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How 19 year old Adam and his twin sister become the playthings of an evil dominatrix
This is how I made two 19 year old twins my sexual playthings – I will call them Adam and Cassi (not their real names). Adam has been a devotee of mine for some time; he had initially discovered me on Tumblr and then exchanged e-mails. I discovered that he lived within travelling distance of my establishment and he had been allowed to participate as a voyeur at some steamy parties. From my few exchanges with him it became apparent that he was a bi-submissive. Then I discovered that he had a twin sister, so I gave him some special attention.
I arranged for him to be invited to a personal domination session, I am advised that when the invitation was personally delivered he almost wet himself with excitement. When he arrived he was met by one of my devotees and ordered to remove all his clothes and then to crawl naked on his hands and knees down the concrete steps into my dungeon. By the time arrived his knees and palms were grazed and bleeding.
I was waiting for him in the dungeon and had dressed specially so as to tease him. I was wearing only long leather boots, a black leather suspender belt and sheer black stockings, long leather gloves with studs at the knuckles and a leather mask covering my eyes. I allowed Adam to stare at my 38DD breasts and smooth silky pussy. I had vigorously masturbated before he arrived so my pussy lips were slightly swollen.
As Adam crawled into the room and I spread my legs so that he could gaze at my pussy, I was excited because I knew what I had planned and so my juices were flowing. I allowed him to approach and to sniff my pussy; I even let him touch me with his tongue. By then he was quite aroused. Stepping away I selected a leather hood with just holes for the nose and mouth. I covered Adam's head and secured it in place. He was now sightless and his hearing was significantly reduced. I made him kneel with his hands behind his back and I secured them with a cable tie and then fitted a slave collar complete with leash around his neck.
I commenced his punishments by using my riding crop to slap his balls and prick; I covered the mouth hole in the hood with my pussy and instructed him to tongue me, an experience I enjoy and so allowed this to continue for several minutes. Occasionally I covered the nose hole in the mask so that Adam had difficulty in breathing. That really got him aroused and by the time Adam had brought me to my first orgasm of the night my guests were assembled in the dungeon.
I had invited three male guests for the evening entertainment; each of them desired young men. Each was dressed in leather straps and wore hideous masks so that their identity was hidden both from each other and of course from Adam when his hood would be removed later in the evening. The only thing the men had in common was their massive cocks that were fully aroused having witnessed Adams performing oral sex.
It was time to let the men have some fun with Adam and so I sat in my winged chair and spreading my long legs slowly masturbated as the men surrounded him. He had absolutely no idea what was happening. Whilst one of the men was fondling Adam's nipples another got onto his hands and knees and taking hold of the boys erect cock ran his tongue across the engorged head and along the shaft before fully taking Adam’s cock into his mouth. Adam was confused and frightened he had no idea the men were in the room, he just knew there was more than one person present and was turning his head from side to side trying to establish what was happening.
The third man, an Arab with a 10" snake stood in front of Adam and using his huge hands he held the boys head still. Stepping closer his massive cock penetrated the mouth hole in the hood straight into the boy’s unsuspecting mouth. He grasped Adam’s head even tighter and moved his hips forward forcing his snake deeper into the boy’s throat. The Arab face fucked the boy showing him no mercy each thrust causing Adam to gag.
The Arab was a perfectionist; he set up a steady rhythm pulling his cock to the boy’s lips before pushing it deep into his throat. On a couple of occasions when his cock was buried deep in Adam’s mouth the Arab would pinch the boy’s nose cutting off his air supply. Finally the Arab let out a loud growl and pushed forward shooting his load into Adam’s throat. He held his cock in the boy’s mouth so that Adam had no choice but to swallow, this was the first time Adam had tasted cum.
The other two then fed Adam their cocks and ejaculated into the boy’s mouth before I removed his hood. Although Adam had swallowed three loads of cum there was still residue inside the hood that I made him lick up. It was only then that Adam became aware of the 3 men with their hideous masks and their erect cocks. He begged me to let him go but I told him this was just the start of the evening and before he finished he would have to surrender his ass to each of the men.
That's when the men joined forces two holding Adam in position as the third fucked his ass. Adam screamed and fought throughout, but this only encouraged the men to be rougher. The Arab was the last and by the time he had finished Adam's ass was ripped and bleeding and the boy’s screams had turned to whimpers.
Standing I instructed the men to roll Adam onto his back where I straddled him and lowered my pussy onto his mouth allowing him to bring me to orgasm. When I was fully satisfied I stood and with my feet each side of Adam’s head I urinated over his upturned face, the men followed my lead covering the boy in their piss.
About an hour later and after the men had left one of my devotees brought Adam before me; he was cold and frightened and smelt of piss and cum. I was seated in a chair in the middle of the room wearing a black leather mini dress that barely covered my thighs. I spread my legs allowing Adam to gaze at my uncovered pussy which I slowly masturbated before slipping two fingers inside. I instructed Adam to masturbate, but just as he was nearing ejaculation I stopped him. I did that 3 times until finally I allowed him to cum.
After Adam was cleaned up and had been given his clothes back I showed him the photographs and an excerpt from the DVD filmed during his spell in my dungeon. He was told him that unless he brought his sister to me and that she was willing to serve me I would publish the photographs and make sure his parents saw them. That's how I came to enjoy both Adam and Cassi last night, which was one of my more memorable sessions. Cassi had to be broken; whilst Adam was very submissive she thought she was strong and she was going to rescue her brother from my clutches. Now she is another of my sluts, but it took a long time and I enjoyed every moment of Cassis’ transition.

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2013-03-01 00:40:43
Beautiful post. I always try to snap a few of patrnes with their children even if they were not planning on being in them that day. I know I should be better about pictures with my own family as well. Happy birthday to your father.a0

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