Young and horny exhibitionist ball players
Teased and blackmailed 2:

I had drove with my arm around on the seat behind Ashley and Taylor. They leaned their heads back on it as if he made them comfortable. Taylor's head was right at my hand and I found myself running my hand through her curly auburn hair. I had an infatuation with her for a long time. Ashley would reach over rubbing my erection just enough to tease it back to full bore.
"How did I taste?" she whispered "I was thinking that you would never give in. I came slow and long while you were massaging my leg. It turned me on so much when you were looking at me in the way you did. It made me feel like a sexy woman. I am not a virgin, but this big thing would make me feel like I was." As she reached down squeezing it again. We pulled up to her house and she kissed me passionately "You have to do anything I say from now on, but I promise not to get you in trouble." She handed me the hand towel walking away bare assed. She turned and said "I left you a present in your ball bag, Coach. See you later" I sat and waited until I couldn't see her ass anymore. I knew it was trouble but did not want to miss a second of it.

Kristy crawled over hanging out the window givingme a nice view of her ass. "Ashley, do you want to walk down to the beach later?" Turning to catch me checking out her ass.
Ashley came out on her balcony "text me later, I probably will."
Kristy turned with her massive cleavage in my face and slid down until she straddled me pushing my erection between her crotch and my belly pushing a stream of precum out and then scooted back to the the other side of Taylor. Taylor pulls my arm back up and puts it around her nestling in with her arms around me resting her head on my chest. She looks down and "You have a wet spot, Kristy was that you?"
Kristy leans over to see "nope, that's his..." starts giggling.
I take the hand towel and throw it over the top. Taylor reaches over and pulls it off "please don't cover it up". Then she reaches down and rubs her finger across the top making it twinge and spurt a little more out against her finger. She looks at her finger "is that cum?"
Never thought that this would be one of our conversations. "No, that's precum."
"What's that? I never heard that before."
Kristy "That's what comes out for lubrication not what gets you pregnant. Are you still a virgin or something?"
Taylor "well, kind of"
Kristy "You either are or you aren't"
Taylor, it's not that easy. "I lost it, but I was not really awake for it. A guy my mother had in the house drugged me." She buried her face in my chest to hide her tears. I stroked her back and kissed her on the forehead. She looked up and kissed me square on the mouth. I wasn't in the mood for passion, I was enraged that someone would do something like that to her or that her mother would not be coherent enough to protect her daughter from it. She could tell that my mood changed especially looking into my lap. "Please don't tell anyone about this, I don't know why it came out. I have not even thought about it for some time" now sobbing into my shirt. I continued rubbing her back.
My eyes were teared from anger "I am sorry that happened to you" kissing her on her head again.
Kristy came up tight hugging her and crying with her. Her breast pushed against my hand that would have excited me in different circumstances.

We got home and got out of the truck. Taylor gave me a big hug and kiss as we got out. "I know your angry and I love you for it, but there is nothing you can do here across the ocean."
I held her tight like she was my girlfriend holding her up with her legs around with my hands under her ass and whispered "I love you too" in her ear. I meant it and I believe that she did too. I think we looked at each other differently after that.
Kristy broke the moment "You guys break that up, let's go get your stuff and take showers. I think Jackie is going to meet us over here soon so we need to get ready." Jackie was a cheerleader with Kristy. One of the strongest bodies I had ever seen on a girl with powerful arms, big muscualr thighs, small chest, and a plump muscular ass. She always wore as little as possible and was known to be overly sexually active for her age. The way this day was going, I looked forward to seeing her as she was a very beautiful girl.

I took my bag in and they came in to drop their cleats and ball stuff inside as well. I started upstairs, Taylor yelled "we'll be back in a few!"

I sat for a minute reflecting on what had happened, wondering what was next with Ashley. Just the thought that there was more to come got the blood flowing in my crotch again. I pulled off my shorts and went to get my pants out of my bag to put in the washer hoping to get the stain out. I figured that I would have time to rub one out once I got them started and before the girls got back. Then I looked down to see that the gift Ashley left was the shorts she came in. This brought it all back as I held them up seeing that they were still drenched. Holding them up to my nose the intoxicating aroma pushed me to put the crotch in my mouth trying to suck what was left. As I thought about how good her pussy looked through these pants and split like a peach in Shannon's little bitty shorts. How it felt when I ran my finger through it and even how great the little taste I got was. I had a raging hard on that I would need to take care of before my balls turned blue and needed to get my pants in the washer first if I was going to get the stain out. I went to the laundry room and started the washer, which made enough noise to cover up the fact that the door had opened. As I came out of the laundry room I ran into Taylor "Oops, sorry. We took your keys so that we could get back in" as her eyes went straight to my naked erection.
I said "I thought I had more time and would hear the doorbell to let you in. Why are you back so quick?"
Taylor "There was no hot water at my house, so we just put on our bikinis and came back over to shower." I heard Kristie talking with Jackie having just let her in as well.
"Oh shit" as I had no where to go. There was no door on the laundry room so I there was no escape. I turned Taylor around and pulled her close to me. She gasped as my erection split her juicy cheek dressed in a very small bikini. "You need to give me cover so I can get up to my room." She nodded as she was too surprised to speak.

Kristy had what looked like one of Taylor's bikinis on that was probably a couple of sizes too small. At least on top as it looked like a Brazilian bikini on her just barely covering her nipples The bottoms were small enough, but I guess due to the difference in height she thought it was too big and had rolled it over so that a small tuft of her dark pubic hair was peeking out of the front and about an inch of her ass crack showing in the back. Jackie was in a very small tight thin yellow bikini that left nothing to the imagination. You could see that she was cleanly shaven with a camel toe that started at the top of her ass and seemed to end at her belly button. It was so thin that I could make out the lips partly out of the bikini. She also had permanently hard nipples on her small muscular chest that seemed to be cutting through the thin fabric. Lord that was sexy and my erection twitched against Taylor's ass making her jump a bit once again in surprise. As they walked towards us Kristie's boobs were a thing of beauty bouncing around trying to break from the cage that held them. "What's going on are you naked?"

Taylor "We walked in on him putting his pants in the washer. We took the keys so we did not warn him with the bell."
Kristy in half whisper "Is it" she started and Taylor just blurted out "yes!" cutting her off. I watched in amazement as Kristy's nipples hardened almost popping out of her top and in that daze pumped my erection against Taylor's ass getting a low moan out of her in appreciation.
Jackie felt left out "Is he what, is he what? he hard...YES?" pulling on Taylor trying to see. I had a hold of her hips and pulled her back against me which pushed my erection inside her bikini and she giggled. "Is it big?"

Taylor "HUGE!!!"

Jackie "That's not fair, can I swap with you?" Just the thought of that made me pump again and I noticed that this time Taylor was pushing back against me pushing it further into her bottoms and where the tip was close to her anus.

I said "You guys just start up the stairs towards the shower and we will follow close behind you. Taylor was now rocking her hips in anticipation. We tried to stay as tight as possible as we made our way up the stairs. As she went up the stair in front of me the head of my cock would push into her slit and then back to her ass as I stepped up due to our height difference. It seemed like there was one hundred stairs and the way the bikini was wrapped around the shaft it had me ready to explode. I felt her getting wetter and wetter with each step with the tip going further and further each time with our mixed lubrication.. I am sure we could have done it differently, but as awkward as it was the both of us were enjoying it. She would bend a bit pushing her ass back towards me and opening her legs with each step in anticipation. She was doing more and more as we started to get close to the top. about three steps down about three inches entered her hole and her body started to shudder in orgasm. This sent me over the edge. Reaching down I replaced my erection with my hand burying a finger in her slit catching her wetness in my hand while pulling out I started shooting cum against her ass cheek she reached back and held it while it continue to convulse and shoot on her ass. Kristy stopped at the towel cabinet grabbing a towel for her to use in the shower and handing one back to Taylor who was looking in her direction but her mind was elsewhere and her hand was busy milking my cock.

"Taylor, here's your towel" finally throwing it at her. at walking into the bathroom with Jackie. I stepped back down a step and as she bent down to pick up the towel I leaned forward and started licking her wet pussy from clit to anus taking special care of both. I had jacked off so many times imagining this as I did that the excitement returned my erection in a flash. I didn't care who was around I wanted to fuck her there and then. She let out a moan as an aftershock came in waves through her body. "oooohhh ffffuuuucccckkk" came out of her repeatedly. She tasted so good that I did not want to stop, but she had taken more than she could turning around and kissing me passionately seemingly trying to choke me with her tongue while I tried to wipe my sperm off her ass with one hand I was playing with her nipple with the other. As she felt me erection against her crotch she reached down grabbing it in disbelief. "oh my god, again...I really want to, but I can't do anymore right now it is way too sensitive." Kissing me again. "I love you so much"

Kristy half opened the door to the bathroom sticking her head out showing her naked breasts, "here we go again. Break it up, we have to get ready." Taylor turned to go in taking the towel leaving me standing there in full glory. "Why is your tit out" turning and seeing my erection not realizing that she was now standing there naked as well. What a sight. "How is he still hard, god that thing is big" as she closed the door.

Taylor "not still, again."
Kristy "Again? what the hell happened?"
Jackie "ewww, what's that running down your leg? ohhhh, let me taste it!"
Kristy "me too!"


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