Katies business

Katie was involved in her sex business and made good money. Her clients were so good to her And many of them had been going to Katie to fuck for more than five years now. The dilemma was how could she tell her husband what her business was, there was no doubt in her mind , he would leave her and take the kids. Her little boy and girl meant the World to her. But she wouldn't close her business either. She had no one to talk to, except she thought Chuck, her Cousin who she loved unconditionally. She went to her directory and called, this is Chuck, hi honey this is Katie. Oh my Your voice is omg Katie is it really you? Oh Chuck I have missed you, and I have missed you Katie. Are you alright? Chuck I need someone to talk to I was wondering if you could come to my business on Saturday say around two. I would Love to see you to maybe do some catching up? I'll be there sugar two it is.

The next few days passed slowly but Saturday finally came. Katie had to cancel all her appointments the rest of the day.But at two sharp Chuck walked through the door, he saw Katie sitting at her desk across the room. He held her eyes to his As he crossed the room, he picked her up and kissed her so sweetly. Katie said let me show you around my place see what You think. There was her office, with a very small kitchenette, the huge bath with jacuzzi tub and huge shower, then the two Bedrooms. As Katie turned off the light in the last bedroom Chuck pulled her back in and turned the light on, he started Taking his shirt off and Katie did the same there clothes laid in a heap and neither of them stopped for a moment. Katie Jumped up in Chucks arms and her legs wrapped around his hips, he tried to enter her slowly but he was to big, so he Pulled what little he had gotten In. Katie handed him her lube and she helped get him Ready again.

Katie and Chuck fucked for five hours straight  no questions  just fucking pent up need and frustration. Katie has always said That Chuck was the only man that completely satisfied her. He knew she was his woman from the time he first saw her. It was one of those cliche's, love at first sight. honey let's take a shower then I need to talk to you. The minute Katie Stepped into the shower Chuck picked her up and slammed his cock into her, he wasn't ready to talk at all. He fucked me Hard for an hour I came for a solid hour not wanting it to ever end. He carried me out and set me on the edge of my desk He got down and started eating my pussy, he had a his thumb rubbing my clittoris his fingers swiftly stroking and all the While he sucked my inner lips and licked me dry each time I  came. I moaned and thrashed around and called his name I was indeed in heaven. I begged him to stop and he finally did. Be asked me what was up.

Oh honey I hate to burden you with my problems but I needed someone who could help me, that understood me. So here It is.... I believe my husband is getting ready to divorce me, at the least he is having an affair. I want to divorce him now. But he can't find out about my business here or I risk loosing my kids. He has no idea how much money I make, I have a Significant bank account off shore, that he knows nothing about. He has never even been here, so he has no idea this Isn't a bakery/kitchen. Katie do you have a plan for what you want after the divorce? Where do you want to live? Are you Truly going to stay here with your business? Katie said, I want to move possibly to New Zealand, I have read so much about it And I love the climate, not to hot but not cold either, I thought you and I could be a couple there. You would be Uncle Chuck To my kids. Wow you have been planning. Katie my love you need a lawyer a really good lawyer, but one that doesn't want
Publicity. I am thinking that some how you need to shut your business down and make your move before the divorce actually Time the move and the divorce to be the same. I believe with a good lawyer you may be able to buy your husband out of Your life. Oh now that's a thought katies wheels were turning now.

Let's not waste anymore time honey I have you until three in the morning if you can stay with me? The words were barely out When he kissed me and fucked my mouth so completely that I didn't notice he had me in bed already. Missionary style was Only good to get my juices flowing, he couldn't get his cock allmthe way in like that but he loved stroking his big cock so we Could both watch as he stroked in and out of me, it was so hot i moaned at the sight of him penetrating pussy. Then he got on His knees and pulled me onto his lower thighs and pushed his cock the full twelve inches into me. I came and begged for him To be still until I could rest a minute. He did a soft grind In pussy that eventually got harder and harder, it was painfull but at The same time I loved every inch of him. Once we both agreed he pulled his cock I had to leave for home, we kissed good
Night and agreed on the days and times he could come to my business.

I spent the next month looking for and interviewing attorneys, I narrowed it down to two and today was the final decision, I Had them both coming in at the same time. I had them do a mock argument for and against a payoff to my husband. The Younger attorney was much more polished in his speech but he got hung up to often when asked why this or why that. I Chose the older man and made him my offer to handle this for me. The exception was, he wouldn't get paid if he failed.My husband had no idea this was coming down it was a very cold day in March, it was about to be very hot him.

My attorney had insisted on a retainer so he could pay his investigator. I had seen his evidence and wasn't surprised by it. My husband came to the meeting with his own attorney but was warned that if he intervened the meeting would be over. I would simply take my photo evidence and file another suite, one that would splash us both all over the news. My husband Was told that I planned to move to New Zealand in three weeks, that I had already purchased a modest home there and A small business unit, he was given the cost of each.
He would be given two airline tickets for each of the children to Visit twice a year. He would get no money from me, he would have to pay child support. According to his records of Filing our income tax he barely made enough to pay for my wages. He was lying again, and my attorney said he thought IRS would be interested to see ten of his twelve check stubs for that year. His child support was to be one thousand per Child per month until they had finished college. He would also pay for there college. His interest in the house was zero, My attorney gave him the legal papers to put the house soley into my name, if he wished to stay there his rent would Be three thousand a month. He objected to that, so the paper work to show that each time I gave him money for the month He made a house payment and the balance paid all other bills. So where was his money? My husband started to say Several things about expenses, my attorney handed him photo copies of his checks being deposited in a bank under his Girl friends name. He then handed him the pictures of there child. The papers were signed the meeting was over. All that Had to be done now was have a judge put the order in for custody etc. And I didn't have to stay for the proceedings. I thanked my attorney and of course paid him two hundred thousand, he had after all kept my business a secret and my Own off shore savings from being discovered.

I called Chuck right away to come to my business office and filled him in on all the details as he tenderly kissed and fucked Me. My business suite had been sold and I had just a week left to sell the contents or remove them. My almost ex had The kids for two days so Chuck and I stayed there and fucked each other like we were kids again. I finally asked him If he was coming to New Zealand with me? When he said no, I was crushed, I began to cry asking him why? He said he didn't have money like I did and he didn't have the skills for the jobs that were available in that country. I said that was Crap, and asked what the real reason was? He finally said there was more to life for him right where he was. I didnt Believe him and told him so, but wished him the best and asked him to leave. It was the saddest time of my life at that Point. One of the reasons I persued moving to another continent was so no one would know us or know we were cousins.
That no longer mattered and I realized how much this move was for me to leave my past as far behind me as possible.

Katies next chapter soon if you are interested?

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2013-01-26 03:52:01
1. Why is she bitching he's cheating when she's a hooker (she's not good enough to be a whore)
2. This is impossable to read, you never know who's talking, or when they are called QUOTATION MARKS ya know they look like this " you put them around what the person is saying. (Note Every time a different person speaks you should start a new paragraph)
3. I get that a mother would care about her kid no mater how bad she is (Example: Xena), but I still think this could have been done in a better way.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-25 11:16:18
Good stories make you care about the protagonist. Sadly, this does not. She has no morals and all of a sudden cares for her kids? She took this path for her own reasons and is now shocked at the results.

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2013-01-25 11:12:03
Kind of hypocritical of her to be constantly cheating on her husband as a paid whore and complain that he might be cheating.

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2013-01-25 10:50:20
I can say that if she has been running her nasty ass as a paid whore for the past 5 years is she really surprised that her husband is getting some on the side? I have no sympathy for this hooker. I hope the husband found out about her banging her cousin and being a whore and takes her for everything. At the very least for the danger she put him in for possibly passing along an std. If she wanted to do this then she should have been honorable in the first place and told her husband. She is the guilty party and she is also showing no respect for her kids either. Just selfish ways.

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