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This is a true story from my past and one of many good stories i have experianced . I will continue with what happens next in this story with my next post. please comment all you like or email me if you want to chat.
I was a junior in high school. I really wanted to hook up
with an underclassman in 10th grade.  Her name was
Amanda. Her sister was a very close friend in my grade.
Amanda and I talked a good bit, nothing more than friends.
Her sister and I had hooked up several times. Her sister's
name is Jennifer. My bright idea, was that I'll go get
serious with Jennifer in order to get a better opportunity
with Amanda.

Their parents loved me and openly encouraged as well as
planned for me and Jennifer to have alone time. I was close
and comfortable with the hole family. I was close enough that
I could slap Amanda's ass and pinch her nipples openlyand
playfully without anyone having a negative thought. 

After a year of dating Jennifer I practicly lived there more
than I did at home. Their mother always asked me what I
wanted for dinner every night not her daughters. (My parents
cooking sucks). 

One morning, I wake up at their house on the big leather
couch. Their mom gone to work, step-father (retired on
disability and alcoholic and drug addict) was gone, Jennifer
had left for school already due to an early morning band
meeting (she played flute and colorguard). Amanda comes
walking into the living room headed to the laundry room
wearing nothing but a pair of white panties. 

Amanda was an
excheerleader with a D-cup rack. She thought I was asleep. As
see her slowly walking by and texting, I say "morning Manda."
She did not even flinch just looked at me smiles and said
"good morning, I hope don't mind I'm waiting for my bra,
shirt, and pants to dry." I thought to myself of course I
don't care. However, the words that actually came out was "if you stand around like that too long and your going to have to do
something about my morning wood." To my surprise she said "
I'll take care of it anyway if you want." I glanced over
trying gauge her seriousness. She grabbed her nipples
pinching them. Then she says "You have teased me for so long
pinching my boobs and grabbing my ass." I smile a lil as I
pull my blanket off sitting on the couch in nothing but a
pair of shorts. My nine inch cock was rock hard and thick
standing at attention in my shorts. 

She walked closer in front of me dropping down to her knees.
She said "Pull it out." I did and she grabbed my cock in one
hand, my balls in the other. She looked up at me and spit on
my cock before licking her tounge around the head of my cock.
Her freshly straightened dirty blonde head lowers
on my cock. My cock is raging hard and the morning wood of
holding a piss in is going to make it longer and harder to
cum yet much more intensified feelings. 

Her luscious lips
wrap tightly around the head of my cock. I can feel her
sucking hard. Her tounge wiggling in the urethra of my cock.
I let out some loud moans as Amanda slowly takes more and
more of my cock in her mouth. She worked her mouth up and
down my cock sucking hard and working her tounge all around
my cock. She would back off my cock while squeezing it tight
and pulling her hand up ny cock making precum ooze out. She
look up with a smile as her tounge licked over my cock head.
I let out another loud moan. Then, Amanda suprised as she
went back to sucking my cock, she said "spit on my face." I
gave her a weird look and said "ok". Just as I agreed she got
more aggressive saying " spit on my fucking face." I was
surprised but, so turned on I looked as my cock disappeared
in her mouth and I gathered all the spit I could muster and
spit on her face. Splattered across her forehead and right
eye. She let out a big humming moan and took her hand off my
balls and started rubbing her clit. I could feel her drool
and slobber running down and dripping off my balls. It didn't
take long before her mouth clutched my cock tighter and body
tensed up with her own orgasm. 

As her own orgasm subsides,
she licks her pussy juice off her hand and says " I want your
cum in my mouth." She immediately went back to working my
cock up and down. I look back down at her with a grunt and
moan. I spit on her face again and she started milking my
cock. I could feel my cock clogging her throat and choking
her slightly. My cock somehow manages to swell growing harder
and thicker as I'm about blow my load in Amanda's mouth. Her
lips wrapped tightly around my cock and her tounge working
the bottom side of my cock, my hips lift as I tense up with
pleasure and ecstasy. My cock twitches and pulses as the
first rope of cum explodes from my cock and plastered the
back of her throat. Her eyes closed and face strained as it
unexpectedly choked her. My cock keeps spasming over and over
slinging rope after rope of cum in her mouth and throat. Her
lips never move from being locked down around my cock. After
what seems like the longest orgasm I have ever had, her
watering eyes open as she begins to swallow my huge load. It
takes her two big gulps and sucking it out of her nasal
cavity for a third swallow. 

To my suprise she still doesn't come off my cock instead, she
starts bobbing her head again up and down my cock. She's
doing it slowly. My cock is super sensitive and its driving
me crazy as the urge to piss comes on stronger as I have been
holding it for a long time now. I tell Amanda "You need back
off, I really have to piss and my cock is to sensitive to
hold it much longer if you keep this up." Her eyes closed as
I look down at her with my spit still glued to her face. It
doesn't appear as if she is heeding my warning. My cock still
rock hard and sensitive with the urge to piss coming on
stronger useing every muscle trying to hold it back. 

Then, it
becomes to much and I release piss in her mouth for second
before I regain control to hold it. I expected her to back
off and be disgusted. However, suprising me again, she
doesn't back off and swallows the piss. Her eyes still closed
and head bobbing slowly. The overwhelming urge is once again
to much and I piss for a few seconds in her mouth. 

quickly swallows not stopping her own actions. I continue to
release bladder every few seconds filling her mouth and she
swallows it all as quickly as it comes out. Once my bladder
becomes empty she backs off and says "Your not getting up til
you cum in my mouth again and I don't care what I have to do
to get it." I smiled saying "fuck yes you nasty slut." Her
mouth swallows my cock again. Bobbing her head faster and
faster. My cock plundged her throat over and over. I grabbed
the back her head and a handful of hair and started fucking
her throat, smashing her face in my crotch. The faster and
harder I slammed her head down jamming my cock down her
throat wether she was ready or not made her gag. I felt my
second orgasm coming on and I slammed my cock down her throat
and held her head down. 

The sweet sound of her gagging on my
cock pushed me over the edge. I thrusted up and shot my load
down her throat pulling back as I filled her mouth again. She
eagerly took my load holding in every drop til I finnished
and then she swallowed. Amanda squeezed my cock milking out
every last drop and lick my cock and balls clean. 

"That was fucking amazing Amanda. You're a nasty little
freak." She replies "I know but, you have only scratched the

I look at the time. It's 9:30, we are an hour and half late
for school and not even ready. She stands up, her face and
chest is just a mess. I say "You need a shower." She just
smiled and said "I'm not going to school today. 

"Well then, I think I just might as well skip out too." 

Just then her step-dad pulls back in to the drive way. Amanda
runs back to her room and I pull my shorts back up. Her
step-dad walks in and says "sleep late." I reply "yea, so did
Amanda. We decided to just skip today." I'm pretty sure if he
wasn't drunk and high already he would have known that
something just happened. 

He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and told me I could help
myself if I wanted. He went back outside and out to the
detached garage. 

I get up and walked back to Amanda's bedroom opening the door
and she was sitting on her bed still in nothing but her white
panties, didn't even clean herself off. 

I ask "What if I was Robert walking in here?"

"He wouldn't even recognize I was naked. He stays so fucked
up, I can't count how many times he has walked in on me and
Jen naked or masterbating and said what he wanted to say and
left. He never even notices."

I shut her door behind me saying "Did you enjoy yourself."

"Well I was hoping we weren't done.

I said, "I think I'm up for more. What do you have in mind

Amanda said, "Anything you want as long as you finish in my
mouth." She adds, "I know where Robert's viagra is if you
want to try it?"

I thought to myself, why not, then told her to go get it. She
leaves her room  and comes back with two blue pills. I
take the pills and tell her to get me a bottle water. She
leaves again and comes back with a bottle water. She shut her
door after walking back in. 

I take both pills thinking I probably should only take one
but, I'm young and I want to fuck this freak all day. 

I stepped closer to the bed where she was sitting and told
her "Your ass is next."

She slid her white panties down. She had a completely shaven
pussy. Amanda crawled up on the bed bent over with her ads up
in the air. I ask, "Do you have anything for lube?" She
responds, "no just spit on my asshole."

I shrug, "You know its gonna hurt like fuck." Amanda quickly
looked back at me and said, "Make it fucking hurt." After I
smile she adds, " I kinda get off on the whole pain,
humiliation, and degradation thing."

"Ohh really!" Thinking to myself, I am going to have a lot of
fun with Amanda. Jennifer her sister that I'm dating was a
kinky and freaky too. However, Amanda is hotter and might be
more kinkier and freaky. 

I drop my shorts and lift her head up by a handful of hair
and she takes my cock in her mouth. She starts to suck me
hard. After about two minutes I'm rock hard again. 

I continue
to let her suck for a couple min after getting hard until
Robert tried to walk in. She had locked her door but, it
still made me jump a little bit. Then, he yells "Amanda,
where is the keys to your car? I need to move it so I can I pull my truck in the garage."

She backed off my cock and grabbed her keys. She cracked the door enough to hand him the keys. Then, she shut the door and locked it back. She turns to me and says "See, I told ya he doesn't notice." Amanda walked her naked body back to the bed  and got on all fours ass up. 

Amanda looks back at me, "What are waiting for fuck my ass." 

I moved behind her spreading her ass cheeks apart and I spit directly on her tight little puckered asshole. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the head of my cock against each her asshole. 

I rared back and slapped her ass hard leaving a hand print across her ass. I started to push my cock into her asshole. She let out a soft moan at first but quickly turned to grunts as the head of my cock was in and the shaft following. With about half ny cock in she belts out, "fucking fuck me." I grabbed her hips and spread her ass cheeks. I thrusted hard ramming all nine inches deep in her asshole. She let out a loud screem in pain "God damn it fuck." I didn't begin slow or easy. I immediately began slamming my cock in and out as hard and fast as I could. Her moans and grunts turned to cries but she demanded that I not ease up. My ball sack slapped her pussy which I quickly noticed was soaking wet. I pulled completely out and thrust back in. 

I raised my left hand slapping her ass and the reached down and grabbed a handfull of hair yanking her head back. " Ooowww fuck fuck uuhhh god damn it fucking hurts." She screened out. Her beck bent back looking up my hand crashed on her ass again pounding away. I refuse to ease up or slow down. Her ass was blood red while I continued to spank her over and over. 

My cock swelling bigger as my own orgasm was drawing near. After 15 minutes of doing this I can't hold back my orgasm anymore. I yanked my cock out of her asshole and pulled her head by her hair to the edge of the bed and pushed her over on her back. Her mouth wide open and waiting I pushed my cock straight from her asshole into her mouth. She locked her lips and sucked with tears on her face. My entire cock was in her mouth and down her throat as the sensation peaked. I slowly pulled back as I started cumming. Another explosion in her mouth. Her lips and tounge milked my cock. I almost fell when my knees buckled in mid orgasm. As I finish and pulled out of her mouth she showed me the huge load before swallowing. 

"I came four times." She softly said. She showed me her pussy which was drenched and sloppy now. 

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