Vivian receives some marital advice from an unlikely source.
Chapter Eleven – A Sympathetic Ear

The pair head out arm in arm. They are both still riding the high of their time with Cassandra. But the thoughts plaguing Frank ever since the Hostess made an innocent remark put a damper on his post-sex euphoria. He wonders internally how he is going to discuss the guilt that haunts him with his wonderful wife. However, she prolongs the wait a little more. She is making her own plans for a private conversation. While he is not looking, she slips one of her diamond earrings into her purse.

"Damn," she exclaims. Her fingers fondle her empty earlobe as if searching for the missing jewel. "I think my earring must have fallen off in the room. Why don't you go ahead and bring the car around? I'll only be a minute."

She kisses him goodbye, and he's grateful for the alone time to sort out what he needs to say.And maybe how to even start the conversation. They part at the elevator and Vivian returns down the hall to retrieve her jewelry. At least that's what she hopes Frank believes. When she drops the card into the suite's lock, she has her own batch of uncomfortable thoughts swirling in her head.

Cassandra watches them leave the bedroom and listens for the click of the door shutting. As soon as it clicks shut she works her anus just enough to let Dexter pop free. He wanders off for a little tongue bath. She collapses onto the comfy pillows for a minute before stumbling off the bed. The abundant activity leaves her a little sore and she works out the kinks in her muscles as she moves around the room cleaning up the little messes here and there.

Once the room is a bit tidier, she goes into the bathroom to clean off what remained of her sweat and fluids. Right when she is putting on one of the hotel robes, the door opens. She walks out to the main room to greet her visitor.

"That was quick, honey. I thought you would be . . ." she begins. But her words falter when she sees who it is.

"Sorry," Vivian says. "I didn't know you were expecting someone. I thought you might still be occupied so I let myself in." She waves her used keycard to emphasize her point.

Cass gives her a carefree smile. "Don't worry. I'm not expecting company for a while yet. That's why I was surprised when I heard the door. Did you need something?"

Vivian picked at the plastic key in her hands. She made the decision to return because she thought it might be easier to hash out her problems with someone unconnected to them, but her tongue remains firmly tied. Even though her mind screams out to try and communicate her needs, her mouth refuses to listen. But the confusion and pain show plainly on her face.

Cassandra easily recognizes that something is obviously troubling the older woman. She puts her arm around Vivian and leads her into the bedroom. The two sit down on the edge of the bed together. She lets Vivian have a few minutes of silence to break the silence herself. When it is obvious that Vivian's issue is not forthcoming, she asks, "What's the matter?"

As if the words had miraculously loosened Vivian's tongue, she blurts out, "I want my husband to fuck me!"

Vivian covers her mouth with her hand. Her mind was shouting it so loudly between her ears that she cannot believe she said it out loud. For a moment she hopes that she did not really say it, but looking sideways she can tell from Cassandra's shocked face that it was out there. And now that the first leak is exposed in her mental blockade, a torrent of words explodes out of her mouth.

"We haven't had sex in I can't tell you how long. And for a while I was fine with that. We were both busy. We were tired and didn't have the time. But then he started going to escorts. And rather than feel cheated, I was aroused. Watching him have sex with young women turned me on. And I gained a new love of pleasuring myself with toys.

"But all the while the need for something real between my legs was niggling in the back of my mind. Watching my husband and getting myself off helped keep the needs at bay, but they had come back and have not gone away. And tonight I was eaten out by both Frank and Morgan. I finally had someone's hot living tissue inside me again and it felt better than I even remember.

"But sex is not something either of us are comfortable with talking about.And I'm afraid that Frank has everything he wants now and wouldn't be interested in change. Hell, I'm not even sure he's still attracted to me. Every woman I've seen him with recently has always been, if you'll excuse the generalization, of your ethnicity. What if my being white puts him off now?"

Cassandra's mind reels. She tries to absorb all of what Vivian is saying in some effort to offer help. Vivian, for her part, is breathing heavily like she recently finished a marathon. Cass holds her shoulder tight in a vague attempt to comfort the older woman while she mulls over the problem.

"I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as your husband's sex drive. Even with you alone. I saw the way he looked at you while we were together and it was anything but lackluster. As far as the two of you talking things out, I don't know what to say that would help. But I do have an idea on how you could get what you want. That is if you are willing to be a little deceptive."

Vivian looks up at her with such hope that warmth spreads through Cassandra at the possibility of helping the frustrated wife. She sketches out her plan for the couple in detail. Vivian listens with rapt attention to Cassandra's suggestions. She is unsure of her ability to pull it off, but the prospect makes her juices start to flow again. Likewise Cass feels her freshly washed pussy start to drip during her explanation.

The two women are unaware of each other's arousal, but the finely tuned canine nostrils are far better at picking up their scents. The two vaginas waft pheromones through the air towards Morgan and Dexter. The Shepherds orient on the talking women straightaway. They are too well-trained to take immediate advantage, so they sit in front of the women hoping for the proper order.

When Cassandra finishes her explanation, Vivian turns her head away. She wants the idea to work out, but worries about what she'd have to accomplish to pull it off. Still, she reasons, it would be easier than opening up to her husband about her needs if the last few decades are any indication. While she thinks the plan over, her eyes naturally fall on the pair of panting dogs sitting patiently before them.

Vivian gasps audibly bringing Cassandra's attention to them as well. Their training may be enough to prevent their action, but it can't fight biology. The nearness of two women in heat, one of which they frequently mate with, brought their dual red rockets out of their respective sheaths. Cassandra worries that the sight of dog cock might be a bit much for the vulnerable woman so she attempts to reassure her.

"Don't worry, they are perfect gentlemen. They won't use those unless I tell them to."

"Does it hurt?" Vivian asks.

The question seems to come out of the blue and startles Cass into a muted, "Huh?" in response.

"I did not see either of them mount you, but from the explanation I assumed that you have sex with them. I've seen dogs mating and it always seemed like they were nothing but a blur of motion in the thick of it. Does it hurt when you take a dog like that?"

A little shiver runs through Vivian at the lurid words spilling from her lips. More than the words, the pair of tongues and several orgasms of the night have left her hungry for more. She knows the sight of the two erect dicks should be disgusting to her, but all she feels is desire. She envisions Cassandra taking Dexter's wild humping and it makes her flush with arousal. Even more, her mind supplants herself inside the vision. It no longer holds the fear it did earlier in the evening.

Cassandra answers the only way she can. "God no. They are so strong and fast. They are probably the best lovers I've ever had. Whenever I feel their legs wrap around my waist I know I am in for the ride of my life. Every single time."

The blunt and naked desire in Cassandra's voice causes Vivian to whine with need. Cassandra sees that she can help the older woman in another way. Her guest shouldn't be ready for some time yet. So she has some time to kill. She rises off the bed. She separates Vivian from her purse and walks over to the nearby dresser. Cassandra retrieves a couple items from a supply she placed in the dresser earlier. She drops them into Vivian's purse and sets it on top of the furniture.

"You can keep these," she explains once she is sitting beside Vivian again. "You'll need them to implement the plan. Then again, if you wanted you could still try out Morgan before you leave."

The dog's ears prick up at his name, but he maintains his distance. Vivian breaks eye contact with the pair for the first time to turn to Cassandra. She shakes her head in negation, but her cheeks redden deeper with a sex flush.

"OK, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. But if you were willing, it would be a very nice way of thanking Morgan for his earlier seek and find mission."

Those words are exactly what Morgan was waiting for. Like a flash he darts forward and jams his muzzle under Vivian's dress. Before she can make a noise, his tongue swipes along her moist slit.The moan of protestation becomes a moan of pleasure in mid-utterance. His tongue works like a finger flicking a light switch. One lick over her burning clitoris and it reawakens the smoldering fires of her prior orgasms.

The next lick starts a brand new one surging through her. Her body shakes heavily against Cassandra's supporting arm. Her hand scratches Morgan's head. She pulls him closer with desperate rubs. His tongue swipes between the crack of her ass and up through the folds of her vagina. His maw opens wide and drives the muscle into her love tunnel. The touch of his organ filling her makes her go limp in Cassandra's arm.

Cassandra eases Vivian back to the bed. Vivian writhes like a woman possessed. Morgan drinks deeply of her fluids and drills into her hole searching for gold. That tongue. That wonderful tongue. It digs, licks, flicks her clit. He does his level best to remind her how good he treated her the last time he had her under his tongue.

Cassandra watches her dog feast on Vivian. Her arousal grows almost as fast as the recipient of the oral attention. Her pussy seeps and she briefly debates calling Dexter to join the party. But she knows she will have time to enjoy them both for the rest of their lives together. Instead of satiating her personal needs she defers to the greater good.

Her hands reach down towards her lapping pet. Fingers curl around the hem of Vivian's dress and shuffle it upwards. The fabric pulls against Vivian's ass. The friction of her wiggling body grinding into the mattress keeps the dress where it is, but the pulling distracts her. The waves of her orgasm spread out along her skin with every lick. The moving clothes disturb the flowing warmth like a levy breaking a wave.

Vivian jiggles her ass off the bed long enough to aid Cassandra's efforts. The dress rises up past her breasts leaving Vivian to wallow in canine tongue induced ecstasy. The smooth fabric runs over her nipples making Vivian hunch forward. The competing sensations meet in her belly and tighten her abs. Cassandra takes advantage of the shift to arrange the cloth around Vivian's neck. Careful not to pull her hair, Cassandra divests Vivian of her clothing and sets the dress on the nearby chair.

Vivian reclines on the bed quaking with orgasm. Her only clothing is now the low-cut pair of panties pushed aside by Morgan's digging muzzle. Cassandra crawls back onto the bed and sidles up next to Vivian. She watches the woman's face contort under the strain of rapid tonguing. Her breath comes fast and uneven. At the peak of her ecstatic moans, Cass gives Morgan a new command.

He hops up onto the bed with his front paws. His head dips low. The nectar saturated tongue slips out and wipes a swath across Vivian's breasts. The rapid change startles Vivian. She gasps with a mighty exhale of breath. Her hand returns to Morgan's head scratching his ears affectionately. But, he isn't done yet. He steps forward towards the bed to lick more of her flesh. His legs approach the mattress. And his cock nestles between the lips of her dripping pussy.

The nearness of him warms her skin. His fur tickles her thighs. His tongue titillates her nipples. His balls thump against her ass. And his thick sausage rubs against her crotch. He constantly shifts his weight seeking a happy balance between staying upright and licking every inch of her body. Every movement works his member back and forth against her sex. His cock acts like a lumberjack's saw. Every motion pushes it back and forth splaying her lips wide.

Vivian regains some of her faculties with the tongue no longer hunting for her womb. But she is conflicted. The burning poker fills her with joy with every stroke. It splashes her juices between their bodies. It digs into her sensitive love bud. It is almost on the verge of making her cum harder than she ever has before. The climax is so close she can taste it.

On the other hand, whenever Morgan moves against her she hopes fervently that he'll withdraw just far enough to penetrate her. She wants him to take her completely and that thought no longer troubles her in the slightest. She gyrates against his hard member trying to hook it with her pussy. Alas, she is too wet and the angle too awkward for her to succeed. The scene overrides Cassandra's prior good intentions. She calls Dexter up onto the bed and turns around.

"You're going to have to change your position if that's what you want. Like this."

Cassandra's words drift through the air to Vivian's fevered mind. She turns her head to see Cass on all fours right next to her. The young co-ed's wet lips are mere inches from Vivian. And that's not all. Dexter is already holding her in his embrace. His red poker wiggles its way towards the slick hole. Vivian stares, Morgan's cock temporarily forgotten with the nearness of the other erect canine cock. She watches him find his mark and disappear inside Cassandra in a flash.

Any lingering hesitation within Vivian evaporates instantly. She worms her way back between Morgan's legs and twists her body to mimic Cassandra's. Morgan follows her up onto the bed. Cassandra gives him a quiet command and he mounts Vivian. His rod slaps and pokes her flesh repeatedly. It pushes underneath her panties shoving them aside with its girth. Vivian growls in frustration wishing it would find her cavity. Right when she is about to reach back and help, the tip sinks into her. And with that starting wetness found, Morgan drives the whole length balls deep.

Vivian's long wait is finally over. She once again has living male meat inside her body. And it is everything she was hoping for. The hair brushing her thighs, the hot breath on her neck, the firm legs gripping her waist, and especially the cock hammering her slot; all of them combine to wash her mind in a bust of endorphins.

The Shepard's thrusts are inhuman. Her arms are barely strong enough to keep her upright under his constant assault. Heedless of her physical limits, she pushes into his furry sheath deepening the penetration. The unadulterated pleasure brings a cry of joy to her lips. It mixes with the similar cries of Cassandra into a delicious harmony. They sing together the song of satisfaction.

The pair of puppies acts in unison. Both slam their mate repeatedly. The squelch of colliding wet flesh forms a chorus all its own. Their balls slap out a staccato rhythm against their women. A symphony of sex rises and swirls out from the bed.

Alas, the piece cannot be played forever. Vivian still has her eyes glued to the connection between Cassandra and Dexter. Under her watchful eye, his knot starts to grow. She watches the bulb inflate and ram against and into Cassandra's pussy. Eventually it lodges inside Cassandra and Dexter's thrusts increase their already lightning fast pace.

Vivian tries to prepare herself mentally for Morgan's knot. She can tell when it starts to inflate. It widens inside her and rubs delightfully against her lips. Suddenly, the enlarging orb is replaced by something harder and flat. She looks between her legs to see Cassandra's fingers sticking out from her crotch. Cass had grabbed Morgan's knot to prevent a proper tying.

A small part of Vivian was thankful. That part of her logical mind realized she had already spent far longer than she would have needed to find an earring. Frank will be wondering what happened to her and she didn't have the time to wait on a deflating knot. Her libido currently outranks that portion of her mind though, and it wants to feel the full length locked inside her orifice.

Cassandra's digits curl around her crotch. She seeks Vivian's love bud and starts massaging it while maintaining a knot barrier. Even with Cassandra's hand in the way, Morgan pounds Vivian with a heretofore unfelt speed. The combination of speed, girth, and heat merges with Cassandra's stroking fingers to provide a rising climax that drowns out Vivian's objections before she can utter them.

Orgasm hits Vivian harder than ever before. It feels like every good feeling from the entire night collapses into one explosion of sexual gratification. Her whole body blazes with life. She cannot conceive of a higher joy. And then Morgan's first shot of cum splashes against her cervix. The heat burns through her. The stream of liquid reminds her of every jet her husband sent into her over the years and her orgasm reaches astronomical heights.

Vivian collapses forward under the strain of sensory overload. The world shrinks down to the dick in her box and the growing reservoir of dog semen inside her. Eventually, the cock disappears from her clutches. But it is replaced with a smaller organ. At first she thinks Morgan has resumed his prior tonguing, but the licks are lighter than his all-consuming assault. Vivian lifts her body high enough to look between her legs.

She sees decidedly strawberry blonde locks of hair hanging down from her crotch. Cassandra had taken it upon herself to make sure she sends a clean Vivian back to her husband. Her tight panties were pulled aside to expose her dripping pussy completely to the ravenous woman. Once Morgan withdrew to lick himself clean, she locked her lips around Vivian's jizz filled crevice. She licks and sucks the doggie batter into her belly.

The gradual emptying and gentle tasting make Vivian purr. She sinks back to the bed, but when she turns her head to be more comfortable she discovers Cassandra's nearby pussy. Dexter had left Cassandra alone once he finished, and a trail of his seed dribbles out from deep inside. The stream entices Vivian. Her stomach growls in hunger. She shifts sideways to hover over Cassandra's body. And for her first time ever, she tastes another woman.

The river of canine fluids overpowers the taste of snatch. It is not as thick as she remembers Frank's cum being, but it has its own flavor. The mixture quenches her burning need, but she cannot stop herself after one lick. Her lips seal off the flow and her tongue guides the semen into her upside-down maw. Swallow after swallow fills her belly until the taste of Cassandra starts to replace the fading delicacy.

And yet she keeps at it. Cass does not taste as unusual to Vivian as her own fluids. Vivian savors the sweet nectar of the young woman. And the more her questing tongue moves about, the more she receives for her effort. Cassandra starts to grind her lips against Vivian. She did not realize her body was doing the same thing to the woman beneath her until she feels the pressure increase against her face.

The pair writhes, licks, and eats together on the bed for long enough that the dogs return to the bed to see what's going on. Without being commanded, they each choose a side and tentatively lick each woman. They manage to both kiss one of them while tasting the other in a set of three-way assaults.

Eventually, Vivian comes up for air. She rolls aside panting for breath. And the fact that Dexter continues to lick her does not help. Cassandra manages to ignore the tongue inside her and suggests that Vivian should go be with her husband.

"Don't worry, I'll distract my puppies. He probably is wondering what happened to you with all the time you've spent up here with me."

Without another word to the breathless wife, she gives both Dexter and Morgan a command. The two horny dogs hop all over her while she fights to reach her hands and knees. As soon as she is steady, one mounts her ass and the other mounts her face. Vivian is no longer certain which is which as they pound Cassandra's holes. The young woman is certainly not in a position to respond to questions.

Despite the tingling the scene gives rise to, she sees the wisdom in Cassandra's words. She collects her nearby and almost forgotten clothes and redresses. She gives the threesome one last lingering look before heading out to meet Frank.

She finds him sitting in their idling car in front of the hotel. He does not say a word about her delay.And if he scents another woman on her, he gives no indication. They do not say much to each other on the ride home. They both have a lot to think about after their night of fun. And they are both exhausted. But Vivian cannot get the thought of Cassandra's advice out of her mind. Or the new items lying inside her purse. She resolves to put them to use as soon as she can.

Chapter Twelve – Fool Him Once

Vivian is too tired to pounce on Cassandra's idea that night. She also wanted to let Frank have his rest. But her blood is boiling with the urge to follow through on what Cass laid out for her to try. She barely manages to wait for the next night. She leaves work a little early to prepare. She easily beats Frank home from work and prepares herself to follow through on the plan. She almost backs down a dozen times, but the recent memory of Morgan's cock spitting fire into her womb drives her onward.

She sheds her suit once she reaches their bedroom. Vivian admires her naked body in the convenient full length mirror. Tasting Cassandra the night before left a buzz on her lips and a new appreciation for the female form. She has to admit that she looks good, and not just for her age. Both her and Frank took up running together to keep in shape a couple years back. The frequent activity helps keep her form trim and firm.

Not to mention, focusing on herself keeps her mind off the theatrics she is about to engage in. Inspiration strikes and she wanders into their walk-in closet. She realizes that dressing herself up will provide a further distraction. And what she has in mind should distract Frank from any nervousness on her part.

She hunts through her drawers until she finds the negligee Frank bought her for their fifth anniversary. She has not worn it in years, but it still fits like a dream. Black and sheer, it provides the scant illusion of coverage. Small patches of darker black threads float across the surface of the fabric like fluffy clouds.Two such patches cover her nipples, just barely, but with the proper movement she can expose her peaks for the lucky man. The more she moves to test out the peek-a-boo nature of the covering, the more the fabric rubs against her areoles making them hard.

The front of the hem hits her mid-thigh leaving much of her legs bare. The line moves lower as it approaches her ass dropping down to grace the back of her knees. The nightie came with a matching pair of black panties, but she forgoes this option for the night. Easy access can only help her chances for success.

Again and again she goes over the steps in her mind. She tries to work out eventualities in case things do not go as planned. But she keeps finding herself focusing more on what will happen if all goes well. Her pussy starts dripping as her thoughts linger over the fun to come. She paces back and forth fighting the urge to finger herself or star using her rabbit.

She contents herself with her fantasies of how the night will play out as she waits impatiently for Frank to get home. When she hears his car pull into the driveway her heart starts pounding. By the time the garage door rumbles up, the rush of blood in her ears is deafening. She starts to freak out over every little aspect of her plan. Her breath comes hot and heavy as she tries to get a grip. Amazingly, when she hears the heavy door thump against the garage floor, her mind clears. She realizes that it would be worse not to try at all and all she can do is make the effort.

As soon as he walks through the door she greets him emphatically. Vivian finds a buxom coquette she had no idea existed within her. She exudes sex appeal that would have grabbed Frank's attention even without the alluring wrapper barely covering her assets. Her appearance and demeanor remind him of the conversation he has been postponing since his epiphany. But his burgeoning erection short circuits the brain power normally used for conversation.

She takes his briefcase and pulls of his suit coat. She keeps constant contact with his skin through his clothes. Her hands only leave his body long enough to put down his items. She puts her hands on his shoulders and guides him to the dining room table. The entire table has been cleared except for Vivian's purse from the night before. She pulls him into a nearby seat and bends over him.

Her face pulls up close to his. "I have a surprise for you," she whispers. The husky tone of her voice makes his cock stir. Any lingering insecurity has wafted away. Vivian knows she cannot back down now. Vivian starts to weave the threads of Cassandra's plan into their lives.

"When I returned to Cassandra last night we talked for a little bit. I saw how much you enjoyed being with her and it turned out she enjoyed herself too. She agreed to come by tonight for a little more fun."

Frank's prick lurches in his pants. His back goes rigid. He's hanging even more on Vivian's every word. His thick member creates a hill in the leg of his pants. Vivian spots it and takes advantage of the obvious arousal. She leans over farther pressing her breasts into his shoulder. She pets his thigh like a kitten, gently stroking his head through the fabric of his pants.

"But, she had one condition. She wants everything she does to be a surprise. So,you cannot look at or touch her until she grants you leave to fully enjoy her body."

The condition surprises Frank, but he is in no condition to argue. Vivian rises off of him and reaches into her purse. She pulls out a thick black blindfold. Without asking, she wraps it around Frank's head. She ties it tightly behind his head. Vivian waves her hand in front of him, but he is either blind or careful enough not to react. She runs her hands down the front of his shirt. She doesn't stop until she reaches the top of his trousers.

Her breasts rub against him once more. But, she has a little more room to maneuver with her arms only reaching his waistband. She sways back and forth rubbing her nipples against the layers of fabric between them. She brings her lips up to his ear and purrs softly, "If you can see anything Cassandra will be very upset."

She slowly undoes his belt. The click of metal and rough sound of leather pulling against each other makes Frank twitch. His fingers flex and make fists. His mind plays a game of tug of war with his reflexes. He knows he must restrain himself; but he wants to move, to help, to speed things along. Vivian, watching his every movement, tsks in his ear.

"If you are going to be a bad boy, I'm going to have to take care of those pesky hands. They might just get you into trouble otherwise."

She silently pulls Frank's hands through the slats of the chair behind his back. She grabs his wrists in one hand utilizing her free hand to reach into her purse again. It emerges with a pair of fuzzy purple handcuffs. The handcuffs she received from Cass replace her strained hand to keep Frank's arms in their place. They ratchet shut around Frank's wrists, but the fuzzy covering keeps the pain of the awkward placement at a minimum.

With her husband subdued, Vivian returns to her position over his back. Her bare pussy hovers inches above his moving fingers. She desperately wants to lower herself onto his questing digits, but she knows that would ruin the atmosphere of obedience on his part. Instead, her hands return to his waistband. A gentle tug and rustle of fabric informs Frank that his button is undone. The steady click of his zipper releases the pressure from his bulge is creating. She gives his rod a quick pat before leaving the area around his chair.

"Now you are all hers. I'll be waiting with my toy in hand for the show."

She walks around the table and pulls out a separate chair. She is careful to push down as she drags it out to ensure Frank hears the movement. Her pussy is practically a faucet as it anticipates its fulfillment, but she forces herself to wait. After a few minutes, she slips off her shoes. She sneaks, barefooted and silent, over to the door. She opens and closes it for the benefit of Frank's ears. Then, she steps back into her stilettos and walks back to Frank. The steady click of heels on tile announces her approach.

After forcing herself to wait, Vivian no longer has the patience for further delay. She strides straight to where Frank is sitting and settles herself on his thighs. Her fingers dip into his opened pants and free his rigid member. Her purse still holds one last present from Cassandra. However, the instant she sees the pulsing veins like bolts of lightning bringing life to his cock, she cannot smother it in a condom. It might give away the game, but she wants him bareback. More than that, she needs to feel his hot flesh pressing into hers.

Her hands stroke his not so little soldier making his helmet wave back and forth. Vivian licks her lips with hunger. She did not see Cass give Frank a blowjob. She was otherwise occupied. But she did see Dexter, or was it Morgan, slam his dick into Cassandra's throat. The memory raises Vivian's need to taste fresh meat. And Frank is her gourmet meal.

She slides backwards catching herself with a spring in her calves before kneeling to the floor. Without warning, she slurps Frank inside her mouth. The first brush of her inviting mouth brings a gasp from his lips and a muted rattle from the involuntary flex of his arms. Vivian grabs his clothed hips and inhales his pole until her chin meets his zipper. Even then, she perseveres forcing her lips farther into the cloth cavity hiding his balls. Frank groans audibly. His breath hisses out of him. The heat and wetness encasing his prick is almost too much for his strained control.

She holds him trapped against her cheek with her tongue. Her head twists back and forth working her lips deeper. Her hunger produces an abundance of warm saliva to drip over his member. Her molars rub against his head, hard enough to send shivers up his spine without putting enough pressure to his sensitive flesh to cause pain. When he is thoroughly coated with her oral secretions, she massages them into his shaft with her lips and hand.

Mentally, Frank had already psyched himself up for another encounter with Cassandra. But nothing he imagined could prepare him for the reality. He imagines he can see her eyes boring into him while she works his pole. The impossibility of seeing her eyes while she is face down in his lap does nothing to deter his erotic fantasy. He can feel wisps of her hair waft into the crevices of his shirt and caress his skin. He just doesn't know it is Vivian's hair that is enticing him.

Frank can feel his climax approaching. He expects Cassandra to tease him before permitting his full release, just like the night before. He fights his burbling testicles and waits for the reprieve he expects to extend the pleasure. But Vivian craves his sperm. She has no intentions of prolonging his fun. She yearns to taste him, now. Her head bobs up and down taking in his length. The sound of her slurping lips helps broaden the chinks in Frank's control.

She cannot reach his balls inside their cotton prison, but she does not need to. The first oozing drops of pre-cum electrify her taste buds. It pools up out of his plumbing to be instantly licked away. Vivian delights in the first taste, but needs more. She flicks his opening with the tip of her tongue. With no ejaculate immediately forthcoming, she swallows the head into the back of her throat. Her teeth lightly scrape his shaft. The hard touch sends the shiver from his spine into his sack.

Unable to resist the siren call of Vivian's mouth, he shoots and he scores. The first splash hits Vivian in the back of her throat. With her job complete, Vivian returns the head to just behind her lips for her reward. Vivian traps the spurting helmet against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. She breathes slowly through her nose while the salty stream fills her cavity.

Crème de Frank delights her taste buds. The frequent jets of hot liquid fill her mouth and raise her desires to unimaginable heights. She waits patiently quietly smoldering with need until the monster is completely exhausted. The blood starts to retreat from his member once its task is complete, but Vivian is not going to allow that yet. She has more work for him to do. And more semen to collect in her belly.

She swallows the full load. Her tongue riffles his sensitive tool and pulls its ejaculate into her throat. The semi-hard flesh roils inside her mouth bathed in its milky expulsion. Vivian quickly downs the first course and begins sucking in earnest. The blood flow reverses and she soon has a fully erect member at hand once more. Or at mouth as the case may be. But now that she has prevented his deflation, she has another mouth to feed.

She releases his cock with one last kiss. She does not leave it alone for long. She stands up and aligns herself with his jerking member. She holds the wet pole steady with one hand and drops her weight onto it impaling her pussy. Finally, she has him trapped inside her again after far too long. Vivian revels in the fullness of a living dick fighting her vaginal canal's tightness once more. She grinds her ass into his pants. The rod moves within reminding her how amazing Frank feels when he is pulsing within her.

She cannot bring herself to move off of his prong. Instead she ripples the muscles clamping down on him without letting him escape. Frank is breathless with pleasure. He does not remember Cass being so tight the night before. Her kitten devours his recently used penis and breathes new life into his veins. Every passing second seems to increase the pressure. Her shifting pussy pulls and grasps him. He wonders if it will pull his whole body into her hungry maw.

The instinctive need to be active is unbearable. Her slit screams at her to hump his brains out. But she still cannot bring herself to free him even the few inches to provide a proper thrust. Instead, Vivian glides her hips back and forth, pushing him impossibly deeper and changing the angle of attack without separating from his crotch.She pulls his lips to hers and they meet in a crushing kiss. Passion burns between them and she starts gyrating faster.

After the kiss breaks, she craves even more stimulation. She leans backward exposing her crotch at the cost of a little exposed flesh from Frank. Her finger finds its way to her clitoris and starts stroking it furiously. Her ass bounces slightly, but she keeps pressing down into Frank. Her legs wrap around behind him for balance. They find his hands which stroke her ankles from their limited position.

Faster and faster Vivian rubs. She can feel her heart thump in time to her fingers. Her body flushes with warmth. Her toes curl up. Her legs tense up yanking her forward again. Despite being crushed between their bodies, her hand continues its furious work. Scant seconds later, her orgasm finally hits her. The climax rips her breath from her body. She snaps harder into Frank hugging with her free hand and kissing him repeatedly. Her pussy trembles around his pole, but he maintains his restraint.

After Vivian's orgasm, she starts to feel guilty for the deception. Now that she is temporarily sated, her neuroses start to return. Even with Frank's hardened penis clasped in her slit, she detests what she had to do to get it there. She reaches back to the table and pulls out the handcuff key. She pulls close to Frank and reaches behind him to free his arms. Her hips continue their slow circles on his rod. She may feel remorseful, but she is not silly to ignore her advantage.

After a bit of fumbling that includes a delightful tingling from his cock rubbing her walls, she manages to unlock one of the cuffs. Frank hesitates for a second not realizing that the lack of pressure equals his freedom. He tentatively shifts his arms forward. A slight hitch accompanies the wrist still encased in fur-covered metal, but he manages to pull his arms around and hug his lover. However, Vivian is not done yet. She undoes the knot in the blindfold freeing Frank's sight as well.

Frank's brain takes a moment to readjust reality to what he is seeing. He did not expect to find his wife's eyes staring back at him from inches away. Vivian doesn't know what to expect. His twitching cock rubbing the deepest parts makes her think he isn't entirely upset over the development. But seeing his momentary confusion startles a statement of truth out of her.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to feel you inside me again."

The soft declaration echoes what Frank wants to fix in their relationship. However, he is half-way to another ball-emptying explosion and far beyond words for the duration. All he manages is an animal grunt of desire before he takes the initiative.

Frank grips her bare thighs, sliding his hands inside her negligee. A growl of lust and grunt of effort mingle in his throat and explode out as he lifts her up and plants her ass on the table. He swiftly moves one hand to cradle her neck and gently help her lay down on the table. Her arm knocks her purse flying and her brain swirls trying to process the rapid momentum changes. Throughout the move, he remained firmly lodged in her vagina and the shifting beam hampers her reasoning faculties.

As soon as Vivian is settled, Frank pulls back and thrusts into her. Frank uses the hand still gripping Vivian's leg to pull her against him. The cool metal of the hanging handcuff links provide a subtle relief to the fires burning through them both. The fur lined cuff presses roughly into her thigh with every iteration. Frank slams into her like a man possessed. Vivian did not expect such a fantastic reaction to her deceit. But once Frank recognized the lengths Vivian had gone to in order to orchestrate their night together, he was overwhelmed with lust for his wife.

Their bodies meet repeatedly. The wet slap of moist flesh joins the scrape of wood on tile. Frank's vigorous movements shift the table beneath Vivian's ass, but they are heedless to the peripheral noises. The rapid lunges bring her orgasm swelling back into Vivian's nerves. Her legs wrap around him adding to the combined strength of his thrusts.

Filled with need, Frank rips the delicate fabric wrapping and hiding his wife's flesh open. He bends over altering the rhythm of his humping and takes a pert nipple into his mouth. Vivian's subsequent climax grips her and commands her to obey its call of ecstasy. She quakes under Frank's body. Her pussy squeezes his dick like a toothpaste tube. His continuous plunges push his head through her tightness and the familiar tingle starts arcing through his balls.

He releases her breast and kisses his wife again right when his seed starts flowing into her. For the second time that night, his balls unload into Vivian. They shiver through their climaxes together before Frank collapses onto Vivian. His legs shake. His back aches. He is completely exhausted. And he has never been happier.

Even after that wild night together, husband and wife both found their tongues tied on matters of sex. But it was a step in the right direction. At the very least their bodies were able to do their talking for them yet again. Gradually, they work through their nervousness and reluctance together. They are ultimately able to communicate their wants and needs more effectively without fear of judgment.

Their rediscovered union also cuts down on his prostitution expenses, though not completely. They still purchase the services of escorts on occasion, because Vivian still likes to watch. And occasionally join in. And when Vivian eventually works up the courage to tell Frank what really happened when she went looking for her earring and how amazing it was, he cannot believe how horny the thought of Vivian being taken by a dog makes him. After the ensuing lovemaking her tale inspired, he finds a large dogas soon as he can. For Vivian's protection of course.

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