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Another incest story with Harry Potter!
Mirror, Mirror…

A fourteen-year-old Harry Potter, boy wizard, was laying in his bed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Next to him was an almost identical naked fourteen-year-old black haired girl sleeping soundly. The girl was Lucy Potter; his twin sister. He rolled on his side to look at her, his hand gently stroking her hair, occasionally moving down her body to caress her breasts and stomach only to then return to her head.

One would think that Harry would feel guilty about his actions, ashamed even, at what he was doing to his own twin. But the fact was he wasn’t, and he knew that Lucy would want him to do this, and much more, to her, even if she was asleep and couldn't enjoy it fully herself. Just as long as it made him happy, he could fuck her as she slept and she wouldn’t mind. It was just how she was, he could do anything to her, and she would love it, reciprocating however possible.

For a normal person this would have been strange, the sheer level of devotion towards Harry's happiness could be likened to a slightly demented House-Elf on occasion, but the one thing about Lucy was that she wasn't normal. In fact, until a couple of weeks ago she hadn't been real, and was just a figment of Harry's imagination.

But that requires a bit of a back-story, it had all started when Harry was just a child, a young little thing that never really had the opportunity to act as a child should. Harry had always wanted a family, not the hateful Dursleys that were his only relatives, but one that loved and cared for him. His Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had punished him when he did better than their son Dudley, and were generally mean to him even when he wasn't being punished simply because he was different. With so much free time on his hands, as he was locked in a small cupboard under the stairs, Harry decided to use his imagination; something the Dursleys couldn't stop him from playing with, and make up a family member that would love him, care for him and support him in whatever he did and so he'd dreamt up a sister. He was only six at the time, and he only knew about one pair of siblings that were the same age, so he'd assumed that she would have to be his identical twin.

He'd imagined that she looked like him but with long black hair and green eyes like his own, as for her personality, he'd decided that she would be quiet and calculative in public, but mischievous and fun loving around those she cared for. He'd decided to name her Lucy, and made it so she, unlike him, didn't care one lick about what people thought about her as long as she was happy with the decisions she made. Being locked within the cupboard for so long allowed Lucy to become more and more defined as he found himself with nothing to do but daydream. Eventually he started imagining what she would say sometimes when he was having conversations, mostly in jest, a fat joke here, a stab at Dudley's intelligence there, nothing Harry himself wouldn't say within his mind if he was more confident, but as time passed she took on a life of her own.

Sometimes thanks to his imaginary sister's equally imaginary words, which encouraged him to do things he wouldn’t normally do, a few changes were made to his daily life. They weren't very significant, but he did start sneaking out every night to get himself some food once his relatives were asleep, lessening the effects of his malnutrition and ensuring the healing his future school nurse would help him through went much smoother than it would have. The most significant thing that occurred was that Harry found out he was special, that he had powers that no one else had, which he took to be the reason that his relatives hated him. They despised anything strange, or anything that didn't fit their definition of 'normal', so Harry's almost supernatural abilities seemed like the perfect reason to hate him.

He had just turned seven around that point, and he was eager to learn how to use his abilities. With Lucy's help and suggestions he was able to learn to levitate items and light things on fire. The second ability took years to master, and didn't do his mental stability any favours as he became a budding pyromaniac, burning anything he could get away with. In the process he was ecstatic to learn that not only did his fire not hurt him, but once he got to a certain point in mastering his abilities normal fire didn’t hurt him either.

However, like all imaginary friends, Lucy slowly disappeared as Harry needed her less and less. So caught up in learning how to use his power and abilities that he didn't realize her advice becoming less and less frequent and then when he woke up on his tenth birthday he didn't hear his sister's customary good morning greeting he was devastated; it the second worst day of his life. He eventually recovered, but he would often think back to the times with his imaginary sister fondly, even using what he thought she would do in the situations he found himself in to get out of them. She was the one that created his sly and smart side, giving him the idea to keep things from people, and encouraged him to learn how to lie convincingly. It was a skill that came in handy many times when his pyromaniac tenancies got the best of him, now that he didn't have a sister to caution him against such behaviour, and he was found at the scene of a fire more often. But thanks to no proof being left that he had anything to do with the fires, the police couldn’t do anything to him.

Over the next few years, until he learned about Hogwarts, Harry continued his training with his powers and his mastery over fire. His meeting with Hagrid was very enlightening and Harry was left with mixed feelings. He was happy that he received an explanation for his abilities, but he was saddened to learn of his parent’s true fate, even more so when he found out that he was famous for something they clearly did.

When he got onto Hogwarts Express he made his first friend, Ron Weasley. He also met someone that reminded him of Dudley, Draco Malfoy. He was a Pureblood asshole who thought he was better than Muggles and most Half-Bloods.

Because of this, and finding out that the person who killed his parents came from the same house, when the Sorting Hat told him that he fit in with Slytherin, Harry threatened the Sorting Hat with incineration. Harry was very grateful the term 'pyro' didn't seem to exist in the Magical World or the Sorting Hat's words of, “Very well. The only place I can see a little pyro like you fitting in after such a declaration is, GRYFFINDOR!” Would have made things difficult for him.

When Harry was sorted into Gryffindor, he made another friend, Hermione Granger. It was a rocky start; she had a bossy, know-it-all attitude that took him a while to break her of. Still, even with the bad habits that she had, which were annoying at the best of times, and at the worst of times tested his resolve to remain friends with her when he was having an off or particularly bad day, he stood by her. It helped that he put his foot down with her a few times, to stop her from going too over the top. Her personality flaws were stemmed from a similar vein as his own pyromaniac ones; social isolation and bullying. So he tried his best to help her get over them by being firm with her when he felt he needed to be; like the authority figures she looked up to so much.

On the second Friday since Harry started Hogwarts, was Harry’s first Flying Class. When Neville Longbottom broke his arm and was taken to the Hospital Wing he dropped his Remembrall that he had received that day from his Grandmother. Neville was a very forgetful boy, and the Remembrall was meant to help him remember what he forgot. Harry thought it was a joke, because it didn’t tell the person what they had forgotten, but Neville's Gran, who Harry thought had no respect for Neville, was completely serious about the all but useless gift. The ball simply made things worse for Neville, as the object simply made Neville's forgetfulness something everyone could see. But Harry didn’t say anything, Neville loved his Gran no matter what, and sometimes it was best to keep one's opinions to themselves. During the first Flying Class, as Neville was taken to the Hospital Wing, Malfoy decided it would be fun to break Neville’s Remembrall. Luckily for Neville, Harry he was quick enough to get the Ball before Malfoy.

After a brief verbal debate, which Harry won almost embarrassingly easily, nothing further came from the situation. The Remembrall was returned, and Neville was grateful; which really tempted Harry to tell him to just chuck it out a window, as it was doing more harm than good.

But it was thanks to Hermione that his life changed, as she recognized the signs of abuse and really twisted Madam Pomfrey's ear (Hermione's rant had been legendary, apparently, Harry himself wasn't there, but he'd heard about it) into giving him the needed potions to fix the damage, though the food that he stole also helped, both the stunted growth and the few scars he'd gained from his cousin were fixed fairly quickly. Vernon had never hit him, but he didn't need to, as simply giving Dudley the opportunities he needed was enough.

As a way to repay her, Harry started hanging out with her more and slowly opening up about himself. They grew even closer after Harry saved her life from a troll that attacked during Halloween. Ron had insulted her when she had a relapse and acted a little snobby about his spell casting. His hurtful words had sent her right into the path of the troll and only Harry appearing at the last moment with two handfuls of fire had saved her life. When the shock wore off Hermione was actually more interested in the fact that he could use wandless magic then the danger she'd been in. Harry assumed it was her way of coping, and was more than happy to share how he did it, leaving out Lucy's help. Despite her best efforts, Hermione was unable to learn the skill, but it was still something fun to do as friends.

Despite really loving having a true friend, as his and Ron's friendship took its first serious hit after he refused to apologize until forced to for insulting Hermione, Harry hadn't really been happy about the increased study schedule at first, but after his first O, with a glowing compliment from Professor Flitwick about taking after his mother, he was more than happy to stay up even later than Hermione to get a good grade, and thus follow in his mothers’ footsteps, who, while a prodigy with Charms, was quite skilled at just about every branch of magic.

When Christmas rolled around Harry received something that belonged to his father; an invisibility cloak. Harry used his new invisible cloak to not only to explore Hogwarts, but to go to the school library - the restricted area of it - and find out who Nicholas Flamel was, after Hagrid had let slip that he was connected to the strange going on at Hogwarts that year.

During Harry's explorations of Hogwarts he'd come across what he later found of to be the Mirror of Erised. At the time he had been confused by what he had seen, but intrigued none the less. Looking into the mirror, in the foreground he saw himself surround by what he imagined his family would look like, including his imaginary twin. Behind them were more people, all indistinct and unrecognisable but what he suspected were other family members that he wasn't aware of, or he had only seen briefly before Voldemort had killed them and then his parents. What was more surprising however was that in the background was a burning building of all things.

Harry had wonder what the mirror was and had run the inion, "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi," though his mind multiple time until he'd figured out that it was backwards. It hadn't taken him long to write the sentence the correct way, "I show not your face but your heart's desire," and once done he agreed whole heartedly with it, as it was his heart's desire. Harry had visited the mirror multiple time until Dumbledore had caught him and told him that he was going to remove it, but not before asking what Harry saw. He'd put his sister lesson's to good use and told half the truth, saying that he saw his family.

After Christmas, his circle of friends had started to grow. It was largely thanks to him finally putting his foot down with Ron that it happened. The second youngest Weasely was getting big headed and seemed to think that because he was friends with the Boy-Who-Lived, and thought it meant he could get away with otherwise unacceptable behaviour and deserved preferential treatment. It was a big fight, spells were even thrown around, leaving Ron in the hospital wing due to injuries, Hermione needing to visit briefly to shrink her teeth, and Harry getting a detention, which involved cleaning the Gryffindor Common Room without magic, to fix the damage they had both done. To Harry's surprise, a number of his fellow Gryffindor's helped with the cleaning, which he'd later learned was due to a lot of them having gotten sick of Ron's mouth and they were glad that Harry had stood up to the prat.

After putting Ron in his place Harry gained a few new friends; Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, and occasionally had an older student by the name of Cedric Diggory who had taken them who'd taken the two younger Puffs under his wing started talking to him and it eventually bore a friendship. The day after Harry and Ron's fight Neville Longbottom approached him and tentatively offered his friendship, which was followed by the Weasely Twins and the Chaser Trio, who were sometimes referred to as the Crimson Vixens, for good reason. A quiet girl from Ravenclaw name Su Li started joining Harry and Hermione when they were studying in the library not soon after the fight, which also created another social connection.

That's not to say changes were abrupt, it took him a couple of years to really accept that the barely disguised conditioning he went through with the Dursley's was not normal and was something children should never be put through. It helped that Hermione’s parents allowed him to stay with them over the summer, which the Dursleys were happy to allow, as they wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore.

Harry became indebted to his friends after Christmas when they had found out that an object belonging to Nicholas Flamel was being held within the school. It was Su Li who knew and told them who Nicholas Flamel was and it was through her that they discovered the object was the Philosopher's Stone. They had argued from some time about what they should do but it was eventually decided they would go after the Stone themselves before someone who wanted it for the wrong reasons got a hold of it. It was decided that because of their talents, Harry, Hermione, Su, and Susan would go after the Stone - which they reached surprising easily.

The first challenge, opening the door, was easy. There had been many students who were curious about the third floor corridor, despite the threat of death, and word had spread how to get through the door and what lay within. The Cerberus, they learned, was Hagrid’s pet, and was also named Fluffy, of all things. They were able to get past it easily enough after Hagrid had let slip Fluffy could be lulled to sleep with music.

Once the massive three-headed dog was sound asleep they'd jumped down into the corridor it had been guarding; thankfully landing on something soft. They soon found out it was the Devil's Snare, after Hermione panicked a bit, Su used a type of Solar Flare spell, providing enough light to scare the semi-sentient plant and make it retreat.

Then they had to face some flying keys as they couldn’t open the door with an Alohamora, which Harry accomplished by flying up and capturing the right one to open the door, with the help of Su and Hermione on the ground, as the girls could see the right key far easier from outside of the swarm then he could whilst chasing it.

Next was a huge Chess board, whilst they were going on how to get past this one just as easily as the previous 'defences', it would take an excessive amount of time in Harry's opinion, so he decided to do what his cousin would do when faced with anything that made him feel inferior; break it. So, using the Reductor Curse that Cedric had taught him, he destroyed the chess pieces. When he did so the girls gave him a strange look, but they accepted his explanation that destroying it was a lot easier than wasting time playing through the game. Besides, what eleven-year-old boy didn’t like breaking things when they could get away with it? Also they were, after all, on a schedule.

The next task was a troll, and once again Harry had been forced to shove Hermione out of the way when she froze at the sight of another fully grown Mountain Troll threatening her, meaning he took quite a hit in her place. The Troll hadn't managed to capitalize on it though, as it was systematically turned to a thick red paste, teaching it exactly why you shouldn't pick on the friends of a girl who'd been trained as a warrior all her life as Su demonstrated her skills in Battle Magic on it. Once he recovered, Harry was able to distract the troll with a fireball, allowing the girls to finish it off with three perfectly timed Piercing Curses.

The logic puzzle had been turned into a game, which Hermione had, being the first to read the inion, won. But she withheld the answer until Harry and the others had figured it out, telling him she wanted to make sure his logistical skills weren't getting rusty. Su and Susan, surprisingly, considering their upbringing, had also gotten the answer right but after several minutes of thought.

Susan had tried a Duplication Charm on the vials of potion, but only succeeded in making three extra empty glass vials. The groups caution was unfounded though, as Harry, who tested the fire to see if he could touch it and found he could, slipped through the imposing black flames unharmed.

Once he'd walked through, he found the Mirror of Erised again. When he looked in the mirror this time he only saw himself, his twin, and the burning building behind them. His reflection dropped a red stone into his pocket with a smirk before the Harry and Lucy within the mirror turned around to gaze at the building. Harry was a little miffed at being ignored by his own reflection, but quickly left the chamber. Harry was amused to find the three girls still arguing about who would get the correct potion and who would stay behind. He cleared his throat, holding up the stone with a grin as they finally looked at him. This led to Hermione and Harry telling the other two girls about Harry’s abilities to control and withstand fire. While he had used them in the battle with the troll, Su and Susan were too preoccupied to notice he wasn't casting fire spells with his wand, but using his wandless abilities that were all but an innate talent at that point.

That night though, for the first time in a long time, he heard his imaginary twin speak to him. She asked him why the Stone was so badly protected that four first years could get past the so called protections in less than an hour, with no serious injuries aside from some bruising on his part. Harry was too surprised to answer right away, and she soon faded away again.

Her visit and subsequent disappearance again, while making him sad all over again, caused him to really think about the situation. He agreed with her suspicions after he really started brainstorming; if four first years could get past the jokes referred to as defences it would be very easy for someone older and more skilled to get past them. It was then that he realized that the Headmaster was up to something - or at least suspected him of being up to something - and as much as the others hated to admit it when Harry talked to them about it they had to agree with Harry. So they decided to watch Dumbledore and see what he did; if anything should happen. In fact they made Harry the leader of their group, even giving him a nickname because of his abilities; Vulcan, for the Roman mythical god of fire. The symbol for the god Vulcan was a lightning bolt, making it even more fitting.

For the rest of the year not much happened to Harry and his friends, it was more or less normal. Well, normal for a magical school anyway. Although, they did have another small adventure about a month after sending the Philosopher's Stone back to its owner when they found out that Hagrid had somehow gotten hold of a dragon egg, and was able to hatch it but. They were able to get Hagrid to agree send the baby dragon to a dragon reserve that Ron’s brother and Cedric’s friend worked at.

The only other thing that happened was just as interesting as it was shocking. They got word back from Nicholas and his wife through a letter. The reply they got was actually a revised Will with a letter attached. Harry was gifted with the stone, Hermione was gifted with a good portion of the Flamel Library, on the condition that she share with the rest of her friends. Su was contacted by a teacher to further her Battle Magic studies over the summer on behalf of the two Flamels, while Susan was given a Bones family Heirloom thought lost but had been tracked down by the several century old duo.

The Letter explained that the Flamel's had decided to finally pass on and Dumbledore was supposed to destroy the Stone, as neither Flamel could bear to do it themselves, so they gave it to Harry. Perenelle was a bit of a Seer and knew that Harry would need all the help he could get against the threats he would face in his life. The Hogwarts students never knew of this fact, making it a hot topic for a while as to why the ancient couple would give a priceless magical item to an eleven year old.

Because the package containing the Stone was opened in the middle of the Great Hall while dinner was going on the Stone was in full view of everyone, the gasping of Harry's friends drawing quite a bit of attention. Dumbledore had sent them suspicious looks, but legally he wasn’t able to do anything about Harry owning the Stone. Of course, Dumbledore’s dilemma of who got to keep the Stone took place much later, because the second he saw it, much to the shock of everyone Professor Quirrell attacked Harry, shouting that the Stone belonged to his Master. Quirrel was surprisingly powerful as a result of the possession and due to an infusion of Forcibly Taken unicorn blood the previous evening and he was able to hold off the Professor's attempts to subdue him along with Harry and his friend's. It wasn’t until Harry touched Quirrell’s body, when he tackled him to save Hermione from a Killing Curse did the tide turn; Quirrel was burned alive, leaving nothing but ash behind, which revealed the Dark Lord Voldemort's wraith as he rose out of the ash like some kind of twisted phoenix.

Aside from Dumbledore cautioning Harry against the use of the Stone, his reasons paper thin in Harry's opinion, and 'subtly' trying to persuade him to leave the Stone in his care for safe keeping, which Harry politely but firmly declined, the rest of the year was surprisingly anti-climactic.

After saving her life for a third time, twice from mountain trolls and again against Quirrelmort - the nickname the braver fraction of the student body had given him - Hermione became very clingy for a while and determined to pay him back somehow. She even begged her parents for Harry to stay over the summer with them, so that he wouldn’t have to deal with his so called family.

She eased up eventually, but only after her parents agreed that Harry could stay with them. It also helped that Harry’s ‘family’ were more than happy to get be rid of the freak for the summer and hoped to never see him again. She had already planned on helping him find a place to either rent or set up a plan to have him stay with some of their friends, moving from house to house on a weekly schedule or something of the like, but after he saved her she wanted to hopefully give him a family experience by going on vacation with them; to show him how a real family acted so he would accept what the Dursley's did was wrong.

When she suggested the idea to Harry he had hugged her tightly, giving her a taste of her own medicine for once, which was also the first hug Harry had ever initiated, and thanked her profusely. Hermione's parents were more than happy to have their daughter's first friend live with them over the summer and everything went amazingly for the emotionally stunted boy. The Grangers plus Harry took a trip to France, which was something so new for Harry he spent almost the whole vacation in a daze. Hermione's plan didn't immediately bear fruit, but it did plant the seed within his mind that would eventually cause him to accept his troubled upbringing for what it was. She was happy to learn that her parents agreed that Harry could stay with them as long as he wanted for all he'd done.

Before the residents of the Granger household went on vacation a House-Elf who introduced himself as Dobby showed up right in the middle of dinner. The Elf warned Harry that he could not go back to Hogwarts because of a danger that he couldn't mention. Due to Dobby's visit Harry found out why none of his friends had written him; Dobby had been stealing his mail. Harry quickly dragged Dobby away for a quick talk. The adult Grangers, who were mystified at the odd creature, didn't know what Harry did or said, but Dobby was white as a ghost and shaking when the two came back, handing the stack of letters over so fast to Harry he almost threw them all over the floor before he left after shakily telling Harry to not go back to Hogwarts.

Apart from that, the summer was spent relaxing and finishing their summer school work quickly, so they wouldn't have to worry about it when they left. Harry continued training his abilities, and by the time they were in France he was able to coat his arms up to the shoulder in flames. Of course, initially this caused the top he was wearing to catch on fire, so he took a break from learning to coat himself in flames to work on his finer control so that it wouldn't happen again.

It was about this time that puberty hit Harry, his voice started to break and he started to think about girls. He frequently imagined kissing the girls that one's which close to him. Hermione, mostly because she was the closest to him physically, but there were several other girls he imagined kissing; the most embarrassing of them being Hermione’s mum and his imaginary twin sister. Imagining himself kissing Hermione and her mum made it hard to look at them at times and was made all the more difficult when they visited a nudist beach. Seeing Hermione and Emma's naked bodies took the embarrassment to a new level because he started imagining himself feeling their bodies when he kissed them. Emma, the observant woman she was, cornered him and asked what was wrong. After an embarrassing talk Emma assured Harry that what he was going through and feeling were perfectly normal. Left unsaid was that she was quite flattered in his interest in her as Harry was growing into quite a handsome boy and his interest in her made her feel sexy.

The summer ended well for them after they returned. Two weeks before they had to go back to Hogwarts they went to see their friends and got their school things as a group. While shopping, Harry had to put his foot down once again with Hermione. She kept going on and on about Professor Lockhart because he'd written all the books for the school year and was going to be their Professor. Harry took an instant dislike to him though, and wasn't shy about telling everybody that asked, there was just something about him that was off. Still, he realized Hermione needed an actual well thought out argument to correct her of her hero-worship, so he sat with her and they both read through the books on their list and made notes. After they were done Harry showed her his notes outlining the time frame the books were supposedly set in, and the impossibilities of beating some of the Dark Creatures the man had supposedly fought with spells that were not the right ones to combat them. At first Hermione didn't want to believe him; because they were books and books never lied, but he finally won her over when she read Wandering with Werewolves /[i] when the man claimed to have cured a Were of his affliction. Hermione had still half-heartedly protested until Harry pointed out that there wouldn't be such a thing as Lycanthropy if there was already a spell to cure it.

Hermione felt rather foolish after she and Harry had spent the next two days not talking, giving her time to cool down and gather up their notes and go over them with a calmer head. The next day everything was back to normal with the only evidence they ever fought was her very quiet and embarrassed 'thank you' given over breakfast for snapping her out of it.

They had a bit of trouble getting to school when the portal to 9¾ refused to work for them, but they were able to find a nearby Floo kept hooked up to the network for just such occasions. The two would later learn that the portal did malfunction occasionally and it was better to pay the yearly fee to keep the Floo open then it was having a lot of panicking children that could do crazy things; like fly to school in a stolen car or some foolish thing - something that Ron did, seeing he was busy going to the loo and was running late, returning from the loo after Harry and Hermione had already left, leaving him unaware of the Floo.

During the first few weeks of Harry’s second year he made a few new friends: both from Ravenclaw. Cho Chang, Who was a bit of a bully before Harry put his newly discovered stubborn side to work and talk to the pretty girl about it, and, eventually, Luna Lovegood. Luna was a bit strange, yes, but she was very friendly. Thanks to her friendship with Harry, Luna noticed that people didn’t bully her as much as they used to in the first few months that she started at Hogwarts and had commented on it to the group.

While it wasn't ever said aloud, everyone in the group knew Luna's statement that the bullying had only died down and not stopped completely caused a number of students to disappear for a very short period of time before reappearing very pale and very respectful to the blond waif; giving her stolen items back right away. Nor was it ever mentioned that these people would not look Harry in the eye.

The first two months of his second year went fine, apart from Professor Lockhart's horrible teaching that is. He was also able to get onto the Gryffindor’s Quidditch Team. And then came Halloween; when Mr. Filch's cat Mrs. Norris was found petrified. Because Harry was found at the scene, because he was coming back from Nearly Headless Nick's 500th Deathday Party – he was following a hissing voice, saying it was going to kill - a few people thought he was behind the attack. The fact that a number of his friends were with him and Nick's Deathday party was a much talked about event, with the Ghosts at least, was all that spared him from the majority of the school thinking he was guilty.

Ron, who's friendship with Harry and his group was hanging by a thread after his constant whining about them studying a lot and including other House's (something that earned him quite a few indignant glares, from every house) thought that Malfoy was behind the attacks, and that he was setting the beast within the Chamber of Secrets on students when they later learnt about this. Although Malfoy was a likely suspect, Harry knew that Malfoy was all talk and no guts. So he wouldn’t be the one setting the beast on the school, his friends agreed with him and instead invested their time in figuring out what the beast was and how to stop it.

About a week later, Harry played his first Quidditch game; a Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match. Although Gryffindor won the game, Harry got his arm broken by a rogue Bludger. That wouldn’t really have been so bad, until the idiot Lockhart cast the wrong spell and instead of fixing the break, it fully Vanished the bones in his arm. Whilst he was having his bones re-grown Dobby once again visited him, admitting that he had set the rogue Bludger at Harry in an attempt to get him to return home. All he managed to learn was that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened once before fifty years ago before his anger at the Elf caused a small flame to appear in his clenched fist, causing Dobby to pale and Pop away.

A week into December a Duelling Club was started up by the fool Lockhart. During the first, and last, club session Malfoy cast a spell that summoned a snake, and in doing so revealed that Harry was a Parselmouth. Because of this, there was a renewed belief that he was the one behind the attacks again, it didn’t help that he was found with Justin Fitch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick petrified only a few days later.

While things were shaky for about a week with some of the members of his social circle they eventually accepted that yes, Harry could talk to reptiles, but no, he was not attacking people. That is, apart from Ron, who thought, like a good portion of the school did, that Harry was behind the attacks because he was a Parselmouth and because Harry had mentioned that not all Slytherin's were bad and that it was just Malfoy he hated. Ron had been increasingly hostile with the group and tried several times a day to pull Harry away from them to go do activities that Ron wanted to do. While that wasn't that bad, as several members of the group had borrowed Harry for a while to share their hobbies with him and hang out one on one, they hadn't been snobbish and demanding like Ron went about asking, demanding really, which was the last straw; a vote was cast, and Ron would never be able to rejoin the group with Harry and Hermione deciding to never talk to him again. Despite Lockhart's failure, the Outcasts did see the benefit of learning to duel, so they added that into the group’s curriculum schedule. At first it was the Light and Neutral spells, along with a plethora of defensive spells, but when the Slytherins joined, later in the year, and after a group debate, they started to learn about the Dark Arts as well, under the careful eye of Daphne, who followed the instructions her father had given her rigidly, so none of them succumbed to the dark urges the spells caused before the castor built up an immunity.

The only real benefit to the rest of the school succumbing to a herd mentality of Harry-hate was that the group created a name for themselves. If they were going to be treated like social outcasts, then they would wear the moniker with pride.

Thanks to who was in the group they were soon able to figure out what was Petrifying the students, but the location of the Chamber evaded them. Then they remembered what Harry told them about what Dobby told him, that the Chamber opened once before. After some research they found out about the attacks and that one person was killed; Myrtle Henderson, more infamously known as Moaning Myrtle. After talking to her they pieced together where the entrance to the Chamber was, and common sense told them how to open it. They also learnt that Hagrid was convicted of letting out the beast and killing her. Apart from being expelled, there was no real trial though, which is what tipped the group off more than anything that Hagrid wasn’t the one who murdered Myrtle.

Incidentally, Myrtle had taken a liking to Harry and joined the group in the Library and the abandoned 'All House Common Room' they had found and cleaned up for their own use; turning it into their headquarters. At first Myrtle was her normal bipolar self, grating on the Outcasts' nerves, but they eventually researched and offered her a spell that would age her ghost just a few days - ending the period she had been on for the past fifty years that was actually the cause of her mood - causing her to calm down considerably. She eventually revealed, after Harry had complained about the lack of real Potions teacher, as Snape was an unrepentant ass who couldn't teach his way out of a wet rice-paper bag, that she was a potions prodigy and well on her way to becoming an apprentice when she died. Myrtle was more than willing to teach the Outcasts whenever they wanted for their help in making her eternal existence less cramp-filled.

Back on the Chamber of Secrets front; the Outcasts decided to all tackle the Chamber together using two roosters that Hannah was able to convince her parents to send her discreetly, but Harry, in typical Gryffindor fashion, had snuck out the night before they planned to enter the Chamber.

As Harry got to the Chamber proper he was shocked to find a fellow Gryffindor and the only female Weasley, Ginny, struggling with something. She was yelling at a Diary while something he couldn't see seemed to be forcing her deeper into the Chamber. The next series of events blurred together until much later when Harry's adrenaline high died down, but it started with Harry finding out that the Diary had actually been something far more sinister then a notebook housing the thoughts of a pre-teen fangirl; it had the memories of a Thomas M. Riddle, whom later became Lord Voldemort. They talked a bit, which was when Harry learned he was the one that killed Myrtle and blamed it on Hagrid, seeing as he liked dangerous beasts and had a giant spider known as an Acromantula hidden in his room. It was easy to lead people to believe Hagrid was the one behind Myrtle's demise; it was only thanks to Dumbledore that Hagrid was only expelled. After some more talk, Tom tried to kill Harry by summoning the Basilisk. As a Paresltongue, Harry was immune to its gaze and quickly killed it with the Rooster and a spell to make it crow that Luna taught him. A quick cutting curse destroyed the Diary, and the half-formed and weak ghost created from it was split in half in a very impressive light show, saving Ginny's life.

Using his quick thinking and cunning, he swore Ginny to a magical vow of secrecy so that she couldn't tell anyone what happened, and school life continued as usual. There was no proof of Myrtle's death being Tom's fault, so Hagrid would always be blamed for her demise, but at least the Outcasts had taken down the threat before the Ministry tried to have the part-giant arrested again. Eventually Harry's status as Hogwarts social pariah's died down, but the group remained closer than ever, the event teaching them a lesson and instilling a loyalty to each other into them.

Aside from one very long week where the Outcasts put Harry in time out and wouldn't speak with him because of his rash actions concerning the Chamber, the rest of the year was quiet. That's not to say things didn't happen, but none of it was the sort of life-or-death adventure that seemed to come after Harry yearly so far. For instance, Daphne Greengrass and her friends Blaise Zabini and Tracey Davis from Slytherin, cautiously approached the group and requested admittance. Apparently they were outcasts within their own house for separate reasons and had formed a group of their own for safety. Daphne and Tracey, two beauties who were truly a credit to their House's ideals, refused to spread their legs for the older males in the house, and Blaise, a charismatic black boy from an Italian family, refused to hide his homosexuality, something that was just not done in Slytherin, the house where Marriage Contracts and dating certain people was a major part of everyday life and the social hierarchy. For these reasons they were treated badly, and considering who their Head of House was, nothing was done about it.

Lucy made another appearance while Harry was on probation for a week from the Outcasts. She found it strange that Dumbledore didn’t know what the beast was; he was at the school when it happened before, so he knew full well what was inside the Chamber by now. She also made him think back to when Colin was brought into the hospital wing shortly after he scared Dobby away. It seemed to her that Dumbledore knew it wasn’t Hagrid but Tom who was behind the attacks and had done nothing about it. She was gone again by the next time Harry awoke, having fallen asleep after she was done talking, but the conversation stuck with him and he became even more wary of Dumbledore. The Outcasts were of a similar opinion after he shared ‘his’ thoughts, even Hermione, who was rapidly becoming disillusioned with authority figures in the magical world but was still the most respective of them out of the group.

Since Myrtle agreed to help to teach the Outcasts potions, Hermione and a few others could often be found talking to her about potions. It was decided that they would do an Extra Credit project for Potions, and they decided to try and make the Polyjuice Potion. They were able to get most of the potion ingredients from owl order which Harry was more than happy to pay for. However, when they got the last stage, adding a hair from the person you wanted to change into, instead of taking a hair from each other they took a hair from random students clothes so they wouldn't know who they would transform into and, just having a good time. The problem was that Hermione, Su Li and Cho's hairs weren't from humans. For Hermione it was cat hair, Su Li's was from a fox; she'd taken the hair from a friend's comb, who's familiar was a fox, and had grabbed the wrong brush. Cho was in a similar situation as Su, only it was a wolf. All three girls not only sprouted animal ears on top of their heads and tails, but their personalities shifted slightly to mirror some of the animal’s behaviour. Sadly, the School Healer wasn’t able to undo the affects, so they were stuck as human/animal hybrids. Madame Pomfrey personally made them all Glamour necklaces that would hide their non-human appendages. She also taught them a charm to do the same thing, for redundancies sake. After they were thoroughly safe from being discovered, they were given a stern talking to for doing such a foolish thing as drinking a potion with unknown ingredients in it.

On a somewhat different note, throughout the year Harry found his dreams becoming more intense. After overhearing the older boys bragging about what they had done with their respective girlfriends his dreams reflected on this. The girls wanted more than just kissing, and so did his sister. Lucy, as was her personality, didn't care what anybody thought and shrugged off the taboo of incest without blinking. Harry was still embarrassed about thinking of his friends like that though, so his fantasies - while starring pretty much every other girl he was friends with at least once - featured Lucy the most simply because he didn't feel guilty about it being around them. She wasn't somebody he had to look in the eye the next day, or later that morning, or whenever he got out of the bathroom - he was a very active boy - after relieving himself, so his conscience was okay with it. The Lucy of his fantasies was truly happy for the added intimacy - meaning more frequent fantasies and relaxation sessions - made Harry feel better and got rid of the stress of being who he was, and she gained a new skill; the ability to change her body at will, the Metamorphagus skill. It was only [i] after
she displayed this ability did Harry learn what it was called, or even of its existence at all, which was truly worrying for his mental health, something Harry did his utmost to ignore.

Summer was a quiet thing, Harry was happy to find that he was able to stay with the Grangers again. Although they were shocked at what happened to their daughter they weren't angry. Understandable really, who wouldn’t be shocked if their little girl came back from boarding school as a Catgirl? They also went to France again, which included the nudist beach again. Harry was still imagining kissing and doing more with the Granger ladies on a regular basis, despite trying to stop. Which didn't help his attempts to wean himself off his habit of sneaking off for a quick wank to take the edge off every once in a while. He even started imagining Hermione, Su and Cho in their new bodies in his dreams and daydreams. His dreams became more vivid, and strange, featuring himself in a hybrid form, or even full animal form, fucking the girls, and not just his three not-entirely-human friends either. A wolf, a kneazle, a dragon, and even a centaur once; it was always those hybrid forms he took though, never anything else. Lucy made frequent appearances in these dreams, putting her newest Metamorphagus abilities to work to please him no matter what form she took on in that dream. She didn't display even the slightest hesitation and was shamelessly happy that he fucked her in even his full animal form. He was starting to become rather disturbed with the fetishes he was developing, watching his sister's stomach actually bulge as she took every inch of his human/dragon form's eighteen inch monster, an act that would have probably killed a normal girl, while completely insane, was also one of the kinkiest things he'd ever imagined and couldn't help but be aroused further by it.

On a somewhat happier note, with letters back and forth with Daphne, Harry learnt that because he was the last of the Potters he was able to gain the title Lord Potter at the age of thirteen instead of seventeen. This meant he could do magic out of school, along with a few other benefits, like getting his own room at Hogwarts; which he was legally allowed to invite anybody he wished to stay with him inside of. So when Harry’s birthday rolled around he went to Gringotts and gained his Lordship. Shortly after that Harry and Hermione sent out letters inviting everyone over to the Granger residence for a party, which, despite being many of the group’s first party, and outing into the Muggle world, was a huge success.

After the party Daphne set up a meeting with Ludovic "Ludo" Bagman; the head of the Department of Games and Sports. She said that by knowing people like him, he could get targets for spell practice and other free or cheap things. He was both Lord Potter and Lord Peverell; the Head of two Old Families, Daphne had made it quite clear that people would trip all over themselves to get on his good side. For once, Harry's status as the Boy-Who-Lived was probably the least important thing about him. It helped, of course, but it was a relatively small moniker in comparison to being the Lord of two of the oldest families around. Daphne said that she would arrange for other people to meet Harry, so he could make some meaningful social connections as soon as possible. Harry almost grinned when he realized Daphne was living vicariously through him, in the political aspect anyway. He wasn't sure if it was true, but it was a thought that caused him to smile fondly at his Slytherin friend.

The only interesting part of their holidays was when they learned that Sirius Black, a Death Eater and the person who betrayed the Potters had escaped from Azkaban. Hearing this, Harry vowed that he would kill Black, slowly, somehow involving fire, just to see what the man would look like when he burned. Not a Magical Vow, he didn't need magic to force him to kill the man, he could do that all on his own. After all, if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have been sent to live with the Dursley’s.

His third year at Hogwarts was easily the quietest and most normal year Harry had ever had in his life. Oh sure, there were Dementor patrolling around the school, but unless you were really looking for them you never even noticed them. The Outcasts were far too busy being excited about taking the new electives to care. The group as a whole decided to take Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. Hermione wanted to take the other classes that Hogwarts had, but Harry was able to argue her down and got Hermione to agree not to take them. The evening after their argument when he was alone in his bed, Harry smiled a perverse smile at the thought he could make Hermione do whatever he wanted now that he was getting better at debating. It was not even remotely surprising that his dream when he fell asleep contained a slave girl Hermione pleasing him, her Master, and obeying his every command, no matter how shameful.

When they got back to Hogwarts, Harry and the other Outcasts all moved into the All House Common Room permanently, dorms seemingly appeared by themselves and the painting guarding the Common Room itself was instructed to only let Outcast members and Professor McGonagall through.

All the classes that they took were, while fascinating, were just as uneventful as every other class, apart for the first Care of Magical Creatures where Malfoy was injured by a Hippogriff named Buckbeak. The arrogant idiot tried to get the Hippogriff killed, but thanks to the Outcasts, they were able to stop him, rallying the class to the Hippogriff's defence; almost every student claiming it was Malfoy’s own fault - even quite a few of the Slytherin's, shockingly - as he was warned not to insult the creature. Although he didn’t like the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher that much, Harry found out that Lupin was best friends with his parents. While this was all well and good, Harry didn't like the man for the simple reason that he didn’t, not even once, try and visit him in all these years. If he did, like a good friend of his parents should have, Harry would've been freed of the Durselys; as even the lightest of inspections would reveal child negligence, at the least, and he would have been taken away.

Things were completely normal after that until Harry’s first Quidditch match, one that was meant to be against the Slytherins but because Malfoy was milking his injury for all it was worth, they played against the Hufflepuff. Harry lost his first ever game of Quidditch when Dementor's swarmed the field, and him which caused him to pass out while roughly two hundred feet in the air. Luckily the fall left him unharmed but his broom on the other hand took quite a beating at the hands of the Whomping Willow. Cedric hadn't stopped apologizing for a week because, in a typical Hufflepuff fashion, he felt incredibly guilty, despite not being able to see five feet in front of his face in the horrible weather, much less see Harry way above him. This had continued for a week before Harry hexed him with a more powerful version of the standard Silencio and refused to undo it until Cedric promised to stop apologizing.

To show he had no hard feelings about it, Harry gave Cedric a tattered cloak with yellow striped on its all-black surface, telling the older boy that he could give the cloak to his favourite of the Dementor's because they were all obviously rabid Hufflepuff Quidditch fans.

After the game the Outcast learned the Patronus Charm so the Dementors wouldn’t be a bother for them again. During the Halloween Feast Sirius Black attacked the Fat Lady and everyone had to sleep in the Great Hall. This made the Outcasts wonder why he would try to get into Gryffindor Tower whilst everyone was in the Great Hall. It made no sense. So they investigated the curious case of Sirius Black, and as they did, they found out that he hadn’t had a trial and had been sent straight to Azkaban. While it was hard for Harry to accept at first they decided that, should they find Black, they would stun and question him before they did anything else.

Then Christmas came along. Harry got many gifts; one of the most useful being from the Twins, which they called the Marauder's Map. They said, as their Leader, he needed it more than them, as it showed everything within the school and the surrounding area. He also received an unmarked package containing a brand new Firebolt. The shock of getting such a gift was outshone by Hermione telling him the broom could be hexed and getting herself more and more worked up about it until she was almost in tears about all the horrible ways he was going to die due to the obviously cursed broom. She then hopped up and told him quite firmly that she was going to give it to McGonagall just in case. Harry had responded rather calmly by gently but tightly grabbing her by the shoulders, firmly placing her in the nearest recliner in their dorm and new headquarters, and told her in no uncertain terms that she was being foolish and that if she had concerns she could take them to a member of the group. To prove his statement, he handed the Firebolt to Blaise, who knew a thing or two about Enchanting, and had him look it over. The Firebolt was declared clean less than thirty seconds later leaving Hermione feeling very guilty for her overreaction, causing her to meekly apologize to Harry for thinking he couldn't handle the situation. They later learned that Sirius sent it.

Unsurprisingly, Harry's dreams for the following week featured Harry taking advantage of Hermione's perceived debt to him for doubting his leadership abilities in different ways, all of which ended in sex. In every one of these dreams Lucy watched from nearby, a delighted smirk on her face as she watched her brother put hers and his own lessons to work.

Dreams of turning Hermione into his plaything through use of calling in the many debts she owed him for saving her life was by no means a rare occurrence, he'd been dreaming of that for a while, but Lucy's involvement and her encouraging words really helped him come to terms with the fact that he liked being the dominant party when it came to sex.

That year's 'Yearly Plot To Kill Harry' was actually a little anticlimactic. After gaining the map from the twins Harry discovered an unknown man sleeping in Ron's bed with him. Thinking a paedophile was taking advantage of his ex-friend, Harry, Hermione and Neville all hurried back to their House's Common Room and up into the male dorms and were ready for a fight… only to find a rat. Scabbers, it turned out, was an Animagus. Because none of them recognized the name Peter Pettigrew off the top of their heads they took the rat to McGonagall, who didn't give them any information at all; she simply sputtered nonsensically and jumped through her Floo to the DMLE once the trio had explained the situation.

It wasn't until later that the Outcasts learned that the rat was actually the person who had betrayed the Potters, and that Sirius Black had been pardoned of his crimes. Shortly after that Harry received an invitation to live with Sirius over the summer. Apparently, his lack of actual crime had never caused a breach in his guardianship of Harry, so it was still valid. While he was happy about the request and overjoyed he would have a home, not that he didn't love the Grangers, he just wanted his own home, Harry replied that he would only accept if they met and got to know each other first.

Sirius was all for the idea, and when the two met they really hit it off, despite Harry's general lack of interest in pranks. So the plan was set and Harry had a place to call home.

On the social side of things that year the only things of note were that Daphne’s sister Astoria joined the Outcasts along with Ginny Weasley, who'd dropped her hero worship of the Boy-Who-Lived and gained a small but strong crush on Harry Potter, the real life boy who'd saved her life. Blaise also started hitting on Harry in a subtle but still undeniable manner. The two had a talk, and Harry told him gently that he wasn't interested in anything but the fairer sex. Blaise had taken the rejection in stride, admitting he wasn't really that interested, but wanted to know once and for all if Harry was open to the idea. Of course, the two couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the rest of the Outcasts by engaging in a truly soap-opera worthy game of seeing who could ham it up the most while trying to seduce the other. It was all great fun for the two and the expressions on everybody else's faces was hilarious.

On Harry's continued struggle with his active imagination’s side of things; his imagination was getting more and more… interesting. Harry leafed through magazines procured from his dorm mates and overheard the older boys talking, causing him to learn quite a few things. Hearing the older boys talk – lie, not that he knew it - of seducing other boy's girlfriends also made him feel a bit insecure. Not a lot, but it was a nagging thought that if he got a girlfriend he wouldn't be good enough. A happy girlfriend was a well shagged girlfriend, the older boy's had joked. So his sexual fantasies became more common. He, despite knowing how ridiculous it was, became possessive of Lucy; a figment of his imagination.

That was just how things were. Harry was a normal boy with an almost unhealthy imagination. He'd turned out quite well, considering his upbringing and the stress of living in the Magical World and its swaying opinion of him. He had an advanced case of Multiple Personality disorder because of Lucy gaining full independence from him, Schizophrenia because he could see and hear her, and a thinly contained need to burn things, barely kept in check by his early morning meditation involving his fire conjuring abilities and Lucy of all things to hold him back when he got too worked up. On the sexual side of things, his hatred of being ordered around by the Dursely's left him with a strong desire to be dominant in everything, causing him to take the lead in any carnal pursuits.

He had problems, yes, but he could have been worse. He still acted pretty normal, and that's all that mattered most of the time, especially to wizards.

All in all, the school year ended without any incidents, just the way the Outcasts liked it. Of course the year wouldn't be complete without the school turning on them and vilifying them for something; this year it was Ron Weasely throwing a tantrum and making up a story that Harry's claims of Scabbers being a human and a criminal all along were lies and it was all an elaborate plan to kill his pet. Ron seemed to have become the shepherd of the flock, as it were, when it came to lies about Harry. The Outcasts shrugged and just went about their day. By that point they rarely spoke to anyone that wasn't either in their group or a Professor anyway, so it didn't affect them in the least.

Because they were keeping their ears open they learned that, somehow, Peter escaped the Ministry Holding Cell. This caused the Outcasts to train harder as they didn't know how powerful Peter was, and on the off chance he got back into the school seeking revenge they wanted to be ready.

The last major event to happen before school let out for the year was Snape outing Lupin as a werewolf, and all but forcing the man to quit before parents started protesting. Harry was livid about the ordeal. Oh he still didn't like the man personally, but he was the best teacher that they'd had for Defence Against the Dark Arts in the last two years. Harry couldn't care less that Lupin was a werewolf; he took his Wolfsbane Potion almost religiously, so his fuzzy period wasn't an issue. The only reason Snape did it was the same reason he hated Harry; a petty grudge that he still held after several decades. Harry's urge to incinerate the greasy haired man only grew as another nail was put in the man's metaphorical coffin.

The summer after his third year was interesting. The first part of the summer was quiet and spent bonding with Sirius, getting to know the man better, and occasionally visiting his friends, which he could now visit thanks to all of them having Floo connections. For his birthday Sirius and Harry decided to visit some of the Magical towns in France. Harry had mentioned his vacations with the Grangers and Sirius felt he should see the magical side of the country as well. When they returned Harry was shocked to find out that Bagman had sent them both tickets to the World Quidditch Cup in the Top Box. Not just Sirius and Harry either, but for all of the Outcasts. It was decided that Harry and the Outcasts would do their school shopping before going to the World Quidditch Cup after hearing stories from Sirius about how long the games could go on for.

He also got gifts from his friends, the most interesting being from Blaise who, knowing that he could speak to snakes and his fire abilities, sent Harry two female magical King Cobras, both of which were bred to wield flames themselves. As if to denote this they were both a burnt crimson colour, which they could change at will to something more mundane if they so chose. They possessed a number of abilities, the most useful of which the ability to meld into Harry’s skin, making it look like that they were tattoos. The second ability was a similar teleportation skill that Fawkes used, only they couldn't travel very far. Harry loved Hedwig, but he couldn’t talk to her like he could Helios and Ruby. They also made the perfect spies as well; their chameleon-like abilities making them very stealthy.

Harry met several interesting people in the Top Box, all of whom Daphne had encouraged him to talk to. Lord Malfoy, while an all around distasteful person, was a good conversationalist at least. Despite Daphne telling him repeatedly that allying with Malfoy and pulling him from the Dark Lord would be a huge benefit he just didn't see it happening - but he did make some small talk to the man and his lovely wife. Incidentally, Harry had a few sexual dreams about Narcissa in the weeks following the competition, the older Pureblood woman joining the usual occupants of his dreams for a time. He also met Minister Fudge and his Bulgarian counterpart. Whilst Minister Fudge was easy to befriend, due to the man being rather simple and easy to manipulate, Harry found the Bulgarian Minister to be truly enjoyable to talk to. While Minister Fudge seemed to be too ignorant to think to use a simple Translation Charm, Harry was not. The foreign Minister and his sarcastic and dry sense of humour really made the game more enjoyable. Harry also met another House-Elf, this one being a female named Winky. Unfortunately, his second encounter with the House-Elf race went about as well as his first meeting with Dobby; granted there were less threats involved but Winky wasn't interested in talking very much and she got very loud and screechy if anyone got too close to her Master's seat.

After the game - which Ireland won, even though Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker, caught the Snitch - Death Eaters started attacking the area outside of the stadium. Thinking quickly and seeing long-term benefits within reach, Harry turned to the Minister, who was still near him, almost hiding behind Harry's group, and convinced the man that he and his friends could fight off the threat. The man was resistant at first but Harry mentioned that just because the 'evil wizards in black robes and skull masks' (because they were certainly not Death Eaters lead by the Dark Lord Thingy because he was dead) were attacking the tents now didn't mean they wouldn't eventually go after the Minister himself once they knew where he was; after which Harry buttered the man up with compliments to make him seem like he was irreplaceable.

The Outcasts fought spectacularly to the outside observer, but the group itself was almost bored with the 'battle'. All they had to do was all attack at once. The 'not-Death Eaters' were so busy playing with the Muggles by tossing them up and down they didn't notice the veritable wall of Magic bolts sent their way until they were all on the ground unconscious. None of them were dead, something Harry was very specific about because he didn't want to scare off Fudge, but they wouldn't be getting up for a while. Before anybody else got to the scene, everyone else having long since fled, Harry unmasked one of the 'not-Death Eaters' and found Lucius Malfoy. Thinking quickly, Harry demanded Lucius give him a Wizards Debt, which was similar to a Life Debt, only differing in how it was formed, or he would let the Auror's throw him in Azkaban. Seeing as he had no other option, Malfoy Sr. agreed and apparated away just a scant few minutes before the Auror's and the Minister burst onto the scene, but not before the Dark Mark appeared in the air over a forest nearby.

The Minister was so grateful for protecting him, despite not really being in danger, he was just wound up thanks to a few offhanded comments from Harry, that he was prepared to do anything for the Outcasts. Harry refused the Orders of Merlin, the very picture of the embarrassed and modest boy, and requested the Traces on his friends’ wands be removed so they could defend themselves and anyone in danger if something similar to the Not-Death Eater attack happened again. Fudge didn't even hesitate to grant them the needed permits, especially after Harry gave an interview hinting that the 'tactics' him and his friends used were also the Minister's brilliant idea.

After an entire day of watching Harry put her lessons and suggestion to good use using his natural charm, charisma, and silver tongue Daphne looked oddly flushed when the group parted ways for the evening, something Harry didn't notice, but somebody else did, someone that didn't technically exist; just as she noticed Susan and Hannah flushed when Harry got commanding with them when he instructed them in how to use some of the more advanced Defence spells, that Hermione gained a hopeful look in her eye whenever her and Harry were close, that the Crimson Vixens eyed Harry like a piece of meat whenever they saw him shirtless, or any of the other plethora of signs the females of The Outcasts gave to show they were interested in Harry.

After the game, Harry learnt from the Weasley Twins that Ludo had given them Leprechaun gold, and it was pretty clear he had no intention of paying them back. Harry told them he would look into this for them. Thanks to knowing Ludo’s Floo address, Harry called over that very day and, after some threats, Harry learnt from Ludo that he had money problems and he owed several people a lot of money; the worst debt being to the goblins. Harry offered to pay off the man's debts, but only if the Ex-Quidditch star became his spy within the Ministry, relaying any and all useful information to Harry he heard. Ludo, having seen the Goblin's literally sharpening their axes in preparation for when his debts defaulted, accepted quickly.

The information Harry got from Ludo was varied, but useful; Moody was in some sort of trouble again, which was nothing new, and Crouch freed his House-Elf for having a wand. That piece of information was made all the more interesting by the fact that it was the wand that had cast the Dark Mark. The wand turned out to be Ron Weasely's, and as was his now standard reaction, he cried wolf; claiming it was Harry's fault somehow. While the rest of the Wizarding World was just like the student body of Hogwarts - that is to say, a herd of sheep - Harry had a perfect alibi, backed by the Minister for Magic himself, so Ron's words were thrown back in his face.

Harry was almost beginning to get frightened the by the sudden increase in his wet dreams; both in intensity and frequency. Before it was maybe twice a week he had a really vivid dream, but ever since the World Cup it had been every night. Hermione in the school library, Daphne and Astoria in a cave while he was some sort of wolfman (not a werewolf, he was sure of that), Luna on the back of some sort of horse size creature he'd never seen before, Cho and Su battling it out to see who could make him cum the fastest and most intensely to decide who's clan was the best, the Crimson Vixens dragging him into the Quidditch showers, taking turns fucking him while the rest of the team grumbled jealously outside. It was never ending.

In every one of these dreams Lucy was always nearby. She would never approach or join in, no matter how much he wanted her to, but she always wore a pleased and eager expression, like she knew something he didn't; a look that caused him to abandon the scenario he was in and chase after her, trying to catch her and pin her down to have his way with her more than a few times.

As for the train ride to Hogwarts, the only noteworthy event was when Malfoy made his annual visit on the train, saying that he didn’t know what Harry did to his father to make him tell Draco that he had to be nice to Harry, but it wasn’t going to happen. He then started to brag about knowing something the Outcasts didn't, but Harry burst that bubble right away when he scoffed and told Draco he already knew about the Triwizard Tournament. Ludo had been the first to tell him, but Susan had managed to weasel the information out of her Aunt before Harry could tell the group, so they would have known no matter what.

The start of Harry's current year was quiet. The Outcasts learnt that Mad-Eye Moody was teaching at the Defence Against the Dark Arts after he made a rather impressive entrance at the Welcoming Feast. Later they learnt it was for that year only because of the Triwizard Tournament; he was there to keep an eye on things for Dumbledore. The second Moody cast the Imperius Curse on his students the Outcasts kept a close eye on him, they knew that the respected Auror he was supposed to be wouldn’t do such a thing to children. Trainee Aurors yes, but not children.

Quidditch was cancelled that year because of the Triwizard Tournament, leading to a lot of unhappy students. Still, the excitement of the Tournament overshadowed most of the outrage and before long there were once more whispers at who might be picked from Hogwarts to complete in it. Cedric and Angelina said they would try, the twins also said they would try, but Harry pulled rank as the Outcasts Leader and forbade them from entering. For one they wouldn't get passed whatever protection Dumbledore would put up to stop underage students entering; the twins were smart, but not that smart. And two, it wouldn’t be fair for Cedric and Angelina; Cedric seeing he was in his last year at Hogwarts and Angelina as she was of age and had the right to do so, also, winning the Triwizard cup could really boost their career choices. The twins, realizing the potential benefits for their friends and fellow Outcast Members, promised Harry they wouldn't enter, or try to enter, as it were.

To the surprise of everyone, Cedric confessed that he was gay. Having struggled with the decision for years, being around Blaise and his opinion of open sexuality helped him get over his insecurities. In fact, it wasn't long before Cedric asked Blaise to be his boyfriend and they began dating. Of course, this didn't stop Harry and Blaise's flirting, quite the opposite, Cedric even joined in. The Hufflepuff, after experiencing what it was like on the other side of the ongoing prank, completely lost it at the looks he got and hadn't recovered for several minutes.

Homosexuality was frowned on by some, if not most of the magical society, just like it is in some parts of the Muggle World, and because both boys were friends with Harry and accordingly under even more scrutiny, the group suggested the two hide their relationship and keep it secret. Cedric and Blaise had no problem with the idea, citing that they were planning on doing that anyway. Cedric took it a step further and asked Cho to be his cover girlfriend until after Hogwarts. Cho was happy to help her follow Outcast and accepted. If Hogwarts taught them anything, if was that they had to stick together, no matter if they were still attending Hogwarts or not.

Things changed when Harry's most hated time of the year rolled around; Halloween. He didn't actually hate it due to the anniversary of his parent’s death, although that was a small reason; it was because something bad happened to him every year. At first everything seemed normal, the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons schools arrived the day before and put their names into the Goblet of Fire; the item that would pick who would be in the Tournament. That night when the names were called out; first Viktor Krum from Durmstrang, then Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons and their very own Outcast Cedric's name appeared, the Goblet started behaving strangely before spewing forth a large gout of flame, from which a piece of Parchment with Harry's name on it gently floated downwards.

Once so once again, Harry was treated like dirt by his fellow students, lead by Ron fucking Weasley, who was like a broken record, claiming once again that Harry was a Dark Wizard. Cedric tried to explain to his old house that Harry hadn't put his name in the Goblet. Even though Cedric was clearly more loyal to the Outcasts now, the House was too blinded because one of their own, if in name only, was chosen and Champion and finally in the lime light and simply wouldn’t listen to him.

Harry wasn't overly bothered by his fellow students, what did bother him was the arrogant, haughty, snobbish French tart; Fleur fucking Delacour. Harry learnt that she was a Veela from Ron, who would not shut the bloody hell up about it, and unlike most of the world he knew that she was a ‘full’ Veela. The Veela people were an all female race, the very concept that there could be such a thing as a 'Half-Veela' was just laughable; they would have bred themselves out of existence centuries ago if that were the case. She must have caught how annoyed he was at being called 'little boy' and never failed to call him that when they met in the halls, or she ventured over to the Gryffindor table to grab one of the serving trays that was unavailable to the Ravenclaw table, which was suspiciously frequent.

For the next two weeks straight Harry's dreams featured the Veela girl; focusing on various ways he could teach her he was anything but 'little'. Every dream got darker then the last as his rage at the French Champion grew with her constant insults and condescending attitude. By the time the two week mark had appeared his dreams featured Harry ordering Lucy, who for once joined in, if only to help, to drag the French witch by the hair back to the Outcasts Headquarters where he would viciously take her again and again until she was barely conscious before activating a slave ritual to bind her to him for eternity as his plaything. The ritual, which he knew fully how to do as reading about rituals was a hobby of his since it was the truest form of Runes, was not a painless ordeal by any sense of the imagination.

And that leads us to now. It was the 10th of November and Harry was taking a walk around Hogwarts to take his mind off people calling him a dark wizard. He couldn't deny that he was becoming one, the fact that he didn't feel any sort of disgust or remorse at his dreams of Fleur and was seriously considering making them a reality was proof of that. But to the public eye he had done nothing to be called that, in fact he'd done everything he could to make himself look like a light wizard. Despite this, he was vilified by the British Magical world. According to Cho and Su the rest of the world didn't care, or actually had the ability to think and had faith in Harry after hearing of his deeds.

Harry was getting tired and decided to take a break for a while, he'd been walking for hours and felt he needed it. Entering the closest door he took a step into what he thought was an abandoned classroom.

Only to walk, nose first, right into a wall because the door was just pretending to be a door. “Fucking Magical World…” Harry grumbled as he opened the next closest door, taking a good look inside to ensure it was actually a classroom before entering.

Harry blinked as he walked into the almost empty room, “Is that…?” He mumbled as he saw something in the centre of the room.

Stepping closer Harry saw it was a mirror, it took a few moments before he realized it was the Mirror of Erised, the same mirror that he found during his first year shortly before he and the Outcast obtained the Stone, the one that was currently shrunken in a locket around his neck which was Charmed with the best spells money could buy to keep it securely in place.

As Harry stared at the mirror, he found himself curious. The last time he'd stood in front of the mirror he'd seen himself and Lucy, surrounded by burning buildings and such, but now that he was older and content with his life, knowing full well what he was becoming, he was curious as to what he would see now.

However, as Harry got closer to the ancient magical object, he was so set looking into the mirror he didn’t see a bit of rubbish that was left on the floor. And since he was focused so much on the mirror, he tripped over it. He didn't even get a chance to look into the mirror before he stumbled forward, unable to catch himself, before his forehead slammed into the cursed object's reflective surface.

Because there were so many conflicting Magics in the room - Harry himself, the Stone around his neck, the unknown Horcrux within Harry’s scar and the ancient cursed mirror - something happened that no one thought possible; a new life was brought into the world.

When Harry hit his head on the mirror, somehow the corrupted magic stolen from Harry's Magical Core over the years by the Horcrux burst free as the glass shattered and carved open his scar. The mirror's destruction bringing its own cursed magic into the fold. Both forces battled, the struggle taking place in an instant because, before either force could even begin fighting, they started merging, the two negative energies too similar, causing them to merge into a mass of magic with a soul fragment in the centre of it, which was wiped clean of any remnant of Tom Riddle by the flood of truly Dark Magic. The Mirror, knowing its existence was coming to an end, decided to fulfil at least one person desires after taunting so many, and the combined magics and the soul latched onto the Philosophers Stone, using the unique properties of the magics from that to create Harry's Heart's Desire.

The last thing Harry saw before he blacked out was a flash of long, messy raven black hair and green eyes.


Lucy Potter looked down at her unconscious brother. She couldn’t believe it, up ‘til now she was nothing but her brother's imaginary twin sister. But now, for whatever reason, she had a physical form. She was immensely happy and relieved that her one desire, her very purpose for existence, hadn't changed. To help her brother, no matter what, to make him happy and fulfil his desires came first whenever possible, that was what made her happy. It was what she'd been doing since her creation, and it was what she would faithfully do until her passing. Right now though, her brother needed healing. She grabbed his wand and Conjured up some clothes - just a basic black robe and some boxer shorts - and carefully levitated him before started towards the Hospital Wing.

When she reached her destination the school healer ran over to her when she saw Harry and said, “What happened to Mr. Potter, and who are you?”

“Who I am isn’t important. What is, is your helping my brother. Is he physically hurt?” Lucy rushed, concerned.

“Brother?” A shocked Poppy Pomfrey asked, “Mr. Potter hasn’t got any siblings.”

“I’ll explain once my brother is sorted out.” Lucy replied.

This brought Pomfrey back to her senses and she started to heal the young Lord. Aside from the gash on his forehead and his scar splitting open, which, to her surprise, the scar almost fully healed over for the first time in his life, he was completely fine. Once she was done, and young Mister Potter was resting, she went to call Albus. The person who claimed to be Harry’s sister sat next to her brother and sat quietly, so she felt safe leaving them alone for the few minutes it would take to make the call.

It wasn’t long before Dumbledore came into the Hospital Wing, his wand in hand. “Young lady, Madam Pomfrey told me that you say that you’re young Harry’s brother, but I know that isn’t possible. So I ask, who are you?”

“He’s Lord Potter to you Headmaster,” Lucy said with a glare. She didn't like the Headmaster, being near him was even worse than seeing him through Harry's eyes. “Please respect his rights. As to whom I am, my name is Lucy Potter and I’m Harry’s sister, his twin sister.”

“That’s not possible, Har- I mean Lord Potter,” Dumbledore corrected himself, seeing Lucy glare even harder at him, “Is an only child.”

“And you would be right,” Lucy nodded. She didn't like giving up her brother's secrets, but she knew what she was doing and felt she could get away with a half-truth. “I was only his imaginary twin sister, but something happened to give me a real body. I know you don’t believe me when I say I’m his twin, so do your spells to prove I’m telling the truth.”

Pomfrey felt her suggestion was a good idea and started casting a number of diagnostic and scanning related spells on her and Harry. As she was doing this, Dumbledore said, “For the moment let's say I believe you. How would this be possible?”

“I’m not fully sure myself,” Lucy admitted, “The only memories I have that are my own are from when I was still around. He thought me up at the age of six, and I faded away a day or two before he turned ten. Aside from those, everything else seems to be just a copy of his memories. If I had to take a guess at my creation, I'd say the Mirror of Erised shattering activated some kind of chain reaction that reduced the Mirror's power, and the evil magic in my brother's scar into one big mass of power that formed itself around the Philosophers Stone, shaping itself into this body.” She answered, lying about the memories and about the Stone. The power within it was weakened; it just needed time to recharge again. A few weeks, tops, as long as Harry put the pendant containing it back on so it could leech a little bit extra off of him aside from drawing in ambient magic alone.

Dumbledore didn't detect any deception, Lucy's skills coming through for her, and the man was too overjoyed at hearing the destruction of the Philosophers Stone to notice any slips even if he did see them. “Poppy?” asked Dumbledore.

“All the spells show they're twins Albus.” Poppy answered numbly, completely baffled by the spells' results. “I don’t know how it's possible, but she’s telling the truth, they're brother and sister.”

“It seems Hogwarts has witnessed another miracle performed by magic today!” said Dumbledore as he thought how he could use Lucy to his own ends to control Harry, “Rest assured my dear that I will take care of making sure you're enrolled. Harry's friends will assuredly be worried about him, I shall send word to the Prefects to inform them that their friend is here. Is this alright with you, or do you wish for more time before you meet them?” Dumbledore asked cheerfully. The Stone was a major obstacle standing in the way of the Greater Good and now that his plan to have it destroyed – do nothing and let it sort itself out – worked he was in such a great mood he didn't even mind another Potter just popping up out of nowhere. He would have to do a few tests on both Harry and his new sister, to see if either of them was Voldemort’s Horcrux or if it was indeed destroyed. If it was, some of his plans for Potter would need to change.

“I would like to wait Headmaster,” Lucy replied, “It would be best if Harry could explain about how I came to be himself, not me. They might just think that I’m making all this up.” Looking at her brother, she went on to say, “Would you mind if I stay with him until he wakes up? I know it might be days, but it just feels strange to be away from him since I’ve more or less shared the same body with him for also long as I can remember. It’ll take a long while before I can come to terms with the fact that I’m my own person.”

“Of course my dear,” Dumbledore said with his grandfatherly tone of voice, it would be strange for anybody to suddenly to just exist all of a sudden. Having no real memories. Time was the only cure Dumbledore could think of, taking her away from Harry would be disastrous to her mental health. Poppy had similar thoughts it seemed, as she pushed two beds together to make sure they were close.

For the next four days Lucy laid next to her brother, sometimes snuggled up beside him when she could get away with it, but mostly laying or sitting in the bed next to his. The only time she separated from him was when she went to the loo, got something to eat or had a bath. Everything was a new and strange experience to her, sure she'd lived the actions through her brother, but being her own person and doing them was strange and then on the fourth day Harry finally awoke.


As Harry woke up he found himself in the Hospital Wing. As he tried to remember how he got there he felt someone’s head on his lap, sleeping. Harry had to blink as he realized he was looking at Lucy Potter. He idly ran his hand through her hair. Strange, he'd never been able to feel her before. They'd only touched a few times when she'd appeared, since he started Hogwarts and she always went through him like a ghost.

“It's good to see you again Lucy.” He said softly.

As soft as his tone was, Lucy awoke from her slumber still. It took everything that she had to keep from kissing him passionately as she saw his loving green eyes focused of her. That would potentially give her away. “You're taking my sudden existence rather well.” She commented, placing her hand over his.

“…wait what? I do find it strange I can touch you… so you're real? Not just in my head anymore?” A shocked Harry stumbled out, not quite believing that he had his heart’s desire laying in his lap. He didn't know whether to be relieved or disheartened that she wasn't acting like the Lucy from his dreams, but more like a true sister, the one from his childhood.

Lucy smiled, knowing why he looked conflicted. All in good time… as for right now though he needed to know why she was real, so she told him the same story she'd told the meddling old man. She hated that she couldn’t tell him the full truth but until they could go to his quarters, which had already been thoroughly warded for privacy, she couldn’t risk it. Harry was understandably shocked and appalled to learn that he'd had another soul within him, made even worse when she told him it belonged to Voldemort. When everything was explained Harry was actually happy about it, overall, thanks to the soul, the mirror and the Stone, which he was sad to find out had been destroyed, he now had a real living sister.

When asked if his friends knew what happened and about her, Lucy explained that they knew he was in the hospital wing, but not why or about her. She thought it would be better that he was awake to explain it, which Harry agreed with. Once Lucy was done filling in Harry they called for Madam Pomfrey. The School Healer explained that she needed to keep Harry for another day or so to make sure there weren't any side effects, but that he was allowed to talk to his friends as long as they behaved themselves.


It was a few days later, and Harry was now once again back in his own bed, something he was grateful for; the Hospital Wing wasn't exactly known for its soft plush beds. His friends had taken Lucy's existence quite well, and they were all very accepting of her. They were understandably shocked about how she came to be, but who wouldn’t be? Once they'd heard the full story of why he'd made Lucy up, something he hadn't liked explaining but had to, to explain why he made Lucy up, they'd gone from shock to angry at his so called family. The group consensus was that they all wanted to show the Dursley's who the real ‘freaks’ were. The Outcasts as a whole were happy that Harry had Lucy now; a family member worthy of the title.

The school had, predictably, fallen behind Ronald Weasley again, who claimed Lucy was the work of truly dark magic and that Harry was a Necromancer, summoning and enslaving the soul of some random innocent girl for his dark whims. His hatred of Harry didn't stop Ron from proceeding to try and seduce Lucy with little skill and no success, it was expected however, as he routinely made an ass of himself.

Lucy went through the Sorting like a normal student, the hat placing her in Gryffindor, and was welcomed into the Outcasts, getting her own room across from Harry's. Lucy later shared with the group that the Hat wanted to place her in Hufflepuff because of her loyalty to Harry, but she argued that she would be in a better position to help him if she was in Gryffindor, so she was always with him. She told Harry later on that she took his actions to heart and threatened the Hat with incineration, as he had. Harry laughed; the Hat wasn’t very lucky with any Potter lately.

Harry groaned as he thought about her, the act alone, even when thinking about mundane things, made him hard. It was frustrating and had been for the last few days. He knew he was going to have to get over thinking about her in a sexual manner, but it was an instinctive response at this point as he'd done it for so long. The perks of a private room however was the ability to relieve himself without throwing up half a dozen privacy charms, so he was free to pull his erection out of the slit in his boxers and slip into his fantasies. His eyes closed, his mind’s eye taking over as his hands got to work. He started seeing Lucy sink down onto his cock, her tight pussy enveloping him, the well-used hole the perfect shape for him after so many penetrations, and started bouncing up and down. Lucy's long hair pooled on the bed behind her, the mass of silky soft strands tickling his balls, something he knew Lucy was fully aware of and had specifically lengthened it to that length for that purpose.

“Starting without me Harry?” A voice asked, causing Harry's eyes to shoot open and his upper body to bolt upright. Harry came face to face with his new, now very real sister, instead of the one he'd imagined in his fantasy. He stared at her shocked, she was naked, her night clothes, no doubt lent from one of the female Outcasts, were laying in a pile at the foot of his bed.

“What… why are you here?” Harry stammered, horrified at being caught with his pants down, metaphorically anyway.

“I came to sleep with you silly, it’ll be some time before I’m able to sleep in a bed by myself. I’m used to sleeping with you after all.” Lucy said with a smile, “Plus, I haven't had sex in almost two weeks, and you haven't had time to do anything either so we're both worked up. I thought it's about time we fix that.” She added, her hand shoving him down onto the bed as she sat on her ankles between his legs.

“But… but we're sibling…?” Harry had no idea why he was protesting. Maybe it was because she was real now, or maybe it was because he wanted to believe he felt the thought of incest and his ability to ignore the taboo - and even grow aroused at the thought of breaking it - was only okay as long as it was fictional and in his head. That he wasn't sick enough to take advantage of his sister repeatedly until she started craving sex just as much as he did.

Lucy's eyes narrowed. “No.” She said simply, her hand reaching up to grab his erection, causing Harry to gasp. Fantasies were one thing, but a real hand grasping him was so much better. “No, you don't get to do that… we've been fucking for years, so much so that I've fallen completely in love with not just you, but this not so little thing right here.” Her other hand reaching forward to grasp his cock, now almost cradling it in her hands before she leaned forward and laid a loving kiss on the head. “I only said that I couldn’t remember anything else because I didn’t want Dumbledore to know the full truth. I haven't had a chance to tell you everything yet and that's my fault. The Stone is safe - I have it hidden in my room and I'll hand it over later – and I remember every fantasy you've ever had about me and with me in them. In fact, I experienced them for real. That wasn't some made up fantasy for me. To me, that was real. There, you're caught up.”

She looked up at him again, the loving look dissolving as she glared lightly at him. “You don't get to take away both of the loves of my life because you're having a little moral crisis. News flash dear brother, we're fucked up! Accept it and move on. It’s not like you don’t want this, I know everything about you; your likes, your dislike, and most importantly, your desires, your cravings, what you truly want.” She crawled up his body as she spoke, on her hands and knees above him, her face inches from his.

Her words sunk into Harry's mind and like a switch being flicked and he realized how stupid it was to fight her on this. Lucy squawked as she found the roles reversed as Harry flipped them over. “Thanks Lucy, I needed that. Still, there's no way I'm letting you get away with talking to me like that. Some punishment is in order.” Harry told her, his limbs pinning hers completely.

'Now this is the brother I love. Good to see he just needed a swift kick in the metaphorical balls.' Lucy cackled within her mind as she struggled with all her might against him. She was still technically a virgin in this new body of hers and she'd be damned if she let herself be claimed easily.

Harry leaned down and kissed her, his tongue invading her mouth without any warning. They both moaned loudly, Harry because, quite literally, his dreams were becoming reality and Lucy because she was officially a nymphomaniac thanks to Harry's constant attentions and her itch needed scratching.

The kiss was pure bliss to the both of them. They couldn’t get enough of the forbidden feeling that rose up within both of their chests. Harry moved his mouth and Lucy moaned in response as she felt him nibbling upon her lips, making them swollen with blood. Lucy couldn’t deny the overwhelming sense of pleasure that Harry brought to her body just as Harry could not deny the fact that he wanted his sister. He wanted his woman writhing beneath him as he claimed her like he had so many times in his dreams.

They struggled in passion for several minutes before Harry lowered his crotch, grinding his erection into her mound. The pleasure of the act caused him to lose focus, something Lucy capitalized on. In a flash her legs were freed and she placed her feet against his chest and pushed, throwing him onto his back onto the foot of the bed.

A very dazed Harry watched as Lucy crawled over to him, a challenging look on her face. So that's how she wanted to play… before he could pin her down again she flipped nimbly, her shins coming down hard on his upper arms as her hands gripped his thighs. He shuddered as he felt her hot breath on his erection.

For the next few minutes, Lucy began to lick up one side of Harry’s cock, running her tongue deftly across his balls, only to slather up the other side. Her technique did nothing but stoke the flames of his desire, giving no relief, She did this to teasing him, to make him want to force himself on her. Harry groaned in pleasure at her actions but growled in response to her teasing. He desperately tried to raise his head so he could latch his mouth onto her mound and return her teasing nature but she managed to keep herself out of his reach.

After several of her round trips, coupled with the fact Harry was almost helpless, Harry had enough. He'd allowed her to do this, as he thought he was going to get a blowjob, but hadn't received anything of the sort. Lucy only wanted to tease him, and that wasn’t getting him what he wanted.

So with a sneer he said, “That’s enough you fucking bitch,” Before he flipped her back onto her back by twisting his hips as she leaned away from them to avoid taking his cock into her mouth. He quickly grasped her legs and heaved, pulling with all his strength into the turn. All of a sudden, he was lying on top of her, and he could feel his cock lying across her face, resting across her partial open mouth. Pulling back until the tip was pressed between her lips he thrust forwards, shoving his length into her open mouth, forcing his cock down into her throat before he began to fuck her mouth hard and fast.

Focused on his own pleasure he didn’t care that she might not be able to breathe, all he wanted was to blow his load down her throat. He was going to show her that she was his to do with as he pleased, she belonged to him, to be used in any way he saw fit, not to torment and tease him. It didn't take long. After all, Lucy was created to be a fuck toy, and he’d been training her for years. Her throat, mouth and lips felt like heaven. Shoving his pelvis down hard he groaned deeply as his load was pumped down into her mouth with no remorse. Harry let loose all his inhibitions as he felt his balls contract again and again, pumping more of his thick and warm cum into Lucy’s mouth. Even Lucy couldn't gulp it all down fast enough, the thick cum bubbling forth from the corner of her lips before streaking down her cheeks, or up, depending on how you looked at it.

Once he was done and pulled his cock out of her mouth, a red faced and breathless Lucy, sporting a slutty smile as she licked his cum off her face and tried to speak. Before she could say anymore however, only to be interrupted by Harry said, “You like that don’t you my dirty little slut?”

“Oh yes brother” Lucy purred, “This dirty little slut likes everything you do to her.”

A thought came to him, “Did my slutty little sister retain any of her old skills?” Harry asked, unsure if she had kept any of her powers he'd given her when she gained this new body of hers.

Instead of answering in words, she transformed into a cat-girl with DD-Cup breasts. She knew how much her brother/master loved fucking her in her part-animal forms, especially in her Catgirl form; it was one of his kinks that she loved about him. “Does this answer your question?”

Instead of saying anything Harry knelt, his knee's either side of her, before placing his hard cock between her breasts and pressing them together, sandwiching his cock between them before he started to fuck them. Harry loved the feeling of her silky fur around his cock as she tit-fucked him. He had only dreamt about a real tit-fuck before but he couldn’t imagine that it would be better than this catgirl tit-fuck. The lubrication from the pre-cum that was dribbling from the end of his cock and from her saliva as she licked the head when it came close to her mouth easily allowed him to pump his member through her jiggling tits without slowing down. The tickling of her soft fur added an element that had Harry unable to withstand his first real breasts.

It wasn't long at all before he came again, Lucy purred in pleasure as his thick ball-cream splashed across her breasts and face. Her purring increased as she looked down wide eyed as his balls contracted, his member pulsating wildly, spewing an impressive load so that it covered every inch of her breasts, neck and face. As he finished his explosive orgasm, Lucy licked Harry’s cum off herself face, breasts and his cock. She made it into a game as she ran her tongue all across her sensitive skin as Harry watched with lust in his eyes.

“I love the feeling of you between my breasts.” She purred in a more literal sense. Seeing his cock hard once again she commented, delighted, “I see that your stamina wasn't just imaginary brother, how modest of you. This body is unclaimed, I hope you'll be fixing that soon.” She smirked as his cock jumped and his eyes narrowed.

That was all Harry needed to hear. He grabbed her by the hips and rolled her over and pulled her up so she was on her hands and knees. Lining up his hard cock at his sister entrance, he took hold of her tail. Leaning forward over her he put his head next to hers and whispered huskily, “Is this you really want my little slut, for me to fuck you until you can’t walk?”

“Yes brother,” Lucy purred so heavily Harry could feel the vibrations against his cock head. “There's nothing more I want than to have you fuck me.”

Using his grip on her tail Harry raised himself back up before slamming his cock into her pussy as he did so. Despite the blood, diluted heavily by her plentiful pussy juices, on his cock proving he'd just torn her hymen Lucy didn't cry out.

Lucy's panted in anticipation of what her brother was about to do to her, she couldn't stop her hips as they twitched forwards and backwards towards Harry before he grabbed her tail. She had used this form in his dreams enough times to know the pleasure she could receive in it. It was the physical properties of a real body that had her eyes rolling in her head and her tongue licking her lips. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire from where he had bathed her in his potent smelling cum.

Lucy was unprepared when her pussy gobbled up her brother’s cock with no regard to the fact that she was a virgin. Her hymen tore easily under his vicious thrust, made easier by her pussy as it quickly sucked upon his member so it would reach into her deepest places even after only one thrust. She couldn’t keep the mewl of pleasure and then yowl of pain from her throat as he settled into her for the first time in this body.

Harry himself was only spurred on by her cat-like response to his thrust. He ground his hips around in her quivering quim, stimulating her pussy as much as possible whilst he ground into her clit. He didn’t do this for her pleasure, it was only because the more aroused he got her, the better he would feel as her pussy tightened, clenching deliciously around him as he began to fuck into his sister’s womanhood.

Lucy hissed when she felt her brother start to pull out of her. She wanted him to stay firmly inside her, and her body reflected her desire as her tail clenched around his waist, pulling him closer to her, and her body as she bucked back towards his own, causing him to be fully sheathed within her once again. She let out a mewl of pleasure but it was quickly turned to a yowl of pain.

Harry’s eyes flashed as he felt his body pulled forward into the pleasurable heat once again. While he certainly enjoyed the feeling of her pussy clenching firmly around him, Harry was not one to bow to his partner’s needs, he was the dominant person in their relationship and Lucy was going to remember that. Harry’s hand came up from at Lucy’s waist and grasped her tail. He gave it a sharp yank, causing her to yowl in pain and slide forward, trying to get away from his hand. Using it to his advantage as he slipped himself out of her warmth, momentarily regretting his decision before he raised himself slightly, taking his hands and spreading her bum open so he could place his cockhead at her rosebud.

“This is what you get, my little slut, when you try to take control!” He growled as he thrust into her ass, reveling in the clenching muscles attempting to push him out of her body. He pushed forward, mercilessly, allowing her no time to get used to his girth before resting his hips against her quivering bum. Her tail was straight up in the air in pain and he took a perverse sense of pleasure from the way he saw her react.

He pulled back out and began to pound into her arse with no remorse, watching as blood leaked from her newly penetrated hole. “I’m sorry, brother. I’ll never do it again brother.” Lucy cried as the pain from her ass increased as his pounding continued. She couldn’t believe the way he was taking her. She had never felt so turned on from his actions as she did right now, the physical pain she felt was nothing like what she had experienced in his dreams.

Harry slapped her bum cheeks as he pounded into her, he loved the feeling of her hot cavern but he wanted to get back to fucking her pussy, but he wouldn’t do that until he was sure his sister had learned her place, subservient to him. “Shut up!” He yelled as he thrust into her and slapped her arse again, “You will listen to everything I say. Isn’t that right bitch!” He told her. When she didn’t answer him immediately, he thrust into her again before slapping her other ass cheek harshly. She cried out again, her scream sounding more like the yowl of a cat in heat than that of a human.

Lucy was slightly stunned at his change in demeanor but she couldn’t deny the thrill of pleasure that shot through her when she heard his words and the Cheshire grin on her face was only replaced with a scream when she felt his hand on her bum yet again. She wouldn’t keep him waiting any longer, “Yes brother.” She said in an obvious sign of submission as her tail let go of his waist, wrapping around his hand so he could do what he wished, “I will do whatever you say, brother. This bitch is only for brother’s pleasure and she will only do that which will please her brother.” She said dutifully, purring as his thrusts gained more force.

Harry smiled from behind his sister, her words pleasing him immensely. He could feel his end coming shortly and decided to test his sister one last time. “Well, where does my little catgirl slut want her cream?” He asked huskily as he continued to pound into her ass. He didn’t let up at all as he saw her throw her head back from the third orgasm that ripped though her.

Lucy barely heard her brother’s question as she felt her pussy convulse once again from his thrusting. She almost couldn’t believe that this was the first one that she showed to him, despite the fact she had cum twice already. She took a few thrusts to answer as her clenching pussy diverted her attention from the question but she spoke shakily through her weakened body, “Please, brother, cum in my dirty ass!” She said huskily, “Blow your sticky load straight into my stomach!” She screamed.

Harry grinned behind her and thrust once again, feeling his balls contract slightly, he knew he was very close so he leaned back from his sister, “No.” He said harshly. He could feel her surprise when he pushed her forward, causing him to pull out of her ass with a pop. He waited until she tried to turn around before finding her gasping pussy and shoved himself into her again, fully sheathed within her pussy he growled lowly as he felt her purring increase.

“My cream is going directly into your womb.” He said as he leaned forward throwing his full weight behind his next thrust, literally knocking into her cervix and smiling at the mewl of pleasure he brought from her lips. “You are going to be bred like the little kitten you are and when your stomach is bulging from all my ball cream you’re going to wrap your lips around my dick and suck the next load out with your mouth so I can get pleasure from what.” He thrust again, feeling her pussy convulsing around his stiff member, “I.” Again he thrust, loving the feeling of his balls contracting as he pulled away from her cervix one final time. “Own!” He literally roared as he thrust himself completely against her cervix, his mushroom-like cockhead pressed firmly against the entrance to her womb, "You." He growled firmly, his shout tapering off as his balls clenched again and again. His body shook with the force of his orgasm and his hips jerked into his sister’s body once more to try to get himself into her as far as possible.

Lucy’s yowl of pleasure was loud and long. She felt his heavy balls clap against her clit and set off her orgasm. She could feel his member stiffen inside her as he thrust straight into her womb. Lucy’s womb was literally on fire from his earlier words. She supposed this was what cat’s felt like when they were in heat as she could barely think through the haze he sent into her brain. The heady scent of his cum, leaking from her own body, and his pheromones left Lucy in no situation to oppose his claiming of her body.

She felt his balls slap onto her clit once again and his member stiffen in her body, rubbing her pussy walls pleasurably as his cream traveled from his heavy balls into her own body. She let out one last scream of pleasure as she was almost his, “I can feel it brother. Blast that cum right into my womb, that’s it. Impregnate your sister!” She yelled, completely focused on the words he had said earlier.

With those words, Harry’s thick and potent cum erupted from his cock as if he were a fire hydrant. Lucy’s eyes rolled in her head and her scream turned into a yowl as she felt her heated womb literally drown in her brother’s copious load. His first shot rebounded off the back of her womb and a burst of stars appeared in her vision. Lucy’s burning womb was cooled with each spurt of sperm that landed within her body and she purred in contentment as she felt the real sperm of her brother wiggling inside her very core. His cum was just like in his dreams, thick and sludge-like. It wasn’t runny, nor was it slightly clear, each burst had to be filled with virile sperm that attacked Lucy’s pleasure centers, causing her to black out from the bloating of her womb even as she felt his balls contract again to send even more of his sticky sludge into her.

Harry sighed in relief as he felt his balls contract one last time against his sister’s clit. He felt her collapse forward, her mouth still open in a scream of pleasure as she panted heavily. He smiled as he felt his cock pop out of her tight passage and, almost immediately, his thick cum started to pour out of her overstuffed orifice.

Harry panted slightly from the exertion and the intensity of his orgasm but he didn’t wait long before he realized his cock was still rigid. He looked down at his sister and then at her still dribbling pussy lips and shrugged before flipping her over and thrusting himself into her body once again. She woke with a startled yowl but she smiled at him as he began to fuck into her again, sating a lust almost three years in the making.


It'd only been an hour since Harry and Lucy fell asleep, but Harry was now awake and was looking down at his sleeping sister. He started to stroke her hair, caressing her stomach and breasts with his other hand. So much had changed now that she was here Harry realized as he thought about his life so far. He now had the one person he trusted more than life itself, more than the Outcasts even, with him. He trusted the Outcasts with his life, but not like he trusted her, he knew that she would always be there for him, no matter what, and as much as he hated to admit it, he couldn’t say that about the Outcasts. He could become the greatest monster in history, and Lucy would still follow him, probably with an eager grin on her face; something he didn’t think any of the Outcasts could boast as they were now.

Now that Lucy was real and by his side for all time, he knew he could do anything, no matter what it was, even become the next Dark Lord, and win. Lost in his thoughts, Harry pulled his sister closer to him and the hand that was caressing her stomach and breasts slid lower, slipping his fingers into her pussy as he started to finger fuck her.

As he was doing this and thinking about the past and future Lucy awoke, giving her brother a seductive grin, “That feels so good.” She said lustfully. She helped Harry’s fingers along by rolling her hips, causing his fingers to press into different walls of her womanhood and his palm to rub against her sensitive clit. Her hips bucked violently for a few moments before she groaned deeply as she orgasmed, her cum and his leaking from her abused pussy. “W-we can t… take her any time you wish, brother. I approve.” She said shakily.

“Take who how?” Harry asked her as he kept pumping his now wet and sticky fingers into her before lowering his head to suck at her breasts.

Lucy moaned harder as Harry worked her over. She was glad he didn’t try and push her after fucking her, but was instead, taking full advantage of what he could get, she was so proud of him. But right now as much as she liked his actions she needed to talk to him, “P-please stop for a minute, I need to think clearly and this isn’t helping me, we can continue afterwards.” She said.

Harry reluctantly stopped, for now. Pulling his fingers free from her wet hole with a satisfying sound Harry grinned at the moan of disappointment that he brought from her lips, so he raised his hand and began to caress her breasts with his wet cum covered hand. “Now to answer your question; Hermione. She's been in love with you since first year, but she wasn't really sure of her own feelings until around the middle of last year; she's just waiting for you to make a move now.” Lucy explained with a bit of difficulty as the way her body reacted to his touch was distracting.

Harry's trust in Lucy was unquestionable, so if she said Hermione liked him than he would believe it, but he felt the need to make sure. “Does she really?” he commented idly.

“Oh my yes brother, completely head over heels.” Lucy gasped as he pinched her nipple. Her grin widened as she went on to say, “After idolizing you for years because you've saved her life so many times she’ll do anything you ask of her. Imagine it, she's studying in a remote corner of the library, we come up behind her quietly. I make sure I’m hidden, so when she stands up to greet you I can grab her and pin her to the table. Together we can ravish her body, teasing her and teasing her until she begs for you to make her yours.” She said, painting a picture.

Harry's eyes closed as he put his imagination to work painting the scene, a shudder passing through him because of how appealing the idea was. Lucy was on her back on the library table with Hermione on her stomach, both naked. Lucy's limbs keeping Hermione perfectly still. Whilst Lucy was kissing her neck and working on her breasts, he was finger fucking her pussy, licking her neck, nibbling on her collar bone. As he was imagining this, he suddenly heard Hermione’s voice call out lustfully, “Please Harry, no more, I can't take any more teasing. I’ll do anything you want, become your cock slave, your slut, but please make me a woman, your woman.”

His eyes snapped open as he groaned deeply. He saw a naked Hermione changing into Lucy as she closed her mouth. He felt a surge of joy and lustful desire at the proof that she had the gift he'd thought up for her while his cock pulsed almost painfully at the mental image he had created with her help.

“You like that thought don’t you brother; having Hermione as a slave?” Lucy asked as she kissed her creator and Master, her hand reaching down to stroke his raging erection. “But why stop there, you could take all the female Outcasts as yours, just look at Susan and Hannah,” As she mentioned the girls she changed into both of them one at a time, grinning widely as Harry grew even harder, his eyes raking over her altered body. Both of them were well endowed, and the sight of their naked bodies no doubt inspired lust in all of the male population, Harry was no different. “They’re both closet submissives, from what I overheard recently they've only been able to get off by mutual masturbation and the sharing of fantasies. All you would have to do is show them their proper place, and you would have two loyal little Hufflesluts for life.”

Lucy kissed her brother's neck and pumped his cock faster. By now he was too far gone to return the favour, his mind bombarded with the mental images she was producing along with her shifting body showing him exactly what he could have.

But she didn't stop there as she turned into a naked Su Li, “And what about Su? I know how much you love it when you can slip inside my womb; claiming the deepest part of me as your own. You get off on owning every part of your woman. Just think of how good her tiny pussy would feel? How tight her womb would be as it squeezes your cock for your seed. Why, you wouldn't even be able to move if she consciously decided to tighten up when you were inside her. And due to her size you could literally turn her into your little cock-sleeve. She barely weighs anything, despite her toned body, you could carry her around and fuck her all day, reshaping her pussy with constant pounding as you fill her womb again and again until she becomes all bloated with your cum.” Lucy said in her husky voice. Harry’s eyes were completely glazed as his hips pumped in time with Lucy’s moving hand. He could barely hold back at the idea of pumping his load into his own personal cock sleeve.

Harry gave a cry as he came, painting Su's fit belly in his plentiful seed in his mind. His member pulsed angrily, again and again in Lucy’s hand as his baby batter covered his bed. Lucy's grin reached Cheshire levels, now only possible due to her abilities. Lucy was even more turned on when she noticed that his load had not diminished in size at all, if anything, it looked like it was even larger than the ones he had pumped into her still dripping pussy. She swiped up the thick seed with her fingers, placing all four into her magically widened mouth, moaning as she tasted his essence. “Mmm, that’s nice brother, but I’m not finished yet. The Crimson Vixen's as well,” Lucy once again altered her form to proudly display each of the girls' assets. Alicia and Angelina’s dark skin combined with their fellow chaser’s white skin flashed before his eyes. Harry was hard again by the time she had cycled through all three girls, the thought of his cum still painting their bellies being a major turn on. Not missing a beat, Lucy grasped his revitalized girth and started stroking it. “They may not be interested in a relationship, but I know if you offer a foursome they won't say no. And what about Daphne, I've seen the way she looks at you. Does it arouse you, brother? The thought of fucking Greengrass so hard she can't bring up the ice queen mask she loves so much?” His sister’s voice enticed him like no other; the idea of fucking each of the women he had dreamed about over the past two years was driving him crazy with lust.

“Yes…” Harry's voice was hoarse, his breathing heavy as his imagination went haywire. Daphne was the one who figured least prominently in his fantasies but she was always one of the best lays. He desperately wanted to take that cold mask of hers and dash it upon his cock. He wanted to take her body, her mind, and her soul and bend it to his will. Daphne’s strong will would be broken to his own and the cunning mind that had always intrigued Harry would finally be under his control. But Lucy wasn’t finished there, she had one other thing to say, she saved the best and most enticing girl for last, guaranteed to fry Harry’s mind.

“And that’s only a few of the Outcasts, we could have others…” Lucy said lustfully, knowing her brother was getting dangerously turned on by all of this. She didn't just want him aroused though. He was warring with himself, he may have thought he accepted his darker desire, but he hadn't. He couldn't truly be happy until he accepted himself for what he was. Just one more push was needed…

Harry gasped, his cock pulsing harder than ever with need as she changed into naked Fleur Delacour. “What about that bitch Fleur, I’ve seen your dreams brother. How's about one weekend we take her somewhere no one can find us and we make her pay for calling you a little boy, we could show that bitch her place. I think a weekend full of you using her body in every way possible, nonstop, will show her that you’re not a little boy, and it’ll give us time to make her your slave too. Just a few stamina potions are all we'll need, but I doubt you'll need them. Would you like that brother, having a harem of sex slaves, willing to fuck you whenever you want, to be used as you like. It's what you crave, isn't it?” She whispered into his ears lustfully.

“Yes…” Harry's voice was low, dangerous and dark. She could feel his magic in the air, shifting, awakening, as he thought of all the things he could do with them, “I want them all. I could - No…” He hissed, “I will have all of them, to use as I like.” Harry looked at her with eyes so darkened with lust and darkness they were almost black, causing her to shudder as a mild orgasm shot up her spine. “Help me sister? Help me claim them as mine, one by one, until their mine, body, heart and soul, just like you are?” He requested with half-lidded eyes.

Lucy transformed back into her true form and kissed him tenderly. When she pulled back they were both panting. Without warning she suddenly impaled herself upon him, flipping him so he was above her. She groaned out as her freshly claimed womanhood was still sore from his previous penetration. It didn’t stop her from still wanting him though.

“Then you shall have them brother, whether I have to tie them down first myself matters little. Just as long as it makes you happy and it is what you want, my Master.” Harry replied with a relieved smile as he thrust gently into her, the ache of his arousal finally given relief. “Let go Master. Take out your lust on my body. Give me everything you have, I'll always be here to take everything you can give.”

And that’s what he did. For hours Harry fucked Lucy endlessly, making her transform into all the Outcasts, fucking her until he came inside all of their wombs, the thought of making them dependent on him and possibly knocking them up kept his erection fully formed as he had her change into each of the girls, one after the other. Lucy only transformed into Fluer once, just to give him a taste of what he could have, and he took full advantage of the small glimpse, ruthlessly pounding her depths until she cried out in pain, and then fucking her even harder. When he came inside the blonde his sister had then retaken the form of her true self, and no amount of requests, demands, bribes or rough treatment would get her to retake Fleur's form; not because of how rough he was, she loved that part, but because she wanted him nice and worked up for when they took the real Fleur. She mollified him by becoming any other woman he desired, but never Fleur, and she knew no matter how much he came, no matter how much relief he obtained, the seed was already there. The days of Fleur's freedom were numbered.

During those hours Harry’s true darkness was released. With every orgasms, with every ragged cry echoed by his sister below him, his inhibitions were destroyed just a little more. Little did the world know, but a new Dark Lord was born that night; worse and even more powerful than Voldemort could ever hope to become. Dark Lord Vulcan, Master of Flame and Destruction was unleashed, and the world trembled.

The End!

Authors Note: So here end another One Shot for Pottercest. So you know when my Beta Reader, Slicer, sent me an outline for the idea of this story, it was only about 4500 words. But with ideas added, both by him and me, it added up this big. We had no idea it would happen when we started to add the back ground story behind Harry, so we can show how he got to the point that he fucked his twin 'sister', that it would become so long and dark. I have to say that me and Slicer had fun writing this story, and we hope you have too. I’m sorry that the lemon isn’t as good as before, but my other Beta Reader, Dasmo, wasn’t able to help to make it better.

So please send a few more minutes to review, as we would like to hear what you think of this story so far, and any ideas for future One Shots for Pottercest.

Like before, the Challenge, if you’re up to it, is if you want to continue this plot bunny, please do so. Now for this one, I have a few ideas what I would like to happen that I can share with anyone - only three things I can think of right now. 1) If and when Harry gains control over the world, I'd suggest only Britain, but it's up to you. 2) How he gets the males of the Outcasts to agree and the other females, if you don’t have them with Harry. 3) Harry with the following girls, and how he got them: the female members of the Outcast and Fleur. If you want to add more please do so…

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