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Diary of How I Became a Gay Sex Slave - Chapter 2
Day 2 – July 2nd

I wake up, I can only assume it is Saturday morning. I am still laying on the mattress in the dungeon. I look over at the clock on the side wall, it shows the time to be just past 11AM. Last think I remember is going to sleep on a mattress down here in the dungeon just a few hours ago. I can only turn my head from side to side, but I don't see anyone, or hear anyone. All my muscles are sore from the pounding I took the night before.

Darren comes down the stairs and walks over to me. “I hope you enjoyed the little party last night. Today will be much easier on you, we need your ass to recover from last night. But we will have some fun today anyway.”

He is carrying a dog collar and leash. He secures the collar around my neck and attachs the leash. He then heads over to one wall, I see him grab something from the shelf and bring it over. As he approaches, I can see what he is carrying, a butt plug, with a tail attached. He pushes me down onto my hands and knees and get behind me. I do not struggle as he begins to push the plug into my ass. It is painful at first, as the plug spreads my sore ass, but once it is all the way in, my ass pulls it in and closes around base. The tail is sticking out behind me.

“Today, you are my pet and are to crawl around and do as you are told.”

“Yes sir.” I reply. I wonder what he has planned for me today.

He leads me upstairs. It is hard on my knees, crawling around and heading up the stairs, but I follow willingly, eager to please. I am led through the kitchen and around to the back of the house.

As we turn into the room, I am surprised to see a dozen men sitting around watching porn. I recognize the guys from the night before, but there are six others that I have not seen before. I then get a closer look at the TV, and realize that it is me, from the night before.

Darren leads me out to the center of the room and has me kneel down. “Guys, some of you got to play with my new pet last night, the rest, I am sure can recognize him from the movie. His pussy is resting today, we will be using that plenty tomorrow and Monday. But his mouth is more then willing to please you today. Slut, please show all my friends how much you love sucking black cock and swallowing our cum.”

I turn towards Darren and his semi-erect cock is in his hands. I open my mouth and put my lips around the head of his cock. I eagerly suck on his cock, feeling it get harder and larger in my mouth. All the guys are watching, and I am doing all I can to please Darren and show him what a good cocksucker I can be. After a few minutes of sucking, and taking as much of Darren's huge cock into my mouth, he grabs my head as he cums down my throat. I swallow ever drop and lick his black cock clean.

I look around the room, one guy, closest to me is sitting back in a chair, stroking his cock. He was not one of the guys from last night. I crawl over to him and wrap my lips around his cock. His cock is larger then mine, maybe 8”. I can take most of it in my mouth, and he quickly cums in my throat.

I immediately move to the guy next to him, another new guy. His cock is larger. He holds my head down on his cock, and fucks my face. He shoots his load into my mouth. I clean his cock with my toungue, making sure to get all the cum.

I move around the room, sucking all thirteen (Darren plus his friends). Each cums in my mouth. They are al watching the movie of me getting fucked the night before.

As the last guy cums into my mouth, Darren comes over.

“Are you hungry pet?”

“Yes sir.” I am starving. The only thing I have had since arriving yesterday is cum and piss.

“Well, we have not eaten, you can eat when we are finished. Go into the kitchen, and bring out the food we have prepared.”

I crawl down the hall into the kitchen. There are trays of food, everything from sandwiches, salads to pasta dishes and chicken. I carry each into the room with the guys and place them down on the long table that is on the side of the room. After all the food has been brought in, Darren has me kneel on the floor again at the end of the table while the guys all serve themselves.

I sit there patiently, while the guys begin eating. The first one done, motions me over. I crawl over on my hands and knees. Once I get to him, I begin to suck his cock. His is one of the bigger cocks, and I can barely get the head into my mouth it is so thick. He pulls his cock out of my mouth before he cums, and someone hands him a glass. He shoots his load into the glass.

One of the others motions me over, and I begin sucking his cock. Again, just before he cums, he pulls out and shoots his load into the same glass.

Each guy repeats this. I suck their cocks, and they cum into a glass that they are passing around. After all have cum in the glass, Darren leads me back over to the table. A dog bowl has been placed on the floor, with some of the chicken and rice dish.

I can tell he wants me to eat out of the bowl, but I wish to really please him. I know not to say anything unless asked, so I just keep looking up at him.

He pours the glass of cum over the chicken and rice.

“You can eat now.” He tells me. “Make sure you lick the bowl clean.”

I begin eating the cum covered meal like a dog. I am so hungry, I would eat anything. And love the nastyness of this cum covered meal. I have come so far in such a short period of time.

After I finish eating, Darren has me sit in he middle of the room, while they continue to watch my movie.

After the guys have rested, Darren has me clean off the table and return to the room. Once the table has been cleared, I am lifted onto the table and place on my back. Head hanging down the end of the table, arms secured to my sides with a belt.

My head is at the perfect height to be face fucked. Darren is first, standing in front of me, with his cock hanging down. He slowly pushes his cock into my throat and begins fucking my mouth. He fucks harder and harder, making me gag just as he cums down my throat.

Once he pulls out, another quickly replaces him. They each take turns fucking my face. The really big ones have a hard time getting their cocks too far into my throat, but they are able to shoot their loads into me.

By now, all the guys have cum three times. Darren unties me and brings me back downstairs, leaving me on the mattress. I quickly fall asleep.
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