This is for a submissive girl who loves my stories ;)
Mine Part 1: The Bet

God Greenview sucked. I hated this place more than anyone. I couldn't wait to finish up college and leave. Unfortunately I still had 3 more years to go since I was only in my Freshman year. Greenview University was my home away from home I must admit. The campus was alright and I had a room all to myself. I was lucky normally people get paired with a room mate but I think mine dropped out, Or had a nervous breakdown and went into Greenview Asylum for a psych eval. I didnt know which. There were only 2 reasons I hated this place. 1) there weren't alot of "Outcast" here. Mainly jocks, Preps, Populars, and Nerds. and 2) One of the only other male outcast's was a total dick. Now dont get me wrong. If your different, Rejected by the rest of the world and love it than you have my total respect. But this kid, ugh this kid was a pain in my ass. First off his name is Dirk. A total tool name. And second of all he walked around like he was a god among men. My nickname with my friends is Psycho. His nickname with his friends is messiah. Yup, Messiah. You hate him yet? Because I do. He's in my Psychologist class. I didnt want to be a Shrink I want to be a cook. But understanding the minds of people make it that much easier to minipulate them. We had bad blood from the beggining. I think he's mad that he's not the only male reject on campus. Aww poor little bitch. Mad because he's not a lone star. Ugh whatever. We had a little war going on. I got the last move by Posting a Male for Male ad on craigslist with his number. I didnt know if it worked or not but yesterday in class his phone kept ringing off the hook and he seemed pissed evertime a new call came in. I think I call that a success.

Anyway I was done with classes for the day which ment I get to hang out with my usual group of idiots and do what we do best. Smoke weed, Play hacky sack, And just enjoy ourselves. I walked through campus seeing all the girls with there boyfriends and some with their girlfriends. Me, I was single. It didnt bother me like it used to. After a while I got okay with being alone. I mean even though I didnt have a girl in my life I had some of the best friends a guy could have. I got on the street and walked away from campus and into town. I always made it a point to walk through the rich part of town. Sure It ment walking 10 extra minutes to Lukes house but the looks those rich fucks would give me when they would see me with my tattoos, piercings, and Tripp pants made it worth it.

After a semi-long walk and a bunch of horror filled looks later I was standing infront of looks apartment. And by the Sounds of guitars in the garage it seemed like he was home. I walked up the drive way and opened the garage door. I opened the door to see Luke on lead guitar screaming into the microphone as Jerry, and Mike played Bass, and Shawn on the drums.

"YOU TAUGHT ME EVERYTHING ABOUT A POISION APPLE!!!!" Luke screamed into the microphone until he opened his eyes and saw me. He stopped playing and put down his guitar. "Hey John so glad you made it man. How goes it?" He asked half hugging me as usual. "It's going pretty good my friend. I see you're still singing Nirvana." I said opening up the mini fridge in the corner of the garage and grabbing a beer plopping myself down on the black leather torn sofa. "Yeah we're just fucking around today. Playing for fun. Not for practice." He said grinning as Mike sat next to me looking down at the small little table infront of us. "Who has a piece?" He asked to no one in particular as he fished into his pocket and pulled out a small sandwich baggy full of weed. "I do." Said Shawn as he tossed this blue and green pirate pipe over to me. I smiled taking a Hack out of my pocket and tossing it to Luke. "Think Fast!" I yelled as he turned around and caught it with his foot kicking it up and down self-hacking. I opened my beer and took a big gulp. I just got through with the last of my mid-terms and I needed to relax more than anyone. "Hey Shawn close the garage door. I want to hot box the fuck out of this garage." Mike said taking out a lighter and putting the bowl to his lips. "I call Twos." I cried. "Three's" Luke said still concentraiting on the hack. "Fuck you guys." Shawn said laughing closing the garage door.

Thats how we spent our time. Just hanging out getting blazed and playing hacky sack. We stayed like that for a few hours until munchies kicked in hard. Shawn and Mike were on the couch smoking the 8th bowl we packed. "Yo who's on munchies?" Mike asked Passing the bowl to me. The room got quiet and than Luke, Shawn, and Mike screamed. "NOT IT!!!" I was to focused on the Hacky to notice what was going on but it sunk in about a second later. "Wha-Ahh fuck you guys. Im not going alone. I said kicking the sack up in the air and catching it on my head letting it roll into my hands and shoving it into my pocket.

"Fine" Luke said chuckling. "we'll all go. But first Empty your pockets let's see how much munchie money we have. We all emptied our pockets and dumped them out on the table. "Uhh...looks like $26.38" Shawn said counting the money. "Uhh, Mickey D's sounds real good right now." Mike said letting the smoke come out of his nose and mouth smiling creepily. He looked like something out of "Tales From The Crypt." "Mick Dicks it is." I said grabbing the money and opened the garage door. "Hey Luke. Grab your acoustic. I kind of want to jam to Dead Lovers Lane. I said walking out into the drive way. The day had gone and now the warm night sky filled my presence. I loved it.

We walked into town and everyone could tell we were stoned. I mean Shawn and Mike were trying to walk like frankenstine and I was trying to walk like a zombie as Luke was behind us singing Dead Lovers Lane. Whatever we walked into McDonalds and purchased our dollar menu food and walked out giggling like children. I don't know how you are when you're high. But me, Im aware of everything. Im like a fucking Psychic. I can sense trouble before it happens. And as we were walking back I kept noticing this care that followed us. At a certain point I started walking down random streets with the guys following me confused. At a certain point Luke walked ahead of Mike and Shawn and caught up to me. "Hey do know my house is like 10 minutes that way." He said pointing behind him. I was thinking and concentraiting very hard. "I feel like something bad is going to happen." I told him still looking ahead of me. He looked confused and than replied. "Does it have something to do with the car behind us?" He asked. I nodded and banged a coner walking into an empty parking lot behing an apartment building. I walked until I the fence dividing the next yard and the parking lot was in front of me. I turned around as Luke, Mike, and Shawn walked and stopped next to me. I was right. Trouble was coming. The car turned into the parking lot and stopped ten feet infront of us. It turned off and all doors opened.

I didnt know who it was at first but I looked real hard and saw the fimiliar douch bag emo haircut. Dirk. He got out of the drivers side and two of his little lap dogs got out of the back seats. The passenger door opened up and a female stepped out. That surprised me. I honestly thought Dirk was gay. "This ends NOW!" Dirk said with a look of determination on his face. I wasnt paying attention to him. I was paying attention to the girl. She looked fucking Hot as hell. She was kind of small. Well smaller than me. Skinny, a little pale. Beautiful brown eyes black lip stick. She looked like a suicide girl. Black tank top. Which I swear to God to stretching over her chest. "See that bitch?" I heard Shawn whisper. "Fuck yeah I do." Mike whispered back. What struck me the most was the collar around her neck. Dirk noticed I was staring and chuckled. "Her Names Kate. Out of your league. She only gets with Real men like me. Surprised? He asked. "Yeah." I replied. "I thought you were a Fag." I said seriously which got a chuckle out of my friends and I was surprised to see a hint of a smirk from the girl known as Kate. "EXCUSE ME!" Dirk yelled pissed off. "Well come on I always see you with Thing 1 and Thing 2 over there." I said pointing to his little followers. "I figured they were tag-teaming you. You always pegged me as the catcher in the relationship." I said chuckling which ended into a full blown laughing fit. Leave it to being high to turn a serious problem into a fun one. "Thats it. Im Kicking your ass!" He said taking off his hoodie and throwing it on the ground. I got a good look at him. Black Asking Alexandria shit. Gray skinny jeans and a white converses. He couldnt have looked more gay even if he tried. Now I have no problem if a dude wears Skinny jeans. Im just saying on him it looks a little iffy. I mean I'd never be caught wearing them.

"Yeah, And we'll kick your's!" Luke said standing beside me gripping his guitar tight. Mike and Shawn joined beside me looking equally as pissed. I was glad to know my friends had my back but I waved them down. "I can handle it guys. But it those two assholes jump in than have at it." I stepped forward and walked up to Dirk only 5 feet between us. "Ive been waiting for this for a long time." He said getting angrier and angrier by the second. "Jeez if you just couldnt wait to get your ass beat than you should have come up to me a long time ago." I said to him with a straight face. He looked at me and cracked up laughing. Now That got me pissed. Im not one to talk shit all the time, ask anyone. So when I step up ready to fight and say anything to your face you better take it seriously. "Please!" He said between gasps of breath. "I bet anything I can kick your ass." He said as he calmed down from laughing. "Than Bet!" I Shouted as my temper was at an all time high. He looked confused and then amused. "Fine, Hey Heroin head." He said looking past me towards my friend Luke. "Your in that band right? The one that usually plays down at the Hub?" He asked. How fucking dare he bring up my friends past addiction. I was ready to rip his head off. "Yeah why?" Luke replied. "Well we're thinking of forming a band but lack the equipment. If I kick your buddies ass here I get all your shit. Guitars, Amps, everything." Dirk said looking back at me. "Im not betting my frien-" I started. "DEAL!!!" Luke said back. I looked at him and gave him the "Are you sure?" Face. He responded by screaming. "Fuck this dude up Johnny!" I looked back at Dirk. "And what if I win?" I asked. Dirk chuckled. "You name it." He said cool like. I ran my hands through my shaved blonde hair thinking but Mike decided for me. "If he wins he gets your girl!" Mike said laughing and falling on his ass. Fucking pothead. I thought to myself. Dirk looked pissed and seemed ready to call it off. This might be fun. "Hey if you dont want to do it, than fine. Bitch out and show everyone what a coward you are." I spat at him. I knew that would get him,

"Come one Messiah you can do it." One of his friends said. "Crush this bitch." his other friend added. He seemed to be thinking for a minute. "Fine! Deal." He said before running at me.

The thing is, Is I dont throw hands. I throw people. I had Height and weight over Dirk. But he, he had speed like a crackhead and that I lacked. I was on defense for a few minutes as Dirk threw punch after punch connecting with one good punch out of every four he threw. I thought of a way to turn the tables in my favor but it would suck. I waited and waited. He threw one to the head and two to the ribs. I let my hands slide from my face to my torso to protect my ribs as he cocked his fist back and connected with a blow to my jaw. I stumbled back a few feet giving us space pretending to be dizzy after that last him. He ran at me with his fist cocked. Now was my chance. He threw the puch and I ducked grabbing him the waist. One arm picked him up as my right hand grabbed his face. I picked him up and slammed him down onto the hard asphault. I got on top of him and had my left hand on his neck as I took my right fist and started wailing on him. After six punches to the sides of the face (I didnt aim straight for the middle of the face. I didnt want to break his nose or anything.) I aimed my last shot at his mouth and struck it with as much force as I could muster. I got up quickly to see his friends walking towards me so I walked towards them and Luke ran beside me. They backed down slowly. Smart kids. I turned around to see Dirk on all fours coughing up blood. Before he could get up I rand and kicked him in the side of the ribs as hard as I could. He tossed over on his back and groaned holding his sides and coughed blood up. I stood over him and yelled. "ONE!....TWO!..." I stopped for a few seconds to see if he would get up. "THREE!" I said rasing my hand in the air as If a referee was holding my hand high. "I Won!" I declaired as my friends ran up and patted me on the back. I rubbed my Jaw it kind of ached. Dirks friends ran up to Dirk to check on him. I looked around and saw My Prize. Kate was standing next to the care emotionless as I walked up to her. I don't know why I did it. I blame it on the pot and the Adrenaline rush. But I walked up and Grabbed her by the waist pulling her into me. She gasped lightly and I leaned in shoving my tongue into her mouth. Maybe it was me but she didnt seem to be fighting. After a few seconds. I broke the kiss and looked at her. "Greenview U, Wing A, Room 86. Be there at 3 in the afternoon. Not a second early not a second late." I said before swatting her ass once causing her to yelp lightly and walked away with my buddies.

"Dude you totally kicked his ass!!!" Luke said laughing and patting me on the back. "Do you think he's still down on the floor?" Shawn asked. "Fuck if I know. Fuck If I care." I said reaching into the bag of Mickey D's and grabbing a few burgers shoving them into my lower pockets. "Man He probably pissed himself!" Mike said laughing. "We have got to celebrate!" "Listen Im just gunna go home and rest." I said cracking my neck. "Is it cool if I cuff a few nugs off you Mike till pay day. He fished the weed out of his pocket and his cigarette pack out of his other pocket. Putting the last cigarette in his mouth he put 4 decent sized nugs of weed into the pack and handed it to me. "No worries man you earned it tonight." He said. I said bye to the guys and walked back to campus and entered my dorm room sitting on my bed. My dorm was small. It looked like a studio apartment. Just a Fridge, Coffee table, Futon/couch and Flatscreen with a ps3. I sat down on my futon and fished Skye (My water bong) out from under my futon. I packed a bowl turned on my TV changed the channel to Chiller Network. Smoked a Nug to ease the pain in my jaw and passed out.

I woke up late in the afternoon. It was still dark in my room. I always kept the blindes closed. Today was my break from classes which was what I needed. I sat up in my bed and looked at my cell phone. 3:45 P.M. I looked up and saw someone sitting on the floor. It was Kate and she was staring at me. "Fuck!" I said startled. "You scared the shit out of me." I said hearing her giggle softly. "How long have you been here?" I asked. "Round 45 minutes." She said getting up. "And you just watched me sleep?" I asked. "You told me to be here. I showed up and you were sleeping so I waited until you woke up." She said smiling. I drank her in. Black jeans, Blue converse and a black Ramones T. "Why did you just wait?" I asked. "Well you won me. You didnt tell me to wake you." She said. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and than the events from last night came back to me. "Oh, Yeah, that. Listen sorry. I was just in the moment you didnt have to come by." I said. She walked up and sat on the edge of my bed. "I made myself useful." She said chuckling pointing to the table. I saw some broken up weed and a joint at the edge of the table. "Oh thanks. But why are you here?" I asked. "You won me." She said simply. "Im yours to do whatever with." Kate said shrugging. I looked at her neck to see the black collar she wore last night, But this time there was a little bronze tag on it that said "John" on it. I pointed to it and she looked down and chuckled. "I figured I'd make it official." Kate said smiling. "You're serious?" I asked. "As a heart attack." She said back. "Okay.." was the only thing I could think of as I was now wide away. She leaned forward and put her hand on my blanket covered lap. I groaned a little as she touched the spot where my morning would was at. She giggled. "Well someone seems to like this a little more than me." She said biting her lower lip. "It Morni.." Was all I got out as she ripped the blanket off of me and looked at my boxer covered dick. "Just relax." She said as she leaned forward and let my dick spring out of the whole in my boxers. I layed back confused but enjoying the situatuion. "Shall I take care of this?" She asked gripping her left hand around my shaft giving it a few slow pumps." I laid back on my futon resting my head on my pillow. "Go for it." I replied. I closed my eyes waiting for her to start moving her hand but instead I felt her tongue swirl around my head before leaning in and taking the head into her mouth. What a way to wake up. Kate went lower taking my cock deeper into her hot mouth inch after inch until I hit the back of her throat. She still had two inches to work into her mouth. But she started bobbing up and down sucking hard creating a tight seal on my cock. "Ahh, Damn." I groaned. It'd been a long time since I had my dick in a hot bitches mouth. And I was going to enjoy it. Her hand went down and rubbed my balls as my dick popped out of her mouth. She started to lick and kiss my dick all over. "Am I doing good?" She asked. I responded by reaching down, grabbing her by her hear which caused her to moan a little and slammed her mouth back down on my dick. "Does that answer your question?"

I moved her head up and down on my cock until it hit the back of her throat. "Take it all!" I hissed as I bucked up shoving the last two inches into her throat. She gagged alot as I took her head off my dick. I grabbed my rod and started furiously smacking her in the face with it over and over again. I looked down and saw her pretty face covered in spit and pre cum. I pulled her by the hair until her head was right next to mine. I shoved my tongue into her mouth kissing her furiously. I pulled her head away smacking her jean covered ass hard making her yelp. "Take off the jeans." I said as Kate got up and unbuttoned her jeans pulling them down showing me her nice juicy ass in a black thong. I pulled my hand back smacking her ass hard. "Get ontop of me and put your ass in my face and get my cock back in your fucking mouth!" I demanded. She did as told and got ontop of me in the 69 position. Katie leaned down taking my rode back into her mouth as I was staring at her juicy ass an inch away from my face. "Go Deeper take in all in your mouth." I told her. She tried but still was missing two inches. I cocked my hand back and spanked her ass three times hard leaving a light hand print. She moaned sweetly sending vibrations down my cock which felt amazing. "ALL THE WAY!" I repeated myself. I felt her bob her head down hard until I felt her nose on my balls. "Good Slut!" I said as I grabbed her ass making it jiggle lightly. I couldnt help it. I kissed her ass running my tongue on it before pulling her thong aside. Pure heaven. Her shaved, wet, naked cunt was right there. I stuck my tongue out licking up and down her hot moist slit causing her to sigh and moan into my cock. I stuck my tongue inside her feeling her walls clamp onto my tongue. Not only was this little fuck slut tight but she tasted amazing. I grabbed her ass pushing my tongue deeper into her tight cunt. My left hand snaked around her leg into the top of her pussy. I started to rub her clit fast and hard which caused her to take my cock out of her mouth and cry "OH GOD!" She moaned in complete pleasure. She started to jack me off hard and fast as I tongue fucked her hard and rubbed her clit faster and faster. "Jo-John" She gasped. I stopped was I was doing and smacked her ass even harder than last time. "Its Sir you fucking slut!" I said before diving back into her pussy again. "S-Sir Im going to cum soon, Oh OHH PLEASE CAN I CUM!?!" She begged sweetly. I stopped what I was doing and pushed her off my mouth.

"Get that hot fucking cunt on my dick!" I demanded. "Yes Sir." She replied as she turned around facing my squatting over my dick rubbing it up and down her slit a few times. She closed her eyes and kept rubbing it up and down her slit. I reached up and smacked her left tit hard through her shirt. "I SAID GET IT THE FUCK IN THERE!" I told her sternly. "Right away s-sir." She said before lowering herself down further popping my prick into the entrance of her tight tight fuck hole. We both moaned as Inch after inch disappeared into her tight, hot fucking cunt. The deeper it went the hotter she was. Pretty soon her ass touched my pelvis and she started bouncing up and down on my cock slowly but gradually picking up speed. I reached up and grabbed one of her fat tits. She responded by lifting her shirt up and tossing it on the floor. She wasnt wearing a bra the fucking slut! Her tits were just as juicy as her ass. Definatly D's maybe a starter double D which was surprsing. You only see skinny girls with tits this big if they're fake but these felt natural. Soft. I grabbed her by her back pulling her down to me. I took a nipple into my mouth sucking hard running my tongue around her nipple biting lightly. "Oh FUCK!" She cried which was music to my ears. I took her nipple out of my mouth. "Are you a fucking slut?!" I asked taking her tit back into my mouth biting a little harder which caused her to cry out in a mixture or pleasure/pain. "OHHHH Im a dirty Fucking Slut! Im your dirty fucking slut! Whenever you want me you take me! Im just a fucking dirty little slutty cum dump for youuuUUUUU" She cried louder as I started to thrust up into her jack hammering her tight little fuck box with my thick cock. I grabbed her by her juicy ass cheeks slamming them down onto my groin over and over again. I took her nipple out of my mouth and started to kiss and lick her tits all over. "Fucking Slut!" I growled. "Just A Dirty Fucking COCK SLUT!!!" I growled spanking her ass as I slammed into her. "S-Sir can I cum Please!!!" She begged over and over again. I was going to say no but I was close too. "Yes you can." I said before slamming my meat into her sopping wet twat over and over again until she screamed. "THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!" She cried as her pussy walls tightened up and clamped down on my cock as I kept pumping away. I felt my balls tingle and I knew it was coming. "Take this fucking load on your face!" I demanded as she weakly got up letting my cock pop out of her well fucked cunt. She turned around with an open mouth as I jerked my cock hard and fast. "Im gunna....OH SHIT IM CUMMING!" I moaned loudly as spurt after spurt came flying out onto her face. Maybe/hopefully some landed in her mouth. I didnt know and I didnt care. I closed my eyes as my cum kept flying out. It was easily the biggest load Ive ever shot in my life. Once m orgasm died down I looked at her and she stared at me as she took the liberty of cleaning my dirty cock off with her mouth. Her face had a bunch of my cum on it. Some landed into her hair She looked sexy as fuck. Id bend her over and fuck her again but I was tired out. "Dont wipe it off." I demanded. I snaked her thong and pulled it down. "You can go without these. I want you to get dressed and walk back to your dorm with cum on your slutty little face to let everyone know what a fucking hot, sexy, dirty whore you are!" I said taking the joint off the table and lighting it as she got up and got dressed. "Yes Sir." She repeated. As she walked to the door I walked up and turned her around kissing her lightly on the lips. (Thank God my cum didnt touch her lips.) " Whats your number?" I asked. She told me the digits and I typed them into my phone. She opened the door and I smacked her ass one last time for good measure. I closed the door and walked back to my Futon thinking this might not be to bad.


I sat in the campus library reading a book on Edgar Allen Poe. I didnt have a report to do on him or anything I just love his work. My mind kept flashing back to earlier today. Seeing her covered in my cum. having those big tits in my mouth ugh my cock was straining against my tripp shorts. I pulled out my phone and texted her.

John 8:23 P.M.
What are you doing?

Katie 8:24 P.M
In my dorm sir. Relaxing.

John 8:26 P.M
Dorm Number and Wing?

Katie 8:27 P.M
Wing C Dorm 316

John 8:30 P.M
Did anyone notice your new make up earlier today?

Katie 8:31 P.M
Yes, People were staring at me. A few Professors too. A heard people whispering I kept hearing Slut from a few students. It got me really wet.

John 8:33 P.M
Unlock Door.

I walked from the library to Dorm C which was an all Girls dorm. Needless to say I got disgusting looks form the girls in the dorm. I guess This is a no guy zone. I walked to the first floor and walked to Dorm 316. A girl from across the hall looked at me. My hard cock was strainging against my jeans. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard dick. The girl gasped. and I chuckled. I opened the door and walked in to See Kaite had almost the exact sameset up as me. Minus the futon she had a full bed and posters on the wall. She was talking on the phone with someone. I didnt care. She looked at me and smiled as I grabbed her by the hair and shoved my hard aching prick into her mouth. She instantly started sucking and slurping loudly on my rod occasionally saying "Mhmmm" or "Mhm Mhm" I guess she was still trying to hold the conversation on the phone. I grabbed her by the back of the head with both hands and started to roughly face fuck her. Spit kept flying from her mouth down onto her chest soaking her lower neck and cleavage in spit making it sticky and shiney. After a few minutes of her on the phone I grabbed it from her and put it to my ear. Some whiney girl seemed to be complaining about some guy. Not my concern. "Shes used right now. You can have her after Im done face fucking her." I said calmly into the phone and ending the call. Katie looked up at me for a second. "Sorry, Someone important?" I asked. She took my cock out of her mouth for a second and pumped it a few times. "Screw em." She said before taking my dick back into her hot moist mouth as her tongue swirled around my cock licking the underside tapping my balls when I pulled her in deep. One hand was forcing her head down harder on my rod and my other hand reached into her shirt cupping her big tit groping and pawing at it roughly tweeking and pinching her nipples as she moaned in pleasure. I pulled my dick out of her mouth slapping her in the face with it multiple times before I lifted her shirt up tossing it aside. I sat on her bed as she got on her knees in between my legs wrapping those giant fucking tits around my cock andpumping them up and down. "Who do you belong to?" I asked between gasps. "You Sir, Im all your until you say otherwise." She said with her cute voice. "Damn right." I said roughly as I pulled her head back down on my cock face fucking her hearing her gag everytime I slammed into her throat. "Take My Cock! Fucking Take It! Your My Fucking Slave! The Only things you worry about now is sucking, fucking, and pleasing me when ever and where ever I say! Understand?!" I said taking my dick out of her mouth. "Yes Sir, I promise Sir!" Katie said before shoving my cock back into her mouth. "Good Girl!" I repeated over and over. I let my hands travel down and played with her massive tits just enjoying myself. She took my cock out of her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head sending sparks down my spine. "Keep...Ugh God Keep doing that." I demanded. She giggled lightly breathing hot air on my dick as her tongue kept swirling around my head. It was pure pleasure. I didnt think I could take much more. "Ugh God...Kaite Im gunna cum...FUCK KAITE IM GUNNA CUM IN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!!" I shouted as I closed my eyes. She clamped down on the head of my cock and rope after hot, white, sticky rope of my cum flew into her mouth. It was alot to I saw some leak out of the corners of her mouth. But she swallowed as much as she could. Katie took my dick out of her mouth and smiled wiping the corners of her mouth and rubbed them into her tits.

I got up breathing heavy grabbing her face and kissing her deeply and passionatly making her moan a little. I got up and pulled up my pants heading for the door. "You dont have to go." Katie said quietly. Its Late and My RA is probably patroling the place. You can stay here tonight if you want." She said. It seemed like she was asking me rather than just suggesting it to me. "I dunno." I said thinking it over. "We can just chill out and watch a few movies. I got the Texas Chainsaw Massacre." She said smiling. Ugh Horror Movies. My weakness. I smiled walking over to her sitting next to her and kissing her lightly. "I think I can stay the night." I said smiling at her as I wrapped my arm around her pulling her tightly against me.


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