sorry, first one was shitty, disgusting use of diction on my path, sincere apologies
"Alison Green! Get to the principals' office now!" Everyone in the school cafeteria eyes landed on me to see what I was doing, I mean who can miss that announcement from the booming speakers? No lie, I am scared I don't know what the Principal wants me for, I have never been to that office apart from my first ever day in this school and that was year backs.

"Ali what does he want?" I looked at my friends who were on our table at the moment, before my eye rested on my best friend Sandy who asked me "What did you do?" the others facial expressions told me they were wondered the same thing. Especially Louis who was giving me subtle looks of concern nothing wanting anyone to see how much he actually was bothered "I don't know. I have to go to find out, so best I start going." They nodded their heads and I left the cafeteria quickly.

Louis and I have been secretly meeting up a lot lately to fool around without the knowledge of anyone, he is like my friend with benefits, because the sexual attraction and lust that we feel for one and another is so high and makes us unable to resist each other. When I'm with him it feels so right and wonderful, mind you my lusty inner goddess is the one speaking... So anyway Sandy has a boyfriend and his name is Louis so see the major problem!? I'm cheating on my best friend with her boyfriend. I berated myself as I walked, I didn't even know when I got to the Principals' office.

When I entered the principal's secretary's office I felt like I was walking in a part of the school, I never knew existed. "Alison Green?" A plain woman in her twenties, I bet came out from a door that read 'Principal' asked me. "Yes." I answered and she proceeded to point at the Principals' door, indicating for me to enter, I took the hint and went to the door, entering the room after one knock one the door.

I started wondering what the Principal looked like. YES! I am that bad when it comes to the Principal aspect of school, I know jack (Nothing) about it or the people.

"Ms Green, do take a seat." I looked towards the desk finally after hearing the soft masculine voice speaking to me and I was thrown aback by what I saw. Mr Wilde is fucking hot and definitely a stud. I mean he has forget me not blue eyes, short messy golden blonde hair and a face that is just as beautiful as the realistic sculpted faces of greek gods sculptors and definitely a sexy body beneath his well fitted shirt, how can he be a Principal? Or am I dreaming? How in the world have I never ever seen him or ever heard about him? But now considering the amount of time Louis and I spend sneaking off, my plentiful extra-curriculum work and guilt eating me up so I can hardly talk to Sandy, avoiding her had become a full time job this past two weeks. So I didn't really have time to know petty gist.

I sat down on one of the chairs in front of his desk and looked at the none smiling but sexy face of my principal. What in the world I have done? "Have you the slightest idea why you are here Ms Green?" I shook my head, since my ability to speak had come to fail me, I really must be in some serious shit. "You are a brilliant student, with outstanding results and manages a great whole lot of responsibilities in this school, our ambassador to the fullest, but one mistake can ruin your life forever, you know that right?" that statement scared me, "Yes, I know." He started using his laptop, before turning it around to face me, VLC. Was up and he had a video for me to watch, my body started feeling uncomfortable as soon as I pressed play, the video started with an empty classroom, which I knew very well that uncomfortable feeling came back when I realised what I'm about to watch.

In the video, Louis drags me into the classroom, closing the door with his leg, as his pulls me in for a smoking hot passionate kiss, I could hear the kissing sounds we were making, we made out for like 3 minutes, I knew I was red to my roots, but I continued watching the video as Mr Wilde said I shouldn't stop. I knew what would happen next, I mean I'm in it Louis and I crashed into the nearest wall as our lips connected roughly and we both battled for dominance over the kiss, he started fumbled with the edge of my top, before finally raising it and taking it off entirely from my body, he did the same for himself before going for my skirt pulling it off and leaving me in my underwear, his trouser dropped to the floor when he undid them, followed by his boxers. He stepped out of it and attacked my lips his hand gripping my waist has he pulled my body closer to his, his hands un clasped my bra before it wandered to my breasts, he squeezed them roughly and tugged on my nipples, twisting and pinching them. "Fuck Louis! Do it harder" I moaned thus opening and intensifying the wetness in my soaking and dripping pussy which made my panties extremely wet, he lavished my breast with attention and I continued to cry out in pleasure, like the fucking slut I am. I got on my knees to lubricate his dick, I licked his dick, before sucking it a bit, because he moved my head and tore off my panties and ramming his hard, thick and long dick inside my tight tiny pussy. He fucked me like a bunny, from the beginning and I was screaming at the top of my lungs "Louis, Fuck Harder!" "Is that all you got?" "For Fucks Sakes Faster." and I came a gazillion times for him, swearing like a street harlot groaning and moaning from the sweet and painful sensations that was coursing through my very violated body at that time.

Louis and I were so going to be expelled, I was red all over due to being humiliated and embarrassed in this way, my Principal just played a sex video of me in his office. They where going to tell the whole school, and oh my gods I just realised Mr Wilde would have watched this video "I don't know what to say Mr Wilde, I'm sorry doesn't even cut it. I know the school board will have seen this and want me out of school." I said finally, my mum and dad will be so disappointed, I deserved this, after entering an affair with my best friends' boyfriend driven by pure lust and sexual attraction especially since we were doing it for fun and now caught? "Ms Green, go for class and don't mention this to anyone even Louis Conrad your associate. Come back to my office when your extra-curriculum activities are over and no you aren't getting expelled, but we have to discuss why, you aren't."

I wasn't getting expelled thank goodness, but would I be suspended? I didn't even want to discuss this with anyone in the first place I did rather kill myself. I wanted to Louis cause he is also the reason I am in this mess and he should know and be in this mess to right?

Louis and I affair started two weeks ago, I mean before two weeks ago, before that Louis and I always have had the sexual attraction, but it was forbidding so we did nothing about it, until last last Saturday

I was brushing my long black hair as Louis entered my room. "Hey" He whispered, he wrapped his arms around my belly, from behind, as i watched him in the mirror
still brushing my hair. He let go of me after hugging me quite intimately, I wasn't going to complain, even if it was wrong
I pulled my hair to one side, brushing my split ends and said "Hi" I smiled looking into the mirror. I tilted my head to
the side and he kissed me. It was a short kiss, the kind of kiss second graders go around and brag about, I was in shock, yes I know we are attracted to each other but we said we weren't going to do anything about it because of Sandy.

"I know, and don't say it I couldn't help myself and my attraction towards you is just to strong and I couldn't resist. Anyway before we hang out, can i just take a shower... I didn't have time to shower I came here immediately after basketball practice, I'm sorry." He said with a smile or no, more like a smirk on his face.
"Its okay Louis, just don't wanna hurt Sandy." I smiled sadly at him. He began walking, his arms wrapped around my waist and he lead me upstairs with him.

Louis walked into my bathroom as i sat down casually on my bed, waiting for him. It didn't take me long until I figure out what he was doing in there as his loud
moans escaped the room. Louis probably didn't realize my walls were really thin.
I decided to sneak up on him. I stood up and crept through the door.

His moans got louder and I could hear the shower washing his toned body. As Louis
profile came into my view, I saw his big dick, his hand held it hard and firm as he jerked it back and forth. Louis moans got more intense as he went faster, he
leaned his head back and i got a full view of his body.

As i was sneaking up closer, crawling on my knees, I accidentally pulled the table, which caused my straightner to fall onto the floor. I started laughing as i showed
myself to Louis.

"Opps" I bite my lip, since he didn't stop doing what he was doing. I watched his hand stroke over his dick and he smiled naughtily at me.

"Trying to sneak up on me aye?" I bite my finger, which I always tend to do sometimes "I tried but it didn't work" Louis smirked. "Come here" He motioned for me to crawl into the shower. My shower isn't really a shower it doesn't have
any shower walls, only three regular walls covering it.

I crawled into the shower, with my clothes on, my shirt was getting wet and Louis could soon see my bra through it. He bite his lip at the sight and I stopped, my head right in front of his huge cock. He moved his hand rapidly almost forcing himself to cum. "Open up" He commanded. I smirked, it was one of those bitchy smirks, the naughty ones.

I opened my mouth and as i did Louis let go of every tension in his entire body. The water that was pouring down his body entered my mouth along with a huge
load of warm, salty cum. He watched me as I swallowed his juices, his eyes burning themselves in mine. I gave him a sexy gaze as i licked my lips.

He pulled me up, from my knees and pushed me against the wall. My clothes was now wet and sticky against my body. He kissed my lips firmly and I'm pretty
sure he could taste his own juices as his tongue dove into my mouth, licking and exploring my mouth like it was a whole new universe, which it was kinda

I moaned at the sensational feeling of his tongue in my mouth and I could feel his cock, rise up again,begging me for more and my attention. I. rubbed my palm against the head of his cock making it

Louis pulled away from my lips and nibbled them a little before letting go.

"Time to return the favor" He whispered as his lips made their way down my neck as he unbuttoned my white blouse. His hands rubbing my breast, kissing every new inch that was exposed. He let the blouse fall
to the shower floor and went down on his knees, his lips wrapping around my breast sucking and nibbling a little, then it continued down my belly. He fingered
my jeans that was sticking to my legs.

He making an effort to pull them off gently, but failed. Instead he grabbed them harshly and ripped them off.
"Dont worry babe, I'll buy a new pair" He smirked as he looked up into my eyes, his eyes had a puppy gaze to them, yet there was a "I'm gonna fuck you so badly"
look to them. "Who cares" I moaned pulling his wet hair, that was spread across his head and face.

Louis finally got my jeans of. his lips trailed down to my trimmed bikini line. He smirked once again and looked into my eyes when he saw my thongs. "You know this makes me go crazy" He whispered sexily into my ear "You better take them off then" I smiled a naughty smile. Louis started pulling them down with his teeth, but it took to much time so his hands had to take over. Louis then stroked my inner thighs as his lips kissed the area around my pussy, making me soaking wet for him.
Louis noticed and stuck one of his fingers inside, digging deep as if he was looking for a hidden treasure.

"Mmmm fuck" I gasped. He started moving his finger in and out of my tight hole, making me jerk my body against his hand. "Mmm you like that baby?" He smirked. His smile was sexy "Yessss" I gasped as he pushed another finger stretching my virgin pussy.

As I looked down to see his reaction I noticed his cock was bigger than ever
and it was all because of me. His lips found my clit, which was filled with blood and harder than ever. Smirking as he flicked his tongue over it, our eyes from now on never breaking contact. The sexy smile on Louis face was gone and replaced with a smirk that said "Im a naughty boy" which of course is true.

Louis continued to flick his tongue over my clit again and again making my body
go crazy at the new sensation. "Oh gosh that feels good Louis." "Fuck, baby you're making me so horny" He moaned
against my clit, the vibrations from his voice almost sent me over the edge. Louis fingers moved at a steady pace inside my pussy but as my moans started to get more intense and they started to appear more often, he moved his fingers faster.
"Ohhh Louis, fuck go faster" I moaned and grinded against his hand. "Faster Louis, Faster" I screamed.

My stomach was getting tense and my head started to spin as Louis went faster and faster, his fingers savouring my pussy in their greatest way. "Ahh, ohh fuck" I whimpered. I was waiting for my body
to react to his skilled fingers and let go of that tension that was building in my stomach.

Louis wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked it, making me scream in pleasure. The tension in my stomach disappeared immediately and i could feel my pussy clenching around his fingers that was resting inside me. My hole tightened up and out ran my cum, making Louis fingers go from wet to clean to dirty and juicy. Louis pulled his fingers out and licked them clean.

"Your a very dirty girl, you know that?" Justin smirked. "I know, and your a very bad boy" I moaned, my head was still spinning from having the best orgasm ever.

And thus that's how we have been unable to resist each other and our affair escalated to a totally different level as things between us got hotter and better. We kept meeting up at any chance we got, before we started making excuses and reason why we couldn't be available when people needed us for whatever their various reasons were.

I went about my day normally and I was surprised when my friends did not suspect how off I was acting or how nervous I really was when they had asked me what Mr. Wilde called me for I made up a story about him wanting to thank me for the things I have done for the school, and honestly I have done a lot for this school... Honestly how come I have actually never seen him till today?

I finished all my curriculum activities by five every day but latest six, but today I finished by five and the school is practically always empty by then, when I finally got in front of the Principals secretary's office I took a deep breath and entered Plain woman was no where in sight as if she already left for the day.

I walked towards the door leading into Mr Wilde's office and knocked on it, to see if he was still around, couple of seconds later the door opened and Mr Wilde gestured for me to enter and he closed the door behind me, I went to take a seat on the chair in front of his desk and he went to seat on his chair behind the desk. "You wanted to see me sir." He smiled at me and that smile took my breath away, there I am lusting after my Principal I'm such a slut, but he is also the Principal who happens to have seen my body naked and me getting fucked the life out of me. "Please call me Justin, after all we have been through today, I believe you can." I smiled at him, he was trying to make me feel comfortable "So, Alison I have a proposition for you, when it comes to this matter." He called me Alison and my name had never sounded better. I sat up straight, ready to listen to what ever he had to say to keep me in school. "You will become my sex pet." What the fuck? Is he mental? Am I hearing double? 'What!?' I exclaimed "You have sex with me when ever I want and only me, you have to end your relationship with Louis or I will gladly tell your best friend who her boyfriend is getting with every chance he got. Plus if you agree you will get to stay in school and graduate top of your class, like you always wanted. I shall own you and we consummate the deal right now. Or you can get expelled with the video going viral and to all schools, and Louis gets scot-free."

My life would be ruined if I didn't agree to what he says, and no matter how attractive I find him to be he is still going to be having sex with a minor of 17 years, which is illegal and wrong I mean, is your Principal meant to blackmail you into having sex with him, isn't that a major crime? But my life is at stake here. He isn't ugly, damn he is hot and he should be old late twenties or early thirties, but instead of voicing out my worries I stayed quiet "Your answer? Mind you I know what you look like with out clothes and you aren't a virgin, the hard fuck you received a clear proof of that." He got me and I had no other choice but to accept what he had drawn out for me and foolish slutty me said. "Yes I will be your sex pet, but Louis isn't off your business and how old are you?' He laughed and his laughter made my heart quake and body tremor, I was going to enjoy this more than I was meant to. "I am 28, and a word is enough for the wise. Which you are just that you tend to make stupid teenage spontaneous hormone driven decisions, that could ruin you socially and educationally."

"Come to me." I got up and went behind his desk, waiting for his command, he sat me on his lap and brought my head to his and started kissing me, and It felt like firework explosions went off inside me, his lips are so soft, and his tongue seductively enticing. His hand wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to his body, his tongue invading my mouth and it felt so sweet, he as gentle with me unlike Louis, my hand strayed to his neck then slowly towards his beautiful golden hair, which is extremely soft, so I am in an affair with my Principal life should come and screw me now. His hand moved from my waist to start kneading my breast making me moan in pleasure he removed his mouth from mine, to start kissing my neck, I was in pleasure heaven and he was sucking and biting on my skin, definitely going to leave a mark. His hands lazily started unbuttoning my gown from behind, until he did the last button, and then slowly pushed it off my shoulder to reveal my bra covered boobs, his eyes were glued to my chest and I am a 34DD so its not small his hand started massaging my breast through my bra and I could feel my nipples harden and could see the pointed tips poking out, he un clasped my bra and removed it my breast were free and in his face, his hands covered them and I moaned the feeling of my naked breast being groped just felt beautiful and I knew my floodgates where open now, he squeezed them and pulled on my nipples causing me sweet beautiful pain before he took my left breast into his mouth and sucked on my nipples biting down hard on it and making me cry out, he grabbed my hips and lifted me, his mouth still connected to my left breast, and placed me on his laps, so I was straddling him and his hard on was directly beneath my pussy, I automatically, started riding him, he groaned in pleasure and held my waist tighter as he grinded me on him, he stop torturing my breasts and went back to kissing me, maybe to silent my loud moans, he ground on me more fiercely and I came screaming into his mouth, he smiled in accomplishment.

"Now its my turn." I understood what he meant when he pushed me to the floor on my knees, I unbuttoned his belt and unzipped his trousers, which was wet cause of I came on him, I was only wearing my thigh high sheer socks and panties my shoes long fell of my feet. His dick like I thought is impressive, 9 inches, thick and long, and it could tear my vagina, I licked his length tenderly, and his balls, before paying a lot of attention to his head, I licked the pre-cum off and licked his pee hole, which made him groan my name and grab a fistful of my black hair and shoved his dick into my mouth as he started fucking my face, hard and making me gag and gasp for breath my pace was to slow for him I guess.

When he was about to cum, he made me open my mouth wide and started to beat his dick, the head position directly in front of my open my mouth, he filled my mouth with cum and smeared his cum covered dick on my nipples, and watched me swallow every last drop of cum and lick my nipples clean, so fucking humiliating, but I was still turned on by my dirty act.

He pulled me up and kissed me hard, sticking his tongue inside my mouth raping it, while he made my hands jerk his dick has his went to violate my sore nipples, which were slightly paining me due to his biting. When he was hard once again, he made me lie on my back on his table, removing my panties slowly and my socks to before taking my legs and wrapping it round his neck, he then slowly entered my tight pussy till it got over stretched pussy until he was fully inside, he gave me ten seconds to get used to feeling of being full, before he drew back his dick almost completely out then slammed into me again, making me scream out loud in pleasure "Fucking Hell! Ohhhh!"

This made him to he start fucking me faster and harder and you could hear the slapping sounds our body made when they came into contact, I got my first organism and came loudly but he didn't stop, but instead grabbed my breast and pulled them, like a lever has he sawed in and out of me, when I came the second time he leaned down and whispered in my ear "When I'm through with you today, you wouldn't be able to walk properly for a week."

He pulled out of me to turn me around so my feet where on the floor and my chest and breast were pressed on his table, this time has he fucked me, he kept on slapping my ass hard making me groan and tears to fall from my eyes, has he continued to slam into my body, I came hard now and my organism shook my whole body, it seems that my body likes being brutally handled.

He didn't stop and he still hadn't come yet, he sat down on his chair and positioned his dick, as he made me sit down on it "Fucking slut, ride me hard and fast." He said and I did as I was told my breast flying around, slapping each other and his face, he leaned in and kissed my lips, softly and I came right there, but he hadn't and I knew we wouldn't stop until he had cum now. He made me get on all fours in his office sitting area table and got behind me and entered my pussy, and started fucking me, with slow thrust that gradually increase, when I started screaming for him to fuck me harder and faster, he finally groaned "I'm about to cum, cum with me Bitch."

He grabbed my breast and started squeezing them as he fucked me harder, our moans mixing together as one, and finally he came inside me, filling my worn and tired pussy with his baby making seed, he pulled out of me taking my hand and used it to scoop the dripping jizz from my vagina for me to lick my fingers like I would a cone ice cream, with that he watched me clean myself up through that method, his dick was semi hard and I swear I couldn't take another round if he wanted another fuck, my legs hurt and I felt drained. I looked at him with pleading eyes and he smiled at me, as he caressed my hair "I am drained to, just clean my dick for me." He said as if he had read my mind, oh maybe the facial expression I made I don't know. I did as I was told, like the good pet that I am. He then dragged me up and kissed me, sweetly as he gently rubbed my breasts, I kissed him back eagerly, before he gently pushed me away and started to get dressed, I did the same too.

I have official had sex with my school principal and it was amazing I couldn't wait to be violated by him some more. He walked over towards me and squeezed my ass, and he whispered in my ear, "Let me drop you off." I smiled and nodded, he kissed me again before we both left his office, well my life couldn't get any fucking better than this, I was already looking forward to our next fuck, but how to end things with Louis now?

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