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The girls helped me down off of the tailgate and and then I grabbed Tara and Jackie holding them up as well. "I guess we are all pretty fucked up. There is no way I am going in the house like this. Let's go around to the beach shower. Many Italian villas within 10 miles from the beach have them, this way you could rinse the sand and salt water off before you went in to the house. Our beach shower had a bench.

We went over and got the water running. I asked the girls to help. Tara and Jackie were still too drunk to stand on there own. The other girls were so pissed at them that they would not take care of them. "Could someone at least help me get my shoes and stuff off?" Ashley had already stripped and was washing herself off. She came over and bent down taking my shoes off. Kristy and Taylor were stripping down and washing the stuff of of their clothes as well. Even in my pain having five nubile girls stripping around me while I had my arms around two was pretty exciting. My erection started to grow and I was right before when I said that it might hurt. It could only get to half erect, even with the sensory overload. Ashley pulled my pants off as well, at this point everyone had pretty much seen it so I did not care. Then she reached up grabbing it.
"Does it hurt? I thought it might after that guy kicked you." I nodded. She took a little water in her hand and started washing it clean.
Looking down at her with her naked got me thinking about what had happened earlier took me the rest of the way. She was so sexy with handful size breasts, dime size areolas, and hard pencil eraser nipples. She was cupping by balls with one hand and fascinated as my erection grew in her other hand. My hands were groping the girls in my arms as I wanted to be doing to Ashley. She seemed to start to lean in like she was going to take it in her mouth when Taylor came over "I think that's enough Ashley! Give him a break, look at everything he has been through already because of us."
Ashley looked down as if she had been scolded then looked up at me with my erection still in her hand "I'm sorry, but I still want it. Remember your mine when you get better." Taylor's face turned red in fury.
I jumped in to stop the train "Really? I think the control has changed"
The three coherent girls looked at me like I had just spanked them. Ashley asked "Oh really, how's that?"
"I would say that all I have to do is show your parents the weed I found on the beach and let them know what really happened tonight and how it all got started." I let it sink in for a minute "I would say if anyone has the upper hand then I do. You guys have no proof and all it would take is for me to suggest this and you would all be peeing in a little cup." Paused for effect "Then it would look as though you were falsely blowing the whistle on me because of what I was going to tell them." They all hung their heads low and would no longer look me in the eye. You would have thought that I had just killed their dog.
Jackie "BUSSSTEDDD" and she and Tara started laughing loudly.
Ashley plopped down on the bench "Shut up bitch, it's your damn fault!" Taylor and Kristy echoed agreement.
I softened (not my erection) "Look, you know I care for or love you all. I would not have done what I did if I did not. I don't play games like this. I don't want to hold anything over your head nor do I like having everything over mine. You saw how my temper is, so playing games with me is not such a good idea as I can only control it so much. Who knows what would happen if I got backed in a corner. You are all beautiful sexy women. I have seen you naked and you have seen me. Anything that happens should be because I wanted it and you wanted it not because someone blackmailed one of us into it. These two probably have no clue what is going on and will probably have a lot of questions in the morning. I am in way to much pain to be dealing with this shit and would appreciate it if we could just care and support each other tonight and stop with the games. It won't change anything tomorrow or at our next practice. If you want me to look and you wear the things you have been, I am a man and you are all hot so I will be. The difference is that now we have taken that to a different level in one way or another. The newness and the challenge will not be there so if you do it then it will mean because you want to rather than because you want to play some game. The possible results have changed as we have been more intimate than before. I never plan on turning you guys into your parents, unless I see a bad trend of repeated use or putting yourself in bad situations. I would do that because I care and want to take care of you vice to get you in trouble." All three had started looking me in the eye again as I spoke and could see how sincere I was. They rushed me at the same time, I almost dropped the other two from the pain. They must have seen my legs start to buckle and let go at the same time I almost dropped to my knees. They reached up one at a time kissing me passionately on my lips, Taylor inserting tongue. I knew this meant a lot as I had still not been able to get under the water to wash the blood, piss, and puke away. The fact that it didn't phase them meant that they were sincere as well.

With the new understanding I moved the three of us under the water. They started washing me all over with there hands and shower gel. I still had my tattered shirt on and was really afraid what I would see if I took that off. My nose continued to bleed. I asked the girls to hold drunk two for a minute and reached up with both hands to set my nose. It had been broken, but it was not the first time hopefully the last. They all gasped as they heard it pop. Taylor came up to me kissing me with tears running down her face. I grabbed the side of her face and asked "are you ok?" she nodded pushing her face into my hand. "What you did was stupid and you could have really gotten hurt. It was brave and you probably saved these two from getting raped, but things could have turned and you might have been added to the equation. That was all I could thin of on my way down and it helped to drive my rage. I could not have lived with myself if something had happened and we left things the way we did." She was sobbing again nodding her head in agreement. "I am sorry about what happened earlier".
She quit crying and looked me in the eye seemingly even more hurt than before "Sorry for what? Sorry for what we did?"
"No, I am sorry for what I said." Her face brightened and she kissed me deeply again reaching down and massaging my erection like no one else was there and she was going to take me right then and there. I grabbed her ass wanting it to happen then ran my hands up her body until I got to her head breaking the kiss. "This is not the time or place, help me get cleaned up". The other two were standing there with their mouths dropped open and tears in their eyes at the scene still holding the other two up.

Taylor asked "Can I take your shirt off while the girls are free?" I hesitated worried about what was under there, but acquiesced and raised my arms leaning forward a bit for her to pull it off. She dropped to the bench in shock with my shirt in her hands at the sight of the bruises. I grabbed the two drunk girls with Ashley and Kristy looking in shock as well.

I think Taylor was out of tears at this point and just sat there in shock. Ashley and Kristy started washing me off rubbing their bodies against me as they did. Kristy started bitching again as she washed my bruise on the front "We need to take you to the hospital, your'e really hurt bad." Kissing each bruise as if it would make it feel better. She got down close enough that she even kissed the head of my penis making it twitch in reaction. She pulled the head into her mouth letting out an audible moan.

I heard Ashley from behind me "you think that is bad, you should come back here!". Kristy went around and Taylor jumped up to see as well. I figured it would be bad, but also did not like them behind my naked ass. It was not my proudest asset.
"Holy shit! How are you still standing?" Kristy said. There were bright red welts with purple bruises lining my back from the guys with the stick. "Tony, please let us take you to the ER?"
"Nope, it's just going to be a bit hard to sleep tonight, that's all. A little Motrin and ice will do the trick."
...SMACK...Ashley slapped me on my ass in retaliation of me making a joke about it. Taylor started kissing the welts much like Kristy had in front. "Someone come up here and feel my ribs to see if any are broken. If we think they are the we will go to the ER." They all came around front and continued washing me while running there fingers across my ribs. I would feel a hand stroking my erection one in a while as well. All seemed fine. Kristy was actually the height to where her huge breasts would brush my erection as she swayed them back and fort. If my balls were not so sore I would probably have already shot my load.

They finished cleaning me off not missing a single spot. They sat on the bench and I handed them Tara. I held Jackie up against me and started and started cleaning her up using the shower gel. The more I cleaned her up the more coherent she got. My lord did she have a tight body. My erection was poking her in the ass and so I pushed it down between her legs to be more comfortable. She moaned as it started rubbing her anus. I took special time in cleaning her muscular breasts pinching her nipples which would make her shiver. Then I turned her around propping her up on my erection. She started gyrating her hips and moaning as the angle of my erection had it rubbing against her clitoris. She reached down and started masturbating with my penis. I reached around cleaning her ass and she started biting my shoulder. "I want it in me, put it in me." I felt her body start to shudder as she was using my erection to rub her clit and remembered what happened in the truck to set her off running my finger through her meaty slit and sticking it up top the knuckle in her ass. She convulsed in orgasm and I held her up so that the others wouldn't be able to see. I then shoved it up to the second knuckle and she bit my shoulder hard. Her ass clinched on my finger like a Chinese trap and I couldn't get it out. I turned her to the side with my finger still in her ass bending down acting like I was washing her legs. I got to the top pressing two fingers up in her against her g-spot. She wailed and I popped my finger out. I brought her over to the girls and sat her down kissing her on the cheek and getting Tara.

This was the first I had looked at her standing up in front of me naked. She was a vision of amazonian model beauty. Close to six feet tall and a nice thin but not skinny frame. Her ass was soft and she had hand full sized breasts. She had a nice gap and a meaty pussy. I started with the back holding her up against me running my erection across her slit stopping with the head pushing her clit and moving her ass so that it would swirl around it. I moved behind her and my erection went straight under her ass between her thighs reaching around to clean her breasts massaging them and pinching her nipples. She started moaning and gyrating her hips against me pushing her ass back against me. I could feel the head of my cock entering her slit and almost lost it. She tried to bend down for me to fuck her and my cock went halfway in. I pulled hard making it pop as it came out and she squealed. I looked over at the girls and shrugged my shoulders. "I told you guys that you should have cleaned them up" leaning down giving her a kiss on the ass. I snuck a finger up in her as I did making her squeal again as I shrugged.

"I think she's clean by now" protested Taylor.
"Oops, missed a spot" moving back in front of her running the water in her hair to wash it out. I leaned her head back and her hips opened allowing my erection to penetrate her folds then popping it out and it bumped her clitoris again. Her body shuddered as she orgasmed, but just as she did in the truck she pissed all over me again for some reason sending me over the tops as well. I pushed in between her legs to hide the fact that I was cumming as I shot rope after rope.
"Ewwww, she's peeing again" exclaimed Jackie
Tara had me in a bear hug while her body was in a shudder "Thank you, thank you, thank you" was all she would say. I let her go knowing she could stay on her own feet and bent down washing her pussy and legs.

"I think that we are ready to go in now" as I turned away. I am sure they wondered what happened to my erection.

Luckily the two girls had sobered enough to be able to make it in on their own. I got to the bottom of the stairs to the front door and was spent. I think I used the last of my energy when I came with Tara. Plus my back was really starting to tightened up. Ashley and Kristy got under each arm and helped me up. Kristy was so short that it really didn't help much, but the angle placed my hand right on her huge bosom. She looked up at me with those cartoonic blue eyes and smiled. Taylor had opened the door by the time we got to the top. I slapped them both on the ass and groped them walking into the house on my own feeling the relief of not having to hold to drunk girls up, but kind of missing it as well.

The house was hot or maybe I was getting a fever. I got to the bottom of the stairs and thought it was just not going to work for me. Taylor came up and got up a on the first step putting her arms around my shoulders. I gave her a peck on the lips and cupped her small breasts in my hands. "I am not going to make it up there. I am just going to lay on the couch." She pulled herself to me kissing me on the lips moving my hands around to her ass so she could grind her mound against my penis.
"We'll take care of you my love, go sit on the couch and wait." I was wishing that this was my real life and it would not end after the weekend. I bent down taking her nipple into my mouth sucking and biting on it. She grabbed my head and pushed it harder towards he chest her body quivering with every nibble.


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