I went to my room sitting in my lazy boy trying to get me head around what had happened that day. A bit of remorse set in knowing that I should have been the one with the control in the situation, but had given in. One of those times when you think about how you thought you were better than that. I guess all of the masturbation fantasies made it easier, kind of a gateway to the reality. I was worried about how things would change and a bit of fear swarmed my mind as I thought about Ashley's parting comments. It also intrigued and aroused me thinking about the things she would "make" me do for or to her. The problem was that all of them were now talking freely about our exploits and I was worried about how widely that would get out and get to the wrong person. The remorse set back in and I started worrying a bit. I heard the girls come out of the bathroom and then there was a knock at my door.
Taylor came in to let me know that they were heading to the beach coming over to give me a kiss. I turned to see her in an extremely short denim mini skirt and her bikini top. "Damn Taylor, your going like that?"
She plopped down in my lap "why, are you jealous?"
"Actually, I guess I am."
"After what happened today, I am yours and only yours. I really want to just stay here and continue what we started. When I said I loved you I really meant it. I really am in love with you Tony. I have never had anyone make me feel the way you do. I have been in love with you for a long time. I feel protected when I am near you, the way you have always treated me made me feel special, and the way you looked at me made me feel warm inside. I know that everything that happened today has been crazy for you and I am having a hard time figuring out how this will change us from here on out. How I will be able to hide my love for you once your family comes back or even out in public. I know that you are a great man and your marriage is not a good one. I know that your wife has been sleeping in another room for years. I here the women in the adult league talk about you and even some of the parents. All the girls keep hoping to be on your team when the list comes out. I know that you would be in great demand if you were to leave your wife. The thought that you stay to keep things somewhat normal makes you even more desirable to me. Sure, I wish that what happened today had happened differently with the romance and rose pedals, but I am so glad that it happened and have never felt like that in my life."

I was staggered by her response. It made me warm inside, but made me feel bad at the same time. "Taylor, that is all amazing to me and I fully reciprocate all of your feelings toward me ten fold. I have always wanted to protect you and have felt a strange jealousy hearing you talk about guys with the other girls. That's why I have always given you a hard time about your boyfriends. I thought it was in protection, but it was more out of jealousy. No one is good enough for you, especially not me."

"I know, no one who was dating me or wanted to ever wanted to be around me when you were there. They always said that you did not like them or they got the feeling that you were right on the edge of killing or hurting them from the vibe you put off."

"Taylor, the point is that even though what happened felt right, it wasn't. You are too young and I now feel like I have taken advantage of you, so now I am the bad guy. I don't know that I will ever be able to get past that. You are a beautiful and sexy young woman. I can not help but think what has happened has put a scar on you for life or has changed your judgement as to what is right and what is wrong. I so would have loved to have the romantic rose pedal scenario, but after a few years when you had experienced more and had other things to gauge your feelings against. I have always been a friend, but I am an adult and more of an authority figure and I took advantage of that authority today."

"You do not understand, I am not a little girl anymore. You are starting to piss me off. I thought that after everything that happened today, not just the sexual things but everything you would see me differently." I started stroking her hair to calm her down as a tear flowed down her cheek. "I pronounced my love for you and I meant it. I thought that you meant it when you returned it."

"Look, I am not trying to upset you or talk down to you. What happened today did change things and when I said I loved you I meant it. I am in love with you and I do not see you as a little girl at all. You are a beautiful young woman. Like I said, I still feel like I am the bad guy not controlling my feelings as I should have. Too many of you know about this now and it will not be good if it gets out further."

"Look, I am not innocent at all. None of us are. We have been trying to tease you into some kind of reaction for a long time. Something finally took you over the edge. Our asses showing, their cleavage and nip slips, Ashley's shorts, Shannon not wearing panties, even the bikinis. The hot water was working at my house, but we saw this as another way to tease you further after the display in your shorts today. That took us over the edge. We knew that you would probably be big, but had no idea you would be that big. We pushed you into it with each of us hoping that we would be the one you went over the edge with. I won the lottery, but I still want more. I want you all to myself and I want you to make love to me properly. I want to feel you all the way inside me and to feel you come deep inside me. I want to become one with you:

I started to see a light at a way out and decided to take it. It would be way to hard to hide this, especially with the feelings I had for her and what had happened. Mostly what people knew. "So it was all a game? That is pretty fucked up. I thought it was me. I thought that I was becoming some type of pervert or monster. All of this just to get some dick."

"Wait, was not like that for me. I told you how I felt"

"Just stop, I have to think this through. You guys get going." In a more condescending tone "Don't be out too late." Trying to bring our relationship to where it had started.

Tears welling in her eyes "Please don't be mad. I really do love you." She leaned down to kiss me and I grabbed her head pulling her down to kiss her on her forehead. She started to cry ripping a hole in my heart.

I lifted her off my lap "Please just go and if you really do love me make sure that none of this gets out." She wiped her eyes and nodded turning to leave.

"I love you Tony" and I sat there not responding looking off without looking at her. It felt like shit the way I was treating her. I did really love her.

My cell rang about midnight and it was Ashley. I almost did not answer it, but I thought I had better get this over with. I also wanted to see if how I had left things with Taylor had changed anything. "Ashley, what's up and why are you calling me so late?"

"We are down on the beach and everything has gotten out of control."
"Yeah right, what part of the game is this? Have him come down to the beach and find us all naked?"
"No really" I could her how frantic she was getting "I ran and hid so I could call you. We were getting high and drinking. Jackie got really drunk after teasing these Italian guys mooning them and blowing them kisses. Now she is passed out and they are trying to take her away probably to rape her. Her other friend Tara is passed out naked as well. Kristy and Taylor are fighting them off, I need to go back to help."
I already had sweats and a shirt on and was on my way down the stairs as she was talking. "Come to the street so that you can show where you are on the beach, I will be there in like two minutes." Jumping into my truck and taking off.

I got there quickly opening the door grabbing Ashley up onto my lap without fully stopping. The expression on her face and the make up running from her eyes further confirmed that this was not a hoax. I drove my truck onto the beach and down to where their little fire was. Taylor an Kristy were standing over Jackie and Tara with the six guys guys pulling at them from different directions. Taylor kicked one and he slapped her just as I put my truck into the middle of them making them spread out. "Get the girls in the truck and lock the doors, leave Jackie and the other one, we will get them when it is safe." She nodded.

I exited the truck in a rage. grabbing the closets one and throwing him head first into the side of my truck. As I did I saw the softball bat in the bed and grabbed it just in time to hit the guys coming at me with it. He tried to block it with his arm and I heard its snap hearing the girls scream as I did. I ran around the front of the truck where one guys had a hold of Kristy's arm kicking a field goal with his crotch. I kicked so hard that he lifted at least a foot off the ground kneeing him in his face as he came down. I looked at Kristy who now looked more afraid of me than she was of them Ashley grabbing her and pulling her to the truck. I got hit in the face as I turned to find Taylor I could feel the blood flowing in my mouth. I grabbed the guy and slammed his head into the bumper of my truck dropping down to punch him again when someone grabbed my arm and jumped on my back putting his arm around my neck. I yelled to Taylor "grab the fucking bat and get in the truck." Pulling the guy's arm to breath "take the truck and get out of here." I saw her grab the bat and then started to go black." The guy that slapped Taylor was now taking advantage of this and hit me a few times in my stomach and ribs finishing off kicking me in the nuts. My rage blocked the pain somewhat, but the jolt brought the guy on my neck forward as I fell to the ground releasing the lock he had on my neck. I grabbed him shoving my sandy fingers into his eye sockets so hard that blood was coming out of the edges leaving him screaming in pain holding his face in his hands. The guy that cup checked me's foot was coming right at my face. I rolled with the blow feeling my nose explode against it. grabbing his foot and pulling him down to the ground giving me enough time to get back to my feet. I was glad to see that the lights were dimming around me, which meant that Taylor was following my direction. I looked over to see Jackie and the other girl sprawled out naked, Jackie's ass up in the air and Tara's legs spread wide open. Even more rage set in as I lunged at the guy. He turned hoping to dodge my blows and I grabbed him around the neck jamming my knee in his back. I was choking him out, I thought about how easy it would be to snap his fucking neck I was looking at the two beautiful young girls laid out like someone was about to rape them and started to when I felt a stick across my lower back. I held on to make sure that this guy would not get back up taking a few more blows to the back before letting the limp body go. I must have missed this guy. He must have been getting one of their cars ready to take the girls away. Just as I turned with my hands up to guard my head from any blows my truck came barreling on the beach towards the guy getting his attention. I picked up a log by the fire and slammed it against the side of his skull.

The girls jumped out of truck, but wouldn't come near me. I guess my rage and actions had scared them. I was also one hell of a site with my shirt and sweats almost in shreds, blood flowing from nose and mouth as well as it looking as though I had dipped my hands into a bucket of sandy blood. Something straight out of a horror film. With the adrenaline of the fight exiting my system and the pain setting in everything was cloudy. Taylor came to me with her voice snapping me out of it "Tony, Tony, are you ok? She was sobbing as I nodded and all of the girls ran up to grab me and hold me up. I winced as their arms wrapped around me as everywhere they touched sent knife like pain through my body. I held my hands up to keep from touching them with my bloody hands.

"I'm ok, I'm ok, you guys are hurting me." and they all let go except for Taylor was sobbing as she held me even though she was causing me pain I let her stay. I felt bad for how I treated her earlier and had not stopped thinking the "what ifs" the whole way down here. "Taylor, you have got to let go. We have to get the girls and get out of here before the police come or someone they called gets here. Italian law is strange and I could probably go to jail for what I had done to some of these guys. I was not willing to take the chance. I am bleeding all over you.

She looked up wanting to kiss me, but I turned away seeing er drop her head thinking I was shunning her. "Don't take it wrong, there is too much blood." She looked in my eyes and saw that I was sincere. Get a bottle of water out of my truck so I can wash up enough to get the girls in the back. She yelled back at one of the other girls and they threw her one. She ran the water over my swollen and bloody hands as I wondered if it was mine or theirs. My hands were all slashed up and burned from the water. I took the bottle and pored it down my face catching some in my mouth and spitting it out. I could tell that my bleeding had not stopped, but had to get going.

I went over picking Tara up first. She is a beautiful girl, another cheerleader. close to six feet tall and athletically proportioned. Blond and a trued blonde as she had a nice tuft of pubic hair. I reached down between her spread legs placing my hand under her ass between her cheeks grabbing her arm to pull her up over my shoulder. I was surprised at how soft her body was as I always thought she was the type to workout. Kristy stopped me as I turned around. Puzzled as I looked down at her she said "You're hanging out of the rip in your pants." My clothes were shreds and I guess it had popped out when I bent down to pick Tara up. My hands were full so she reached over cupping it and pushing it back under cover. I winced as she did and as her hand brushed my balls my dick jumping as she did. I guess they were swollen from when the guys kicked me. She cupped it softer pushing it back in. "I am sorry if that hurts, but I do not think it will stay in there with the way your pants are ripped."

"Thanks, that's the last thing I am worried about right now." I took Tara and placed her in the back of the truck. I went over to get Jackie. Still passed out with her ass still up in the air I reached down cupping her pussy in my hand grabbing her around the waist and picking her up. cupping one tit in my hand unintentionally. Not anything sexual at all. I walked to the truck putting her in the back. I touched her and Tara's vaginal areas to try to see if they had been penetrated, knowing I would need to forget about the issues with the police and take them to the hospital if they had. Ashley was standing next to me and I asked her "Is there a chance that any one"

She cut me off "I don't think so, but I was hiding and up at the street waiting for you."
Kristy and Taylor jumped in "they touched them, but we did not see anyone with their pants down. One guy had his little dick out as we caught them, he was standing behind Jackie." I felt around her pussy and ass to see if I could feel where there was any thing out of the ordinary. The girls watched as I did understanding that it was for a reason. It didn't seem like anything was wrong. It would have been nice to do this under different circumstances and I was pissed that I was having to do this for this reason. Which put the fire back in my eyes and brought the adrenaline back into my veins.

I grabbed a screw driver I saw and started towards the street. "Bring the truck and meet me at the street" I checked that the guys were not going to be moving anytime soon as I walked by them. The guy with the broken arm was staggering towards the cars with his cell phone up to his ear. I kicked the back of his knee dropping him down and then hit him solidly in the jaw with the screw driver in my hand like a roll of quarters. His lights went out quickly. I picked up the cell phone and tossed it in the channel running next to the road. I shoved the screw driver in two tires on each car just in case there was someone else hiding so they could not follow us. By then the truck pulled up and Ashley was now driving. She started to get out and I gave her the sign to stay put crawling up in the back of the truck with Jackie and Tara. I pulled them up so that they were laying on top of me holding them against me by their ass so that they wouldn't slide out. I wanted to make sure that I could see their faces to make sure that they were clear in case they had to vomit so they wouldn't choke. Both of their bodies were covered with sand. It felt good to be getting them out of the area of danger.

Ashley was driving like crap, but there was no one else on the road from what I could see out the back. Every bump hurt. Each of their pussies would bump my leg as we hit each bump and I had my hands between their cheeks with my finger tips on resting on their taints. I was happy to see that the movement had started to bring them to as I heard little moans from each. We hit as speed bump while trying desperately to hold on to the slipping bodies, Jackie's eyes opened wide as the tip of my finger entered her ass to the first knuckle and Tara gasped as my finger entered her slit sliding up to bump her clit on the way out. She let out a deep moan shoving her head into my chest as she pissed all over me. She seemed to piss for ever. Jackie felt it and let hers go as well. I realized that my finger as still in her as and popped it making her gasp loudly. The action seemed to make her shoot out a strong stream of pee as I did burying her head in my chest as well. It was actually kind of exciting when it happened, but was starting to suck as all of their pee was sloshing around us as we drove down the road. I noticed that my swollen penis was out in the open, but couldn't do anything about it. I imagined it was probably swollen from the kick rather than the finger in the ass pee situation.

Tara reached out holding it in her hand speech still slurred in drunkenness asking "What happened to us? How did we get here naked with you all torn and bloody?"
"FUCK" came out loudly as we hit a bump and her hand slipped onto my sore nuts.
She grabbed it again caressing it "I'm sorry are you ok while she started pumping it"
"I'm alright, please just put it away. I think a hard on would hurt right now."
"Ok, but I really liked it" barely ineligible from the slurring. They both pushed them selves up so their heads were on my shoulders snuggling tight against me as they seemed to feel safe.
Jackie then asked "Was your finger just in my ass?" All I could do is nod as I could not muster the ability to make her understand what happened. I turned towards her to see her staring at me with a smile on her face.
"What are you smiling about?"
"You just had your finger in my ass" slurring just as bad as Tara "That's sexy!"
"Not as sexy as laying in a pool of you guys piss" and we all started laughing. A couple of more turns and bumps with my hands hitting yet more of there undercarriage hearing them moan and seeing them bite their bottom lips actually did get my blood flowing again exposed again and semi erect.
Jackie reached down "my turn" holding it for a minute and then tucking it away.
Just then she started to puke spraying all over me and Tara who sympathy puked. "Now that's sexy" I said as we all started laughing again.
It sucked, but I was glad that they were both becoming coherent.

It seemed to take forever, but we finally arrived at the house. The girls all came around to the back.
Ashley asks "What the hell was so funny? We could hear you laughing all the way in front."
Tara "We're dead sexy" people just barely able to understand what she said.
Kristy chime in "you guys stink, what the hell happened? Oh gross, you have puke all over you. Where is all of the water from. oh god, that's pee isn't it?"
I said, "Yeah they woke up with a bang!" still holding their asses in my hands. "Help us get out of here so we can get cleaned up."
The three other girls started going off on Jackie and Tara, mostly Jackie, about how she started all of that trouble being a slut and all. I just laid there in puke and piss as I really did not think I could get up. My back was killing me and making it hard for me to move. I gathered the strength and got down to the tailgate. hanging my legs off of the end now sitting between Tara and Jackie. Taylor and Ashley saw me in the street light putting there hands over their mouths and sobbing. Even though I had puke, piss, blood, and sand all over me they wrapped their arms around me sobbing into my chest.
Kristy said "We need to get you to the hospital! We don't know what we are doing and there is no way we can take care of you. I'm going down the street to get the neighbors."
"No, wait, it is probably worse than it looks. Let me get cleaned up first and then we can see how it is." She looked at me with concerned eyes, but nodded in agreement.


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