The first of many friends/ part truth part fiction
My husband went fishing almost every weekend, he had several buddies that went with him. This particular weekend Don and Mike were suppose to go.
Now staying home with the kids was what I did all week, but the weekends to? So Don called Thursday night to see what time to be there the next night, my husband wasn't home. I had known for a few years how bad
Don wanted to fuck me, so I told him to come at seven and they would be ready. When my husband got home I told him Don Had called and couldn't make it, he had to work.

My husband and Mike left at five the next afternoon. Don showed at seven and said where's the boat, I said oh come in I Have to show you something. He asked where our sons were and i said at the movies until ten. Well he said what is it and I Opened my robe, he said wait a minute, I said let's not waste time playing. You are right he said i want to fuck you where You stand. What's stopping you, nothing and he didn't even take his pants off he pulled his cock out bent me over and rammed Me hard and fast. Then he turned me to him and said I am so glad you finally did something to put me out of my misery. Oh I Said Don I am not done with you at all. And I took his hand and pulled him into my bedroom. I laid down on the bed with my Legs spread wide as I could get them and said this time take your time big boy. I had no idea Don, that you had so much to Offer, now let's see what you do with that offering. This time he took his clothes off and I could well see what I had in store.
I didn't much like missionary, so I asked him to vary his positions and he did. But this guy new his stuff, he finger fucked me As he fucked my mouth with his tongue. He kissed above average and I loved to French kiss. He said I was the best kisser In his life, and oh god how it turned him on. He fucked me until five minutes til ten. Now I love to fuck or I wouldn't have started any of this, but fucking is fucking, there is no love word.

The boys were home and said hello to Don, telling him Dad already left, yeah I know I missed my ride with him. I am going To come back this weekend and build that play area for you. Oh great they said we can help. Mom said well not so much Help since you all will be gone tomorrow and Sunday at baseball camp. Don turned to me and licked his lips, I thought I Would cum right there. Now that i had a piece of him I wanted more. Don before you leave I need to show you a problem In the basement, you boys go to bed now it's late. Yes Mom........
So Don what have you got down here, I grabbed his crotch and he said what have you got but as he grabbed my crotch he Slid three fingers in all at once, I could not breath it felt just like a cock. He finger fucked me until I couldn't stand any longer. And when I went to my knees his cock was ready to lick dry, he moaned and all he could say was how fucking lucky Henry Was. Why the hell does he fish all the time, he isn't much on fucking I told Don he really is a lazy lover, always has been.You want to do it for him? Oh god, come on honey you are staying the night in my room. How much sleep do you need. Personally I can stay up all night, great let's get started again. My bedroom, my bath we went back and forth all weekend while the boys were there otherwise we were In every room of the House. He fucked as good as any I had ever had. He was in fact better than most, he kept pace with me and was inventive. As the boys went off to bed Sunday night I fucked Don for the last time and he gave it to me long and hard, saying I need this To last you but I will be back this week after Henry goes to work and I will fuck you all day once a week for as long as I can. If you arrange another weekend I'll be here. By the way I know how everyone teases you that I'm in love with you. Yes, they
Are right I do love you and now I have what I have wanted for years. I won't let our time be wasted like Henry does.

Don came back on Tuesday, much to my surprise. When I opened the door I could see his truck and as I looked around the Door he planted a big fucking kiss on me and I came right there. I dropped my panties and pulled my tits free for him and we Fucked on the kitchen table, then the counter top, when Don came he exploded.  He kissed me deeply and said you don't Have any idea how much I have loved you. I admire you so much, would give anything if you were mine. I said oh Don please Don't let this get out of hand Henry is your friend. Come sit on my cock, will you please? And I will explain. Henry is your husband who i happen to know you are the focus not Henry. Oh god Don no please no, I just wanted to fuck, I would never leave Henry.
Am so sorry if  you thought it was more than that for me. he drove his cock into me then with a rage like I had never seen. He put me on the floor and raised one leg to hold me down as he fucked me he squeezed my tits and sucked them. He Used every inch of my body and although it was rough I liked every bit of it. I just wasn't sure I should let him know I liked it. He wasn't done, he said now honey I am going to make you all mine, and he turned me over, as he turned me he raised my hips
And as they raised I could feel him at my ass, and i yelled no Don no Don please no. But he was gentle first a finger in my Ass then two it didn't have that much feeling yet. Then he eased his cock into my ass and when he reached his depth I knew I was indeed his, as he stroked I hummed as he went faster I sang at the top of my lungs, don't stop baby, don't stop baby I am yours honey, I am yours honey. When we finished he kissed me all the way to the shower. Once in the shower he ass fucked Me again and again oh god I came so hard that way, I couldn't believe it. It seemed like something taboo before, now I wanted It more than regular sex. Or at least as much, yeah probably more. Don how long can you stay and fuck? I have to go now but If you want me I will be back everyday for at least a quick fuck, do you want me? Oh yes Don I do, what time should I expect You? What time he asked does the door slam on the last person to leave, I said seven exactly, he said is seven o one to soon. We both laughed and he held me tight as he kissed me once again and lowered me onto his cock, saying to hell with work I Will stay here with you until the first one comes home. We fucked the entire day especially from behind in my ass. He loved It so much I swear he was bigger there than he was in my vagina. But he loved my tits and when he fucked me in my ass He could feel them all he wanted. As he left that afternoon he asked do you love me yet? I didn't answer just winked at him And closed the door.

I knew there was going to be a problem I just didn't know how big a problem could be.

Don was true to his word he came everyday at seven o one. The minute he stepped in the door his cock was out and headed At me from the front or from behind he thoroughly fucked me every day for more than three months. I was a happy lady he Was a tired man. I thought I could wear him out so I kept going some mornings I begged him to stay the day and he couldn't Tell me no. Those days were really hard on him, he did have to earn a living which meant he worked late. By the way Don Was married his wife was Sick a lot so I know he had demands there as well. After six months my husband said to me one Morning honey why don't we fuck anymore, i just walked away from him, so pissed. I thought I could hardly wait for Don That morning. He walked in the door I grabbed his cock and laid down on the kitchen table and asked to be ass fucked.
He was on me fast he liked to enter and exit real slow so he could watch he would pull my ass to him, he didn't have to move A muscle except his arms. The slower he went the more turned on he got soon he was on a different planet unable to do Anything else he was robotic if I said faster he went faster etc. He finally couldn't hold back any longer and he filled my ass With his cum. As he pulled, it came out down my legs I told him go to work I need to shower, see you tomorrow. Oh he Said I am going fishing with Henry. All I could think was thank god.

After that we fucked maybe once a week I had someone else and I let him know it. Actually I didn't but I played the role Well. It was more than I could do once a week he had gotten so possessive. So eventually I told him I couldn't see him Anyway, he called me a whore and left. The problem had been solved.if I was a whore what the hell was he?

Here's the thing readers I am a woman that loves to fuck, if I was a man who loved to fuck you would be
Cheering me on. So don't feel sorry for these poor men who have ogled me for years when I fuck them and throw them away. At least they know they are done.

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2014-03-21 16:01:29
Come to Papua New Guinea Pom ol pig dog stap

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2013-03-28 13:42:26
This author must not have finished Grade School. Although the story line was very interesting the laying out of the wording was the worst I have ever tried to read.

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2013-02-11 03:40:33
of you're so horny and love to fuck why aren't you fucking your husband

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2013-01-26 06:12:06
If you loved to fuck so much why are you not fucking your husband? I would cheer you on if you were single. You are the worst form of a human being if you think that being a mother/wife and banging your husbands "friend" that has a sick wife? What kind of a fucked up person are you?

I hope that your husband finds out, leaves you, takes the kids, leaves you with nothing, and your proclivities leave with an std. You are nothing but a pig and you know nothing. I also hope that your husband wins the lottery after he leaves you and finds a woman that knows how to treat her husband. Maybe she wants to do all of this with him? I sincerely hope this is not a true story because I really feel sorry for you, your husband, your sons, and all the poor saps with low standards that you fuck. I also hope that your fuck buddies wives also find out and take them for everything and you get ridiculed.

By the way, if you were a guy I would say the same thing.

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2013-01-26 00:53:50
It would be easier to read if you used conventional punctuation and capitals. I enjoyed the story nevertheless.

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