uncertainty. “Um…I’m kind of thirsty. Do you think I could have drink before we…continue please?”

“I’m fucking parched!” BJ replied. “Little Jim, go and find out where Tracey is, and why the fuck we haven’t got some drinks in here!”

Little Jim, who was still a sizeable man, quickly slipped his jeans on and headed for the door, but just as he reached for the knob there was a soft knock, and it opened to reveal Tracey with a tray of glasses. “Sorry BJ!” She apologized. “It’s getting kinda busy out there and it took a while for Carl to get your drinks ready.”

“Then you can tell Carl we’ll find another bar if that’s his idea of fucking service!” He snapped, and she quickly put the tray on the table and disappeared.

Beer and bourbon glasses were passed around, and Little Jim handed Mel a glass with a short straw in it. “I’m guessing this is your drink.” He said simply, and she threw the straw away and took a long sip, feeling the warmth of the alcohol spreading through her stomach.

With their thirsts quenched the men looked expectantly at their leader, wondering when their turn would come. “Well little lady.” He said looking steadily at Mel. “That was the appetizer, are you ready for the main course?”

She smiled around the room. “I sure am.” She assured them. “But if I can just ask one favor?” She looked at BJ who raised a questioning eyebrow before he nodded for her to continue. “I know you guys could do anything you wanted to me, and there’s nothing I can do about it, but…..if you just let me make sure I’m…ready for you? I mean…some of you guys….actually, all of you guys….are pretty impressive down there, and that way I can really show you a good time!”

“You really think you’re gonna be able to handle all of us?” He asked.

She blushed as she replied. “Ummm….I’ve never actually done anything like this before. But I’m sure going to try!”

Little Jim was the only one who wasn’t naked from the waist down, so BJ beckoned him over and whispered something in his ear. He grinned as he straightened up and slipped out the door, and was back a few moments later holding a small bottle.

BJ looked back at Mel. “Ok cunt. It’s time to see if you can make good on that promise. Get on your hands and knees. Pete, that’s a pretty angry looking weapon you got there, so you can massage this little bitch’s tonsils with it. Ray, I’ve got her twat stretched and wet so you can slide your monster in there. Little Jim, seeing as Tracey loaned you her lube, see if you can get her ass loose enough to take your sad little cock.”

Little Jim didn’t seem to be offended by BJ’s disparaging comment and slid his jeans down, to reveal a relatively small six or seven inch cock that seemed smaller when compared to his tall, broad frame.

“You ever had a triple honey?” BJ asked.

Mel wasn’t sure she knew what a triple was, but it only took a few seconds for the penny to drop. “Ummm….no. I guess that means what I think it does?”

“If you’re thinking of three cocks and three holes you’re pretty close.” He sneered. “The rest of you cock-suckers can beat your meat until you see an empty hole you feel like filling.” He said simply as took another pull from his beer.

A black man stroking a monster cock stood in front of her as she got into position. “This one’s goin’ in your fuck-box baby. Give it a kiss and get it wet so it slides in nice and easy!” Mel kissed the slick head and then sucked the massive tip into her mouth, sliding her tongue around the sensitive flesh and enjoying his appreciative groan before he slid free. He moved like a large cat, and before she knew it she could feel his massive hands spread her butt cheeks before the head bumped against her slick flesh, and slid slowly deeper. She moaned deeply, a long guttural sound that came from deep in her throat and expressed her feelings far better than words ever could. If BJ’s cock was large then Ray’s shaft was massive, stretching her further than she would have believed was possible, and causing her to briefly wonder if she could ever be satisfied by a normal sized cock again.

Her drifting thoughts were interrupted by a second cock that appeared out of nowhere and pressed insistently against her lips, and she looked up to see Pete holding a rod that must have been eight inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. She wondered how she could take him, but the tingling sensations emanating from her pussy cast away her reservations like a leaf in a stiff breeze, and she opened wide and closed her eyes. His thickness had her concentrating to make sure she kept her jaw wide open and her teeth clear, and her lips closed around his shaft as he steadily fucked her moist mouth.

She was starting to lose the ability to separate the multiple sensations firing from different points of her sensitive flesh, but she did manage to distinguish a sudden cool, liquid feeling as Little Jim squeezed a blob of lube from the bottle which landed dead on target on her puckered rosebud. A massaging finger started to spread the thick liquid around her most private place, and then applied steady, increasing pressure until her muscle surrendered and opened to allow him to probe her.

An overwhelming sense of exquisite delirium was taking over, and she felt more alive than ever before as her senses cascaded with waterfalls of primal pleasure. There was no love, affection or tenderness tonight. This was night where nothing mattered beyond raw, self-indulgent fucking; the purest form of lust which involved nothing more than taking and giving sexual pleasure, and her brain became a secondary extension of every hole currently filled with a hard cock or a probing finger.

She was vaguely aware of the encouraging cat-calls that rippled around the room from the men who were waiting their turn. “Yeah man! Fuck that bitch!” “Stretch that pussy Ray!” “Hey Pete, you pushed her tonsils down her throat yet?” “Man, that cunt’s never gonna go back into shape after Ray’s finished fuckin’ her!”

Mel knew she should have felt degraded, humiliated, and perhaps even ashamed of her willing participation, but she was so involved in her own personal world of fuck-lust that she couldn’t have cared less. Yes! She was behaving like the worst form of wanton cum-slut. Yes! She was giving everything she had willingly to these men, and yet she still wanted more. It was as though this was a form of pure, cathartic cleansing of the betrayal perpetrated by her husband and her best friend, and she wanted to be fucked, used and abused and then she wanted them to do it again.

Little Jim had somehow managed to slide two fingers deep into her clenching ass, and she longed to feel a slick hard cock slide in there to complete her first triple. Every hole was stuffed to capacity if not beyond, and the men fucking her pussy and mouth were thrusting harder and deeper with each stroke. She was breathing steadily through her nose, resisting the involuntary urge to gag as the cock in her mouth forced its way into the entrance of her throat. Her body gave up the unequal struggle and she came yet again, just before the cocks fucking her face and cunt sprayed their thick loads into her tight, willing holes.

There was no time for recovery, and with viscous fluids oozing from her ravaged openings she was picked up and flipped over by willing hands that held her suspended above the table as Little Jim lay back below her. Calloused hands spread her butt cheeks as she was slowly lowered down, feeling a slick cock-head brush against her lubed sphincter before his drooling shaft eased inside her tight ass. She was lowered down until she had taken all of him, and she savored the erotic sensation of her most intimate passage stuffed full of rigid cock.

In her college days she had a boyfriend who had a predilection for anal sex, and while she hadn’t enjoyed it as much as he did she still found it pleasurable, particularly if she had been suitably prepared. This time was totally different, and sparks of taboo pleasure saturated her senses as she felt herself stretching. “Oh…fuck…YES!” She screamed loudly. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my dirty little slut ass until you fill it with cum!!!”

The men grinned at her wanton, enthusiastic acceptance. “Man, this cunt is insatiable!!!” One said in amazement. The room was a mixture of stiff and spent cocks, and a biker who had been waiting for his turn hopped up on the table and rubbed his leaking cock up and down her stretched labia. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he slid forward, and she couldn’t believe how clearly she could feel every ridge in his shaft as she was filled to capacity. Another cock brushed her cheek and she opened her mouth willingly, doing her best to suck his shaft deep into her mouth. She groaned around his girth, another long, deep primal moan that had him join her as her felt the vibrations ripple through his flesh. Strong, muscled bodies were moving in a tangled mass of primal thrusting with Melanie sandwiched between them, unable to do anything more than take the determined actions of men moving toward climax. Beads of sweat dripped on her hot skin and smell of raw fucking stifled the odors of alcohol and sweat.

She couldn’t count how many times she came as she was lost in a seemingly never-ending series of orgasms. Little Jim yelled in her ear and she felt his cock pulsing in her gripping ass as he spewed copious ropes of cum deep in her back hole. This sent the man above her into a frenzy of climax as he fired his seed deep in her ravaged, gaping pussy, just losing pressure as the third biker roared as his thick juices quickly filled her mouth and dribbled down her throat. She swallowed hungrily, willingly accepting his seed and savoring every drop until she collapsed onto Little Jim, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe.

Slowly the bodies separated until only Little Jim remained inside her, his cock softening before the pressure of his cum gradually pushed his cock free. For the first time the room was virtually silent, save for the quiet sounds of deep breathing as spent bodies sought replenishing oxygen and they strove to recover from their exertions. One of the men stooped down and brushed the tangled hair from Melanie’s face before he straightened up. “You sure are something little girl.” He said in quiet admiration. “I ain’t never met a cunt who can fuck like you do!”

His compliment brought a dreamy smile to Mel’s face. “I think I should thank you guys, because I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked before! Could I have another drink…please?”

She was helped into a sitting position, feeling sexual fluids leaking from her gaping ass and pussy as gravity took hold, and was handed her half full glass which she drained in one swallow before she looked around the room. Another drink appeared which she accepted gratefully, before a lascivious smile spread across her face. “Ummm…did I miss anyone?” She asked coyly, and was rewarded with a series of satisfied smiles and head shakes.

BJ was grinning at his men, his gaze sweeping around the room. “I think you got all of us.” He laughed. “And I gotta say….if you feel like partying with us again, I don’t think anyone here would object too strongly! So what’s the story with your old man? Did I hear you say you kicked him out for stickin’ his dick in the wrong hole?”

Mel frowned at the unpleasant memory and nodded, and briefly told the story of what had happened on that fateful night. The men listened and nodded thoughtfully before BJ spoke again. “Biker bitches know the score when they hook up with a member, and while they may not be too happy about sharing their man, that’s just the way it goes. It’s our code, you know? The way we choose to live, and if they don’t like it no one’s stoppin’ them from leaving. Outside folks live different, so if you want, we’d be happy to pay your ex a visit and mess him up some. Hell, we’d be happy to even the score with your bitch girlfriend too if you like!”

Melanie actually considered this suggestion for several seconds, as it was a tempting offer in view of their brutal betrayal, before shaking her head slowly. “I’m grateful for the offer, and as much as I’m tempted I think I’ll say thanks, but no thanks.” Her eyes sparkled as a broad smile slowly spread across her face. “I can think of another way to get even though.”

BJ leant forward. “Watcha got in mind?” He enquired simply.

“Well….if you big strong men have got anything left in the tank….maybe you could take some pictures of me….laying on the floor….covered in thick, white cum? I think I’d like to send it to my ex to show him what real men can do!”

Her suggestion certainly got their attention, to the extent one biker choked on his mouthful of beer and sprayed the amber fluid all over his denim jacket. BJ opened to door, taking care to conceal his naked lower body behind the door. “Hey probies! Get in here!”

Three solid young probationary members appeared at the door, looking expectantly at their president and then in amazement at Melanie’s disheveled, smiling appearance. He motioned for them to enter and closed the door firmly, amused as they looked around the room at the collection of spent cocks on display. “You probies are normally not permitted in special club meetings, but this an exception. This little lady has been entertaining the members, and let me tell you she’s done an outstanding job! But she has one final request that I’ve agreed to help her out with, and that’s for a biker cum-bath, so get those dicks out and start stroking!”

The three men grinned at each other, shrugged their shoulders and unzipped their jeans. “Where’s your camera honey?” BJ asked, and Melanie found her clutch bag and took out her phone. The majority of the members joined the probies and formed a ring around Mel as she lay back on the floor, gazing up at the collection of cocks growing rapidly harder as she watched.

The mental stimulation of knowing how far she had pushed things was impossible to ignore, and she spread her legs lewdly and started slowly stroking her labia as she watched them grow harder. Her lustful thoughts were interrupted by a question from BJ. “How’d you get here honey?”

She blinked up at him. “Ummm….I caught a cab.” She stammered.

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Probably not wise to send you home that way.” He mused. “Tell you what fellas, first man to cum gets to take this little bitch home in the van!”

One of the probies was already well on the way, his cock dropping a long string of precum that landed on Mel’s chin as he jacked his shaft firmly. “Sounds good BJ.” He groaned. “I…think….that’ll…. be…ME!” A jet of thick cum erupted from his cock and landed on her stomach, before he forced his shaft downwards and coated her breasts as he grinned in satisfaction. BJ laughed loudly as he took a couple of pictures with Mel’s phone. “Hey Ben. I’ll bet this is the only time you’ll be happy that you’re the first to cum!”

Ben looked sheepish as his colleagues burst into laughter, before the second newcomer announced his impending release. “Ohhh…..FUUCCCKKKK!!!!” He groaned, bumping the man next to him as he shifted his aim and pumped his glistening seed down over Mel’s cheeks and lips. The third probie sprayed his substantial load, by far the biggest yet, over her face, neck and breasts as streams of thick cream started dribbling down her body. The members who had already cum at least once started adding to her cum-bath, and soon she had rivers of fuck-juice painting her body from her forehead to her slick pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Mel squealed. “This is so FUCKING HOT! Give me more! GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR CUNT-FUCKING CUM!!!” She was writhing on the floor, panting like an exhausted dog as the last man sprayed his load and slumped back, exhausted. BJ was moving around taking pictures from different angles until she had twenty or so to choose from, and then sat back and took another long sip from his beer glass.

He raised his glass to the tired men. “Awesome fuckin’ night boys.” He toasted. “Best club meeting we’ve had in a long time!”

They all grinned and nodded in vehement agreement, looking down at the prone, spent form of the woman lying motionless on the floor with a satisfied smile on her cum-spattered face. After several minutes Melanie managed to push herself up into a sitting position, carefully scooping cum from her eyelids before sucking her fingers clean. She blinked at the glare as her eyes opened fully, and slowly got to her feet, gripping the edge of the pool table for support until she was sure she could stand. Her soiled dress was bunched tightly around her waist, as if it were a thin, fabric belt, and she managed to ease the straps back up over her shoulders, slide her sticky breasts back in place, and smooth the hemline down until she was covered and decent, at least from a reasonable distance where the pools of drying cum on her skin couldn’t be seen.

BJ walked over and handed back her phone. “I think you’ve got some pictures there that should give your old man somethin’ to think about.” He grinned. “And I’ve loaded my number in there, just in case you get an itch that needs another scratching! Just make sure you call me first, ‘cause you can’t just show up here anytime; like I said, we got rules, ok?”

She nodded that she understood and thanked him. For reasons she was still unsure of she felt better than she had for ages, a feeling of complete freedom….and somehow, a deep sense of satisfaction.

He looked around the room and found the man he was looking for, still slumped in a chair with his spent cock protruding from the open zipper. “Ben! Zip it up man, it’s time to take this lady home. Head back to clubhouse when you’ve dropped her off and we’ll see you there.”

Ben did as he was instructed and the men gave her a cheerful goodbye, several suggesting they’d love to see her again, before she was escorted through the back door to a plain white van parked in an alley.

She climbed in and slumped back in the seat, thankful for the chance to rest as Ben started the engine and drove away. He turned on the radio and glanced across at her a couple of times. “That was one hell of show you put on back there.” He complimented.

Mel giggled softly. “I guess it was a bit wild wasn’t it!” She agreed.

They chatted as the van moved through the quiet streets, and Mel was surprised to find that Ben was researcher for a law firm who lived at home with his Mom, and liked nothing more than hopping on his Harley on weekends and going for a ride with the club. Mel expressed her surprise at his normal type of life, and he replied that a lot of the members held down decent days jobs, and while things could get rowdy the club wasn’t the stereotypical motorcycle gang. It was more a group of men who liked powerful American bikes, and the camaraderie of riding the open road together.

The van pulled into the kerb outside Mel’s apartment and she thanked Ben for the ride home, smiling at his assurance she would be welcome back anytime, and she walked confidently inside. She closed her door and leant back against it, a satisfied smile beaming on her face. “Well Girl, you certainly cut loose tonight didn’t you?” She laughed to herself.

She poured herself a drink and sipped slowly, a series of aches and pains making their presence felt across her tired body. She had taken one hell of a risk tonight, but things had turned out ok and she had made it home safely, but the most important realization was that all the vile, nagging doubts had been banished, and she knew she could still get a man interested in her, and leave him totally satisfied. “Fuck you Peter! You could have had me this way if you wanted.” She whispered softly to the walls. Her aching legs made it to the couch and she lay down, drifting away as slipped into the best night’s rest she had enjoyed for longer than she could remember.

Dean saved the story and shutdown his computer, rubbing his tired eyes as he arched his back in a long, languorous stretch to soothe his tired muscles. Katie had long since kissed him goodnight and headed off to bed, asking if she could read his story in the morning. He had smilingly agreed, and switched off the few remaining lights as he moved toward the bedroom. He gently slid the covers down before easing in beside his slumbering wife, kissing the back of her neck gently as his arms wrapped around her warm body and he drifted away.

He woke the next morning and was amazed to see he had slept until ten, and not surprised that Katie was nowhere to be seen. He showered and dried off before walking through the house, finding her sitting at the table in a short house coat as she sipped from a mug of coffee. “I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to wake up!” She greeted him with a smile, standing to make him a cup. “Late night huh?” She asked as she poured his coffee, and moved to make breakfast.

He responded with a wry smile. “I don’t know how late…or early to be honest! I got so involved in Melanie’s story that I just kept tapping away until I’d finished. I knew it was getting late and I was feeling tired, but I was on a roll and just wanted to keep going. So, did you read it?”

A dreamy smile came to her face. “Sure did, in fact I read it twice while I was waiting for you.” He waited expectantly, curious to hear her thoughts as this story was totally different to his first. “It was really….. intense!” She breathed as she cracked fresh eggs into a pan and slid some bread into the toaster. “It took my breath away in places….I mean….it was just amazing how you escalated the action. The further I read the hotter I became…..and I thought it was incredible. When I read her outline I wondered how you could write it so that it wasn’t…..just some kind of male exploitation gang-bang, but you did it so that she was a willing participant and it wasn’t a quasi-rape theme. I think she’ll really like it….I know I did!”

She poured glasses of fresh juice and took the butter from the refrigerator as the toast popped up, and soon they were eating breakfast as she smiled across the table. “I do have one question for you though?” He wondered what she wanted to ask, and nodded for her to go on. “Is that something that you’ve ever fantasized about? Do you ever see me like that, being fucked and used by a group of men?”

His jaw dropped and displayed his amazement, and he shook his head violently. “No way! Never!!!” He replied emphatically.

She was a little taken aback by the passion in his reply, and gave him a curious look so he explained his reasons. “This was a story, nothing more than that, and….it was something that came from a complete stranger so it’s not one of my fantasies. Look….it’s one thing to write about it when it’s nothing more than a work of fiction, but there is no way I would put you, or anyone else for that matter, in that kind of situation. There is no way it could be controlled and if things got out of hand, how would you stop it? There’s a saying that a stiff dick has no conscience, and something like that could get real ugly, real fast. What made you ask babe? Is this something that you’ve thought about? Does the idea of some kind of gang-bang turn you on?”

She shook her head and stroked his arm in a gentle, calming gesture. “No Dean. I was just curious, that’s all. I agree that it would be very risky….and that it could easily get out of control with unpleasant…or even dangerous consequences. It was just that the way you wrote about it made me wonder. In fact I’m happy that you’re so passionately against it!”

He breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that the line between reality and fantasy could be inadvertently crossed very easily. “So you thought it was ok? Nothing I should change before I post it and email Melanie?”

She shook her head. “I think it’s exactly what she’s hoping for Dean. Though I’ll be curious to see what kind of comments readers post. It’s a lot….stronger than your first story, so I’ll be interested to see how it’s rating in a few days.”

She gathered the empty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher. “Did it really get you hot?” He asked.

Rather than respond directly she walked over until she was standing in front of him, undid the tie on her robe, and took his hand in hers and slid it between her thighs. He could immediately feel how wet she was, her juices still coating the folds of her smooth labia. She smiled down at him. “Does that answer your question?”

He nodded and grinned as he slid a finger easily into her warm pussy, stroking slowly as her probed her. “I guess so! Did you play with yourself while you were reading it?”

“Oh yes!” She laughed. “When I read your stories it’s like my pussy is a magnet, and my fingers and just drawn to it; it’s sooo good!”

He couldn’t help but laugh at that comment. “I think it’s more that you’re just a slut!”

She squatted slightly, forcing his probing finger deeper. “Of course I’m a slut, but a selective one. It’s your friend Chrissie from next door who’s just a complete slut for cock! By the way…did you enjoy her visit yesterday? I hear you gave that little tramp a seriously good fucking!”

He laughed again, enjoying the delightful memories of Katie’s dress-up fantasy. “Chrissie is my second favorite fuck-buddy, after you of course. And she can knock on my door any time she wants!”

Katie gave him a wicked grin and slowly slid up and down on Dean’s sticky finger. “Then I think that makes you a slut as well!” She slid free for a second, and motioned for him to stand. When he did she bent down and slid his shorts free, before pushing him back in the chair and spreading his legs as her head dipped toward his resting cock. Her small hand wrapped around his shaft, jacking slowly until a bead of precum oozed from his slit. “Let’s see if we can get this slut-fucker ready for action!” She hissed, as she opened her mouth and slid her moist lips down over his growing shaft.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, giving himself completely to the sensations radiating from his groin, and wondering if it was just imagination that suggested her technique got better every time she went down on him. His wandering thoughts were interrupted when he felt her thrust down, firmly forcing the head of his cock deep into her throat, and then feeling her squeeze his shaft by attempting to swallow him whole. He couldn’t help but twist her hair in his hands, and when he had a firm grip he forced her further down until his balls were flattened against her chin. Her tongue performed an intense dance over his flesh, and his cock felt harder than he could ever remember. He was wishing he could find some magic technique to delay the inevitable conclusion, but the way she moved and took him was just so willing and wanton that there was nothing he could do to resist her. “If you keep doing this I’m going cum babe!” He groaned softly.

She slid free and beamed up at him, his lips glistening. “I fucking hope so!” She whispered. “I’m feeling thirsty!” And with that she dipped her head again, he mouth sliding firmly up and down his shaft as her lips closed around him.

“Uh! Uhhhh! Ohhhhh….FUUCCCKKKK!!!” He moaned, as his balls pumped his hot cream up the length of his shaft and deep into her warm, wet mouth.

“MMMFFFF!!!” She groaned around his cock as she felt his seed spray deep into her throat, and the vibrations brought another strong spray from his pulsing cock. Surprisingly, she didn’t release her oral grip when she sensed he had finally stopped pumping, but continued to work him over with her tongue and lips, refusing to allow him to go soft. When she was satisfied he was staying firm she stood quickly, facing him with a smile as she moved closer, until she was straddling his legs as she lowered down and his cock slipped easily into her wet pussy.

“I told you that you’re a slut fucker!” She said in a lascivious tone as she squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles.

He groaned at the sudden pressure on his still-sensitive organ, but managed to grin at her despite the distraction. “Then I must be doing exactly what I’m supposed to, because I’m pretty sure I’m fucking my favorite slut right now. Or perhaps I should say; she seems to be fucking me!”

Her eyes were half-closed but blazing with lust as she took his hands in hers and placed them firmly on her breasts, her nipples extended and hard as her two pointed buttons pushed against his skin. He took the hint and started working on them, gripping both and stretching them away from her body. “I really don’t care who’s fucking who, as long as I have a nice hard cock buried deep in one of my fuck-holes!” She whispered as she leaned back to increase the pressure on her nipples. “Oh fuck! This feels so good! Are you enjoying yourself baby? Does it get you hot to know that I’m turning into the world’s biggest slut?”

“You have no idea how hot this makes me babe.” He agreed with heartfelt enthusiasm. “I’m loving every second of this!”

She started moving up and down, sliding her slick pussy along his still rigid cock as though she was trying to feel every ripple in his flesh. Her thrusts became increasingly urgent, a tiny squeal slipping from her lips every time she dropped down and took his full length, until finally she came and he felt his cock being drenched as she pumped her sweet cum all over him. He responded by squeezing her nipples as firmly as he could as though trying to crush them flat, and her eyes flashed open and blazed at him again, until they closed and she pumped another strong spray. She came so strongly Dean could feel warm fluid oozing from her cunt and dribbling down over his tight balls, until she finally slumped forward against him, panting breathlessly. Finally she managed to prop herself up and gave him a satisfied smile. “Now that’s what I call the right way to start my day, and it’s not even lunchtime yet!”

He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and drew her toward him, kissing her deeply. When they broke for breath he smiled at her. “And to think, earlier you asked me if I wanted to share you with a group of other men. I mean…yeah..right! I’m keeping you all for myself!!!”

She grinned back at him. “It’s nice to know I’m valued.”

“And then some!” He assured her.

She eased upward until her clenching pussy reluctantly released its hold, but she stayed in that position as her juices dribbled free and coated his cock and balls. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the intensely erotic feeling of her juices running down his body until she tapped him on the shoulder. When he looked up she struck a coy, girly pose. “Oh look, I’ve made a huge mess. Oh well, I guess I’d better get down there and clean it up!”

While this was pleasant prospect he knew it would simply be too much right now, and he took hold of her arm. “If those lips go anywhere near my cock for a while I think I’ll lose it! How about a shower instead?”

A teasing, rueful smile appeared on her face. “Oh, baby’s still a little sensitive is he? Ok then, I guess a shower will have to do!” With that she took his hand and led him to the bathroom.

They enjoyed a relaxing shower together, and then Dean left Katie to post Melanie’s story and send her a quick email. He started his laptop and soon had her story posted, wondering briefly what she would think of it but satisfied he had remained true to her outline. Then he sent her a brief email advising her story was complete and included a link that would take her straight to it. He checked his own story and shook his head when he saw the number of times it had been read, which was now well into six figures, and scanned through some of the posted comments. These were still overwhelmingly positive, and many were now asking when the second installment was coming. That was something he hadn’t considered, and he sat back and wondered whether he should start working on a sequel, or perhaps start a completely different story.

He felt Katie’s hand rest softly on his shoulder and turned to smile at her. “All done?” She asked simply, and when he nodded she suggested they go out to local café that had a great menu of light meals and brewed the best coffee in town.

He laughed and reminded her of the original suggestion that they wouldn’t leave the house that weekend, but she merely grinned as she replied. “We’ve been married long enough that you really should know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Besides, I have an ulterior motive, there’s a great little dress shop in the same block, and I think I need something special for tonight!”

He shrugged his shoulders and held up his hands. “Ok. Looks like its coffee and a light lunch then.” He conceded.

They dressed and headed out, enjoying the sparkling day and light breezes, and when they arrived Katie asked him to order a coffee for her, and slipped into the dress shop as Dean was shown to a table in the café’s outdoor area. He ordered for them both and Katie arrived just after their coffees, a shopping bag tucked safely under her arm.

“Mission accomplished?” He asked, knowing the answer before she nodded in acknowledgment. “And I guess it would be pointless to ask what you have planned for tonight?” He went on, receiving a smile and another nod, so he went back to perusing the menu. They ordered their meals and chatted about nothing special, just enjoying each other’s company on a relaxing blue-sky day.

Another round of coffees was ordered as their dishes were cleared away, and Katie leaned forward with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “So, do you think Melanie will be happy with her story?”

“I guess we’ll soon find out, but I think so.” He replied. “Her outline was pretty clear, and once I got started it seemed to flow pretty easily. I just seemed to slip into a groove and followed it. It’s funny though, it was totally different to writing the first one. At lot easier actually.”

She raised a questioning eyebrow. “If she really likes her story, what happens from here? I mean, what are you going to do if she wants to…step things up a notch?”

“I’m not sure I follow you babe.” He responded.

“Well, what happens if she wants you to write another one? Maybe her character arranges another night with the bikers.”

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I hadn’t considered that, but I don’t see it happening. I think this is a one-off situation.”

Katie was still pressing on. “OK, then what happens if she wants to keep in contact with us. Do you see that happening?”

“I hadn’t considered that either.” He acknowledged. “From her emails she seems….normal, even if her fantasies are pretty intense! I’m really not bothered either way, how do you feel about it?”

“I’m not really sure either.” She agreed. “But I am kind of curious. And it has been interesting exploring another woman’s private fantasies. It’s like…..well, it has a voyeuristic aspect to it that is quite erotic. I have to admit I did get turned-on reading about a perfect stranger’s private desires. It’s similar to reading the stories on the website, but knowing its real and not just someone’s imagination at work makes it much hotter.”

As fate would have it his cell chimed announcing he had received an email, and he slid the phone from his pocket and read the message. He smiled broadly at Katie as he slid his cell over, and she read the email.

“Hi Dean and Katie!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY STORY!!! I cannot believe you wrote it so quickly, and when I received your message my first reaction was that it was too fast and it wouldn’t be very good, but it was absolutely amazing. I was spellbound from the opening line and it made me so wet! You have an amazing way with words and while we have never met, anyone would think you have known me for years, as you just seemed to know all my secret desires and private fantasies. I am so grateful to you, and before I go and read it again, I just wanted to ask one more favor. It would be nice to actually “know” who gave me this gift, so provided you feel comfortable I was wondering if I could meet you on webcam or Skype tonight, even if this only happens one time. I understand completely if you wish to remain anonymous, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Sincere thanks again, I’m going to read my story again now and enjoy some quiet, private time!

Katie grinned at Dean who was looking a little bemused. “Is this the world’s greatest coincidence, or do you know something I don’t?” He asked, genuinely unsure as the timing was quite remarkable.

“Honest to God babe, I’m as surprised as you are!” She assured him.

“If I didn’t know better I’d suggest you and Melanie are conspiring behind my back.” He grinned. “So how do you feel about this now, seeing as we were just discussing it?”

She sat back and looked thoughtful for a moment. “I say….let’s go for it!” She replied enthusiastically. “Even if we do she has no way of knowing who we are or where we live. And it could be…..kind of interesting? We can connect the computer to the new TV can’t we?” She enquired, and he nodded in confirmation so she continued. “Ok, then let’s do that and see what she’s got to say.”

“Ok. I’ll tell her we’ll contact her….say eight o’clock? That way we can have dinner first if she wants to chat for a while.”

Katie nodded in agreement and Dean noticed her face and neck were flushed and her nipples were pointing noticeably against the fabric of her light blouse. He wondered exactly what had prompted her aroused state, but figured he’d find out at some point, and sent a message to Melanie agreeing to contact her later. He paid the bill and they left, and Katie suggested they enjoy a swim when they made it home. They swam naked as they had usually done lately, and Dean laughed when Katie teasingly suggested he should be careful, as Chrissie could be spying on them from next door. “I might see if I can find that hole in the fence and slip something through it.” He teased, glancing down at his cock.

“You’d get a surprise if a pair of lips wrapped themselves around it.” She teased right back.

“If you see me fucking the fence then you know I got lucky!” He joked, which had them both laughing loudly at the unlikely mental picture that created.

Katie slipped inside and came back waving a bottle of massage oil, pausing to turn on the outdoor stereo softly. “I think I should give you a nice relaxing massage to keep you away from the fence line.” She grinned cheekily.

“I won’t argue with that!” He assured her, and rolled over onto his stomach and closed his eyes. Her fingers worked over his body for some time until she tapped him on the shoulder to have him roll over, and he felt every knot and area of muscle tension ease away into a state of complete relaxation. When she finished they swapped places and his strong hands went to work, moving slowly over her skin until she was in a similar state. When her massage was finished Dean went inside and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses, and they lay back and enjoyed the rare pleasure of doing nothing at all.

Wrapped in a world of their own private thoughts they listened to the soft music, sipped occasionally from their glasses, and savored the gentle breeze that wafted across the yard. Time drifted by until Katie started to feel cool, and was surprised to realize the sun was sitting just above the horizon.

“Hey Lazy!” She called over to Dean, whose eyes blinked open with a start.

He half sat up and looked around, also noticing how late it was. “I guess we’ve wasted a day!” He said with a smile.

“I don’t know if I’d say we wasted it.” She replied. “I can’t tell you the last time I felt this relaxed. How good is it to just stop and do nothing for a while?”

“I’m with you there. I’m feeling no pain at all!”

“Time for a shower and dinner before we talk to Melanie?” She suggested and he nodded his agreement, so they picked up the bottle and their glasses and strolled leisurely inside.

Their shower started innocently enough, until Katie spent a little too long cleaning Dean’s cock and balls. His shaft reacted in the natural manner and soon she was leaning against the tiled wall, savoring the exquisite pleasure of his cock sliding easily into her slick pussy as the warm water cascaded over their bodies. His thrusting started slow and deep, gradually increasing in speed until his balls slapped against her dripping labia every time he slid home. He reached around and soon had a firm grip on her pointed nipples, kneading and stretching them as he moved closer to climax. She sprayed her delicious juices over his shaft, and then again as he started to groan, before she felt his body go rigid as his pumping shaft sprayed his thick fluid deep inside her.

Ever so slowly his shaft softened until it finally slid free, and she could feel their combined juices sliding down her thighs until the trickling water washed them away. She turned and smiled at him, standing on tip-toe to kiss his lips. “Thank you; that was the perfect end to a perfect day and exactly what I needed. And I don’t even have to go far for another shower!”

“My pleasure!” He replied. “I haven’t enjoyed a shower-fuck for quite a while, and that was a great one!”

They washed down again and toweled each other dry before walking to the bedroom, and Dean dressed in neat casual clothes to make a good impression in his first meeting with Melanie. When he had finished dressing Katie shooed him out of the room, telling him she needed to dress and wanted some privacy, concluding with a smiling promise that it would be worth the wait.

Dean went downstairs and poured himself a drink, walking outside to spend a few minutes watching the end of a brilliant sunset. When the sun had disappeared he strolled back inside and connected his computer to their new plasma TV, marveling at how far technology had advanced. He was initially thinking soft candlelight would create an appropriate sense of ambience, but found the lighting was too low, so he reluctantly turned on the room lights until the image from his webcam was clear and sharp. He tried a few positions to ensure Melanie would have a clear view of them both sitting on the couch, until he was satisfied his preparations were complete.

He was just sitting back for a moment when Katie walked in, and he was stunned at her appearance. Her hair and makeup was flawless and incredibly sexy, but it was what she was wearing that took his breath away. Just as Melanie wore when she went to the biker bar in her fictitious adventures, Katie was wearing an ultra-short white mini-dress with a plunging neckline that seemed to finish just above her navel, and a similar scoop in the back. Her legs were smooth and bare, and his gaze moved downward to a matching pair spaghetti-strap white high-heels. She smiled down at him, noting his jaw hanging loosely as his eyes roved over her body. “You like?” She enquired simply.

“Fuck! Yeah!” He managed to stammer in reply.

She did a slow turn before facing him again. “When I read Melanie’s outline she didn’t mention any clothing, so when you wrote about a dress like this I thought I’d buy one and see how you reacted.”

“I can’t believe it.” He responded. “It is EXACTLY as I pictured it in my mind. Babe….you look sensational!”

“As much as I’d like to stand here and enjoy you devouring me with your eyes, I think we’d better get dinner out of the way if we’re going to contact Melanie soon.”

“Let’s go!” He enthused, and followed her to kitchen. The prepared a simple but enjoyable dinner, and Dean was clearing the dishes by ten to eight. With the kitchen tidy he poured two glasses of wine and they headed for the den and sat expectantly on the couch.

“I’m kind of nervous about this.” Katie confessed.

“So am I.” Dean agreed. “But if it doesn’t go well I can just cut the connection and block her so that she can’t try to contact us again.”

She nodded thoughtfully. “That’s true, and she’s probably thinking the same way right about now.”

Dean smiled. “I guess so. She’s probably wondering if we’re inbred hillbillies who live in the middle of nowhere!” He glanced at his watch and then back at his stunning wife, and his fingers moved over the keys as he initiated contact. “It’s time to put everyone out of their misery.” He said simply.

They both held their breath as the screen flickered a couple of times, and finally they were face to face with Melanie. Dean was captivated as she was breathtakingly beautiful; slim, long tanned legs, breasts that were around a C-cup, and long black hair framing a face that displayed the slightest hint of Asian influence somewhere in her family history. He was unable to accurately judge her height as she was also sitting on a couch, though he felt she was probably an inch or two taller than Katie.

“Hi Dean! Hi Katie! It’s so good to meet you at last!” She greeted them enthusiastically. “I have to admit I’m so relieved to finally see you, as I really wasn’t sure what kind of people you were. I don’t mean any offence, but I was so worried that you’d be a couple of weirdoes in a dingy apartment somewhere!”

Dean and Katie smiled at each other and back at Melanie before Dean replied. “No offence taken Melanie, and let me assure you we were having similar thoughts ourselves. We even came up with a fast disconnect strategy just in case!”

“Well I hope you’re not going to do that now that you’ve seen me.” She replied with just a hint of uncertainty.

They shook their heads in unison. “I think we’ve already moved past that possibility.” Katie reassured her.

Melanie gave them a broad smile. “I just want to thank you again for my story; it was just…. breathtaking! So who did the work if you don’t mind me asking, or was it a joint collaboration? And how long have you been writing erotic stories?”

Katie jumped in before Dean had the chance to reply. “Dean is the writer in our household, and I think you’d agree he certainly has a way with words. I just get to enjoy his work, which is a very pleasant way to spend some private time as I gather you’ve already found.” Melanie’s eyes closed momentarily, and a dreamy smile appeared as she mentally replayed what had occurred when she read her story before Katie continued. “Believe it or not, the story that prompted you to contact us was his first, and it certainly took my breath away!”

Melanie’s eyes widened in amazement and she looked at Dean. “No way! Really? That story was just incredible. Ever since Peter and I split I’ve been on all these different sites, and most of them are pure rubbish, but your story just drew me in and I couldn’t put it down. I think I must have read it ten or twelve times now, and it still gets me going!”

Dean was actually blushing at her enthusiastic praise. “I’m glad you liked it.” He replied simply, not sure what else to say.

“I think you missed your calling Dean.” She went on. “Perhaps you should consider a career change? I think you’d be great as an adult film director.”

That had him blushing again before Katie laughed and cut in. “There’s no way I’d allow my husband anywhere near that level of temptation!”

Her emphatic comment had all three laughing heartily and they continued to talk, each progressively feeling more comfortable to disclose details about their lives. Katie and Dean told Melanie about their children and what they were doing with their lives, while she confided about the difficulty of finding a direction in her life after her husband’s betrayal. They exchanged details about careers, hobbies and interests, and Melanie relaxed to the point she admitted her favorite pastime was quality sex, but she was getting any, which had everyone including her laughing again.

They had been talking for over an hour when Katie leaned up to whisper in Dean’s ear. “I know you love me, but do you really, really trust me?”

He turned and gave her a quizzical look, as he had no idea where this was leading. “Implicitly!” He simply replied.

She grinned up at him and leaned up to whisper again. “I have something in mind but I need you to go along with it, as it’ll be a disaster if you don’t. I think you’ll REALLY enjoy it, but you have to be prepared to trust me and go with the flow. Are you up for it?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea where this is going but I’ll play along, and if I don’t like it then I’ll really enjoy extracting some payback later!”

She gave him a lascivious grin and turned back to Melanie, who was watching them whisper with an increasing sense of curiosity. “Hey Melanie, when you sent the first message to Dean about how much you enjoyed his story, I think you mentioned that it created a sense of voyeurism in your mind, as though you were standing watching his characters having sex. Was that right? Do you enjoy that kind of thing?”

Now it was Melanie’s turn to blush, though it didn’t prevent her from giving an answer. “Well I don’t go creeping around peering in people’s windows at night, but I don’t think you’re suggesting that. What I really enjoyed about the story was the images it created in my mind. I actually felt I was there with them, and that’s something I’ve never experienced before. It was very…intense….and I’ll admit I couldn’t resist the temptation to touch myself. I came so hard! In fact I do every time I read it, even though now I know what’s coming next.”

Katie took a deep breath and slid the straps of her dress from her shoulders, exposing her breasts before she took Dean’s hands and placed them on her chest as she continued to speak. “So if I was to ask Dean to squeeze and stretch my nipples until they were as hard as two little cocks, would that get you….interested?”

Dean looked bemused but immediately responded to her suggestion as Melanie replied. “Oh yes.” She said in a soft voice that was barely more than an expectant whisper. “Yes it would!”

Katie leaned back and felt the stretch of her breasts as Dean increased his grip on her nipples, a tiny moan slipping from her lips before she regained her concentration and leaned forward as her hands went to work. “And…..if I was to undo Dean’s belt like this, slide the zipper down like this, and give his beautiful cock some air, would that make you just a little hotter?”

Dean’s cock was exposed as the last words were spoken, and he was starting to realize how this was going to play out. Just the thought of behaving in such an erotic manner in front of a perfect stranger had his shaft growing longer and harder by the second.

They could see Melanie leaning forward as though she was trying to transport herself through the screen and join them in person. “Yes.” She hissed. “That would get me very hot Katie; and thank you. Dean does have a beautiful cock, and it’s so thick!”

“Isn’t it though?” Katie continued, wrapping her hand around his shaft and dipping her head toward Dean’s lap before she paused and looked directly into the webcam. “Would you like me to suck it? Do you want me to take it deep in my mouth and bathe it with my tongue?”

“Oh God!” Melanie groaned. “I was wish I was there to take it in my mouth! But yes Katie, please, I’d love to watch you suck Dean’s cock.”

With Melanie’s consent Katie opened her mouth and slid down, taking Dean’s cock deep into her mouth before her lips closed slightly and sealed around his shaft. He couldn’t help but groan and close his eyes momentarily, savoring the sweet sensations as he felt her tongue slide smoothly around him. He forced his eyes open and looked at Melanie’s image, seeing her leaning forward expectantly, and watching her hands drift toward her pussy, and then pull back.

Dean had never done anything remotely like this before, as his sexual activities had always been private pleasure between him and his partner. Now they were on open display to a complete stranger but he didn’t find this off-putting, if anything it only enhanced the excitement. With Katie otherwise occupied, it fell to him to continue this erotic exchange.

“Touch yourself Melanie.” Dean suggested softly. “I can see how much you want to, so why don’t you stroke your pussy while you watch Katie sucking my cock. I’ll be you’re wet already. Am I right? Is your tight pussy dripping?”

Katie gave his balls the slightest squeeze, as though she was enjoying his commentary and was trying to convey that she wanted him to continue. In the meantime Melanie groaned. “Ohhhh…..FUCK!” She seemed to reach a decision and stood quickly, sliding the straps of her dress down and slipping it down over her ankles until she was wearing nothing more than her heels. She sat back down and spread her legs, displaying a pussy with a tiny heart-shaped patch of pubic hair. She reached down and spread her labia, displaying a glistening coating of precum on her warm flesh. “Is this what you want to see Dean?” She hissed, and he nodded as he watched her. “Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this!” One hand cupped her breast and her fingers started teasing and pulling on her pink nipple, the other drifted down, stroking her exposed slit before she slid one slim finger easily inside.

Dean could feel the pressure building in his balls as Katie’s continued her skilful work, and while his senses were screaming that all he wanted to was cum, his mind was telling him to delay and enjoy for as long as possible. “That’s exactly what I want to see Mel.” He said softly, reaching down to cup Katie’s chin and draw her gently back from his twitching shaft. “Katie, come and look at Mel; she’s sliding a finger deep into her sweet little pussy. This is so fucking hot!”

Katie sat up, a long string of Dean’s precum suspended from her lower lip as she turned to face the screen. “She does have a sweet pussy doesn’t she?” She commented to Dean, and then she really surprised him. “If she were here I’d be tempted to kiss it, and then see what she tastes like!”

Dean nearly pulled a muscle in his neck as his head snapped around to look at her. “Really? You’re serious? You’d like to kiss Mel’s pussy and slide your tongue inside? Wow!!!”

Katie’s suggestion had an immediate effect on Melanie, who slid a second finger inside and started thrusting violently before she gasped, groaned and shuddered as she came. “Oh my God! Oh Fuck! I’ve never…been with a girl before, but right now I’d be willing to give it a try!”

“You’re full of surprises tonight babe!” Dean gasped in amazement to his hot wife.

Katie stood and smiled at him as her slid her dress down and soon matched Melanie’s state of undress. Then she took his hand and pulled him up, unbuttoning his shirt before causally throwing it away; and then helping him slip his shoes and pants off. Her small hand wrapped around his firm shaft and she stroked him a couple of times, before she got on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder at him. She started gyrating her hips, moving her lower body in a sensual, circular motion. “Why don’t you slide that fat cock into my hot, dripping cunt, and show our guest how well you can fuck?”

He was kneeling behind her in a heartbeat, his firm hands spreading her butt-cheeks as he slid his cock easily into her running pussy. “Yeah babe. That’s what I’m talking about!” Katie hissed as she felt him stretch her passage. He started thrusting slowly, savoring the feeling of her slick flesh gripping every inch of his shaft until they were both distracted by a squeal from the screen.

Mel was sitting forward and watching intently, her mouth open in amazement. “Oh Jesus, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t believe you’re letting me watch you fuck! Oh God! Ummm….give me just a second and please….don’t cum just yet!”

She disappeared from view, and they could hear her footsteps as she ran from the room. Katie grinned back at Dean. “Enjoying yourself babe?”

He was grinning down at her like a million-dollar lottery winner. “You have NO FUCKING IDEA!!!” He yelled enthusiastically. “This is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done!”

Her eyes closed for a second as she concentrated on the erotic sensations shooting through her slim frame. “Just don’t cum in my cunt babe ok? When you’re getting close I want you in my ass, hard and deep until you blow. I really want you to fill me with cum. Can you do that? Have you got a big load you’d like to pump deep inside my tight, slutty ass?”

“You know it Katie.” He responded. “Right now I feel like I could cum all night!”

“That’s what I want to hear. Now, before Mel gets back why don’t you slip in a finger in there and start loosening me up? That way I’ll be ready whenever you want to slide in there.”

He spat in the cleft between her butt-cheeks, and started working his saliva past her gripping sphincter as she breathed slowly and focused on relaxing. He slid inside easily and was just thinking of inserting a second finger when the rapid clatter of heels announced Mel was on her way back.

She threw herself onto her couch and gazed into the screen, holding a pink pearl-bird vibrator that was already spinning and buzzing. “Did you wait for me?” She asked breathlessly. “You didn’t cum yet did you Dean?”

It was Katie that responded. “It’s ok Mel, we waited for you.”

“Thank you so much!” She gushed. “I didn’t want to miss anything, but I knew I was going to need something better than my fingers for this!”

The vibrator headed downward, and around half of it disappeared in a second and without any trace of embarrassment or inhibition. They watched as she turned the speed up a notch, and soon she was involved in her own world of pleasure, though her eyes never left the screen.

Dean was thrusting harder now, and knew he wasn’t going to able to delay the inevitable for much longer. He tapped Katie gently on the shoulder and slid free, pushing her shoulders down to the floor. Knowing what was coming Katie reached back and pulled her but-cheeks wide apart, smiling up in invitation. Dean gripped his shaft firmly and leant forward until his dribbling cock head was nudging her entrance, and then with one push slid past her tight muscle.

Mel gasped and squealed. “No way! Katie, are you going to let him fuck your ass? I can’t believe this; isn’t it painful?”

Katie lifted her head and smiled dreamily. “You’ve never tried anal Mel? I thought from your story outline you’ve done it plenty of times.”

Mel shook her head vigorously. “Oh no! I mean, I’ve fantasized about it, and I even bought a small butt-plug and that was ok, but I never had a cock back there, especially one as big as Dean’s, and…..I can’t believe you can take it!”

Katie’s smile hadn’t shifted as Dean slid gently deeper. “Well honey, I have to tell you anal is one of my favorites, and Dean knows he can take my ass any time he wants, don’t you babe?” Dean nodded and grinned as he continued working deeper. “As long as you have a considerate, caring lover like my husband, and he takes the time to get you ready and allows you stretch, then it’s just…fucking….. fantastic!”

Melanie was struggling to concentrate as she pushed the vibrator deeper into her running pussy. “I’m just….so grateful…..that you’re prepared to let me watch you. This is….simply amazing…..more than I could have ever hoped for!”

Dean was rapidly approaching a massive release, finding it impossible to delay for a second longer, and was grunting loudly every time he thrust in hard. “Uhh….uhh…UHHHH! I’M…… CUUMMIINNGG!!!!” He roared as his cock twitched and started firing pulse after pulse of thick, scalding cum deep in Katie’s clenching shitter.

She grunted and squealed as she joined him, her juices bursting from her unobstructed cunt and spraying over his balls and thighs until trails of fluid were running down his legs. He continued to cum, pumping more of his juice until the pressure forced a thin trail of cream back past his cock.

In the meantime Melanie was enjoying a strong climax of her own, her whimpering sighs vibrating from the speakers as the sounds of hedonistic ecstasy filled every corner of the room. Ever so slowly the room went quiet, until the only sound evident was slow deep breathing. Dean’s cock was losing firmness until the pressure of his massive release actually pushed his shaft back and it slid fee with a soft, liquid pop.

Katie savored the feeling of his fuck-juice trickling down from her gaping sphincter, until it slid across her still oozing cunt and mixed with her own primal flow. She looked up at the screen to see Melanie slumped back on her couch, her eyes closed and a dreamy, satisfied smile on her face and the vibrator still wedged deep in her gaping pussy. There was no doubt it had been an amazing night that none of them would ever forget, the question was….where did they go from here? Was this to be a one-off connection that would never occur again, or would it be a new beginning in their journey of sexual exploration? Katie didn’t want it to end here, but there were others involved she couldn’t speak for.

She managed to half-climb onto the couch and took a long sip from her glass, waiting patiently. Dean and Melanie were slowly coming down to earth, and Dean got up and sat beside Katie as she passed his glass which he accepted gratefully. When everyone had recovered to a reasonable level of consciousness, Katie gave Melanie a subtle wink, and then turned to Dean. “I just want to talk to Mel for a minute babe, just some girl-talk. Do you want to have a quick shower and freshen up….for later?” She said with a suggestive smile.

Dean grinned at her none-too-subtle suggestion that they weren’t finished yet, though he wasn’t sure how long it would be before he was ready for action again, but took the hint and headed for the bathroom. He enjoyed a reasonably quick shower but made sure he cleaned himself thoroughly, and slid on a robe before heading back to the den. As he walked back in Katie told Melanie he was back, and he was surprised when he sat down and couldn’t see her, as he was looking at an empty couch.

He glanced at Katie and noticed she was flushed and breathing deeply, her breasts rising and falling quite noticeably. Before he could ask what was going on, she took control. “Melanie I have been talking about a few things and she really is a great girl, and I think I’d like to actually meet her and get to know her better.” She told Dean where Melanie lived, and coincidentally she was in an adjoining state which was only a two hour commuter flight away. “Anyway, she would be delighted to come over, and perhaps spend a weekend with us, provided you agree.”

Dean felt this was a very pleasant prospect as Melanie was such a stunningly beautiful girl, but Katie’s suggestion raised more questions than it answered, and there was one in particular. “I don’t have any problem with her visiting us, in fact I’d enjoy meeting her despite the fact that you two have clearly set me up after sending me away for a shower!” She blushed with embarrassment, but didn’t stop smiling. “So I’ll ask the obvious question to make sure I don’t misinterpret things or make a fool of myself. Is Melanie coming over for a purely social visit, or are you two planning something….a little more intimate?”

She couldn’t help but smile and spoke more loudly than normal. “Mel honey, Dean’s back. Can you come back on camera please?”

Melanie walked back into the picture, still wearing her high heels, but now with a ribbon tied low around her hips, with a bow resting just above her pussy. Dean took a long look and turned to Katie, who was still smiling at him. “In case you’ve forgotten it’s your birthday next Saturday, so we’d like to arrange a special gift for you.” She said, nodding toward Melanie’s image. “And…..if I feel the same way as I do now, I’d like to help you unwrap it!”

Both women looked at Dean expectantly, holding their breaths as they waited for his reply.

Dean was struggling to comprehend what was on offer, and took a few moments to realize the magnitude of the gift his loving wife was offering. He smiled at her, blinked back an emotional tear and softly stroked her cheek. “You are such an amazing, special woman, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. I will accept your gift thank you, but I really want you to know that this will not change how I feel about you, and the fact that I will always be your man.”

“I know.” She said softly. “If I wasn’t totally sure I could trust you I wouldn’t have taken this chance.”

She turned and faced Melanie, who was looking as excited as a child on Christmas morning. “You’d better book a flight Mel. I have a feeling next weekend is going to be an unforgettable experience for all of us!”


This story cannot be reproduced or copied in part or in full without the express permission of the author. Copyright 2012 and beyond, all rights reserved by Cynthia Wilde. For further information please email

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