Life is a complete surprise
My boys and i were in protective custody, witness protection whatever you want to call it. My divorce had been filed, my Biggest challenge was still to come, and that was about to happen.

I had to talk to the boys they were to young to care about any of this, but they wanted their Dad and they wanted to go Home. I couldn't sugar coat this part of it, I simply said sons your Dad is in serious trouble with the law. I don't think we will ever be able to go back home and we for sure, won't see your Dad again for a very long time. If you ever have any Questions please come and ask me, I will always tell you the truth. If I don't know the answer I will tell you that to. My Oldest said "Mom does it have something to do with the fish camp?" I asked the other boys if they knew about the fish Camp, when they said no, I was so relieved. I asked the younger two if they wanted to go outside and play and boy Did they.

I asked my oldest son, let's call him, Mark to wait just one minute I had to ask our assigned guard to watch
The boys outside. What I did is to tell him I thought my conversation with Mark should be recorded. Another of our guards a woman was watching and playing with the other boys.

I said okay Mark, first honey do you want to tell me about the fish camp? "Yes, Mom I knew Dad was being bad when he Took us there." Took who, all of us boys, you mean you and your brothers, no I mean us and he took aunt Becky and Her two kids to. Oh, well what was it like, just tell me what you want to. There were a lot of people there, the girls weren't Dressed and they were about my age, some were older but they all looked scared. I was teased and Dad laughed, with the other guys at me. I don't know why, it just didnt feel good? When i started to cry, Dad said he was taking us back home, but we went to Aunt Becky's house instead. We all went out to play but I was, I don't know Mom I just Didn't feel good anymore, not sick but i don't know. So I went in the house and Dad had his wiener inside of Aunt Becky and he was pushing it into her hard, she was laughing, so he pushed it in harder. She still laughed at my Dad so he Turned her on her stomach and he put it in here, he pointed to her ass. Then he pushed like before only now they were both happy and I thought it must have hurt cuz Dad never stopped I watched for a long time but I guess it must Have hurt because when he took it out of Aunt Becky she cried and Dad hugged her and kissed her Mom. And they Did it again, I remember Dad said you would never do it for him and she had to. Mom, yes honey I Knew who the Dads
Were that were there and they all were doing to the girls what Dad did to Aunt Becky. Mark, honey you dont have to Think about this anymore, someday you will forget about it. In fact Mark I want you and I to have a secret word. And When ever you feel you need to talk or ask about any of this use that word and I will talk to you right away. If you feel Better talking to one of our helpers just tell them honey they know what happened. So what word would you like to be Your secret word? Dam, really can I ask why, cuz Mom it's my first cuss word and I want to use it when I'm mad.

The tape of our many conversations to come were handed off to the authorities. We were about to make our third move, When I learned we would have two new officers assigned. I asked to see who ever was in charge. I said listen this is Going to be our last move, I will go to the city you take us to but I will be choosing and paying for the house just like a Regular family. You will increase my monthly check to cover our house. I want one man, younger than the last two to Live next door, and he can have a girlfriend. But they are in no way to look like they are guarding us. If my kids are Ever going to have a life it has to start now so they can forget what happened. Or at least know a better life. A difference.

We moved to Florida I wasn't pleased but I did find a house with a big yard and a swimming pool. Our young neighbors Lived right across the street.  They were actually my age and said they were married, they both worked from home. They Had computer based businesses. They were such a big help to the boys and I that we decided to fix them diner. The boys Wanted hot dogs so we did hamburgers and hot dogs. I left it up to the boys to set the table and put on the relishes. I talked to Gary and his wife (not) without the boys, I more than liked him but patty was a pain in the rear. I told her to notBe so serious around the boys. They just like to play and have fun and now that's exactly what they need. Understood?

We had a great evening and stayed up late so the boys could have popcorn and look at the stars about which Gary knew A great deal. They helped me get the boys to bed and then began to leave themselves. Gary told patty to go ahead she Was tired. Gary said i want to show you the alarms that will ring at my house and I
installed one that goes to my bed, As soon as I saw you I figured you would be needing some of this. I guess i wasnt paying attention, I looked down and Gasped at an enormous erection. I said is this part of the service, actually if you tell anyone they will reassign me, so It's up to you. Personally speaking I want to stick this to a
woman who I admire and one who loves to fuck. That will be a First for me, most women don't know what they want or like So you read our records, he said yes thoroughly so I know you like this. He French kissed me and locked my bedroom door. He was at least 6'4" and muscles that bulged as much as his manhood. How on earth could I resist? He said there are a Few things you can teach me, but for now, he said as he pulled my panties and shorts off, let's stick to what I know you Like. Now he said pull off your top and bra, this little boy needs to suckle. As my hands went above my head his fingers Entered my outer lips, I sucked my breath in. I
couldn't get my head free and he took full advantage of it. He now found the Entrance to what he called thehoney pot he used his thumb to open her up and as he eased his big mushroom head into The honey pot I finally got my tops off. I needed to grab his ass and pull it into me. He was too gentle, I said Gary I am a Very needy woman right now can you get a lot ruff so I know it's real, anything less and I won't believe it's happening. So he picked me up and slammed me down on his shaft, he didn't get all of it in so he put me down and laid me across my Chaise and held my head back by my hair then rammed his entire 9" into my pussy. I let out a huge soft scream only becauseI was biting my arm.  I told him now honey ride me hard, he said no, you ride me hard I want to feel those gorgeous jugs andSuck them. How long can you stay? As long as you need Hme, are you sure you are that good. To what, satisfy you or, will I Have the stamina? Let's say this miss Katie, the minute I saw your picture, I copied it and put it next to my cock and began Working out. Then I read about you and I went to dance school and asked an old friend to check me out in thekissing dept.?So? So?
How am I so far? Here he said let me start from here and he pulled his cock and eased It in. Then asked to you like the size, um yes, to you like it like this and he again softly his cock back in, yes,,Well then he said how about this, he eased it out to the edge and forced it back in and, ummmmmmmm yes more please, Okay let's try this and he stroked it in and out firmly for a few minutes when i came he stopped moving and plunged it to it'sDepth and ground his hips into my honey pot. And said well, omg omg more I ummmmmm want all I can get. You passed the testLittle boy you can suck me now. I meant my breasts but he went right to the honey whole and my inner lips, I have never been So ummmmmmmm perfect I said. Now let's see what I can do for my big boy while you finger fuck me. Ohhhhhhhhhmg He yelled and I said bite your arm. And bite he did I sucked hisbig cock dry, when I licked it clean he bit his arm again, ICould hear his enjoyment he was never quiet again. His arm was red the next day and I asked him if he had an accident?He laughed and when I turned he nudged me hard in my crotch, when I squealed he said bite your arm. He was very playful. And the boys soon jumped in his lap for an evening story. It was all cops and robbers of course.

Life seemed normal. The boys in school and Gary in my bed everyday and most nights. Six months passed. I got the ist Phone call, I didn't think anything, but Gary did. My phone was tapped but all they could get was the state. Arkansas........
I was panicked, gary said get it out before the boys come home. I screamed and cried and hit him and he fucked me like He was raping me but I couldn't stop wanting it, harder. Finally Gary said very softly none of this is your fault, he started this Business before you were married.....whattttttt?.... What......are u saying. Was my whole fucking life and my boys were we all Part of a set up? I broke then and said that bastard will not make
fools out of me and my boys, Gary crossed his arms and said No he won't mam can I join your club on a more permanent basis and help you.  What.....what did u say? Say it again slowly Will you and the boys marry me? Was that slow enough or do you want it harder? You can't ask that, I started to cry and He said we better get this over with before the boys come home. He lifted me onto my chaise and undressed me and pulled Off his shorts and shirt. And sat me firmly on his lap on his wonderful shaft. And I'll ask again will you marrrrrry me
you and the Boys?....yes oh yes .... Yes what honey more cock, harder cock, kiss you like this.....suck you like this or will you and the boys Marry this ever so humble man.....yeeeessssss we didn't have time to dress so we threw our suits on and jumped into the pool. It hid his enormous cock and my red face, just as patty came thru the gate with the boys. I said boys jump in, hurry I have to Tell you our clothes.... Jump son .....jump and they all did..... We splashed for an hour before i said.....
Anybody want dinner? We are having a cook out while Gary and I get changed you boys change to. I said to
Patty "Gary and I are going to take a little nap, will you stay with the boys, just tell them we are napping.
Gary was an exciting lover and fuck we did instead of a nap.

Gary was a great lover and he liked to surprise me, this morning is a good example....
I woke early to get the boys a really good breakfast, as I rolled over to get up But Gary snuggled up against me he said honey I want to give you something you really like. I have never done it before, just don't let me hurt you. He had the big mushroom head of his cock in my ass And he was squeezing my tits. He was about half way in and I was barely breathing when he started to thrust, the faster he thrust his cock into me the tighter he squeezed my tits, I hadn't said a word to this point I finally said pull my hips up honey and put a pillow under
me. He reached up got the pillow and pulled my hips off the bed, as he pulled he went in deeper, awwwww baby feel the difference, ohhhhh fuck honey oh baby I have never been better, fuck me Gary fuck me omg Gary you are huge I want to wake up every morning with you fucking me, is that a problem honey? Oh my Goddddd big boy drive it into me, aren't there yet honey I want all of your cock.
"Are you alright," he asked, I said no baby I want you in all the way and I pushed hard against him on his next thrust he, bit down on his arm but I could still hear his scream I could feel his cock getting bigger and I knew he would blow. "Honey when you unload keep fucking you won't believe how long your orgasm will last. Now baby give it to me hard ohhhhhh I am coming tooooooooo oh Gary don't stop fuck me fuck me," now put your cock deep and grind against me and you and I will both come again," he ground his cock into my ass until I could no longer breath it was painful but the best pain I have felt in a long while. He started thrusting again but
this time he put some fingers into the honey pot while his other fingers were rubbing my clitoris, he thrust his fingers at the same time he thrust his cock, I came like a Thunder storm there was lightning in every thrust and when he stopped to grind his fingers just kept going. It was amazing to respond to both my ass and my vagina, it was nothing short of brilliant I came so thoroughly. I said "Gary baby are you biting your arm or
Haven't you finished, I could easily do another round. And we began again, he didn't even pull his cock he just kept fucking me, like a man On a mission. He finally said," I knew it would be good but dam why oh why didn't you let me do it to you sooner.".......I started to cry, I knew at that Moment my boys andbi weren't safe, I just kept crying he kept fucking and started grinding me i responded and came so hard, i was still crying when he eased his cock out and I ran to the bathroom. I took a shower and Scrubbed so hard I bled. I got dressed then and went out the window. I grabbed my spare key from under the bumper and quietly Drove away. I got the
boys from school and drove about a block away behind a building. I could see through all the windows to the School. I called the FBI office got there address put it into my gps, and asked the agent on the phone if they could send someone. He confused by my almost total hysteria I finally said I have three boys and our lives are in danger immediate danger. Our name is .....................................And we are from Arkansas. Oh I am sure I read about this, is it your husband after you, I said "no people who work for him." But I cant talk now they are just leaving my boys school they went there to take them. I drove away in the opposite direction as soon as I saw The end of there car go over the hill. There was a cop parked by the freeway I drove up next to him and explained I needed an escort To FBI headquarters, I said "No matter if someone shows you a badge don't stop just get me to the FBI I have my boys in the back So drive as safe as possible." The car that is after me is green with Arkansas plates hurry now I have the FBI map ready do you want to follow me? Yes I will cover you, do you want me to call this in, I yelled oh god no they will intercept it. We headed out and were only a mile from the FBI when gary pulled up along side my car. He wanted me to pull over, I kept Looking at him and smiling until I got to the off ramp I needed then I turned thevwheel at the last minute, the cop finished him off By being right behind me Gary couldn't make the turn. I drove thru as many red lights as was safe and an agent met us and hurried us in Side. I asked them to get the policeman who helped me. When he came in I hugged him. My poor boys were all crying, I need a private room to talkto my boys but I want you to record the whole thing

The next chapter soon.

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2013-02-10 10:41:41
Your twist with the husband is almost laughable. It almost seems as if you are so desperately trying to keep this immoral twat around to keep writing something. Please use paragraph breaks and an at least plausible story line. I say this because how can your audience cheer for an immoral soulless twat that does not care for anything more than her own self satisfaction.

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I like your writing but the poor spelling and grammar detract from the stories so much that they become almost impossible to read.

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